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Top 5 free Wi-Fi app for android to improve your Wifi Connection For a smartphone owner, there’s nothing more frustrating than having run out your 3G or GPRS network, only leaving you with a hard time of making calls or sending text messages. So here I have gathered a list of Wi-Fi apps for android, which allow you to find public Wi-Fi networks, turn your phone into a wifi hotspot and a bit more.

1. WiFi Manager This app allows you find, connect, and manage WiFi networks. It can also improve connection quality with a graphical channel radar. Of course the app supports discover open networks around you. Personally, the app it’s my favorite. The app also includes home screen widgets: one displays detailed connection info, another lets you switch among your favorite networks with a single tap, and yet another toggles WiFi Access Point. 2. Free Zone WiFi Want cut your 3G some slack? Or save some money by stop use your 3g mobile networking? Then you must download this app. Free Zone is the easiest way to find and connect to free Wi-Fi networks. As soon as you get into range of a free Wi-Fi network, you’re connected automatically to the Internet. Very Easy to use.

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3. WiFinder This app can act as a nice and functional WiFi scanner, and allows you to connect all wifi networks: Open, WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Simple but useful. Features:   

List of network contains channel, graphic level, encryption. Save/remove networks supported – Forget option. Auto Scan function.

4. WiFi Booster Easy Connect You can connect to the best available WiFi access points in 2 taps with this amazing app! Having been to a place, like a mall or coffee place wondering if there are any open WiFi around you and not wanna go through all the menus just to check it out? Let this app do it for you! Features:     

One of the easiest most convenient WiFi Apps you’ll find Includes a wifi network speed booster Includes 1 press search for best remembered wifi networks Includes 1 press search for best open wifi networks Very lightweight WiFi Connectivity Manager with Easy Connect and booster

5. WiFi Overview 360

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Finding the best and fastest Wi-Fi connection available is an easy task if you use WiFi Overview 360. You can use this app to manage and optimize your WiFi connections through its channel checker and channel radar. It will show you a detailed description of the wireless networks available, including the name, signal strength, channel number, and encryption ,open or not. To optimize your connection, you can use the app to find a channel or frequency range where there are fewer or no wireless networks using it other than your network. To help you evaluate the wireless networks around you, the app gives you a graphical representation of all the wireless networks within its operating range. From there, the app helps you determine the best channel of choice. So if you want to optimize your network connection, try WiFi Overview 360 for free. Just try these apps that have showed you in this article if you are on the way to find some app to boost your Wi-Fi connection.

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Top 5 free wi fi app for android to improve your wifi connection