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Behind The Scene By Group 15 Phattirawan J. 5207640755 Sasin S. 5207640151 Naphathadon P. 5207640391

Introduction This Book is covered with how the assistant director, Mr. Bancha Jongon, works in media world. Having a good chef is not good enough without assistant who make the best with ingredients.

“I started a film career from being a photographer, then a runner and then became director's assistance.�

“We create options for directors to selects the best for his films. Moreover, we plan and tend to control everything to go smoothly.�

“Falling in love with this profession is not difficult.�

Duties of assistant director is like a chef assistant, we are responsible for preparing materials for cooking.

“As I remember, it was around 1992. There weren't much place to study for these specific field.�

“Need to know everything that happens in the production.�

“It is what I do everyday and I enjoying it too. Love, passion and temptation.”

“I love my career. Not just as a career of director assistant but also as in a filmmakers.�

“Patience, strength, diplomatic and brave. As the assistant who is the centre of all.�

“The best part is a chance to meet with awesome people.�

“TV commercials also using as a tool to communicate with major amount of people.�

“Facing pressure from both the director and staffs.�

“We must work against time. Things I said are reality, I'm like a cowboy, a cowboy who can produce films.�

“I never regret of what I do. It's my life. I couldn't think of any other fields I can work with other than this.�

“I ran into the opportunities. Taking ever opportunities I could reach. To prove that I am good enough for it, I dare myself to got myself a job.�

“My experiences cannot be bought.” - Mr. Bancha Jongon

Group 15  

The photo album of Mr.Buncha Jongon,the assistant director. Digital Magic Production.