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SunRiver St. George Public Relations Proposal Core Problem/Opportunity: SunRiver does not currently have a proactive public relations strategy in place. However, as a top active adult community in the country it has a story to tell. Goal: Establish an official, targeted public relations presence for SunRiver at the local, regional and national levels. Objectives: 1. Increase media coverage of SunRiver St. George. 2. Effectively tell SunRiver's story. 3. Increase awareness of SunRiver as a premier active adult community within relevant publics. 4. Improve internal communications within the SunRiver community. Public: St. George residents, Utah residents and national audience Profile: This public is divided into three groups: St. George residents, Utah residents and the national audience. Residents of St. George are familiar with SunRiver as a part of the local community. Many may engage in activity with SunRiver through the RiverWalk, the golf course or other community events. Utah residents may be vaguely familiar with SunRiver based on its high reputation. However, many may not be aware of specific details about the development or its advantages compared to similar communities. The public outside of Utah may have no awareness of SunRiver whatsoever. However there are many within the retired lifestyle community who would be valuable to educate about SunRiver. Tactic 1: Regular articles/press releases pitched to local, regional and national media Two types of articles: Articles regarding the community as a whole and human interest stories about the residents. LOCAL  The Spectrum STATE  Deseret News  Salt Lake Tribune NATIONAL  The New York Times  USA Today  Industry/Lifestyle media  Deadline: Depending on management's recommendation, an article could be written every two weeks or once a month, aside from breaking news that will be written as it happens. Tactic 2: Broadcast news story in Salt Lake  KSL  Contact: Darcy's niece is a producer. This tactic would specifically be very valuable in raising awareness within the state of Utah, particularly to publics in the northern part of the state.  Deadline: April 30, 2012 Tactic 3: Infomercial/Video news release  Casting

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Script Work with Derek Rowley on project Pitch to Salt Lake stations and other appropriate channels (Possibly regional coverage) Deadline: It's up to management when you would want this done.

Tactic 4: Social Media Outreach The explosion of social media in recent years has added many channels through which to reach publics and tell your company's story. Additionally, many senior citizens are now using social media more than they have in the past. Social media is also a valuable channel to utilize because it is free, available 24/7 and gives your company complete control over content and dissemination of information.  Has this channel already been considered?  Blog – The SunRiver blog is already well-done, the main focus would be to continue regulating content.  Twitter – The RiverWalk regularly uses its Twitter feed to promote events and specials at the restaurant. On a broader level, Twitter could be used to drive traffic to SunRiver's website or other media coverage of the community. It can also be used to promote the SunRiver lifestyle to all publics.  Facebook – Facebook can be used as a complement to the SunRiver blog as a place to post articles, photos, press releases and other news.  Other channels to consider – Flickr, Instagram, Digg etc.  Deadline: Each social media channel would require on-going development. Public: SunRiver Residents and Employees Profile: This public is divided into two groups who generally have the same communications goals. Residents rely on effective communication from SunRiver to stay up-to-date on what is going on in the community. While, traditionally, senior citizens are considered technology-averse, many within an active adult community are likely to be open to using technology to make their lives easier. Communication to employees is also very important. SunRiver is a large organization and effective, centralized communication is key to the organization's success. Tactic 1: Internal Communications  Evaluate the online newsletter sent to residents and make it more user-friendly. It needs to be redesigned into a simpler format that doesn't require multiple clicks to get to the information. It also needs to be tailored specifically towards residents, not just a copy of the blog content.  Employee communications – these need to be centralized and easily accessible. Utilizing appropriate technology would get everyone on the same page.  Deadline: Ongoing

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