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Winter 2016-2017

Lieutenant Colonel Frost and Mr. Yurkovich pinning Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Burnelis as he is promoted, earning the Billy Mitchell award.

Group One Newsletter

Winter Edition 2016-2017

Upcoming Events January 21

Group One Conference

February 4

Wreaths Across America Wreath Removal at National Cemetery of the Alleghenies, 8am.

February 16-18

Hawk Mountain Winter School in Kempton, PA

February 17-19

Winter Weekend Training in Somerset

March 11

Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade

April 21-23

PA Wing Conference

May 12-13

Group 6 SAREX, information TBA

June 11

PA Wing / USAF Evaluation

August 3-5

PA Wing ES Academy

October 12-15

Fort Ligonier Days

November 11

Veteran’s Day Parades & Applebee’s

December 9

Wreaths Across America Wreath Laying Ceremony at National Cemetery of the Alleghenies.

Group One of the Pennsylvania Wing encompasses the lower 11 counties of Southwestern Pennsylvania including; Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Cambria, Fayette, Fulton, Greene, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties, almost 8500 square miles. Currently there are 6 composite squadrons that make up Group One.

GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


Commanders Corner

Squadron 603

Major Adam Springmeyer

Squadron 704

Captain Dave Haberman

Squadron 712

Lt. Col. Mike Lazaroff

Squadron 1502

Lt. Col. Catherine Flick

“I joined CAP in April of 2004. Several of my goals for my squadron are: * Become a Quality Cadet Unit Award Winner for each year that I am in Command * Earn the Aerospace Excellence Award Winner for each year that I am in Command * Participate in the DDRx Program * Swear in at least 1 new cadet or senior member every month for the first year (I have 6 this year so far) I am a First Officer for Republic Airlines based at the Pittsburgh International Airport flying the ERJ-175. I have been with Republic for the past 2 1/2 years, and have logged over 3000 hours of flight time. When I am not flying passengers I enjoy flying with Civil Air Patrol, spending time with my family, and going to new movies. I am also a Star Wars fanatic. I have been happily married to my wife for over 6 years, and she is also a Senior Member with the Golden Triangle Composite Squadron. My wife and I are also certified foster parents with Presley Ridge.�

GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


That time of year is coming up, please get this on your unit’s calendar! Annual Winter Weekend (mission simulation) Friedens Pennsylvania

18 & 19 February 2017 This year’s mission simulation will include: *** NEW Adventure!!!*** Introduction to winter operations for new Ground Team Members  a missing aircraft search  a missing person search We never know when the call for assistance will come. Missions happen, regardless of weather, time of day or season of the year. This is an opportunity to train in a safe environment (to quote the cadet oath) “to prepare myself to serve my community, state and nation” More details to follow! Mark your calendars! Edgar R. Flick, Lt. Colonel, CAP Emergency Services Training Officer Pennsylvania Wing 814.289.7142

GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017

15 passenger vans pose additional hazards compared to regular vehicles and these hazards are compounded during inclement weather. The best way to avoid these dangers is if it is unsafe to drive, don’t. Before embarking on a trip during severe weather contact a supervisor to see if the trip can be postponed or rescheduled. Another important aspect of keeping 15 passenger vans safe from inclement weather is to listen to local traffic, road, and weather reports to help determine if the trip is safe. For long distance trips use the National Weather Service to check the weather along the route.

The danger of driving in foggy conditions is greatly reduced visibility. Fog can reduce visibility to 1/4 mile or less. This reduced visibility creates dangerous driving conditions for all vehicles, but especially 15 passenger vans. Postpone – Fog is typically densest in the mornings so delaying trips to late morning or afternoon can eliminate the hazard. Lights – Keeping headlights on low beam will allow for maximum visibility. High beams will reflect off the fog and impair visibility more. Reduce Speed – Fog can create the illusion of driving slower than in reality. Also with reduced visibility drivers will be less likely to see and react to hazards that may arise. Wipers and Defrosters – Use wipers and defrosters to maintain maximum visibility. Use the Road – The edge of the road or painted road markings can be used effectively as a guide. Be Patient – Never pass another vehicle during foggy conditions.

15 passenger van’s high, box-like shape and large surface area makes them susceptible to catching strong gusts. Make sure to check weather reports to determine if high wind conditions exist before embarking in a 15 passenger van. Be aware that high wind gusts can be stronger in a metropolitan area. Also, make sure to always keep two hands on the wheel at all times.


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017

Snow and ice are the leading causes of weather-related deaths annually. Winter weather can decrease visibility and create slippery, dangerous driving conditions. Driving during extreme winter weather is not advisable, but roads can be dangerous at any time during the winter. Reduce Speed – Stopping will take much longer for 15 passenger vans during the winter months due to slippery road conditions. Always leave at least 3 times the space as usual between the car in front of you Braking – Brake gently to avoid skidding. If skidding occurs and the wheels lock up slowly ease of the brake. Lights – Use lights during winter conditions to increase your visibility to other drivers. Bridges and Overpasses – These areas will be the first to freeze and become icy. Even at temperatures above freezing, if wet, these areas can develop ice.


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017

For Group 1 Aerospace Officers Greetings AE Officers, As we draw to the end of the year I would encourage AEO’s to submit their monthly Internal and External AE Activity reports as well as any STEM activity. If you have any activity please do by the end of this December 2016. That would be fantastic! From this time moving forward, by doing this on a monthly basis, it makes the reporting process very manageable from the Squadron level on up and to the Wing level. This give PA Wing a better idea of the resources we used and the squadron resource needs as well. Reports should include a brief description of the activity, date and time the activity took place, a flyer if available and photos of the activity in progress. Also if all squadron AEO's could have their squadron Administration Officer or PAO assist in taking the photos, creating flyers, and writing a brief description of each event. *****Any photos will have each individual’s permission to be used for publication*****. Participation in the AEX and STEM programs is essential to the vitality of aerospace concept of every squadron. Cadets and Seniors find the projects both challenging and fun while getting the required 1.5 contact hours fulfilled as specified in CAPR 52-16 pg.13 figure 4.2 . Review CAPR 52-16 and refer to this regulation often. Capt. Alex M. Ladzinski, CAP NER PA Group 1 Aerospace Education Officer


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017

Orientation Flights Two teens from the Beaver County Composite Squadron 704 took to the skies this past November and experienced the thrill of aviation, through their first orientation flights with the Civil Air Patrol at Beaver County Airport. Under the guidance of CAP pilot Captain Lee Savio, Cadets Ezra Smith and Madelyn Vernaccini took flight for the first time with Civil Air Patrol. Each hourlong fight in CAP’s single-engine Cessna aircraft introduced the cadets to the science that makes flight possible. The cadets’ day began by helping pre- flight their aircraft. Working with their pilot, they taxied their aircraft to Beaver County Airport’s runway, gave it full throttle and took off, climbing to 3,100 feet. While aloft, it was the cadets who were handling the controls, during the noncritical stages of the flight. “My favorite part was experiencing the sights of flying and the feeling of being in the air,” Vernaccini said.


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017

On behalf of the ES Officer for Group 1, Congratulations to all the members who have new offices. Important dates for the New Year, are listed below. Feb 4: Wreaths Across America Wreath Removal at National Cemetery of the Alleghenies, 8am. Feb 16-18: Hawk Mountain Winter School in Kempton, PA. Feb 17-19: Winter Weekend training in Somerset. New this year, Ground Team Member training will be held for those members who need to do advanced skills to complete the GTM3 SQTR. It will be more beneficial to them than being expected to know what the more advanced members are doing on the mission exercises, as well as allowing the exercises to be more challenging. Mar 11: Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade. Apr 21-23: PA Wing Conference. Apr EXPECT a weekend of classroom training covering multiple SQTRs at 602's classrooms at AGC. Date to be announced. May 12-13: Group 6 SAREX, information TBA WWII WEEKEND in Reading, PA June 5-11: PA Wing / USAF Evaluation. July: EXPECT a weekend hike in the Laurel Mountains, on the Hiking Trail. Date to be announced. Aug 3-5: PA Wing ES Academy.


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


Oct 12-15, Fort Ligonier Days. We will be requesting a Mission Number this year to train Mission Base and Communications tasks, we will also use your suggestions to improve on 2016's changes and make it even better. We will need more members on each day, in order to implement these changes and benefit from the training. It is a community service event, and most school administrators will consider it an excused absence if the proper discussions are held in advance with the parents and teachers, and the student has an official excuse from the Group 1 Commander. Nov 11: Veteran's Day. Parades and Applebee's Thank You to Veterans. Dec 9: Wreaths Across America Wreath Laying Ceremony at National Cemetery of the Alleghenies. Please encourage your members to take advantage of any opportunity to train, as well as attend those events listed as occurring anywhere within the wing. Events such as the parades, FLD, and WWII Weekend help bring the members together for things other than training. It is important to get training, and stay current, to better support and protect the Commonwealth's residents; this is how we repay the USAF for funding our activities. V/R Capt Eric Gironda, CAP PA Wing Group 1 Emergency Services Officer PA Wing Squadron 602 Emergency Services Officer

Thank you to all who participated in last year’s Fort Ligonier Days. Your volunteer efforts helped make the weekend a smooth success! Major Ed Silassy, CAP Commander, Group One Pennsylvania Wing

GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017

Heroin Addiction & Prescription Drug Use Heroin related overdoses are continually on the rise across the state of Pennsylvania and studies have shown that the rise in heroin use/addiction is directly related to the rise in prescription pain pills, also known as opioids, being prescribed to treat injuries and illness. Sharing of prescription medications with friends and family in addition to not taking the medications properly is adding to the epidemic.

 Heroin & related Opioid overdoses rose 20% from 2014-2015 in Pennsylvania. (1)  Pennsylvania has a higher rate of deadly overdoses than the National Average. (1)  Studies show that fatal overdose rates are much higher in Southwestern PA, Philadelphia and Northeastern PA than anywhere else in the state. (2)  Highest mortality rates for white females ages 25–34 and 35–44 occur in Washington and Armstrong Counties. (2)  Highest areas for young white males and females are suburban or rural PA counties. (2)

Despite these negative facts, the DEA has recently announced a great success in our efforts to raise awareness with our youth! (3)

“It is estimated that nearly 690,000 fewer teenagers used illicit drugs last year than a decade earlier, a 15 percent decline.” Keep up the great work you all do within your squadrons. It DOES make a difference in the lives of our cadets.

(1) (2) (3)


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017

It’s been a busy first quarter of the new year for Squadron 704 with some highs and some lows. The squadron started off the new fiscal year in a rebuilding mode and held a very successful open house on 25 October, 2106. Since the open house the squadron has sworn in 5 new cadets with one new application pending verification. The squadron has also added on new senior member, with two applications in the pipeline and two more being discussed. We would like to welcome Cadets Madelyn Vernaccini, Ezra Smith, Jacob Bailey, Macy Greco, Damian McGee and Senior Member Rodney Bear. On 22 November 2016 with the PA Wing Commander, PA Wing Vice Commander, Group 1 and Group 6 Commanders as well as several Group 1 and Group Squadron commanders the squadron had a Change of Command ceremony, welcoming in the new Squadron Commander Capt David Haberman and his new command team Capt Bob Monnich Deputy Commander for Seniors and Joshua Nussbaum (ADY from Butler County Composite Squadron) Deputy Commander for Cadets. The same evening Beaver County Composite Squadron 704 also welcome a new transitional cadet staff made up of Cadets from the Golden Triangle Composite Squadron 603 (Group 1) and the Mercer County Composite Squadron 122 (Group 6). The transitional Cadet Staff is comprised of C/Capt Matthew Robinson, C/Capt Kayla Stuart, C/Capt Collin Pritchard, C/CMSgt Enoch Cummings, and C/SSgt Andrew Lukitsch. The Cadet staff is also anticipating that other cadets will be help to grow and transition the Beaver County Cadets into staff position. The Squadron also had several orientation flights getting several cadets up in their first month in the Squadron. On a Sad note the Squadron mourned the loss of former Squadron Commander Maj Don Cripe who passed away in December. The Squadron is now busy planning for the second quarter of the fiscal year anticipating Cadets attending the BCOP West in April, Senior Members attending upcoming Professional Development classes and continuing the momentum with recruiting and fund raising activities. Capt David Haberman, CAP Director of Operations PAWG Groups 1 & 6 Director of Finance PAWG Group 6 Commander Sqdn 704


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


GROUP ONE WEBSITE LAUNCHED Please turn your attention (and your friends’ attention, families, enemies, relatives, and strangers) to the brand new Group 1 website, located at I have been working on getting information and requests for the website since late August, and I am pleased to see it finally come to fruition. I am still seeking input on these pages (as outlined): 1) Cadet Programs: looking for information about all the different schools, but more in-depth than the PAWG website. Would also like some leadership tips and examples of average and well-prepared SDA. Would also like personal testimony on the benefits of CAP and physical fitness tips and tricks. 2) Emergency Services: mission safety tips, paperwork to carry with you, tips for signing off SQTRs, maybe some demonstration videos (ex: how to fill out a communications log, how to conduct a hasty search), success stories. 3) Group Staff: missing some images and autobiographies for the Group 1 Support Staff and Command Staff. Based on the NER site, I would like to be able to show people who runs what department and have a “click here to contact x person” so everyone can be reached without giving out public information. 4) Squadron Info: I’d like to standardize the squadron material on the group website, including Commander/Deputy Commander biography and photos, a link to contact the Commander, a Google Map pin of your meeting spot, and your meeting rotation schedule (ex: 1st meeting is Blues and Leadership, second meeting is ES and BDU, etc). I am still working out some bugs; there should be some “revolving” photos on the first page which were working on 19 Dec but not not on 20 Dec when I need to screenshot it, and the site works on mobile but all of the images are distorted, which I need to work on, too, and a few other bugs which will be sorted in due time. I also need to figure out how to code the drop-down menu (instead of having links at the bottom of the page). Maybe I’m biased, but I think we’re on track to having the best group site in PAWG (take THAT, Kim Galford!). If we have internet access at the Group 1 Conference, I plan to bring my laptop so people can poke around on the site and leave me with feedback/suggestions. If the revolving homepage pictures worked, I’d say the site is just over halfway done.

GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


(Continued from Pg 12)

Special thanks to: * Maj Ed Silassy, Capt Earl Gardner, and Col Gary Fleming for the opportunity * Capt Eric Gironda and Capt April Hayden for their ES expertise * Lt Col Michael Lazaroff, Maj Keith McMillen, and Capt David Haberman for being my guinea pigs through this whole project * Lt Col Roy Long for the IT support at Wing * Lt Col Kevin Berry for his pictures used throughout the site and networking he has helped me complete * All of the Group 1 Cadets and Senior Members who already have or will be giving me info for the site Thanks for your time; if you have any questions please email me at 2d Lt Joshua M. Nussbaum, Sqdn 712 IT


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


The Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) is ready to rock and roll for this fiscal year. The CAC will hold their first meeting at the Group 1 Conference (specific room and time to be announced). Each squadron in Group 1 needs to appoint one representative and one alternate for the CAC; it is expected that the representative and/or alternate attend every CAC meeting, beginning with the one at the Group 1 Conference. Please email the names of your squadron’s CAC Representative and Alternate to C/CMSgt Cummings ( and to 2d Lt Nussbaum (CAC Advisor, as soon as possible.

The leadership on this year’s CAC is as follows: * Chair: C/CMSgt Enoch Cummings (Squadron 603) * Vice-Chair: C/1st Lt Nick Belski (Squadron 712) * Recorder: C/TSgt Brieanna Deyarmin (Squadron 602)


GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


Important Memoradum From Group 1 Director of Communications.

The VHF nets are poorly attended.

As of January 1, 2017 the Thursday night net will no longer be held. One of my goals for 2017 is to increase the relevance of the nets, as a start for this when I check in you can expect me to announce that I have an Intercom message available and ask if any stations need it. I have been trying to figure out a way for our group net to dovetail with the wing HF net so we can get traffic from national to the units in as quick a manor as possible. At this point in time the Wing DC is looking to move the time of the Wing HF Net, once we know when the wing net will be held I plan on changing the time of the Group VHF Net. I will be sending a message out and asking for ideas once we know when the Wing Net will be held. However given the lack of participation on the nets they are all but useless at this time and we may consider discontinuing them altogether. One requirement from National is that the radios be kept in operational condition and be used on a regular basis, the statement from the National Commander is that all radios should be used at least once a week. If we shut down the VHF nets no radios will be in use and I will recall all radios issued by the Group 1 and return them to Wing. At this point the total lack of use of most issued equipment means we are in violation with orders from the National Commander. If you are not using the equipment then turn it in to your unit.

Major Glenn Ward, CAP PA Wing Group One Communications

GROUP ONE NEWSLETTER | Winter 2016-2017


Group One Newsletter

Pennsylvania Wing Group One

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Group One Newsletter Winter 2016-2017  

Check out what has been happening and prepare for upcoming events within Group One!

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