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The new school year is upon us! It’s time for new pencils and notebooks, new teachers, and yellow school buses. Help your kids get excited to start school again by sharing some fun school-themed books together. And keep a look out for copies of Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges in Little Free Libraries around Roanoke!

Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School by Herman Parish Children have loved Amelia Bedelia and her goofy ways for more than 50 years! Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School is another joyful contribution to her legacy. Amelia is excited to be starting school and enthusiastically does everything her teacher asks. The only problem is that she takes everything her teacher says literally. This misunderstanding leads to lots of silly moments. Come and join in the fun of singing like birds, running like cheetahs, and having eyes bigger than your stomach!

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon by Make Thaler First- to third-graders tend to have a love for the gross and macabre. If your child fits that description, you should check out The Teacher from the Black Lagoon. Teacher Mrs. Green is a fire-breathing crocodile who strikes fear in the hearts of her students. Her students might end up as globes, frogs, or even a midday snack! Or will they? Read this goofy book to find out!

School Bus by Donald Crews All vehicle lovers will love School Bus by Donald Crews. The bright yellow color, the red moving stop sign, the huge size, and all the young faces in the windows can make school buses irresistible to toddlers and preschoolers. Feed their passion and follow the daily journey of school buses doing their jobs in School Bus. The bold illustrations will wow any school bus aficionado.


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Roanoke Valley Family August 2019  

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Roanoke Valley Family August 2019  

Volume 7, Issue 12