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Growing Pistachio Trees in California The pistachio tree (pistaciavera) first grew in Western Asia, later making its way into Mediterranean Europe and is now cultivated extensively in the dry region of the American west. Sophisticated growing techniques, efficient harvesting and advanced technologies of production have now made the United States, number one in terms of the commercial production globally.

We, at the Grow View Enterprises, Inc. have been growing pistachios trees in California since 1993. While we initially began as pistachio growers, we have since expanded to cultivating almonds, grapes and citrus. We have developed, owned, operated and successfully managed farms and ranches located in Kern County, Fresno County, Madera County and Tulare County in the San Joaquin Valley - an ideal location for growing both pistachios and almonds, hence, gaining a diverse and unique experience, which in turn, has enabled us to meet the needs of the clients fully. In addition to our expertise in the farming development and operations, ourstaff is comprised of a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds in consulting, finance and legal, giving us the ability to meet the various challenges arising from projects in farm development, such as labor, compliance and environmental issues for Pistachio Tree Nursery in California. Home

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Growing pistachio trees  
Growing pistachio trees