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 Belize Bank Adopts-A-Ward at the KHMH  Countrywide Credit Risk Training the Quarter Initiative! Loans Promotion Anti-Money Laundering  GRU,RMU & RRU moving on up ... Regent Street!  Staff Corner  Caribbean Wellness Week  September Celebrations

After touring the hospital, the Belize Bank chose to adopt the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) - the only public special care unit in the entire country, which currently operates at 200% of its potential.

What’s Happening!  Faces of Orange Walk  How to Approach A Swearing Customer  Belize Bank gives back to the community  A New Day  2010 South-Central Champs

Editor-In-Chief: Mr. Filippo Alario Contributers: Monique Salazar, Emory Perrera, Cruz Gamez, Lilia Constantino, Henry Cantun & Bernard Wagner Compiled and Produced by: Marketing Department

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before the Bank’s renovations cont'd on page 2

October 2010

 The Belize Bank’s Consumer


n August 2010 the Belize Bank Limited was approached by the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to participate in their “Adopt-A-Ward” Program. Through the Adopt-A-Ward Program the KHMH Authority was asking the business community to partner with them to adopt wards in the hospital that were in need of updating.


 Dangriga Branch’s Employee of

Belize Bank Limited Adopts-A-Ward at the KHMH

Group Xchange #3

Inside this Issue

Group Xchange

Forty staff members volunteered their time to paint the ward and its staff room in early September, and one staff member, Jason Jia Wu from ISD, even lent his creative talent to draw a few murals in the unit! In addition to the fresh paint on the walls, the Bank also donated 20 patient dockets, curtains, baby blankets, newborn clothes a computer desk and chair, a microwave, a coffee maker and a sofa set for the staff lounge.

2 KHMH Adpot-A-Ward

On October 1, 2010, Mr. Jose Cardona, Chief Operating Officer of Belize Bank Limited, officially handed over the newly renovated NICU back to the KHMH. The Belize Bank Limited is committed to the project with the KHMH and the NICU and intends on making its commitment to the Unit a long-term one.

Countrywide Credit Risk Training


realize the bank’s exposure • provide participants with a standard methodology to assess corporate credit risk and submit high-quality credit submissions • Explore the practical and legal issues involved in negotiating loan agreements including an examination of key clauses, security issues and different types of insolvency regime

Group Xchange

total of 37 loans staff countrywide convened at the Radisson Hotel for a Credit Risk Workshop held from July 20 to July 24, 2010. The five-day workshop was led by Crown Agent Trainer, Mr. Jean-Charles Pirlet. The workshop covered theoretical and practical aspects of credit risk management. Participants were required to use their analytical skills and apply a structured approach in evaluating an entity’s credit standing and relative risk/reward proposition.


On the final day of the course, participants’ understanding of the material covered was measured and by all accounts the staff did well! Kudos to all that made it through until the end!! The following staff performed exceptionally well:

The Credit Risk workshop’s objectives included: • provide participants with a sound understanding of credit risk focusing on the nature and importance of credit risk and best practice in credit risk management • develop participants’ ability to understand a borrower’s business and assess its ability to

Kristin Leslie - CBU Gregory Maheia - GRU Michelle Guzman - Belmopan Branch Rolando Benavides - BCBIL Penny Alfaro - San Ignacio Branch


Dangriga Branch’s Employee of the Quarter Initiative!


he Dangriga branch recently implemented its Employee of the Quarter program.

Prior to this Quarter, staff were encouraged to market and sell Online Applications and for each application submitted; they would receive one point towards becoming Employee of the Quarter.

Employee of the Quarter. The next Employee of the Quarter will be chosen based on the amount of Loan Referrals. Kudos to the Dangriga Branch for this initiative!

The Dangriga Branch Event Planning Committee is pleased to announce that the Employee of the Quarter is Sherelee Smith! Ms. Smith submitted 22 of the 47 applications submitted by staff during this quarter, which helped secure her spot on top. Each quarter staff are encouraged to promote a specific Bank product in order to vie for title of

Sherelee Smith Employee of the Quarter August - October

Luis Munoz Employee of the Quarter May-July

Paradigm Shift

“I am pleased with the results and encouraged by staff’s participation in the course. We are already seeing some of the concepts learned being incorporated in our credit submissions,” said Filippo Alario, Chief Risk Officer.

The Belize Bank’s Consumer Loans Promotion

I Group Xchange

ts that time of year again, and our end of year Consumer Loans Promotion is in full swing!


Product Corner

The Consumer Loans Promotion was officially launched on September 1st and will run until December 23rd, 2010. This years promotion offers customers reduced interest rates, the option to defer payment until January 2011, waiver of the loan debt cancellation fee, as well as the opportunity to qualify for a pre-approved Local Belize Bank credit card (some restrictions apply – based on customers lending history)! In addition branches countrywide (with the exception of Corozal Free Zone and Northside branches) will be open on Saturdays from 9:00 am to Noon from October 2nd to December 18th for customers to apply for their Consumer Loan.

For every $1,000 customers borrow, they also get a chance to enter into our Grand Christmas Raffle. Prizes include: 1st Prize – 3-night stay for 2 at Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, Hopkins, Belize. Package includes: - Hotel accommodations - Snorkeling package - 2 roundtrip airline tickets from Belize City to Dangriga - $500 in spending cash 2nd Prize – 32” LCD TV 3rd Prize - $1,000 Gift Certificate to Mirab


Consolation Prizes: Three (3) $500 cash

Flyers, posters, newspaper ads, banners, and radio and TV ads have been produced to support this promotion, and we look forward to another year of great success!

Have pictures? Want to share a story? Participating in an event? Tell us what’s going on at your branch. We’d love to know and share it with everyone reading Group Xchange - YOUR newsletter! To submit something to Group Xchange send an e-mail to: or

In the Know ...

This element provides the foundation upon which the program rests; an AML program generally will be successful to the extent it has the support of the senior most management of the institution. This top-down approach demonstrates that the institution fully understands the importance of AML and is willing and able to provide the resources necessary to effectively implement a program that will mitigate the risk. The program will need to be periodically reviewed, with updates and approvals as necessary, generally on an annual basis. This enables the institution to maintain an effective program, incorporating regulatory changes and other enhancements it identifies throughout the year. The review of the program also includes the review of each of

Lastly, the institution needs to hold all parties accountable for AML compliance. This includes continued commitment by senior management; compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures by employees, as well as integrating AML into business practices (such as new product approval processes, new business initiatives, and employee compensation structures). All aspects of the program need to have clear accountability to ensure parties fully understand what they are accountable for and what those responsibilities entail. Failure to successfully perform AML responsibilities must have consequences, which may include, depending on the nature of the failure, termination of employment, remedial training, decreased incentive compensation or some form of probationary review. cont'd on page 6

Learning Corner

Management Ownership

the component elements, such as controls, program oversight and training. Clear lines of governance should be established to manage the escalation of risk issues and to oversee the effective implementation of AML processes. This governance structure will often mirror the structure of the organization, such as by business unit, major line of business, geographic region or by legal entity, as the case may be. However, the significant risk that crosses multiple divisions within the organization need to be communicated so that all stakeholders are aware and involved in the resolution of the matter, as appropriate.


n support of Group’s CEO compliance policy statement communiqué of January 20, 2010 and acknowledgement that AML awareness should be continuous, the following articles were extracted from the ACAMS Today issue of June – August 2010, “Barbarians at the Gate”. One article explains the significance of management owning an AML Program and the other provides insight into a Risk Based Approach concept of an AML Program. Both principles are components of an AML Program that are imbedded in the requirements of Belize’s AML/CFT Regime – MLTPA, 2008 & the AML/CFT Guidelines of June 2010.

Group Xchange


Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

The risk-based approach and customer due Diligence

Group Xchange



Learning Corner

t is of paramount importance that the principles, controls, security measure, used to combat money laundering be instilled in organizational structures. Organizational processes and procedures, as well as relevant codes of conduct, must be defined. Money laundering reporting officers have a key role to play in this process. In the fight against money laundering a regulatory shift has been taking place. It transpires from new regulation, including the Third EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which recognizes that a tick-box approach to money laundering is no longer a best practice and that a shift from rule-based approach is necessary. In order to implement the risk-based approach, it is key that the institution develop and implement a risk assessment and risk scoring system given that the process of assessing risk has become integral to a solid best practice anti-money laundering compliance program. Each institution needs to define its own level of risk according to a number of factors including the risk attached to it’s client base, geographical spread of it’s operations and business dealings, the risk of the products and services being exposed to money laundering and the sectors in which the institution is transacting or active. KYC procedures sit at the heart of all best practices and legally adapted anti-money laundering policies. The third EU Directive, which underlies the risk-based approach,

has also highlighted that there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to KYC but that a risk-based decision should be undertaken on the basis of an in-depth KYC due diligence assessment. The risk-based KYC approach is based on the FATF Recommendation. It has been expanded beyond its initial function of defining the identity of a new client at the initial acceptance phase to a continuous risk assessment process for the duration of the client relationship. Therefore, institutions subject to anti-money laundering legislation are obliged to continuously develop their understanding of the client, their relationship with that client and the client’s relationship with others. The risk assessment process should be able to identify any suspicious transactions, highlight any red flags and continuously assess the risk attached to any one client or transaction.

The GRU, RMU and RRU Movin’ On Up … Regent Street!


he Group Risk Unit, Remedial Management Unit and the Retail Risk Unit moved out of the Main Branch and into the Espat Building on Regent Street onSeptember 27, 2010. Their offices are situated on the second floor of the building. All managers and staff are settling nicely into their freshly painted offices.

Happy Birthday! (July - September)


Natasha Velasquez – BMP – 1

Eliseo Rosado – PLA – 1

Xeomara Cuello – OW – 1

Bernard Wagner – DNG – 3

Miriam Quan – CZL – 1

Abel Sosa- OW – 1

Luis Martin – BZE – 3

Emolyn Burgess – NSB – 2

Ava Lovell – BCSL – 3

Abel Ochaeta – BZE – 3

Kameel Williams – BAE – 2

Dominique Gentle – BZE – 3

Roger Cabb – BZE – 12

Lisa Cuellar – BZE – 4

Alcides Vanegas – SP – 4

Misty Michael – BZE – 13

Emigdia Sabido – SI – 5

Amir Vasquez – BCSL – 5

Louis Sanchez Jr. – SI – 13

Janell Acosta – BZE – 6

Justin Espat – BZE – 6

Michelle Ogaldez – BZE – 13

Elias Vidal – BZE – 6

Catherine Watson – CZL – 7

Kimverly Alvarez – BZE – 13

Monique Salazar – BZE – 6

Rosalie Muschamp – BZE – 7

Dalila Castillo – BZE – 15

Punit Amarani – BZE – 6

Tatiana Rivero – SP – 07

Teresita Salinas – OW – 15

Ernesto Blanco – SP – 8

Isolene Brannon – BZE – 10

Lorena Alpuche – CZL – 15

Lilia Constantino – OW – 12

Shanreka Smith – BZE – 12

Rebecca Magana – CFZ – 17

Bryanne Hall – BZE – 12

Rashida Vernon – BZE – 16

Rafael Huezo – OW – 19

Jeremy Pipersburgh – BZE – 13

Martin Marshalleck – BZE – 17

Luis Cardenas – CFZ – 20

Trisha Lopez – BMP – 14

Francelia Spaine – NSB – 17

Luz Nunez – SP - 20

Taryn Usher – DNG – 15

Alexi Ordonez – BZE – 17

Luis Munoz – DNG – 22

Solangel Vasquez – BZE – 16

Camila Valencia – BZE – 18

Elizabeth Zetina – BZE – 22

Ilsa Gonzanlez – NSB – 17

Linda Alpuche – BZE – 19

Jose Vivas – CZL – 24

Roberto Novelo – OW – 20

Mercedes Herrera – BZE – 20

Zoila Sabido – BZE - 27

Nikita Fonseca – BZE – 20

Rosalita Sharp – CZL – 20

Estelita Gilharry – CZL - 28

Lorcia Moore – BZE – 23

Azalia Sabido – BMP – 23

Vanya Nunez – SP – 29

Elmer Herrera – BZE – 24

Ruby Valladarez – OW – 23

Teresita Betancourt – CZL – 25

Beverly Wallace – SP – 24

Sherie Flores – NSB – 26

Kenny Ramirez – PLA – 24

Sadira Gonzalez – OW- 28

Jenisse Quan – BZE – 25

Sujely Perez – OW – 28

Irma Teck – CZL – 27

Raymond Garcia – BZE – 29

Jerome Williams – BCBHL – 29

Radiance Heredia – BZE – 30

Michelle Garbutt – BZE – 29

Tanya Lord – BCSL – 30

Melisse Alamina – BZE – 30

Staff Corner




Group Xchange

Birthday greetings go out to the following staff members:

Welcome to the Family! The Management and Staff extends a warm welcome to the following new employees! Group Xchange

(July- September)

• Eldon Reneau started July 12,2010 (Main Branch) • Ruby Valladarez - July 16 (Orange Walk Branch) • Juan Espinosa - August 2 (Orange Walk Branch) • Minelva Briceno - August 2 (San Pedro Branch)


• Heather Turner - August 3,2010 (Main Branch) • Ernesto Blanco - August 9 (San Pedro Branch) • Mireya Ku Moguel - August 16 (San Pedro Branch) • Esther Castellanos - August 30 (San Pedro Branch) • Ivan Romero - August 30 (San Pedro Branch) • Pauline Linarez - September 20 (Placencia Branch)

New Arrivals  Mr. Giovanny Rodriguez and his wife Inair

Rodriguez had a baby girl named Lazlene Kristel Rodriguez born on July 28, 2010. Right: Baby Lazlene posing for a closeup She is too cute!

Mrs. Yvette Moguel and her husband Jose Moguel Jr. had a baby boy named Jorren Jamil Moguel on September 8, 2010.

Newlyweds •

Staff Corner

• Candice Gomez - August 16 (Main Branch)

Francelia Spaine (NSB) married Ellison Flowers on her birthday, September 17, 2010.

Caribbean Wellness Week

San Ignacio Branch had their staff’s weight and pressure checked.


Mrs. Nery Pasos, Mrs. Lilia Constantino and Mr. Rafael Huezo of the OW Branch participated in a walk held from Northern Regional Hospital to Central Park .

Group Xchange

Orange Walk Branch celebrated Wellness Week by providing salad and fruits for their staff.

Staff Corner

The Free Zone Branch provided fruit salad and fresh fruit juice for staff and customers

The Information Systems Department (ISD) made healthy smooties for all of their staff.

September Celebrations Above: The CZL Branch dressed up for National Colors Day. Below: CZL Branch had a float in their Carnival

The PG Branch staff and their children participated in this year’s September Celebrations.

The PLA Branch spent the 21st sailing on a catamaran to Laughing Bird Caye where they spent the day.

How to Approach A Swearing Customer Source: Shaun Belding: “Winning at Work” Submitted by: Cruz Gamez, San Ignacio Branch Group Xchange


here are a lot of things we have to cope with when dealing with customers - demands, negotiations, condescension, boorishness, etc. One of the things we don’t have to accept; however, is rude language. Swearing is a pretty clear line, and most customers are aware of the line as they are crossing it. When that happens, we are rarely obliged in any business sense to continue the interaction. Why Do People Swear


Staff Corner

There are four primary reasons why people use profanity: - For effect, or attention - To intimidate, or establish dominance - Because they are frustrated or angry - It’s part of their normal speech pattern The first two are bullying tactics, the third is a result of a situation (or something you’ve done), and the fourth is often a subconscious habit. The most effective approach to the swearing customer involves two parts: 1. Give them a mulligan Just in case their behavior is subconscious, or in case it was actually you who pushed their buttons and drove them to this behavior, it doesn’t hurt to give them a second chance. Say something like, “Mr. Smith, I really do want to resolve this issue. But when you use that kind of language it really makes it difficult for me to focus. Can we back up and try this again without you saying all of those things about my mother?” This, of course, won’t always have the desired effect. If it doesn’t, move straight into part 2: 2. Walk away Be firm, and unequivocal. Say something like, “Mr. Smith, I think we will have to revisit this when we can approach it more civilly.” Then walk away, or hang up the phone. No apologies. It’s not a pleasant or an easy solution, but not many of us get paid enough to have to deal with this level of disrespect. Good luck!

"There are way too many of us out there that take ourselves way too seriously. Should you take your work seriously? Of course you should. But nowhere is it written that serious work has to be miserable work."

Belize Bank Gives Back to the Community! Group Xchange 11

Belize Bank San Ignacio Branch promoting youth sporting activities.

Belize Bank staff pooled together money to help baby Tarrell Sutherland with his expenses to get treatment for his rare skin disorder.

The Belize Bank Sponsored the 6th annual Eder Alamilla Art Camp.

The Bank Sponosred the Black Pearl Carnival Band. Their theme was Chidren of the Nile: A Gateway to Egypt.

The Bank adopted the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a part of the KHMH Adopt-A-Ward Program.

On August 27, 2010 the PG staff with the assistance of some of our customers held a BBQ and Cohunne Cabbage Sale, which raises $1571.99 for burn victim Damaris Tesecum. A special thanks to all the staff countrywide who felt in their hearts to contribute to Damaris by depositing to the Burned Victims Mercy Fund. The family extends their gratitude.

The Punta Gorda Branch donated a school buzzer to Providence SDA High School in the village of San Antonio, Toledo District.

Community Corner

San Ignacio Branch donated to the San Ignacio Sports Council to support a delegation of about a hundred athletes (U-15) that participated in the second annual primary school competition that was held in Guatemala on July 2010. This competition saw all Central American countries in action in different sporting events.

What’s Happening! Group Xchange

The Orange Walk Branch hosted a Baby Shower for Carmen Escalante.


What’s Happening!

The ladies in the Credit Card Department pose for a picture with Vicky Paz as they present her with her “Baby Bundle” from the Management & Staff of the Bank.

The Corozal Branch celebrated Lorena Alpuche, Estelita Gilharry, and Jose Vivas’ birthdays at a July birthday gathering. Belize Bank participated in the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Expo. The Bank sponsored the first ever Business Lounge, as well as another booth for games and giveaways.

Staff joined Misty Michael for a Baby Shower held in her honor on September 3, 2010 to celebrate the upcoming birth of her baby boy!

The Corozal Branch celebrated Miriam Quan and Teresita Betancourt’s birthdays at an August birthday gathering.

The San Ignacio Branch hosted a Baby Shower in Yvette Moguel’s honor.

The Corozal Branch celebrated Catherine Watson, Irma Teck, and Rosalita Sharp’s birthdays at a September birthday gathering.

Faces of Orange Walk

Mrs. Lilia Constantino

Mrs. Sadira Gonzalez Branch Admin. Clerk

Mrs. Teresita Salinas Senior Loans Officer

Mrs. Xeomara Cuello Senior Loans Officer

Mrs. Leyla Orellana Loans Clerk

Mr. Roberto Novelo Credit Card Officer

Mr. Abel Sosa

Mr. Giovanni Rodriguez Technical Liason Officer

Ms. Carmen Escalante Manager Secretary

Ms. Miriam Carballo Proof Supervisor

Mrs. Nellie Lopez Proof Clerk

Ms. Donicia Acosta Utility Clerk

Mrs. Neri Pasos Cash Custodian

Ms. Sujely Perez Teller Supervisor

Faces of Orange Walk

Asst. Branch Admin. Officer


Mrs. Minelia Manzur Branch Admin. Officer

Group Xchange

Mr. Efrain Martin Branch Manager

Branch Compliance Officer

Group Xchange

Miss Ruby Valladarez Branch Teller

Mr. Henry Cantun Branch Teller

Mr. Jose Ramirez Branch Teller

Mr. Juan Espinosa Branch Teller



Faces of Orange Walk

Mr. Rafael Huezo Branch Teller

Mr. Rogel Cocom Branch Teller

Mr. Oscar Mendez Office Assistant

Mr. Teofilo Ayuso Asst. Branch Manager

A New Day By Henry Cantun of the OW Branch

Yesterday was a whole long day But today is a brand new day, Where something new will come your way As you make today a successful day.

The day may be filled with surprises Along with it come opportunities That you can use as some advantages To uplift yourselves and your capacities.

The day may seem long or may seem short But that’s determined when you start Just simply think on what you want And act on it until we part.

Use each day as a step to reach your goal Although we all may have a different role Remember we are the friendly bank, Known to everyone as the Belize Bank.

Its not only me, its not only you Look at your colleagues they’re here for you Just give them a smile to know its true, That hand in hand we make it through.

2010 SOUTH CENTRAL CHAMPS Group Xchange 15 Sports Corner


he great basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain once said “Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath”. And such was the case this past Saturday at Bird Isle, as the audacious, but much smaller Hudut crew from Dangriga branch traveled to Belize City to take on the high-powered, towering, almost intimidating Belize City team on their home turf, in the third and decisive game of the 2010 South Central Championship. Readers could recall that earlier this year, Dangriga had in similar fashion traveled to Belize City for the opening game of the three game series, and surprisingly was victorious by the final score of 38-36. Then in June, Belize City had returned the favor, defeating Dangriga by the score of 33-32 at the infamous Y-Not Island in Dangriga town. And so as a result of both teams having won on their opponents home court, the stage was set for an intriguing climax to the 2010 championship. The atmosphere at big Bird Isle on game day was electric from the outset with staff from all the different units of the organization represented. Fans came out early, and came

out in record breaking numbers. Noticeably in the crowd was the Group’s CFO, Michael Coye, as well as HR Manager, Dalila Castillo and Belize City Branch Manager, Albert Vasquez. Just before tip-off, the Chairman of the Group, Lyndon Guiseppi made his first appearance, all decked in basketball gear, and ready to play. The only question then in the minds of everyone present was not which team the Chairman would start with, but which one he would finish with? At about 5:30 pm the hotly anticipated match got underway with Belize City taking the early 9-1 lead, spurred on by the hot 3- point shooting of Arlan Godoy and their horde of noisy and heckling fans. Dangriga on the other hand appeared out of sync and seemed a bit intimidated in the early stages of the game, understandably so, since they were missing a slew of players, and as a team had only suited up six players. Lucky for them though, they did not stay in this funk for long and as a result were able to make quick adjustments and turn what was a clear disadvantage in the beginning of the game, to their advantage by the end of the first quarter.

cont'd on page 1 6

Group Xchange 16 Sports Corner

In the second quarter Dangriga sensing the momentum swinging in their favor, and the older legs of the Belize City team giving-in, went for the knockout punch by applying an air- tight box and one match-up defense with one objective, that being to neutralize the outside shooting of Belize City’s Troy Gabb and Arlan Godoy. Gabb was shadowed throughout the remainder of the game by defensive specialist Roy Alvarez, and as a result had a frustrating shooting night, mustering only 3 points for the entire game. His teammate Arlan, had no better luck and despite a good first quarter shooting, was for all intents and purpose, shut down the remainder of the game. In retrospect, this game plan designed by Dangriga’s brains trust was ingenious, in that it achieved all that it had set out to achieve as the remaining players on the Belize City team could not carry the offensive load vacated by the aforementioned duo. Dangriga with the pendulum swinging in their favor took their first lead of the game 17-16 late in the second quarter behind a deep trey from Bernard Wagner who along with his teammate Ermogenez Leiva had game highs 12 pts each for their team. While third and fourth quarters of sporting events traditionally are intense and usually mixed with high emotions, on this Saturday evening it was just the opposite as Group’s Chairman Lyndon Guiseppi in a show of impartiality, and to add a bit of humor to the event played the last two quarters of the game with the Hudut crew, after having played the first two quarters with Belize City. It is rumored that at the victory rally, when asked by reporters on which one of the team he preferred to play on, he was overheard saying, “busetna hamuga nahouru ya Dangriga” (humor). The chairman, obviously brought

some good fortune to the Hudut crew as they were able to pad their lead to eight points, and so despite a late push by Belize City in the fourth, it was murder she wrote as the final ticks on the clock spelled the end of the line for Belize City with the final score reading 40-36. At the victory rally held at Bird’s Isle restaurant, the Belize City folks were treated to some cultural drumming and dancing from the Dangriga cheerleaders, as well as a victory speech by Dangriga’s Branch Manager, who in his speech congratulated both the Belize City team, and the champs for being the pioneers for such a momentus event. In addition he thanked all the staff who supported the event, and in closing did the famous Pat Riley impersonation by guaranteeing his team will repeat as champs next year. While the event, South Central 2010 has concluded, and while unfortunately there had to be a winner and loser, in the end in the writer’s view - all of us as staff were winners. The event was the means to an end. It achieved all it’s goals and objectives which it set out to achieve those being reinforcing in us as staff, that sense of identity, that sense of belonging, of whom we are as staff members of the British Caribbean Group. The event clearly has done wonders in terms of galvanizing staff unity and team-spirit building. Hopefully it can be sustained and expanded in the future to all zones of the Group.

Group Xchange  
Group Xchange  

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