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welcome 12.13 Welcome to the revival of newscasting!


ears ago Grounds For Sculpture volunteers worked with staff to create a newsletter to keep our community connected. Now, I am pleased to reintroduce a new version of the publication that has been reworked with you in mind – GFS Members and Volunteers. Arianne Kassof, a longtime GFS volunteer, was particularly involved in the newsletter. Her contributions to this and many other projects were greatly appreciated over the 13 years she volunteered here. Arianne passed away on September 17 and on behalf of everyone at GFS, we dedicate this issue to her. Within these pages you will find stories about the people and projects of GFS. Everything from new staff and new programs to a closer look at sculpture or family activities in the park will be shared here. We hope you enjoy it, and continue to connect with us! Aylin Green Director of Membership Tel 609.689.1089

Arianne Kassof in the water garden at GFS.



EDUCATION INITIATIVES Partnerships abound.


SCULPTURE SPOTLIGHT Teatro IX by Herk Van Tongren, past president of Johnson Atelier.


IN THE GARDEN Isles’ YouthGrow program.


GFS BOARD EXPANSION Introducing 4 new members to the Board of Trustees

> initiatives Park Updates New and Improved Visitor Center You may have noticed that there has been a lot of activity surrounding the Seward Johnson Center for the Arts (SJCA) as construction has begun to revamp the building into a more functional Visitor Center. Included in this exciting project are plans to expand visitor information and orientation areas with a “park and pay” entrance structure; to create a single, expanded gift shop (which will replace the Museum Shop and Toad Hall Shop and Gallery); to provide a food and beverage option; and to expand rental facility space and staff offices. Take a look at this schematic provided by AC/BC Associates, Brian Carey and Dan Neary Architects. Cover: David Allen Devrishian, Untitled, ca. 1980 (detail), steel, 107 x 75 x 53 inches, Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc., Gift of The Devrishian Estate, © Artist’s Estate. Photo by John Robson



Partnerships Aplenty in the Education Department

Photo: Andrew Wilkinson

Behind the scenes in 2013, GFS’ Education Department has been working with community organizations on several partnership programs, allowing for shared resources and talent, and enabling each to reach wider audiences while also sharing expenses and seeking new funding sources. Here are just a few of the exciting partnerships in development.

Rhea Zinman, Couple, n.d. (detail), cast bronze, 35 x 17 x 20 inches, Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc., © Artist’s Estate

Accessibility Upgrades There have been many new initiatives to continue making GFS a highly accessible site for all individuals. In 2010, GFS received a grant from the Karma Foundation to purchase and ADA approved vehicle that can accommodate a wheelchair and four additional passengers. Recently, this service has been expanded and is now operating Tuesday – Sunday from 11am – 3pm on a first-come, first-served basis, as well as with advance reservations. Vehicle operators are trained to offer informative tours of the sculpture park. Other park improvements to accommodate usage by wheelchairs include a new set of automatic doors added to all museum buildings, and the door sills lowered to be flush with the pavement entryways. The geo-block pathways in key areas of the park have been resurfaced with pavers or smooth aggregate that is more wheelchair-friendly. Park pathways have also been vetted for wheelchair usage by consultants from the Progressive Center for Independent Living. Additionally, GFS Guest Services staff has received ADA sensitivity training focusing on mobility issues and offering assistance for the blind and visually impaired. In 2012, with additional support from the Karma Foundation, GFS created a new brochure called, Grounds For Sculpture Accessibility. Now available, this brochure includes an outline of the services GFS offers to guests, as well as a map highlighting the degree of challenge for all paths throughout the park. GROUNDSFORSCULPTURE.ORG

Arts Council of Princeton (ACP). Continuing in 2014 will be a workshop partnership with ACP. Specialty art workshops are developed between the organizations with art instructors coming from ACP and the unique landscape setting provided by GFS. The workshops are available to students at both organizations, so each gains exposure to new audiences. In addition, the students benefit from a wider array of offerings. In spring 2014, this partnership will present a traditional Chinese Brush landscape painting class, which will take place outdoors at GFS. Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Program. GFS was one of four host sites for a professional development workshop for NJ teachers organized by the Dodge Poetry Program. The workshop, called Image to Image, encouraged participants to write poetry influenced by their emotions and responses to visual art, and in our case, sculpture. At the workshop, participants heard from Dodge Poet JC Todd and then explored the park and wrote poetry for a portion of the day. The session concluded with participants sharing their works with the group. This was a natural partnership for the two organizations considering the poetry markers scattered throughout GFS, and the similar philosophies of teaching participants through a self-guided educational experience. Talking Book and Braille Center. GFS and Talking Book and Braille Center have been partners for many years on the biennial fall festival. GFS served as the host site for the event on October 12th, which reached over 200 patrons with no or limited vision. The Talking Book and Braille Center arranged for keynote speaker Mary Jane Clark, as well as a panel discussion highlighting area authors. GFS provided a hands-on altered book art workshop specially designed for patrons with no vision. In addition, GFS volunteers provided touch tours for more than 50 participants! This partnership allowed the Talking Book and Braille Center to accommodate a large number of participants in a fully-ADA compliant facility, and GFS was able to further its mission of making the arts accessible to all.

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green Receive event guides electronically by sending an email to gogreen@ You’ll be helping us take a step toward sustainability and be among the first to receive this information, which means you’ll have first dibs on programs that always sell out! Please be sure to add gogreen@ to your address book so you get our messages! If you love Grounds For Sculpture, there’s lots of ways to get involved. And as a not-for-profit organization, each one is incredibly important to our sustainability.



Our members receive special discounts on everything from shopping and dining to classes and more, exclusive invitations to exhibition openings, and free admission to the park year-round…just for starters. To become a GFS member or for more information about the many benefits of membership, contact our Director of Membership at (609) 689-1089. We offer corporate memberships too! 3


Teatro XI, 1981, by Herk Van Tongeren

GFS ONLINE GFS is just a click away and there’s lots of ways to stay in touch. Visit us online at There, you can sign up for our e-newsletter and get regular updates about what’s new and happening at the park. You can also “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Pinterest page.

If you love Grounds For Sculpture, there’s lots of ways to get involved. And as a not-for-profit organization, each one is incredibly important to our sustainability.



Our volunteer program is an enriching and fun way to spend free time. We cherish—and rely on—the invaluable time our volunteers contribute. To volunteer at GFS or for more information about how you can donate your time, contact our Manager of Volunteer Services at (609) 586-0616, x. 247. 4

Works such as Teatro XI not only reveal Herk Van Tongeren’s great depth as a sculptor known for creating stimulating, yet thought provoking three-dimensional work, they underscore his reputation as a renowned expert in cast and fabricated metal sculpture. His legacy is integrally bound in the history of the Johnson Atelier where he served as President and Executive Director until his death in 1987 at the age of 43. In his position, he attracted notable sculptors from around the United States and the world to create their work at the Atelier. His reputation also attracted a cadre of young sculptors, who he inspired and encouraged to deepen their skills, thereby further strengthening their commitment to their art. Many of these same sculptors, while now a bit older, are still at work in the Motor Exhibits Building studios on the grounds, or at the nearby Johnson Atelier and Digital Atelier. Others still are at work in their studios throughout Mercer County and places far beyond the very special place where Teatro XI is now sited. Herk Van Tongeren was known for his deep interest in history, art, and world culture. He traveled extensively and loved Italian art and architecture in particular. He held great admiration for the paintings of George de Chirico and the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti. His prolific output of notable and classically inspired large and small works, created

Herk Van Tongeren, Teatro XI, 1982, cast and fabricated bronze, edition 1/3, 66 x 150 x 84 inches, Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc.

throughout the last decade of his life, known as Serie Metafisica, was based on his concept for metaphysically inspired sculptural landscapes that resemble ancient Greek and Roman theaters. Instead of replicating the ruin-like features of such artifacts, Van Tongeren’s sculptures for this series including Teatro XI, consist of magnificently cast and fabricated bronze works that are finished with a precisionist eye for surface and detail as well as a rich colored patina. Where figures might be imagined standing on the planes and steps of these stage-like sets, a juxtaposition of columns, walls, doorways, and other geometric forms create a stark and mysteriously incomplete landscape. With this body of work, Van Tongeren formed a tension of styles between antiquity, classical art, and modern machine-age inspired principles in sculpture which is uniquely his own.


THE LEGACY SOCIETY Join the Grounds For Sculpture Legacy Society and help support the organization through planned giving. Through your bequest or other planned gifts, you can ensure that GFS will continue to fulfill its mission to promote an appreciation and understanding of contemporary art for all people and inspire visitors of all ages for generations to come. By remembering GFS in your will, establishing a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust, or making GFS a beneficiary of your IRA or Life Insurance Policy, you may create a lifetime stream of income for you and/or a member of your family, as well an enjoy a significant charitable income tax or estate tax deduction. In addition to the personal reward of being a partner in our work today and GFS tomorrow, you’ll also have the gratification of leaving a gift that will live on forever. For more information about how you can support GFS through

a planned gift, please call the Development Office at 609-586-0616 ext. 233. Please note: Making an estate gift requires careful planning and thoughtful consideration; therefore, we advise donors to consult with their financial advisors as they explore these options. GROUNDSFORSCULPTURE.ORG

Photo: David W. Steele

by Tom Moran, Chief Curator

Photo: David W. Steele

garden How Does Your Garden Grow? This summer, GFS had the delightful experience of partnering with Isles for their YouthGrow program, which brought underserved students to GFS for tours of the park and hands-on time in the Rat’s garden and kitchen. There were two groups of students: 12-14 year olds from HomeFront, and older teens from Urban Gateways (a program of Mercer Street Friends). Each group visited twice. During their first visit, each group took a docentled tour of the park before getting a tour of Rat’s Restaurant and kitchen, and spending some time in the garden. It was fascinating and poignant to watch the journey of these young people. After walking around the park, being surrounded by art and beauty, they opened up and soon began smiling, asking questions, interpreting art, and being engaged—all very powerful to witness.

On their second visit, each group went into the garden and picked basil and beautiful little tomatoes with Chef Shane Cash. Then, in the kitchen they made Caprese salads with their fresh-picked ingredients. Oh, the artistry as they applied their balsamic finishing glaze! Presentation clearly mattered and they took great pride in how beautiful their finished plates looked. Chef also had a special treat in store—still-warm chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around house-made ice cream, which might have received applause from one group. The third visit included both groups—all 22 of these bright young people— for a culminating lunch in the Dance Pavilion at Rat’s with their peers and program staff. Building on the Isles’ YouthGrow lessons, students learned basic garden maintenance in a commercial context, as well as the importance of food safety for consumption, through hands-on sessions inside Rat’s kitchen teaching food preparation, career pathways, and the links between garden-grown and social and economic benefits. Supplementing their kitchen and garden work with tours of GFS and its 270 sculptures, participants experienced the ways that local arts and cultural assets support each other and the surrounding community. GROUNDSFORSCULPTURE.ORG

Students from Isles’ YouthGrow program learning from Chef Shane Cash in the Rat’s kitchen garden.



GFS Members Adventures

ISC Discounts Grounds For Sculpture Members may now receive GFS Members Adventures 2013 trip to Key West, Florida 20% off a membership to the International Sculpture Center (ISC) or a subscription to Sculpture magazine. ISC, publisher of Sculpture magazine, is a nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to champion the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. Members include sculptors, collectors, patrons, architects, developers, journalists, curators, historians, critics, educators, foundries, galleries, and museums—anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture. GFS Members can visit their website at and enter the promotion code of GFS13 to receive the discount.

Members’ Musings Exhibition This annual juried exhibition is open to current and new GFS Members and features works created in a variety of media. This year, the Members’ Musings exhibition was on view in the Education Gallery from July 6 - August 25, 2013 and was curated by Lynn Lemyre, Executive Director of Artworks Trenton. The next Members’ Musings exhibition will be held July 12 – August 24, 2014. Congratulations to this year’s artists for mounting an incredible show! SL Baker Bob Barish Tina Boyer Kathryn Dorsey Lucas Sunil Garg T. A. Hahn Priscilla Heep-Coll 6

Jane Huff Charlie Katzenback Lynn Kramer Joy Kreves Ronald A. LeMahieu Carol A. Lipson Karen Overbye

Artist and GFS Member Katie Truk with her sculpture Arise.

Sharon Ritz Jill A. Rupinski Margaret Scott Kincannon Katie Truk Nicole Vincenti Theodore Warchal Tmima Z

Join or Upgrade to Win There is still time to upgrade your GFS Membership and be entered into a drawing to be one of eight members who will be tasters for Rat’s restaurant’s new Spring 2014 menu! Join Chef Shane Cash in the “Rat Hole”, the exclusive chef’s table, and be treated to an array of new culinary delights as you taste dishes and learn about the menu development process. Call the Membership Office at 609-689-1089 to be entered, or write TASTE on your membership form through December 31, 2013. Winners will be drawn at random. Tasting date to be set at the discretion of Chef Shane Cash.


Photo by David Steele

January of 2014 marks the second GFS Members Adventures trip planned for visiting the tropical island of Key West, Florida. This year’s trip sold out in record time, and was then expanded in order to accommodate additional travelers! We look forward to creating more memories with GFS Members as we travel to the winter home of GFS founder Seward Johnson and enjoy his hospitality for another evening of friends and cocktails. This year, look for more opportunities as we expand our travel offerings for GFS Members.

Photo by David Steele


Isaac Witkin, Garden State, 1997, Zimbabwe black granite, 188 x 133 x 115 inches, Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc., © Estate of Isaac Witkin Docent and new Board Member Ulli Arendt sharing her excitement about sculpture during a tour of the grounds.

What’s happening in Volunteer Services? It would be impossible to capture all that is happening in Volunteer Service at GFS in this space! In March we welcomed a new Manager of Volunteer Services, Nancy Schomburg. With Nancy’s guidance, the Volunteer Department has reorganized and continues to provide high levels of service in support of Grounds For Sculpture’s mission. Several new initiatives and refinement have been developed: • Realignment of the available volunteer opportunities. • Expansion of the new volunteer orientation program. Offered monthly since March 2013, resulting in 39 new volunteers trained to date. • A new peer-to-peer volunteer training plan for Guest Services volunteers.

Thank you to the approximately 50 volunteers who attended the September 20th Quarterly Volunteer Training and lunch! The focus of this session was on how we can better serve GFS guests with disabilities. We are a very accessible museum but only if we have the skills to guide our guests in ways that best meet their needs. Stay tuned for future trainings. The Volunteer Program Advisory Group (VPAG) will be instrumental in the planning to include local art based trips and activities for the volunteers.

Volunteers have been very active in their support of outreach efforts by GFS to go “beyond the fence.” Recently, they have represented the sculpture park at a networking event hosted by the New Jersey Young Professionals and at a Trenton Thunder game. They have also become the face of GFS to many community sites through the creation of our Community Marketing program. An active corps of 18 volunteers is providing tremendous support to the GFS Marketing Department by distributing brochures at public libraries, community centers, retail establishments, and hotels throughout the surrounding communities. By monitoring these sites monthly, they are helping to get the word out about the “Perfect Day Trip” in central New Jersey.

Volunteer Services is thrilled to congratulate Ulli Arendt on her appointment to the Grounds For Sculpture Board of Trustees. As a long-time volunteer, Ulli’s service to the organization has been remarkable, providing almost daily support in a multitude of ways including leading tours of the park and assisting in the Visitor Center as a Guest Services Volunteer. The honor is well-deserved, and we are proud to have her representing the 120+ GFS volunteers!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer at GFS, please contact Nancy Schomburg, Manager of Volunteer Services at GROUNDSFORSCULPTURE.ORG

If you love Grounds For Sculpture, there’s lots of ways to get involved. And as a not-for-profit organization, each one is incredibly important to our sustainability.



GFS is a not-for-profit selfsustaining organization that relies on the generosity of those who believe, as we do, that art belongs in the lives of everyone. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift. Whether you make a one-time donation, provide steady and reliable support through a monthly pledge, or are including GFS in your estate planning, your contribution will help us keep the park thriving for years to come. To make a gift or for more information, contact our Director of Development at (609) 586-0616, x. 233. Corporate sponsorship and memorial opportunities are also available. 7


here are lots of fun happenings at GFS for families! The next time you visit the museum, be sure to ask at any information desk for a copy of our current Family Guide. The Family Guide has suggestions on fun pieces to look for in our exhibitions. There are also kid-friendly questions or activites to do when looking at the artworks. Be sure to check our website at www. and view our calendar of events for dates and times of all our children and family programs! For the youngest art lovers, GFS offers an early childhood education program called Tots on Tour! This is a freew it h-pa rk-ad m i s s ion program that serves up to 40 students each month. Participants and their caregivers visit a work in the park, hear a related story, then make a hands-on art project. All components of the program are designed for children ages 3-5. In September, GFS will resume the Storytime in the Gallery program, which started this past winter. Each month one of our art galleries will host a children’s book reading. Children then explore the exhibition and create a small art project to keep as a memento. This season a few of our featured titles will be Bears on Chairs by Shirley Parenteau and Over in the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats. GFS also offers a variety of family activities throughout the year, including many day-long festivals. These include annual favorites like Groundhog Day, Day at the Fair, Anniversary Arts Party, Bastille Day and Summer Social. The next day-long family event will be Lights On! on November 30th from 12-6pm. This day will include holiday-themed workshops, musical performances, and the lighting of the holiday lights in the park. Mark your calendars! 8





Photos: David W. Steele


Representational or Abstract? Representational works of art represent a person, place, or thing. Abstract works of art are composed of shape and form. Above are examples of both types of sculpture. Circle which one you think they are. tional Representa t? 1. Arch II, Set II, Strong-Cuevas or Abstrac Representational 2. Leucantha, Philip Grausman or Abstract? 3. Bull # 4, Peter Woytuk Representational or Abstract? Representational 4. Urchin, Howard Kalish or Abstract?

Now, see if you can find one of each on your own in the sculpture park! Have a family member take a picture of you with the Representational or Abstract sculpture. Can you make yourself look like the sculpture? Images above: Peter Woytuk, Bull #4, 2002, cast bronze, edition 1/8, 82 x 60 x 160 inches; Howard Kalish, Urchin, 2001, fabricated bronze, 96 x 106 x 98 inches; Philip Grausman, Leucantha, 1993, cast aluminum, edition 1/3, 108 x 118 x 118 inches; Strong-Cuevas, Arch II, Set II, 1995, fabricated aluminum, 144 x 132 x 156 inches; all sculptures Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc.

GFS Membership Makes a Great Gift Now through December 31, 2013 all new or gift memberships are 20% off! Visit to purchase your gift memberships and use code GIFT13 to receive your 20% discount. Purchase by December 20, 2013 to ensure delivery by Christmas. GROUNDSFORSCULPTURE.ORG

Left: photos: Zach Teris for DMH Photographers

families @ GFS

GFS BOARD EXPANSION GFS’ Board Nominations Committee is delighted to announce the addition of four new Board membersDr. Ariel Abud, Ulli Arendt, Michael Greenleaf, and Barry Zhang. Now numbering at thirteen, the GFS Board represents a wide range of professional expertise: business and finance, philanthropy and nonprofits, marketing and audience development, strategic planning and fundraising, among others. The GFS Board actively oversees finances, program advancement, and strategic planning. “Expanding the GFS Board is an extremely important goal for the organization; Board members are integral to our long-term sustainability, and we are extremely fortunate to have four new members dedicate their time and expertise to help further the organization’s mission and help to ensure that GFS will be around for future generations for all to enjoy.” Eric Ryan, President of the Board of Trustees

Current Members of the Grounds For Sculpture Board of Trustees: Eric Ryan, President Gordon Gund, Vice President Barbara Lawrence, Treasurer Dr. Ariel Abud Ulli Arendt Tracy Dickinson

Dr. Ariel Abud

Micheal Greenleaf Scott McVay Esther Novak Greg Olsen Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas Roger Toner Barry Zhang

Ulrike (Ulli) M. Arendt

Ulli served as Senior Examiner in AP Language Programs and Director of Licensure Development at Educational Testing Service (ETS) for fifteen years, where she continues to work as a consultant. She has co-authored several papers on the study, teaching, and testing of global languages. She is a creative writer and poet and is a contributor to several American and German anthologies. Ulli is a life-time member of the American Association of Teachers of German and was a member of the Mercer County Tennis Council. A GFS volunteer for fourteen years, Ulli’s dedication is admired by both the staff and volunteers of GFS.

I am very happy to join the GFS Board as over the years I have enjoyed visiting the grounds. Also, because of my love for sculpture, I believe I will be able to contribute to the organization and support them in accomplishing their mission.

Left: photos: Zach Teris for DMH Photographers

Photos: David W. Steele

support GFS


I have volunteered in many different roles since I became a member in 2000. I have learned so much and feel GFS has opened my eyes to new dimensions. Meeting the artists, becoming friends with them, working side by side with a very dedicated staff and being able to share my knowledge with patrons is just wonderful. I am honored to be chosen to serve on the Board and am looking forward to helping GFS grow and master all the challenges that lie ahead.

Since 1973, Ariel F. Abud, MD, FAANS, FACS, a world-class leader in Neurosurgery, has served Mercer County with advanced, neurosurgical expertise. A board certified Neurosurgeon for over 40 years, Dr. Abud has practiced in Mercer County with current admitting privileges at Capital Health System and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton. Dr. Abud is dedicated to providing new procedures with minimally invasive technique and endoscopy procedure in the brain and spine. In 2002, he and his wife, Janice, founded the Abud Family Art Foundation in Lawrenceville, NJ. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote Ibero-American Art in various forms by providing scholarships. Additionally, the Foundation provides a venue and opportunity for artists who reside locally to exhibit their art.


support GFS Michael Greenleaf


Having been with Seward when he purchased the land that would become the park, over the years I have come to trust and appreciate the vision behind GFS. There is an innocence and sense of play at GFS that makes it unique. This reflects a trust in humanity--suggesting that enjoying and appreciating art and nature is simply an aspect of being human. By working to wake up the visitor to what is moving and beautiful in life, the park can play a role in waking up our culture and humanity. This is what most excites me.

Barry Zhang

Michael is a CPA and holds an MBA from New York University. He also works as a volunteer in the development of marketing and web strategies for the nonprofit Samadhi Cushions, based in Barnet, Vermont. In 2005, Michael has served on the boards for the Atlantic Foundation, Pacific Foundation, and Shambhala Karme Choling meditation centers.

My family has been coming to the Grounds for well over a decade. I moved my company Princetel to the neighborhood two years ago in support of GFS’ drive to improve the community through art. We not only host one sculpture from “Sculpture Along the Way” but also installed two of our own. Princetel encourages its employees to join the Grounds and reimburses the full cost of their family memberships. It is a huge honor to join the members of the Board in sharing the responsibilities and joys of being a leader in the art community.”

Barry is the President and CEO of Princetel, a fiber optic company located in Hamilton New Jersey. Founded in 2000, Princetel is a small for-profit social enterprise that is passionate in providing a sanctuary for its employees, creating the best fiber rotary joint products, offering its customers exceptional services, and maintaining a low carbon footprint. Zhang grew up in Beijing, China. After earning a master’s degree in physics from Tsinghua University in Beijing, he came to the United States, studying briefly at the University of Houston. He then went to Princeton University, where he earned a doctorate in mechanical and aerospace engineering, focusing particularly on fluid mechanics and laser diagnostics.

GFS Welcomes Janis Martin-Hughes as Manager of Corporate Engagement As a newly created position of the Development Department, Janis’ role at GFS will be to identify, cultivate and engage businesses to become sponsors and partners with GFS. She is responsible for outreach efforts to strengthen and expand existing positive relationships with the business community and with area business leaders. Fundraising from corporate memberships, sponsorships and grants is a key area of her responsibility. “I welcome the opportunity to bring my years of experience in sponsorship solicitation to GFS to create productive partnerships. Finding creative ways to develop win-win relationships between the corporate world and GFS will enable us to continue the mission of making art and sculpture accessible to all. ” Prior to coming to GFS Janis spent 12 years at WXPN, 88.5FM Public Radio from the University of Pennsylvania, soliciting corporate and not-for-profit partnerships and sponsorships. She has a BA in Communications/ Journalism from Rowan University and MS in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. Janis and her husband Bob have been married for 27 years and live in Collingswood, NJ. 10


A Memorable Memorial


eri Cox has been an active member of Grounds For Sculpture for many years. She and her husband Bill frequently visited what Teri describes as “one of their favorite spots on the planet” – a bench at a lovely space shaded by a huge Japanese weeping cherry tree across from the Gazebo. There, they would relax and enjoy the flora and fauna by the pond. In 2010, Mr. Cox passed away after a long battle with cancer, but Teri continues their tradition as an active member and supporter. She recently shared this story: “In May, with the help of friends, I held a special ceremony to dedicate a bench with a tribute plaque and newly-planted butterfly bush, in loving memory of Bill’s spirited life. A dear friend, Rev. Sandy, conducted a lovely service with poetry, a harpist’s music and the release of butterflies followed by a reception at Rat’s. Now, it’s my cool spot to visit and find peace.

Apparently, we’ve created a special spot for others, too. During the Anniversary Arts Party a few days later, I meandered over toward my bench, and on it was a sweet young couple in their early 20’s, kissing and enveloped in a warm embrace. I smiled, but remained silent, not to disturb them. Still, I must have caught their eye. They stopped to look up at me. I told them I was the one who just recently dedicated the bench in my husband’s memory. Positively gushing, the young woman exclaimed that the cozy site and inscription on the plaque was what inspired their embrace! I love the idea that ‘our spot’ might have sparked a fresh romance, and Bill would have, too! So sweet - it doesn’t get any better than that!” If you are interested in remembering a loved one or commemorating a special life event, contact the Development Office at (609) 586-0616 ext. 233 or 237.

Photos by Zach Teris for DMH Photographers

GFS Annual Appeal 2013-2014 GFS’ Annual Appeal goes above and beyond membership to cover our operating costs which include educational programs, special exhibitions, care of the collection and maintenance of our facilities. Please consider making a taxdeductible gift to this year’s Annual Appeal. Every gift, large or small, counts and takes us one step closer to making sure GFS is here for you and the entire GFS community well into the future. You can donate online ( or by mail. If you would like to talk to someone about your donation, please call the Development Office at 609-586-0616 ext., 233 or 237. GROUNDSFORSCULPTURE.ORG

Generous gifts to the Annual Appeal allow us to: • Support programs and art events to delight and educate your children, your grandchildren, and those from the community. • C  reate exhibitions worthy of local praise and national acclaim.

Visitors in the studio of artist Fred Morante during the annual Artists in Action event.

• P reserve and grow the park’s magnificent sculpture collection for 155,000 visitors annually. 11

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Trenton, NJ Permit No. 1117



Grounds For Sculpture, Inc. 18 Fairgrounds Road Hamilton NJ 08619


With a Grounds For Sculpture membership, you are giving the gift of art, nature, music, fine food, and so much more. It provides free admission all year long, exclusive invitation to our members-only openings, discounts on programs, dining, and shopping, and special benefits including use of our new (coming May, 2014!) Member Lounge. And it’s a gift that gives back! Your tax-deductible membership dollars provide critical support for Grounds For Sculpture’s educational programs and exhibitions that enrich the lives of so many of its visitors. Offer valid through December 31, 2013. Purchase by December 20, 2013 to ensure delivery by Christmas.

Visit to purchase your gift memberships. Use Code GIFT13 to receive your 20% discount. Or, call (609) 586-0616 to learn more.

126 Sculptor’s Way, Hamilton NJ 08619 | (609) 586-0616 |

newscasting - GFS Members Newsletter - Winter 2013  

newscasting - GFS Members Newsletter - Winter 2013

newscasting - GFS Members Newsletter - Winter 2013  

newscasting - GFS Members Newsletter - Winter 2013