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It all starts with a conversation There are more than 25,000 business establishments that call the Richmond region home. In total, they employ 485,000 people, injecting an estimated $5.8 billion into the economy annually in the form of wages. Additionally, businesses procure goods and services locally, further strengthening the economic fabric of the region. Taxes paid by businesses at the local, state and federal level contribute to the provision of vital public services. Further, philanthropic giving by industry helps to address community problems and support assets, like the arts, that contribute to our quality of life. Those are just a few of the reasons why supporting the growth and success of businesses in our community matters. And today, emerging from one of the worst recessions the country has seen, it matters more than ever. Businesses today are faced with a myriad of choices including how to execute their business strategy, where to invest their capital and where to expand their workforce.

What is Business First? How does it work?


And our message is simple: Stay here. Grow here. We’re a network of progressive local governments, service providers and volunteers from the business community. All of our interests are aligned to support the retention and expansion of businesses in the Richmond region. And because the issues facing businesses today are diverse, so is our team. It includes government partners, finance agencies, training institutions, international trade experts, workforce development experts and more. Through the Business First Greater Richmond program, we’re working smarter to support the needs of existing businesses. This year the City of Richmond and the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico worked collaboratively to reach out to more than 570 business leaders. The findings from those face-to-face interviews are presented in the following report, but this isn’t a survey process. It’s

just the beginning. The goal is to connect companies to resources to support their growth or help them overcome challenges in a way that helps grow the regional economy. And we are encouraged that the recent recession has made this community more innovative, more resilient and more resourceful. It’s also made us more aware of the power of one. One region. One company. One job at a time. Sincerely,

Sara J. Dunnigan Senior Vice President, Existing Business Services & Talent Development Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc.

Business First is an assistance program. It uses face-to-face interviews to gather feedback that helps our partners connect businesses with resources they need to stay in the region and grow.

About the Program Business First Greater Richmond is a collaborative economic development initiative designed to support the success of area businesses. The program starts with a face-to-face visit with a professional or one of our trained volunteers. It’s a business leader’s opportunity to share their story – past, present and future – and it’s our opportunity to listen. Participants are encouraged to share their attitudes and candid opinions on doing business here in the region. The next step is an assessment of need. Based on each company’s unique requirements, these resources are brought to the client. That could be support with developing and executing a recruitment plan, identifying appropriate space for an expansion, assessing funding to acquire new equipment or assisting in a market

research study in a foreign country. At the firm level, it’s about a customized response and issue resolution. At the regional level, it’s the joining of 571 business voices all sharing their experi-

ences, revealing important business trends and issues of regional importance. The following charts and commentary are based on those conversations and tell an interesting story of the future.

Sara Dunnigan (left), Partnership Senior Vice President of Existing Business Services and Talent Development, leads the quarterly Business First Partners Forum meeting at the Partnership offices.

National Recognition and Local Support The Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc., and Business First Greater Richmond were recognized last fall by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). The IEDC honor was presented at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 20, during the IEDC Annual Conference in Charlotte, N.C. Business First Greater Richmond received the highest honor, Excellence in Economic Development Award in the category for communities with populations greater than 500,000. IEDC’s Excellence in Economic Awards Program annually recognizes the world’s best economic development programs and partnerships, marketing materials, and the year’s most influential leaders. The program honors organizations and individuals in 28 categories for their efforts in creating positive change in urban, suburban, and rural communities.

“To have the work of our team recognized by IEDC is a high honor,” said Gregory H. Wingfield, president and CEO of the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. “The role of our organization is to promote Greater Richmond’s pro-business message, support existing businesses, and retain and attract a talented workforce. In order to remain competitive, we strive to develop and implement innovative strategies and programs, as well as effective tools to support our mission.” None of this work would be possible without a team that includes business volunteers in the community. More than 80 volunteers provide countless hours to assist in the business outreach efforts, allowing us to reach hundreds of businesses to gain valuable market intelligence. It’s one of the many ways this program stands apart from others across the country. The team celebrated at our annual Partners Event in January.

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

Greg Wingfield, president and CEO of the Partnership, touts the 2011 IEDC award at the VCU Scott House in January.

Each locality has their own committee. To learn more about becoming a volunteer, visit


program City of Richmond Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL) has been experiencing explosive growth in the City of Richmond, transitioning from just a handful of employees in 2009 to about 500 workers today. The Virginia BioTechnology Research Park referred HDL to the Business First program, which helped the company in recruiting two key positions as well as connecting HDL with the Virginia Department of Business Assistance to discuss entitled benefits. Business First also connected HDL with area community colleges to ensure a continuous supply of workers with the lab skills needed to support the company’s rapid growth.

James River Bus Lines required 25 to 30 new staff members in order to fulfill a newly awarded contract. When previous hiring efforts were not successful, the company turned to Business First, who worked with RESOURCE, the area’s workforce investment board, to produce a recruitment plan that helped James River Bus Lines fill all required positions. The company was even able to locate additional qualified applicants to accommodate future growth.

Hanover County Morooka USA had been so successful in its sales of rubber track carriers that the manufacturing facility in Japan could not keep up with orders from the Western Hemisphere. The company was introduced to Hanover Business First when it reached out for support after a licensing agreement allowed Morooka USA and Virginia Steel Services to establish manufacturing lines in the U.S. The company qualified for a Virginia Jobs Investment Program grant and was provided with site selection assistance as well as organizational assistance with the ribbon-cutting event and press release.

1,251 new jobs


A routine Business First interview revealed that Virginia Crane, manufacturer of heavy industrial cranes, was interested in expanding its facility to produce larger equipment. Plans included a building expansion to 110,000 square feet, a $2 million capital investment and 15 new jobs. The Hanover Business First team helped with the pre-application process and introduced representatives from the Virginia Department of Business Assistance to discuss funding through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program. Hanover also helped negotiate the extension of fiber cable through a county easement from the original property to the addition. And, once all the planning was done, the county helped the company develop a press release to announce its success.


retained jobs

$76m in new private investment

impact Chesterfield County Network Technologies and Support Inc. (NTS) is a full service systems integrator providing customers with a single source for a broad range of high-technology products and services. Beginning with a two-person office in Chesterfield County, the company has grown rapidly to 280 employees, requiring an expansion of their headquarters. Chesterfield supported the project by connecting NTS with two incentive programs - the Virginia Jobs Investment Program and the Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit Program. The project resulted in a $1.5 million capital investment and the creation of 140 new jobs.

Chesterfield County Economic Development utilized a targeted outreach effort to contact tourism-related businesses in the vicinity of the River City Sportsplex. The goal was to develop relationships, deliver information and help these firms better prepare for future sporting events, which attract a large number of visitors from outside the county. One weekend event in July drew more than 12,000 participants and spectators. This approach has connected businesses with resources to help them benefit from Chesterfield’s tourism strategy investment, increase sales and improve the visitor experience.

Henrico County To meet the demands of sudden growth, Allianz Global Assistance, an international travel insurance and assistance provider, needed to hire multiple customer service representatives. Business First worked with RESOURCE’s Workforce Solutions Team to provide a comprehensive recruitment plan. More than 70 prescreened candidates were presented at a workforce recruitment event held to support the immediate addition of 30 jobs and the planned addition of 100 over the next year.

Wow. You helped all of these businesses?

Sealpac was having difficulty in recruiting a key team member and remembered the Business First program, which had previously helped the company with U.S. visa and real estate issues. Business First was able to put Sealpac in contact with the Virginia Employment Commission, who helped register the company with the Virginia Labor Market Exchange. Sealpac has since identified and hired a highly qualified candidate and has a new recruiting resource for future use.

The Business First program strives to be a one stop solution to many of your business’ needs. You can read more success stories on our website at


What is your projected sales growth? A full 81% of respondents are forecasting positive sales growth in the coming year with 40% reporting that they expect double-digit sales growth in that period. Of the remainder, only 3% expect sales to decline. This could be an important trigger for hiring, as well as a catalyst for additional investment in technology, machinery and equipment or space.


Plan to hire more 29% As mentioned, interviewed firms employ more than 21,000 individuals, a small fraction of the regions’ 485,000 jobs. The good news is that interviewed firms expect to expand their workforce, although at more modest amounts than in previous years. This year, the group

No change 65%

Plan to hire fewer 5%

expects to increase employment by 2%, much less than the 7% increase reported last year. A total of 155 businesses (36%) indicated that they plan to add staff in the coming year, creating 995 new jobs. Of those firms adding

staff, the largest numerical gains are expected in Professional Business Services (variety of occupations), Healthcare, and Transportation and Warehousing sectors. Employment reductions are projected for 4 of the 16 industries profiled.

Workforce Availability and Quality Having an effective and productive workforce is key to supporting a successful growing business community and overall, area businesses report satisfaction with the availability of labor, with 73% rating it Good or Excellent. Eighty percent rate workforce quality in the Good or Excellent categories. Despite the fact that the unemployment rate has fallen from 7.7% to 6.1% over the past 24 months, neither of these rating have shifted significantly from last year.

Fewer than 20% of firms reported challenges recruiting and less that 10% reported employee retention as a problem. Also encouraging, one in three business leaders shared that they added staff in the previous year, an important trend and indicative of a more sustained, job-filled recovery for the region.

Workforce Availability

Workforce Quality

Excellent 32%

Excellent 34%


Good 46%

Good 51%

Fair 18%

Fair 12%

Poor 4%

Poor 2%

18% 1:3 managers added staff NO YES



The Business First program works to support the expansion of existing businesses. Twenty-eight percent of respondents have plans to expand their physical space, requiring in excess of 750,000 square feet of commercial space to accommodate their growth.

Educational Services 1.9% Retail Trade 7.9% Wholesale Trade 10.7%

Among the firms interviewed, the industries below forecast the largest percentage gains in employment.

    

18.3% 11.4% 10.1% 5.6% 5.2%

Management of Companies & Enterprises Transportation & Warehousing Waste Management & Remediation Services Information Other Services (except Public Administration)

Finance & Insurance 9.5%

Information 2.8% Accommodation and Food Services 8.1%

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 2.5%

Facility Usage vs. Capacity 64%

Manufacturing 8.8%

Transportation & Warehousing 2.1%




Business outreach identified important indicators signaling the need to grow in the future, including space and equipment utilization. Approximately 64% of the businesses interviewed are working at 90% or more of space capacity, suggesting the need for future expansion. The commercial real estate market has been recovering in Greater Richmond, with vacancy rates in the industrial and office markets falling. Also, asking rents have increased according to CoStar, a commercial real estate information provider.

Equipment Usage vs. Capacity A smaller number of companies (58%) report high levels of equipment utilization compared to the previous program year. This could mean less demand for new machinery and equipment for this group of firms in the coming year.


Real Estate, Rental & Leasing 4.6%

More than 570 companies participated in this year’s program, representing in excess of 21,000 jobs in the region. It is a diverse list of firms, a cross-section of the regional economy that includes large and small companies, 75% of which call the Richmond region their headquarters. Almost half of the respondents indicated they had another facility in the US providing a similar

Key Findings 27%



21,800 155

existing jobs represented

companies planning to add staff in the coming year


capital investment potential

Business Climate Rankings

findings Health Care & Social Assistance 4.6%

Construction 6.5%

The region’s business climate is an important factor in the retention of firms and talent in the region. For firms with multiple options for an expansion, it becomes a large factor considered as part of a location decision.

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting <1% Other Services 4.9%

Excellent 12% Good 58% Fair 27% Poor 3%

Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 1.8%

Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services 21.9%

Public Administration <1%

Utilities <1%

Real Estate, Rental & Leasing 4.6%

Please rate the local business climate:

Management of Companies and Enterprises 1.1%

Overall 70% rated the business climate as Excellent or Good, a five-percentagepoint increase over last year, and 81% predict the business climate will continue to improve. Despite any concerns regarding the business climate, 96% of the individuals we spoke with had a positive attitude overall about the region.

Please compare the local business climate today versus 5 years ago:

Better today 28%

No change 21%

Worse today 50%

Please forecast the condition of the local business climate 5 years from today:

product or service and 12% shared that they have international offices as well. In terms of industry representation, the largest sector represented was Professional Business Services, (22%), followed by Wholesale Trade (11%) and Finance and Insurance (11%).


expanding businesses identified


square feet of additional commercial space required

Will be better 81%

No change 15%

Business First gives business leaders a voice in the local community

Will be worse 4%

Nothing can dampen a business’ spirit more than the less-than-stellar provision of municipal service or the failure to execute key government functions, such as economic development. It’s encouraging that at the regional level, 8 out of 10 businesses expressed their satisfaction (rated Good or Excellent) with efforts to support the expansion of the regional economy. The following charts detail the ratings for other variables.

Public Water/Sewer

K-12 Education

The chart above illustrates the opinions of the business leaders interviewed. Colleges and universities are consistently rated the highest of the educational offerings in the region but K-12 offerings also get high marks. Both are important components of the region’s workforce pipeline. Area colleges and universities convey more than 13,000 degrees annually

and the region’s high schools graduate an additional 14,000 students. These first-time workers are an important resource to our growing business base. Other factors influencing the quality of life, and therefore the firm’s ability to attract and retain workers, rated highly as well. The quality of the

region’s various cultural amenities received top ratings from 84% of the respondents. Businesses report that the region offers a quality lifestyle, as well as quality career opportunities. However, work could be done to increase awareness, especially among younger, highly educated workers.

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s next?



Big Focus on Small Business The average firm size of interviewed companies was 37 employees and certainly small business was richly represented this year. Of the interviewed firms, 90 percent had fewer than 100 employees. To illustrate the importance of this segment, during the 10 year period ending in 2009, firms with fewer than 100 employers added more than 80,000 jobs in the region. In contrast, larger firms contracted, shedding 14,000 jobs. Second stage companies (those employing 9-100) hold much promise for the region and will be a focus of future outreach and resource development efforts. High Growth. High Growth Potential. High Impact. Many people ask us how we determine our targets for outreach as we work to support the network of existing business in the region. Our goal is to support the creation of new jobs and influence and facilitate the investment of new capital in our community. In order to do that successfully, it is imperative that we operate with a concrete strategy. We have to knock on the right doors with the right questions and the right resources. Focusing our resources on companies with growth strategies helps us make the biggest impact for our effort. Addressing the needs of stable legacy firms that are part of our economic fabric is needed as well. Talent Development The labor force has to grow along with the economy. Human capital is emerging as the most critical input of any business process and analysts are predicting global changes and trends that are being felt right here in the region. The most urgent are apparent regional skills mismatches between those currently unemployed and job opportunities with expanding industries, skill shortages in high demand occupation such as IT, and skilled production workers and demographic shifts. A regional strategy that addresses business needs today as well as a long term pipeline development view is imperative to support further economic growth in the region.


potential growth impact


How will the gathered information be used?


The information is first used to direct resources and assistance to those companies in need. Annually, the gathered information is presented in this publication to help us assess the regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s business climate.


1717 Design Group • 1800 Bar & Grill • 3 North • A & J Resurfacing, Inc. • A & L Eastern Laboratories, Inc. • A & R Cabinet Company, Inc. • A & V Precision Machine, Inc. • A Sharper Palate Catering Co. • A Taste of Italy • Abilene Motor Express • ACS Heritage, Inc. • Adams & Garth • Adult & Child Foot & Ankle Care, LLC • Advanced Coffee Tech Service • Advanced Concepts Training Corp. • Advanced Enviro Solutions • Advanced Office Systems • Advanced Orthopedic Centers • Advantage Sales & Marketing • Aerotek, Inc. • Affinion Loyalty Group • AG Systems • AIBioTech • All Virginia Food Service Brokers • Alleghany Warehouse Company, Inc. • Allied International Credit • All-Star Graphics • Alsco • Altron Corporation • American Diabetes Associations • Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. • AMF Baking Systems • AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc. • Analytics Corporation • Andrew Agency • Anton Paar USA, Inc. • Apex Title & Settlement Services/Benchmark Mortage, Inc. • Apple Spice Junction • Arbon Equipment Corporation • Arc Welders, Inc. • Arcadia Restaurant • Arcet Equipment Company • Architectural Products Of Virginia • Ashland Veterinary Hospital, Inc. • Atlantic Construction Fabrics Inc./ Landsaver Environmental • Atlantic Corrugated • Automatic Controls of Virginia • B 1 Technologies • B&B Printing • Bacon Insurance Group • Bagby Electric of Va. • Ball-Martin Insurance Agency, Inc • Bandazian and Holden • Bass Pro Shop • Battleware Technology • Baughan’s Financial Services • Bay Companies • BCWH • Best Western Governor’s Inn • Better Kitchens & Baths • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Richmond & Tri Cities • Big Oak Studios • Blackburn, Conte, Schilling & Click • Blair Dumond, Incorporated • Blanchard’s Coffee Company • Blue Steel Lighting Design • Blueprint Automation, Inc. • Bob Windsor, Inc. • Bobalicious • Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center • Bondioli & Pavesi, Inc. • Bonefish Grill • Bosley Medical Richmond • Branch Group • Brandermill Woods • Branscome Richmond • Brick House Diner • Bryan & Jordan Consulting • Bryant and Pleasants, P.C. • Business Data Of Virginia, Inc. • Business Partnering International, Ltd. • C & F Mortgage Corporation • C. 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Program Partners The Business First Greater Richmond team is comprised of a diverse group of organizations who share our commitment to the success of existing business. The groups listed here are just a small sample of the many resources available to businesses in the Greater Richmond region. To learn more and to read our blog, please visit the program website at

Capital Region Workforce Partnership (RESOURCE)

Port of Richmond

Chesterfield County Economic Development

Richmond Economic Development Corp. (REDC)

City of Richmond Department of Economic and Community Development

Community Capital Group

City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities

Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

Community College Workforce Alliance

Virginia Commonwealth University

GenEDGE Alliance

Virginia Department of Business Assistance

Greater Richmond Chamber

Virginia Department of Labor and Industry

Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. Greater Richmond Small Business Development Center

Virginia Economic Development Department (International Trade Division)

Greater Richmond Transit Authority

Virginia Employment Commission

Hanover County Economic Development

Virginia Manufacturers Association (Workforce Division)

Hanover County Planning Department

Virginia Philpott Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Henrico County Economic Development

U.S. Small Business Administration

University of Richmond

Business First Greater Richmond Supports Businesses in the City of Richmond, and the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico. chesterfield county

hanover county

Development Manager of Existing Business, Chesterfield County Economic Development Tel. 804-318-8550

Business Services Coordinator, Hanover County Dept. of Economic Development Tel. 804-365-6459

Karen A. Aylward, CEcD

Thomas J. Miller

Chesterfield Committee Co-Chairs Howard Grove, HRM Cindy Hodges, Village Bank

Hanover Committee Chair Mark Creery, Data Directions

city of richmond

henrico county

Sheila H. Shepperson

Project Development Manager, Dept. of Economic & Community Development Tel. 804-646-5491 City of Richmond Committee Co-Chairs Gary Burton, City of Richmond Planning & Development Review Paula Lowry, City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities

Henrico County Economic Development Authority Tel. 804-501-7654 Henrico Committee Co-Chairs Michael Flagg, Cottrell Communications Charles Wood, Attributes for Success, LLC

Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. | 901 East Byrd St., Suite 801 Richmond, VA 23219-4070 | Tel. 804-643-3227

Business First Annual Report 2011/12  

The regional business retention and expansion program reports its annual goals and interview results.

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