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Traffic Generation-Top 4 Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Website Writen by Agnes Seow – Did you know there are several really powerful ways you can attract visitors to your website? The biggest challenge most people face is not being able to get enough traffic to their sites. Of course there’s a lot more to finding traffic than just getting people to visit. After all, what’s the point of thousands of visitors if they simply leave without converting to either a paying customer or a valid click through on one of your links? This is why your traffic generation efforts need to bring in visitors who are also interested in what your site is about. These kinds of visitors are called targeted visitors. Let’s look at the top 4 ways to attract more targeted traffic. 1. Press Releases The internet offers many free press release directories, yet so many people avoid using them. These can be a powerful tool you can use to publish your own ‘news’. Once you’ve submitted your press release about your new site or blog or product, the press release directories will distribute your new to various places around the web. 2. Article Marketing People use the internet to find information about the things that interest them. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories can be a brilliant way to offer visitors the information they’re looking for. You should put a small blurb about your site or blog at the foot of the article and include a link back to your site. When people like the information you offer in your articles, they’ll happily click through on your link to see what else they might learn on your sites. 3. Social Networking This is perhaps the easiest possible traffic generation method available to anyone wanting to increase visitor numbers. Sites like Twitter or Facebook or Myspace or Mylot are based around making friends and letting them know what you’re up to. Spend a little time making friends and you’ll soon find that they become interested visitors to your sites very quickly. 4. Multi Media Channels Sites like YouTube are hugely popular. See if you can create your own YouTube channel Top 4 Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Website


and instead of writing articles, write short scripts that still give people the information they want but offered in video-clip format instead of article text. This can be a hugely effective way to build up large followers of people who will all become targeted visitors to your sites. So if you’re working on making your online business into a success, then you can’t go past these four simple yet effective traffic generating options.

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Top 4 Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Website


Traffic Generation - Top 4 Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Website  

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