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Of course, social media goes way beyond Twitter, but if you’re not yet using any social media, wade in slowly with Twitter. If you already use social media but you’ve never tweeted, stop being shy and give it a try. Gradually building facility with several social media services—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more—will build your web presence and reveal which services best suit your personality and style.

The First Mistake Most Bloggers Make Most people about to start a blog name the blog to represent its intended content, the blogger’s interests, or even the blogger’s name. This may be a mistake. Search engines consider your blog’s name when they decide where to put the blog in search results. In two years, perhaps one person searches on Google for “Daniel Gasteiger.” Google won’t send many readers to a blog on—even if my blog is at the top of the search results every time.

Performing SEO on your Web Content Search Engine Optimization is the discipline of getting Google and other search engines to love your web content (and so, to send visitors to your website). Even before you start a website a blog or anything else, there are important tasks that will improve the site’s favor with Google.

However, every day there are nearly 1.5 million searches on Google that include the word “garden.” If your blog appeared in position 1 of Google search results for that word, you’d get a lot of readers. Not surprisingly, holds the coveted first position.

Before you choose a name for a blog, find a If you’re not yet blogging, don’t start until you learn more about keyword that people SEO (but absolutely do start a blog). The box on the right explains search for a lot, but for which there aren’t a lot why. of web pages. There are 2.25 billion pages that mention “garden.” You’ll get better results in Google if you use a keyword or phrase that appears on fewer than 100 thousand pages.

Daniel Gasteiger is an author, photographer, and speaker. He teaches how to grow and preserve food and how to build a powerful web presence to promote your business, your art, and yourself. He invites you to visit his premier blog, Your Small Kitchen Garden, and find him on Twitter where he goes by the name @cityslipper.

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GrowWrite! Magazine - January 2012  

The premier issue of the first and only magazine for the garden communicator.

GrowWrite! Magazine - January 2012  

The premier issue of the first and only magazine for the garden communicator.

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