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Art Checking out art can be expensive for College Students. The Frist Center for the Visual Art has special deals for college students! College students admission is always $7 but on Thursdays and Friday Nights from 5pm-9pm there is free admission with your college ID!

Nashville is music city. It is a great place to go and find local artists that are new to the music scene. 12th and Porter offers a variety of shows that start at $5. They also have a dance night every Saturday that is only a $1. It is a great way to go out on the cheap. Make sure to bring your ID because it is an 18+ venue. Check out their myspace for more event details.


Sports Hockey games are a great way to support your local team but they tickets can get a little bit expensive. Luckily the Nashville Predators have College Nights. upper level tickets are $10 and lower level tickets are $25.

Upcoming College Dates Oct. 14 vs. St. Louis Blues Oct. 21 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Oct. 28 vs. St. Louis Blues Dec. 23 vs. Ottawa Senators Feb. 17 vs. Vancouver Canucks Feb. 24 vs. Chicago Blackhawks March 10 vs. Minnesota Wild March 17 vs. Boston Bruins March 24 vs. Anaheim Ducks

Streaming Collegiate Revenue: Tips on How to Save Cash during Those “Broke Years.” By: Johnathan Butler

Let’s face it…we’re all broke and hate the current situation we’re in (and don’t try to deny it in front of the girl or boy you like). We want to travel, go to concerts, shop, buy the latest tech gear, go on dates, pay off student loans, etc. but do not have the means to fund these particular activities. Well, fear no more! I have seven simple, but enduring principles that will help you achieve your financial goals. Let’s get started: 1. Start saving now! • It’s never too early to start planning for future events (travel, grad school, student loans) and since nothing in this world is free, start saving a little of what you earn. It could be $5, $10, $15 a week and watch your money grow. 2. Keep track of your spending! • Between going to class, dealing with parents who consistently call, and the always joyful homework….where does one have time to make a budget? Now. Budgeting helps you retain some cash by controlling your expenditures on a certain area. For example, although I like to go on dates, not every female I see can I take on a date (we’re in a recession). 3. Get a part-time job! • Sounds fun right? It can be if you set goals and have a desire to fulfill those goals! Also, remember it’s just a job and not a career. People who sit and daydream about going to a Kanye West concert often times don’t. But, those with a plan of action (i.e. a job and savings plan) generally do. 4. Look for student discounts! • If I haven’t made this painstakingly clear enough, we…are…broke! So, if airlines, restaurants, hotels, and other attractions offer a student discount, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!! You’re only a student once, so soak up all the opportunities being given to you. Would you rather pay $350 for a round trip ticket home for Christmas break or $205 and be just as happy? 5. Avoid unnecessary expenses! • If it clearly says, “DO NOT PARK,” then don’t be upset when fined. It happens, so do your part to avoid fees and extra expenses. Pay bills on time, return library books before the due date, park where parking is permitted. It’s just that simple… 6. Research & invest into a student account!

Before you decide to plop your money into any account, have an understanding of the account type. There are saving accounts, checking accounts, money-market accounts, etc. Know are there any hidden fees and penalties. And also, check to see if your invested money can earn interest (always helps when there’s an extra incentive)! 7. Avoid ALL credit card usage!!! • Yes, the plastic is fancy. Yes, the plastic is cash just waiting to be spent. Yes, the plastic is a sign of “big ballin.” But, you can’t ball knowing you’re $5,000 in debt because you failed to read the shiny fine print that came with the plastic. Let’s do the math (don’t try to turn the page now!): If you had a balance of $5,000 at a 12% interest rate and paid $50.01 every month, your card would be paid off in 71 years. By then, your memory would have faded and you won’t remember what you purchased! •

So people, take these tips and develop great financial literacy! Once you develop these skills and assets, pass them on to others whether young or old. And remember, “The art is not in making money, but keeping it.”


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