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Reay Services Group is Contractor of Choice for Pipeline Infrastructure In major projects such as pipeline construction for mining operations, it is a must to hire the best contractor one can get for the project. There are a lot at stake in these large projects Uncoordinated processes could lead to undue delays, accidents and higher construction costs. There is also the factor of complete compliance with government regulations. The entire project could be in jeopardy if regulations are not met properly. Full Service Contractor Reay Services Group provides everything that mining operations need to construct a fully operational water and gas pipeline system. With over twenty years of experience in the pipeline industry, the company has extensive expertise when it comes to pipeline construction. The pipeline contractor is well capable of handling anything from the provision of polyethylene (PE) pipes, to the provision of reliable machinery and personnel. The company exhibits excellent expertise in the field of PE pipeline construction both for water and gas pipeline systems. The company’s services encompasses everything from excavation and trenching, pipeline construction, gas gathering lines, gas and water reticulation, PE butt and electro fusion welding, and management of all pipeline assets. Its workforce is made up of highly qualified personnel with broad experience in the gas and water pipeline industry. They are well trained to operate in different aspects of pipeline construction, including the proper operation of equipment used on the work site. The company’s highly competent workforce continuously undergoes training and professional development to keep them up to date with trends in the industry. Being a full service contractor makes for an easier management of the project as there is no need for the project manager to communicate and co-ordinate with different contractors. This lessens the overall administration costs and makes the entire process more efficient with the help of smooth communication processes. Compliance Reay Services Group boasts full compliance with regulatory standards in terms of health, safety, environment and quality systems, both in Australia and in New Zealand. Its employees are all licensed in their field of expertise to minimise risks in the workplace. The company’s employees all work towards continuous improvement of working standards. Past Projects

The company handles small and large pipeline projects for mining operations. Among the projects that the company has handled are Anglo Coal Moranbah North Mine, Anglo Coal Capcoal Grasstree Mine, BMA Daunia Mine, BMA Poitrel Mine, Peabody Mine, Origin Energy, and NACAP Australia Pty Ltd. You can find out more about the company’s services at our website.

Reay Services Group is Contractor of Choice for Pipeline Infrastructure  
Reay Services Group is Contractor of Choice for Pipeline Infrastructure  

Reay Services Group is a full service contractor for pipeline construction in the mining industry. The company is the contractor of choice w...