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Story By: IMANTREK He’s So Colorado


eet Nic Dime (born Jordan Ryan Gaskell) was born in Tulsa Oklahoma 12/17/83 as a first generation IRISH boy in the USA. due to an early struggle in family relocation protective services he has lived many places including, Alabama, Mizzou, California, Florida and Colorado. After settling in Colorado he lived with his mother and sister in the south east trailer parks of Lafayette CO. Having problems in the school system he finally graduated at age 20 in Thornton CO. Having found an escape in music at an early age, he fell in love with the process of expressing himself through rap. According Nic,” I recently signed a recording contract to a Denver based label Noizy Neighbor Productions (NNP) and am currently working on my first of few solo albums. I have a collaborated Mixtape finished and to be released shortly. Currently lining up shows to span many of Colorado’s county’s, also to begin shortly. I believe we are creating our

emcees. You will find yourself saying “ its not West coast, or East, its not Chicago… damn Colorado doin’ they thang!! Haha. That’s what I aim for.” You never know where the gritty face of Hip Hop will show her face, but the greatest thing about Hip hop music is its ability to cross boundaries, The world is a lot more open minded to this art called Hip hop, but I guess there’s a time and place for everything. “The most unusual place I ever performed at was a house party I was paid to provide the entertainment for. Well there were only a few hip hop heads there. After performing I got mad love…. But in somebody’s words exactly… “man you’re a tight rapper, that was ill, now let’s put Blink 182 on!” haha. I says “Thanks for the love fella!…. Point me to the jay z room” feel me? Haha, says Nic. Enough can be said about violence hip hop has been blamed for, and in this day of the SWAG its hard to find a message in songs. In the words of Nic, “I believe there is either a more conscious hip hop, or gangster hip hop here. So I can bring a certain level of intelligence to my rhymes as well as keeping the “witty”, “street side” or “Bling” if you will… feel me?”

you will… feel me?” Success can be a long hurtful road filled jealousy and contempt. It is hard for most new artists to cope with the failures and obstacles that arise while attaining your dream. One must be driven and self motivated to overcome all the negativity that may appear. Many times these frustrations are vent through verse. According to Nic, “Well I write rhymes mostly on a daily basis. The last written song im most proud of is a song about striking a deal with both the devil and the lord internally about “making it or failing in the rap world”. What’s cool about this particular song is that with what the word “Success” means to different people… they both lose the bet…. And I win, based of coarse on how I vary my meaning of the word while explaining to each of them individually why they lost…. Its an ill song and will be on my

first solo album with (NNP). Yes sur!”. Another part of success is finding your own sound that you can market to your niche audience. This is part the excitement of becoming an artist who can convey their true feelings through song. “Right now I would have to credit two aspects that excite me about music. The first is FREEDOM OF SPEECH! I can be who I am and what I am and that has got to be the most important thing for anyone, there is no better feeling than just being YOU… feel me? The second is that lately I’ve been receiving more love

than ever before… DJ’s, Other Artists and most importantly FANS. I would make hip hop for the rest of my life for just myself and those who have always been diggin’ the kid, But its nice to know that an increasing number of ears is starting to dig as well… feel me?, adds Nic. Making timeless music is easier said than done, but if you can keep that mindstate when creating songs you are bound for success. Money is great to have, leaving a legacy you can leave behind might be more satisfying. “Good

music lastS forever”. Michael Jackson”. Nic adds,”you can catch me jamming some Rob Bass from time to time! “Joy pump it up pump it up and pain/ sunshine and rain” that’s my joint! Haha. I respect all aspects of time frame… believing personally that one can learn a lot about where its been, where it is, where its going and where it can go.” Technology is an amazing thing. 20 years ago it would have been close to impossible for an hip hop artist from Colorado to be signed or even heard. With the emer-

gence of social networking and the viral age artists are bridging the gap with commercial artists. According to Nic, “Look at how cats are receiving one track deals! One shot to make a national hit and ringtone sales before even receiving an investment of a full album contract! Online is where the game is at these days… its hard to get heard or even turn heads without offering something free from time to time…. Feel me?” You can find more information about Nic Dime at, which includes catchy songs such as, “Im So Colorado”.

Grounzero Mag-zine: Nic Dime "He's So Colorado!"  
Grounzero Mag-zine: Nic Dime "He's So Colorado!"  

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