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GroupM GroupM is the world’s leading media investment company responsible for more than $113B in annual media investment through agencies including Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence and m/SIX, as well as the outcomes-driven programmatic audience company, Xaxis. GroupM creates competitive advantage for advertisers via its worldwide organization of media experts who deliver powerful insights on consumers and media platforms, trading expertise, market-leading brand-safe media, technology solutions, addressable TV, content, sports and more.




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The Evolution of Thai Consumers .. 2.1 Generation of Now ................... 2.2 Beyond Demographics ............. 2.3 Digital Personal ID ....................

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Know Your Customer, The Real Guide to Treasures ........ 8 3.1 Audiences, The Hidden Gems of an Organization. .............................. 8 3.2 United Cross-Platforms for The Win ...................................... 9 3.3 Discovering with Insights .......... 10 3.4 The 7 Big Trends of The Media Scene ............................ 10


Tricks of The Trade : Making Most of Your Information ........................ 11 4.1 The Power of Big Data .............. 11 4.2 Maximizing Brand Integrity in Trusted Marketplaces ................... 12 4.3 Wow Audiences with That Multichannel Variety! ........................ 13


Fishing with The Right Rod ........... 17 5.1 Sociodemographics and Beyond Getting The Most Out of Insights .... 17 5.2 The Right Experience With The Right Consumer is a Key .......... 17 5.3 Above Traditional Payment ........ 17 5.4 Follow Data not Your Guts ......... 18




As always, Thailand’s industries recognise the importance and true value in digital adverting. With commitment to invest heavily in this marketing medium, spending has reached impressive new heights and continues to grow year after year. According to recent Statistic by Digital Advertising Association (Thailand) 2017, the numbers suggest that we can expect an overall 16% (14,330 M THB) increase in 2018 in comparison to last year’s reported 12,402 M THB.


In 2017, the top spenders of digital advertising were Motor Vehicles (1,289 M THB), Communications (1,195 M THB) that were followed closely by the Banks (847 M THB) who took 3rd place from Skin-Care Preparation (723 M THB) in 2017. This ranking is expected to remain as-is in 2018 while industries seek greater return on investments through digital advertising. It is expected that Motor Vehicles and Communications will demonstrate moderate spending growths of 14% (1,473 M THB) and 8% (1,294 M THB), respectively while Banks show a growing fascination in advertising with an additional 27% (1,076 M THB).

Despite high proficiency in the diverse number of disciplines, Facebook and YouTube remain the Thai Marketers preferred weapons of choice. In 2017, 33% (4,084 M THB of the overall digital spending was allocated Facebook) while 17% (2,105 M THB) was allocated to YouTube. Without surprise, these two disciplines dominated 50% of the total digital market - a trend that will continue with a projected increase in overall spend of 1,033 M THB in 2018. Brands will place more focus on social listening, brand mentions across networks, and e-Commerce, online sale platforms.These tools are now crucial to build connections with target audiences and discovering how a brand’s assets are being integrated into everyday life. 07









OF NOW Life -

Internet connected technology has now become an integral part of the normal Thai lifestyle. It affects everyone’s behaviours, the way they communicate, conduct business and is typically seen as the go-to resource for the answers to all their questions and problems. With a touch of a few buttons they can explore new interests, discover unknown passions and find new career options - the possibilities seem endless! Users of the “all about me” society have been empowered to post, share, and update everyone in their social circles within seconds. In addition, looking to getaway for a quick weekend trip or a go on an extended vacation has never been easier. Deals on airfare to touristic hotspots located in neighbouring countries can be found all the time! This seems to be the preferred option over returning home and for many Thais, family comes in second place as the “all about me” society puts themselves and their happiness first!

Business elders in the agricultural services and online small and medium-sized enterprises have now started to use online media tools more frequently, with the help of the younger generation, to efficiently spread news like wild fire. They are leveraging “Facebook pages” to collaborate with distant communities while offering extraordinary services through their mobile phones. In the past, these devices were used solely for play but now they facilitate the process of finding new clients to serve and to incorporate into their established communities. Moreover, 7 big trends in the media scene have been identified, all of which should be taken into account when dealing with advertising, product development and market research:



New Definitions of ‘Consumers’ - Through access to a multi-communication devices, a consumer can find his or her true self a lot easier than before while funnelling key data that powers innovation. Now, marketers don’t have to go through long traditional trial and error processes. It is crucial for brands and marketers to leverage acquired data to identify their true target consumers.


The Rise of Premiumsumer & Privilege Seeker - Now is an excellent time to focus on the middle-class retirees to enjoy life by pampering themselves a little more as their obligations of dependents and debt fade.


Retro Becomes the New Art - A substantial number of consumers will be more compelled to explore and share their fascinating historical experiences in art form via mobile devices. 12


Expanding Horisons through Personal Development - A new standard of intellectual development is compelling consumers to find new ways to build on existing skills and talents as they aim to grow their social circles and professional networks.


Comfort of Control Consumers are taking more control of their lives through intuitive applications that empower them to save time while quickly completing errands that would otherwise typically require hired professional assistance such as paying for bills through mobile platforms instead of going physically to the bank and speaking to a teller.


Challenges for a Better Me - Smart technology has proven to be highly motivating and rewarding as Thais are taking initiatives of physical fitness improvement through their love for sports.


Contributing to a Better Humanity Consumers are finding more ways to give-back to society by incorporating their passions into acts of awareness and community building.

Media Businesses are taking a ‘mobile first’ approach to designing customer experiences as they curate to the progressive migration from desktop to mobile. Social media platforms and instant messaging services are overthrowing the outdated methods of emails and phone calls. Applications like LINE Messenger, Facebook (including Facebook Messenger), and Instagram all rank as Thailand’s top used applications in 2018.

Regardless of whether it be for work or play, Thais are now conditioned to repeatedly check their internet devices throughout the day. These pocket-sized portable utopias to which people can escape and watch their favourite TV programmes, listen to the latest music and check-in with their social circles without interruptions have become a way of life. 13

Money -

The way Thais are exchanging money is gravitating towards electronic channels as trust and reliability both grow steadily. From a time of great scepticism toward virtual money and simple transactions, there have been many advancements in financial applications that have won the hearts of Thai citizens and are simplifying life as they know it. There seems to be a diminishing need for professional consultation as more and more users are taking control of the personal banking experiences. Many consumers are benefiting from cheaper prices offered only online, the conveniences that comes without cumbersome cash, and from enticing redemptions programmes.

Based on recent findings, in order to completely satisfy today’s mobile shoppers, 3 different eSpending platform features must be established; 14


Mobile Platform - The user journey to finding quality products must be shortened. This is done with the help of filters found within social media tools such as: LINE groups, Facebook pages, Instagram feeds. These filters are based on machine learning algorithms that help produce highly relevant and extremely enticing search results based on a user’s search history, behaviours, values and other important criteria. By empowering users with great reach capabilities, mobile platforms are making our world feel smaller. Users seeking inspiration are exploring and learning while surfing the cloud. It is common to see people adopt self-help techniques from famous Instagram influencers in Thailand with the aim to be just like their idols’ fashion and lifestyle. Redemption programmes encourage customers to spend money with the promise of reward when enough points are earned. If one does not have enough money, it is simple enough to seek instant loans from family or friends rather than going through time consuming processes of dealing with corporate banks. In other words, mobile platforms are making life much easier!


Implementing a one-size fit all strategy for mobile shoppers is impossible, therefore, it is important for marketers to make ‘easier’ the keyword of focus while being aware of the 4 types of mobile shoppers to whom marketing efforts are being targeted : I. The Invisible Shoppers (IS) : are those who seek solutions that help them solve their problems the easiest while avoiding interaction with sellers. This year, many IS have assembled together into social media groups where there is sharing of knowledge, reviews and personally discovered solutions. ii. The Price and Value Seekers (PVS) : a group largely made up of parents who are consistently shopping online for cheaper prices and promotions. While searching for suitable products with the greatest value, this year parents are selecting products that will improve a child so that they can be a better version of themselves than they were the day before. 16

iii. The Self-Spoiler (SS) : are a group of Thai teenagers that enjoy being served with the utmost convenience. Previously, this group was satisfied by simply completing transactions online independently. Now, a new standard has been set where high levels of professionalism and delivery must be included with their purchase. Today, the convenience of online-shopping is considered a basic life skill just as much as shopping offline. This group is privileged and well aware of the shopping servants they hold in the palm of their hands. IV. The Social Equality (SE) : is a group that tends to align with their communities and so marketers should provide ‘easier’ ways to harmonise these individuals with their surrounding people. This is a new group that came to form this year with a mixture of elders and young people who are new to the mobile shopping scene. They feel the need to prove themselves to others that they also have online shopping skills, one that is believed to be a basic lifestyle skill that all Thais can perform nowadays.


On Location Platform - Convenience is in the palm of their hand. Rather than going to the nearest 7-Eleven or cell phone provider location, users now have access to on-demand services which can help them carry out tasks instantly through their mobile phones. These features allow for flexibility by helping customers skip long queues and hastens decision making while using familiar payment gateways. The desire for ‘on-demand’ services is skyrocketing and brands would benefit greatly from incorporating this utility into their business operations if they haven’t done so already.


Human Platform – No need for tech experts to see results– you have all that you need within arm’s length. Although most applications are intuitive, less tech savvy users have the option of being guided when confronted with roadblocks. Rather than wasting gas, trying to weave through traffic and fight for a parking spot, resourceful baby boomers and above can simply resort to asking their children for help with quick banking tasks like checking account balances or transferring small sums of money. 17

Beyond Demographics Due to recent changes in consumer payment methods and shopping behaviours, the old approaches to demographic strategies are now outdated and can no longer be relied on to attract new customers. And so, we must resort to new audience data driven methods that go beyond the norm and have provided amazing results. 18

Nowadays, consumer behaviour predictions cannot be based solely on simple sociodemographic metrics like: age, gender and location. Despite their importance, these rudimentary data points alone are not enough to help satisfy today’s consumer needs and so data analysts have developed new ways of expanding their field of vision to keep up with the swift changes in consumer behaviours. Recent claims state that those who hold audience data will dominate the future of communication planning. After all, in today’s media landscape, content has been commoditised and audiences are the new currency (Brendan Gahan, How Brand Can Use Its Treasure - Audience Data to Predict Future. 2018) Marketers are looking beyond demographics and placing greater focus on digital

Digital Personal ID

The concept of a digital personal ID is meant to increases the accuracy of sociodemographic profiling. By taking a more granular approach to user behavioural research, marketers are now able to extract psychographic information such as customer; traits, values, attitudes, interest, and lifestyles. Thanks to GroupM’s revolutionary tool, [m]insights, media planning, audience analysis and predictive analytics can be conducted easily. While it is important for an ad to be seen, both GroupM and ComScore understand that number of views is not a sufficient measurement of effectives and so they shift the limelight on metrics that lead to incremental return on investments.

When client data and 3rd party data are combined - accurate, rich and scalable audience profiles are created which can be used for campaign planning and execution. Other advantages for using [m]insights are; higher conversion rates, increased online-to-offline traffic and asily obtained re-targeting options. Associating clients with their appropriate digital behaviours and understanding their psychological processes is no easy job as there are over 366 found segments known to date but with this tool, these tasks can feel like a walk in the park. Keep reading to find out how local Thai companies have managed to take advantage of [m]insights to dramatically decrease Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Completed Views (CPCV)!








THE HIDDEN GEMS OF AN ORGANISATION. Preached with conviction, Bill Gates states: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” Evidently, there is truth to in these words as we can observe the imminent changes that Thailand is being faced with today. When tasked with examining the Thai market, experienced marketers will know to look at the audience first. There is a vast number of tools available that can help collect and track audience behaviours. For those new to the game, start-ups can begin by collecting basic metrics such as; client origins, bounce rates and number of clicks, which can all be used later to create insightful predictive models. Underlying reasons for failure to sell can be deduced from these numbers so it would be beneficial for any organisation to allocate resources and analyse these figures. With these metrics in hand, any organisation will be able to create clear road maps to wonders and riches beyond their belief known as a customer’s virtual journey towards complete satisfaction which will ultimately lead to conversions and brand loyalty.

You may be wondering: “What does this journey look like and why is it important?” Ideally, this trip would be completed swiftly and smoothly starting with targeted audiences to help build awareness of; brands, products and services. As Thais educate themselves by conducting self-searches and reading reviews, their consideration to buy will grow to a point where their desire to purchase leads them to complete their payment in order to enjoy the experience that comes with the newly obtained product or service. It is essential for marketers to make note that the journey does not end once a monetary transaction is completed - the importance of after-sale services must be equal to each of the other touch points mentioned above where customers are given appreciation, care and additional information to build strong brand loyalty that will lead to repurchases and valuable word-of-mouth references. 23

United Cross-

Platforms for the Win Redundancy Reduction :

With market share expansion, there is target size increases. Online users are scattered all over the digital ecosystem – it is almost impossible to find out a campaign’s true count of unique conversions and unique reaches. Often, overlap is created where individuals from two separate targeted audiences are reached despite efforts to create unrelated campaigns – leading to a great deal of redundancy and wasted funds. GroupM offers a simple solution that simultaneously increases viewability, reduces reach duplication and heightens target audience accuracy for greater conversions. The potential cost savings are too immense to ignore! Undeniably, the benefits from purchased 3rd party data and collaborations that come from cross-platform systems are a must when creating and analysing dependable sets of big data.


Content Marketing:

It is widely known that consumers dislike any form of in-your-face advertising - a brand must give value to get value in return. Innately, marketers caught on to this notion and realised that they couldn’t serve the same old ads and expect significant results. Hence, the decision to change the approach by leading with content marketing - whereby customers are being focused on instead of the brand to build meaningful relationships and peak interest. (How to do content marketing in 2018. GroupM) With its compelling, efficient and subtly persuasive nature, content marketing has served as an excellent tool used to replace traditional ads but we mustn’t forget, content is not the end goal - producing results is. Feedback should be relayed and assessed to encourage buyers and generate revenue. Publishers and influencers are best positioned to deliver relevant and authentic content as they distribute sponsored content that is bundled with personal creativity. Through feedback, marketers can optimise campaigns and continuously learn how to gain more from their marketing investments.

Discovering Digital Strategy :

In traditional marketing, an ad is served first to customers in order to reel them towards branded content. Now that brands know to offer value first, sponsored content is placed at the forefront of marketing campaigns and then retargeted with ads. For a while, marketers were constrained to serving one product per post but now there are ways in which we can scale a regular ad and add more content. Compelling and relevant ads are essential to any good marketing campaign - this in combination with tangible written, visual, downloadable media are excellent ways to demonstrate to your audience what makes you unique, the industry expertise you hold and the value you have to offer. It can be daunting to think about how you will create and manage all your content and so it is crucial to establish a clear content marketing strategy to know who is creating what, where it will be published and how to be cost-effective. For best results, items Thai marketers must optimise are user interfaces, related content and search engine visibility.

with Insights

As marketers are flooded with consumer data, they sometimes fail to notice the importance of building upon already gathered insights to easily create new ones. At a glance, customer insights can seem unidimensional but resourceful marketers can dive deeper and find hidden gems of learnings. Imagine a young man who is planning a ski trip at the Swiss alps. Apart from the ambitious travel plans, we can make an educated guess that he is likely fit and has money to burn set aside. The hotel at which this man will be able to look at his profile and deduced insights leading them to an opportunity where he would be offered other products he will need during his stay. As you can see, the process of building on gathered insights can be a powerful tool for any business, enabling businesses to deliver relevant content to the right people at the perfect time!









BIG DATA In order to feed a village, it is better to cast a fishing net than to use a spear. Comparably, marketers must sometimes aim for extensive reach before hitting on-target percentage goals. A larger audience pool can be rewarding as it can be later broken down into smaller segments for further descriptive analysis - used to determine success of past campaigns, and prescriptive analysis - used for continual optimisation of market strategy. When optimised, these segments will better match on-target parameters leading to increases ad performance.

Although lofty reach results may seem impressive on the surface, we mustn’t forget to take audience overlap into account so that we can find the true number of unique visitor and conversion rates. Third party cross-platform management services offered by GroupM can help lessen levels of audience duplication by equally attributing conversion impact across different media partners using linear attribution models. Marketers cannot simply spam target audiences - success of a campaign requires much more finesse and with proper content base planning, brands can create relevant and authentic material that will multiply return on investments.


As digital channels continue to pop-up, so do the ways in which consumers share feedback and experiences. It is essential for marketing teams to set mechanisms in place for social listening, an excellent way of monitoring conversations to better comprehend what consumers are saying about a brand or industry online. Primarily used for community management, this process helps identify pain points and enables publishers to gain real-time feedback and allows them to immediately respond to comments, complaints and questions. It is also used to evaluate and prioritise feedback to create more appealing offers - both in form of content and advertisement as well as product and services. If social listening was coupled with [m]insights, a precision tool similar to a master sushi chef’s Santoku blade could be forged, enabling whomever wields it with the ability to dissect big data into perfectly divided groups based on relevant psychographic traits and interests. This way, marketing budget waste would be minimised as customer’s virtual experiences would be enhanced bringing both companies and customers to a win-win situation. 30

Maximising Brand Integrity In Trusted Marketplaces

Advertising has come a long way - from the world’s first banner ad by AT&T in 1994, to Googles search engine monetisation with AdWords in 2000 and then jumping forward to today’s Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence instruments that continuously analyse and optimise ads. Notably, there were more devices connected to the internet than the world’s population of 6.6 billion people in 2007 and predictions show that by 2020, there will be about 50 billion connected devices – that’s an alarming 6.58 devices per person. (CISCO Research. 2018) Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise without having to interact with another human. (Gartner Inc. 2018)

A recent survey, supports this hypothesis and shows how more Thais are choosing to build direct relationships with internet retailers and favour avoiding human interaction. In 2016, 10.9 million Thais indicated that they liked to shop online while 14.1 million said that they did not have time to go shopping in person themselves. After one year, there was an increase of 17% (new total of 12.7 million Thais) that said they liked to shop online and a 27% (new total of 17.9 million Thais) jump in citizens who claimed to not have time to go retail stores themselves. (Nielsen 2018, GroupM 2018) According to the Bank of Thailand, a massive boost in internet mobile transactions took place within a short span of six months. Between October 2017 to March 2018, an increase of over 5 million banking accounts conducted more than 45 million transactions which had a value of around 283 million THB. Truly amazing! (Bank of Thailand, 2018)


So how do advertisers know that they are getting the highest returns on investments? With traditional ads migrating to digital, communication revolving around experience and rigid marketing plans transforming into agile iterations - there is a need for methodical change. Extremist content is demonstrating steady growth where fake news and advertising are popping up beside unsavoury content. This can have negative implications on a brand and so brand safety has become an urgent priority. Social media’s immediacy allows for brand managers to detect, share and amend false campaigns and nip it in the bud before it reaches the masses.


GroupM takes an earnest approach to brand safety as they strive to offer services that focus heavily on the following benefits :

Contextual Brand Safety :

An ad will be seen by a real human who is within a target audience in an appropriate contextual environment whereby full transparency is practiced via online marketing platforms while ensuring that ads are not placed within or beside potentially harmful or inappropriate content such as nudity or gambling. Thanks to reliable verified publishers, GroupM can focus on ad quality as they offer their clients unprecedented brand safety as opposed to the typically random hyper-targeted ad quantities which can negatively impact brand trust.

Viewability :

Confirm that an ad was seen by a user which will add to a total impression count. If an ad is loaded at the end of a website and a user does not scroll far enough to see it, the ad is not deemed as ‘viewed’.

Fraud/Non-Human Traffic Prevention:

Ensuring that advertisements and websites are being seen by human traffic as opposed to computer generated bots.


In 2017, the Association of National Advertisers reported an enormous loss of 7.2 billion dollars due to the lack in brand safety reinforcement. Thankfully, there is the GroupM Trusted Marketplace, a carefully curated network of premium publishers providing a fully disclosed and transparent source results for advertisers in a completely brand safe environment. Utilising highly performing placements and entrusted media vendors, quality results are achieved while GroupM leverages its buying power to offer below market rates. Rather than charging variable prices, pre-negotiated rates will be established and ads will be run through much more efficient environments. Some local Thai brands that are already vested in this service are: Kaidee, Sanook, Channel 3, Channel 7, Amarin Baby & Kids, EDT Guide and many more!


Wow Audiences With that

Multichannel Variety!

Micro Moments : A consumer’s journey to

conversion must be short and sweet. To keep up with the ever-changing behaviours, it is important for marketers to determine suitable media channels and consider ‘micro moments’ to build brand awareness and loyalty while providing relevancy to capture sales all within a customer’s short shopping time frame. Media mediums such as dynamic video, instant messaging apps and QR codes are all viable options however, some may be more suitable than others. After extensive research, marketers will be able to determine the best media platform, establish effective marketing plans that deliver impactful creative ads while promoting products and content at the perfect

time which will eventually lead to happy paying customers. Data tracking and optimisation is an indispensable final step that must carried out to reap the rewards of micro moment examination.

Influencers and Content :

Earlier, the importance of a content marketing with a consumer centric approach was mentioned. When paired with a tactful influencer army, reach and impact can be astonishing as they are positions to deliver relevant and authentic content. Internet users are consuming more and more content and when it originates from a celebrity they idolize or someone they respect; this content can be a crucial turning point in a customer’s virtual journey towards buy ing promoted products.

GroupM offers MContent,

a robust service that enables anyone to leverage :


The largest trusted content partners network. This multi-tiered influencer period provides access to voices that can potentially reach billions of people. Organizations will be able to work with publishers, celebrities, media influencers, micro-influencers and many others. Each class can speak about a brand to their established audiences while adding a personal touch to the content.


Exclusive content data that will help produce stronger insights and create more effective audience targeting parameters by suggesting optimal; times, audiences, ad format, topics related brands and much more. Advertisers will know exactly what content to create and with who!


High engagement levels to activate a brand’s key audience.


Reduced Cost Per View (CPV) as affiliated publishers and influencers are

conditioned to take greater responsibility for performance delivery. With guided creation of standardised formats, ads are distributed through channels that guarantee views.


Retargeted sponsored content with ads that allows advertisers to follow their consumers throughout their digital journey.


Content focused strategies that retarget and relay visitors to the most relevant and effective ads. 35

To ensure quality and quantity of reach while minimising wastage and assuring growth in unique visitor counts is a challenge any marketer faces. With MContent, any ad campaign is bound to succeed! Lakme, a cosmetics brand from Indonesia, is one of many that have already benefited from this service when they launched and was able to gain big from a specific set of affiliated influencers and publishers which generated more than 100 pieces of advertising that created extraordinary hype and brand awareness.


Co-piloting to Success A recent Xaxis case from one of its longest and largest spending advertisers in Thailand demonstrates how co-piloting strategies can be leverages to improve a major HoReCa client’s Key Performance Index (KPI): Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) dramatically. After upstaging other media vendors and channels such as SEM, GDN and Facebook, Xaxis managed to come on top as the ideal choice to execute this segmentation strategy where customers are exposed to advertisements at the time of purchase to help increase sales. This co-pilot strategy offers flexibility and allows for different bids to be submitted according to different recency buckets. Since 2014, this campaign has been running with the main goal to drive online purchases whereby once a first-time user is converted, Xaxis is then able to re-engage tactfully in order to increase the total number of repurchases.

An astounding - 82% drop in CPA resulted from this move as the segmented recency strategy was compared to prospecting while a -40% decrease in CPA was found when the same strategy was compared to retargeting methods. (Xaxis, 2018) Moreover, Xaxis managed to prevail once again with a co-piloting strategy that improved KPI : Cost Per Completed Views (CPCV) for one of their reputable Thai Health & Beauty clients. With the objective to raise awareness of a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free� promotion, an automated co-piloting strategy coupled with [m]insights tool was leveraged to maximise and enhance ad performance. Within a short span of 1 month, a significant increase in completed views and awareness was exhibited while a remarkable 31% decrease in CPCV was found when compared to the regular line item. (Xaxis, 2018) 37





ROD 39

Sociodemographic and Beyond Getting the Most out of Insights When it comes to insights, seasoned advertisers have much to gain from pre-analysed data that has trickled in throughout the fiscal year. Building on existing insights is an economical and time saving option with huge potential gains. As mentioned previously, a simple case of a man going skiing can lead to highly effective opportunities of conversion. Finding self-purpose and passion can be daunting but thanks to technological advances and access to communication devices this process can be expedited. As data is collected over time, new methods of audience targeting are bound to emerge, rendering customer experiences even more seamless and fun. It is an outstanding time to focus on ‘premiumsumers’ and ‘privilege seekers’ as they navigate the spending trends of Thailand’s tomorrow as they live with less financial obligations like dependents and debt. Through self-expression in forms of art, consumers will be able to expand their horisons while undergoing personal development to meet the new Thai societal standards. 40

Privileged to be faced with challenges, smart technology facilitates the process of reaching fitness goals for Thailand’s fitness lovers while astonishing humanitarians show initiative to give back to the community and make impact on a national scale.

The Right Experience with the Right Consumer is a Key The shift from offline to online is imminent and with the volume of accessible information on the market being so vast, Thai businesses must use big data to their advantage by glancing first at their consumer audience. Thanks to the evolution of market segmentations sociodemographic, behavioural and psychographic - cluster analysis can be conducted to discover more insights on customers through analysing how they interact with brands based on similarities in behaviours and traits. The line between unique visitors and overlapping traffic has always been blurred but now, ad spend redundancy can be reduced through cross-platform systems offered by GroupM. It is also good practice to be mindful of the 4 types of mobile shoppers:


the invisible shoppers that will gather with peers to find easiest solutions to their problems while avoiding sellers,


the price and value seeker parents that are constantly looking for promotions on products that will help develop their children into a better version of themselves


the self-spoiler teens that have become masters of online shopping and recognise the conveniences that comes with their personal hand held task managers and lastly the recently formed


social equality elders and young people that are keen to build communities and prove themselves worthy within the online shopping scene. Traditional ‘in-your-face’ ads have lost their potency - content marketing is the source of true value in the customers’ eyes as the mutual transaction of attention for tangible media such as; valuable and informative written, visual, downloadable data or free applications are well received. Once awareness is gained by relevant and compelling content, marketers can deliver multi-product advertising to reduce cost per clicks substantially.

Above Traditional Payment The generation of now have come to accept and trust the conveniences of ePayment services. Technological advances have changed the way Thais conduct business, communicate and live as they integrate online services into their everyday lifestyles. Simultaneously, industries like; agriculture, services online small and medium-sized enterprises are being empowered by such technology while there is a sense of stronger community development. Why go to the mall when you have it all in the palm of your hand? Users are taking charge of their shopping experiences as they browse and make payments at their own leisure without having to consult another human. With cheaper prices, not having to deal with cumbersome cash and enticing redemption programs, it is obvious why more consumers are shopping online. In addition, machine learning algorithms are enhancing experiences as consumers browse while being served suggested products and services that match their values, interests and lifestyles. Life has never been easier! 41

Follow Data not Your Guts. With new technologies and the rising reliance on big data, traditional marketing techniques will soon be extinct. As Thailand’s commerce grows in complexity, human intuition is simply no match for the reliable methods of data science as a mean of decision-making. Companies like Netflix and Line Corporation are increasingly competing outside their traditional sectors - in both price and the way consumers enjoy media. More importantly, being a market leader today does not guarantee that you won’t be the next follower. So how can we stay on top? Third party cross-platform management services offered by GroupM’s agencies can offer companies an edge over their competition as it is geared towards lessening levels of audience duplication. Furthermore, social listening mechanisms are a must for mitigation and issue resolution as businesses deal with real-time feedback, comments, complaints and questions. The need for such tools is supported by the prediction that by 2020, customers will manage 42

85% of their relationship with an enterprise without having to interact with another human. For digital media marketers, GroupM provides brand safety through Trusted Marketplaces that assures: contextual brand safety, viewability and Fraud/ Non-Human Traffic Prevention. To keep up with the ever-evolving behavioural and psychographic changes, it is important for marketers to determine suitable media channels and consider micro moments to build brand awareness and loyalty while providing relevancy. Finally, the influencer and publisher networks are another effective tool that should be kept in any advertiser’s arsenal. Proper platform selection, user generated content and multi-tiered influencer publishing are all components in the equation of success! Managers can rely on experiences to build hypotheses, extract insights and command strategic direction, but in today’s highly complex and ever changing markets, intuition can lead to bad business decisions. Why make guesses when we can be certain by using data to developed key signal-reading mechanisms that help us navigate through the dynamic and highly complex Thailand market.



NO. 1 TV RE-RUN PLATFORM Within just 3 years, LINE TV has grown to become Thailand’s leading online video platform with 20 million user downloads. Users now spend on average 176 minutes daily on LINE TV, which represents 2/3 of broadcast TV (source: Nielsen).



LINE TV has expanded its partners to 161 content partners, up 90% from 2016 including TV channels, producers, music labels, and news & magazines. In fact, due to its strong partnership with leading TV channels, LINE TV has been voted as Thailand’s no.1 TV re-run platform (source: Nielsen), having acquired top prime time TV drama and entertainment content on an exclusive basis.

LINE TV CONTENTS However, not only tv re-runs and exclusive that has become LINE TV’s strong positioning, but, LINE TV also LINE TV a differentiated viewing experience with original content produced only for LINE TV (LINE TV Originals) and a new music experience; a high quality video service, free to users.

These contents have been successfully captured its audiences as shown by a significant year-to-date play views growth across all categories namely TV Re-Run, Music, International and LINE TV Originals. This demonstrates the fact that LINE TV offers content all users’ segments.



As all LINE TV content is curated from known content providers, it gives reassurance for brands that their ads will not be shown in inappropriate content that can happen when on UGC platforms (Source: MOAT & IAS 2018). This hence gives LINE TV 100% Brand Safe platform for advertisers.

ADS VS PURCHASE INTENT With quality users and content, advertising on LINE TV has led to 2 times higher purchase intent in comparison to industry average. Advertising spend on LINE TV has also grown at over 100% year on year. One successful factor could be due to its viewability that accounted for 93%, which is 2 times higher than industry average of 48% (Source: MOAT & IAS 2018). In addition, speaking of video content, it is to say that complete view is one of the most vital metrics in the digital advertising. As a result, advertising on LINE TV achieves 61% complete view on average, which is double the industry average of 33% 46


(Source: MOAT & IAS 2018). Most importantly, research demonstrates that 72% of consumers dislike mid-roll advertising (Source: KANTAR TNS – 2Q18).

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