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Choosing the Right Trenching Company for Your Project Trenching tasks are high profile projects that need to meet high standards. Trenching is required for civil works and mining service facilities, particularly for the installation of pipelines. Because services and goods delivered are dependent on the quality of the pipeline installation, the trenching work needs to be performed the best way possible. Reay Services Group offers an excellent service in pipeline installation and part of its core services include highly efficient trenching services. The company provides trenching services through its subsidiary All Trenching Australia. As a one-stop shop in pipeline installation services, the company has the expertise to deliver only the best trenching job that will meet the requirements of mining facilities. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider the company for trenching projects. Machinery Reay Services Group use only the most advanced machinery to ensure that it delivers top quality workmanship. For trenching operations, the company uses the T955 and T1055 Vermeer track trenchers. These machines are built for heavy excavation work, deep digging, flexibility and optimum power. The Vermeer track trenchers are excellent for penetrating rock surfaces. They can be equipped with attachments such as the surface excavation attachment used for surface mining and soil remediation. The trenching machines have electronic control systems for easy monitoring of the work progress. With the help of an optional boom, the machines can be made flexible to adjust to different trenching depths. High Efficiency The company makes use of an efficient trenching method, resulting in faster pipeline installation time. Only the soil along the pipeline area is removed by the machine, so there is less time spent in repairing the excavated trenches. The excavated soil will then be used to fill up the trenches once the pipes are fitted in place. The Vermeer track trenchers are very efficient in doing this so there is no more need to use other excavators for the trenching work. Compliance Mining operations operate under strict rules set by the government. Their operations, from the time of preparation up to the last installation work, need to comply with set regulations. The company’s trenching methods are designed to lessen the impact of the operation on the environment. For instance, when excavating trenches, only the trenching line portion is dug. This minimises disturbance of the ground in the surrounding areas.

Mining operators can rely on the trenching contractor to provide services that will help it comply with health, safety and environmental standards. The company instils quality, safety, health and environmental compliance in all its workers. To learn more about the company’s services, visit our website.

Choosing the Right Trenching Company for Your Project  

Reay Services Group is a contractor of mining, trenching and gas and water pipelines installations services that fully complies all the gove...

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