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la voie de l’excellence * Track to Excellence

The specialist for tracks and overhead line works,

your partner for railway solutions With more than 85 years of experience in France and overseas, TSO provides its high knowledge for construction, renewal and maintenance of railway tracks, modernization and electrification of overhead catenary’s system, surveying works as well as software development dedicated to railway, maintenance and overhauling of locomotives and wagons. This know-how enabled TSO to be the actor of highly technical projects. The World Speed Records took place — 320 mph (515,3 km/h) on the "Atlantic" high speed line in 1990 and 357 mph (574,8 km/h) on the "East-European" high speed line in 2007 — on tracks installed by TSO.

357 mph

Created in

1927 over 1.000 employees in France

and 1.500 employees abroad

April 2007


more than million euros of turnover (30% from overseas projects)

Joining NGE Group strengthens TSO and its subsidiaries development, while sharing values in a group in which human touch is the determinant key to success. TSO pays particular attention to the skills development of men and women who make up the company.

Worldwide presence

Great Britain France Greece

Benelux Romania Turkey

Algeria Taiwan Tha誰land

Dominican Republic Republic of Panama



Togo Nigeria Gabon Congo

Malaysia Singapore

Saudi Arabia India Bangladesh


High technical expertise Focused on technical innovation, TSO gives priority to quality, efficiency and safety improvements. TSO constantly invests in equipment and machineries specialized in construction, renewal and maintenance of railways.

The company owns equipment and machineries with high standards giving TSO an advanced technical expertise and strong competitiveness in order to comply with all new markets requirements.

Construction Conventional lines, high speed lines, metros, light rails, ... TSO can deploy all the required expertise, from development to implementation.

high speed lines

TSO took an active part in the track installation of more than 2500 km of high speed lines, on the French and European territories. (2)

Currently, our teams are mobilized to start the ”South European Atlantic“ high speed line, the biggest railway project ever done in Europe. (1) Channel Tunnel, High Speed One in Great Britain, High Speed Line in Belgium, “Atlantic”, “Mediterranean”, “North”, East European (1),“Rhin Rhône(2)“, in France

conventional LINES

In France as abroad, TSO is highly experienced.

multi gauges, metric, heavy load lines, etc.



(1) Construction of 450 km of new track in Saudi Arabia (Heavy load train - NSR Project - CTW 100 Section), (2) Construction of 100 km of new dual-gauge track in Bangladesh (Jamuna Bridge Project)

urban lines

TSO adapts its offer to all the urban areas issues: trolleybus, metros, light rails



(2) (2)


(1) and (2) Santo Domingo Metro lines 1 et 2 - Dominican Republic, (3) Algiers Metro line 1- Algeria

light rail

(1) (1) Light rail line in Oran - Algeria (2) Light rail line in Montpellier - France


SLAB track, third rail, rigid catenary, conductor rail...

Renewal Maintenance works cover all the activities of heavy maintenance on main lines, switches and crossings. These maintenance works can be executed together with modernisation works, such as improvement of track lay-out, track realignment in view of traffic speed increase, lowering of longitudinal profile in view of electrification...

track and BALLAST high speed sequences of operation

overhead lines


rails highly mechanized patented device, flash-butt welding of rails



Maintenance workshops

Chemin du corps de garde Zone industrielle BP N° 8 77501 Chelles (France) TÊl.: (33) 1. 64. 72. 72. 00 Fax : (33) 1. 64. 26. 30. 23


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TSO : track to excellence  
TSO : track to excellence  

The specialist for tracks and overhead line works