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Winter 2015

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Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

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President’s Message

New Beginnings for the New Year H

appy New Year SEVA GRREAT supporters! I sincerely hope that all of you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. At this time of year, one thing I like to reflect on is the amazing accomplishments of our rescue. Thanks to the compassion and dedication of our volunteers, we were able to rescue 75 needy Golden Retrievers/ mixes in 2014 and 70 have found their loving forever homes. As always, we have other Goldens still lovingly cared for in foster homes and patiently waiting until they are ready for adoption. Many of these “pups” have significant medical needs like orthopedic surgery for injuries/hip dysplasia, heartworm treatment, kidney disease, etc. So without sounding like a “broken record”, I again thank ALL of you for your dedication and support. SEVA GRREAT is so lucky to have such amazing board members, volunteers, adopters, and donors to help our precious pups along each step of the way. None of our success stories would happen without you. I would also like to send a special thank you to Quanzhan Li, our volunteer coordinator for the past 3 years. She has done a fantastic job “rallying the troops” and helping coordinate so many volunteer requests to keep things running smoothly. I will miss her as she takes a step back from the board to welcome a new grandchild soon. Yet, I also welcome Beth Thompson and Sherry Kara, who have jumped in to take over this important role. I know GRREAT things are in store for us in 2015, and look forward to working with everyone on behalf of our Goldens. If you have any questions, suggestions/ideas or want to become more


involved, feel free to contact me or any board member (our contact information is on the back page of this newsletter). And on a more personal note, many of you may know that Jim and I lost our 2 precious goldens to cancer last year (Riley in December 2013 and Kasey in September 2014). While it was a really tough year, we are so grateful for the support of SEVA GRREAT and our goldenloving friends. We were lucky to adopt Lucy as our newest family member through SEVA GRREAT this fall, and she has sure helped our hearts heal. This sweet little redhead is just what we needed, and we hope to see/meet you at upcoming events this year!

Jane Krom SEVA GRREAT President 2014-2015

Winter 2015














Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.


Adrian – Danette & Jerry Allen

Duke – Kevin & Sonya Wilson

Nani/Buddy – The Hedgepeth Family

Berkley – Malia Neal Flatt

Ginger – Brandon McMullen

Noah – Mary Kolbert

Bessie/Anya – Nargel/Mulherin

Honey – Deborah Vandover

River – The Dunn family

Bunny/Allie – Noel/Callamore

Hunter – The Berkley Family

Roxie – The O’Neal family

Butterball/Brook – Poole/Royston

Linus – Nancy Scott

Sammy – Lisa Masternak

Buttons/Ellie – Michael Mgohiloni

Lucy – Jane & Jim Krom

Sassie & Susie – Carl & Terri James

Dakota – Erin & Mathew Heidt

Max – Matt & Lacy Lacy

Walker – Karen & Ken Amidon






Sassie & Susie



Winter 2015


Peanut & Jessie Equals P


eanut came to live with us in November, 2012. Just a month earlier we lost our beloved Jessie, a redheaded Golden we adopted from SEVA GRREAT in 2002, to cancer and were still grieving for her. But, there was a young dog named Peanut who needed a foster family and we agreed to foster her. We were adamant of course that we were not ready to adopt another dog. We picked Peanut up at Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach. There was a flash of white fur and tons of energy to greet us – That was Peanut.

Jessie was terrible in the car and she was petrified of thunder, fireworks, etc. I remember one night in Nags Head on the Fourth of July when Jim spent at least three hours in the bathroom while Jessie shivered and trembled in the bathtub with fear of the firecrackers set off on the beach. Soon we decided that OK – Maybe we would consider adopting Peanut IF – she was good in the car on long rides and IF she did not react to thunder. We tested her in the car, and she was fine; the same with thunder. We adopted Peanut and decided to change her name: PJ is a combination of Peanut and Jessie (I was still calling her Jessie by habit) or, as we frequently say, Pauline and Jim. Shortly after adopting PJ we moved to Patriots Colony, a continuing care retirement community in Williamsburg. PJ was the first “big” dog to be approved here and since she was so well received, there are now two others, both labs. She knows everyone here and on walks manages to meet other regular walkers who always have a pocketful of treats. PJ is now a Certified Therapy Dog (Therapy Dogs International) and with Jim as her handler, she visits the Assisted Living and Convalescent Centers here on a regular basis. “HERE COMES PJ” is what she hears as she heads down the hall and her fans gather to adore her. She is definitely the Queen of dogs here. PJ is a bundle of fun and affection. She loves to run and would win a marathon for dogs if there was such 6

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

a thing. She is FAST. She runs and runs but never loses sight of us and comes racing back to check on us. She comes when called. Her favorite spot in the house is on the couch in the TV room. If anyone sits on her cushion, she will stand and stare until she gets it back. She cuddles up with me each night and inches up to where her nose is on my chest. She has a routine each day starting with a long walk in the early morning to meet and greet the other dogs and their humans. She spends most mornings at the all glass front door where she checks out all the neighborhood happenings. Another walk at lunchtime, late afternoon, and late evening. She knows the routine and knows that we eat “out” every night and that she is in charge. She is a counter surfer (her only bad habit) and we make sure to put all enticing food away before we go out or it will not be there when we get back. The last time we forgot she ate an entire loaf of French Bread, making sure she did not mess up the bag it was wrapped in. PJ is our third Golden. We could not love her more. We are so thankful that SEVA GRREAT chose us to foster her, and then adopt her. She turned three on July fourth and is complemented by so many residents as “the happiest dog I’ve ever met.” Yes, she is!

Pauline & Jim O’Connell Winter 2015


Emma and Maui

Lucy not sure about the hat

Light Up the Town Parade Virginia Beach Cuteness on the road 8

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

Out & About

Festive pups



Codie had the brightest costume

Roxy meets a friend

Winter 2015






One More Lap

n January 2009, we adopted a pair of bonded, large mixed breed, senior dogs from VBSPCA. As we understand it, Fria and Brooklyn came to the shelter because their owner was under financial stress and had to surrender them. They were 10 and 8 years old at the time, and as mother & son/ lifelong companions, adoption was going to be challenging.

Original senior crew, Brooklyn and Fria

We had been talking about adopting a dog but knew we needed a slightly older one because we were already a 3 cat household. We went to VBSPCA and as we walked around the shelter, we didn’t really connect with anyone but thought, let’s take one more lap…. Fria and Brooklyn had been outside on their walk before and were just getting settled back in their kennel. We noticed them right away and asked to meet them. We couldn’t get over how sweet and loving they were - it was like please, please take us! So of course we filled out the adoption application before we left. A few days later they were at our house and fit in seamlessly - one of the kitties even liked to sleep with Brooklyn in his dog bed! Over the years, Fria developed arthritis so we took her to PAWS for Rehabilitation for K-Laser and acupuncture treatments. Sadly, this spring we had to let her go. She was 15 & 1/2 years old. We knew Brooklyn would want a female companion (again) to take strolls around the property with and smell all the good smells the great outdoors has to offer. But now that he is 14, we knew we had to find the right one for him. Enter 12 year old SEVA GRREAT dog, Chloe… Chloe is a God-send. Truly. In the fall of 2013, she was surrendered to SEVA GRREAT as her previous owners apparently had fallen on hard times as well. She has the most cheerful demeanor of any dog I’ve ever met. Ever. When she first met Brooklyn and Chico (our other shelter dog who is a male Chihuahua mix) it was as if they had known each other forever. While Chico gets along with other dogs well, you could tell Brooklyn really needed someone his speed. Chloe is just that and more… Brooklyn has vestibular disease, which is an old dog ailment that is similar to vertigo, so he can get a little out of balance. When we let the dogs out, they walk down the ramp together to go outside (we built a ramp so they don’t


Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

Makes a Difference have to take the handful of steps to go out). Chloe balances Brooklyn between her and the wall. She also waits for him at either end of the ramp until one of us comes to help him. And, they cuddle. I mean the kind of cuddle that warms your heart. She was meant to be here, for Brooklyn, and for us.

Brooklyn and Chloe

That one more lap around the shelter changed our lives. We are now FIRM believers in adopting older dogs and know we will always have an 8 year old and up dog(s) in our household. They fit in quickly, have worked through most obedience issues younger dogs can have, are still silly and fun, but most of all they really, really love you. Our friends have asked how we feel knowing they won’t be with us for very long. We answer that we couldn’t imagine not having ever had them.

Melissa and Jim Keown

New pack Chico, Chloe and Brooklyn Winter 2015


Kodi and Ally enjoy a stick at Kodi’s birthday party.

This pups intake was Bunny . . . now she is Allie.

-Grace and John Noel

Dakota is doing well in his new home. He is spoiled rotten, but he deserves every bit of it!

-Erin and Mathew Heidt


Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

JoJo came to us through SEVA GRREAT in Feb. of 2014.  This was our first Christmas together and he and his adoptive sister Paige were very happy about all the friends and festivities as may be evidenced in their Christmas picture below.  JoJo is the blond and Paige is the Redhead.  We couldn’t be happier together! Thank you. 

-Kathy Priest

Amber (now ~ 4 yrs) continues to be everything we had hoped for in our first dog. We still can’t believe she found her way into our home through SEVA GRREAT!!! Her greatest thrills, besides playing fetch, are riding in the car to go to the pool to swim.

-Gordon, Andrea, and Zoë Macgill

Home HomE Coming Share your pictures and stories by sending them to They will be featured in coming newsletters, right here under Homecoming.

Winter 2015


When Dog Meets Skunk W

hen dog meets skunk, there’s nothing subtle about the encounter. Even before your pooch pops his head through the doggie door, your nose starts sending signals to your brain: “Oh, no!” your brain says. And then the questions begin: “How do I get the stink out of my dog? How do I get the smell out of my house? How long will the odor linger in the yard?” etc. To help answer your brain’s first question— and to help put your olfactory sense at easewe think you’ll find this information useful... Getting rid of the PU Your local pet specialty store should have commercial remedies that will help to substantially decrease the skunk odor.


Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

from Pedigree However, if you’re unable to get the store right away, try this homemade recipe: • Mix together 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dish-washing detergent. • Wash the areas that have been sprayed with the mixture, making sure you avoid your dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth. • Rinse your dog thoroughly with water afterwards. A few things to remember If you use this formula on your dog outside, it may kill some grass that gets wet. If your dog gets wet, the skunk smell may come back—though to a lesser degree. This formula does not store well, so you’ll need to make it “fresh” when your dog gets skunked. If you live in a “high skunk incidence area,” keep the ingredients handy. To remove smells inside your house, try boiling some white vinegar.

My Meet and Greet with My New Mom!

By Sammy Masternak/Porter


t was the night of November 2nd and I knew something was different because my mommy was rushing around getting the house in order. She was even using the crazy vacuum, that I really don’t like, later than usual. Then the next thing I knew my brother Coors and I were taken outside to get brushed...we both looked at her like she was crazy. It was dark outside. Then she sprayed us with some foo foo spray (that is what she calls it), all I know is I feel really handsome with it on. We got to stay up later than normal that night. About 1:00 am there was a knock at the door. Of course I did not hear it...because I am deaf...but my mommy rushed to the door so i followed her. There was this lady standing there in a uniform that I never seen before. She came in and

gave my mommy a big hug...I just stood there wagging my tail...waiting anxiously for a pet from this new person. My brother, Coors, came walking in to see what was going on and his tail was wagging so fast...he seemed to know this lady. I got even more excited, when she gave us both hugs and rubbed our ears! I knew then she was hear to stay.

The next morning I could not wait for her to wake up so I could show her all my tennis balls that I love to play with. She was so tired from the long flight but she played with me all day...and I love her so much! She is one of my “forever” moms! Sammy Winter 2015


Out & About

The Yorktown Toyland Parade


Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

Winter 2015




BJ, you will be in our hearts always. Please know we love you and send our love. The love you gave for 10.5 years can not be measured. We are so thankful you graced our lives. Go with God our sweet, love-muffin and handsome boy. One day we will meet again. I look forward to playing with you: fetching pine cones in the water, tug of war with socks, walking, running and swimming with you.

– Love, Your Family


Darwin was our beloved Golden Retriever who we had for a short 8 years. We got him from Mississippi when we lived in Memphis, TN, and right from the first time we saw him he was forever in our hearts. He was goofy, lovable and thought he was always starving no matter how much he ate. He will be missed not only by us but by his K-9 brother Kenai and his cat DaVinci. While we will have other Goldens none will ever take the place of our Dar-Dar. – Marcy Ouellette


Sadie Mae

Hudson died of a brain tumor on May 20, 2014. – Harold Gill

I got her when she was 2 1/2 and had her till she was almost 13. I miss her.


– C. Cunningham

– Barbara

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

A Tribute to Cheerio Y

our love for Goldens began somewhere back in your history perhaps with a chance encounter, perhaps after researching while looking for a perfect canine family member, or perhaps being born into a family that already was owned by one or more of these fabulous creatures. My passion was initiated ten years ago by a little Golden puppy named Cheerio, a little fluff ball that my son and his then girlfriend and now wife had adopted. On November 5 she had to cross Rainbow Bridge because the cancer that had taken her spleen three years ago had reappeared with a vengeance in her liver. Although she was not a SEVA dog and lived in Pennsylvania, I would like to pay her a written tribute for the effect she has had on me. Thank you, Cheerio, for making me laugh so hard when you were a puppy and scared

By Roni Sumner

of the Swifter jet cleaner and the vacuum but then bravely conquered those strange things.

human mom become a certified ABC dog trainer and modeled ideal behavior during some of her classes.

Thank you, Cheerio, for keeping the energy level going during our visits to your home. You tore apart jigsaw puzzles, Kleenexes, paper, and anything else that you wanted to explore as only a young dog can.

Thank you, Cheerio, for showing the patient side of this marvelous breed, when the grandchildren were born and you allowed them to climb all over you with no complaints.

Thank you, Cheerio, for showing me how much fun it can be to watch you retrieve a ball and drop it at my feet over and over and over and over and over again. You lived up to the name retriever! Thank you, Cheerio, for growing up to be an extremely intelligent girl who helped your

Thank you, Cheerio, for opening my heart and wanting a dog similar to you. Roxy, Giddy, Ally, and Max found their way to us because of you. Finally, thank you, Cheerio, for giving one last hard lesson about life, something our grandson is comprehending. Life does not go on forever, so each ball must be chased and each dream followed until there is no strength to continue. Your memory will live on forever.

Winter 2015


Sponsor-A-Dog Updates Grayson



acey's foster mom writes, “We couldn’t be happier with the latest blood work for Lacey. She showed her best numbers yet!! While some numbers are on the high end of normal, they have drastically improved. She will continue on the special food and high blood pressure medicine for now as we attribute much of the improvement to

those, although exercise and weight loss have surely played a big role as well!! We almost have this girl healthy again. She is now down to 111 pounds. Her activity level has quadrupled, and she is the first one up and ready to go in the morning. So cute to see her bouncing up and down and running after the bal.” Go Lacey!


uff! Ruff! Boy have I had a rough day. I went to see Dr. Barnes at the Dogwood Surgery for my 9 week visit. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since I was unable to walk. They dosed me up and knocked me out to do some radiograph X-rays to see if I had healed enough to make my stabilizer cast off. When I woke up I was too looney to understand what they found so my foster mom and dad had to fill me in a few hours later. I did finally realize that my leg was free from that big metal contraption I’d had on for sooo long. It hasn’t dawned on me to try and use the leg yet, but the Dr. said that I would gradually begin using it over the next couple of weeks. I don’t have to use the sling anymore! I still can only do indoor activities and now I can try going up steps when I get my nerve up. Of course, I have to ask for someone to walk with me if I do. It sure would be nice to see what’s up those steps because it sure smells good up there. I think it’s where the cheese comes from that my pills get wrapped in. Yum! Yum! As far as the X-rays go, I had a small part of a bolt in the upper part of my leg that broke off in the bone. Mom said I had been squeaking for a couple of days . . . BOL! I have a small infection there, but the Doc says that’s not uncommon. I’ll be on antibiotics for 4 weeks and as long as that clears the bolt doesn’t need to be removed. The pelvic bone where it was broken has mended back onto the backbone, and my knee that was in bits and pieces looks super. To sum it up . . . I have healed GRREAT with everyone’s help and prayers! Thank you all for seeing me through this.

Grayson 20

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

Sponsor-A-Dog Contributions Sponsor-A-Dog Contributors

Lacey’s Fund Michele Lucado Malia Flatt Carl and Elizabeth Jackson

SEVA GRREAT, Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping displaced Golden Retrievers find their new forever homes. We are an all-volunteer organization, operating entirely on donations and a dedicated network of volunteers. Our wonderful foster families will typically house the dogs in our program, care for them, and socialize them while SEVA GRREAT provides the necessary veterinary care. Yet there are often people who want to help our organization but, for one reason or another, may not have the ability to volunteer, foster, or adopt. Our sponsorship program allows donors to make a one-time or recurring gift to offset the costs of our largest line-item (medical expenses), for the senior or specialneeds dog of their choice. Your sponsorship dollars will go such a long way toward helping our Goldens that may spend a prolonged time in foster care due to medical needs.

ª Start by choosing the dog that you would like to sponsor or ask us to choose a dog for you (watch our website for updates). ª Fill out the sponsorship form telling us how you would like to support us. –You can make a 1-time donation or a monthly donation via check or PayPal ª Send your form via email to or mail to P.O. Box 8014, Yorktown, VA 23693. ª We will send you a photo of the dog that you are sponsoring along with that dog’s special story. ª With your permission, we will list your name with your sponsored dog on the website and publish your name in our quarterly magazine. ª Once your sponsored dog is adopted, we will send you a closing letter. At that point you may end any re-occurring donations or roll it over to a new dog.

Sponsor-A-Dog Your Name: _______________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________

Grayson’s Fund Jane Frye Charles Gresham

________________________________________________________________ Name of the dog that you would like to sponsor: _____________________________ Sponsorship level: (circle one) Monthly donation 1-time donation Bronze ........................................................................ $10 ............................... $50 Silver ........................................................................... $20 ............................. $100 Gold ........................................................................... $50 ............................. $200 Diamond ................................................................... $100 ............................. $300   Please send your check with the information above to: SEVA GRREAT, P.O. Box 8014, Yorktown, VA 23693   If you choose a monthly payment, do you want your sponsorship rolled over to a new dog? Yes___ No___

Gracie’s Fund Pat and John Donaldson Bonnie, Clyde and Family Dustin Utecht and Friends Dick and Sandi Pitini

If yes, do you want to choose the new dog you sponsor (versus us choosing)? Yes___ No___ Do you agree to having your name recognized on our website and in our newsletter or would you prefer to remain anonymous? Listed ____ Anonymous ______ SEVA GRREAT sincerely thanks you for your love and support of our Goldens!!!

Winter 2015


Contributions Lindsay Nicholas Scott Locklear David Ostrom In memory of Judy Sutter of Williamsburg, VA Karen Bere In Memory of Judy Sutter Tracy Minnich In Memory of Katie, beloved boxer of Billy Martin Natalie Weimer Largo Elston

Martha Dougherty In memory of my rescued Golden Retriever Zeus. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, November 20 2014.

Yawn Consulting Group LLC In memory of Heidi

Kathy Speece On behalf of Max, adopted in Sept. 2014

Total Footcare, P.C.

PG Oncology In memory of Kathleen A O’DONNELL, from Nancy Phillips and the team at Phillips Gilmore.

Jane and Jim Krom In memory of Kasey and Riley

Gabrielle Glatt In memory of Sugar

Richard Hoehlein

Kristen and Matt Lacy

Allison Matsik

Karen and Ken Amidon In memory of Sierra

Beth Junge In loving memory of Kathleen O’Donnell - a beautiful soul and lover of Goldens. She will be missed by so many!

Diane Munsey This donation is in memory of Kathleen O’Donnell. She was very involved with the rescue of Golden Retrievers and had many over the years. She will be missed by her friends and her companion, Jack!

Catherine Swan In memory of Byron S. Swan

Jeanie Pakenas In memory of my wonderful Golden, Lucy

Danise Elias Merry Christmas from the Elias Family

Ann Roche In memory of Kathleen O’Donnell

Corey Flatt In loving honor of the newest Flatt, Atlas.

Heather Robinson Debra Hubbard

Sara Blankenship Jay Alexander In honor of Fran and DJ DeCicco Margaret Schnetzka Joseph Bruzzese In Memory of Casey Liz Sumner Mary Pat Harris In honor of my favorite golden, Gracie Harris! Lee Alford Robyn Beasley In Honor of Riley and Huck

Combined Federal Campaign #88796


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign #3456

Carol Culver Jennifer Marshall Lisa Spenik In memory of Scout and Jack Karen McCarthy Margaret Ely J. Lynn and Adelia Thompson Eileen Walker In honor of Wyatt, adopted July 2010


William Harper

Bob and Nicki Seger Thanks to all the volunteers Groomingdale’s

Kevin and Sonya Wilson

John and Elizabeth Munford III In honor of a neighbor’s wonderful dog, Grizzly

James and Ann Taylor In memory of Robert Terry

Brad Miller In memory of Bobby and Zach

C.M. and Robert Hendricks

Joe, Debbie, April, Copper, Katie and Friday Morris

Cynthia Elkey and Grayson Poats Dave and Peggy Main In honor of all the wonderful SEVA GRREAT volunteers Peter and Maryanne Lambert B. Barnes Sally Hall Wellington and Wendy Kay Marilynn Zauner In memory of Amber Bill and Betty Brown In honor of Henley Honey Van Dover Dave and Nancy Knoll In honor of our foster, Vince Barbara Talley In memory of all our sweet goldens Gisela Nygards In memory of Rush, Bailey and Bonnie David and Tanya Niles Joanna Simonsen Nancy Hawkins In memory of of my wonderful golden, Rusty Boy, and in honor of all the fantastic SEVA GRREAT volunteers Jim and Ginny Hayes In honor of our dear 2 year old Angel, our intuitive and devoted golden retriever Bruce Lind

Ann and Andor Czompo

Tracy Schmid In memory of Shadow

Nancy Tamse In memeory of Wilbor Williamson, from his sister Nancy

Health Focus In honor and memory of Kathleen O’Donnell

Subaru of America

Andrew Smith

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

Karen and Frederick Whyte

Pat Winters Joseph Sabol Charles F. Burroughs Trust Mark and Patricia Seelenbinder In honor of Chester Jack and Donna Roggman In memory of Samantha, Jasper, & Penny Jo Vance Edith and Eugene Glock In memory of our friend Kathleen O’Donnell Jim and Pauline O’Connell In honor of PJ and in memory of Jessie Henrico Citizens Police Academy Alumni Sandy and George Anderson Cindy Bruno-Miller For all the work volunteers do for the wonderful Goldens Baron Miller In memory of Daisy Miller Quanzhan Li In loving memory of the Goldens that passed while with their fodter family Bruce Lind Jerri Powell - Collars for Causes Clay and Jan Beall In memory of Scamp Harrison and Mary Owens In honor of Hokie Jack and Donna Roggman In memory of Judy Sutter Jacob and Jenny Kay In memory of Cassie, Dailey, Ben & Jake Dot Hanrahan In memory of Art & Judy Sutter

MEMBERSHIP, DONATION & VOLUNTEER FORM Note: Membership is open to all persons 18 years or older.


Please have the Coordinator in the following area/areas contact me: (Check appropriate boxes)

Name: _____________________________________________

These are listed in the order of urgent need by GRREAT.

Address: ___________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

HOME EVALUATION –– visits for foster/adoption applicants.

Home Phone: ________________________________________ Work Phone: ________________________________________ This is a new membership Address Change ADDITIONAL VOTING MEMBERS:

FOSTERING — A temporary home for SEVA GRREAT dogs before they are adopted.

Start the year right by enrolling in membership

(E-mail needs to be unique to vote.)

TRANSPORTATION — primarily shuttling dogs and/or equipment as necessary. If you are interested in helping with transportation, can you help on: (circle all that apply) Weekdays



EVENTS — helping to hold/show dogs at “Golden Days,” helping with fund raisers, etc. PUBLICITY — researching and writing stories for media release and newsletters, selling ads for the newsletter, taking photos at events, updating the web site, etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

MERCHANDISE — to man booths selling SEVA GRREAT stuff at local dog shows / fairs / festivals / etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

Our rescue is growing! In order to continue to save more dogs every year, we are looking for volunteers who would like to become more involved with the organization. If you are interested in assisting with intake, foster coordination, Golden Days or other areas on a regular basis, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at, for more information.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

REMITTANCE: I am enclosing my $25 annual membership dues $ ___________


Additional Voting members _____ @ $25 each

$ ___________

Please make checks payable to:


$ ___________

1 Calendar ($10.00 plus $5.60 shipping)

$ ___________


$ ___________

Mail this form with your check to: SEVA GRREAT PO Box 8014 Yorktown, VA 23693


In Memory of



Important Notice If you would like to become a member, please sign below. Otherwise, your remittance for annual membership must be considered a donation.

Date: __________________________________________________________________

I affirm that I have never been convicted of an animal abuse crime. Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

SEVA GRREAT P.O. Box 8014 Yorktown, Va 23693


Yorktown, Va 23693 Permit No. 11

Rescue Hotline 757-827-8561 Press For 1

If you think you have found one of our Goldens based on the SEVA GRREAT tag or microchip.

2 To leave a message for the President 3 To give up a Golden Retriever or get more info on our intake process 4

For Information on Golden Days and other events.


To check on the status of an adoption or foster application.


For all other questions.

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GRREAT Times Winter 2015  

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training

GRREAT Times Winter 2015  

Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training