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Western Canada Group Travel Planner Table of Contents Welcome to Western Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Map of Western Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Living History in Western Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Festivals & Events in Western Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Welcome to British Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Nature, Adventure & Wildlife in British Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 The British Columbia Wine Experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 5 Unforgettable Vancouver Experiences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Eco Tourism with a Cultural Twist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Welcome to Alberta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 The Badlands: Alberta’s Other Wilderness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 One Mall to Rule Them All . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Banff National Park, Banff Town & Lake Louise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 A Taste for Western Tradition in Calgary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Welcome to Saskatchewan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 RCMP Heritage Centre Shares Local, National History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Tunnels of Moose Jaw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 So Much to See and Do in Saskatoon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Welcome to Manitoba . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 The Exchange District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Experience Churchill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 New Iceland and the Interlake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Dig for Fossils at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, MB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Western Canada Directory of Suppliers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Advertisers Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42


Welcome to the

2012 Western Canada Group Travel Planner The 2012 edition of the Western Canada Group Travel Planner marks a change to the editorial stylings, content layout and design structure of the planner. This new format is constructed to provide readers, you the planners, with a more in depth description of experiences available in Western Canada. It is our hope that this more comprehensive perspective will inspire you to explore different regions, create new itineraries, and continue to plan memorable trips and adventures for your guests. I have spent the last several months connecting with various destination marketing organizations and researching the wonderful locations of Western Canada. Through this research the stories and information found throughout the Western Canada Group Travel Planner have been woven together to create a guideline to each province. The experiences to be had in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia are virtually endless, with something available for everyone. This was made very clear to me as I read more and more about each of Canada’s Western provinces, making new discoveries and uncovering exciting bits of information almost every day! I am confident Canada’s west will provide you and your group with the same adventure. I must also extend a thank you to our industry resources who are a never ending wealth of passion for and information about their cities, regions and provinces - Banff Lake Louise Tourism, Thompson Okanagan Tourism, Tourism British Columbia, Tourism Calgary, Tourism Saskatchewan, Tourism Saskatoon, Tourism Vancouver, Tourism Winnipeg, Travel Alberta, and Travel Manitoba. The list of why Western Canada makes a fantastic group destination is immeasurable, and in producing this planner one of the most difficult tasks was deciding what to leave out. In fact, doubling the page count would not even begin to scratch the surface of the incredible experiences available in Western Canada. It is here that we leave the remainder of this iconic Canadian region for you and your group to unearth together. We know you will like what you find!

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Queen Charlotte

Port Clements


Fort Nelson

Prince Rupert


Pacific Ocean

Powell River

Chilko Lake

Victoria Juan de Fuca Strait Puget Sound


Aspen Grove



Salmon Arm Monte Creek Armstrong


Jasper National Park

Grande Cache




Shelter Bay



Grande Prairie



Agassiz Chilliwack




Williams Lake

Prince George

Sechelt Gibsons Qualicum Beach Lantzville Bay Coombs Nanaimo Vancouver

Comox Valley

Strait of Georgia

Anahim Lake

Campbell River

Fort Rupert Port Mcneill

Bella Coola

New Hazelton

Dawson Creek


Hudson's Hope

Fort St John

Fairmont Hot Springs

Red Deer

Waterton Lakes National Park

Calgary Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Radium Hot Springs

St Albert

Slave Lake


Banff Anthracite

Banff National Park

Lake Louise

Lesser Slave Lake

Utikuma Lake

Fort Vermilion


High Level

Indian Cabins


British Columbia

Dease Lake



Rosebud Dinosaur PP



Dry Island Buffalo Jump PP


Elk Island National Park

Fort Chipewyan

Cypress Hills PP


Stony Rapids


Swift Current


Prince Albert

Old Wives Lake

Moose Jaw

Lake Diefenbaker

North Battleford

Meadow Lake

DorĂŠ Lake


Big Quill Lake


Tobin Lake



Sand Lakes PP

Grass River PP



Dauphin Lake

Lake Winnipegosis

Cedar Lake

Lake Manitoba

Lake Winnipeg

Playgreen Lake

Turtle Mountain PP

Portage La Pairie Brandon Spruce Woods PP

Riding Mountain National Park

Buck Mountain PP

Swan Lake

The Pas

Baker Narrows PRP

Clearwater Lake PP

Numaykoos PP

Atikaki PP

Whiteshell PP



Nopiming PP Gimli Winnipeg Beach

Hecla/Grindstone PP

Paint Lake PP



Caribou River PP




Flin Flon

Woolaston Lake


Medicine Hat



Fort McMurray

Lac La Biche

Lac La Biche

Camrose Wetaskiwin


Calling Lake

Wood Buffalo National Park

Western Canada

Map of


Wapusk Nation

We s t e r n C a n a d a

Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Douglas E. Walker


ating back to the 19th century, living history or open-air museums provide visitors with live experiences and encounters from a specific period in the past. Costumed interpreters, life size building replicas and authentic methods give visitors insight into what the day to day life was like without modern amenities like electricity, automobiles, and running water. This type of attraction is ideal for groups as they generally offer something of interest for everyone and most enjoy experiencing a real life time machine traveling back to a simpler era. Given Western Canada’s varied


Photo Credit: Travel Alberta

Photo Credit: Travel Manitoba


and storied past, the region is home to a variety of living history museums that make for the perfect addition to any itinerary. Mennonite Heritage Village is located in Steinbach, Manitoba about an hour’s drive south from central Winnipeg. The forty acre site showcases what life was like for Mennonites living in the area from the 16th century to today. Costumed performers take visitors through a replica Mennonite village typical of what would be found in the area at the turn of the century. In addition to several historically significant buildings, the Village also allows visitors to view several exhibits, artifacts and memorials relating to noteworthy events or customs of the past. A gift shop and restaurant serving traditional Russian Mennonite cuisine is also available on site. The Wanuskewin Heritage Park, located just north of Saskatoon, provides visitors with insight into the nomadic Northern Plains people who traveled to the area each annually, many years ago, hunting bison and searching for food. The history of the

Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/ Kevin Hogarth Photography Photo Credit: Travel Alberta Photo Credit: Travel Alberta

Northern Plains people dates back thousands of years with many of their stories still left to be discovered. The Park is the site of an active archaeological dig which is continuing to unearth these ancient stories and slowly helping to put the puzzle of the past together. The Park offers guests a glimpse into the excitement of the bison hunt, the connection to the land, and the ongoing

unearthing of the past. Guests will enjoy dance presentations, picturesque scenery, and interactive programming. Located in Calgary, the Heritage Park Historical Village provides guests with the opportunity to explore four periods of Western Canada’s past ranging from 1864 to the 1950s. The Village has over one hundred exhibits and has recently been expanded to include the Heritage Town Square. Costumed interpreters provide the narrative outlining what life was once like in the West and offer demonstrations in a working bakery, hotel and blacksmith shop. Guests are welcome to ride a steam train, horse and buggy or the antique midway, make bannock, or set sail aboard the only paddlewheel tour in Calgary. Experience the gold rush at the Barkerville Historic Town. Situated in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of British Columbia Barkerville Historic Town offers guests displays, historical buildings and experiences, theatrical performances, and active exploration opportunities. The Town takes visitors back to the hustle and bustle of a lively community during the gold rush. Stagecoach rides, waterwheel demonstration, Chinatown tours, and of course, panning for gold are all available daily. The Town is also host to special events throughout the year, including Canada Day celebrations, Ghostly Town Tour in October and Victorian Christmas in December.



events Okanagan Wine Festivals / Winter: January 18-22, 2012 Spring: May 4-13, 2012 Summer: July 7-15, 2012 Fall: September 28 – October 7, 2012 / British Columbia Celebrate the four seasons in the Okanagan with a glass of wine! Each spring, summer, fall, and winter the Okanagan comes alive for 10 days to mark the season’s winemaking occurrences with several festivities. From the spring awakening to the fall harvest, multiple wining and dining events abound each May, July, October, and January. These festivals have received several accolades, are very popular, and not to be missed! Photo Credit:

Pacific Rim Whale Festival / March 17-25, 2012 / British Columbia For 26 years the Pacific Rim Whale Festival has been celebrating these magnificent creatures each March along the shores of Vancouver Island. The festival coincides with the grey whales’ migration from the Baja Peninsula to Alaska’s Bering Strait. Festivities include a chowder feast, fund-raising concert, contests, delicious food, and of course whale watching!

Big Valley Jamboree / August long weekend 2012 / Alberta Venture to Camrose, Alberta during the long weekend in August to enjoy some country music! Voted the Canadian Country Music Association’s County Music Event of the Year multiple times, this event attracts several talented country artists each year. Other festivities include a kickoff party, slots, songwriters workshop, and much more! Photo Credit: Big Valley Jamboree

Abbotsford International Air Show / August 10-12, 2012 / British Columbia Held each August, the Abbotsford International Air Show attracts both visitors and performers from near and far. Enjoy spectacular air performances and impressive ground displays, and take time to tour and learn about a variety of aircraft. 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the air show and the festivities are sure to impress.

Spruce Meadows Calgary / Various events from February – November 2012 / Alberta Marvel at some of the best show jumping athletes in the world. Spruce Meadows plays host to three major events each year, the National, the North American, and the Masters; each showcasing the talents of these incredible animals and their riders. Spruce Meadows welcomes visitors throughout the year to multiple other tournaments, to visit the magnificent grounds, or to host your event. Photo Credit: Travel Alberta

Edmonton Indy / July 2012 / Alberta Start your engines and head to Edmonton! Watch some of the world’s best race car drivers vie for the win at Edmonton’s City Centre Airport. The whole city gets involved in the celebration with several off track events scheduled around the city. From concerts to show and shines, a Miss Indy Contest, and more, Edmonton is heading for the checkered flag during Indy Week!




SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival / June-July 2012 / Saskatchewan Each summer thousands of jazz fans flock to the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival to take in dozens of shows by world class musicians. From jazz, blues, funk, pop and beyond, the Jazz Festival offers stellar performances from around the globe. The festival has grown from its inception in 1987 to one of the largest festivals of its kind in Western Canada. Photo Credit: Saskatchewan Tourism

Mosaic / June 2012 / Saskatchewan Celebrate the many cultures that make our world rich and diverse. Mosaic offers outstanding performances and entertainment, spectacular food, and insight into a variety of cultures and ethnic groups. Many pavilions are set up around Regina to provide a dedicated cultural experience. Marking its 45th anniversary in 2012, this event is not to be missed! Photo Credit: Saskatchewan Tourism

Manito Ahbee / November 2012 / Manitoba Join in this celebration of Aboriginal music, arts and heritage in Winnipeg. Held annually, this event attracts people from across Canada and beyond. The festival serves as a platform to honour the Manito Ahbee sacred site, elders, and ancestors. Activities include: International Pow Wow Summit, Music Festival, Indigenous Marketplace, Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, and much more!

Red River Exhibition / June 15-24, 2012 / Manitoba Located 25 minutes from Downtown Winnipeg, the Red River Exhibition is held annually at the Red River Exhibition Park. The “Ex” provides fun for all ages and includes entertainment, midway, exhibits, concerts, food, fireworks and more. In 2011 the Ex welcomed a record breaking number of visitors and will celebrate its 61st year in 2012.

Craven Country Jamboree / July 12-15, 2012 / Saskatchewan From July 12-15, 2012 enjoy some of the hottest names in country music with over 23,000 other fans! Billed as “the longest running multi-day festival in Canada”, the Jamboree will not disappoint. For over 25 years the festival has been held in the scenic Fort Qu’Appelle Valley, offering up several activities including bull-riding, songwriters circle, karaoke, beer garden and more! Photo Credit: Saskatchewan Tourism

Folklorama / July-August 2012 / Manitoba As the largest and longest running multicultural festival in the world, Folklorama draws thousands to its pavilions and events each year. Since 1970, Folklorama has been taking visitors on a trip around the world, teaching about a variety of cultures and offering a wide assortment of food and entertainment. With two full weeks and 40 pavilions, Folklorama is a “must attend” event if in Winnipeg during the festival. Photo Credit: Lance Thompson Photographic


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Photo Credit: Tourism BC/JF Bergeron

British Columbia ying on the Pacific Coast is one of Canada’s greatest gems, the province of British Columbia. Known for its abundance of natural beauty, visitors flock here for its majestic oceans, tranquil rivers and wonderful beaches. For the outdoor enthusiast this province is a cornucopia of enjoyment. From the ski slopes of winter to sailing in summer there is always something to do or see. Home to the highest of the Rocky Mountains and an awe inspiring waterfall that is twice the height of Niagara Falls, British Columbia is a naturalist’s paradise. Stop by the Okanagan Valley for some fun in the sun at one of many lakes or a sip of some local wines. Home to Canada’s only desert and oldest wine producing regions, this region is as unique as its scenery. Known for its distinct weather patterns the province boasts some of the heaviest


snowfalls in its mountainous regions. So it is no surprise that BC is also home to one of the top four-season resorts in North America, Whistler. BC was also chosen as the location for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games. Vancouver has been awarded as “Top City of the Americas”, “Most Livable City” eight times since 2002, and is one of ten best family vacation spots according to the 2011 Travelers’ Choice Awards. The city lives up to its hype offering enjoyment for visitors of all ages. Victoria, the province’s capital city, offers many historic buildings and unique museums. Victoria also boasts some of the mildest climates in Canada, allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoors all year round.


f the great outdoors is calling, answer with British Columbia. The province’s pristine and striking landscapes are the ideal setting for a variety of outdoor activities and adventures in the province. Literally, from sea to sky and everything in between, British Columbia makes getting outdoors enjoyable, exciting, and unforgettable!

Photo Credit: Tourism BC/Randy Lincks


n i e f i l d l i W & e r u t n ture, Adve


a i b m u l o British C


Birdwatching No matter the region, no matter the season, British Columbia is the ideal location for birdwatchers. The province’s vast network of national and provincial parks makes the perfect starting point for birders. From there branch out into the other regions of the province to get a look at some rare and maybe even endangered species. Shorebirds, bald eagles, snow geese, heron, woodpeckers, cranes, loons, puffins and even rare white pelicans have all been spotted in British Columbia. While birders will get an eyeful any time of year, the spring and fall migrations provide the highest variety of sightings.

Whalewatching From our feathered friends in the skies to our flippered friends in the sea, whale watching in British Columbia is some of the finest in the country. May through October is the ideal time to head to sea and view orcas (killer whales), humpbacks and Pacific greys in their ocean home. Tours depart from ports throughout the province and transportation

Photo Credit: Tourism BC/Tom Ryan

British Columbia’s hot springs provide the perfect way to unwind. Many are located in the Kootenay Rockies region of the province, but others can be found in Northern British Columbia, on Vancouver Island (although only accessible by boat or float plane) and in the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region. The hot springs throughout the province have been toted to have therapeutic and healing qualities and many are undisturbed in natural environments with a picturesque backdrop.

Downhill Skiing

Flightseeing For a unique and exciting perspective, view British Columbia from the air by flightseeing. Tours are available by helicopter or float plane and provide flyers with the opportunity to see landscapes inaccessible by foot like glaciers and mountain peaks. City skylines, coastline, vineyards, rivers and lakes can all be viewed from the skies and tour narrative is available.

Bearwatching British Columbia is a bear-y good place to bearwatch! More than half of the grizzly bears in Canada are located in British Columbia. Twenty-five percent of Canada’s black bears and the Kermode (Spirit) bear also call British Columbia home. While guided tours are available and suggested not all

The downhill skiing in British Columbia is world renowned. People venture from near and far to ski the scenic and challenging slopes in Canada’s most westerly province. Downhill skiing is available in virtually any region of the province with WhistlerBlackcomb offering up some of the most impressive, being ranked the number one ski slopes in North America numerous times. Several ski resorts are available throughout British Columbia and cater to a variety of downhill enthusiasts. Accommodations, rentals, lessons, dining, après-ski and extreme adventure (heli-skiing anyone?) are all available. Photo Credit: Tourism BC/Keith Douglas


bear watching is organized, it is possible to spot a bear while simply driving down the highway! Remember, do not get too close.

Photo Credit: Tourism British Columbia

varies. For the adventurous hop in a high speed zodiac for a few hours, or spend a day relaxing aboard a vessel complete with protection from the weather, viewing deck and comfortable seating. Do not forget the camera!


Photo Credit: TTourism BC/Andrea Johnson

Photo Credit: Tourism BC/Don Weixl

recent years. Today the area represents 1.7% of British Columbia’s total planted grape area and has produced award winning wines. The Fraser Valley is a vast and fertile grape growing region with the ideal climate for producing unique and distinct wines. Located about an hour from Vancouver, the Fraser Valley is the perfect locale to serve as a wine country day trip with easy access back to the city at night. The picturesque scenery provides the ideal backdrop as guests tour and taste their way through the region. The fifth wine region in the province is the Similkameen Valley. While known for orchards and growing fruit and grapes, producing wine is a relatively new venture for the region. Wines cultivated in the area have been garnering many awards thanks in part to the complex soil structures from which they were born. The area was recently recognized by enRoute Magazine as one of the “world’s five best wine regions you’ve never heard of ”... until now!

Wine Exp

hile grapes have been grown in British Columbia and wine produced there for over 150 years, the modern era of winemaking began just over twenty years ago with the ushering in of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). During this time pressure was put on winemakers to eliminate unfavourable varieties and to refocus their efforts on producing high quality products which would prosper in the marketplace. Throughout the last twenty years many strides have been made and successes accounted for in the British Columbia wine industry. British Columbia may be a small producer of wine in the larger industry picture, but the intimate nature of the industry there makes for focused and attentive production with the end results speaking for themselves. Numerous wineries have been bestowed several acclamations, medals and awards and new vineyards and wineries have continued to open and grow, making the British Columbia wine industry one of the most noteworthy in the world. In a relatively short period of time the industry has grown to provide a hundred million dollar boon to the British Columbia and Canadian economies in wine sales alone. In addition to production and sales, the British Columbia wine industry thrives on wine tourism. Each year thousands of visitors flock to the province’s designated wine regions to explore vineyards and taste their wines of choice, with April through September being the ideal time to visit. The



Okanagan Valley, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Fraser Valley, and Similkameen Valley make up the province’s wine regions and each offers its own unique blend of soils, topography, and agricultural and viticultural history, resulting in the creation of magnificent wines and visitor experiences. Visitors to the Okanagan Valley can bask in the beautiful scenery as they tour and explore some of the province’s most unique and renowned wineries. Mission Hill Family Estate Winery offers up an award winning al fresco dining terrace for visitors to enjoy, while Summerhill Pyramid Winery conducts its aging in a four storey pyramid. Wineries in this area are plentiful and many offer guided or self-guided tours or dining options to their guests. The area’s climate is also ideal for producing ice wine and is a favourite amongst visitors. Vancouver Island is home to about two dozen wineries, with most providing tours and tastings for their guests. The wineries found here are low-key and casual with many being family owned and operated. A variety of fruit wines are also produced in this area – blackberry, blueberry and raspberry are all available from Coastal Black. Visitors to wineries in this area are often warned, if you see a bottle you want, buy it! Many of these wines are not available anywhere else. The Gulf Islands are one of British Columbia’s newest viticulture regions. Wineries have been popping up on many of the Gulf Islands, including Salt Spring, Pender, Saturna, Quadra and Bowen in

Photo Credit: Tourism BC/Andrea Johnson

a i b m u l o C The Britishence eri

By the Numbers: Number of grape wine wineries in BC 196 Number of vineyards 710 Grape varietals produced 60+ Estimated litres produced (2009) 12,921,350 Grape acreage (2008) 9,100 Value of grape crop (2009) $40,305,170(cad) Source: BC Wine Institute from data from the BCLDB as appearing on

Photo Credit: Tourism British Columbia Photo Credit: Tourism BC/Dannielle Hayes Photo Credit: Tourism BC/JF Bergeron

Capilano Suspension Bridge


Millions of people have made the trek across the Capilano Suspension Bridge hanging across the Capilano River since it was built in 1889. Spanning 137 meters (450 feet) across and suspended 70 meters (230 feet) high in the sky, the walk across isn’t for the faint of heart. The park also boasts other adventure attractions like Cliff Walk and Treetops Adventures and historical insight into the area via the Totem Park and Kia’palano, the park’s First Nations Cultural Centre.

Exploring Chinatown Conveniently located next to Vancouver’s downtown business area and noted as one of North America’s cleanest Chinatowns, the Vancouver Chinatown attracts visitors who are seeking authentic Chinese cuisine, art, unique shopping, and a taste of eastern culture. The area is also home to a number of monuments, murals, signs and art including the China Gate, the Chinatown Abacus, and The Monument of Canadian Chinese. If in the neighbourhood during Chinese New Year be sure to join in on the celebrations!

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Located in Chinatown, the Garden was built in 1985-1986 and followed the methods and techniques of the Ming dynasty garden. The Garden features elements found in all classical Chinese gardens – rock, water, plants and architecture. When combined and balanced these elements create a strikingly beautiful space to visit and explore. No matter the season, the Garden will not disappoint its guests.


Vancouver Experiences

estled along Canada’s Pacific coast, Vancouver is a city overflowing with culture, entertainment, amazing restaurants, eclectic neighbourhoods and scenic beauty. Greater Vancouver is home to about 2.3 million residents, the third most populated city in the country and is considered one of the world’s most liveable cities. Vancouver gained further international recognition when the city hosted the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, one of the most celebrated events in Canada’s recent memory. Vancouver’s diverse blend of cultures, easy access, temperate climate and picturesque surroundings make it a very popular destination. People from near and far venture to Vancouver to explore its streets, parks, trails, boutiques, and restaurants, many leaving with striking photos, once in a lifetime memories, and a vow to return.


Photo Credit: Vancouver Aquarium/ Margaret Butschler

Granville Island No trip to Vancouver is completed without a visit to Granville Island. The Island provides a unique atmosphere and allows for a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but is handy enough to be easy to get to. Visitors to the Island must stop by the Public Market for delicious morsels, pay a visit to the Granville Island Brewing Company, take in a show or a festival, and the list continues. Since parking on the island is limited, why not get the full experience and travel by boat.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium A favourite at any age, the Vancouver Aquarium, Canada’s largest, showcases over 70,000 animals to visitors from all over the world each year. Guests can enjoy shows featuring belugas, sea otters, dolphins, or birds, take in a unique 4D theatre experience, and explore the many species throughout the facility. The Aquarium also features a gift shop and café and is conveniently located in the city’s Stanley Park.


Eco Tourism with a

t s i w T l a Cultur

All Photos Courtesy of: Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC

he First Nations people of British Columbia first inhabited the land thousands of years ago. Their legends, stories, heritage, culture and relationship with the land have influenced the province for generations. Today, visitors to British Columbia



have the opportunity to join a First Nations guide and experience the beautiful scenery and wildlife of British Columbia. Discover just how deep the connection to the land runs, with a detailed and comprehensive tour. Aboriginal Journeys Wildlife and Adventure Tours’ guides are local with several years experience providing tours and sharing the wildlife encounters of their area with visitors. The company offers grizzly bear watching, orca (killer whale) watching, and marine life viewing and departs from Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Guides are very knowledgeable about the local region and provide tours within the traditional land boundaries of the Laichwiltach people. Located in Port Rupert in the northern region of British Columbia, Seashore Charters provides marine and whale watching cruises, bear viewing and cultural tours. Humpback, Gray, Orcas, and Minke whales frolic just outside the protective northern British Columbia inlets. Bear viewing tours occur in the Khutzeymateen Valley, the only

designated grizzly sanctuary in the country. Access to the sanctuary is limited but the inlet is open and ideal for viewing. Passengers along for the grizzly viewing may also luck out and see whales, shorebirds, wolves, or moose along their journey. Information on the aboriginal history of the region is also provided. In central British Columbia at Williams Lake, located in the Cariboo Chilcotin region of the province, Jet Boat Adventures offers a variety of unique tours on the Fraser River to thrill their guests. Wild Bighorn Sheep Range Safari, Gold Rush Explorer, Iron Canyon Adventure, and Scenic Flat Rock Canyon River Tour are amongst the options available. All tours come complete with either Aboriginal or gold rush history depending on the selection, tour theme and region being explored. Wildlife of some form is generally spotted along the way. Talaysay Tours Kayak and Cultural Adventures of Vancouver Island provide explorations of the Shíshálh First Nation territories by kayak in the summer and snowshoes in the winter. Guides provide guests with stories and information about pictographs, plants, and wildlife. Marine life in the area to be explored is vibrant and kayakers may see seals, otters, or sea cucumbers. Tours are by appointment only. The Aboriginal heritage and diverse history of British Columbia is available throughout the province. No matter where you visit there is likely to be a piece of British Columbia’s past waiting to be explored. Please note: due to their intimate nature, some tours may be best suited for smaller groups.

Photo Credit: Travel Alberta

Alberta ome visit, plan to stay! One visit to Alberta and you’ll never want to leave. From the Rocky Mountains with their snow capped peaks to the many lakes; the picturesque landscape is bound to take your breath away. Rich in western culture, every year Calgary holds their famous stampede with plenty of live performances, fair rides, delicious food and rodeos. Dawn a cowboy hat and join the many cowboys and cowgirls that have made this an event to see. This year will be the stampede’s 100th anniversary, so don’t miss out on all the celebrations. Pack lightly if you plan on stopping by the West Edmonton Mall as this isn’t your average mall. West Edmonton Mall houses a shopping centre, theme park, aquarium,


bowling lane, ice rink, and everything you could want all in one place. It would take days just to experience everything this mall has to offer. For the archeologist or dinosaur enthusiast Drumheller is the place to go. Known as the dinosaur capital of the world, some of the richest deposits of fossils and dinosaur bones can be found here. To visit with live animals, stop into the Calgary Zoo. Alberta has gained a reputation for great skiing. Banff and Lake Louise are two popular skiing destinations in the province. With its unique Chinook based weather and endless recreation opportunities and attractions, Alberta is a must see when you are visiting Western Canada.



hen we hear the word wilderness most of us probably envision dense forests, glacier-cold lakes and snow-capped mountains. Certainly that is the wilderness many visitors to Alberta come here to see. But Alberta has many forms of wilderness, and its badlands are one of the most unique. For the most part Alberta’s badlands extend along the Red Deer River, beginning near Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, through Drumheller, and into Dinosaur



by Brad Tucker

Provincial Park near Brooks. Writing-OnStone and the Milk River regions contain another incredible set of badlands, and other small pockets of badlands can be found throughout Southern Alberta. At first glance the badlands can seem monotone and devoid of life, but nothing could be further from the truth. Badlands are places where erosion has carved down into the prairies and exposed rock, shaping it into fantastic landforms like hoodoos, spires, and mesas. Low rainfall prevents vegetation from

Photo Credit: Travel Alberta

Photo Credit: Travel Alberta

: s d n a l d a ess Thtae’s OthB er Wildern

softening this landscape, and ensures that their abundant fossil treasure remain accessible to the scientists who collect them. This starkness has an incredible beauty of its own and in some areas of Dinosaur Provincial Park you would swear you are walking on another planet. But starkness is not the true nature of the badlands. Upon closer examination vegetation is abundant, diverse and growing in places you would not expect. Bats, rattle snakes, black-widow spiders and scorpions are just some of the unusual wildlife, while just above on the prairies herds of pronghorn antelope cause tourists to wonder which continent they are on. Pelicans, eagles and turkey vultures can be seen soaring on the thermals, while the massive stands of Cottonwood trees that line the edges of the Red Deer provide a haven for migratory bird species. In the spring newly-hatched birds can be heard chirping from within the sandstone hills, having made nests in caves. Common to all the different areas of badlands is the deep geological and cultural history they contain. The rock art (petroglyphs and pictographs) of Writing-on-Stone inspire a great appreciation for the aboriginal culture of the plains, especially when interpreted by one of the Park’s Blackfoot guides. Tepee rings are commonly found where the prairie meets the badlands, and sun bleached wooden shacks still stand as evidence of settlers long gone. And, of course, the excitement of hunting for fossils in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dinosaur Provincial Park needs no bolstering. To see and touch a dinosaur bone that is 75 million years old is a discovery experience that is universally appealing. And for the real enthusiasts, Dinosaur Provincial Park offers day-long expeditions and authentic dinosaur excavations that the public can participate in. Like the Canadian Rockies, the Canadian Badlands offer wilderness experiences that inspire a sense of wonder, serenity, and connection to the natural world. Whether it is by car, by boat, or by foot there is an almost endless landscape to explore, and it is waiting for those who are willing to break away from tradition and immerse themselves in the Alberta’s other wilderness.


tions — all under one roof. Convenience is what it’s all about at West Edmonton Mall. The great indoor experience becomes a 24-hour adventure upon checking into the Fantasyland Hotel, located in the Mall. Escape to the Polynesian islands, go on an African safari, or live like a movie star in one of 120 fantasy-themed rooms, all designed to recreate a specific place or era. Comfort and affordability is also available across the street at the West Edmonton Mall Inn. Combine shopping, over-the-top excitement, and amazing entertainment when visiting West Edmonton Mall.

Photo Credit: West Edmonton Mall

est Edmonton Mall (WEM) is North America’s largest shopping and entertainment centre and Alberta’s number one tourist destination. Perfect for groups of all ages and sizes — from vacationing families to fashion connoisseurs to thrill seekers — everyone will find something to satisfy their appetite for excitement at WEM. West Edmonton Mall is the ultimate shopping destination with hundreds of retailers ranging from brand-name to boutique to one-of-a-kind stores. When you consider Alberta is the only Canadian province that has no provincial sales tax, shopping at WEM is even better. Exciting retailers in the Mall include Victoria’s Secret, HUGO BOSS, Tommy Bahama, GUESS, Michael Kors, Coach, Yves Rocher, Anthropologie, and many more. In addition to hitting the shops, guests will have a blast at nine world class attractions. From splashing and hitting the slides at World Waterpark, to jumping on the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster at Galaxyland Amusement Park, to bowling, interacting with marine life, watching sea lions perform, playing billiards, mini-golf and more, West Edmonton Mall is the number one entertainment destination. Groups will also enjoy fine dining at a delectably diverse selection of restaurants, the Mall’s thriving nightlife, dancing the night away at popular night clubs, letting it all ride at a Las Vegas-style casino, and spending the night in luxury accommoda-

Mall To Rule Them All

Photo Credit: West Edmonton Mall

Photo Credit: West Edmonton Mall



National Park, Louise Banff Town & Lake

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Canada’s oldest national park, Banff National Park offers rugged beauty, unspoiled landscapes, pristine mountain ranges and the world’s greatest outdoor playground. In the fall of 1883, three Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) workers stumbled across a cave containing hot springs on the eastern slopes of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. From that humble beginning was born Banff National Park, named after the original CPR investors’ home of Banffshire in Scotland. Today breathtaking scenery made up of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows, rivers and lakes span thousands of kilometres, making it one of the world's premier destination spots. Banff National Park boasts a seemingly endless array of activities for the outdoor enthusiast and cultural explorer alike. Three world-class ski resorts operate within the park’s boundaries offering skiers and snowboarders the ultimate in downhill and crosscountry fun during the winter, and scenic hikes and wildlife viewing throughout the summer. Canoeing, kayaking and boating take place on the various beautiful waterways scattered throughout the park and visitors can still enjoy bathing in the soothing, “healing” waters of the hot springs that started it all. Banff Town boasts no less than seven museums celebrating everything from the First Nations cultural heritage of the region to the best of Canada’s fine arts. It is truly a destination for everyone.


Banff Town Once known as Siding 29 on the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Town of Banff was intended to be a tourist town from its very inception. The park’s first superintendent, George Stewart, even oriented the town’s first street in such a way that it would offer the best possible views of Cascade Mountain. The Canadian Pacific Railway announced plans in 1886 to build a hotel in Banff that

Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

Banff National Park

Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise Tourism


would attract people to the mountains and fill the passenger seats on the transcontinental railway. “Since we can’t export the scenery, we’ll have to import the tourists,” said CPR general manager William C. Van Horne. That hotel, now known as The Fairmont Banff Springs, has since become the baronial, historic and iconic landmark that continues to dominate the Banff townsite. Banff is a town that truly celebrates its heritage, lives

and hoteliers nestled in a 6,641 squarekilometre national park. With modern amenities and more than enough accommodations, restaurants and activities to choose from, Banff is a premier destination for authentic hospitality, mountain culture, relaxation and amusement.

Lake Louise Known as Canada’s “Diamond in the Wilderness” and the hiking capital of Canada, the Lake Louise area offers a tremendous diversity of recreational and sightseeing opportunities. The region abounds with spectacular scenery, from picture-postcard

lakes to glaciers, waterfalls and majestic mountain peaks. The First Nations people who originally lived near Lake Louise called the infamous, turquoise-coloured lake the “Lake of the Little Fishes”, perhaps because fish stayed small in the cold waters at such an altitude. The unique colour of the lake’s icy waters comes from rock sediment and minerals carried into it by run-off from the glaciers above. Fairmont's Chateau Lake Louise, one of Canada's grand railway hotels, is located on Lake Louise's north-eastern shore. It is a luxury resort hotel first built in the late decades of the 19th century by the Canadian Pacific Railway to establish the area as a year round international destination resort. Lake Louise is also renowned as the birthplace of Canadian mountaineering. While building the hotel, the CPR imported Swiss guides to begin developing an extensive mountaineering trail system that would eventually radiate into the backcountry from the shores of Lake Louise. Some of these trails are now open to mountain biking and horseback riding, and the surrounding mountain faces offer opportunities for rock climbing. Kayaking and canoeing are popular activities during summer, and a boat launch and rental facility are maintained on the north-eastern shore of the lake itself. In winter, the lake is used for ice fishing and ice skating, while the surrounding area offers ideal settings for skiing, dog sledding, snowshoeing and ice climbing.

Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

and breathes mountain culture and never takes its backyard for granted. There is no other place in the world where you can find a vibrant community of artists, athletes, families, outdoor enthusiasts, restaurateurs


adition in

Tr A Taste for Western

Calgary the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is a former frontier town that has blossomed into a modern urban hotspot. This fast-growing, fast-moving city of over a million is the beating heart of western Canada: a place where prairie meets


• 134 Well-Appointed Guest Rooms • Complimentary Daybreak Café Breakfast with Belgian Waffles • Newly renovated pool and hottub • Free High-Speed Wireless Internet Access • 24-Hour Business Centre • Computer & Kitchenette Suites • Nearby to: Stampede Park, Saddledome, Talisman Centre, Trendy 17th Avenue, Calgary Tower, Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park and Chinook Shopping • 1/2 Block from the Public Transit

DAYS INN - CALGARY SOUTH 3828 Macleod Trail South Calgary, Alberta T2G 2R2 Tel: 403-243-5531 Fax: 403-243-6962 Email: Website:

Toll Free: 1-800-361-3422


All photos courtesy of: Tourism Calgary

mountains, where heritage meets innovation, and where the world comes to be swept off its feet by the sheer majesty of the Canadian landscape. Calgarians still know how to whoop it up like the cowboys who built this city, and today there's more than ever to celebrate: interesting markets, sophisticated dining, and entertainment and attractions on par with anything in Canada. The co-existence of traditional and modern is perhaps most evident in one of the largest events hosted in Calgary each year, the Calgary Stampede. The Stampede has been a traditional staple in the lives of Calgarians for 100 years and will mark this milestone in 2012. For ten days each July, Calgary’s western heritage boils over and the city comes alive with one of the most well known and celebrated outdoor rodeos in the world – the Calgary Stampede. Attracting thousands of visitors from across the country and the globe, the Royal Couple, Will and Kate even visited in 2011; the Stampede is a world-class event that has woven its way into the fabric that is Canadiana. The festival kick off is marked by a parade with onlookers revelling in the festive atmosphere as over a hundred floats, several marching bands, and first nations dancers pass by. The parade has always been a big attraction with spectator crowds continuing to grow each year. After the parade the schedule of events remains full. Billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, the Stampede has bull riding, barrel racing, chuckwagon derby, exhibition, midway and concerts are all on the bill, keeping everyone on the edges of their seats. The 2012 Calgary Stampede will be held from July 6-15. To get a glimpse of historic Calgary dating back to 1875 through 1914 visit Fort Calgary.

The Fort is situated on 40 acres of parkland and conveniently located just east of downtown. A two hour guided tour of the Fort gives visitors a look back and provides and understanding of the times. The tour begins with a history of Fort Calgary and information relating to the foundation of the North West Mounted Police. Interpreters share the colourful stories of the Canadian and American West and invite visitors to explore the facilities. Get a feel for what it is like to be on both sides of the law. Do not leave before trying on the authentic Mountie uniform and taking a photo and be sure to stay out of jail!

Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan ncounter the down-to-earth atmosphere where culture and people come together creating one of kind experiences for visitors. In Saskatchewan life is a never ending highway with a new adventure at every stop along the way. Within the province’s man-made boundaries lies more road surface than any other province in Canada. Follow the roads and highways to a world of excitement and possibilities. Saskatchewan is home to many historically significant attractions and locations, including the only training academy for one of the most iconic images in Canada, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The red uniforms of the RCMP have come to symbolize Canada and its people worldwide, with each of the members beginning their


careers in Saskatchewan. The province is also home to over 250 museums and multiple festivals and concerts taking place throughout the province each year. From historical to cultural experiences and everything in between Saskatchewan seems to have them all covered! Travelling to Saskatchewan is certainly a sunny experience for visitors, literally! In the southeast of the province lies Canada’s sunshine capital with over 2,540 sun filled hours each year. With weather like that it’s no surprise that over half of Canada’s wheat is grown in Saskatchewan. As the sun sets the skies come alive with a splendour of colour, stretching across the scenic prairie for as far as the eye can see, a magnificent sight available only in Saskatchewan.

any people are familiar with the bright red serge, Stetson hat and brown boots of Canada’s Mounties but before RCMP members can don this famous apparel they have to graduate from the RCMP training academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. Known as the ‘Cradle of the Force,’ RCMP ‘Depot’ Division is home to some of Regina’s oldest buildings and holds a fascinating history. Right next door to this historic location the RCMP Heritage Centre waits, ready to share the RCMP story with guests. Throughout the summer one of the most popular offerings is a tour of the training academy. When participating in the ‘Depot’ Heritage Precinct tour have the unique opportunity to see where RCMP cadets train and to learn about their training process. Besides escorted tours through the training academy, the RCMP Heritage Centre also features six permanent exhibits which cover everything from the origins of the Force to modern day policing. To enhance this experience retired RCMP members are often on hand to give impromptu tours, to share their stories about policing across the country and



to answer questions. Retired members provide a first-hand account of what it means to be a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and can share their experiences. Another great experience is to take in the Sergeant Major’s Parade. Currently running three days a week, all year round, the parade provides a chance to see the cadets in action. Witness the discipline for yourself as the drill sergeant inspects troops of cadets. And if you want to see that famous red serge plan your visit around the SunsetRetreat Ceremony at ‘Depot’ Division. The event which happens Tuesdays, July through mid-August showcases members in red serge in a colourful flag-lowering ceremony. Arrive early, tour the Heritage Centre, learn about the history and structure of the RCMP, check out the multi-media presentation in the SGI Canada Theatre and then make your way to Parade Square for the Sunset-Retreat cermony. For daily event listings and information guests should call ahead or visit the RCMP Heritage Centre’s website, twitter or facebook account for details.

Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Photo Credit: RCMP Heritage Centre

e r t n e C e g a t i r e H P M RC l a n o i t a N , l a c o L s e r a Sh History

ocated in historic downtown Moose Jaw, just one hour from Regina, the Tunnels of Moose Jaw takes visitors back to two different but significant periods in Canada’s history. This award winning, underground attraction provides insight into what life was like for Chinese immigrants coming to Canada and during the prohibition period. Live actors put guests in the footsteps of history, providing a riveting and educational experience and insight into the

Photo Credit: Tunnels of Moose Jaw


challenges, triumphs and emotions of two distinct times. The Passage to Fortune Tour tells the story of Chinese immigrants coming to Canada during the late 19th century. Beginning in 1858 Chinese immigration to Canada started to heat up. Increases in population, political unrest and natural disasters in the homeland were cause to look to the West. Canada beheld the potential for a new and prosperous life for many Chinese people seeking refuge. But life was not as easy as was hoped. Many immigrants to Canada found themselves in debt to immigration brokers, who would absorb the costs of the immigrants’ journey to Canada. In turn they were forced to work for the broker to pay off this debt before being free to look for work on their own. Additionally, in an attempt to thwart further immigration to Canada by Chinese people, the Government of Canada enacted a “head tax” forcing immigrants to pay fifty dollars to gain entry to the country, a hefty sum for the times. The Chicago Connection Tour involves the prohibition period in the 20th century and outlines Moose Jaw’s part in illegally supplying liquor to the United States. On December 22, 1917 the United States Congress submitted the 18th Amendment to the Constitution disallowing the sale of alcohol. Within a year and a half the amendment was approved and the sale of liquor considered illegal, America was officially dry. At the end of Saskatchewan’s prohibition period, which ran from May 1, 1917 to 1924,

Moose Jaw became the centre of an illegal rum running venture to the United States. The operation trafficked booze via the Soo Line, which ran from Moose Jaw to Chicago. During this time it is believed many American gangsters hid out in Moose Jaw and were thought to be protected by corrupt Police Chief, Walter Johnson. Authentic sets, talented, costumed guides, interactive displays and animatronics bring tour visitors back to previous times, putting them in the shoes of the history makers. For 45 minutes on each tour, visitors are engaged, front and centre, with stories of the past and will leave with a better understanding of how these two phases in Canadian history have come to affect and shape the Canada we know today.

Photo Credit:Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Photo Credit: Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Tunnels of Mo ose Jaw


in o D d n a e e S o t h c So Mu

n o o t a Sask All photos courtesy of: Tourism Saskatoon

s one of Canada’s fastest growing cities, there’s always something happening in Saskatoon! Whether you’re a fan of the arts, a history buff, or a foodie in search of your next great meal, Saskatoon offers an endless supply of venues and attractions designed to keep your group entertained throughout your stay. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy playing at some of the most challenging and uber-luxurious golf courses in Canada. Offering championship courses and picturesque fairways nestled along the South Saskatchewan River valley, Saskatoon’s must experience golf courses include: Dakota Dunes Golf Links, Greenbryre Golf & Country Club, Holiday Park Golf Course, Moonlake Golf & Country Club, Silverwood Golf Course, Wildwood Golf Course and The Willows Golf & Country Club. Nature buffs and outdoor lovers will revel in the beauty of the Meewasin Valley Trail, winding along the South Saskatchewan River through the heart of Saskatoon. ‘Meewasin’ – Cree for ‘beautiful’ is a perfectly apt description of this natural and cultural resource, which encompasses conservation areas, parks, museums, canoe launches and over 60 kilometres of stunning trail. Located along the Meewasin Valley Trail, the Mendel Art Gallery is Saskatoon’s premier destination for contemporary



and historical art, counting over 5,800 works in their collection. Groups with young children are invited to discover Saskatoon’s ‘wild’ side at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. Open daily, the venue offers environmental education and a wide array of animal attractions – from rare and exotic species to those indigenous to Western Canada. After a busy day of exploring the city by land, set sail along Saskatoon’s scenic waterways with a leisurely riverboat tour of the South Saskatchewan River. Shearwater Tours offers daily sightseeing trips aboard the Meewasin Queen and Friday night dinner cruises, complete with a full three-course meal and a fully stocked bar. With one of the largest Ukrainian populations in Canada, Saskatoon is the ideal home for the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, which houses one of the largest collections of ethnic textiles in North America. Situated within Saskatoon's vibrant downtown core, overlooking the South Saskatchewan River, the museum houses cultural artifacts, such as clothing, linens, tools, books, photographs, documents and other treasures that were collected from the first, second and third waves of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada. Located five kilometres north of Saskatoon, Wanuskewin Heritage Park brings history to life as the official gathering place of the Northern Plains Indians for the last 6,000

years. Set amidst the beautiful and unspoiled natural prairie landscape, the park offers 360 acres of scenic trails, interpretive sites, archeological digs, and a dazzling array of flora and fauna. While visiting, guests can experience the culture of the Northern Plains Indians through hands-on demonstrations, traditional cuisine, art galleries, indoor and outdoor activities and overnight Tipi wilderness camps. For something out of the ordinary, take a trip back in time to experience what life was like in Saskatoon over 100 years ago. Saskatoon’s Western Development Museum takes visitors back to 1910, complete with period costumes, original artifacts, interactive exhibits and actors who recreate community life in the 1900s. Ideal for history buffs – this interactive learning experience offers an authentic look at the Prairies as it existed more than a century ago. For more information visit:

Photo Credit: Travel Manitoba

Manitoba cenic Manitoba is literally situated at the center of the country! The province is the entry point to Western Canada when travelling from the east and is home to over 100,000 lakes. Fertile farmland reaches across the southern half of the province, with vast flatlands and wilderness to the north. Churchill, situated along the Hudson Bay in Manitoba’s north, is noted as being the Polar Bear Capital of the World. The town welcomes many visitors each year interested in a unique northern experience. Polar bears and belugas are both very active during the summer months, allowing visitors to see them in their natural habitats. Manitoba’s largest and most populated city, Winnipeg, is friendly, diverse and is home to a variety of shopping, accommoda-


tions, restaurants, attractions and festivals, like Folklorama Plus. Folklorama, a multicultural festival, celebrating the diversity within Winnipeg, is considered the largest of its kind. Festival goers are invited to enjoy delicious ethnic foods, experience live entertainment and cultural display. Winnipeg is also the location of the second Royal Canadian Mint in the country. The Winnipeg facility produces the coin circulation for the country in addition to currency for other countries like pesos, kroner and baht. Visitors are welcome to tour the facility and see how money is made! The variety of Manitoba experiences are virtually endless with exciting additions to any itinerary waiting in all corners of this diverse prairie province!


Named after the original grain exchange, which played a key role as the centre of grain and wholesale trade, finance and manufacturing in Western Canada during the late 1800 and early 1900s, the area received National Historic Site status in 1997 for its remarkable collection of buildings. Today visitors can explore a myriad of options in the Exchange District. No visit is complete without an award-winning Exchange District Walking Tour. These themed walks take visitors into the past exploring things like Newspaper Row, Banker’s Row, the Winnipeg General Strike and the area’s sustainable architecture. As the site of numerous blockbuster films, you can also explore the area’s unique connection to Hollywood. At the heart of the Exchange lies Old Market Square–a hub of activity where renowned events like the Winnipeg Jazz and Fringe Festivals take centre stage. Surrounding the square is a variety of unique dining and shopping options. Jewelry shopping is at its funkiest at Winnipeg’s own Hilary Druxman and its most indulgent at Tiffany-like Birks located across Main Street. For vintage finds, look no further than shops like Hoopers, Ragpickers and Vintage Glory, all carrying pre-loved fashion and accessories. Special interest seekers can browse Winnipeg’s pinnacle used record store, Into the Music, and shop for other interests at Toad Hall Toys, Red River Book Shop, Antiques and Funk, Humidors Tobacconist, Imagine Games and Hobbies


and more. The area is also home to dozens of eclectic galleries. Stop in at Mayberry Fine Art to marvel at the works of leading Canadian artists like Wanda Koop and Joe Farfard, all displayed within 6,000 sq. ft. of gallery space. Just down the street is Platform Gallery, Manitoba’s only artist-run centre devoted exclusively to photographic and digital arts. Around the corner, connect with one of Canada’s most prominent venues for aboriginal art, the Urban Shaman Gallery. Pop into the Cr8ery for locally-made pieces and the chance to make your own with interactive workshops that cover everything from

Photo Credit: Tourism Winnipeg

digital photography to the craft of Turkish paper marbling. At night, the Exchange District comes alive with talent and star power. During theatre season, visitors can take in productions by the Manitoba Theatre Centre, Royal Winipeg Ballet, Manitoba Opera and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Those seeking more avant garde pursuits can get lost in the performances of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers and Warehouse Theatre, as well as indie films screened at arthouse theatre, Cinematheque.

Photo Credit: Guenther, Kip

W e g n a Exch District

Photo Credit: Wolk, Kevin


e of the ge District is on innipeg’s Exchan d artistically diverse an stunmost culturally in the city. With ting ds oo rh ou hb ee neig gr e ur ct ite ch -last-century ar rning turn-of-the , this cosmopolitan neighbou rn ng tu pi y op er sh ev at ue iq u yo bout urmet dining, hood offers go y corner. er ev and a story on

Photos Courtesy of Travel Manitoba

Polar Bears Observe the “Lords of the Arctic” in their natural habitat.Visit the Churchill area between October and November for prime viewing of the region’s polar bears as they re-locate from the tundra to the seal-rich pack ice which covers the Hudson Bay during the winter months. Be sure to make reservations well in advance, many tourism operators are fully booked during the busy season.


Churchill hurchill, Manitoba has gained notoriety over the years as being the polar bear capital of the world. While it is true these great white, four legged creatures attract a multitude of visitors each year, Churchill is also a very well known area for another great white creature – the beluga whale. The breathtaking and majestic beluga is also known as the sea canary because of its distinguishable, high pitched, underwater screeches and chirps. Beluga whales can reach upwards of six metres (18 feet) in length and up to 1,600 kilograms (3,500 pounds) in weight! Although very large in size the belugas movements appear almost weightless with the ease at which they seemingly dance through the waves. Churchill is a beluga hotspot attracting up to 3,000 of the Hudson Bay’s 25,000 belugas each year with mid-June to mid-August making for prime viewing. It is during this time that visitors to the area have the best chances of getting up close and personal with a beluga. Whatever guests’ level of comfort and sense of adventure, there is a way for every type of group to experience and enjoy the belugas. Whale viewing boats and zodiac tours on the Churchill River are popular with visitors and allow for a close, but not too close encounter. For those with a more adventurous side hop in a kayak and paddle alongside the belugas in the crisp, clear waters of the Hudson Bay. Still not close enough? Get into your wet suit, strap on your snorkel and mask and jump overboard! Snorkel among the pods,


getting a truly once in a lifetime, magnificent experience with some of Mother Nature’s most friendly and magical creatures. If you are more of a land lubber, the area also provides beautiful flora experiences from June to September. Climb aboard a tundra vehicle to (almost) get a bird’s eye view of the stunning landscape. Depending on the season, summer or fall, wildflowers, native plants, bearberries, or willows make for a lush and colourful carpet along the Arctic floor. The Churchill area is also ideal for hiking enthusiasts. Several companies are available to bring visitors to and around the Churchill area each year and specialize in both land and sea adventures, allowing for a variety of groups to create and customize itineraries.


Photo Courtesy of Travel Manitoba



Interlake weekend in August a stop at the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, also known as Islendingadagurinn is a must. The festival is the second oldest continuous cultural festival in North America, second only to an Irish festival in Montreal. The festival was first held in Winnipeg in 1890 where it was held annually until 1831, the following year the festival moved to Gimli and has been celebrated there ever since. The festival is popular with locals and visitors alike and features a Viking encampment and other living history demonstrations, cultural foods, Icelandic sports like frisnok, entertainment, fireworks, parade, craft vendors and much more. While the festival is a popular annual event, a visit to Gimli is ideal any time of year to get a taste for the Icelandic heritage in the area. To round out the New Icelandic cultural

experience in the Gimli area, plan a visit to Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park, which is an island once settled by Icelandic immigrants. A causeway built in 1977 provides easy access to the park and its array of landscapes: lush forests, rugged shorelines, scenic beaches and bountiful marshes. Today the park, which consists of a series of islands between the shores of Lake Winnipeg, is a popular area for bird and wildlife watching, relaxing on the beach or strolling the shores. A self guided tour of Hecla Village, located on the island, allows visitors to experience what life was life in earlier times. Exhibits and trail points of interest include the Fish Station, Tomasson’s Boarding House, Hecla School Interpretive Centre, General Store, Hecla Church and Cemetery and many more. The trail length is 1km and takes about 1 hour to walk.

Photo Courtesy of Travel Manitoba

anitoba has the largest concentration of Icelanders outside of Iceland in the Interlake Region, primarily along the west shore of Lake Winnipeg. According to the 2006 Canadian Census, nearly 90,000 people of Icelandic descent call Manitoba home, with the town of Gimli being the epicentre for Icelandic descendents. It is believed the ancestors of the Manitoba Icelandic population fled Iceland in 1875 to escape the eruption of the volcano Askja. Today the stories of the past and ongoing history of New Iceland are captured and maintained at the New Iceland Heritage Museum located in Gimli. Attracting thousands of visitors annually, the Heritage Museum is known worldwide and has been designated as a Manitoba Signature Museum by the Province of Manitoba. Open yearround, the museum endeavours to interpret and showcase the history, culture, heritage and artifacts of New Iceland’s first settlers. Educational exhibits and interactive displays can be found at the Waterfront Centre including an 18 foot mural, sixty-seat theatre, and tent and cabin dioramas. Continue the New Icelandic experience across the street from the Waterfront Centre at the Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre and learn about the history of Lake Winnipeg and its fishery. The Centre contains a 500 gallon aquarium filled with species found in local waters and has a whitefish boat from the 1940’s on display. If visiting the Gimli area during the long

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he Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is located in the beautiful community of Morden, Manitoba and houses the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada. The Centre is becoming increasingly popular with visitors to the area who like to get their hands dirty and dig for fossils! In fact, the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre’s team has unearthed four major fossil discoveries in the past six years. No matter your age the Centre provides a unique and exciting experience for all its visitors. There are very few other places in the world (if any) where visitors can dig for sea monsters – in the middle of a landlocked province on the prairies! Home to Canada’s only sea monster fossil dig program and the largest collection of sea monster fossils in the country, a visit to the Centre is truly a once in a lifetime experience for the majority of the Centre’s guests. While at the Discovery Centre you must take time to meet Bruce, the 13 metre (43 foot) long Mosasaur, the fiercest of all the marine reptiles. He is bigger than a T-Rex and just as scary! Bruce swam the waters of what we now know as Manitoba about 80 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period. Bruce was once a very hungry guy and was atop the food chain stuffing his face with anything he could get his jaws around from plesiosaurs to ammonites. Discovered north of Thornhill, located in southern Manitoba in 1974, experts spent about two digging seasons attempting to excavate Bruce’s skeleton from the Pembina Member of the Pierre Shale


Photo Credit: Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre


booked in advance. Start the day with an educational tour of the Centre, hop on the bus and head twenty minutes down the road to the dig site for an unforgettable experience. Here, staff and visitors will unearth 80 million year old fossils. Sound like an impossible task? Not so, the Centre has had a 100% success rate at finding fossils on their Adventure Tours since 2008. If scheduling does not allow for a dig adventure, thorough, guided tours of the Centre are also available year round. A stop at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is sure to be a highlight for many guests. With such a unique, educational and hands on experience available for virtually all ages, the Centre is becoming a talked about star attraction in the tourism community. It is not hard to see why the Discovery Channel has made two trips to the Centre since 2010! With travel time from the Winnipeg area at 1.5-2 hours, the short drive to visit this site is well worth the wait.

Photo Credit: Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

Formation. As Canada’s largest Mosasaur, Bruce is proudly displayed as the Centre’s feature exhibit. While Bruce is certainly a draw for visitors, the Centre’s Fossil Dig Adventure Tours are one of Manitoba’s most popular and well-like summer programs. Adventurers can spend anywhere from a half day to five days at one of the thirty dig sites the Centre operates searching for fossils. For groups, special excursions can be arranged and must be

Photo Credit: Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

s l i s s o F Dig foForssil Discovery Centre in Morden, MB

Directory of Suppliers Accommodations



Travelodge Canada

Days Inn Dawson Creek

Conferences & Accommodation at UBC Okanagan

Nice Rooms. Great People. It’s our promise and we take it seriously. With a network of over 50 locations in Western Canada, you’ll be sure to find a Travelodge location close at hand where and when you need it. With high speed internet, clean comfortable rooms, and friendly service, Travelodge will be sure to meet your group’s needs and will make staying with us a pleasure. We look forward to seeing you soon! For group information, call 1-877-999-6671 For reservations, call 1-800-578-7878 or visit Rossana Adderson 1804 Crowchild Trail NW Calgary, Alberta, T2M 3Y7 Tel: 1-877-999-6671; 1-800-578-7878 Fax: 403-265-1269

BRITISH COLUMBIA Dubois Hospitality Group Dubois Hospitality Group specializes in Tour & Travel; Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Purchasing, FIT and Group contracting and Packaging. DHG represents Tour & Travel friendly hotels with 3 – 4 star Canada Select ratings in British Columbia and Alberta. DHG is your one-stop shop when planning a tour in Canada’s two western provinces. Our hotels are affordably net priced and offer value-added programs. DHG is proud to be a Team Canada member. We are here to help… Joseph Dubois 5011 Towgood Place Summerland, British Columbia, V0H 1Z9 Tel: 778-328-7434 Fax: 250-494-0971

KOOTENAY ROCKIES Super 8 Castlegar Centrally located in the Kootenays, close to shopping, restaurants, airport and recreation, Super 8 has a heated indoor pool, waterslide, and whirlpool. Children's Theme Rooms, Team, Family and newly refinished Corporate Rooms with work stations, offer free wireless highspeed internet, Superstart Breakfast, inroom coffee, hair dryers, microwaves, and fridges and most rooms have new 42" HD LCD TV'S. On site Meeting facilities and business centre are catered by the Black Rooster Restaurant. On site Bubblee's Liquor Store Plus.


Valerie Lins 651 18th Street Castlegar, British Columbia, V1N 2N1 Tel: 250-365-2700; 1-888-828-5331 Fax: 250-365-8299 •

- Free Daybreak Café Breakfast with fresh waffles Mini-fridge & microwave, coffee maker, hairdryer in all rooms - Game room with pool table - Free highspeed internet access - Business center - Fitness Centre - Coin-Laundry on site - Free car, truck & RV parking - Free local calls - Children under 13 stay free Wheelchair accessible rooms - Free pass to the recreational centre with swimming pool & sauna


Chin Hong 640 122 Avenue Dawson Creek, British Columbia, V1G 0A4 Tel: 250-782-8887; 1-888-782-8771 Fax: 250-782-8799

Lakeview Inn & Suites - Fort Nelson Alex Everatt 4507-50th Avenue South Fort Nelson, British Columbia, V0C 1R0 Tel: 250-233-5001; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 250-233-5006

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Chetwynd Daphne Franklin 4820 - North Access Road Chetwynd, British Columbia, V0C 1J0 Tel: 250-788-3000; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 250-788-2548

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Fort St. John Warren Janes 10103 - 98 Avenue Fort St. John, British Columbia, V1J 1PS Tel: 250-787-0779; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 250-787-0709

Super 8 Motel Dawson Creek We offer your group 66 clean comfortable rooms including Jacuzzi, business suites and kitchenettes, modern fitness room and conference rooms. Super Start Plus Breakfast. We are located close to the Bear Mountain Ski Hill, Mile Zero Rotary Park, Water Wright Pioneer Village, art galleries and golf courses.Onsite Sola's Bar & Grill Irene Folz 1440 Alaska Avenue Dawson Creek, British Columbia, V1G 1Z5 Tel: 250-782-8899; 1-888-482-8884 Fax: 250-784-1988

Open May to August; our retreat-like campus is nestled in the heart of the spectacular Okanagan. With accommodation for up to 500, over 50 meeting rooms ranging from classrooms to theatres, as well as athletic facilities, and full catering services for up to 300, we can accommodate all your group’s needs. Conveniently located minutes from; Kelowna International Airport, wineries, golf courses and Lake Okanagan we are an ideal location for your group. Open May to August; our retreat-like campus is nestled in the heart of the spectacular Okanagan. Peggy Walker 1290 International Mews Kelowna, British Columbia, V1Y 1V8 Tel: 250-807-8050; 1-888-318-8666 Fax: 250-807-9157

Days Inn & Conference Centre Days Inn Chairman Award winning hotel from 20022010. Ideally situated one block from Okanagan Lake. Guestrooms have 1 king or 2 queen size beds. All rooms feature mini fridges, coffee makers as well as iron and ironing boards. Complimentary wireless internet connection in all guestrooms. Okanagan style continental breakfast included. Home of the Black Iron Grill & Steakhouse with quality food in comfortable surroundings with unpretentious service. Close to wineries, shopping and attractions.


Sheila Kuhre 152 Riverside Drive Penticton, British Columbia, V2A 5Y4 Tel: 250-493-6616 Fax: 250-493-6615

VANCOUVER, COAST AND MOUNTAINS Coast Tsawwassen Inn The Coast Tsawwassen Inn is a full service all-suite hotel located in Delta’s picturesque seaside community of Tsawwassen. Conveniently located 5 minutes from BC Ferries Terminal for connections to Vancouver Island, 25 minutes from Vancouver International Airport, 30 minutes to Peace Arch Border Crossing and 35 minutes to downtown Vancouver. Facilities include:Indoor pool and fitness facility. Complimentary services:Continental Breakfast,underground parking and internet. Our catering facilities can accommodate groups of 10-200 for meetings, conferences and banquets


Kristin Bishop 1665 - 56 Street Tsawwassen, Delta, British Columbia, V4L 2B2 Tel: 604-943-8221; 1-800-943-8221 Fax: 604-943-8299


Conferences and Accommodation at UBC Situated on the spectacular west side in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia’s natural setting is complemented by attractions, recreational facilities, beaches, shops and restaurants. We offer a wide array of budget accommodations May-August, from private suites to shared apartments to dormitory-style guestrooms. Whether your group is 20 or 2000, we have something for every budget and need. Bus parking, laundry facilities and cafeteria available onsite. Come and experience the best budget accommodation in Vancouver! Teresa Rempel 5961 Student Union Boulevard Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 2C9 Tel: 604-822-1060; 1-888-822-1030 Fax: 604-822-1069

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Langley Langley, a quaint Vancouver suburb in beautiful British Columbia, is home to this 100% smoke free Holiday Inn Express with free high-speed Internet access and complimentary hot breakfast buffet. Located minutes off Trans Canada Hwy 1 & Golden Ears Bridge, our hotel enriches your British Columbia travel plans with easy access to all the local area attractions, and business parks. The exciting city of Vancouver is only 30 minutes down the road.


Jeff Leung 8750-204th Street Langley, British Columbia, V1M 2Y5 Tel: 604-882-2000; 1-888-771-7666 Fax: 604-882-2008

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver The Holiday Inn Express Vancouver is located across from the PNE, Coliseum and the Hastings Racecourse, also a short drive from downtown and major attractions. Our large beautiful rooms provide wireless high speed internet, pay-per-view movies, Web-TV, guest voice mail, in-room coffee/tea, air-conditioning and iron & boards, for all the comforts of home. Our hotel offers such amenities as complimentary deluxe continental breakfast, underground parking, shuttle service & fitness facilities.

VANCOUVER ISLAND, VICTORIA & GULF ISLANDS Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites Peek through original gun barrels, venture into intriguing underground magazines, and find camouflaged searchlight emplacements... Come explore Fort Rodd Hill, a century-old coast artillery fort. Fisgard is the oldest lighthouse on the west coast. Step inside, play with its brand-new interactive exhibits and marvel at the stories of its valiant keepers. Special events are planned throughout the year. Visit or call 250.478.5849 for further information. Only 15 minutes west of downtown Victoria. Sophie Lauro 603 Fort Rodd Hill Road Victoria, British Columbia, V9C 2W8 Tel: 250-478-5849 Fax: 250-478-2816 •

WildPlay Element Parks Nanaimo Unleash your wild! Primal fun and games await kids, teens, and adults who love to climb, jump, zip and swing in the outdoors. Take to the trees in this forested adventure park, where spine-tingling adventures include a 150’ Bungy Jump, Canyon Zip line, King Swing, and the Monkido® Aerial Adventure. Guests of all comfort levels can find an activity to enjoy primal screams, pushing boundaries, and lots of laughter! Guest Services 35 Nanaimo River Road Nanaimo, British Columbia, V8T 2J9 Tel: 250-716-7874; 1-888-716-7374 Fax: 250-755-1196

WildPlay Element Parks West Shore Victoria

Bodan Boggs 2889 East Hastings Street Vancouver, British Columbia, V5K 2A1 Tel: 604-254-1000; 1-888-428-7486 Fax: 604-253-1234

Unleash your wild! Primal fun and games await kids, teens, and adults who love to climb, scramble, zip and play in the outdoors. Take to the trees in this urban adventure park, where tightropes, missing plank bridges, swinging logs; zip lines; cargo nets, tree ladders and more Monkido® obstacles will have you laughing (and possibly unleashing a primal scream) as you play - six to 60 feet (two-18m) above ground! Guest Services 15-1767 Island Highway Victoria, British Columbia, V9B 1J1 Tel: 250-590-7529; 1-888-856-7275 Fax: 250-590-7673

Park Inn & Suites Vancouver Broadway


With one of the best views of Vancouver in a central location, this hotel is the ideal starting point to explore the City. Located within walking distance of Granville Island and just 4 blocks away from the Broadway City Hall Sky train station which provides a direct link to the airport in just 19 minutes and Convention Centre/Cruise Terminal in 6 minutes. All guest rooms have a private balcony, fridge, micro, coffeemaker and complimentary HSIA.

Greater Vancouver Zoo



Frank Mansson 898 West Broadway Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 1J8 Tel: 604-872-8661; 1-800-670-7275 Fax: 604-872-2270



Discover over 500 different animals (140 species) on 120 acres in the beautiful Fraser Valley. Experience Lions and Tigers being fed plus the Radical Raptors Birds of Prey presentation and more. Tour the Zoo on the Safari Express Miniature Train and complimentary narrated bus tour of the North American Wilds! Guided walking tours available and wheelchair accessible throughout. Dedicated to conservation, preservation and protection of endangered species; and the environment they live in. Open 365! Jody Henderson 5048 – 264th Street Aldergrove, British Columbia, V4W 1N7 Tel: 604-856-6825 Fax: 604-857-9008

Grouse Mountain Resort Just 15 minutes from downtown, Grouse Mountain’s Super Skyride whisks you high above the city to a mountaintop of adventure. Stand inside The Eye of the Wind turbine, zipline, explore hiking trails and see real grizzly bears at the wildlife refuge. In winter, enjoy snowshoeing, ice skating, sleigh rides, skiing, and snowboarding. Restaurants showcase the best of BC, from fine dining at The Observatory to flavourful après in Altitudes Bistro. Kirsten Heal 6400 Nancy Greene Way North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7R 4K9 Tel: 604-998-5043 Fax: 604-984-7234

Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site Situated over the Fraser River, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery is one of the few remaining 19th century salmon canneries in B.C. In its heyday, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery was the largest cannery and the leading producer of canned salmon in B.C. Now a dynamic museum, step inside and become immersed in the stories of Canada’s West Coast fishing industry. Guided tours and exhibits help you explore. (Open Daily, closed between Christmas & New Years) Rob Hart 12138 Fourth Avenue Richmond, British Columbia, V7E 3J1 Tel: 604-664-9009 Fax: 604-664-9008 •

Hell's Gate Airtram Located in the Scenic Fraser Canyon – 2 ½ hours East of Vancouver on the #1 Trans Canada Hwy. Ride in comfort over the Fraser River to our lower terminal where we something for everyone. Food services, shopping, history to gold panning! Competitive group rates along with Tram and lunch packages. Driver and escort are complimentary and welcomed! Free accessible parking with the red carpet rolled out! (literally). Open mid-April to mid October. Debbie McKinney PO Box 129 (43111 Trans Canada Hwy - Boston Bar) Hope, British Columbia, V0X 1L0 Tel: 604-867-9277; 1-800-663-4532 Fax: 604-867-9279

Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park Dive into another world at the Vancouver Aquarium in world-famous Stanley Park, home to more than 70,000 fascinating creatures. Vancouver's most visited attraction. Highlights include daily whale and dolphin shows, shark dives and otter feeds. The Aquarium is open everyday of the year. Plenty of motorcoach parking available with convenient drop-off and pickup location. Driver and escort receive complimentary admission. Suggested visit 2 hours. Entirely handicap accessible. Please ask about hosting your private event! Lila Blair 845 Avison Way Vancouver, British Columbia, V6G 3E2 Tel: 604-659-3571 Fax: 604-659-3515

Vancouver Attractions Vancouver Attractions, 10 Reasons to Stay Another Day! Visit for comprehensive information on Vancouver's 10 top rated attractions. Offering a wide range of experiences - cultural, sightseeing, educational, adventure, entertaining - members of the Vancouver Attractions Group provide an experience for every taste, lifestyle and demographic. Each attraction offers group rates, special tours, bus parking and variety of dining facilities. Individual attraction links from our web site will provide group sales contacts and additional information. Nancy Chilton 871 Nicolum Court North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7H 2S1 Tel: 604-924-3750

WildPlay Element Parks Maple Ridge Unleash your wild! Primal fun and games await kids, teens, and adults who love to climb, scramble, zip and play in the outdoors. Take to the trees in this urban adventure park, where tightropes, missing plank bridges, swinging logs; zip lines; cargo nets, tree ladders and more Monkido® obstacles will have you laughing (and possibly unleashing a primal scream) as you play - six to 60 feet (two-18m) above ground! Guest Services 23485 Fern Crescent Maple Ridge, British Columbia, V4R 2S6 Tel: 604-477-1197; 1-888-590-7274 Fax: 604-477-1186

WildPlay Element Parks Whistler Unleash your wild! Primal fun and games await kids, teens, and adults who love to climb, jump, zip and swing in the outdoors. Take to the trees in this forested adventure park, where spine-tingling adventures include the breathtaking ZOOM Zip Lines, and the Monkido® Aerial Adventure courses. Guests of all comfort levels can find an activity to enjoy primal screams, pushing boundaries, and lots of laughter! Guest Services Park: Cougar Mountain; Booking office and shuttle: 4293 Mountain Sq. Whistler, British Columbia, V0N 1B4 Tel: 604-932-4086; 1-888-297-2222

ALBERTA Accommodations Dubois Hospitality Group Dubois Hospitality Group specializes in Tour & Travel; Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Purchasing, FIT and Group contracting and Packaging. DHG represents Tour & Travel friendly hotels with 3 - 3 ½ star Canada Select ratings in British Columbia and Alberta. DHG is your one-stop shop when planning a tour in Canada’s two western provinces. Our hotels are affordably net priced and offer value-added programs. DHG is proud to be a Team Canada member. We are here to help… Joseph Dubois 5011 Towgood Place Summerland, British Columbia, V0H 1Z9 Tel: 778-328-7434 Fax: 250-494-0971


Lakeview Inns & Suites - Slave Lake

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Drayton Valley

Emily Broad 1550 Holmes Trail SE Slave Lake, Alberta, T0G 2A0 Tel: 780-849-9500; 1-877-355-3550 Fax: 780-849-9501

Ron Lupa 4302 50th Street Drayton Valley, Alberta, T7A 1M4 Tel: 780-542-3200; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 780-542-7282

Lakeview Inns & Suites Edson Airport West Rhonda Kotyk Coley 528 63rd Street Edson Airport West, Alberta, T7E 1M1 Tel: 780-723-7508; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 780-723-7853

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Edson Rhonda Kotyk Coley 4300-2nd Avenue Edson, Alberta, T7E 1B0 Tel: 780-723-2500; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 780-723-2544

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Whitecourt Trudy Malanowich 3325 Caxton Street Whitecourt, Alberta, T7S 1P2 Tel: 780-706-3349; 877-355-3500 Fax: 780-706-2242

Super 8 Motel Whitecourt Make yourself at home in Super 8 Motel Whitecourt's bright, welcoming guestrooms. Each one offers you plenty of space to stretch out; and a cozy Opulence bed to curl up in for the most satisfying sleep you've ever had. After all, you'll need plenty of energy if you want to experience the many shops and attractions just outside Super 8 Motel Whitecourt's doors. No other Whitecourt, Alberta, motel gives you such easy access to it all! 4121 Kepler Street Whitecourt, Alberta, T7S 1P6 Tel: 780-778-8908; 1-800-800-8000

ALBERTA SOUTH Coast Medicine Hat Hotel Coast Hotel is a newly renovated property in a great location, just off the Trans Canada Highway, close to shopping, restaurants, casino, The Medicine Hat College & all sporting venues. Plenty of free parking. Complimentary contintental breakfast each morning. A wonderful restuarant, 2 lounges, spa, hair salon, fitness room and liquor store. We offer one complimentary standard room for the bus driver on 15 rooms. Winner of Alberta Hotel Housekeeping Award past 8 years. Cindi Franko 3216 13th Avenue SE Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1B 1H8 Tel: 403-526-7487; 1-866-581-4656 Fax: 403-529-2638

Drumheller Super 8 Motel We are conveniently located off Highway 9 within walking distance to Boston Pizza, O'Shea's Eatery & Ale House, McDonald's, and A&W. The Royal Tyrell Museum and World's Largest Dinosaur are a few of our many attractions. All rooms include fridges, microwaves, in-room coffee, irons and boards, hairdryers, and high-speed internet. We offer an indoor pool with waterslide, guest laundry, exercise room, and free Superstart Breakfast. We have plenty of parking for motorcoaches and large vehicles. Sandra Vockeroth 800, 680 - 2 Street SE Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y0 Tel: 403-823-8887; 1-888-823-8882 Fax: 403-823-8884

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Brooks Sarah Weir 1307 2nd Street West Brooks, Alberta, T1R 1P7 Tel: 403-362-7440; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 403-362-7477



Holiday Inn & Suites Grande PrairieConvention Centre

Days Inn - Calgary South

Business or pleasure, we treat you like royalty at the Holiday Inn & Suites Grande Prairie. Our luxurious guest rooms have all the amenities you're looking for, ensuring your complete satisfaction. From dedicated workstations to cozy Opulence beds by Hypnos, our rooms are designed for maximum comfort and convenience. Our ideal location puts all of Grande Prairie's major businesses, shops and attractions just minutes away from you. Leanna Kruk 9816-107 Street Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 8E7 Tel: 780-402-6886; 1-888-307-3529 Fax: 780-402-6835


Located just south of Downtown Calgary on Macleod Trail. The hotel is close to Stampede Park, home of the Calgary Stampede, BMO Centre, Stampede Corral, Big Four Building The hotel is only moments from Calgary's downtown core, Calgary Tower, Calgary Zoo, Telus Convention Centre, world class shopping and fine dining. Newly renovated in April 2011 with free parking. We offer free local calls, free wireless internet, and free continental breakfast with hot waffles Samson Anifowose 3828 Macleod Trail South Calgary, Alberta, T2G 2R2 Tel: 403-243-5531; 1-880-361-3422 Fax: 403-243-6962 •


Econo Lodge South Calgary

Super 8 Motel Shawnessy

Our hotel is ideally situated in the energetic heart of Macleod Trail. The location puts you just minutes away from a variety of tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping centres, and pubs. We offer 73 tastefully appointed guest rooms. You can count on our combination of outstanding value and personal service to make your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Super 8 Motel Shawnessy is located at the south end of Calgary amongst many shops and restaurants in Shawnessy Towne Centre. Attractions in the area include: Spruce Meadows Equestian facility, as well as numerous sports arenas and golf courses. We are close to Heritage Park,and South Center Mall. Super 8 is only 2 blocks away from the above-ground Calgary CTrain which can take you to throughout the city. Only 35 minutes drive from Calgary International Airport. Ed Belanger 60 Shawville Road SE Calgary, Alberta, T2Y 3S6 Tel: 403-254-8878; 1-800-800-8000 Fax: 403-256-0885


Nadim Jessa 7505 Macleod Trail SW Calgary, Alberta, T2H 0L8 Tel: 403-252-4401; 1-888-559-0559 Fax: 403-252-2780 •

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Calgary University NW We have 96 beautiful and spacious rooms and kitchen suites All rates include our complimentary hot deluxe continental breakfast, full use of our Indoor pool with waterslide, Hot Tub & Fitness area. We offer free local calls, internet high-speed and wireless, heated underground parking. All of these amenities and our location make us the perfect choice. We also have an independant Shuttle company available for our Airport guest's. Call us with any questions you may have.


Glen G Robinson 2231 Banff Trail NW Calgary, Alberta, T2M 4L2 Tel: 403-289-9800; 1-888-432-6777 Fax: 403-289-9200

High River Super 8 Hotel Only 45 minutes south of Calgary, we are conveniently located just off Highway 2 next to McDonald's, Smitty's Restaurant, and Dairy Queen. We offer an indoor pool with waterslide, exercise room, guest laundry, elevator, and free Superstart Breakfast. All rooms include fridges, microwaves, in-room coffee, irons and boards, hairdryers, and free high-speed internet. All double rooms feature queen beds. Free motorcoach and large vehicle parking is available. Baggage handling, welcome reception, and comp policy also available. Wanda Allen 1601 - 13 Avenue SE High River, Alberta, T1V 2B1 Tel: 403-652-4448; 1-866-831-8558 Fax: 403-652-4649

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Okotoks Maria Clarke 22 Southridge Drive Okotoks, Alberta, T1S 1N1 Tel: 403-938-7400; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 403-938-1474

Lakeview Signature Inn - Calgary Heidi Van Aerden 2622 39th Avenue NE Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 7J9 Tel: 403-735-3336; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 403-735-1121 •


CANADIAN ROCKIES Lakeview Inns & Suites - Hinton Mike Smith 500 Smith Street Hinton, Alberta, T7V 2A1 Tel: 780-865-2575; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 780 865 2976

The Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre - Jasper Located in scenic Jasper National Park (Alberta), the Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre is your hotel of choice when visiting Jasper and surroundings. The Inn’s four star facilities and amenities are sure to satisfy the most discriminate traveler. Motorcoach parking is available. Tour directors are provided with complimentary rooms and meals (some restrictions apply). Baggage handling provided. Elevators to all floors. Disability accessible rooms available. 10 minutes walk to downtown. Come and experience Jasper's Great Indoors!


Pierre Frigon PO Box 2080 - 76 Connaught Drive Jasper, Alberta, T0E 1E0 Tel: 780-852-5111; 1-888-729-7343 Fax: 780-852-5942 •

EDMONTON & AREA Fantasyland Hotel Welcome to the Fantasyland Hotel, Alberta's most unique conference venue. Fantasyland has over 25,000 square feet of meeting space, which includes a variety of room layouts accommodating anywhere from 10 to 1,200 people. Our team is ready to assist with every detail; from customized menus and decor to audiovisual equipment, we will do whatever it takes to make your event a success. Located right inside of West Edmonton Mall, Fantasyland features 355 guestrooms including 120 theme rooms.


17700 - 87 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4V4 Tel: 780-444-5500; 1-800-737-3783 Fax: 780-444-5238

Lakeview Inns & Suites Fort Saskatchewan Peter LeCerf 10115 88th Avenue Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, T8L 4K1 Tel: 780-998-7888; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 780-998-2540

West Edmonton Mall Inn Renowned for relaxed elegance, personalized guest service and unrivaled ambiance, West Edmonton Mall Inn is just steps from the world-famous West Edmonton Mall. Each of the 88 guest rooms is individually decorated in comfortable, sophisticated decor. West Edmonton Mall Inn provides guests with convenience, affordability and competitive rates whether you are staying for business or pleasure.


Brenna Kelly 17504 90th Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 6L6 Tel: 780-444-5530; 1-800-737-3783 Fax: 780-444-5238

Attractions ALBERTA SOUTH Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre Medicine Hat's ultimate one-stop cultural destination! The Esplanade is a place to celebrate, enjoy and learn about culture, heritage and the arts – all in one stunning facility! Its Art Gallery, Archives, Museum, Theatre, Gift Shop and Education Program offer a diversity of cultural programs including professional and community-based exhibitions, performances, activities and services. Located in the heart of downtown Medicine Hat. You can spend hours here! Groups of 12 or more receive 30% off admission! Tobie Laliberté 401 First Street SE Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 8W2 Tel: 403-502-8580 Fax: 403-502-8589 •

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre "Canada's Deadliest Rockslide" On April 29th,1903, 82 million tonnes of rock fell covering a portion of the Town of Frank, killing 90 people. Discover the compelling story of the Frank Slide disaster. In the centre uncover the history and science behind what caused this horrific landslide. Will it slide again? Find out how Turtle Mountain is being monitored today. In the theater view award-winning presentations. Tour the Crowsnest Pass with our step-on guide service. Christa Peters 1.5 km off Highway #3 Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, T0K 0E0 Tel: 403-562-7388; 310-0000 toll free within Alberta Fax: 403-562-8635

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA)

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and discover the stories of how the Plains People organized sophisticated communal buffalo hunts as a means to gather food for their survival from over 5,700 years ago until the arrival of the Europeans. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is one of the largest and best preserved buffalo jumps in the World. Listen to native drumming and see the dance demonstrations at the Jump every Wednesday in July and August. Quinton Crow Shoe Box 1977 Fort Macleod, Alberta, T0L 0Z0 Tel: 403-553-2731 Fax: 403-553-3141

Located on Sir Winston Churchill Square, in the heart of downtown Edmonton, the Art Gallery of Alberta is the province’s premiere art museum. The AGA develops and presents a rotating schedule of contemporary and historical exhibitions from Alberta, Canada and around the world, along with public and education programs and events that connect people, art and ideas. The Art Gallery of Alberta is a not-to-bemissed part of the city’s Arts District. 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2C1 Tel: 780-422-6223 Fax: 780-426-3105

Remington Carriage Museum Hear amazing stories of elegant carriages used by royalty or how stagecoaches and covered wagons crossed the Great Plains carrying passengers and valuable cargo. At the restoration shop, discover how skilled craftsmen conserve and restore carriages. In the summer months hear the clip-clop of horse hoofs on a carriage ride. This award winning museum showcases over 250 horse drawn carriages, coaches wagons, and sleighs are on display, many displayed in the amazing main gallery. Joyce Zemp PO Box 1649 Cardston, Alberta, T0K 0K0 Tel: 403-653-5139 Fax: 403-653-5160

CALGARY & AREA Heritage Park Historical Village Heritage Park Historical Village is Canada’s largest living history museum. Our costumed interpreters, authentic heritage buildings and vintage transportation rides bring history to life. Step back in time and explore our village, where you are a guest among the pioneers of an old western town. Explore the world-class Gasoline Alley Museum with its impressive collection of vintage vehicles and gasoline pumps. With competitive group rates and free parking, call 403.268.8526 for information or to book. Deb Alsen 1900 Heritage Drive SW Calgary, Alberta, T2V 2X3 Tel: 403-268-8526 Fax: 403-268-8501

EDMONTON & AREA Alberta Legislature Visitors to the Alberta Legislature can discover this beautiful heritage building on a free guided tour. Other activities include shopping for arts and crafts at the Gift Shop or spending hours exploring the Legislature’s 23 hectares of parkland and interesting monuments. The grounds feature a fountain and wading pools in the summer and a skating rink in the winter. Special events are held year round. Large groups and French guided tours are asked to pre-book. Visitor Services 107 Street and 98 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2N6 Tel: 780-427-7362 Fax: 780-427-0980

Deep Sea Derby - West Edmonton Mall Command your own bumper boat on the world's largest indoor lake and bump, bang and splash your way to amazing fun! Have a water gun fight and squirt your friends and family. Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

Ed's Rec Room - West Edmonton Mall There is tons of family fun to be had at West Edmonton Mall's own rec room. Ed's features the 300 Club lounge, 10-pin bowling, billiards and more than 100 arcade-style games. It's also the perfect place to host your next corporate or group event or birthday party. Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

Edmonton Event Centre Edmonton Event Centre has a well established reputation for being the premiere destination for local artists, major touring artists and performers. Home to major promoters such as House of Blues, Live Nation, Union Events and others. Capacity: 2000+ High Traffic Location in West Edmonton Mall State of the art theatre sound and lighting Key Industry Partnerships Western Canada's Premiere Entertainment Destination is professionally designed to offer the ultimate concert and special event experience. Troy Dezwart 2556, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4M2 Tel: 780-489-7469 Fax: 780-489-7404

Galaxyland Amusement Park West Edmonton Mall Thrills and spills await you at the world's largest indoor amusement park (400,000 square feet). Dare to ride the Mindbender, the world's largest indoor triple-loop rollercoaster or defy gravity on the 120-ft Space Shot. It's pure play with 25+ spectacular rides, including the Galaxy Orbitor Spinning Coaster and the new Cosmic Revolution. The park can be booked exclusively for large company get-togethers, special occasions, corporate challenges, fundraising, team building and receptions. Group rates available. Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

Ice Palace - West Edmonton Mall Take a spin under the glittering glass dome of the Ice Palace. From figure skating to hockey to special non-ice events, the action is always exciting on this year-round NHL-sized ice rink. Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

Professor Wem's Adventure Golf West Edmonton Mall Perfect your putt at this 18-hole mini-golf course, complete with sand traps and water hazards, is great family fun! Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

Putt 'n' Glow - West Edmonton Mall We've taken mini-golf to a new level at Putt 'n' Glow, where all that's standing between you and the dark is some funky neon lighting. It's an amazing glow-in-thedark course that challenges even the best golfer! Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

Sea Life Caverns - West Edmonton Mall This underwater world is home to approximately 100 species of colourful fish, sharks, sting rays, reptiles, penguins and more. Interactive exhibits such as a touch pool and daily live presenations allow you to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. Educational programs are available. Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331


Sea Lion's Rock - West Edmonton Mall Be entertained by, learn about and fall in love with the incredibly talented and crowd-loving California sea lions who will definitely steal your heart! Daily interactive shows are offered and promise to entertain and educate guests of all ages. Or get up close and personal with them by trying our Swim with the Sea Lion Encounter. Groups Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

Gaming, Entertainment


The Palace Casino

L1 Lounge

At the Palace Casino, you’ll always be treated like royalty. Conveniently located in West Edmonton Mall, the casino offers gaming excitement, delectable dining and live entertainment for hours of fun and enjoyment for everyone. They also feature games with a variety of limits to please any player. With nearly 700 slots, 22 gaming tables, a poker room, and a high limit lounge. 2710, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-2112 Fax: 780-444-1155

West Edmonton Mall West Edmonton Mall is Alberta's #1 tourist destination! Home to a staggering 800 stores and services (many of them exclusive), over 100 eating establishments and nine thrilling parks and attractions, West Edmonton Mall also offers a casino, comedy club, shooting range, dinner theatre, movie theatres, spas, pubs and nightclubs, three elaborately decorated theme streets, two unique hotels and much more! There is something for everyone, and it’s all under one roof! Group rates/programs are available. Pam Duigou 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5205; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5223

West Edmonton Mall Ropes Quest Take a dive into a new adventure and challenge yourself on a three-level ropes course! While harnessed in, climb along a sea of beams and ropes all the way to the top to conquer this aquatic-themed obstacle course. This amazing new attraction will be located in Phase III, beside World Waterpark. Group Sales 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331

World Waterpark - West Edmonton Mall The weather is always warm at the world's largest indoor wave pool. Families, friends and visitors of all ages can enjoy the waves and the slides at the five-acre waterpark. Bask on the beach, ride the rapids - there's even bungee jumping for those who dare. Large groups can book the entire waterpark exclusively for their function or just book some of the smaller venues located in the waterpark. Group rates available. Group Sales Department 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5308; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5331


Meeting & Convention Facilities ALBERTA CENTRAL Em-Te Town Em-te Town is a 1880's replica Western Frontier Town. Experience life in an idyllic setting at the edge of civilization. Tour the old town buildings each containing artifacts of the era. Experience a fully functioning Saloon, Restaurant, and Gift shop. We provide complete catering services to Corporate Functions, Family Reunions and Weddings in our new Grand Banquet Hall. Accomodations include rustic Cabins, full service Motel and spacious Campground set along Rose Creek. Trail, wagon, and pony rides now available. Open April-December. Rex Austin / Randy Rose TWP 454 Alder Flats, Alberta, T0C 0A0 Tel: 780-388-2166 Fax: 780-388-0230


Forget ordinary. From specialty liquors to a concise menu of only the most exquisite dishes, L1 Lounge caters to those with distinctive taste. So take a seat and savour your surroundings. Casual yet classy, contemporary yet classic – the best part of L1 Lounge is you. 17700-87 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4V4 Tel: 780-444-3000

L2 Grill With its exclusive menu and fashionable decor, L2 Grill features boutique dining at its best: a blend of unique soup, salad, meat and seafood dishes served in an intimate and alluring atmosphere. Feast on tantalizing delicacies with an emphasis on the best and freshest ingredients we can find or enjoy tableside service and flambé dishes sure to impress everyone in your party. Also indulge in the selection offered at L2 Grill’s marvellous Sunday brunch. 2385, 8882 170 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4M2 Tel: 780-444-5538

Red Piano Cajun Bistro & Dueling Piano Bar The Red Piano features phenomenal cuisine inspired by flavors from around the world, an unparalleled wine list and the hottest live entertainment! From the moment you walk in and witness our signature Red Baby Grand Pianos – you will sense the extravagance and excitement of your surroundings. Enjoy fabulous casual fine dining and the best in interactive live entertainment. After one visit – you’ll know exactly what it means to Paint The Town Red. 1638, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4M2 Tel: 780-486-7720


Rick Bronson's The Comic Strip

Smitty's Family Restaurant

The Comic Strip is Canada's Premiere Comedy Theater. We are a licensed venue and offer a complete menu of food and drink. The Comic Strip operates 7 nights a week. There is one show every night and two shows on Fridays and Saturdays. Rick Bronson's The Comic Strip 1646, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4M2 Tel: 780-483-5999

Smitty's Family Restaurant is a full service Canadian franchise eatery located at the heart of Jasper, across from the Parks Canada Information Center. Smitty's serves family fare: extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner selections; including children and senior menus at value conscious prices. We have 120 seats. We are flexible, accommodating, and we are very experienced and efficient with tour groups. For bookings or reservations, please contact Alfred Kong at (Tel)780852-3111 (Fax)780-852-4880. Alfred Kong 109 Miette Avenue Jasper, Alberta, T0E 1E0 Tel: 780-852-3111 Fax: 780-852-4880

West Edmonton Mall WEM has over 100 dining options to satisfy anyones hunger, from sushi to Alberta beef, fast food to formal. Taste international dishes on Bourbon Street with restaurants such as Moxie's, Earl's, Delux Burger Bar, Jungle Jim's, Boston Pizza, Old Spaghetti Factory, Tony Roma's, Albert's and more! Experience exotic sights, sounds and tastes of a busy Far East market in the Chinatown themed street including T & T Supermarket! Contact us for a complete restaurant listing. Pam Duigou 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5205; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5223

Whiskey Jack's Urban Saloon Whiskey Jack's is the "Jack of all Parties". No party is too big or too small! We offer a full service venue that can host your Christmas parties, corporate parties, meetings/presentations, staff/customer appreciation, mini trade shows, employee training sessions, team building, product launches, photo shoots, modeling schools/fashion shows, and weddings, etc. The venue can be booked seven days of the week! We offer full catering & staff, AV capabilities, entertainment and help planning your function… Whiskey Jack's Urban Saloon 1595, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4M2 Tel: 780-481-5225 Fax: 780-481-5223

Shopping West Edmonton Mall *Free motorcoach parking and designated pick up/drop off entrances. Incentives for escort/drivers contact us for further details.*Plan for a least a full day or severals days to enjoy the Mall and it's many attractions.Each attraction has an separate entrance fee (group rates available).*Group and FIT programs available for qualified tour companies - Example: *Meet and Greet's *Fam tour opportunities *WEM video and images available and Mall Map & Directories. Sample itineraries and tour planning assistance available. Pam Duigou 1755, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-444-5205; 1-800-661-8890 Fax: 780-444-5223

Theatres Jubilations Dinner Theatre Jubilations Dinner Theatre combines a four-course dinner and a three-act musical comedy with a twist! Travel to an old west saloon, a fantasy island or a futuristic starship. The shows are “interactive”, so some of our guests are invited to join us on stage! Our Goal? Fun for Everyone. Enjoy Original Canadian Musical Comedies, with Songs You Know and Love! Jubilations also accomodates groups up to 350 and we look forward to hosting your group soon. 2690, 8882 - 170 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2 Tel: 780-484-2424; 1-877-214-2424 Fax: 780-489-3942







Comfort Inn Saskatoon

Lakeview Resort - Gimli

The Comfort Inn Saskatoon is conveniently located minutes from the University of Saskatchewan, the Mendel Art Gallery, Credit Union Centre, the Shaw Centre and Western Development Museum. Amenities include free high speed internet, free local phone calls, free in-room coffee and pay-per-view movies. Some rooms come equipped with microwaves and fridges. Complimentary Deluxe Continental Breakfast is available each morning. Motorcoach parking is available and baggage handling can be arranged.

Michael Lazer 10 Centre Street Gimli, Manitoba, R0C 1B0 Tel: 204-642-8565; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 204-642-4400

Karen Hambrock 2155 Northridge Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7L6X6 Tel: 306-934-1122; 1-800-424-6423 Fax: 306-934-6539

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Thompson



Comfort Inn Swift Current

Dauphin Super 8 Motel


Conveniently located just off the Trans-Canada Highway, this Comfort Inn® hotel is next to the popular Chinook Pathway and Elmwood Golf Course and minutes from Great Plains College, Living Sky Casino, the Swift Current Museum, the Fairview Arena and the Credit Union I-plex, home of the Swift Current Broncos ice hockey team.

NORTHERN Michelle Husardki 70 Thompson Drive North Thompson, Manitoba, R8N 1V8 Tel: 204-778-8879; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 204-677-3225


We are located across from the Dauphin Marketplace Mall & have several restaurants located within walking distance. We offer complimentary swimming passes to the Parkland Recreation Complex. Each room has a fridge, coffee maker, hair dryer, continental breakfast and high speed internet at no extra charge. On site we have an exercise facility with squash courts and steam rooms also meeting rooms. Inquire about rooms with jacuzzi bathtubs also 2 room suites and hot tub suites.

Destination Marketing

Tamara Boyko 1457 Main Street South Dauphin, Manitoba, R7N 3B3 Tel: 204-638-0800 Fax: 204-638-0808 •

Duane Kurbis 1510 South Service Road E Swift Current, Saskatchewan, S9H 3X6 Tel: 306-778-3994

SASKATOON Tourism Saskatoon It is a city of bridges, seven in total, each casting a shadow over the South Saskatchewan River, joining the east to the west. It is a city of sunshine, 2,381 hours a year on average, among the most of anywhere in Canada. It is a city of parklands with more than 870 hectares, and a city of youth where the median age is 35. It's a city of contrasts admired for its theatre venues and prolific arts and culture scene as much as its funky festivals, major sporting events and overall ability to throw a great party. Saskatoon… Discover the city you thought you knew. JoAnne Wasko 101-202 4th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 0K1 Tel: 306-931-7572; 1-800-567-2444 Fax: 306-242-1955


The Russell Inn’s Inc. The Russell Inn is a place that has not forgotten what true hospitality means, making the road feel like home in the way the hostelries of old did. Fun and spirited group theme parties provide good, old fashioned fun, laughter, and a sense of great togetherness. Our signature party is based on Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol. Also offering a Medieval Feast and Arabian Nights. Four seasons of recreation and restaurant in convenient location.


Rheanne Gray Junction of Highway # 16 and # 83 Russell, Manitoba, R0J 1W0 Tel: 204-773-7501; 1-800-665-0678 Fax: 204-773-2715



Receptive Tour Operators INDEX OF ADVERTISERS

Days Inn Brandon


With 61 interior corridor rooms in a modern facility, and extensive hotel amenities, the Days Inn Brandon is a popular destination for Corporate, Leisure and Group Travellers. The Days Inn Brandon provides all the right amenities for comfort and leisure with a complimentary Deluxe Hot Breakfast, spacious Exercise Room, an indoor Salt Water Swimming Pool and Whirlpool. Each tastefully appointed guest room offers a Cable 32” Flat Screen LG Television, Coffee Maker, Pillow Top Mattresses, one set Alarm Clocks, Day Dreamer Bedding, and more.


Dave Brooks 2130 Currie Boulevard Brandon, Manitoba, R7B 4E7 Tel: 204-727-3600; 1-888-213-2192 Fax: 204-725-1457 Dave@Days-Inn-Brandon.Com

Ô Tours Ô TOURS is a receptive tour operator, offering a complete range of tour services for the province of Manitoba and the city of Winnipeg. Products include regularly scheduled Winnipeg city tours, fly-in fishing packages, transportation services, airport meet and greet, customized itinerary planning, step-on guide services, and multilingual guides. Itineraries include: agricultural, school group and bands, French language programs, performing arts, aboriginal, culinary, festivals and special events. We cater to groups, meetings and conventions, student groups, seniors, and individuals. Michelle Gervais 205-219 Provencher Boulevard Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2J 1N2 Tel: 204-254-3170; 1-877-254-3170 Fax: 204-253-6664

Lakeview Inns & Suites - Brandon Sheryl Woydon 1880-18th Street North, Brandon, Manitoba, R7C 1A5 Tel: 204-728-1880; 1-877-355-3500 Fax: 204-727-3924

WINNIPEG Swan Valley Super 8 Situated between Duck Mountain & Porcupine Mountain Provincial Parks, you may choose from one of our many room styles, all featuring fridges, hairdryers, and coffeemakers, as well as free high-speed internet access. Begin your day with our free Superstart Breakfast. Our Motel also features ample vehicle parking, elevator, fitness room, free local calls, and guest coin laundry. Your pet is also welcome in designated rooms. Enjoy a round of golf or visit a nearby restaurant.


Naomi Neufeld 115 Kelsey Trail Swan River, Manitoba, R0L 1Z0 Tel: 204-734-7888; 1-800-800-8000 Fax: 204-734-6388

Destination Marketing Travel Manitoba Travel Manitoba is a destination marketing organization offering marketing assistance and support in promoting Manitoba as a group tour destination. Collateral material, posters, videos, site inspections and familiarization tours are available. Manitoba is a land of contrast from the southern prairie fields and the rugged forests of the parklands to the northern tundra with an ocean coastline at Hudson Bay, and home to Churchill - the Polar Bear and Beluga Whale capitals of the world. Dene Sinclair 700-155 Carlton Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3H8 Tel: 204-927-7862; 1-800-665-0040 Fax: 204-927-7828






Coast Tsawwassen Inn Conferences & Accommodations at BC Okanagan Conferences and Accommodations at UBC 36 Days Inn & Conference Centre Penticton 16 Days Inn Dawson Creek 4 Dubois Hospitality Group 13 Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites Greater Vancouver Zoo 15 Grouse Mountain Resort Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site Hell's Gate Airtram Holiday Inn Express & Suites Langley Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Lakeview Inn & Suites - Fort Nelson Lakeview Inns & Suites - Chetwynd Lakeview Inns & Suites - Fort St. John Park Inn & Suites Vancouver Broadway Super 8 Castlegar outside back cover Super 8 Motel Dawson Creek outside back cover Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park Vancouver Attractions WildPlay Element Parks Maple Ridge 12 WildPlay Element Parks Nanaimo 12 WildPlay Element Parks West Shore Victoria 12 WildPlay Element Parks Whistler 12


REGIONAL Travelodge Canada

BRITISH COLUMBIA 35 35 35 35 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 35 35 35 36 35 35 36 37 37 36 36 37

ALBERTA Alberta Legislature Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) Coast Medicine Hat Hotel Days Inn - Calgary South Deep Sea Derby West Edmonton Mall Drumheller Super 8 Motel


39 39 37 37

20-21 outside back cover

39 37

Dubois Hospitality Group 13 37 Econo Lodge South Calgary 38 Ed's Rec Room West Edmonton Mall 20-21 39 Edmonton Event Centre 20-21 39 Em-Te Town 40 Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre 38 Fantasyland Hotel 20-21 38 Frank Slide Interpretive Centre 38 Galaxyland Amusement Park West Edmonton Mall 20-21 39 Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Calgary Univeristy NW 38 Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump 39 Heritage Park Historical Village 18 39 High River Super 8 Hotel outside back cover 38 Holiday Inn & Suites Grande Prairie-Convention Centre 37 Ice Palace - West Edmonton Mall 20-21 39 Jubilations Dinner Theatre 20-21 41 L1 Lounge 20-21 40 L2 Grill 20-21 40 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Brooks 37 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Drayton Valley 37 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Edson Airport 37 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Edson Airport West 37 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Fort Saskatchewan 38 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Hinton 38 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Okotoks 38 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Slave Lake 37 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Whitecourt 37 Lakeview Signature Inn - Calgary 38 Professor Wem's Adventure Golf West Edmonton Mall 20-21 39 Putt 'n' Glow - West Edmonton Mall 20-21 39 Red Piano Cajun Bistro & Dueling Piano Bar 20-21 40 Remington Carriage Museum 39 Rick Bronson's The Comic Strip 20-21 40 Sea Life Caverns West Edmonton Mall 20-21 39 Sea Lion's Rock West Edmonton Mall 20-21 40 Smitty's Family Restaurant 40 Super 8 Motel Shawnessy outside back cover 38 Super 8 Motel Whitecourt 37 The Palace Casino 20-21 40 The Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre - Jasper 38 West Edmonton Mall 20-21 40, 41 West Edmonton Mall Inn 20-21 38 West Edmonton Mall Ropes Quest 20-21 40 Whiskey Jack's Urban Saloon 20-21 41 World Waterpark West Edmonton Mall 20-21 40

SASKATCHEWAN Comfort Inn Saskatoon Comfort Inn Swift Current Tourism Saskatoon

41 41 41

MANITOBA Dauphin Super 8 Motel outside back cover Days Inn Brandon 4 Lakeview Inns & Suites - Brandon Lakeview Inns & Suites - Thompson Lakeview Resort - Gimli Ô Tours31 42 Swan Valley Super 8 outside back cover The Russell Inn's Inc. Travel Manitoba 32

41 42 42 41 41 42 41 42

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