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Publisher’s Note It happens every year: our back-to-school issue. Parents love it and kids hate it. It seems like it gets here more quickly each year. We start off the summer with such great plans. Vacations and day trips fill our schedules and we spend nights outside on the greenway or grilling a delicious dinner in the backyard. Then before you know it, we’re buying school clothes, planning lunches, and in our case, planning for our events in the fall and our New Year’s at Noon event. It all goes by so fast. This year, both of our daughters head off to new schools — two different schools. Like many of you, we are sending one of our children, Anika, to high school. We’re not really sure how this has happened; it was just yesterday that she was in kindergarten.

grade, like Anika, the start of the school year allows our children to make friends, learn new things, and challenge themselves to do better than the year before. For our readers who are teachers, you have a fresh roster of students to teach, encourage, and of course, get to know. You shape the minds of our future leaders while taking care of the most precious and important parts of our lives. You are so important to your students, their parents, and our communities. So, no matter which school or grade you’ll be attending (or teaching), we wish you the happiest, safest, and most successful school year ever. The Eagan Family Josh, Andrea, Anika, and Evelyn

But every family starts a new chapter when a school year begins. Regardless of whether your child is starting a new school, like both of ours, or your child is graduating to a new

Anika, Andrea and Evelyn at Anika’s Middle School Graduation.

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Roanoke Valley Family August 2019  

Volume 7, Issue 12

Roanoke Valley Family August 2019  

Volume 7, Issue 12