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Spring 2019

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Showing up on the cover this issue is Clover Ferguson. More about her and her life can be found in our 2019 calendar page for March.



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appy Spring, SEVA GRREAT supporters! At least the calendar says it’s spring – now let’s hope the true spring weather gets here and stays. I know we are all ready to enjoy some outdoor time with our pups. So far it has been a busy and rather expensive year for the rescue. We’ve taken in 18 goldens – 3 from owners, 3 from local shelters and 12 from Turkey. Many of them are very healthy, but there are several that have had and will continue to have significant medical issues to address. We had quite the run of dogs with dental issues, so our vet expenses have been unusually high this year. Many of you may have read about the tragic loss of Boomer shortly after he arrived from Turkey. We learned that he had a diaphragmatic hernia that required immediate surgery to save his life. Yet despite our best efforts and thousands of dollars in care, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge just a few days after his arrival. He touched SO many hearts in the short time he was here, and we take comfort in knowing we did our very best for him. The outpouring of love and support was evident as we shared his story, and so many of you donated to help with his care. I hope that is our “low moment” for the year, and that the rest of our stories are happy endings. Shelter dogs Max and Daisy will be with us for quite some time, as they both undergo heartworm treatment. Daisy also had a mammary mass removed and has some orthopedic issues as well. The good news is that she’s in GRREAT hands now and will get all the love and care she deserves. The best news is that we’ve already had 13 adoptions this year! Several of those were dogs that came in late last year, but many of our 2019 arrivals have already found their forever homes. Those adoption successes are what keep us all going, for sure.

We are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 5 goldens from China (you can read more about them in this issue). It is taking tremendous effort and collaboration with our partners at Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue in MA. But their volunteers are busy scheduling flights and we hope the dogs will all be here by the end of May (Yankee GRR will be flying over 40 goldens to the U.S. in coming weeks, as they are assisting several other rescues as well). Once ours arrive safely to New England, we’ll send a crew of volunteers up to get them back to Virginia. Stay tuned for more details on our website and Facebook page as things get closer. As already mentioned, between the medical bills and transport costs for our “International Dogs”, this is shaping up to be a very expensive year. But somehow our supporters always seem to rally. We have had a good response to the GoFundMe campaign for the China Dogs, and we also have our biggest fundraiser of the year coming up on May 14th. We have had tremendous success with the Give Local 757 campaign for the past 3 years (more info is in this issue), and we’ll be counting on you again this year. Many thanks to everyone for ALL that you do for our goldens!!














Bia/Dixie – Crystal & Brian Miller

Prens/Prince – Susan Creekmore

Grady/Riley – Taylor & Kyle Coger

Yalova – Cary Shewbridge

Blaze – Dena & Adam Specht

Kuzey/Grady – Alan & Carrie Brandt

Daisy – Wanda Romm

Berry/Oliver – Jennifer & Garren Brown Lena – Michael & Kelly Juenger







Volga/Sebastian – Heather Mains Roxy – Mary Wells, David Markham Kuki/Cookie – Debora & Tom Cafferty




n the past three years we have raised close to $30,000 participating in these 24 hour events. However each year there are more and more non-profits participating and the competition for funds has greatly increased. This year each nonprofit will be limited to winning only two prizes down from three prizes previously awarded. Cash prizes are awarded on the number of Unique Donations we receive. A Unique Donation is defined as being unique to a name, credit card and email address. The greater the number of unique donations the greater our chance of winning bonus cash prizes and the overall event. We encourage you to reach out to your family, friends, and co-workers, etc. and ask them to support SEVA GRREAT with a donation Tuesday, May 14th. The complete list of bonus cash prizes is available at As we’ve done previously, we will feature five Goldens with special needs that SEVA GRREAT will address to prepare them for their forever homes: Maxwell Strong, (our dwarf puppy), Bentley, Daisy, Brady and Max. All have compelling stories and need your support. More details about each golden will be available on our website and also posted on as we get closer to May 14th.

It’s time: Tuesday, May 14th, Midnight to Midnight

• DONATE!! Ask family, friends, co-workers to make a donation to SEVA GRREAT on Tuesday, May 14th at Minimum donation is $10.00 • PROMOTE!! GIVE LOCAL 757 on your social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. • PARTICIPATE!! Check out the Incentive Prize List at you just may win a prize for SEVA GRREAT! • Include the Give Local 757 logo in your emails:

Five Goldens with special needs Bentley




We Need YOU! Help Us Help Them:



GIVE LOCAL 757 was created by the Peninsula Community Foundation in 2014 to provide local non-profits serving the Hampton Roads region an opportunity to raise funds in a unique 24 hour on line event. It allows all of us to showcase our nonprofits and the work we do and hopefully increase our donor base.


Any success we have is because of you, our supporters. We cannot do what we do without you! We are forever grateful for your continued support of SEVA GRREAT. Thank you!

Where Are They Now: The 2018 Give Local 757 Dogs L

ast year, thanks to your generous support, we were able to help the featured dogs in our Give Local 757 campaign. Below is an update on where they are a year later.

Domino is approximately 8 years old and is a golden/lab mix who came to us all the way from Istanbul. Found dying in front of a Domino’s pizza, he was helped by his rescuers in Turkey to get healthy enough to make the trip to America. It turned out that he had a very treatable form, of cancer and underwent chemo and one round of radiation. He is still with his foster mother, who has been with him through all his ups and downs, since he arrived. No cancer cells were detected in his last scan, but he is still in a “watch” category. If you’re down at the boardwalk, you may see him taking his daily walk spreading his joy wherever he goes. He was also well enough to make a cross-country driving trip with his foster mom. Domino believes in paying it forward. He was our top vote getter (1 vote = $1) in our 2019 calendar contest and was out working the crowd every day of the Neptune Festival this fall. Sadly, Rufus, who was 14 in June crossed the Rainbow Bridge the same month. Rufus had quite a long and memorable life. He was with his first mother since he was a puppy, and when she became ill, he joined SEVA GRREAT in July 2017 at age 13. He was lucky enough to move in with one of our fosters at their home appropriately named Puppy Run Farm. They have a deep love for the seniors, and under their care, he went on to survive a couple of bouts with cancer, ear infections that caused him to go deaf, and a torn calf muscle before he gave up his fight. For all his ailments and challenges, he was always up for a fourwheel adventure, a slow walk, or happy to just lay outdoors on the deck surveying his domain.


Dusty came to SEVA GRREAT in February 2018 as a stray from one of our local shelters. He is still with his foster family too. Dusty is somewhere between 14 (the shelter’s estimated age) and 8 or 9 (the vet’s estimated age). That’s what happens when you just don’t know a dog’s age – it’s open to interpretation. Given that he was younger than originally estimated, we really hoped that his vision could be improved; and he did see an ophthalmologist, but his blindness is irreversible. His retinas were detached quite some time ago and surgery is not an option. Like many handicapped animals, his blindness doesn’t seem to slow him down. Dusty settled in very well with his foster siblings, and quickly learned the lay of the house and yard.



Finn is a handsome 4-year-old who also came to us from a shelter. He was limping on his left leg due to an old injury, probably from being hit by a car during his “street life” in Turkey. After a thorough examination, it was determined that both his front and back legs were damaged. He had surgery to remove the pins (originally inserted to help the break heal) in his front leg which was causing some of the pain and limping on that leg. It was also determined that he had damage in his back leg and could not flex his leg enough to put his full weight on it. Surgery was not an option, but he has been undergoing physical therapy to improve the flexibility in his leg and to provide a greater range of motion.

We are saddened to report that Buttercup and Copper crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the past year. We are still caring for Mattie and we have added two new dogs – Chevy and Charm. You’ll be able to read more about their current status during this year’s Give Local 757 campaign.


Your donations to SEVA GRREAT and our Give Local campaign also provide care for our Forever Fosters. Forever Fosters are those dogs who come to us and for many reasons are not adoptable. They may be in a hospice situation suffering from a terminal disease, they may be seniors who are in their final years, or they may be a special needs dog. They find a loving home with a foster family who provides love and comfort while SEVA GRREAT continues to cover their medical expenses. Thank you for all the prayers and positive vibes that you sent and all the donations that you made. These beautiful goldens, young and old, would not have made it without all of you! SPRING 2019


Growing Up with Brewer


rewer was one of the 15 puppies rescued in August 2018. He chose us on August 19, 2018 and we officially adopted him on September 22, 2018. He weighed just over 6 lbs. when he first arrived. He needed to be weighed on a baby scale at the vet. He is 8 months old now and weighs 74 pounds. And, he is still growing! He loves to retrieve most anything . . . sticks, balls, frisbees, toys and especially the mail! Now in his teenage months, he is a bit more of a challenge. But, he is healthy and a very sweet boy! He is enrolled in obedience classes and he (and his owners!) are progressing well. We are so very thankful that he found his forever home with us. The top photo is from the week after he arrived with us and the bottom right photo is recently when he was 8 months old.

–Mike & Lee Anne Lamkin



A Human for Every Dog This is what Commitment looks like


his is Cookie. Most of you don't know anything about her. That's because, from the time she entered rescue, her future was uncertain. She was a 5-6 year old who came to us from a shelter. We were told she had lived her entire life outside and, as is so often the case with outdoor dogs, she came to us heartworm positive. Treating Cookie’s medical condition was easy compared to treating her severe anxiety and aggressive behavior.  Cookie spent a small amount of time in a couple of different foster homes; and when that didn’t work out, she was boarded for a time until she could finish her heartworm treatment. She was also prescribed antianxiety meds and saw a trainer here during that time. Although she never bit anyone, she showed aggression which included growling, snapping, and lunging. No one could determine what her triggers were, and to make it worse, they were not consistent. After her treatment was completed, she was transferred

to a golden rescue in Atlanta. They have a history of working with problem dogs and were determined to give her a chance. More of the same ensued. She would be in a foster home, working with a trainer, seemed to be doing better, and then her circumstances would change; and she would be back in the same aggressive/anxious mode. Due to some changes in personnel in Atlanta, she came back to us. She went into a home again with someone who understood anxiety and wanted so much for it to work. Part of the challenge with Cookie is, you have to let her come to you. Giving her a few pats and then stopping. Not letting her sleep with you because you never knew when she might change from cuddling to snapping. Do you know how hard it is to have a golden retriever and not be able to love her? For over a year, underlying every discussion and attempt to save her, the real possibility

of euthanasia loomed. Many were convinced there was no other alternative and that number grew with every failure. Throughout all of this though, she still had not ever bitten anyone, and two people continued to fight -- the president of SEVA GRREAT and the training coordinator in Atlanta. In a last ditch attempt to save her life, Atlanta put out a call for help. And Tim stepped forward. He wasn’t available initially as he had other fosters, but he has a lot of experience with special needs dogs, and he believed he could make this work. And he didn’t just agree to foster her -he adopted her -- knowing her story but pretty much sight unseen.  So, in the middle of Hurricane Florence, Jane headed south and Jeanne headed north and Cookie was transferred once again – into Tim’s loving care, proving that there is a human for every dog, even when finding that human seems next to impossible. This is Tim . . . and this is Cookie.  SPRING 2019


Turkey Dogs Where Does It Start? . . . Here M

eet Gamze Göksoy - she heads up a dog rescue group in Turkey. We get many of our Turkey Dogs from her. Sinan Aritamur, a member of SEVA GRREAT went to Turkey and got to meet Gamze. He took her some SEVA GREAT Tshirts, hats and totes - a thank you from us for doing such wonderful work!

Thank you so much Gamze for all that you do!!!!!!!

Gamze Göksoy


Sinan Arltamur


“First Team Toyota supports GRREAT! LookinG FoR A cAR? comE sEE us AT: 3400 Western Branch Blvd, chesapeake, VA 23321 Phone: 877-331-5419 •

Rescue Hotline 757-827-8561 Press For 1 If you think you have found one of our Goldens based on the SEVA GRREAT tag or microchip. 2 To leave a message for the President 3 To give up a Golden Retriever or get more info on our intake process 4 For Information on Golden Days and other events. 5 To check on the status of an adoption or foster application. 6 For all other questions.



Frankie (formerly Fatih) has become American in many ways. He starts his days with cuddles with his sister, Rivanna; loves to watch TV, especially Disney cartoons; is always ready for a boat ride; and likes to finish the day falling asleep with one of his favorite toys.

Homecoming Share your pictures and stories by sending them to They will be featured in coming newsletters, right here under Homecoming.

Here is a picture of my brood left to right - Forever Foster Lily, April, Friday, SEVA alum Copper, and Phoebe. We are celebrating Phoebe’s 1 year Gotcha day on March 22.  Phoebe is a SEVA Turkey Dog.

– Deb (and Joe) Morris



We love, love, love to get pictures of SEVA GRREAT alumni enjoying their new lives. This is Barkley (front) with his sister, Maddie. They just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!

Another Turkey dog, Halley, enjoying the spring weather.

Trek’s 7th Birthday was March 26. Trek found his Forever Family in November 2018. He is doing great! And he really enjoyed his birthday ice cream!.

Here is Elsa, a foster dog from turkey, enjoying her first spring in America at her foster home .



by Tarit

Giving This To Your Golden Retriever

Could Help Alleviate Painful Skin Allergies I

f your golden retriever has allergies, you know how painful it can be. Not just for your pup, but for you as well. It’s difficult to see your companion suffer through testing, pain and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. Determining what your dog is allergic to can be a long and difficult process, and some allergies may be mild and go undiagnosed. However, if your dog has severe or even moderate allergies, you know the challenges faced trying to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Common Allergens for Golden Retrievers

Common Allergy Signs & Symptoms in Golden Retrievers

• Pollen • Grass • Food (such as wheat, chicken or soy) • Medications (penicillin, opiates, etc.) • Perfumes • Shampoos and other cleaning products • Latex

• Dry, itchy skin (possible scabs or sores) • Excessive scratching, biting or licking on skin • Watery eyes • Paw chewing • Nasal discharge • Chronic ear infections • Diarrhea • Vomiting • Sneezing • Breathing issues (very serious sign!)

Allergies are a hypersensitive and damaging response of the immune system to external allergens, such as pollen and food. It’s the same for humans and dogs. However, with dogs the signs and symptoms may go unnoticed because our furry friends can’t tell us what’s wrong. So as the leader of the pack, we need to be hyperaware of what to look out for.

3 a g e Om 14


Fortunately, there are ways to help boost your dog’s immune system and decrease the effects of allergies. Omega fatty acids are a major benefit in the fight against allergies and degenerative disorders that can cause inflammation and arthritis. Some research has shown that Omega’s can even prevent allergies from developing in puppies. While every dog is different, there is no argument that your pup could benefit from Omega fatty acids. But here’s the catch…dogs can’t produce Omega’s on their own, so they must get them somewhere else.

Daily The Problem: Dogs Can’t Produce Vital Omega Fatty Acids There are many sources of essential Omega fatty acids. Some mistakenly believe that dog food delivers all your dog needs. Unfortunately, because Omega’s are susceptible to heat, most of the benefits become biologically unavailable to your dog due to the cooking/treatment temperatures of dog food. That’s why I personally give my dog an Omega supplement. They really seem to like the Omega-3 Select chews from Project Paws. I like them because they’re made from anchovies and krill, which have some of the highest concentrations of Omega’s of any fish. Because these are small fish with a shorter lifespan, they don’t contain the high level of toxins like other large fish like Salmon. The other reason I love them is because each purchase of Omega-3 Select chews provides meals for up to 21 shelter dogs. It’s important to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. It may takes weeks or even several months for your dog to feel the benefits of an Omega supplement. Talk to your vet, and find out if Omega fatty acid supplementation might be a part of an holistic plan to support your golden retriever’s immune system and fight allergies. 

Do you have a SEVA GRREAT dog? We would love to see what you are doing. Our alumni seem to be having very exciting lives. Share your pictures, including captions, by sending them to They will be featured in the next newsletter under Homecoming. And if you have a story to tell, we and the other Golden lovers would enjoy reading about it. So, send those stories with your photos also. We love pictures of newly adopted dogs with their new families, too!



Arriving Soon in 2019 H

China Dogs

H 16

Meng Meng- Female - 1 Year Old


EVA GRREAT believes that every Golden deserves a chance, no matter their place of birth. While our primary focus is and will always be goldens in Virginia, we have expanded our reach internationally in recent years, thanks to the guidance of fellow golden rescues across the country. To date we have rescued over 60 homeless Goldens from Turkey. Because those efforts have been so rewarding and successful, we have joined the effort to help Goldens in China as well. These dogs embody everything that is special about our breed and will hopefully be arriving in Virginia soon. Many of you may be wondering “Why China”?


Wang Wang- Male - 2 Years Old

While every country and culture have different beliefs and practices, we learned a bit about what life is like for Golden Retrievers in China and couldn’t turn our backs. The meat market is a very real threat to all dogs within the country and Goldens are a preferred breed due to size and temperament. There are also height restrictions throughout China, making legal ownership of a Golden Retriever difficult. Golden Retriever owners often walk their dogs at unpopular hours for fear of confiscation by the police. China’s dog meat trade has been going on for decades. The “tradition” of eating dogs in some areas likely started during periods

Hua Mei - Female - 3 Years Old

of famine when the only option for survival was to eat the stray dogs. Unfortunately, as a result, this continued into prosperous times. Please keep in mind that there is a rapidly growing outcry against the practice not only internationally but from the Chinese people themselves. Please don’t paint the Chinese people with a broad brush. Because of the growing efforts of rescuers in China, more goldens are making their way to safety and loving homes in the U.S. In late November, we learned about the amazing work being done overseas by a fellow golden retriever rescue. They requested the help of other organizations in rescuing 47 Golden

Li Ming - Female - 3 Years Old

Retrievers that had been pulled from a slaughterhouse and placed in a shelter in Baicheng, China, a town 850km northeast of Beijing. Thanks to the guidance of Golden Bond Rescue (Oregon) and Yankee GRR (MA), many other groups have jumped in to help. So far in March at least 37 goldens have made their way safely to the U.S. and hundreds more are waiting and coming soon. The collaboration among groups is amazing, and SEVA GRREAT is proud to play a role in this effort! Follow our website at as well as our Facebook page for more on our efforts.

Bei Bei - Female - 1 Year Old



Pups & Pinot P

ups & Pinot was held at the Courtyard by Marriott in downtown Richmond on March 12. It was a fun-filled evening, co-sponsored by the Marriott, and we can’t thank them enough for inviting us over and letting us participate in this new event that benefited SEVA GRREAT. Terricinia St. Clair, the Tipsy Sommelier, was the “guest emcee” and the evening included wine tastings and fun games like cornhole, Giant Genga, Giant Connect Four, and Giant Uno. In addition to the glass of wine included with the ticket, additional glasses were available for purchase. The crowd was a combination of travelers staying at the hotel, local professionals enjoying an evening of networking, and some of our volunteers and DOGS! Of course, the goldens were the hit and in attendance was Stella, Shine, Elsa, and Keegan. Keegan and Shine are brother and sister so they got a chance to get reacquainted!


Shelley Kuglin 757-813-0021

Srella, Shine and Julie Mercer



Getting Better All the Time


harm, aka Boo Boo, came to us from Turkey a year ago. Charm was a sad sight when she arrived. She was very scared and way too skinny. She also exhibits battle scars from probably having to fight for food and protection. After a thorough check up and Xrays at the vet, we discovered Charm had sustained a broken hip and pelvis, probably due to being hit by a car. Charm received no care at the onset of the injuries, so she healed as best she could. She has severe arthritis and pain and cannot sit like others pups. She either stands or lays to stay comfortable. She is the definition of a survivor. Charm was very afraid of human contact when she first arrived, and social skills were non-existent. She shied away from us and would growl at any new people who visited. Now that her pain has been minimized, she welcomes attention from us and our neighbors. She really loves her Dad and they cuddle and play together regularly. Due to Charm’s age and injuries, we decided she would become a “forever foster.” Charm continues to make great progress. She has gained weight – but not too much and feels comfortable in her surroundings. We are grateful to SEVA GRREAT for bringing this beautiful girl into our home, and giving her the happy life she deserves.



Rainbow Bridge

LILY Lily was a rescue from the Isle of Wight dogs. She was trained for service work & was an addition to our household. As my wife is handicapped Lily was with her day & night. She passed on her own terms & was fighting cancer. We found her in the flower bed one of her favorite spots. God rest her. –Ted Grekusis


A memorial to Ginger, our Winter 2019 magazine cover girl.

BOOMER Boomer was a Turkey dog who was in this country only a few days before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In that short amount of time, he touched so many people – his foster family, board members, his vets, and many in the SEVA GRREAT community who were pulling for him. We will never know exactly what happened with Boomer. He suffered from a diaphragmatic hernia, which our vets think that he had for a long time and somehow had been compensating for it. It was not identified in Turkey or upon his intake exam here in the US. Perhaps the trip over from Turkey pushed it to the critical stage, or perhaps he just couldn’t compensate any more. He had emergency surgery and was in critical condition for several days, but we were still hopeful he would recover. Unfortunately, his condition worsened and we had to let him go. Our consolation is that he was here with us, surrounded by love, and did not suffer as he would have on the streets. We thank all of you who contributed to his care. RIP, Boomer – you will always be loved. We’ll be lining up at the Bridge to claim you.

On January 23, the SEVA GRREAT community, in addition to her family, lost an incredible dog. Ginger Li crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Almost everyone who has worked for this rescue in some way, knew Ginger and knows her mom, Quan. Ginger was one of those dogs we felt was “our” dog although she was never part of our immediate family. She celebrated her 14th birthday in September, and although we knew her health was declining, in so many ways we just thought it was old age and she would be with us for a long time yet. At least that was our prayer.  Ginger was twice an alumni of SEVA GRREAT. She was adopted the first time at 5 years old by a couple who was very active in the rescue. When they passed away within weeks of each other, she was adopted again by Quan and her family. Between them, Ginger and Quan fostered more dogs than we can count, including puppies and special needs dogs. Ginger was truly a foster sister extraordinaire and put up with a lot of crazy pups and made them better for it. She welcomed others into her home as visitors when her mom would pet sit for a friend or former foster.  Ginger attended just about every event that SEVA GRREAT has, including walking in the Yorktown Toyland Parade as recently as this past December, and was always willing to be petted by adults and children alike. She was a photographer’s dream and modeled for many of our happiest days. She graced our magazine, calendar, and facebook page. She was truly one of a kind – and we all miss her. We extend our deepest sympathy to her family. We are so sorry for your loss.





Combined Federal Campaign #003456

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign #3456

Shirley Dimmick In memmory of Murphy

Carl Jackson In memory of Clementine

Katherine Gillespie For Boomer

Laura Spink In memory of Haley & Buster

Ann & Andor Czompo

Anonymous employee and Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT)

Deanna melroy

Jim Wilsom

Margaret Richardson

Ruth Ann Rummel In memory of Boomer Jim & Pauline O’Connel In honor of PJ and in memory of Jesse

Catherine Katz

Bob & Cammie Hendricks In memory of Brandy, Daisy & Susie

Steve & Jean Vinson In memory of Lucy, our first Golden resue Patricia Thomas Skip & Terry Cole In memory of our beloved Goldens, Samantha & Casey John Marsh, M.D. In memory of my wife, Carol B. Marsh and our SEVA GRREAT Golden, Bear Dot & John Oberlander In memory of loved pets

Diane Trinko In memory of Tom Lewicki Susie & John Collamore In honor and memory of Boomer Edie Larson In honor of Boomer and SEVA GRREAT

The Spunky Monkey

Mary Strzelecki Support of China Dogs

Patrick Carroll

Peter Johnson Support for China Dogs

Karen Dobremsyl For Boomer Dana Godek For sweet Boomer - sending prayers. Thanks for all you do to save Goldens Jill Smith For Boomer

Debra & Joe Morris

Charles Gresham For Boomer’s medical bills

Jo A, Vance

Camille Alexander

Monica Keller For Boomer’s surgery

Deborah Debiasi

Melba Karas

Judy Dyer

Barbara Veltri In memory of GG, Gent, Annie & Maestro

Malia Meng

William Buklad For Boomer

Mary Strzelecki In loving memory of Ginger Even & Ginger Li Janet Nugent In memory of Denver, adopted from SEVA GRREAT

Nansi Strickland For Boomer, Prayers for him Nicole Metzger For a beautiful boy, Boomer, who stole our hearts Debra Morris Praying for Boomer

John & Sue Diveley In memory of Ginger Li

Sharon Leeman For Boomer

Kristi Neal In honor of Lauren Broush. Happy 7th Birthday!

Marsha Witcher For Boomer

Laura Spatz This donation is honor of Sue Spooner’s Birthday

Amanda Perry Thanks for all you did for Boomer and all the other angel Goldens

Chistina Jettie For Boomer

Mary Anne Naegele For Boomer’s expenses. RIP Boomer Frederick Dierksmeler For Bommer from his foster grandparent Jeannine Reynolds

Diana Schnetzka For Boomer

Cynthia Kennett

Theresa Farley

Joanne Even In memory of Ginger Li

William Kavaky For Boomer

Jennifer & Marc Dauzier

Debra Anderson For Boomer

Total Footcare, P.C.

Jane Frye For Boomer

Myriam Hunt Wanda Romm Will Buklad

Johnnie Noles Caroline Varner For Boomer Susan Beckman For sweet Boomer. Praying for him



Mary Ann Naegele Diane Harris Support for China Dogs Marissa Nelms Elizabeth Kay-Im

Linda Mattax

Beth Rodgers In memory of Ginger, and in honor of her loving mom, Quan

Stephen Melroy In loving memory of Max

John Brewington In memory of Harley

Barbara Talley For Boomer’s medical expenses. Thanks for trying so hard to give him a chance

Brenda Casassa

Lloyd Mercer

Todd Stephens Support of China Dogs

Debbie Wood

Sharlene Johnson For Boomer

Sharon Leeman In memory of Ginger Even, Max Summer & Ginger Li

Stephanie Weeks Support for China Dogs

Lara Anderson For Boomer’s medical expenses

Margaret Webb For Boomer

David Niles

Robert Brown

Elizabeth Watson

Danise Elias Jacob Kay Ida Bromley Brittany Yates Support for China Dogs Celia Styer James Huling

Sponsor-A-Dog Domino’s Fund

Mike & Marcia Penny

Carl Jackson

Brad Miller In memory of Bobby & Zach

Karen Dobremsyl

Janice Dunham Daniel Nieman In memory of Bleu

Golden Oldie Love Dog Fund

(GOLD Fund)

Tom & Bev White Lolita Minder In memory of Jasmine, Hunter & Crystal

Craig & Rachel Joy In memory of Maggie Joy

MEMBERSHIP, DONATION & VOLUNTEER FORM Note: Membership is open to all persons 18 years or older.


Please have the Coordinator in the following area/areas contact me: (Check appropriate boxes)

Name: _____________________________________________

These are listed in the order of urgent need by GRREAT.

Address: ___________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _ ______________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

HOME EVALUATION –– visits for foster/adoption applicants.

Home Phone: ________________________________________

TRANSPORTATION — primarily shuttling dogs and/or equipment as necessary. If you are interested in helping with transportation, can you help on:

Work Phone: ________________________________________ This is a new membership Address Change

FOSTERING — A temporary home for SEVA GRREAT dogs before they are adopted.

Membership Renewal

(circle all that apply) Weekdays



EVENTS — helping to hold/show dogs at “Golden Days,” helping with fund raisers, etc.

ADDITIONAL VOTING MEMBERS: (E-mail needs to be unique to vote.)

PUBLICITY — researching and writing stories for media release and newsletters, selling ads for the newsletter, taking photos at events, updating the web site, etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

MERCHANDISE — to man booths selling SEVA GRREAT stuff at local dog shows / fairs / festivals / etc.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

Our rescue is growing! In order to continue to save more dogs every year, we are looking for volunteers who would like to become more involved with the organization. If you are interested in assisting with intake, foster coordination, Golden Days or other areas on a regular basis, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at, for more information.

Name: _____________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

REMITTANCE: I am enclosing my $25 annual membership dues $ ___________


Additional Voting members _____ @ $25 each

$ ___________

Please make checks payable to:


$ ___________

1 Calendar = $12.00 (includes shipping)

$ ___________


$ ___________

Mail this form with your check to: SEVA GRREAT PO Box 8014 Yorktown, VA 23693


In Memory of



IMPORTANT NOTICE If you would like to become a member, please sign below. Otherwise, your remittance for annual membership must be considered a donation.

Date: __________________________________________________________________

I affirm that I have never been convicted of an animal abuse crime. Signature: ______________________________________________________________


SEVA GRREAT P.O. Box 8014 Yorktown, Va 23693



Rescue Hotline 757-827-8561 Press For 1

If you think you have found one of our Goldens based on the SEVA GRREAT tag or microchip.

2 To leave a message for the President 3 To give up a Golden Retriever or get more info on our intake process 4

For Information on Golden Days and other events.


To check on the status of an adoption or foster application.


For all other questions.

National Dog Registry 1-800-NDR-DOGS Foster Dog Medical Care YORK VETERINARY CLINIC Yorktown – 757-898-3700 COOKE VET MEDICAL CENTER Chesapeake – 757-547-9421 QUIOCCASIN VET HOSPITAL Richmond – 804-741-3200 ACREDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL Virginia Beach – 757-523-6100 ANDERSON’S CORNER Toano – 757-566-2224 MIDLOTHIAN ANIMAL CLINIC Midlothian – 804-794-2099 BAY BEACH VETERINARY HOSPITAL Virginia Beach – 757-340-3913

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GRREAT Times Spring 2019  

SEVA GRREAT Southeaster Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue Education And Training

GRREAT Times Spring 2019  

SEVA GRREAT Southeaster Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue Education And Training