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Merchandiser Stand

Assembly Instruction Sheet


S1450, Rev A July 2009

Assembly Instructions for Merchandiser Stand Step 1 Hold the two L shaped uprights an appropriate distance apart so as to insert the hooks of the perforated back panel into the inner channels of both uprights, starting from the second lowest slot from the bottom

L shaped upright


L shaped upright

Perforated Back Panel

Step 2 Attach the kick panel to the base legs using the slots in the same way as the back panel.

Kick Panel

Step 3 Place the base shelf (larger of the 3 shelves) on the base legs in between the slot given on either side of the base legs

Base Shelf

Step 4 Now start placing the 6 other perforated back panels in line with the lowest back panel leaving one slot in between them. Finally place the small width non-perforated back panel on the top most level.

Non Perforated Back Panel

The back panels must fit properly into each others grooves, in order to be aligned appropriately. Once all the back panels are fitted, you are ready to add the shelves.

Step 5 The four, 3 hooked brackets, should be first inserted into the inner channel slots of the L-shaped uprights, such that a set of two is at the same level opposite each other. These brackets must be fit at desired levels of shelving. 3 hooked brackets

Step 6 Now place the 2 shelves on the 2 sets of brackets. Note that all shelves have a plastic folding in front for inserting label cards if required.



Step 7 Step I: Insert the two side-boards starting from the upper most slot of the uprights.

Side Board Side Board

Step II: Insert the Acrylic board into the front-board. Now fix the front board in between two side-boards such that the two side slots in the front board are inserted into the hooks of the side board

Step III: White light (tube) must be installed in the T Board for light effect. Tube holder, tube & wiring are not included with this stand & must be sourced locally based on the voltage & style of lighting fixtures common to the region Put the T-board into the assembly from top and place on the base of the side boards, on the back end.

Acrylic board inserted into front board

T Board for light installation

Step 8 Insert hooks (6� & 8� long) into peg holes of the perforated back panel at desired heights to hang products

The merchandiser stand assembly is now complete.



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