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creationary… imaginous… … just a few of the words that describe what we do at grove creative. Since 2003 we have been plunging into print, delving into digital and immersing in interactive for all manner of interesting people and projects. Our stomping ground is Cheshire and the north west, nestled comfortably between Manchester and Liverpool, Stoke and Warrington, although we have worked for some folks as far afield as Kent and Dorset. We invite you to spend a few moments browsing some of our creations and consider if we might be of assistance in bringing your next project to fruition.


Alinea: a typographical sign indicating the beginning of a new train of thought or a new paragraph‌

Southport Eco Centre interactive educational exhibition displays 4

In 2004 we were commissioned by Sefton Council to design and install interactive educational displays and graphics in Southport’s new Eco Visitor Centre. The centre is a showcase building for the popular tourist town and acts as both a park-and-ride facility and an educational centre, with a purpose built class room fully equipped with modern IT facilities. The building itself features many energy efficient technologies. After five very successful years, with lots of positive feedback from visiting schools we were asked to update the displays, with new graphics and some additional interactives. New additions include a freestanding globe housing two touchscreen displays and a “reduce, reuse, recycle” game built from recycled plastic. Working with the centre’s resident teaching staff we created concepts for interactive games, puzzles and quizzes all based on the themes of energy, water, transport and the environment. We specifically wanted to avoid presenting children and other visitors with a wall of touchscreens, preferring to create a mix of updateable touchscreen interactives with some more tactile “hands on” electrical and mechanical ones, complete with buttons, levers, wheels and rollers!

Southport Eco Centre “Eco Focus” community activity resource pack Educational activities at Southport Eco Visitor Centre include engaging local community groups and organisations to promote learning and discussion on energy saving issues. We were asked to put together materials for games, quizzes and activities for a resource pack which included worksheets, and powerpoint files.


Northampton Waste Bus educational interactive activities Education is never wasted, and education about waste is the focus of the Northampton Council Waste Bus. After several successful years of travelling to junior schools throughout the county, Northamptonshire Council’s Waste Education Team approached Grove Creative to design some new interactive educational activities and interior graphics. 6

The key themes are minimising household waste through composting and recycling, so we jumped right in and got our hands dirty with a compostables ‘feely’ box! The existing feely box was tired and limited in it’s interactivity, so we enhanced the box with illustrated keys to identify the objects and determine whether the object can be composted and a spring-open lid to reveal the contents when all of the answers are correct. And we even made the box out of waferboard made from reconstituted wood flakes, making it considerably lighter than the original, thereby reducing fuel consumption of the bus. The ‘Compost Challenge’ tests pupils’ knowledge on the optimum criteria and conditions for successful composting – damp, dry, warm, cold, lots of air or tightly sealed? Pupils can try out their theories from a series of illustrated pieces which light up when placed on the board. Red or green lights tell you how compost-aware you are! Pupils now get a good dose of the 3Rs with the new touchscreen kiosk. We brought the bus’s frog mascot to life with games built in Adobe Flash. Cross the river of waste by jumping onto plastics which can be recycled, but be careful - not all plastics can be recycled by your local authority! Then decide which objects can be REUSED or RECYCLED to REDUCE landfill in the 3Rs game in which you catch objects that are being thrown into the bin. We also spruced up the walls of the bus with a series of colourful posters dealing with composting and recycling different materials.


Edge Hill University. Logo and graphics for the university’s energy, transport and sustainability initiative


As part of a drive to encourage students and staff at the university to consider and address energy use, waste reduction, and environmentally aware transport in their daily lives an identity was commissioned to use on campaign communications and promotional materials. We devised the new logo around the notion that the consequences of what we do today will echo into the future, whilst neatly incorporating the university’s initials within the name. Supporting sub-identities were designed to reinforce the main brand on subject-specific promotions and communications. The launch of the identity coincided with freshers week in a bid to attract new students who would be prepared to help promote the scheme. We produced a big 1.5 x 2m roller banner and postcards printed on FSC uncoated board to support the launch.

Elderholme Nursing Home

The not-for-profit home is committed to providing the highest quality of care to its residents and we wanted to convey the feeling that residents are made to feel like ‘one of the family’ by grafting a multicoloured elder leaf into the name of the home, the colours reflecting the various different needs of its residents. We designed a responsive website so that it can be viewed on computers and mobile devices, along with new stationery, literature and signage.

nursing home


In response to increasing demand and competition, Elderholme Nursing Home asked us to rebrand their home and services. The charity provides the highest quality end of life care and is one of only a few homes in the north west to have been awarded beacon status in the NHS Gold Standards Framework.

Edge Hill Students’ Union Dissatisfied with their hastily designed logo, Edge Hill’s Students’ Union approached us to design a new identity which would give them a professional yet student-friendly image. During initial discussions the dual nature of the organisation’s role soon became clear, highlighting the need to engage with its students but also to act as their representatives to the university and other stakeholders. To illustrate this balance we came up with a logo which contrasts a straight edged EH with a more rounded SU, reinforced with a two tone colour scheme but which retains the unity of the EHSU by splitting it horizontally. 10

The horizontal split also gives the logo an extra dual facing personality by creating two opposite face profiles, lending a sense of fun to the logo and giving the opportunity for the identity to literally speak for itself with the addition of speech bubbles! The logo also comes in vertical and monotone flavours for added versatility.


“Time for a Change” computer games Education Business Plus (EBP) in Cheshire had developed and piloted a community enterprise project called “Time for a Change”, which it delivers to schools in Cheshire. The project introduces children to business and commerce principles whilst encouraging them to consider social responsibility both locally and in the developing world. Having already worked with EBP to develop and produce clocks made from recycled CDs to present as mementoes to participating pupils we were asked to put forward proposals for some computer games for use in the project on the theme of issues faced by developing countries. We devised concepts for three games, based on the challenges of providing clean water, combating the spread of malaria, and maintaining a sustainable living in rural Africa. The games were to be played in a classroom environment with the likelihood that computer access would be shared. It was therefore important to keep the duration of each game quite short so that they could be incorporated into the lesson as a whole and to ensure that every pupil had a chance to play them. 12

The three resulting games built in Adobe Flash were very well received by teachers and pupils and Grove Creative Managing Director Steve Millard had the privilege of participating as one of a panel of judges at the final stage of the project: “It was great to see the kids get a grasp of the issues facing a large proportion of the world’s population as well as producing some bright business ideas as part of the project. It was also rewarding to hear all of their positive comments about our games”.

“Time for a Change” stakeholders information pack Following on from the games we were asked to design, write and produce an information pack consisting of an A5 folder with a set of inserts to send to teachers and local business partners.


Warnfield Hewitt This start up property letting agency wanted a stylish identity to launch its services. We managed to combine the initial letters of the company name with a house silhouette, using the client’s preferred black and silver colour scheme. We also designed, wrote and produced a landlords’ information pack with a smart glossy black and silver metallic finish, and were allowed to go to town on the stationery with silver foil blocking, spot UV and metallic silver ink!


Using stock photography we chose images of children who are able to breathe more easily and use their lungs freely to illustrate the benefits to young asthma sufferers through the actions being taken by Sefton Council to remedy the problem of asthma caused by cold and damp homes.

Sefton Borough Council Affordable Warmth Strategy Document As part of its commitment to provide warm, and dry housing to its tenants Sefton Council’s energy team asked us to design and produce a document to accompany the launch of their Affordable Warmth Strategy.


Sefton Borough Council Easier Breathing Report

CoastWatch animated series and resource pack The coastal protection team and the teaching team at Southport Eco Centre received European funding to develop an educational resource to teach children about Sefton’s coastline, it’s structure, how it changes over time and the challenges faced in protecting it from erosion and other issues relating to climate change. Working from scripts written by the team and voiceovers recorded by students from local high schools we designed three characters based on the scripts. Ralph the polar bear, Priscilla the penguin and Sydney the squirrel presented a series of 6 episodes of their news programme “CoastWatch”, exploring topics such as coastal erosion, accretion, global warming, and climate change with the help of archive photos and animated diagrams. 16

Created in Adobe Flash the animations were distributed on DVD along with a collection of teaching resources compiled by the Sefton team. The DVD is made available to schools in the Sefton area and throughout the UK.


and to sweeten the deal‌ ‌ our sister company grove promotions provides all manner of printed promotional goodies, such as chocolate, bags, mints, folders, t-shirts, pens, conference and stationery items, footballs, frisbees, novelties and toys, all custom printed with your own logo or message. And if you’ve got the budget we can do bespoke and one-off custom branded products as well. So if you have an event or marketing campaign coming up then give us a shout! 18

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