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Fortyy Prin nts forr Foorty Years Y in Co ovent Gardden Grosvvenor Priints has been b tradding in Covent Gaarden forr 40 years – 25 years att No. 28 and a 15 yeears at 199 Shelton n Street, survivinng all the changes that Covent C Garden G annd the rest of Lon ndon has seen. To cellebrate I have putt togetherr Catalog gue 96, a Special Listing of o over w thiss PDF is a selection of higghlights 100 iteems, of which I would like too thank all our cusstomers who w have supporrted us ov ver the nk all ouur wonderful stafff over thee years, without w four deecades annd to than which Grosveno G or Prints ccould not have co ontinued to trade. A fiinal big thank t you u goes too my wifee, Henrieetta, whoo has keptt the busin ness and m me going g for 40 years. y I wish yyou all thhe very best b for 22020 and looking forward to seeing g you in n soon. Covennt Garden Nigel Talb bot

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G. Sammarittani inv. e dis. F. Wenzel Liit.o. Lit. Salim mbeni, Strada Toledo, T 174. [Naples?, [ c.18850.] Scarce lithoggraph with hannd colour. Sheeet 525 x 670m mm (20¾ x 26 6½"). Edges chipped c and sooiled. £7500 A female alleegorical figuree of America, bare-breastedd with a featheer headress an nd a quiver of arrows, seated d on a rock under a wateerfall. Two cheerubs, also with feather heaadresses, hold a net full of fish fi and a stichh with dead biirds hanging from it. Arouund the imagee are decorativ ve borders witth motifs relatting to the the continent. [Ref: 52870]

2. 2 Americca. L'oro, ddi cui l'Am merica e seconda... s Amiconi. A inven. Wagner sc.. Venezia C.P P.E.S. [n.d., c.1740.] c Rare R etching. 495 4 x 320mm m (19½ x 12½""), with wide margins. m Stain ning and smalll hole in marg gins. £950 An A allegory off America, witth three figurees on a rock, one o with the trraditional feath ther headdresss, the other two with Asiattic-looking tur urbans. Under the rock is an alligator; a behin nd is a Europeean ship. [Ref: [ 52950]

3. [Treatty of Seringgapatam pair] To tthe Right Honourable H e Henry Dundas one of o His Majesty's Principal Secretaries S s of State, T This Plate representin r ng the Deparrture of the Sons of Tippoo froom the Zen nana, Is with Perm mission resp pectfully Inscribed by his mosst grateful and devoteed Serv.t Mathew M Brown. [& &] To the Honourable H e the East In ndia Comp pany This Plate reprresenting th he Delivery y of the Defi finitive Treaaty by the Hostage P Princes intoo the Handss of Lord Cornwallis, Is I with Permission n humbly Dedicated D by their faaithful and obedient Serv.t Mather Brown n. Mather Brow wn Pinx.t. Histtorical Painterr to their Royaal Highnesses the Duke & Duchess D of Yoork. F. Bartolo ozzi R.A. Engraver to His M Majesty sculp. [&] Daniel Orme Historical Engraver E to hiss Majesty & hhis Royal High hness the Prin nce of Wales. L London Publiished December 211 1793 and Soold for the Pro oprietor by D. Orme, No.14 New Bond Sttreet and by W Walker and Brrachenbury No.7 Cornhilll. Pair of excepptionally fine colour-printed c d stipples. Eacch c.490 x 610 0mm (19Âź x 24"). 2 Trimmedd within plate, affecting ÂŁ20000 publication liine of 'Deliverry', a few smaall repairs. Two scenes ffrom the aftermath of the faall of the city oof Seringapataam to the Brittish in 1792. Inn the first, thee two sons of Tippoo (Tipuu) Sahib, Abduul Kalick and Mooza-ud-D Deen, take leavve of their mothers in thhe zanana (woomen's quarters); in the second theey are being presented to Lord Cornwaallis and handing overr the signed 'T Treaty of Seringapatam m', following the t capture off the city by thhe British. Othher identified personages innclude Gullam m Ally, the head vakeel, Major Dirom m and Major C to Lord Cornnwallis 'who Madan, ADC furnished Mrr Brown with all particularss by express diirection of Heenry Dundas'. [Ref: 52923]


Calcu utta.

Drawn by Heenry Salt. Enggraved by D. Havell. H No. IIII. Published as a the Act direccts by William m Miller, Alberrmarle Street,, May 1st 1809 9. Coloured aquuatint. 490 x 660mm 6 (19¼ x 26"), waterm marked 'J Whatman 18818 Turkey Miills'. Faint creasing. Trimm med to £2000 platemark at bottom, narroow margins elsewhere. Plate three off Henry Salt's 'Twenty-fourr views in St. H Helena, the Cape, India, Ceylon, the Red R Sea, Abysssinia and Egyypt', published d 1809. Salt's ((1780-1827) drawings d weree made when hhe accompaniedd George Annesley, Viscount Valentia, a s his secretary y on a mission to Abyssinia,, to conclude an a alliance theere. This view w was taken froom Thomas Graham's G house in Chowringghee with Forrt William and the River Hoooghly in the background. b A Annesley wrotee, "Mr Graham m resides in Chhouringee, in a very excellennt house, wheere I found apaartments prepaared for me, and a for Mr Salt... Chouringee, an entirre village of palaces, p runs ffor a consideraable length at right angles w with it [the Maaidan], and altogether, foorms the finesst view I ever beheld b in any city." Abbey: 515 [Ref: 52922]


[Bhutan] A Tem mple of Bodee.

Drawn by S. Davis Esq.r. Engraved by W. W Daniell. Puublished by W.m Danielll, No 9 Clevelland Street, Fitzroy Square, London, July y 25, 1813. Fine and raree coloured aquuatint. 350 x 475mm 4 (13¾ x 18¾"). £2500 A chorten (teemple) flankedd by tall dashiis, prayer flaggs inscribed from top to bbottom with thhe sacred Buddhist mantra ' om-manipadme-hum'.. In the distancce is a Rajah'ss small villa. IIt was drawn by b Samuel Daviis and engraveed by William m Daniell for thheir 'Views in n Bootan', a rarre book contaaining only six x plates, the firrst views of Bhutan publiished in Englaand. Davis (1760--1819) was ''D Draftsman and d Surveyor'' onn Samuel Turn ner's expedition too Tibet on behhalf of the East India Compaany. He was refused r entry into Tibet annd had to remaain in Bhutan as a the expedittion proceeded d. In 1789 he met William Daniell in Bhhagalpur, whille William waas travelling with w his uncle Thomas Danniell, and encoouraged the tw wo artists to vissit the Himalaayas. Davis returned to E England in 18006 and was maade a directorr of the East In ndia Company thee same year. William Danniell (1769-18337) published d this work thee year he begaan travelling for his 'Voyaage Round Greeat Britain'. [Ref: 52892]


[Bhutan] View between b Mu urichom & Choka.

Drawn by S. Davis Esq.r. Engraved by W. W Daniell. Puublished by W.m W Daniell, No 9 Clevelaand Street, Fittzroy Square, London, L July 25, 1813. £2500 Fine and raree coloured aquuatint. 480 x 350mm 3 (19 x 13¾"). A precipitouss path with steeps cut into th he rock. A Eurropean sits usiing a telescope to vview the scenery. [Ref: 52893]


[Bhutan] View of o Choka.

Drawn by S. Davis Esq.r. Engraved by W. W Daniell. Puublished by W.m W Daniell, No 9 Cleveland Street, S Fitzroy Square, Londdon, June 1, 18 813. Fine and raree coloured aquuatint. 350 x 475mm 4 (13¾ x 18¾"), watermarkedd 'J. Whatman', 1810? £2500 A view of a ddzong (fortresss) in Chukha,, one of the 200 dzongkhag (districts) com mprising Bhuutan. [Ref: 52891]

8. Raby Pack. Thee Earl of Da arlington's Fox-Houn nds in their Kennel, Re Representing correct Portraits oof the mostt celebrated d Hounds, A Also His Lo ordship's Huntsman, H and Dog-F Feeder, Sayer & L Leonard. Painted by H H.B. Chalon, animal a Painter to their R.H.sss the Prince Regent R & Duk ke & Duchess of York and to t H.R.H. the Princess Chaarlotte of Walees. Engraved by W. Ward A A.R.A. Engraaver to their R.Hs. the Princce Regent & Duke D of York. London, Pubblished & Soldd April 20 181 14 by Edwd. O Orme, Bond Street, corner of o Brook Streeet, Publisher to His Majesty, & H H.R.H. the Priince Regent. £6900 Mezzotint. 535 x 645mm (21 ( x 25½"). Trimmed T to pllate top and bottom, with a few repairs too edges. The hounds bbelonging to William W Harry y Vane, 1st Duuke of Clevelaand and Earl of o Darlington (1766 - 1842)) coming to eat at troughss in their kennnels. The dog--feeder Leonar ard in centre wears w top hat and a waistcoat, the huntsman n Sayer standss in the doorway at right. Hounds nam med below imaage, with arms bearing the m motto 'Nec Tem mere Nec Tim mide'. A great British sporting prrint, first publiished 1809, affter Henry Bernard Chalon (1771-1849). Frankau: 2355, II. Siltzer: pg.92. p [Ref: 52876]


[Ridin ng School]

à Joh: El: Riddinger inv: et del: Aug: Vin ndel: 1744. & Mart: El: Riddinger Filio suuo æri incisi 1774. [Augsburg, cc.1774.] Scarce large etching. 375 x 630mm (14¾ ¾ x 24¾") verry large marginns. An untitled sscene of the coourtyard of a riding r school, each filled w with horses, doogs and horse trainers, t with prospective bbuyers lookingg over a wall, with a key noting the hoorse-training techniques beiing depicted. Painted by Joohann Elias Ridinger R (1698 8-1767) and engraved by his son Martinn Elias (1730--81). [Ref: 52902]

12 2. [Riding School] à Joh: El: Ridin nger inv: et deel: Aug: Vindeel: 1744. & Mart: M El: Ridin nger Filio suo æ æri incisi 177 74. [A Augsburg, c.17 774.] Sccarce large etcching, 18th ceentury waterm mark. 375 x 63 30mm (14¾ x 24¾") with w wide margins. Slight stain £6800 in n sky and smalll wormholes in left edge, otherwise o mint. m [R Ref: 52899]

13 3. [Riding School]

10. [Ridin ng School.] à Joh: El: Riddinger inv: et del: Aug: Vin ndel: 1744. & Mart: El: Riddinger Filio suuo æri incisi 1774. [Augsburg, cc.1774.] Scarce large etching, 18th century waterrmark. 375 x 630mm (14¾ ¾ x 24¾") withh wide margin ns. Mint.

à Joh: El: Ridin nger inv: et deel: Aug: Vindeel: 1744. & Mart: M El: Ridin nger Filio suo æ æri incisi 177 74. [A Augsburg, c.17 774.] Sccarce large etcching. 375 x 6630mm (14¾ x 24¾"), withh wide w margins. Very V slight staain left top. Otherwise O mint. m [R Ref: 52900] £7500

[Ref: 52898]

14 4. [Riding School.] 11. [Ridin ng School.] à Joh: El: Riddinger inv: et del: Aug: Vin ndel: 1744. & Mart: El: Riddinger Filio suuo æri incisi 1774. [Augsburg, cc.1774.] Scarce large etching. 375 x 630mm (14¾ ¾ x 24¾"), large marginns. [Ref: 528699]

à Joh: El: Ridin nger inv: et deel: Aug: Vindeel: 1744. & Mart: M El: Ridin nger Filio suo æ æri incisi 177 74. [A Augsburg, c.17 774.] Sccarce large etcching, 18th ceentury waterm mark. 375 x 63 30mm (14¾ x 24¾"), with vvery wide maargins. Slight worming w in maargins on left. Two stains top left. Otherwise O mintt. [R Ref: 52901] £7500

15. The C Colonel, The Winner of the Greeat St. Legeer Stakes at Doncastter, 1828, 80 8 Subscribers_ 19 started. By Whisker oout of My Lady's L dam m by Delpnin ni Grandam m Tipple Cider by K King Fergu us, The Property oof the Hon..ble E. Petre, To w whom this Print by Permission n is most reespectfully dedicated by the Pub blishers. J.F. Herriing and S. & J. Fuller. Painted by F.J. Herring, Doncaster. D Engraved byy R.G. Reeve. London, Published Jann.y 15. 1829 by b S. & J. Fuller, at their Sporting Gaallery, 34 Rathbone Plaace, and at J.F F. Herring, Doncaster. Fine aquatintt, printed in coolours and hand-finishedd, with minervva stamp. 350 0 x 410mm (133¾ x 16"). Fraamed. Unexam mined out of fframe. £12500 The Colonel,, winner of thee St. Leger staakes in 1828. The oldest of the British fiv ve classic racees, the St. Leg ger stakes were first helld in 1776. Boorn in 1795, Jo ohn Frederickk Herring spen nt the first eigh hteen years off his life in Lo ondon, before moving to Doncaster. In Yorkshire, Y he married m and b egan to earn his h living as a humble paintter of inn signs and coach insignia. Skeetching equesttrian subjects in i his spare tim me, Herring’ss talent was qu uickly noticedd and he soon found himself paintting hunters annd racehorsess for local patrrons. He lived d for a time in Newmarket, aand then in Lo ondon, where he may have been tutored by a well-kno own artist of thhe time, Abraham Cooper. Siltzer 146 [Ref: 52948]

16. Doctoor Syntax. James Ward R.A. Pinx.t ett Del.t. Select Proof retoucched by J.W. London L Pub.d d April, 1823 ffor J. W. by R. R Ackermann.. Lithograph oon chine collé.. 370 x 480mm (14½ ½ x 19") with large l margins, wattermarked 'J Whatman W £480 1822'. H From the seriies 'Fourteen Horses Dedicated to His Most Graacious Majesty Geoorge IV'. Wardd described this horse as:: 'A celebratedd Race-Horse,, the Property of Ralph Ridddel, Esq.'. Doctor Syntaax (1811-18388) raced exclusively inn the North off England, winning at leeast thirty-six races in ten seasons from m 1814 to 18233. He was retired to stud in 1824 andd proved a successful sirre of winners,, including Ralph, Chapeeau d'Espagnee and Beeswing, w winner of the Ascot A Gold Cup in 1842.. Siltzer p.284. FR. 24. [Ref: 52879]

17. To S.rr Hugh Smithson Bar.t, This View w of the Cityy of London Taken thrrough one of o the Centeers of the Arcches of the New N Bridge at Westminster and En ngrav'd from ma Painting oof Canalettii, is most hum.bly D Dedicated by b hus mostt Obliged H Humble Serrvant. John n Brindley. Canaletti Pinnx. S. Wale deelin. R. Parr Scculp. Publish'd acccording to Actt of Parliamen nt 1747. Very Scarce engraving. 4335 x 590mm (17 x 23¼"), with llarge marginss. Slight centree fold. £11 150 Canaletto (G Giovanni Antonnio Canal, 169 971768) lived iin London from m 1746 to 175 56, the early partt coinciding with w the building of Westminster Bridge, which was only the second bridgge to be built in the metropolis. This view w of London was w taken from under oone of the archhes of the brid dge, with the w wooden buttreessing in placee, three years bbefore the brid dge opened. The original oil is in the Duke D of Northu umberland's ccollection in Syon House. Canaletto C also ppainted both Sion S House norama of Lon ndon from thee River. and the Dukee's London hoome, Northumberland Hous e. A fine pan [Ref: 52903]

18. [Set oof four Lon ndon Squares by Edward Dayes.] D To o the Right Honorablee Francis Godolphin n Marquis of Caermarthen, Baron n Osborne &c. &c. This View off Hanover Square, frrom a Draw wing in his Possession n, Is with grreat respecct inscribed b by His Lorrdship's obedient & obliged Servants, S Rob.t Polllard & Fra.s Jukes. [&] To hiss Grace Fraancis, Dukee of Bedford d, Marquiss of Tavistock &c. &c. Th his View off ury Square,, Is with thee Bloomsbu greatest reespect inscrribed by His Grace's ob bedient & obliged o Servants, Rob.t Pollaard & Jukes. [&]] To the Laadies and Gentlemen n Inhabitan nts This Viiew of Queeen Square Is I with the greatest reespect inscrribed by their obed dient & obliiged Servan nts Rob.t P Pollard. [&]] To the Right Honoraable Earl Grosvenor G &c. This V View of Groosvenor Sq quare Is witth the grea atest respect inscribedd by His Lordship's obedient & obliged Servant S Rob b.t Pollard d. Drawn by E. Dayes. Engraaved by R. Pollard & F. Jukkes.[2] [&] Aq quatinted by R. R Dodd Engraaved by R. Po ollard. [2] London. Pubb,d Dec.r 1. 17787 by R. Polllard Braynes R Row, Spa Fiellds, & F. Jukes, Howland Sttreet. [2] [&] ... July 1 1789 by R. P Pollard 7 Brayynes Row... [& &] ... July 28thh 1789 by R. Pollard... P Set of four aqquatints with etching, very rich impressioons. 450 x 560 0mm (17¼ x 22"). 2 Trimmedd to or near pllatemark. Repair in skyy on Grosvenoor Square £30000 A very scarce matching fuull set of four views v of the m most fashionab ble residentiall squares of thhe late 18th ceentury, after Edward Dayees (1763-18044), one of the leading topoggraphical artistts of the perio od. As well as the fine archiitecture there are fine depicctions of streeet life, with promenaders, caarriages, streeet musicians an nd even a mikk maid and herr cows. [Ref: 52735]

19. Captuure of the Two T Top Sail Slave Schooner, Bolodora, By H. M. SSchooner Pickle, P Lieu.t I.B..B. M.cHarrdy, on the 6th of Junne 1829 afteer a Chase of Fourteeen Hours and an Action of One Hour and Minutes with hin Pistol Twenty M shot. Painted by W W.J. Huggins, Marine Painter to Hiis Majesty and d Published by him June 10th 1831, att 105, Leadenhall SSt London. En ngraved by E. Duncan. Fine coloureed aquatint. Sh heet 405 x 530mm (16 x 21"). Trimm med within plate, repairss to tears on platemark and title, laid on archival papeer. £720 A very rare aand attractive night scene. n after While cruisinng off the nortth-west coast of Cuba, HM Schooner ‘Piickle’ spotted a strange sail and closed in nightfall. Aftter an action of o 80 minutes the slaver 'Vooladora' surren ndered. Of thee Spanish crew w of 60 10 had d been killed; ‘Pickle’, withh a crew of haalf the size, haad one was killled outright but b three dying g later. Pickle then took the captured boat into Havvana. The capptain John Lap penotiere brouught news of Battle B of Trafaalgar, the deatth of Nelson and a the great victory. 'Voladora' caan mean 'flying fish' or referr to a witch w who could turn n herself into a bird in the m mythology of Chiloe C (an island on thee Chilean coasst), either apprropriate for a ffast and elusiv ve vessel. [Ref: 52873]

20. [A yaccht race offf the Isle off Wight.] [n.d., c.1850.] Tinted lithoggraph. Printed border 430 x 470mm (17 x 18½"). Edges chipped. £12000 A fine yachtiing image withh the cliffs of tthe Isle of Wigght bottom right.. [Ref: 52896]

21. [Lioneess on Rock k.] HD. Herbert Dicksee. [penncil signature.] [nn.d., c.1930.] Etching, signned by the artiist. 160 x 260mm m (6¼ x 10¼""), with publisheer's blind stam mps. Framed. Uneexamined out of the frame. £ £950 Herbert Dickksee was one of o the greatest anim mal artists of his h generation. H He was famouus for his intimate pportraits, not only o of dogs, but aalso wild anim mals, especially thee big cats of Africa, beforre wildlife photography was possible. [Ref: 52964]

22. 2 A Shorrt Horned Heifer, H 7 Years Y old. Bred & fed d by Mr Robert R Collling of Barrmpton, near n Darlinngton, in th he County of o Durham,, to whom this t Print is i respectfuully inscribeed by his obedient o Seervant, W.m m Robinson. R P Proof. Painted P by Thoo.s Weaver. Engraved E by Will.m W Ward, Engraver extrraordinary to their R.H. the Prince Regen nt & Duke of York. Y Publisheed Decr 13, 1811, by W. Robinson, R Darrlington. Fine F mezzotinnt, printed in colours and hand h finished. 515 x 610mm m (20¼ x 24"), 2 on Whatm tman paper. Repairs R to £1350 edges. e Boalch: B 28. [Ref: 52978]

23. The B Breeds of th he Domestic A Animals off the British Isllands Desccribed by David L Low, Esq. F.R.S.E. [....] Illustratted with Platees, from Drawings by Mr W. Nicholson,, R.S.A. Red duced from ma series of P Portraits froom Life, Execcuted for th he Agriculturral Museum m of the Univerrsity of Edinburgh h by Mr W. W Shiels, R.S S.A. Part III. The Ox. London: Lonngman, Brownn, Green, and Longmanns, MDCCCX XLII [1842]. First edition of volume II of o II only; folio, ooriginal half morocco m with marbledd boards, titledd in gilt on spine, all edges gilt; ppp. vi+xxii+55, 22 lithographhs with fine haand colour, as called for. Biinding leather scraped; minor foxingg throughout, pencil £48000 p mss. on n index. An importannt record of thee most important breeds of cow, written by b David Low w, professor off Agriculture at Edinburgh University. T The first editioon contained two 'Supplemeentary' plates not n in the subscription editiion and so nott listed in the index. [Ref: 52959]

24. Les R Races Bovin nes au Concours Universel Agricole d de Paris en 1856. Études Zoootechniquees publiées p par ordre de S. Exc. le Miinistre de l'Agricultu ure du Com mmerce et des Traavaux Publiics par M. Emile B Baudemen nt [...] Paris: Imprim merie Impérialle, MDCCCLXII [1861, but 1862]. Plate volumee only (lackingg 3 text volumes); obblong folio, orriginal half moroccoo gilt; pp. iv + 5 halftitles, 87 num mbered mixed-method plates. Bindinng worn and faded. f £2000 The cows of Europe, dividded into five regions: the British Isles, Holland & D Denmark, Swittzerland and Germanyy, the Empire of Austria and France. Manny of the platees are copied from f photograaphs by Adrieen Nadar and artists like J. Mélin, Emilee van Marcke and Rosa andd Isodore Bonh heur. The images are copiedd onto the platte using ft ground etchiing, mezzotintt and aquatintt, and finishedd heliography, then manually enhanced ussing methods including soft off with a lithhographic bacckground tint. The work usuually containss five maps, which w are not ppresent here. As A there is no evidence theyy were ever in ncluded it is likely they w were folded intto the text volu umes in this isssue. [Ref: 52960]

25. [Set off four fruitt prints, preesented witthin separa ately-printeed rococco borders.] [Fruit after Joohann Wilhelm m Weinmann.] [Regensburrg: Hieronymu us Lentz, 1737 7-1745.] Four very deecorative engraavings, printed in colours an and hand-finish hed, trimmed with horticulttural-themed etched e borders pasteed over. Total printed area 480 4 x 350mm m (19 x 13ž"). Some spottin ng, worm holees in margins, two plates £12000 with fruits naamed in old innk mss. Four fine fruuit prints in a unique u presenttation, within identical, neaar-contemporaary extra bordeers designed for f such usage. The ssame design iss printed on th he reverse of th the sheet. The fruit com me from volum mes three and four of Weinm mann's 'Phytaanthoza iconog graphia', a woork famous forr the quality of its colour pprinting. [Ref: 52949]

26. 2 The Am merican Coowslip. Henderson H del. Warner sculpp. London. Pu ublished May 1, 1801 by Dr. Thornton. Aquatint A with stipple and linne, printed in colours c and hand-finished. h 550 x 450mm m (21¾ x 17¾ ¾"). Framed, with w page from m original textt pasted on bacckboard. £6500 Unexamined U out of frame. An A illustration of the Americcan Cowslip, a member of th he genus 'Dod decatheon'. It was published d in Dr Robert R John Th hornton's 'Tem mple of Flora' 1799-1807, considered by many to be thhe greatest Eng glish colourplate p flower bo ook, and the fiirst series of flower f prints to o show the plaant within a haabitat, in this case with sh hips in the bacckground. Thornton T (1768-1837) was aan English phy ysician and botanical b writeer. At Trinity C College, Cam mbridge he tu urned away from the churchh towards med dicine, having h been in nspired by the works of Linn naeus and Thomas T Marty yn's lectures. H He went on to work at Guy's G Hospitall, London, whhere he later leectured in medical m botany y. Ht took som me time off to travel abroad, which is when he beegan his ambittious work, th he 'Temple off Flora', for whhich he producced a total of 33 coloured plaates. His origiinal plan was to publish seeventy folio-ssize plates, how wever the lack k of public in nterest spelled d disaster and Thornton died d in poverty. Dunthorne: D p.2 250, state i off ii. [R Ref: 52904]

27. 2 The Wh hite Lily wiith Variega atedleeaves. Henderson H pinx.t. Stadler scculp.t. London n Published Aug.t A 1, 1800, by Dr. Thornnton. Aquatint, A printted in colours and hand-finiished. 540 x 400mm, 4 21¼ x 16". Framedd. Unexamined d out of £650 frrame. Madonna M Lily (Lilium candiidum), native of the Middle M East. Dunthorne: D p. 249, state i off iv. [R Ref: 52905]

28. [Amellia Hone.] NHone fe. G Greenwood f. R. R Sayer Excu udit. Published as the Act directs 1st Jan.y 17 771. Mezzotint, raare scratched-letter proof. 355 3 x 255mm (14 x 10"). Trimm med to plate. £390 A portrait off the artist's daaughter, sitting g stirring a teaccup, wearing a lace-trimmeed shawl around her head and underr her chin, and da gown with laayered sleevess fanning at th he elbow and a fichu ccrossed over her h bodice. Shee later married a Drr Rigg. [Ref: 52968]

29. [Michel Schhuppach, The ntry Chem mist] La Pha armacie Coun Rusttique ou Reeprésentatiion exacte de l'iintérieur dde la Chamb bre, ou Mich hel Schupppach connu sou le nom du Médeci cin de la Mo ontagne, tientt ses Consuultation. Dessiné d'apres natture par G: Lo ocher en 1774. Grave à Baslle par Bartheleemi Hübner en 1773. à Basle chhez Chretien de d Mechel Graveeur et à Paris cchez Basan et Poignant. Rare engraving. e Shheet 360 x 375 5mm (14¼ x 14¾")). Trimmed too plate top botttom, some £880 stainin ng, fold flattenned. Micheel Schuppach in his pharmaacy examiining a youngg woman's urin ne, while she is seatted opposite hhim awaiting the t result. Shupp pach (1707-811), based in Laangnau, Switzerland, was kn known as the 'P Physician of the Mountain', M speccialised in diagnosing illnesss by examininng urine. [Ref: 52890]

30. [William Bucklaand.] Costu ume of the Glaciers. Scratched byy T. Sopwith. [n.d., c.1840.]] Etching. 215 x 145mm (8½ ½ x 5¾"). Sign ned by the sitter, with m margins. Stuckk onto a piece of card. £850 Fine & rare ssigned image. A gentle caricature of William Bucckland (1784-11856), Presideent of the Royal Geological Society,, noted for pro omoting the glaciation theeory of Louis Agassiz again nst the Biblicaal Flood theoryy. It shows Buckland wrapped in layers off warm clothinng, carrying a roll 'Maps of Ancient Glaciers' andd geological toools. At his feeet are specimen roccks, one marked 'Scratched by a glacier Thirty three T Thousand Thrree hundred & Thirty Threee Years beforee the The Creaation', the otheer 'Scratched by a cart on W Waterloo Briddge the day beefore yesterday'. In 1840 Buckkland and Agaassiz travelled d around Scotland andd found evidennce there of fo ormer glaciation. [Ref: 52933]

31. The G Graces in a High Wind. _ a Scene tak ken from Nature, in n Kensingtoon Gardens. J.s. Gillray feecit. [London.. Published May 26th. byy H. Humphreey, 27 St James's Streeet". [c.1810.] Etching withh fine hand collour, J. Whatman 18810 watermarkk. 255 x 355mm(10 x 14)", with veery wide margins. Verry slight horizzontal crease. £650 Three young women, dressed alike in clinging dressses and straw w bonnets trimmed withh ribbons, are distressed by a high winnd. BM Satires 111593. [Ref: 52915]

32. A littlle Music- orr The Deligh hts of Harm mony. J.s Gillray feec.t. [London Published May 20, 1810, by b H.Humphey,, 27, St James's Street.] Etching withh fine hand collour. 265 x 365mm m (10¼ x 14¼ ¼"). Mint. Publiccation line eraased. £750 A young wom man plays thee piano from a musicc-book title 'O On Rosy Bed by Tinckkling Billy'. A middle-aged military officcer plays the flute as a very obese man m and an ugly and oover-dressed woman w sing. A fat ellderly 'cit' sleeeps in an arm-chair, hiis wig askew. BM Satire 111611. [Ref: 52914]

33. Confeederated Cooalition; _ or o _ The Giantts stormingg Heaven; with w the Gods aalarmed for their everlastingg abodes. They T never complain'd of Fatigu ue, but like Giants reffreshed, weere ready to o enter imm mediately up pon the attack! Vide Lord d Ch . . c . lll. r's Speecch 24th Aprill 1804. _ "Not to desttroy! but root th hem out of Heaven." Milton. J.s Gillray innv. & f.t. Londdon Pub.d May y 1st 1804, by H. H Humphrey 277 St James's Sttreet. Etching withh fine hand collour. 465 x 34 40mm (18¼ x 13½""), with wide margins. m Laid d on album paper,, small tear tapped. £2 2000 A satire of thhe triple assauult on Lord Addington's government, by b the Grenvillites, Foxites, and Pittites. The 'Gods' (L Lords Hawkessbury, Adding gton & St. Vincent) lean down froom the clouds to defend the 'T Treasury' againnst the assaultt of naked 'Giants', different grroups of the Opposition fo forming a pyraamid underneaath. Addington leeans out from a stone arch inscribed 'Treeasury' to squuirt liquid from ma large clyster--pipe at Fox's blunderbuss, which deflects it wiith a blast of flame f and bulllets. An emaciatedd Pitt stands with w legs astrid de, looking up abbout to hurl a large bundle of papers markeed 'Knock-dow wn Arguments'. The satire, onne of Gillray'ss larger formaat prints, was p ublished the day after the Coalition goveenment fell an nd was replaced by a Fox-Pitt adm ministration. BM Satire 100240. [Ref: 52907]

34. An Exxact View of o the Battle of Cullod den, Fough ht on the 16th of April, 1746, when n his Royall Highness ye Cumberland d, obtained d a compleaat Victory Duke of C over ye Reebels. [engraved byy Benjamin Coole.] Beware you y are not im mpos'd on, but mind the nam me B. Cole, Enngraver, the Corner C of Kingg's Head, Cou ut Holborn, is aat the bottom of o this Print, all a others beingg Counterfeit.. Price 6p. Scarce & fine engraving. 335 3 x 280mm (13¼ x 11"). Repairs to margins, pubblisher's inscriiption rubbed. £780 A view of thee battle, with a description and four imagges of four medals struckk in celebratioon. NAM. 1971-002-33-133-1. Provenance: Ion Smeaton Munro (1883 31970) diplom mat & writer. [Ref: 52833]

35. The H Highland Ch hace, or the Pursuit oof the Rebelss. At Williaam's Namee, what Soldier laggs behind! [...] C. Mostley sculp. Publish'd according to o Act of Parliam.t 21 Feb. 1745._6. Price 6d. Etching. 2100 x 245mm (8¼ ¼ x 9¾"). Trim mmed to platee on left, title eexcised and taaped in place. £6880 William, Dukke of Cumberrland, chases the t fleeing Jacobite army my in a six-horsse coach. BM Satires 22673. Provenaance: Ion Smeeaton Munro (1883-1970) diplomat & writer. w [Ref: 52830]

36. The H Highlanderss Medley, or o the Dukee Triumpha ant. Publish'd According to Acct of Parliamen nt, 1746. 3¾ x 10"). Triimmed to platte at Broadside, enngraving. 3500 x 255mm (13 £680 sides, folds, a few repairedd nicks to edges. A trompe-l'oeil of prints ceelebrating the victory of W William, Duke of o Cumberland,, at the Battle of Culloden th hat year. At thhe centre is a portrait p of the Duke, sword raised.. Other sceness show the clan ans marching to t war, fighting and fleeing, chaseed by a well-equipped Engliish army; allegorical figures of Brritannia and Prrosperity; Sataan with a net ffull of Jacobittes (hidden undeer another 'sheeet'), dragging g them to a tripple gallows an nd block; and the Younng Pretender as a the Knave of o Clubs. Undderneath are eiight lines of verse, begginning ''Britonns, behold thee Royal Youthh, 'tis he who fights f your battles, sets your couuntry free...''. Provenance: Ion Smeaton Munro (1883 3-1970) diplom mat & writer. [Ref: 52829]

37. The R Royal Bull-F Fight. Descriptioon, From th he Royal Bulll Fight of 1795. 1 Then enter'd a Bull of o the true Britissh Breed, who w appear'd tto be extrem mely peaceable 'till oppos''d by a Desperadoo, mounted d upon a White H Horse, who by numberlesss Wounds provok'd tthe Animall to the utmost pittch of Furyy, when collecting all its stren ngth into one dreadful efffort, & darting up pon its opponent, destroy'd both Horsee & Rider in a Moment. J.s G.y des.dd et fect. Pub.dd Nov.r 21st 1795, byy H. Humphreey New Bond Street. Coloured etcching. 250 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾"). Trimm med within plaate at bottom, with thread m margins elsewh here. Very £7500 small tear onn right near taiil of bull. William Pitt the Younger as a a toreador, riding the Whhite Horse of Hanover, H aiming a spear aggainst a bull (JJohn Bull) snorting fire and bleeding from many wounds. w The auudience are in n two tiers: at the t top are Geeorge III, Queeen Charlotte, Loughborouggh and Grenviille; in the low wer tier are thee Prince of Wales, Fox and a chimney sw weep banging his brush and pan. A satire on thhe perception that the king (and his proxyy Pitt) were more m concerned with the affa fairs of Hanov ver than England. BM Satire 86691. [Ref: 52917]

38. Hangiing. Drown ning. Fatal Effeects of the French F Defeat. [By James G Gillray.] Pub.d Nov.r 9th 1795. by H. H Humphrey Neew Bond Street. Coloured etcching. 250 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾"). Trim mmed within plate at top, mountedd in album papper at edges. Slighht foxing at corners. £950 Two scenes aabout the new ws that the French army on the Rhine had been defeated by tthe Austrians: on the left the pro-revollution Charless James Fox tries to hhang himself; on the right William m Pitt the Youunger and Henry Dundaas celebrate, sloshing s wine everyw where. Behind Fox is a portrait of Geeneral Jean-Charles Pichegru whoo, it later transpired, was a secret royalistt and had caussed the French h defeat by beetraying the Frrench strategy. In 11803 he plotted a coup again nst Napoleon,, was discoverred and was fo ound strangledd in his prison n cell. BM Satire 86683. [Ref: 52916]

39. Map oof Hope, Lo ove, Hatred & Despair. Ent.d Sta.s H Hall [Irish? c.1 1840]. Extremely raare lithographic broadsheet map with texxt. Sheet 390 x 510mm (15¼ x 20").. Folds, tear att central fold, small tears inn edges repairred. £650 An allegoricaal map outliniing the features arouund 'The Greaat Ocean of Love', includding 'The Bay y of Delight', 'Temple of H Hymen' 'Cradle Point', the 'Quick-Sands ds of Inconstan ncy', 'Mountains oof Deceit', the Dead Lake of Indifferennce and 'Callou us Bay' on 'Divorce Islaand'. The surro ounding text expands on tthe theme. Ab bove the map are twelve linnes of verse by b Rev.d Dr. Isaac Watts ((1674-1748), separated by a compass rooss with the caardinals Hope, Love, Despair and Hatred. H The National al Library of Irreland has the same map, w with the compaass rose replaccing the title, tthe text set diffferently and no n quote from m Watts, signeed 'Callaghan Bro.s Lith. C Cork'. See Nationall Library of Irreland EPH E8 821. [Ref: 52952]

40. Cossmography y Epitom mised, In Six x Copper Plate D Delineationss, from: Dunn's "A New Atlas A of the Mundaane System ..." By S. Dun unn, Teacher of o the Mathemaatical Sciencess. London 1774. Lonndon: Printed for Rob.t Sayer, Noo 53 in Fleet Street, S as the Act directts, 10 January y 1774. Engravingg with areas of o mezzotint, 18th centu tury watermark 370 x 545mm ( 17½ x 21½") very large margins ttop & bottom. Small margins lleft & right. A few chips to edges, small split in lower centre fold. £580 A collectiion of astrono omical diagrams,, with the central spheres filled in w with mezzotin nt, an unusual use of thee medium. Samuel D Dunn (died 1794), mathematiciaan, amateur asstronomer and d cartographerr. [Ref: 52942]

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Grosvenor Prints: 40 Years in Covent Garden  

To celebrate 40 Years dealing in Antiquarian Prints in Covent Garden we have produced a special catalogue of 40 of our finest recent acquisi...

Grosvenor Prints: 40 Years in Covent Garden  

To celebrate 40 Years dealing in Antiquarian Prints in Covent Garden we have produced a special catalogue of 40 of our finest recent acquisi...