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Most of the times, people always think of the shopping centers or the mall to do their activities on the holidays. Sneaking away from the controversial places in Bangkok and visit the beautiful places in Bangkok. It is not difficult to visit the city in the corner that Thai people do not have much chance to go in their lives. How many times that you go to the traditional places that locate in Bangkok?

Let’s start the day at the Saranlom Park that is so good atmosphere.

Saranlom Park • At Saranlom Park, many people come to get the fresh air and do the activities . For example, some people are coming to exercise and chill out.

Crème Brulee • Crème Brulee is the coffee shop that locate on Barommaratchachonni Road. The shop has personal style. It has a cute style and romantic feeling. It is very romantic for couples.

Grand Palace • The Grand Palace or Wat Pra Kaew is one of the most beautiful places in Bangkok. Many of foreigners are visited the Grand Palace in one day. At the Grand Palace, it contains the beautiful palace and valuable things of Buddhism and Thailand.

Wat Arun • Wat Arun locates at Bangkok Yai on the west bank of Chao Pharya River. The most famous of Wat Arun is Prang Wat Arun that many tourists love to visit. At Wat Arun, it also has Thai style merchandises and it also has the service of boat tour on Chao Pharya River.

Shooting the real guns at Jao Chet boot camp.

Shooting Guns • If you want to do something exciting, I recommend you to go to Suan Jao Chet. It is the place for training soilders, but it has an activity that many people like to do.

Talingchan Floating Market • Floating market is one of the places that tourists want to visit because it shows Thai tradition and it is very exciting for the visitors. Talingchan floating market does not have only eating and selling products, but it also has a trip to see people ‘s lives who stay beside the river. The example of the trip is orchid garden.

Baan Jakrayan • It is the place that contain many old stuffs. The main thing is bicycle. They are a lot of bicycles in there. Not only the bicycles, but it also has a lot of many old stuffs that new generation can’t see such as motorbikes, ceramic stuffs, books, magazines, and etc.

Golden Mountain and Loha Prasat • The 2 places are not far from each other. At night people can see how beautiful of Loha Prasat. From the Golden Mountain, people can see the night of Bangkok and Loha Prasat also. That why the two places are very interesting.

Let’s break and drink delicious milk and beverages.

Khao Sarn Road • This the famous place for shopping and nightlife in Bangkok. Many tourists visit Khao Sarn for shopping and hang out. People can find many street show and drinking all night to have fun. Khao Sarn is not only popular for tourists but Thai people also love to go there

• I think Thailand has many beautiful places to visit, but many of people never think of them. In my opinion, some places, Thai teenagers never visit them, so why people are not try to change the way of traveling to see and learn the tradition that they may forget.

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