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Why Choose a Professional Company for Your Mining Services Mining operations require meticulous planning and construction. Every detail has to be checked and tested to make sure that they work accordingly. Other factors such as meeting environmental standards may seem minor details but are very important and essential to the success of the mining operation. Reay Services Group addresses all the needs of constructing and installing polyethylene (PE) and DICL pipelines for mining services. Here are just some of the reasons they are the contractor of choice in the industry. Work Quality Reay Services Group operates with the focus of delivering only the best services to the mining industry, adhering by the highest standards for its projects. The company instils in its workers its highest standards for Health, Safety, the Environment and Quality (HSEQ). Mining facility construction is governed by the toughest and strictest rules and regulations, and the company ensures that its workers are skilled and trained well for challenges. Standards are high in mining services pipelines infrastructure simply because of the dangers and mishaps that could result from faulty installation and construction practices. The contractor, which operates from its head office in Mackay, makes sure that its employees are continuously improving and developing in their knowledge and skills according to the set standards and practices. The company makes it a priority to properly co-ordinate different operations for a mining infrastructure that it is constructing. To ensure this, the contractor puts strong emphasis on excellent communication processes. This greatly helps in the on-time completion of the project. Complete Range of Services The company offers various contractor services for the mining services infrastructure, but it can also deliver a complete range of services, so that the client will only need to communicate and co-ordinate with a single contractor. The company’s range of services includes pipeline trenching services, using the latest trenching machineries, namely, the T955 and T1055 Vermeer track trenchers. The company provides trenching services that are quick and efficient to meet your quality guidelines and timetable. Its trenching services have been conceptualised for the least possible environmental impact, with the excavated soil also being used as backfill for the pipeline. The company also offers machinery hire for various equipment including the track trenchers, backhoes, tonne excavators, rollers, pumps and water trucks. The mining services contractor’s services cover drill pad sites, which are necessary to prepare the area for drilling. The company also handles culvert

systems, water diversion, site clearing and tailing dam de-silting and construction as part of their constructor services. To learn more about the company’s services, visit their website at

Why Choose a Professional Company for Your Mining Services  
Why Choose a Professional Company for Your Mining Services  

Reay Services Group specialises in pipeline installation and construction services for mining services infrastructure. The company’s dedicat...