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Electrical services is a segment of the building and construction industry within Australia. Austindo services the niche segment of industrial installations. We are responsible for delivering a complete range of electrical services solutions for mining, petrochemical, infrastructure and marine and defence projects. Austindo is one of the largest independent and privately held engineering contractors . Established in 1995, Austindo filled a void in the Asia Pacific market for an electrical and instrumentation contractor capable of servicing a broad spectrum of industries from the marine through to resource industries. Our portfolio of projects effectively demonstrates where we have achieved projects success on time and within budget. Our focus is on safety and quality we endeavour to deliver the highest calibre of workmanship to every project. We undertake minor and major works, providing complete solutions to our clients.. We are committed to the success of every project undertaken, which has enabled Austindo to grow from strength to strength over the past two decades.

Engineering Contractors

Austindo is a wholly owned Western Australian electrical services company that delivers world-class engineering and contracting capability.



Locations Our base operation has been strategically located in the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia for the past 15 years. We are also celebrating our 10th year in the Pilbara, where our of ice / workshop is conveniently located in the mining hub of Newman, Western Australia. Both locations have the capacity for future expansion.. Our People Our people are the backbone of Austindo and foundation of our success. We have a diverse team with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience that continually enhance the organisations capability. Austindo employs 70 full-time personnel who work to our code of safety, quality and integrity. Our team is committed to delivering each project on time and within budget and we excel where performance, quality and safety are mandatory. Our team adopts a lateral approach to projects, ensuring the best solution of world’s best practice is always applied. Safety Austindo places the highest priority on safety. Our commitment to safety is an integral part of our daily operations at every level of the company. We have invested heavily in our safety systems, which have proven to be a successful tool for our dedicated management and workforce alike. We are proud of our exceptional safety record and we make every effort to ensure that every member of our team adheres to our comprehensive safety policies and procedures through training and continual reinforcement. Quality Installations Austindo’s technical expertise is targeted at electrical instrumentation and communications and we strive for perfection. We empower our people to perform to their best ability and to not be simply good tradesmen, but to be craftsmen. Integrity Integrity in our work is paramount. We deliver what we promise. This is a point we never compromise on.


Core business activities 

  

Comprehensive installation services, including reticulation of high voltage underground systems, HV, LV, control and instrumentation cabling, cable ladder, electrical equipment, instrumentation, lighting and small power, earthing, lightning protection, full design and installation, veri ication, testing and pre-commissioning and load commissioning assistance. Installing, testing and maintaining electrical systems, communications, climate control and advance warning systems; Installing and maintaining electronic controls for industrial machinery and business equipment; and, Installing wiring, coaxial cable and optic ibre cable in buildings and structures.

Quality, Environment, OH&S Policy Austindo operates with a certi ied quality management system that is approved and in accordance to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008. Therefore, Austindo consistently provide irst-class services in accordance with the speci ic needs of each of our clients. Furthermore, Austindo is committed to minimising the ecological footprint of our operations by pursuing environmentally sustainable practices in our operations. 2010/2011 business improvement initiatives include:     

Capability Statement

Austindo undertakes projects of all sizes in electrical, electronic, communications and instrumentation. Our scope of service delivery comprises engineering and design, project management, procurement, installation, commissioning, operations and 24/7 maintenance.

Continued successful surveillance audits renewing AS/NZS ISO 9001/2008 certi ication; Continued implementation of Environmental Policy; Improved reporting mechanisms in project accountability; Preparation for certi ication in 2010/2011 to AS/NZS ISO 14001; Preparation for certi ication to AS/NZS 4801 for OHSMS in 2010/2011.

We place the greatest importance on providing quality, expertise and service to our clients in a cost-effective manner. We continually assess our performance and develop strategies to improve the skills of our people and the way we operate to add value to our client’s projects.


Strategic Partnerships

In the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive engineering industry of Western Australia, agility and scalability are a critical factor for success. With the right partnership, we believe you can deliver the same, if not better, quality of work often associated with a larger irm. Austindo has developed a strategic partnership program, which includes a framework for success. The framework is a collaborative agreement that acts as rules of engagement, outlining policy and protocols. This facilitates the process of working in a collaborative environment to the bene it of the client. The bene it of a strategic partnership program is that it provides both parties the ability to draw on an immense pool of multi-disciplined knowledge, skill and experience. Our aim with our partnership program is to develop strong relationships that are committed to the challenges of cost control, technical excellence, speed of delivery, business ethics, quality assurance, safety, environmental standards and local community relations. Strategic partnerships are an important factor in our business. Developing lasting relationships yields better results for the client. These relationships allow us to share knowledge and core capabilities, enhance joint competitiveness and deliver real value to our clients. In addition, our strategic partnerships unify complementary relationships that yield bene icial business opportunities. Through strategic partnerships we have strengthen engineering irms capabilities in a iercely competitive market. The success of our partnerships is evident in the long-term and highly effective relationships we have established.


Projects undertaken within the stringent disciplines of ‘explosive atmosphere’ installations have put our workforce at the forefront of technology and installation methodology. Extensive knowledge of intrinsically safe systems enables the team to provide the engineering, procurement and construction capability required of the oil & gas industry, where quality and safety are critical industry prerequisites. We have built a reputation for excellence in the installation of process control and instrumentation systems with a wide range of skills and expertise in both pneumatic and electronic systems. In addition, we provide a full range of services for process plants. Our services encompass instrumentation design, selection and installation.

Oil & Gas

Austindo’s team of multi-skilled professionals is highly regarded for our work at petrochemical and oil & gas installations. Experienced in both onshore and offshore work, we understand the critical needs of clients with regard to safety, quality and workmanship.



We have a solid reputation for project success in the mining industry. Western Australia is one of the most productive and diversi ied mineral regions in the world. The annual value of production resources is in excess of A$27 billion. Austindo has been at the forefront of the mining industry, celebrating 10 years in the Pilbara with an excellent safety record. Austindo understands the stringent standards and speci ications of the Mining Majors BHP and Rio Tinto. Our mining scope of works extends to undertaking related projects, such as bore ield developments/expansions and water/dewatering solutions to the mining industry. We have successfully designed and installed aerial lighting and road way lighting for mine sites in the Pilbara. Austindo offers extensive experience with materials handling systems, conveyors and transfer towers. We have completed several ammonium nitrate upgrade projects with zero incidents; these are high explosive storage projects with special installation requirements in highly volatile environments. We offer comprehensive installation services, including reticulation of high voltage underground systems, HV LV, control and instrumentation cabling, cable ladder, electrical equipment, instrumentation, lighting and small power, earthing, lightning protection, full design and installation, veri ication, testing and pre-commissioning and load commissioning assistance.


We are able to provide a wide range of services:  Execute complete system design from basic P&ID;  Install, test and commission high, med and low-voltage systems;  Provide all infrastructure such as cabling, lighting, general purpose power and advance warning systems;  Design, install and program SCADA control hardware and software;  Specify and procure power station and sub-station equipment;  Install, test and commission HV switchyards and control systems;  Control and monitor power generation systems, including auto synchronisation load shedding; and,  Design and install ‘black start’ systems.


In the ield of power generation and distribution, Austindo offers clients proven expertise combined with the highest level of service. Our teams have undertaken cover power station and sub-station engineering and installation and commissioning in most power generating mediums, including coal, gas, diesel, wind and solar.


Marine & Defence

Austindo has unparalleled credentials in the marine sector. We have designed and installed electrical and communications systems for many government agencies, including the Department of Defence. Austindo has completed the electrical work associated with many re its and intermediate dockings on both surface vessels and submarines for the Royal Australian Navy. In Western Australia, we are providing turnkey electrical and electronic services for patrol boats and landing craft destined for Asian countries and various Paci ic islands. Our Quality Assurance Systems ensure the highest standards in shipbuilding and our Quality Management System for the installation and commissioning of marine electrical and electronic equipment is endorsed by Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance (LRQA). Austindo provides full electrical design for vessels using our own engineering department, covering the development and production of drawings, speci ication manuals and maintenance procedures. We are able to provide fully equipped portable site calibration laboratories with the ability to test, calibrate and repair shipboard instrumentation, including switchboard meters, transducers, tank level indicators, pressure meters, bourdon tube pressure gauges and thermometers. All calibration equipment held by Austindo is NATA traceable. Our Marine and Defence services:         

Installation of electrical modules and cabling for weapons systems on all ship classes; Through-life electrical planned maintenance of all RAN ships and submarines; Submarine battery systems maintenance, including charging/discharging, testing, cleaning, cell removal and installation; Complete submarine battery change-outs; Switchboard inspections, cleaning and maintenance; Electrical motor controller inspections, repair and maintenance; Repair, maintenance and inspections of shipboard cabling systems, including removal and replacement of damaged cables; Unpacking and repacking of watertight cable penetrations; and, Installation or replacement of lexible waveguide systems.


Austindo designs and installs complete communications systems that are warranted to exceed our clients performance needs, both now and in the future. We understand that it is critical to install the correct communications infrastructure. Austindo provides our clients with a ‘future proof’ cabling system to meet their data communications system requirements for years to come. Our designers have a wealth of experience in many diverse environments, including copper twisted pair, optical ibre, local area networks, wide area networks, computer room design, security systems and surveillance systems. We utilise CAD systems to provide detailed layouts of all voice and data cabling services, which is critical for future maintenance and alterations. Our communications team is highly effective in project delivery and committed to the delivery of the best communications solutions for our clients. Installing a state-of-the-art cabling system requires professional training and experience and we can guarantee all our technicians are highly capable. Our data technicians are licensed cablers, experienced with installations in industrial environments and are endorsed to install and modify ibre optic cabling systems. Our services cover the complete range of communications technology:             

Communications cabling; Cat 6 STP 10 GIG structured cabling systems; Cat 5E, Cat6, Cat7 structured cabling systems; Cable assemblies & patch cords; Cable scanning to latest standards; Fibre optic cabling networks, including desktop and backbone cabling; OTDR and TDR testing; Microwave & wireless solutions (802.3a,b & g); ISDN and WAN - router, frame relay, private connections; LAN - Ethernet switches & hubs, token ring, ATM, IBM 3270; Intelligent building systems; Network design & implementation; and, Voice systems.


To meet the increasingly convergent information and communications systems requirements of our clients we now have a dedicated communications team. To maintain the highest level of quality we apply industry best practices from electrical contracting to the largely unregulated area of communications.


Engineering Projects

“Austindo are dedicated to their work and have fullfilled all projects given to them in a conscientious and diligent manner.” Shudesh Kumar - Rio Tinto “Austindo had no safety incidents or safety issues during the 10 - week project. The project was on time and budget ” Brodie Duncan - BHP “Seriously, thanks for your assistance during the project. The work was well execute and done in a timely manner.” Greg Samson - Lyons & Peirce Karratha

“ We found Austindo to be very helpful and above all responsive in the tight time frame.” Tony McKenna - AIMS “Austindo worked well beyond the scope of supply and excelled working beside our local counterparts to complete all requirements to a more than satisfactory level.” Marco Masia - Energy Power Systems (EPSA)

“The generator control panel designed and built by Austindo for Pluto Offshore Riser Platform was well engineered to a high quality standard and has performed exceptionally well.” Fred Barker - Woodside


Supply & Installation Electrical, Instrumentation and communications cabling - Loading & Storage site

BOC Gases/Transfield Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation - Industrial Gas Plant

BHP Petroleum Tubridgi Shutdown - Gas Plant

GGT/AGL Dampier to Kalgoorlie Gas Pipeline Compressor Stations and Lateral Take-off’s

Woodside Pluto LNG Generator Control Panel Design & Construction – Offshore Riser Platform

East Spar Alliance NCC Buoy Electrical & Instrumentation Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Navigation Control and Communication (NCC) Offshore Buoy

BHP/Stork ICM Upgrade - Karratha Gas Metering Station

BHP Petroleum Griffin Venture Recovery Project - Turbine Failure

United Construction Legrande Project - Bluewater Calm Buoy

Linkweld Engineering Various Oil & Gas Skids for Chevron/Texaco

PT Trans Bakrie / PT Cabot Chemical, Cilegon Indonesia

Oil & Gas Projects

Woodside Pluto LNG

Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning - Carbon Black Project Stage 1


Oil & Gas Projects

PT Trans Bakrie / PT Polypet Karyapersada, Anyer, Indonesia Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning - Polyester Chip Plant Project

PT Trans Bakrie, Gemale Group Sembawang Brown & Root, Anyer, Indonesia Conocco Belida Field Lift Gas Production Platform “B” Indonesia. Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all Electrical & Instrumentation

PT Trans Bakrie, Gemale Group Sembawang Brown & Root, Anyer, Indonesia Electrical & Instrumentation offshore hook-up and start up of both the Conocco Belida Gas Lift Production Platform and the associated Well Head Production Platform “B” in the same Belida field.

PT BHP Colourbond Sheet Factory, Cilegon Indonesia Electrical Installation and Commissioning Stage 1 HV

PT Trans Bakrie / PT Cabot Chemical, Cilegon Indonesia Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning - Carbon Black Project Stage 2

PT Trans Bakrie / PT Polypet Karyapersada, Anyer, Indonesia Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning - Polyester Chip Plant Project Stage 2

PT Trans Bakrie / PT Bukit Asam, Tanjung Enim, Indonesia Coal Mine Overland Conveyors, Crushing, and Train Loading Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning

PT Theiss / PT INCO, Soroako, Sulawesi, Indonesia Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning - Nickel Mine Stage 3 ,Overland Conveyors, Crushing, Dryers and Smelter

PT INCO ( International Nickel Company ) Soroako, Sulawesi, Indonesia Nickel Mine Stage 3 , Commissioning of Smelter and Packaging

Transfield Construction Electrical & Instrumentation supply and installation- Sodium Cyanide Plant


Rio Tinto Yandi Minesite – 35Mta Expansion Project Earthing Grid

PIHA Brockman Mine Bores Dewatering System

Rio Tinto -Pilbara Iron Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation -Minesite Sump Pump Upgrades Yandi Pilot Plant Electrical & Instrumentation supply and installation

Rio Tinto- Hope Downs Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation - Hope Downs Village Stage 1 & 2

Rio Tinto – Brockman BS4 Facilities Buildings Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation -Brockman Rail & Road Tunnel Upgrade

Rio Tinto – West Angelas Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation -West Angelas Village Stage 5 Upgrade Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation West Angelas Mine Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facility Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation West Angelas Mine Explosive Magazine

Lyons and Pierce Installation of Western Area – West Angelas Village Upgrade

BHP Billiton Mt Whaleback – Various Electrical & Instrumentation works

Mining Projects


Electrical & Instrumentation Supply and Installation Newman Hub & Jimblebar

Worsley Alumina Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance and upgrades- Kwinana Works

North/SKM West Angeles – Workshop / Borefields / Fibre Optic


Marine Projects

Port Lincoln Marine Design, Supply and Installation ( New Build) 47m Pulse Sienne Fishing Vessel

Transfield Shipbuilding Anomis – Engine Recovery -Burn Out ( Rebuild ) Pacific Patrol Boats– 32mtr (New builds) x22 Brunei Landing Craft – (New builds) x2 Kuwait Coast Guard- 35mtr Fast Patrol Boats x4 Hong Kong Police Command Vessels

GEC Alstom Engine Maintenance, Service and Upgrade- Overhaul six engines

PT Lumba Lumba Ocean Odyssey – Fire Protection System Retrofit

Tenix Fisheries Research Vessel – New build Philippines Search & Rescue Craft – New build Sealink Ferry – New build

Livestock Shipping Bader III Cattle Carrier - Engine Room Refurbishment Project (Prime Contractor – All works)

Tenix Shipbuilding 35m and 50m follow on Search and Rescue vessels for the Philippine Coast Guard

PT Trans Bakrie , Merak, Indonesia Merak Power Station Coal Ship-Unloaders 1 & 2 Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning

PT Trans Bakrie , Merak, Indonesia Surabaya Port Ship-Unloaders 1 ,2 & 3 Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning

PT Trans Bakrie , Merak, Indonesia Colombo Port Sri Lanka Coal Ship-Unloaders 1 - 9 Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning


Guided Missile Frigates– Various Dockings, Installation Missile Decoy System, Galley Upgrade, Control and Monitoring System Maintenance. Calibration and General Electrical Installation and Maintenance.

Tenix Defence Systems Anzac Class Ships – Installation Satellite TV, Installation Scan Eagle System, Trial Card Work, Torpedo Firing System, Communications System, Calibration and General Electrical Installation and Maintenance.

Australian Defence Industries (ADI) HMAS Westralia – Recovery Project (Fire Damage)

Australian Submarine Corp Submarine and Equipment Maintenance

US Navy Electrical Service Work on - USNS Pomeroy | USNS Watson| USNS Watkins| USNS Comstock| USS Fletcher

US Navy - USS STETHAM Supply riggers and fitters to change carbon seal in gas turbine

US Navy - USS VANDERGRIFT Insulation repairs ,Fire pump repairs, Installation new hot water tanks,Air conditioning repairs, Welding repairs and Overhaul oil pumps

US Navy- USS BONHOMME RICHARD Insulation repairs, Re-upholster chairs and benches, Electrical repairs, Sheetmetal work Pipefitting and Exhaust repairs

US Navy - USS TARAWA Insulation repairs, Fitting new vinyl flooring, Pipefitting and Welding repairs

Defence Projects


US Navy - USS FLETCHER Insulation repairs, Welding repairs, Stainless steel cabinet modifications and Pipefitting


Managing Director

Carole Staeck

Business Development

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Engineering Contractors

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