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Plastic Or UPVC To Replace Fascias And Soffits - Will It Fit In Your Budget? Article Written By: Garth Builders Ltd Most roofs are fitted with soffits and fascia boards. Fascia or the roofline refers to the timbers fixed to the edge of the roofs. They are actually hidden from view. What are soffits? There is a gap between the roofline and the wall. Soffits are used to bridge the gap. The most common material used for soffits is wood. In due course of time, wood absorbs moisture and becomes distorted. When they become distorted they should be replaced by plastic or Upvc.

Snowfall and heavy rains are common in UK. Hence, the need for replacement of soffits and fascias arises in all cities. Bradford is no exception. To replace fascias and soffits by Upvc you should get the help of a reliable builder from Bradford. Do you want to replace the roofline and soffits of your home with Upvc? You should know about the steps involved and the probable budget. What are the steps involved in replacement of fascias and soffits with Upvc? 1. The first step is to remove the boards fully. Once the boards are removed, you should make sure that the rafter is in good condition. If you detect any rots in the rafter, it should be taken care of. 2. The next step is to fix the soffit. 3. Next Upvc fascia boards are fixed. 4. To prevent condensation of lofts, eaves vent strips are fixed. 5. Then Upvc gutters are inserted and screwed.

6. If you want to prevent rainwater splashing onto the fascia board, eaves felt trays should be fitted. Probable cost for soffits and fascia replacement There are two types of replacement, one is over-boarding and the other is full replacement. In the first type, the old timber boards are not removed. The replacement boards are capped over the original. Full replacement is more expensive than over-boarding. The rates may vary slightly from one builder to another builder in Bradford. A reliable builder from Bradford will quote a reasonable price. The cost for over-boarding may range from ÂŁ 1100 onwards. The cost of full replacement starts from ÂŁ 1800 onwards. Finding the right builder is important to work on your roof. Browse the internet, look for quotes, compare and then select the best. Get contact details and contact them. It is better to call as many builders as possible before going for the final selection.

Plastic or upvc to replace fascias and soffits will it fit in your budget  

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