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A patent is an exclusive right granted by a Government for a limited period of time within a particular territory to an inventor or assignee to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, selling, or importing an invention, in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. Patent Registration in Chandigarh is helpful in better use of Resources and knowledge sharing, Investment and economic growth and promoting innovation.

Types of patent applications Provisional Application Provisional Application is a temporary application filed with a Patent Office to claim a “Priority Date� and when an invention is not complete in all aspects. This application is extremely helpful since it is relatively inexpensive to prepare and file, enables the inventor to study the feasibility of the invention in terms of potential markets, distributors, licensees. However the complete application needs to be filed within 12 months or else it will be treated as abandoned. Complete Application a patent application containing the complete specification and claims of the invention is called a complete application and this can be filed directly if the invention is complete in all aspects. Patent Registration in Chandigarh enables researchers to protect their intellectual property and the possibility of capitalizing their innovations which are an essential component of innovation procedure. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)—International Application It is an international agreement for filing patent applications having effect in up to 138 countries. PCT does not provide grant of an international patent, the treaty: Simplifies and delays the process and expenses of filing patent applications if one wishes to file in multiple countries. Also the applicant needs to file just a single application with one receiving patent office in order to simultaneously seek a patent in multiple (up to 138 countries) across the globe.

Patent Filing Process Step 1: The invention (idea or concept) must be written down with as much details as possible  · area of invention  · invention details  · about invention works  · benefits of the invention Step 2: The businessman must include drawings, diagrams or sketches explaining working of invention Step 3: The businessman is required to check whether the invention is a patentable subject matter or not Step 4a: Patentability search  · Novelty  · Non-obviousness  · Industrial application  · Enabling Step 4b: The businessman should then decide if he has to go ahead with patent

Step 5: The inventor is then required to Draft (write) a patent application  · It helps to Secure the filing date  · There is 12 months of time to file complete specification  · The cost is very low. Step 6: The investor then has to do Publication of the application Step 7: Request for examination  · Patentable subject matter  · Novelty  · Non-obviousness  · Inventive step  · Industrial application  · Enabling Step 8: The inventor is then required to respond to the objections Step 9: Clearing all the objections Step 10: The grant of patent

Types of Patent Applications to Understand  1. Ordinary or Non-provisional application  2. Convention Application  3. Provisional Application

 4. Patent of Addition  5. Divisional Application  6. National Phase PCT Application

Benefits of Patent Registration in Chandigarh  · Exclusive Rights  · Strong Market Position  · Higher Returns on Investments

 · Opportunity to License or Sell the Invention  · Positive Image for the Enterprise

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Patent Registration in Chandigarh  

Patent Registration Services Providers in Chandigarh. Get contact details and address of Patent Registration Services firms and companies in...

Patent Registration in Chandigarh  

Patent Registration Services Providers in Chandigarh. Get contact details and address of Patent Registration Services firms and companies in...