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The initiative is being rolled out throughout the Group – all branches, units and departments – and each staff will take a pledge promising to follow the five virtues. After taking the  JMSC Members (2013 - 2015) pledge, staff will sign a “We Care” poster which affirms their Editor-In-Chief: promise to follow the five virtues. All staff will also receive a Mr. Filippo Alario “We Care” pin as a symbol of the pledge. The pin exemplifies our commitment to serve all of our customers (internal and external) at Contributers: BBIL Marketing Department, Rosa Magaña, Trista all times in a pre-eminent way. The pins are a part of our staff uniform for males and females. Cox, Judy Hoare, Alex Carillo & Misty Michael  Welcome to the Family

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The Corozal, Corozal Free Zone, Belmopan, Market Square, and Orange Walk branches have already taken their We Care pledge and received their pins, and the remaining branches, units and departments will be completed within the next two weeks.

Corozal Free Zone Branch staff along with the Corozal Branch were the first to take the We Care pledge.

Issue # 13

 Security Bits & Bytes


 Corozal Branch hosts Business Expo

The “We Care” initiative, spearheaded by the Retail Banking Unit and the Marketing Department, is an extension of the Bank’s Superior Service Management Policy (SSMP) whose aim is to guide staff in providing superior customer service through our five (5) virtues – Welcoming, Helpful, Respectful, Appreciative, and Professional. “We Care” has been developed to continue the momentum of the SSMP.

Group Xchange

At Belize Bank, We Care!

Inside this Issue

The New Market Square By: Bernard Wagner, Manager - Retail Banking, Market Square Branch

Group Xchange 2 The New Market Square

New York City has Times Square, and now Belize City has Market Square; Belize Bank Market Square Branch that is. Smacked in the middle of metropolitan Belize, now sits the spanking newly remodeled Market Square Branch, which has been reshaped and formed with all the devices and infrastructure that constitutes the appearance of a modern day financial hub for both local and international business and commerce. The building formerly known as Main Branch, and which once served as the corporate headquarters of the bank, has since February, been going about the business of transforming the interior of this once iconic colonial looking structure into one of a more contemporary experience. Headed by the professional team from Operations and Premises and guided by the expertise of the contractors, branch management and staff jointly, through close communication, planning and monitoring, were able to minimize the negative effects usually associated with an operation of this nature, and as a result of those sacrifices, now enjoy the benefits of a branch that arguably stands as the beacon of pre-eminence.

manned work stations, as well as dual entry points to access the ATM. There is also an improved customer waiting area, strategically equipped with an LCD television, magazines, coffee, water and light music. For the comfort of staff the lunch room on the third floor was transformed into a fresh aesthetical environment, giving that restaurant ambiance. Meanwhile in an effort to enhance branch security, a state-of-the-art biometric system, which employs fingerprint access control technology, was installed at all access points doors within the branch. With the renovations now fully concluded, branch staff now have the opportunity to evaluate whether the small inconvenience and occasional elevated stress level endured during construction was worth it. Needless to say, by the look of things, and through candid conversations with staff and management, as well as the rave reviews being received on a daily basis from customers, it appears that it was indeed worth it. Frederick Douglas once said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

I now have dreams of Times Square, Market Square, Some of the new improvements include an automatic Times Square, Market Square … the only missing door opening mechanism at the main entrance component is the jumbotron screen!!! which gives off a welcoming feel to customers. This feature is complimented with the Advanced Please note that the Belize City Branch Queuing Management System which is utilized by the CSR’s, and which was designed specifically to will now be referred to as the Market bring about order and efficiency within the banking Square Branch. Kindly ensure that all hall. In addition to this, customers doing banking mails are now addressed accordingly. business, now have access to four personal CSR

Getting to know Belize Bank International Limited (BBIL) By: Marketing Department, BBIL

Who uses international banking? Essentially, the services offered by international banks target non-residents (of Belize), and businesses in the Freezone as these are considered international boundaries. Clients can include foreign investors, retirees, businessmen/businesswomen and intermediaries, who usually have international businesses. Intermediaries are usually corporate service providers, attorneys and accountants. Why use international banking? The services of international banking are very much a part of the offshore world where tax and wealth management are the staple. Other services in the offshore world also include corporate services that provide the legal infrastructure such as International Business Companies, Trusts, Foundations, etc also as a means of tax and wealth management. As a result, clients who have amassed wealth are always seeking ways of properly managing their hard earned monies and seeking solutions to preserving their wealth. These mediums, though highly criticized by the media, are all legitimate and world recognized. They are also highly regulated nationally and internationally. Users of the international financial services industry who

The benefits of international banking in Belize: We have noted aforementioned some of the benefits of international banking, and the IBA Act highlights these as outlined below: - Exemption from taxation on its profits or gains - Client information is highly confidential and not available for disclosure (except via court order) - There are no exchange control regulations - Tax-Free Interest on investment products - Safety - Protection against volatile economic and political environments BBIL and BCSL in the international financial services industry: As alluded to earlier BBIL and BCSL enjoy not only a sister-company relationship, but also a direct working relationship particularly as both seek to attract new business. More often than not, clients of BCSL would have an interest in opening an international bank account and clients desirous of opening a Merchant Account would need to have the Belize IBC structure to do so (offered by BCSL). Clients of BCSL share the same demographic as those of the BBIL. Banking Roots: History has shown that BBIL’s roots can easily be traced back to BBL. Our banking lineage cannot be denied and makes us a more robust institution with a notable presence in the domestic market and a growing presence in the international market place. BBIL and BBL are inextricably linked though there exist variables in the successful execution of the operations of each, in growing the strategic objectives of the Group.

Getting to know BBIL

The Offshore Banking Act was revised and later became the International Banking Act which sets out the framework of operations for BBIL and all other international banks operating in Belize.

Currency utilized: Currently, BBIL transacts using the major currencies of the USD$, the British £, the € and CAD$. Users of international banking enjoy the attractiveness of easy access to multiple currencies with no currency controls, as they conduct business in other countries.


A little perspective: With the changing landscape of the international banking and financial services industry in the global marketplace and the then newly enacted Offshore Banking Act, the Belize Bank Group moved to extend its services to operate globally. In 2006, a license was granted to operate as a full fledge International Bank. What started out as the International Division of the domestic bank then became a new entity, adding to the Financial Services Division of the parent company BCB Holdings Limited.

work in a litigious environment such as lawyers, doctors, attorneys have come to also appreciate the value of these services in wealth management for the discretion and limitations of liability that it offers them, and they also recommend similar structures to their High Net Worth (HNW) clients seeking similar results.

Group Xchange

While we are more familiar with BBL for obvious reasons, today’s excerpt seeks to share more on what shapes the differences for BBIL and for which surrounds the concept of international banking and the subsequent relationship with the international financial services industry.

HR - Training Update

By:Trista Cox, Human Resources Department

Service Excellence Training – ISD Group Xchange 4

The Information Systems Department will conclude their three-week Service Excellence training on September 7. The employees are accepting the change of being customer focused and embracing the training. Special efforts and practices have started right after the first session. This training has opened their eyes and minds to a different way of serving internal customers and keeping them happy with exceptional service.

Corozal Branch hosts Business Expo By: Rosa Magaña, Corozal Branch

On August 17, 2013, Corozal Branch hosted their first ever Business Expo which turned out to be a

success. The business community commended our

initiative and are very much grateful for the efforts made to stimulate the economic situation in Corozal

Town. As a result, we plan to host this event semiannually and intent to make it bigger and better each time.

HR - Update

Presentation Skills/Professionalism Training

In the month of August Branch Managers received training in Presentation Skills and Professionalism. Upon completion of the presentation skills segment, they learned to better develop and organize their ideas, deliver effective, comprehensive, and successful presentations of these ideas, and understand the basic principles of non-verbal, interpersonal, and public communication theory. Under the Professionalism topic, the branch managers learned business etiquettes, workplace ethics, and the difference between business professional and casual attire. With this training, they are better equipped with the tools, which will enable them to, at all times, project a professional image befitting that of a (Belize Bank) professional banker.

Coming Soon… Service Excellence Training for all Units/Departments!

Training does not only uplift the Not Pictured: Bank but above all James Tiegrob (OW) Ruby Eiley (SPO) enhances the employee! Caesar Sherrard (SI)

“Quotation Corner” Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. Albert Einstein

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Thomas A. Edison

Security Bits & Bytes By: Alex Carillo, ISD

SSL certificates – An SSL certificate is a digital ID that companies install on their websites to establish encrypted communications with their website visitors. You may have noticed some websites start with “https” in the address bar. The ‘s’ means that you are on a secure site and any information shared between your computer and site is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone else. You should also notice a small padlock at the top or bottom of the browser depending on your browser preference. For normal browsing, encryption isn’t necessary. For example, browsing around in doesn’t require privacy but you are directed to a secure site as soon as you need to log on

Wifi – WIFI works by setting up a wireless connection from an access point (usually the router) to your phone, laptop or tablet. For easy access, the access point broadcasts its network name called its SSID. Some access points don’t have encryption configured and won’t prompt for a password when connecting to it. These networks offer no protection from eavesdroppers in addition to offering free Internet to anyone in that area. You should stay away from these open connections particularly when you are shopping, banking online, or using your employer’s laptop (see: facebook_using_firesheep.html). Instead look for Access

Points with WPA2 encryption. You may have heard of encryption terminologies such as WPA and WEP. These are outdated and should be avoided when possible. If you have a Wifi router at home be sure to use encryption and use WPA2. Of course it is highly recommended to use a strong password to make it difficult for outsiders to break into your network.

Wikipedia -

Branch Closure

Please be advised that as of September 7, 2013, the San Pedro and San Ignacio Branches will no longer be open on Saturdays to facilitate any transactions. The only branch that will be open on Saturdays will be the Ladyville Sub-branch. Their opening hours are as follows: Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Security Bits & Bytes

Encryption isn’t something new. It has been used as far back as 4,000 years ago when the Egyptians used it in hieroglyphics as a form of art. More recently with technological advances encryption is essential to protect personal or sensitive information. Essentially encryption uses complex math to convert information in plain-text format into a format called cipher text which is unreadable unless of course you have a key. I won’t bore you with the details. In this article I will provide a couple ways how encryption solves some privacy and confidentiality issues.


In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding messages (or information) in such a way that eavesdroppers or hackers cannot read it, but that authorized parties can.

or provide a credit card. All reputable websites on the Internet (such as Facebook, Gmail, Amazon and Twitter) have certificates on their secure websites. If you come across a website without a valid certificate you will get blocked. You will know this because of the warnings in your browser. Be very careful with these websites as they are most likely scams. Whenever you provide usernames, passwords, credit card information, or other personal information to a website be sure you are on a secure website.

Group Xchange

Encryption Basics

What’s Happening! Group Xchange 6

What’s Happening

Mr. Guiseppi Cares! Here he is taking the pledge and signing the pledge poster for the “We Care” group-wide initiative. (See cover story for more information)

The Card Services Center department was selected to participate in Sunrise Rotary’s Scavenger Hunt held on August 30. Michelle Garbutt, Rosalie Muschamp, Norma Seguro and Filinda Lauture represented their department. Together they managed to come in seventh! Great job, girls!

Staff of the Corporate HQ celebrated Birthdays for Monica Daryanani, Marlowe Neal (both on August 4), and Monique Salazar (August 6).

On August 30, staff of the Corporate HQ celebrated Radiance Heredia’s birthday with a luncheon and TWO cakes!

Belize Bank Bulldogs are the 2013 Belize District Interoffice Volleyball Champions By: Judy Hoare

Joint Management Staff Committee (JMSC) Members 2013 - 2015

The official crowned champions of the 2013 BDVA Inter-office competition are no other than the Belize Bank Bulldogs! Congratulations fellow teammates! We did it! ‘Team work makes the dream work.’ ;) The volleyball team dethroned the two year champions, BTL in two sets on the final do or die match. The scores were 25-17, 25-21. The Bulldogs would like to thank all staff/fans who supported us either at their respective branch/ unit/department or on the sidelines. We are all grateful for all your hardwork and support - thank you! See you all next year on the volleyball court, as the bulldogs defend our championship title. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Operations RMU CSU Audit/Compliance Finance RRU Corp HQ GRU Treasury Head Office CBU Retail/Marketing Western San Ignacio Belmopan BBIL/BCSL

Liaison Officer


Luis Cardenas Sadira Gonzalez Vanessa Ruiz Sadira Gonzalez Ermogenez Leiva Ermogenez Leiva Irvin Neal Ishmael Pacquil Anna Westby Anna Westby Marlanie Habet Luz Elena Wallace Rommellee Gomez Colin Griffith Rommellee Gomez Troy Gabb Deidra Joseph Frank Garbutt Radiance Heredia

Gerson Aldana Gerard Martinez Rochelle Pyne MgmtTeam of the BBL,BBIL,BCSL and Corp HQ

Radiance Heredia

Gerard Martinez Rochelle Pyne Michelle Garbutt Minelia Manzur

The primary goal of the committee is to ensure employees’ views have been taken into consideration in the design and or implementation of key employee related initiatives. These individuals will be the voices of all of the staff.

Welcome to the Family

The Management and Staff extends a warm welcome to the following new employees: Santree Sandiford - Special Projects Evita Quiroz - Operations Margarita Ortiz - Market Square Filinda Lauture - Card Service Center Brandon Tate - Placencia Branch R-Lee Vicente - BCSL Genilee Parham - Special Projects Vanessa Bernard - Northside Steven Woodeye - BBIL

Security Bits & Bytes

After countless referrals, emails, and phone calls, the Bulldogs had the opportunity to enter into an ever-growing spectator sport, volleyball. Volleyball, today, is expanding and developing into a much-admired sport. The Belize Bank Bulldogs received a lot of attention and positive publicity as they dominated their competitors throughout this year’s Belize District Volleyball Association season.


Corozal Free Zone Corozal Orange Walk Dangriga Placencia Punta Gorda Main Branch North Side San Pedro Downtown/Regent Street Card Services Center ISD



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