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Item 777: Cupid & Psyche

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www w.grossvenorp Cover illusstration: dettail from item 297 Registered d in England No. 1 1305630  Registe red Office: 2, Casstle Business Villa age, Station Roadd, Hampton,   Midd dlesex. TW12 2BX X. Rainbrook Ltd.  Directors: N.C. Talbot. T.D.M. Ray yment.  C.E. Ellis.  E&OE  VA AT No. 217 6907 49 

(1 1726-1782) wh ho was an offi ficer of the Briitish Army an nd colonial ad dministrator inn North Ameriica. Stock: 50844

3.. [Classiccal City.] J. Martin 1816. Ettching. Plate: 185 x 250mm m (7¼ x 9¾''), with large £1250 margins. m Very light l foxing inn margin. An A etching of a classical cityy, the earliest known k ettching by John n Martin. Marrtin (1789 - 18 854) is best kn nown for his paintings p and m mezzotints off biblical su ubjects, in whiich capacity hhis hold on thee popular im magination waas unparalleledd in its day. Campbell C & Wees W 1.

[Origginal illustraations.] The Griffinage of the Hon. Newman Straange. An In ndian Story, in Twenty-one Episodees, Each with a Chorus "as used in n ye oldenne times to carrrie on ye plotte," inttensify the su ubject, and elaborate each successsive inciden nt. By T.B.H H., R.A [T.B B. Hogarth]. 1.

London: Pubblished Dec. 20, 1862, by J. Hogarth, 5 Haymarket. Unique. Obllong folio, hallf morocco wiith buckram boards, title ggilt-stamped on o front board d; printed title,, introduction and half-title from the first (and only) edition, 21 orriginal illustraations on card with the printed descrriptions from the t first editio on. Binding £25000 distressed, frront board detaached. The original ink illustratioons for this sattirical accountt of an Englishhman in India,, culminating in his return home after thhe Mutiny andd subsequent marriage. m A 'Griffin' was a newly-arrivved European in the East. The twenty-oone illustrationns were later issued i as photographs taken by Joseeph Hogarth Jn nr in the first edition. It is llikely that 'T.B B. Hogarth' was w another family membber, although the t BM biograaphy of Josepph does not menntion him. Joseph Hogaarth was a prinntseller and fraame maker, believed to bbe the originator of the 'Hog garth frame'. Stock: 51126

[Auction Cataloggue.] Sotheb by, Wilkinsoon & Hodge 34 & 35, New w Bond Street. W. (1). Catalogue oof the Officiial Correspo ondance of General Roobert Monck kton, durin ng his Servicce in North America, 17552-1753, and d A few Oil Paintings b by Benjamin n West, P.R..A. the Property off George Ed dward Moncckton, Esq. Fineshade A Abbey, Stam mford, Northants. Day oof Sale. Thurssday, 10th of o February.. 1921. 2.

Dryden Presss: J. Day & Soons, 8-9, Frith h-street, Soho-square, W.1. 8vo, cataloguue. 250 x 190m mm (9¾ x 7½ ½''). Surface diirt. £1660 An auction ccatalogue for the sale of various documennts and paintingss. The cataloggue includes various items relating to W Wolfe's campaiign in Quebec, the Siege off Louisbourg, letters includiing letters from m Col. Laurence Goovernor of Novva Scotia, as well w as Benjamin West's 'The Deaath of Generall Wolfe'. Sold by the descenndants of Genneral Robert Monckton M

Stock: 51109

4.. Autum mnal Sun Sett. Paainted by John n Constable R R.A. Engraved d by David Lu ucas. London,, Pub.d by M.rr Constable, 35 3 Charlotte S..t Fitzroy Square 1831. Mezzotint. M 250 x 175mm (9¾ ¾ x 7"), with very v large £230 margins. m Foxing mainly in m margins. A rural landscaape at sunset nnear East Berg gholt after an oiil painting by Constable now w in the V&A A. From about 18 829 Constablee and Lucas w worked togetheer on a series off mezzotints after a sketches aand paintings by Constablee caalled 'Various Subjects of L Landscape...' published p in paarts between 1830 1 and 18322. Wedmore 3. Shirley: 14. Osbert O Barnard d: I of VI. Stock: 50864

5.. Hadleig gh Castle neear the Noree. Paainted by John n Constable R R.A. Engraved d by David Lu ucas. London,, Pub.d by M.rr Constable, 35 3 Charlotte S..t Fitzroy Square 1832. Mezzotint. M 250 x 180mm (9¾ ¾ x 7"), with very v large £260 margins. m Foxing mainly in m margins. A view of Hadlleigh Castle inn Essex after John J Constable's 181 14 oil paintingg. From about 1829 Constable and Lucas L workedd together on a series of mezzotints m after sketches andd paintings by y Constable caalled 'Various Subjects of L Landscape...' published p in paarts between 1830 1 and 18322. Wedmore 21. Shirley: 34 4. Osbert Barn nard: i of v. Stock: 50863

6.. Mill Stream. Paainted by John n Constable R R.A. Engraved d by David Lu ucas. London,, Pub.d by M.rr Constable, 35 3 Charlotte S..t Fitzroy Square 1831. Mezzotint M om india, first pubblished state. 220 2 x 180mm m (8 8¾ x 7"), with very large ma margins. Slight foxing. £160 mill after an oil A view of a milll stream and m o painting by y Constable no ow housed in the Wolsey Gallery G in Ip pswich. Frrom about 182 29 Constable aand Lucas wo orked togetherr on n a series of mezzotints m afteer sketches and paintings by y Constable caalled 'Variouss Subjects of Landscape...' L pu ublished in paarts between 1 830 and 1832 2. Wedmore 12 2. Shirley: 25. Osbert Barnaard: ii of v. Stock: 50857


Old Sarum.

Painted by Joohn Constablee R.A. Engrav ved by David Lucas. Londoon, Pub.d by M.r M Constablee, 35 Charlottee S.t Fitzroy Sqquare 1831. Mezzotint. 250 x 175mm (9¾ ( x 7"), witth very large margins. Sligght foxing. £2440 A view of thee mound nearr Salisbury wh here an iron agge fortress oncee stood, the sitte was used un ntil the medievval period. From m about 1829 Constable C and d Lucas workeed together on a series of mezzzotints after sketches s and paintings by Constable callled 'Various Subjects S of Landscape...'' published in parts between n 1830 and 1832. Wedmoore 14. Shirley ey: 8. Osbert Barnard: B I of V V. Stock: 50861

Frrancesco Grim maldi (1606-16680). BM 187 74,0808.682. Ba artsch 38 Stock: 51157

12 2. Bedford. [in pencill.] [A After J.M.W. Turner.] T J.T. W Willmore. [n.d d., c.1831.] En ngraving, prin nted on chine ccollé. Plate: 240 2 x 300mm (9 9½ x 11¾''), with w very largee margins. Sm mall tears in £180 ex xtreme edge of margins. Unncut. River Ouse. A view from A view of Bedfford from the R 'P Picturesque Views in Englannd and Wales'' (182718 838). Stock: 50890

8. A Loock in Stour Suffolk. Painted by Joohn Constablee R.A. Engrav ved by David Lucas. Londoon, Pub. by M.r M Constable, 35 Charlotte S.t Fitzroy Sqquare 1831. Mezzotint. 210 x 180mm (8 ( x 7"), with very large £2330 margins. Foxxing mainly inn margins. A view of a llock on the Riiver Stour in Suffolk. S From m about 1829 C Constable and Lucas worked together on a series of mezzzotints after sketches s and paintings p by Constable caalled 'Various Subjects of Landscape...' published in parts betweenn 1830 and 1832. Wedmoree 13. Shirley: 220. Osbert Baarnard: ii of vii. Stock: 50858

9. Summ mer Afternooon- After a Shower. Painted by Joohn Constablee R.A. Engrav ved by David Lucas. Londoon, Pub. by M.r M Constable, 35 Charlotte S.t Fitzroy Sqquare 1831. Mezzotint. 2220 x 180mm (8¾ ( x 7"), witth very large £2330 margins. Sligght foxing. A rural landsscape with a church spire in n the distance and a windm mill on a hill. From F about 18 829 Constable and Lucas worked togetheer on a series of o mezzotints after sketches and paintinggs by Constable called 'Various Subj bjects of Landsscape...' published in parts between 1830 and 1832. Wedmore W 19. Shirley: S 28. Osbert Barnaard: I of V. Stock: 50862

10. A Su ummerland. Painted by Joohn Constablee R.A. Engrav ved by David Lucas. Londoon, Pub.d by M.r M Constablee, 35 Charlottee S.t Fitzroy Sqquare 1831. Mezzotint onn india. 250 x 180mm (9¾ x 7"), with verry large marginns. £2330 ughing a fieldd. A countrysidde view showiing a man plou From about 11829 Constablle and Lucas worked w togethher on a series off mezzotints after a sketches and paintingss by Constablee called 'Varioous Subjects of Landscape.. .' published in parts betweenn 1830 and 1832. Wedmoree 16. Shirley: 99. Osbert Barnnard: I of V. Stock: 50860

11. [Landscape with h Gamblers.] [Giovanni Frrancesco Grim maldi.] [n.d., c.1670.] Etching. Platte: 250 x 330m mm (9¾ x 13'') with large £3880 margins. Verry slight central crease. A landscape scene with three figures plaaying a game of dice in the fooreground. Byy Italian printm maker Giovannni

13 3. Near Blair B Athol SScotland. Drawn D & Etcheed by J.M.W. Turner Esq.r R.A. En ngraved by W. W Say Engrave ver to H.R.H. the t Duke of Gloucester G Pub blished June 1 1811, by J.M M.W. Turner Queen Q Ann Streeet West. Ettching and meezzotint. 210 x 295mm (8¼ ¼ x 11½"), Whatman W paperr dated 1810, with very larg ge margins. £520 A kilted Scot fiishing in a streeam under a waterfall. w Rawlinson notees that 'anglerss will appreciaate the acccurate pose of o the fishermaan'. A plate from J.M M.W. Turner''s 'Liber Studiiorum', which was w published between b 18077 and 1819, letttered 'M' ab bove the image. Finberg: 300, first publish hed state of iiii. Stock: 50869

14 4. The Brridge in Midddle Distance. E.P. Drawn D & Etcheed by J.M.W. Turner Esq.r R.A. P.P. En ngraved by C. Turner. Londdon Published d June 10. 18 808 by C. Turrner, 50 Warreen Street, Fitzrroy Square. Mezzotint M with etching. 210 x 290mm (8¼ ¼ x 11¼"), £350 with w very large margins. A distant view of Walton Briidge. Plate 13, issued in Paart III of 'Turn ner's 'Liber Stuudiorum', whiich was pu ublished in sev veral parts bettween 1807 an nd 1819. Fiinberg: 13, sta ate iv of v, witth an indistincct sun. Stock: 50872

Draw wing of the Clyde. C In thee possession n of J.M. Turrner. 15.

Drawn & Etcched by J.M.W W. Turner Esq q.r R.A.P.P. London, Pubblished March 29, 1809 by C. C Turner, No.50 Warreen Street, Fitzrroy Square. Mezzotint wiith etching. Pllate: 210 x 290mm (8¼ x £3550 11½''), with llarge margins. A riverside sscene showingg women bathiing near a waterfall. Finnberg 18. II. Stock: 51016

9. Holy Issland Catheddral. 19 Drawn D & Etcheed by J.M.W. Turner Esq.r R.A.P.P. En ngraved by Ch ha.s Turner. L London, Published Feb.y 20 0 1808 by C. Turner, T N.o500, Warren Streeet, Fitzroy Sq quare. Mezzotint M with etching. Platee: 210 x 290m mm (8¼ x £380 11 1½''). Foxing. A view of the ruins of Lindissfarne off the coast of Northumberlan N nd. From Turnner's 'Liber Stu udiorum'. Fiinberg State IV. I Stock: 51018

20 0. [The Ju unction of SSevern and Wye.] W E.P. [D Drawn, Etched d & Engravedd by J.M.W. Tu urner Esq.r. R.A.] [Publisheed June 1811 bby J.M.W. Tu urner, Queen Anne A Street Weest.] Mezzotint M with etching. 210 x 290mm (8¼ ¼ x 11¼"), £350 with w very large margins. A view looking g down past a castle. Pllate 28, issued d in Part VI off 'Turner's 'Lib ber Sttudiorum', wh hich was publiished in severaal parts beetween 1807 and a 1819. Finbberg: 53, state ii of iii. Stock: 50874

16. [Dum mbarton Rocck.] [Engraved byy Thomas Luppton after J.M M.W. Turner. [Published byy Turner c.1810.] Unpublishedd etching and mezzotint, m prin nted in sepia. 220 x 290mm m (8¾ x 11½""), with very laarge margins. £3880 A plate prepaared for the 'L Liber Studiorum' but never published. Fiinberg: 75. Stock: 50870

17. Dum mblain Abbeyy, Scotland. Drawn & Etcched by J.M.W W. Turner, R.A A. Engrav'd byy T.Lupton. Puublish'd Jan.y 1 1816 by J.M M.W. Turner Queen Ann S Street West. Mezzotint wiith etching. 2110 x 295mm (8¼ ( x 11¾"), £3550 with very larrge margins. Washerwomen by the Allaan Water, Dun nblane, below w the ruined abbbey. Plate 56, issuued in Part XI of Turner's 'L Liber Studiorum', 11807-1819. Fiinberg: 56, sta ate iii of iv.

21 1. This Frrontispiece tto Liber Stu udiorum is most m respectffully presentted to the Su ubscribers, by y J.M.W. Tu urner. Drawn, D Etched & the Centre Engraved by J.M.W. Tu urner Esq.r R..A. P.P. Engraaved by J.C. Easling. E Pu ublished May 23rd, 1812, bby J.M.W. Turrner, Queen Anne A Street Weest. Mezzotint, M aquaatint & etchinng. 210 x 295m mm (8¼ x £360 11 1½"), with verry large margiins. Th he frontispiece of Turner's ''Liber Studiorrum' (Book off Sttudies), a seriees of his landsscape and seasscape co ompositions, prepared p in hoomage to Clau ude Lorraine's 'L Liber Veritatis'. This plate ha has a cental piccture deepicting Europ pa on Zeus dissguised as a bull, b engraved by y Turner himsself, within ann architectural caprice co ontaining a baanner listing thhe engravers of o the plates in n the series. Th he 'Liber Stud diorum' was inntended to be a set of 100 pllates, but only y seventy weree issued, in fou urteen parts; th his frontispiecee appeared in Part Ten. Fin nberg: 1, state v of v. Stock: 50881

Stock: 50884

M. [S Ships in a Brreeze.] In th he possessioon of the Earl of Egremon nt. 18.

Drawn & Etcched by J.M.W W. Turner Esq q.r. R.A.P.P. Engraved byy Cha.s. Turner. London, Pu ublished Feb.y.20. 18008 by C. Turnner N.o. 50 Warren Street Fitzroy Squaare. Mezzotint wiith some etchiing. 210 x 290 0mm (8¼ x 11¼"), with vvery large maargins. Some foxing. f £4220 Ships being bbuffeted in turrbulent weather outside a harbour. Plate 10, issuued in Part II of o Turner's 'Liiber Studiorum m', 1807-1819. F Finberg: 10, state s ii of v. Stock: 50876

22 2. Marinee Dabblers. Drawn D & Etcheed by J.M.W. Turner Esq. R.A. R En ngraved by W. W Say Engrave ver to H.R.H. the t Duke of Gloucester G Pub blished June 18811 by J.M.W W. Turner, Queen Q Ann Streeet West. Ettching and meezzotint. 210 x 290mm (8¼ ¼ x 11½"), with w very large margins. Smaall tear top maargin. £380 Group G of childrren playing wiith miniature boats b on a saandy shore, neext to fishing bboats. Pllate 29, issued d in Part VI off Turner's 'Lib ber Sttudiorum', 180 07-1819. Raw wlinson 29; Fin nberg 29, sttate ii of ii. Stock: 50879

23. [The Castle Above the Mead dows.] E.P. Drawn & Etcch'd by J.M.W W. Turner Esq..r R.A. P.P. Engraved byy Cha.s Turnerr. London. Pub blished Feb.y 20, 1808 by C C. Turner, 50 Warren Streeet, Fitzroy Square. Mezzotint wiith etching. 2110 x 290mm (8¼ ( x 11¼"), with very larrge margins. Innk stamp of th he P. Hurlbuttt Collection onn reverse. £3550 A distant vieew of Oakham mpton Castle. Plate 8, issueed in Part II off 'Turner's 'Lib ber Studiorum m', which was puublished in seeveral parts beetween 1807 an and 1819. Finberrg: 8, state ii of o iv. Stock: 50875

24. Peat Bog, Scotland. Drawn & Etcched by J.M.W W. Turner Esq q.r R.A. Engraved byy G. Clint. Pubblished April 23. 2 1812 by J.M.W. Turnner, Queen Annne Street. Mezzotint wiith etching. 2110 x 290mm (8¼ ( x 11¼"), £3550 with very larrge margins. In the centre,, a morass in deep d shadow, with mountaiins on the right. In the foregroound, men are cutting turf, and to the lefft is a horse annd cart. Rawlinson (pp.110) noted thhat 'Peat Bog has always ranked amonng the great plates of the Lib ber. Finer mezzotint woork than that of o the sky wou uld be impossible; bbut it was of necessity n so deelicate that it can only adequately be seeen in early imp pressions.' Plate 45, issuued in Part XI of 'Turner's 'L Liber Studiorum', w which was pubblished in sev veral parts between 1807 and 1819. Finberg F 45, sta ate v of v.

d in Part XI off Turner's 'Lib ber Pllate 51, issued Sttudiorum', 180 07-1819. Finbberg: 51, statee iii of iv. Collection: C J Ta aylor. Stock: 50878

28 8. [Solitud de.] E.P. [D Drawn & Etch hed by J.M.W.. Turner Esq.rr. Engraved by y W. Say Engraver to H.R.H H. the Duke of o Gloucester.] G [Published Mayy 12, 1814 by J.M.W. Tu urner, Queen Anne Street W West.] Mezzotint M with etching, wateermark J. Rich hard. 210 x 29 90mm (8¼ x 11¼"), 1 with veery large marg gins. £330 A woman reclin ning in a woodd, a deer grazing nearby, th he silhouette of a castle behiind. Also calleed 'The Reading Magdaalene'. Pllate 53, issued d in Part XI off 'Turner's 'Lib ber Sttudiorum', wh hich was publiished in severaal parts beetween 1807 and a 1819. Finbberg: 53, state ii of v, with an n indistinct sun. Stock: 50873

29 9. Solway y Moss. Drawn D & Etcheed by J.M.W. Turner R.A. Engraved E by Th ho.s Lupton. Published P Jann.y. 1 1816 by M.r Turner Queen Q Anne Sttreet West. Mezzotint M with some etchingg. 210 x 295m mm (8¼ x £320 11 1½"). Some fo oxing. Cattle being herded through a peat bog near Carlisle. Pllate 52, issued d in Part XI off Turner's 'Lib ber Sttudiorum', 180 07-1819. Finbberg: 52, statee iv of v. Stock: 50877

Stock: 50871

25. Procrris and Cephalus. Drawn & Etcched by J.M.W W. Turner Esq q.r R.A.P.P. Engraved byy G. Clint. Lonndon, Publisheed Feb.y 14 1812 by J.M.W. Turner, Queen Q Ann Strreet West. Mezzotint wiith etching. Pllate: 210 x 290mm (8¼ x £3220 11½'') with laarge margins. A classical sccene showingg Cephalus carrdling the dyinng Procris in a w woodland. Froom Turner's 'L Liber Studiorum'. F Finberg 41. III. Stock: 51017

26. [Rich hmond Casttle.] Drawn by J.M M.W. Turner R.A. R Engraveed by W.R. Smith. [n.d., c.1827.] Engraving, pprinted on chinne collé. Plate: 245 x 300mm m (9¾ x 11¾''),, with very larrge margins. Uncut. U £2220 A view of thee town of Richmond in Yorrkshire with thhe River Swale running diagoonally through h to the bottom m right corner. A view from 'Picturesque Views V in England and Wales' (18277-1838) Stock: 50889

27. Rievaaux Abbey, Yorkshire. Drawn & Etcched by J.M.W W. Turner R.A A. Engraved byy H. Dawe.. Puublished May 23, 1812 by J.M.W. J Turnerr Queen Anne Street West. Mezzotint wiith some etchiing. 220 x 300 0mm (8¾ x 11¾"), with vvery large maargins. Some foxing. f £3220 A view of Riievaulx Abbeyy, a ruined Cisstercian abbeyy.

30 0. East Gate Winchellsea Sussex. Drawn D & Etcheed by J.M.W. Turner Esq. R.A. R P.P. En ngraved by S.W. Reynolds.. Pub. Jan. 1 1819 1 by J.M M.W. Turner,, Queen Ann SStreet West. Ettching and meezzotint. 210 x 290mm (8¼ ¼ x 11½"), with w very large margins. £380 Th he ruins of thee town walls. Pllate 67, issued d in Part XIV oof Turner's 'Liber Sttudiorum', 180 07-1819. Raw wlinson 67; Fin nberg 67, sttate iv of iv. Stock: 50880

31 1. Wincheelsea, Sussexx. Drawn D & Etcheed by J.M.W. Turner Esq. R.A. R En ngraved by J.C C. Easling. Puublished Aprill 23 1812 by J.M M.W. Turner,, Queen Ann SStreet West. Ettching and meezzotint. 210 x 290mm (8¼ ¼ x 11½"), with w very large margins. £350

A soldier talkking to a wom man and childrren under a watchtower oon a hill. Plate 42, issuued in Part IX of Turner's 'L Liber Studiorum', 11807-1819. Fiinberg: 42, sta ate iii of iii. Stock: 50882

off Italian painteers, including Canaletto, to sell to En nglish collecto ors. He also pplanned a series of hiistorical picturres to decoratee the Duke off Richmond's ap partment at Go oodwood, com mmemorating the deeds of faamous English hmen. Stock: 50887

32. [The Woman and Tambourine.] E.P. Drawn & Etcched by J.M.W W. Turner Esq q. R.A. Engraved byy C. Turner. Puublished as thee Act directs bby J.M.W. Turnner, Harley Strreet. Etching and m mezzotint. 210 x 290mm (8 8¼ x 11½") vrry large marginns £3550 An Italianatee scene with a woman playing a tamborinne in front of woomen and chilldren, a ruined d bridge and town behind.. Plate 3, issueed in Part IX of o Turner's 'Liiber Studiorum m', 1807-1819. F Finberg: 3, staate iv of iv. Stock: 50883

33. [Gam me Birds.] G. Stevens pinx.t et del. Prrinted by C. Hullmandel. H [n.d., c.1850.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph. Sheet: 180 x 145mm (7 x 5¾''). Trim mmed and laid on album sheeet. £1440 A still life shhowing game birds b in a lard der. Stock: 51074

34. [Smaall Game Birrds and a Hare.] G. Stevens pinx.t et del. Prrinted by C. Hullmandel. H [n.d., c.1850.] Hand-coloured lithograph.. Sheet: 180 x 145mm (7 x 5¾''). Trimm med and laid onn album sheett. £1440 A still life shhowing game hanging h in a larder. Stock: 51075

Reipu ublicae Liteeratiae Trium miris Boyleoo, Lockio et S Sydenhamio. 35.

F. Boucher innvenit et delinn. Cl. Duflos Sculpsit. S Mac..S. [Paris: Basann, c.1737.] Engraving. P Plate: 650 x 4110mm (25¾ x 16''). Small stain on rightt, central horizzontal crease as normal. £2880 Small marginns. An allegoricaal monument to scientists and a philosopheers Thomas Sydeenham (1624--1689), Roberrt Boyle (162771691) and Joohn Locke (16632-1704). From Eugenee Mac-Swiny''s 'Tombeaux des Princes, Grand Capitaaines et Autres Hommes Illustres, Qui onnt fleuri dans laa Grande-Brettagne'. Owen McSwiny, M former manaager of Drury Lane L and the Haymarket H Theatres, hadd travelled to Italy I where hee bought workks

36 6. Isaaco Newtono Eqquiti Aurato o. P.. Jos. Perrot in nvenit et delinn:1 Lau: Cars Sculpsit. Mac.S. M [Paris: Basan, B c.17377.] En ngraving. Platte: 650 x 410m mm (25¾ x 16 6''). Small margins, m centraal horizontal cr crease as norm mal. £520 An A allegorical monument m to famed mathem matician, asstronomer, theeologian and pphysicist Sir Issaac Newton (1 1642-1726), with w a decorativ ive border sho owing sccientific aparatus. Frrom Eugene Mac-Swiny's M 'T Tombeaux des Princes, Grand G Capitain nes et Autres H Hommes Illusttres, Qui ont fleeuri dans la Grande-Bretagn G ne'. Owen MccSwiny, fo ormer manager of Drury Lan ane and the Haaymarket Th heatres, had trravelled to Itaaly where he bought b works off Italian painteers, including Canaletto, to sell to En nglish collecto ors. He also pplanned a series of hiistorical picturres to decoratee the Duke off Richmond's ap partment at Go oodwood, com mmemorating the deeds of faamous English hmen. W 21400.22 Stock: 50886

37 7. Cloudeesleio Shovell Equiti Aurrato &c Copiarum C Na avalium Maagnae Britan nniae Praefecto. F.. Boucher inveenit et delin. N N. Tardieu Scu ulpsit. Mac.S. M [Paris: Basan, B c.17377.] En ngraving. Platte: 650 x 410m mm (25¾ x 16 6''). Central ho orizontal creasse as normal. Small margin ns. Creasing £280 in n bottom right corner. An A allegorical monument m to British naval commander Siir Cloudesley Shovell (16500-1707) who saw s action in th he Third Anglo o-Dutch War and the War of o Spanish Su uccession. Frrom Eugene Mac-Swiny's M 'T Tombeaux des Princes, Grand G Capitain nes et Autres H Hommes Illusttres, Qui ont fleeuri dans la Grande-Bretagn G ne'. Owen MccSwiny, fo ormer manager of Drury Lan ane and the Haaymarket Th heatres, had trravelled to Itaaly where he bought b works off Italian painteers, including Canaletto, to sell to En nglish collecto ors. He also pplanned a series of hiistorical picturres to decoratee the Duke off Richmond's ap partment at Go oodwood, com mmemorating the deeds of faamous English hmen. Stock: 50888

38 8. Vedutee Delle Ville e d'Altri Lu uoghi Della Toscana. T Giu useppe Zoccchi Di An. XXVII. X G.Z. G inv. e del. Gio. Gottofreedo Seuter sco olpi in Fiirenze. Appressso Giuseppe Allegrini Stam mpatore in Rame Firenze 1744. 1 En ngraving. Platte: 320 x 490m mm (12½ x 19 9¼''), with laarge margins. Repaired R tearss into plate, crreasing. £230 Th he frontispiece to Giuseppee Zochhi's (1711-1767) 'V Vedute Delle Ville V e d'Altri Luoghi Della Toscana' which w depicted villas and vieews in Tuscan ny. Classical alllegorical figures stand arouund a central statue s and

three putti suupport an ovall portrait of Zo occhi which rests at the baase of the stattue. Stock: 50903

39. [Buttterfly on a Fuscia.] F Scrapsheet. S Sheet: 360 x 240mm 2 (14 x 9½''). 9 £885 A scrapsheett with a waterccolour of a bu utterfly on a fuscia and tw wo scenes withh monkeys in clothes playinng games includding backgammon. Stock: 51076

The C City disputee, or Milk Sttreet in an uproar. 40.

[n.d., c.1830.] Pen and ink. Sheet: 165 x 265mm (6½ x 10½''). Laid on album sheeet. £995 A series of sttick figures shhown in variou us fights. Stock: 51132

An U Universal Fissh Table. Th he Spots signify wheen the Fish are a in Season and the Blanks wheen they are not. n Plate 6. 6 Vol. 5. 41.

Printed at R. Ackermann'ss Lithographicc Press. [n.d., c.1840.] Rare lithograaph. Sheet: 235 x 145mm (9 9¼ x 5¾''). £1660 Creasing. A table listinng 28 types off fish and the months m of the year in whichh they are in season. s

5. [Coursing off a Cliiff.] 45 Alfred A W. Struttt. [n.d., c.18995.] Ph hotogravure, printed p on inddia. Artist's Pro oof, signed in peencil. Plate: 530 5 x 650mm (21 x 25½''), with large £320 margins. m Light foxing A scene showin ng two greyhoounds chasing a hare over a seea cliff. A rideer looks on in horror. Stock: 51119

West View V of Harrrow School. Dedicated to o the Studen nts and to thhe Nobleman n and Gentlemen G who w have beeen Eductaed d in that Seeminary, by y their humbble Servant W.m Nicholls. N [&]] East View of Harrow School, Dedicated D by y Permissionn to the Governor's of th hat Institutio on, by their humble Serrvant, W.m Nicholls. N 46 6.

Drawn D by T. Riichards. Engraaved by W. Nicholls. N Pu ublished by Jo ohn Warren, H Harrow. [n.d., c.1820.] Paair of aquatintts, laid on chinne collé. Platee: 320 x £280 40 00mm (12½ x 15¾''). Trimm med to plate. A pair of viewss of Harrow Scchool. Stock: 51138

Stock: 51062

42. [Witcch Cooking at a Cauldrron.] [n.d., c.1840.] Watercolour.. Sheet: 120 x 80mm (4¾ x 3''). Laid on £1330 album sheet. An amateur w watercolour of a witch, surrrounded by flying bats. Stock: 51133

L'Asrologie. Moon jour est dans d la nuit & lenoir de sees voiles...


Huret Inventtor. Rouffelet fecit. de l'imp pression de Marionette A Avec Privilegee. [n.d., c.1730 0.] Engraving. P Plate: 310 x 2110mm (12 x 8¼'') large £1880 margins. hown as a An allegoricaal depiction of astrology, sh woman with one hand on a globe and a telescope in th the other. Stock: 51141

Fron ntispiece. Th he Four Qua arters of the World. Plaate. 1. No. 1.. 44.

H. Gravelot iinv. C. Grignoon sculp. [n.d.., c.1780.] Engraving. P Plate: 235 x 1660mm (9¼ x 6¼''). 6 Trimmeed £1660 on left. An allegoricaal scene show wing Asia, Am merica, Africa and Europe rrepresented byy female figurres by a large column. Stock: 51031

The Lib brary and B Bridge of Trrinity College C in thee Universityy of Cambrid dge with pa art of St Joh hn's Collegee and Bridgee. 47 7.

R.Harraden Delin & Excud. E Engraved by J.W. Edy. [P Publish'd by R. R Harraden N No. 16 Little Newport N Sttreet, Leicesteer Square Londdon _ And Daavid Hood, Prrintseller Cam mbridge 1797.]] Fiine coloured aquatint. a Sheet et 430 x 580mm m (17 x 22 2¾"). Trimmeed within platee, losing publiication line, reepaired tears in n inscription aarea. £390 One O of seven pllates in Harrad aden's 'Views of o Cambridge'. Ab bbey Scenery 775. Stock: 51058

[Adverrt.] Capel Hoouse. The la ate Residence R of Governor B Boddam. To Be Sold, orr Let, L For a Teerm of Sevenn, Fourteen or TwentyOne O Years. This T Propert rty Consists of a Large an nd Well-Arrranged Fam mily Mansion n, Situated in n the Centree of a Park & Pleasure Grounds, G Containing C Thirty-three T Acres, Whiich are Diposed D with h Admirablee Effect. 48 8.

Th horowgoods, Printers, Kingg Street, Cheaapside. [n.d., c.1840.]

Letterpress ppamphlet. Sheet: 320 x 200m mm (12½ x 8'''). £1660 Creased and laid on album m sheet. An advert forr the sale of Capel C House in n Enfield. Thee large house w was sold by thhe Boddams Family in 18400 and was bougght by a tea pllanter named James Warrenn. The pamphleet provides dettails of the ho ouse as well ass a map of the grrounds and a lithographed l view v of the house and grrounds. Stock: 51029

Maddock, M a London florist an and author of 'T The florist's diirectory; or, A treatise on thhe culture of flowers; fl to which w is added a supplementtary dissertatio on on soils, manures' m 1792. Stock: 50978

[Adverrt.] Now Pubblishing, in Royal R 4to. Price Nine, Shillings. Flooral Illustrattions of the Seeasons, Con nsisting of Re Representatio ons Drawn frrom Nature of some of tthe Most Beautiful, Hardy, H and Rare R Herbacceous Plantss... 52 2.

By Mrs. Edwarrd Roscoe, Livverpool. Engraaved by R. Havell, H Jun. Pu ublished by Baaldwin & Crad dock, Paaternoster Row w, for R. Haveell, Jun. 79, Newman N Sttreet, Oxford Street. S 1829. Rare letterpresss. Sheet: 225 x 140mm (9 x 5½''). £130 Binding holes. An A advert for a series of botaanical prints. Stock: 51049

Key to the Royal H Horoscope of Futurity, For Unfoldin ng the Mysteeries of Desttiny, Respectfully R dedicated too all Lovers of the Astral A Sciencces, by their Devoted Seervant, Gabriel, G Astrrologer of thhe 19th Centtury. 53 3.

[Advvert.] Panoraamic Rotund da of London, Arrranged in a Novel and Interestingg Style, Exhibiting Everyy Feature off the British h Metropoliss, and Vieweed through the medium m of Magnifyying Glasses,, Will Realizze an Appearancce of Nature Hitherto Unattainable in Other Th han Large and a Extendeed Panoram mic Views. 49.

By. R. Havelll, Jun. [n.d., c.1830.] c Extremely raare letterpress.. Sheet: 200 x 190mm (8 x £2660 7½''). p of London L by An advert forr an aquatint panorama Robert Havell Junior. Stock: 51047

[Advvert.] Just Pu ublished, in Imperial Quarto. A P Print of Pin nks, Drawn from f Five off the Finest P Plants, Afterr Gaining th he First Prizze. Drawn and d Engraved by b R. Havelll, Jun. 50.

London: Pubblished by R. Havell, H Jun., Printer, P 79, Newman Streeet, Oxford Sttreet. Scarce letterppress: 180 x 110mm (7 x 4¼ ¼''). £1330 An advert forr a series of botanical printss. Stock: 51050

[Advvert.] A Desccription of th he Propertiees of a Fine Poolianthus, By B James Ma addock, Florist. 51.

[n.d., c.1800.] A rare & scaarce letterpresss advert. Sheet:135 x 145mm mm (5¼ x 5¾''). T Trimmed, foldds and damage. £2880 A pamphlet rrequesting a seedling of a polianthus p withh a promise off fifty guineas for the right plant. p James

Leetterpress. Sheeet: 165 x 1700mm (6½ x 6¾ ¾''). Creasing, trimm med and laid oon album sheeet. £85 A horoscope, possibly produuced by the So ociety of the Mercurii, M one of o the primaryy groups involv ved in the reevival of the occult and astro rological in thee 1830s. Stock: 51134

[Numbers.] See Piierot or Lun n A Figure off One... 54 4.

[n n.d., c.1840.] Rare hand-colo oured woodcutt. Sheet: 165 x 270mm (6½ ½ x 10½''). Trimm med, some reppaired tears. £160 A series of vign nettes showingg numbers 0-9 9 formed by a piierot in variou us poses, childds education sh heet. Stock: 51037

[Playbiills.][Accadeemia Filarm monica di Bologna, B 1829.] Signori Maestri Compositori deell' Accadem mia de' Filarrmonici di Bologna B che in n Occasione della Festa del Loro Prrotettore Sa ant' Antonio o di Padovaa... 55 5.

[1 1829.] Tw wo letterpresss playbills; verrso in ink "Lisst of the Musee M ..... wheen a part of Loord B! Mass was w executed. Nov N 1829" Larg gest sheet: 41 5 x 280mm (1 16¼ x 11''). £320 Creases, foxed and tears. A pair of playbills listing thee performances by the masters m of Accaademia Filarm monica di Bolo ogna held in Saan Giovanni in n Monte on 122th-13th and 17th November N 1829 9. The playbillls are engraveed with deecorative bord ders and the accademy's moto 'Unitate Melos' M in a cresst with an orgaan. Stock: 51154

[Songsh heet.] Dediccated to the Gallant IllFated Crew of o the ''Titannic''. Be Brritish! Descriptive D Song S and Reecitation. 56 6.

Written & Coomposed by Paul P Pelham & Lawrence Wright featuured by Mr. Geeo. D'Albert. The T Lawrencee Wright Musiic Co. 8, Denm mark Street, (C Charing Crosss Road) Londoon, W.C. Alsoo at Leicester. [n.d., c.1912. ] Songsheet: 360 x 255mm (14 x 10''). Ed dges bit tatty. £775 A songsheet for a patrioticc song celebraating the crew of the Titanic. A At bottom left ft "Agents for Australia & New Zealandd, Allan & Coo Proprietary Ltd. L 276-278 Collins Streeet, Melbourne.."

A frame label for f a framer inn Newcastle. Stock: 51128

Stock: 51130

Ode b by Henry Jaames Pye Essq. P. L. Performed at St. Jamees's, January y 18 1806 on n the Anniversary of Her Majesty's Birth Day. [&] Lines, b by H. Tresh ham, Esq. R..A. Which Were Embellished with h an Elegan nt Portrait and Given in St. Paul'ss Cathedral at the Timee of the Interrment. 57.

Swaine sc. Puub.d. Jan.y. 18 1806. by Ed dw.d Orme 599 Bond Street. Nichols, Prinnter, Earl's Cou urt, Newportstreet Soho. 2 letterpress sheets. Plate: 270 x 450mm m (10½ x 17¾ ¾"). Central creasse as issued, sllight staining. £2880 Two poems ppublished in 1806. 1 The firstt is a poem byy James Pye (11745-1813), puublished to ceelebrate the birthday of Q Queen Charlottte in 1806. Jaames Pye, whoo had served ass M.P. for Berrkshire betweeen 1784 and 1790, had sup upported Pitt thhe Younger an nd has been saaid that it was thhrough this alliiance that Pyee was elected Poet Laureatte in 1790, a post p he held un ntil his death iin 1813. Each yyear on both thhe King and Queen's Q birthdday Pye would puublish a stronggly patriotic ode o in celebration. S Surrounding the t text, flags of various nations are illlustrated incluuding America with 13 starrs. The second ppoem was written to commeemorate the funeral of Loord Nelson in St Pauls. A pllate from 'Orme's Grapphic History of o the Life, Exp ploits, and Death of Horration Nelson'', published on nly three dayss after the funeeral.

60 0. Eagle & Fox. J. Northcote R.A pinx.t. J. M Murphy sculp.t. London Pu ublished Dec.r 9 1799 by Jaames Daniell & Co, Great Charlotte Streett, Blackfriars Road. Mezzotint, M prin nted in colourss and hand-fin nished. 490 x 61 10mm (19¼ x 24"). Cracks to platemark,, mounted on caard at edges, some staining and scratching. Small £1500 margins. m Slight crease. An A eagle perched on a rock lledge, a dead pheasant p un nder its talon, in a showdow wn with a crou uching fox. Stock: 51162

Stock: 50899

[Chaange of Addrress.] R. Hav vell, Jun. Begs to Announce thatt he has rem moved from man Street, too No.77, Oxford Street, 179, Newm Opposite th he Pantheon n. 58.

[c.1831.] Letterpress. S Sheet: 80 x 1225mm (3 x 5'')). £660 A handbill innforming the recipient r of Ro obert Havell Junior's reloccation. Havelll moved to hiss new premisees in 1831. Stock: 51048

[Fram me Label.] Richard R Farrrington, Carber and d Gilder, In the Painterr-Heugh, Newcastle U Upon Tyne, Sells all So orts of Looking Gllass Framess, Picture Frrames, &c. Ornamentss and Moldings of all kiinds, in Woood or Stone, foor the Decorration of Ch himney Piecees, Rooms, &cc. Executed in i the Newest Taste... 59.

[n.d., c.1800.] Very rare lettterpress. Sheeet: 175 x 140m mm (7 x 5½''). £1880 Paper tone.

61 1. Vulture & Snake. J. Northcote R.A pinx.t. S.W W. Reynolds sculp.t. Lo ondon Publish h'd 5th July 17799 by Jeffryees & Co, Lu udgate Hill. Mezzotint, M prin nted in colourss and hand-fin nished. 490 x 61 10mm (19¼ x 24"). Cracks to platemark,, mounted on caard at edges, some staining.. Small margiins. £1250 A vulture grips a forked-tonggued serpent in i its claws. Whitman: W 422, state ii of ii. Stock: 51161

Die Godts Armen H Hier Verach ht Namaels sy yn Vergeldin ng Wacht. L Lazarus Ante Fores Ditis D Iacet Ullcere Plenuss et Misero Parvam P Nemo N Ministrat Opem. L Luce 16.19. 62 2.

[E Engraved by Pietre P Nolpe affter Abraham Bosse.] F. dee Wit W excudit. [n.d., c.1680.]

Etching. Sheeet 415 x 520m mm (16¼ x 20 0½"). Trimmedd within plate, top right cornner lacking. Damaged. D £3880 A broadside on the Parablee of Lazarus, telling the stoory through one llarge and six small scenes. The cental scene has thee rich man ('D Dives') feasting g while the beggar Larazzus can be seeen through the window, doggs licking his soores. Both menn die: Lazaruss is carried to heaven to be at Abraham'ss side; the rich h man is dragged to heell where he spies s Lazarus in Heaven andd begs Abraham m to send Lazzarus to dip th he tip of his finger in watter and cool hiis tongue. Rijkks Museum: R RPP-1903-A-233998. Stock: 51057

A scene showin ng a druid with th his arms outstretched beefore a large crowd c of follow owers. By artisst William Overend O Gellerr. Ex: Collectiion of Hon C. Lennox-Boydd Stock: 51116

The description off y.e poysoniing of King Jo ohn by a Mo onke of Swinnsted Abby in Lincolnee sh hiere. 66 6.

[n n.d., c.1684.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 260 x 180m mm (10¼ x 7''). Trimmed £240 an nd laid on albu um sheet. A series of vign nettes in two ccolumns show wing the su upposed murder of King Johhn (1166-1216) who in reeality died of dysentery. d Illuustration to thee ninth ed dition of John Foxe, 'Acts an and Monumen nts' ('Book of Martyrs') M Stock: 51035

The Ceeremony of L Lord Nelson n's In nterment in St Pauls Caathedral, Jan.y 18 806. 67 7.

[The Chartist Peetition of 184 42.] T. Dunscombee, Esq: Pressenting the Petition. P Procession Attending the t Great National Petition of 3,317,702, to the Housee of Commons, 1842. Mem mbers of the National N Convention n. 63.

[n.d., c.1842.] Rare & scarcce steel engravving. Sheet 34 45 x 615mm (13½ x 24¼""). A few repaairs. Damaged d. £4220 Three centrall scenes depicct the events of the Chartist Petition, lineed top and botttom with sixteeen elevationss of public buiildings in London. The sheeet was probablly published as a souvenir for the marcherss. Stock: 51175

Viscoount Deerhu urst & The TurnpikeT Man. [&] V Viscount Deeerhurst & Sophia. S [&] The Cock IInn, at Suttoon. 64.

J. Finlay del.. Roberts. sc. London, L Published by J.J. Stockdale, 244, Opera Coloonnade 10, Sep pt.r 1825. 3 Hand-colouured aquatintss on one sheett. Sheet: 485 x 200mm (19 x 8''). Paper toone. £1660 Three sceness, the first show ws a carriage leaving an innn, the middle shhows George Canning, Visccount Deerhurrst leaving a winne and brandyy shop with hiss mistress Sophia Duboochet, the final image shows Canning in a boxing fight with a toll roaad man. Perhaaps illustrationns to the memoiir of Harriettee Wilson, sisteer of Dubochett, which were ppublished in 1825. Stock: 51107

The D Druid's Altaar. Then alll returning from the A Altar's heightt... 65.

Painted & Enngraved by W.O. W Geller. Jo ohn Kendrick, 54, Leicesterr Sq. London. Scarce mezzootint. Sheet: 150 1 x 225mm (6 x 9''). £1880 Foxing.

Drawn D by W.m m Orme from a sketch made on the sport by y the Rev.d Holt Waring. J.. Clark & J. Hamble H scculp.t. Publish hed & Sold Feb eb.y 1806 6 by Edw.d Orme O Bond Strreet, the corner er of Brook Strreet, London. Hand-coloured H aquatint, wate termark 1804. Plate: 505 x 37 70mm (20 x 14½''). Centrall horizontal crrease as issued, staining g and tear alonng crease at ed dges. £240 An A interior view w of St Paul's Cathedral sho owing the fu uneral of Lord d Nelson in 18806. A plate frrom 'Orme's Graphic G history y of the life, exxploits, and death of Horatio H Nelson n...' 1806. Abbeey Life 327. Stock: 50897

68 8. Lord Nelson's N Funneral Procession by Water, W from Greenwich Hospital to White Hall, H Jany.y 8 1806. T Taken from Bank-side, Paul's, London Bridge Exhibiting E a View of St. P &c. & Tu urner pinx.t. J. J Clarke & H.. Marke sculp. Published & So old March 1, 1806 by Edw..d Orme EngraverPrrintseller to th he King & Royyal Family. 59 9 Bond Sttreet, London.. Fiine hand-colou ured aquatint.. Plate: 340 x 490mm (13½ x 19¼''). Centraal vertical creaase as issued. Small £380 margins m on 3 siides. A view of the Thames T showiing the flotillaa acccompanying Nelson's coffi fin along to St Paul's Cathedral. A pllate from 'Orm me's Graphic history h of the liffe, exploits, an nd death of Hooratio Nelson n...' 1806. Ab bbey Life 327. Stock: 50896

Funeeral Processiion of Lord Viscount Nelson, Jan n.y 9th 18066. 69.

W.M. Craig del. Edw.d Orrme excu.t. J. Godby sculp..t. Published & Sold Jan.y 122 1806 by Edw wd Orme Engraver, Priintseller to thee King & Roy yal Family, 599, Bond Street, London. Fine hand-cooloured aquatiint. Plate: 330 x 430mm (133 x 17'') with verry large margiins. Central veertical crease aas issued. £2880 Nelson's hearrse in Ludgatee Street, with St Paul's Cathedral behind. The dessign mimicked d the 'Victory',, with a figureehead and shipp's stern. A plate from m 'Orme's Grapphic History of the Life, Exploits, andd Death of Horation Nelson n', published only three daays after the fuuneral. Abbey Life 327.

C. [n.d., c.18400.] C.W. Cope E.C n album sheett. Plate: 80 x 125mm 1 (3 x Ettching, laid on £50 5''). Trimmed to o plate at top. Toned. Ettching by history painter Chharles West Cope C (181190 0). Cope is priimarily remem mbered for hiss frescoes in th he House of Lo ords and the ppeers' corridorr, but in ad ddition to his academic a rendderings of histtorical and litterary subjectss, he was a tallented printmaaker. Stock: 51111

Stock: 50898

Venu us presenting Helen to Paris, P after his retreat from Comb bat with Men nelaus. Homer Iliaad. Venus presemtant Helen H a Pariis, apres le Coombat quil eut e avec Men nelaus. 70.

Angelica Kauuffman ex acaademia Regalii Artium Londini Pinxx.t. Guiliemus Wynne Rylan nd Chaleographhus Regis Britaannia sculp. Publish'd P as thee Act directs Jaan.y 1 1781 foor the Propriettor W.W. Ryland No. 1159 Strand Loondon. A Pariss Chez Challioou Stelle Neuvee du Palais Maarchand. Stipple. Platee: 380 x 320m mm (15 x 12¾'''), with very £3220 large marginns. Uncut. A classical sccene showingg Venus bringiing Helen before Paris tto comfort him m, a scene fro om Homer's Illiad. Stock: 50885

71. [The Death of th he Chevalierr Bayard.] B. West Pinxxit. V. Green (Mezzotinto ( Engraver E to hiss Majesty) Feccit. Published by J. Boydell, Cheapside, Feb.y 1 17744. Fine and raree mezzotint. 635 x 520mm (25 ( x 20½"). £6880 Slight stain aat bottom. Sm mall margins. A dramatic scene of the deeath Pierre Terrail, seigneurr de Bayard (1473-1524), inn armour, lean ning against a tree on the baattlefield, attended by his op pponent, Charles, duc de Bourbon. An illustriouus career fightiing for the Freench (includinng at the Battle of the Spurs, 1513, against Henry VIII), gave Terrail the nickname 'le chevalier sans peur et sans reprochee' (the knight without fear and a beyond reproach). Hoowever his deeath came at th he end of the age of chivallry: his armouur did not proteect him from aan arquebus ball. Stock: 51163

Anneette. In the Dress of a Norman N Peasant. 72.

Design'd Thoo.s Gaugain. Engrav'd E by P. Zancon. Publish'd October 17796 by Ant. Su untach. Stipple. Platee: 330 x 265m mm (13 x 10½'''). Slight creaase and trimmedd to plate. £1330 A portrait off a young girl, holding a bassket next to a sheep. Stock: 51026


[Artiist on a Scafffold.]

[A Con nversation inn which the Painter has in ntroduced Himself.] H 74 4.

J. Steen pinx.t. S. Paul sculp.. R. Sayer Exccudit. Pu ublish'd Jan.y 1. 1771. Sccarce mezzotint, scratched--letter proof beefore title. 50 05 x 355mm (19¾ ( x 14"). C Cracks in plateemark and teears in marginss repaired. Triimmed to platte at bottom. £420 Cottage interiorr with two woomen sitting in n front of the heearth, one hold ding a glass, tthe other turniing in her ch hair to look at a man in a caape, tattered trrousers and brroad white colllar, who makkes a bow, liftiing his right haand to his mou uth as he introoduces himself. Two other men m standing closer to the firre and smokin ng pipes are am mused. Musseel shells on thee floor and a spoon s prropped against a large cover ered pot lower right. En ngraved after Jan Havickszz. Steen (Dutch h, c.1625 16 679), by Samu uel De Wilde (1751-1832), a painter, esspecially of th heatrical subjeccts, and waterrcolourist, who w also produ uced etchings aand mezzotintts which he signed with the pseudonym 'SSamuel Paul'. Stock: 50598


The M Mountain Dew, D or Dona ald Wi' Thee True Glenllivet.

8. The Co ountry Girl aat Home. Blooming B 78 Maiden, M Natu ure's Pride....

Painted by W W. Macarthneyy. Engraved by y Hen.y Dawee. Published Occt. 2nd 1826 by b Smith, Eldeer & Co. Cornhill Lonndon. Extremely raare mezzotint. Sheet: 355 x 245mm (14 x 9¾''). Trimm med within plate. £4550 A portrait off a man enjoyinng whiskey frrom a large jugg. George Smith th founded thee (illegal) Glen nlivet distillerry in 1822, Geoorge IV famouusly asked to try some of thee whisky durinng his state touur of Scotland d in August 1822. In 1824 the law channged and his Glenlivet G distillery beccame the first legal producer of whisky.

Paainted by G. Morland. M E.M . Diemar, Exccud.t. En ngraved by M.C. M Prestel. Puublished by T. T Palser, Su urry Side of Westminster W B Bridge. Rare hand-colo oured etching. Sheet: 420 x 325mm (16½ ½ x 12¾''). Paper tone, stainingg & trimmed. £280 A rural scene sh howing a youn ung woman staanding next too a farmer outside a country hoouse.

Stock: 51027

Nach N C. Engel, lith. von C. B Bach. Druck, Verlag V u. Eiigenthuin v. E.G. E May & W Wirsing in Fran nkfurt a/m. [n n.d., c.1850.] Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 305 x 31 15mm (12 x £230 12 2¾''). Staining g, creasing. A scene showin ng an old marrried couple sittting at £130 a taable in their ho ome.

Such h was the glaassy globe th hat Merlin made... Geent. Mag. 17735. p.761 67 71 715. 76.

[1735] Engraving. S Sheet: 210 x 1220mm (8¼ x 4¾''). 4 Trimmeed. An illustratioon from Spenccer's 'Faerie Queene' Q showinng Merlin and hhis globe from m the Gentlemaan's Magazinee.

Stock: 51088

Alte Liebe rostel nnicht. Oude Liefde Roest R Niet. Old O Love Nevver Dies. 79 9.

Stock: 51089

Stock: 51137

80 0. [Double-hemispherre world ma ap.] [n n.d., c.1800.] In nk and waterco olour on card.. Sheet 45 x 60mm. £130 A charming miniature map. Stock: 51159

81 1. Portraiits of the Offficers and Men M who were w preserv'd from the Wreck of th he Centaure C [...]] 77. Cupiid and Psych he. Painted by Jnn.o Hoppner Esq:r E Portrait Painter P to Hiss Royal Highnness the Princee of Wales. En ngraved by Jn .o Young Engraaver in Mezzootinto to His Royal R Highnesss the Prince off Wales. Londdon, Published d by Jn.o Younng No 58 Upperr Charlotte Strreet Rathbone Place Jan.y 11st. 1793. Mezzotint, sccratched letterr proof. 565 x 435mm (22¼ ¼x 17"). Small m margins. £6990 Romantic im mage showing Psyche asleep p in a landscappe, enveloped inn vapour wafting from an op pen casket at her side, Cuppid bending ovver her. Stock: 51164

Jaames Northcotte pinx.t. T. G Gaugain fecit. Published Oct.r O 1784 by T. T Gaugain, N No. 4 Little Compton Street, Stt. Ann's, Lond don Rare stipple eng graving. Sheeet 525 x 650m mm (20¾ x 25 5½"). Trimmeed within platee and laid on archival a paaper; top rightt corner reinsta tated to image, with small teear repaired; sm mall area of looss in English h title. £650 A dramatic nav val scene show wing the twelv ve members off the crew of HMS H Centaurr taking to onee of the ship's piinnaces and atttempting to ppush away from m their ship ass it founders. HMS H Centaur, a French frigaate captured during d the Battle of Lagoss in 1759, wass one of a fleett escorting prrizes from the Battle of the Saintes back to Britain from Jamaica when w the 17822 Central Atlan ntic hurricanee hiit off Newfoun ndland. Captaain J.N. Ingleffield and elleven crewmen n reached the island of Faiaal in the

Azores after more than sixxteen days in an a open boat. It is believed thhat 3,500 livess were lost fro om the variouss ships of the ffleet. The painting, now lost, waas exhibited att the Royal Academyin 11784. Stock: 51165

Sailoors' Encamp pment Before Sebastopool. The Trafallgar Lambs. No.2. ''Soo on the nativee jollity of th he tars brokee out, and uproarious singing wass kept up in their differrent tents... 82.

Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph. Sheet: 240 2 x 350mm £1440 (9½ x 13¾''). Staining. A scene show wing sailors frrom the HMS Trafalgar sitting singinng and telling stories in fron nt of a tent during the Crrimean War. Stock: 51040

To th he Honourab ble the Courrt of Directors oof the United d Company of Merchan nts of England d, Trading too the East In ndies, This t, between Representaation of the Engagemen E their Ships Suffolk, Hooughton and d Godolphin n, and Two French Shipss of War; on n the 9th dayy of March 11757. Is Insccribed by theeir Most Obedient, H Humble Serrvant, Rob.t Willock. 83.

Design'd & P Painted by R Paton. P Engrav v'd by P.C. Canot. Londoon Aprill 1758, Publissh'd Accordingg to Act of Parrliament, To be b had of R. Paaton in Wardoour Street, Soho,, & R. Willockk in Cornhill. Engraving. S Sheet: 380 x 515mm (15 x 20¼''). 2 Trimm med within plate. Few minor repairs. £4880 A battle scenne showing thrree East Indiamen engagingg with two Freench ships off the Cape of Good G Hope onn 9th March 17757. Three homeward boun nd East Indiamen, the ‘Suffolk’, ‘H Houghton’ and d ‘Godolphin’’ were interceppted by two Frrench privateeers off the Cappe of Good Hoppe. The merchhantmen were heavily ladenn and represennted great richees for the Fren nch privateerss. However theey were unablee to capture th hem when the Indiamen forrmed a line annd beat them off o after a threee hour engagem ment. Stock: 50855

4. [Battle of Blenheim m.] Vue et 84 Representatio R on de la Battaille de Hocchstedt do onnée le 13 D'aoust 17004. Huchtenburg, H Pinxit P et Excuddit. [n.d., c.17 705.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 545 x 630m mm (21½ x 24¾''), with laarge margins. Central, C verticcal crease as normal. n £360 A view of the Battle B of Blenhheim which to ook place du uring the War of Spanish Suuccession betw ween France an nd the Grand Alliance. A The battle was an n important viictory as it enssured the safetty of Vienna and a prrevented the collapse of thee Grand Allian nce. It was an im mportant victo ory of the de fa facto leader off the allied fo orces, John Ch hurchill, 1st D Duke of Marlbo ough, who was w handsomelly rewarded foor his triumph h. A key beelow the title identifies i variious towns and d important ellements of the battle Stock: 50856

85 5. This Viiew of the Suuccessful Atttack of Her H Majesty''s combinedd Forces, Under Vice Admiral A Sir William W Parrker, G.C.B. and G.C.B. upon Lieut.t L Sir Hiigh Gough, G n the Heights H of Ch husan, on thhe of Occtober, 18 841. Is with h permissionn dedicated to t His Royal R Highneess Prince A Albert &c. &c. & by His Royal R Highneess's most faaithful & deevoted Seervant, R.B. Crawford,, R.N N. Paainted by W. Joy J from a Drrawing by Cap pt.n Crawford. Engrraved by Hen..y Papprill. Lo ondon: Pu ublished Marcch 1844 by Ackerman nn & Co. Colour-printed aquatint withh hand-colour. Sheet: 330 x 58 85mm (13 x 23''). Trimmedd and laid on board. b £550 A scene showin ng the second capture of Tin nghai, the caapital city of th he island of C Chusan, the larrgest island inn th he Chusan arch hipelgo, by thhe British durin ng the First Opium O War. Deepicted are thee various navaal ships firing on n the Chinese troops of the Quing Empire and the British troops. The T island hadd previously been b seized inn Ju uly of 1840 bu ut had been givven up in favo our of Hong Kong K which waas still only a fishing village on a barren island. One platte from a seriees of four afteer drawings made m on the spot by Captainn R. B. Crawfo ord showing th he British squaadron in Chinaa and Hong Kong. K Stock: 51015

86 6. [A military emcam mpment.] [JJost Amman.] [Frankfurt am m Main: Sigmu und Feeierabend, 157 73.] Very V scarce etcching. 285 x 3 80mm. Trimm med within £480 im mage lower rig ght. A rare illustration of a sixteen enth century military m en ncampment, one flank borddering a river, meandering en ntrenchments with cannon aaround the resst of the

camp. In the centre of the camp troops in i formation perform mannoevres The paarts of the cam mp are letteredd for a key, nott here. This is an illuustration from m Leonhard Frronsperger's 'Kriegsbuch' (Book of War), one of the most importannt military workks of the sixteeenth century. Fronsperger wrote from hhis own militarry experiences in the Holy League fightting the Turks in the 1560s. He died in a shooting acciident.

A portrait of a kangaroo k from m Australia, liike George Sttubb's 1772 painting p 'Konggouro from Neew Holland' th he image show ws the kangarooo as an odd mouse-like m crreature. Ex: Co ollection of H Hon. Christoph her LennoxBo oyd

Stock: 51059

Goe: G Stubbs pin nx.t. Ja.s Basiire. [Published d for the Royal Society, 1771.] En ngraving, with h letterpress. PPlate: 220 x 220mm (8¾ x 8¾ ¾''). Creases, as issued. Triimmed top an nd bottom. £260 An A illustration to an article bby William Hu unter in 'P Philosophical Transactions' T oon an Indian antelope a caalled a nylghau. Hunter hadd observed thee animal as a sm mall herd and had been sentt to England from f Bombay by y governor Crromelen as a ppresent for Lorrd Clive. Bound with thee article whichh it illustrated.. The original paainting by Geo orge Stubbs w was commissio oned and su upervised by Hunter, H and is praised in thee article which w says 'Wh hoever looks aat the picture....can never be att a loss to know w the Nyl-ghaau'. Lennox-Boyd et al. 27 I of o I. Ex. Colleection the Honn. C. Lennox-B Boyd.


Coldstream Guaards' Fancy Ball, Dublin n,

1872. Morison & C Co. Lith. Dubllin. Drawn fro om Photographhs Made by Mr.. Chancellor, 55, 5 Lower Sacckville Street,, Dublin. Scarce lithoggraph. Sheet: 305 3 x 445mm (12 x 17½''). £1660 Staining. A keyplate iddentifying gueests in a fancy y dress ball helld by the Coldsttream Guards while they were w stationed in Dublin. Ex: C Collection of Hon H C. Lenno ox-Boyd. Stock: 51012

Stock: 51004

90 0. [Nyl-gh hau.] Philoss. Trans. Vo ol. LXI Tab, V: V p.170.

Stock: 51046

A Rhin noceros Cauught at Stam mford Hill Nov. N 21 1867. 91 1.

In nk drawing. Sh heet: 90 x 1655mm (3½ x 6½ ½''). Trimmed £95 an nd laid on albu um sheet. A drawing of a rhino. Stock: 51143

The G Glorious Victory of Vitttoria in Spain. Thiis Glorious Battle B was fo ought June 21 1813 neaar Vittoria in i Spain when that Nob ble Veteran thee Marquis Wellington W and a the Bravve Army undeer his comm mand who drrove the French and d gained a coomplete Vicctory... 88.

Published Juuly 16, 1813 byy G. Thompso on No.43 Long ng Lane. Rare woodcuut. Sheet: 370 x 470mm (14 4½ x 18½''). £3880 Damaged. A scene show wing the Battlle of Vittoria which w took place on Junee 1813 betweeen the British Army under Wellington aand the Frenchh commanded by JeanBaptiste Jourrdan. The Brittish were victo orious and thiss victory ultim mately led to viictory in the Peninsular P Waar. A key below w the image ideentifies variou us figures shown in thee scene as welll as major eveents. Stock: 51030

89. The K Kangooroo. P. Mazell scuulp. Publishedd as the Act diirects 15 17899 by J. Stockdaale. Etching. Sheeet: 230 x 205m mm (9 x 8''). Crease C as issued. Threead margins. Trimmed T at to op. £885

92 2. [Birds of Paradise in a Jungle.] [n n.d., c.1840.] Watercolour. W Sheet: 175 x 2330mm (7 x 9'')). Staining. £130 A scene in a jun ngle showing two birds witth fine pllumage. Stock: 51067

93 3. [Pair of budgerigaars.] A. A Bouviers. [n n.d., c.1845.] lithograph. Shheet: 300 x 22 Hand-coloured H 25mm (12 x £230 9''). Trimmed and a laid on albbum sheet. A print showing g a pair of parrakeets surrou unded by fo oliage. Stock: 51069

94 4. [Anemo one and Floowers.] [n n.d., c.1850.] Watercolour. W Sheet: 205 x 1885mm (8 x 7¼ ¼''). £160 A very fine amateur illustratiion of wild flo owers. Stock: 51073

95 5. [Pink Wild W Rose.] [C Clarissa Mung ger Badger.] [nn.d., c.1865.] Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 350 x 27 70mm (13¾ x 10 0¾'') large maargins. £180 A illustration of a pink, wild rose by Amerrican bo otanical illustrrator Mrs C. M M. Badger (18 806-1899). Stock: 51072

96 6.

[Warattah, Native oof Tasmania a.]

[n.d., c.1840.] Watercolour.. In ink Mary Ann from Sarrah. Sheet: 1990 x 145mm (7½ ½ x 5¾''). Laidd on album sh heet. £2880 An amateur w watercolour of a Tasmanian n waratah, a shrub with brright red flow wers which is native n to Tasmania. Stock: 51068

97. [Wild d Rose.] [Clarissa Muunger Badger.]] [n.d., c.1865 5.] Hand-coloured lithograph.. Sheet: 350 x 270mm (13¾ ¾x 10¾'') large m margins. £1880 A illustrationn of a wild rosse by Americaan botanical illustrator Mrrs C. M. Badgger (1806-1899). Stock: 51071

Descrription of th he Historical Print and Picture Rep presenting the t Gloriouss Victory byy Lord Nelsoon Over the French Fleeet, off the Mouth of th he Nile, Auggust 1, 1798.. [&] Key too the Large P Print & Pictture of Lord d Nelson's Victory offf the Nile on the Gloriou us first of August 17998. 98.

[Edward Orm me, 1806.] Engraved keyyplate and lettterpress. Each h sheet: 375 x 265mm (15 x 10½''), with large marginss £1440 A keyplate too Robert Coopper's print sho owing Lord Nelson directing his men on o the deck off HMS Vanguard duuring the Battle of the Nile in i 1798. The key outlines and identifiess 11 figures in the scene. Thhe description ggives an accouunt of the actio on during the battle in relattion to the sceene depicted in n Cooper's print. A platee from 'Orme'ss Graphic Hisstory of the Li fe, Exploits, andd Death of Horation Nelson n', published only three daays after the fuuneral.

Ex xploits, and Death D of Horattion Nelson', published p on nly three days after the funeeral. Stock: 50900

10 00. Descrip ption of the Picture and d Print Representing R g the Death oog Lord Visscount Nelson, N in thee Battle off T Trafalgar. [&] Key to th he large Histtorical Engrraving of thee Death of Lord L Nelson. Paainted by W.M M. Craig, Esq.. The Print is published p by Ed dward Orme. 59, Bond Streeet, the Corner of Brook Sttreet, London.. Printed by J. Nichols, Earll's-court Newport-street, N , soho. [&] Puublish'd by thee Edw.d Orme, O 59 Bond d Street. En ngraved keypllate and letterp rpress. Each sh heet: 375 x 26 65mm (15 x 10½''), with larrge margins. Creasing C and £180 su urface dirt. A keyplate to Robert R Cooperr's print after W.M. W Craig sh howing Nelson n's death on thhe deck of H.M M.S Victory du uring the Battlle of Trafalgar ar. The key sho ows outlines an nd identifies 15 portraits wiithin the painting. A plate from 'Orme's Graphic G History ry of the Life, Exploits, andd Death D of Horatiion Nelson', ppublished only y three days affter the funeraal. Stock: 50902

Stock: 50901

Descrription of th he Historical Print and Picture of E Earl St. Vincent's Victo ory Over thee Spanish Fleeet, off Capee St. Vincen nt, on the 14tth of Februarry, 1797. [& &] Key to thee Large Prin nt & Picture oof Adm.l Neelson's Board ding of the Spanish Sh hips in L.d St. S Vincents Victory. 99.

[Edward Orm me, 1806.] Engraved keyyplate and lettterpress, pt off watermark 0 1. Each sheet: 3375 x 265mm (15 x 10½''), with large £1440 margins. A keyplate too Daniel Ormee's print, published by Edward Orm me. Orme's prinnt shows Nelsson, having boarded the S San Josef, witth lieutenant Pearson P besidee him and Capptain Berry poiinting at the faallen Spanish ensign, receivving the sworrd of the Spanish admiral, Don Franciscco Xavier Winnthuysen, who o expires besidde a cannon to lleft, from the Spanish S first lieutenant, l while Spanissh sailors and officers mourrn their commander, a priest, O'Brrien, standing to right, raisinng a crucifix andd pointing tow wards him, witth men cheeriing aboard the shhips behind too left and rightt and other shiips in the backgrround. The keyplate shows the outline off the portraits w with a key ideentifying 17 fiigures. The accompanyinng text describbes the events of the battle. A plate from 'O Orme's Graphic History of th he Life,

10 01. Lord Sidmouth's in n Richmond d Park. [aafter Humphry y Repton.] Pubblished by J. Taylor, T Feb 1. 18 816. Rare coloured aquatint a with ooverlay. 230 x 320mm (9 x 11 1½). Trimmed d into plate at sides. £320 Th he front of Wh hite Lodge, noow the home of o the Royal Ballet Lower School in Richm hmond Park. The T name heere refers to Prime Ministerr, Henry Addington, 1st Viscount V Sidmo outh, who wass given the lod dge by George G III and enclosed the llodge's first prrivate gaardens in 1805 5. Pu ublished in Hu umphry Reptoon's 'Fragmentts on the th heory and pracctice of Landsscape Gardenin ng', the plate haas a hinged ov verlay: when th the slip is dow wn Richmond Paark's deer and cattle are shoown coming up u to the walls off the Lodge; liifting the slip reveals a prom menade with fo ormal gardens free from willdlife. Repton (1752-1 1818) was the last great Eng glish laandscape desig gner of the C118th, who coin ned the term 'laandscape gard dener'. Regardded as the succcessor to Capability Brow wn, he workedd at Blaise Caastle, Woburn

Abbey, Stoneeleigh Abbey & the central gardens in Russell Squaare, but lost ouut on the Princce Regent's Brighton Pavvilion to John Nash (althoug gh he publisheed his designs). Abbey: Sceneery 391. Stock: 51123

Gibb bon after thee original in the possession of Mons.r lee Porf.r Lev vade de Lausanne. 102.

Grub G Street jou urnalist, he maade lasting con ntributions to En nglish literatu ure as a poet, eessayist, moraalist, novelist, litterary critic, biographer, b edditor and lexico ographer. Jo ohnson was a devout Angliccan and politiccal co onservative, an nd has been ddescribed as "aarguably the most m distinguished man of leetters in Englissh history". Stock: 50915

Brandoin dell. lith. de C. Constans. C [n.d., c.1830.] £1440 Lithograph. S Sheet: 255 x 200mm 2 (10 x 8''). A portrait off Edward Gibbbon (1737-179 94), Historian;; author of 'Deecline and Falll of the Romaan Empire'. Stock: 51020

103. Thom mas Stothard Esq.r R.A A. G.H. Harlow w Pinx.t. W.H. Worthington Sculp.t. Published May 1. 1818, byy W.H. Worth hington, 15, Compton Strreet, Brunswicck Square. Engraving. P Plate: 345 x 300mm (13½ x 11¾''), very £1990 large marginns. A fine half-leength portrait of painter and d engraver Thomas Stotthard (1755-18834), on the wall w behind is part of Stothaard's work 'Thhe Pilgrimage to Canterburyy' 1806-7. Stock: 50506

The M Modern Orp pheus, Opeera House June 3rd 18831. [Sketches of the Musical M Worrld No.1, to be continued.]] 104.

[Published byy Thos. Mc.L Lean, 26, Haym market, June 10th. 1831.] Lithograph. S Sheet: 260 x 210mm 2 (10¼ x 8¼''). Trimmed lossing part of titlle and publicaation line. £1880 Rare and finee depiction off Niccolo Pagaanini, Italian violinist whoose virtuosity became b a legeend (1782 1840). Amonng the few com mpositions pu ublished duringg his lifetime aare the 24 caprrices for violin n that were adapted for ppiano by both Schumann an nd Liszt. A pianist and ddouble bassist are among hiss admirers at this performaance. Stock: 51024

105. Ludo ovico Ariosto. Engraved froom an originall Picture by Tiitian by J. Walker, His Imp. Maj.y the Em mperor S.t demy of Arts S Alexander & Member of thhe Imp.l Acad Petersbourg. Published as the Act directts, April 25th 1819, by Hurst, Robinson R & Co o. 90 Cheapsidde. Mezzotint. P Plate: 265 x 1990mm (10½ x 7½''), with large marginns. Dusty. £2440 A portrait off Italian poet Ludivico L Ariossto (14741533), famedd for his poem m 'Orlando Furrioso'. Stock: 50051

106. Samu uel Johnson n, L.L.D. Engrav'd by Tho.s Cook, from f An Origiinal Painting bby Sir Joshua Reynolds in thee Possession of o B. Langton Esq.r. Published as the Acct directs, Marrch 23rd 1787,, by T. Longm man, Paternoster Row. Engraving. S Sheet: 420 x 270mm (16½ x 10½''). Trimmed to pplatemark. Sttaining on leftt. Messy. £1330 Dr. Samuel JJohnson (18 September 170 09 - 13 December 17784) was an English E author. Beginning ass a

No.9. The T Singer oof the Empirre. People in n Punch. Ru udyard Kipliing. 10 07.

Pu unch June 26, 1935. Pllate: 210 x 160mm (8¼ x 6 ¼''). £60 Rudyard Kiplin ng (1865-19366) portrayed as an ancient Greek G lyre play yer in front of the White Cliiffs of Dover. Frrom Punch, th he British weeekly magazine of humour an nd satire which was establisshed in 1841 by b Henry Mayhew M and Eb benezer Landdells. Stock: 50893

Albert President oof Societies for f Sciences [eengraved in reverse]. 10 08.

[E Engraved by Charles C Henryy Jeens.] [n.d. c.1859.] En ngraving, prin nted on chine ccollé. Plate: 195 x 200mm £50 (7 7¾ x 8''), with large marginss. Prrince Albert of Saxe-Cobouurg and Gothaa (1819-1861) was w elected Preesident of the B British Sciencce Association A in 1859. Stock: 51053

Albert Chancellor of an Univeersity [eengraved in reverse]. 10 09.

[E Engraved by Charles C Henryy Jeens.] [n.d. c.1860.] En ngraving, prin nted on chine ccollé. Plate: 195 x 200mm £80 (7 7¾ x 8''), with very large maargins. Prrince Albert of Saxe-Cobouurg and Gothaa (181918 861), elected Chancellor C off the Universitty of Cambridge in 1847, holding the position until u his deeath. He used this position tto campaign successfully s fo or a reformed and more moddern universitty curricula,

expanding thhe subjects tauught beyond th he traditional mathematics and classics, to include mo odern history and the naturral sciences. Stock: 50846

n re-worked Fiirst published in 1768, the pplate has been fo or this issue, which w was prob obably to celeb brate her marriage. m Chalo oner Smith: 3,, undescribed d state. Hamilton: H pg.90, undescribeed state. Stock: 51168

Georrgius II. Maggnae Brittan niae Rex S.R R. Elector Dux Brunsv. 110.

J. E. Ridingeer inv. fec. et excud. e [n.d., c.1750.] c Rare engraviing. Plate: 3355 x 250mm (13¼ x 9¾''). Trimmed witthin plate on right r edge. To oned. £2660 An equestrian an portrait of George G II (168 83-1760) show wn with the navyy and army inn the backgrou und. Stock: 50851

Fredericus Henrrius S.R.J. Comes C de Seckendorff. etc. etc. S..C.M. Supreemus Campii Mareschalllus. 111.

La Juiv ve Fiancée. Gravé d'ap pres le Tableau T Orig ginal de Rem mbrandt, tirré du Cabinet C de Monsieur M le C Comte de Kamcke, K et diidié au dit Seigneur S parr son tres hu umble et trres ob.t Serv viteur Schmiidt. 11 15.

Rembrandt pinx x. G.F.Schmiddt fec. 1769. Ettching. Plate: 230 x 180mm m (9 x 7''), with h very large £260 margins m A portrait of a young y Jewishh woman stand ding at a window. w Stock: 51003

Joh. El. Ridinnger inv. fec. et exc. AV. [n n.d., c.1750.] Rare engraviing. Plate: 3355 x 250mm (13¼ x 9¾''). £2660 Small marginns. An equestrian an portrait of Friedrich F Hein nrich Reichsgrraf von Seckenddorff (1673-17763), a German n military commander ffor the Austriaan army durin ng the Wars off Austrian Succcession and thhe Seven Yeaars War. Stock: 50852

Barrrington pickiing the Pock ket of J. Brown Esq q.r.


[n.d., c.1790.] Engraving. P Plate: 165 x 1110mm (6½ x 4¼''). 4 Small £1660 margins. A scene show wing pickpockket George Baarrington (175551804) pickinng a pocket, beelow are vario ous aparatus foor stealing. Geoorge Barringtoon was a sociaalite who was convicted forr stealing in 1790 and transp ported to Botany Bay. On his journeey to Australiaa he alerted thhe captain to a pplan to seize thhe ship, on theeir arrival the captain reporrted his actionns to the autho orities and he received a warrant of emanncipation, he later l became high constable of Parramaatta. Stock: 51117 Lafarge, Dessinée D d'a après naturee à la premièree seance.


Lith. Coutonn et r. richher 7. [n.d., c.1 1845.] Lithograph. S Sheet: 270 x 160mm 1 (10½ x 6¼''). Trimmed andd laid on album m sheet at corrners. £990 A portrait off a woman in a hat and veil. Marie Lafargge (1816-1852) was convicted of murderin ng her husbandd with arsenic. Her trial wass one of the firrst to be closelly followed by tthe press. Stock: 51115

114. [The Honourable Miss Chollmondeley.] Reynolds pinnx.t. Marchi feecit. Sold by Ryland, R Bryerr & Co. in Cornhhill [n.d., c.17883]. Mezzotint, 500 x 355mm (19¾ ( x 14"). Some S foxing iin title. Small m margins. £2880 Lady Hester Frances Chollmondeley (17 763 - 1844) ass a child, wadingg across a streeam in bare feet, carrying a shaggy whitee dog. The daughterr of Robert Chholmondeley and a granddaughteer of George, 3rd Earl of Ch holmondeley,, she married S Sir William Bellingham B in 1783.

11 16. [Ladiess Amabel an nd Jemima Yorke.] Y [S Sir. J. Reynold ds. Fisher.] [n..d. c.1762.] Mezzotint, M unclleaned proof bbefore letters. Platemark: 50 07 x 355mm (20 ( x 14"). Exxcellent impression. £950 Yorke, 2nd Earl Th he two daughtters of Philip Y Hardwicke, H and d his wife, Jem mima, Counteess De Grey an nd Baroness of Crudwell. T The two childrren stand in a gaarden beside a sphinx on a ppedestal, Lady y Amabel Grey G on the left ft with a dove pperched on heer right hand, an nd Lady Mary y Jemima runnning towards her h holding an nother dove, a poodle at herr heels. Th he children grrew up to becoome: Amabel HumeCampbell, Countess de Greyy (1751-1833), the political writer w and amatteur artist; andd Mary Jemim ma Robinson, kn nown as Lady y Grantham (1 757-1830), mother m of Prrime Minister Viscount Godderich. Hamillton: p.139. Ru ussell: 61. CS S: 61. Stock: 35736

117. [Azteec Dwarf Ex xhibit.] G. Wilkinsonn. [n.d., c18599.] Rare tinted liithograph. Sheeet: 215 x 190 0mm (8½ x £1440 7½''). Staininng. A print show wing Prof Anderson exhibitiing two aztec dwarves from m behind a tabble.

21. Oliver Cromwell. 12 C. Vermeulen sculp. s [n.d., c..1690.] En ngraving. 230 0 x 160mm (9 x 6¼"). Smalll margins, £140 fo oxing. Oliver O Cromweell (1599-16588), lord protecctor of En ngland, Scotlaand, and Irelannd.

Stock: 51127

Stock: 50948

118. Peterr Manchesteer. Drawn for Liife Etched & Published P by Mr M Orme Portrait Paintter No.40 Picccadilly Manch hester. Jany.y 2.nd 1815. Etching, withh some hand-ccolour, 'R. Glo over 1812' watermark. P Plate: 300 x 2220mm (12 x 8¾''). 8 Small £2990 margins A portrait off a giant man, shown standin ng in a street, the shops behhind him are identified i by signs s on the walls. A raree portrait publiished in Mancchester. Not inn Wellcome Coollection. Stock: 51042

Iane Scrimshaw.. The Old Woman. W Ætaat CXXVI. 17710.


[n.d., c.1710.] Engraving. S Sheet: 130 x 90mm (5 x 3½''). Trimmed £880 and laid on aalbum sheet. A portrait off the centenariaan Jane Scrim mshaw (15851710). Stock: 51140

120. [The Hero of Ma afeking.] R. Caton Wooodville. [signned in pencil.] London, Published 19900 by Henry Graves & Co.. Ltd. Publisheers to H.M. The Queen, 6 Palll Mall. U.S.A Copyright. Mint photogrravure, printedd on india pap per, remarque proof. Plate: 600 x 355mm m (23¾ x 14''),, with large margins. Unccut. £2880 A portrait off army officer Robert Baden n-Powell (185771941) who w was made famoous following his successfuul holding of thhe town of Maafeking during g the Seige of Mafeking 18899-1900. He was w hailed as the 'Hero of Mafeking'. Stock: 50933

12 22. Lt. Coll. Tarleton. Paainted by Sir Joshua J Reynoolds. Engraved by J.R. Sm mith. London _ Publish'd O Oct.r 11 1782 by b J.R. Smith No N 31 Kings Sttreet Covent G Garden. Mezzotint. M Fram med. Plate: 6440 x 390mm (25 x 15¼"). Frrame: 730 x 480mm (28¾ x 19''). Trimm med, foxed, £520 grrey impression n. A full-length po ortrait of Geneeral Sir Banasstre Tarleton (1 1754 - 1833), 1st Baronet, G GCB, in the un niform of the British legion, is i in a half-stoooping attitude with left legg on n a cannon on which lies a sstandard, both h hands ho olding the hiltt of his sword;; plumes of sm moke and two ho orses behind him. h A Loyalist cavaalry commandder, Tarleton served s with much m distinctio on in the Amerrican War in 1776-81 1 un nder Lord Corrnwallis. Th his portrait waas painted by Sir Joshua Reeynolds for Taarleton's moth her in 1782 annd is now in th he National Po ortrait Gallery y. Chaloner Sm mith 161; Ham milton 67; Frrankau: 345; O'Donoghue 2202 Stock: 51156

12 23. G.F. Handel. T. Hudson, Pinx.t. J.J. Hinchhcliff, Sculp.t. [n.d., c. 18 840.] mm (11 x 10'''). Trimmed. En ngraving. Sheeet: 280 x 255m £140 A portrait of co omposer Georgge Handel (16 685-1759) who w spent mostt of his careerr in London writing w for Royalty and thee general publlic. Stock: 50472

The P Piper. To Francis F Freeling Esq.r This Plate iis respectfullly dedicated d by his obliged Serrv.t D. Wilkiie. 124.

D. Wilkie R.A. pinx.t. Edw w.d Smith scu ulp.t. London Published Juuly 1. 1824, byy Hurst, Robin nson & Co. 900, Cheapside & 8 Pall Mall. Engraving. P Plate: 290 x 2225mm (11½ x 9''). Thread £1330 margins. A portrait off a bagpiper, affter a painting g first exhibiteed by Wilkie in 1813. Stock: 51025

125. [Nap poleon Bonap parte.] [After Jean B Baptiste Isabeyy.] [n.d., c.180 04.] Hand-coloured stipple. Plaate: 220 x 140 0mm (8¾ x 5½''), with laarge margins. £1660 A portrait off Napoleon shoown in his fam mous stance with one hannd inside his shhirt. Stock: 51036

th he life, exploits, and death oof Horatio Nellson...' 1806. Ab bbey Life 327. Stock: 50894

Chartisst Chiefs Noo. 3. Jones of o Pont-yPool, on his Trial T taking notes of a Witness's W deeposition. 12 28.

Drawn D by F.W.. Lithographedd by Rowe. Cheltenham. C Pu ublished by Woodall, W Aberggavenny, & Tilt, T Fleet Sttreet, London,, & may be haad of all Printssellers. Sccarce hand-co oloured lithogrraph. Sheet: 310 x 245mm (1 12 x 9¾''). Slig ght damage inn top left corneer. £260 Po ortrait of, watchmaker, Willliam Jones (1809-1873), on ne of the threee leaders of thhe failed Charttist rising at Newport, N Monm mouthshire, inn November 1839 depicted in n the dock at his h trial for treaason the follo owing Jaanuary. On 3-4 4 November 11839, Jones was w supposed to o be bringing men m to Newpoort from the Pontypool arrea and the easstern valleys oof Monmouthshire on the niight of the risiing, but they nnever arrived, delaying the march into Newport into main m body of Chartists C final m th he daylight hou urs and thus ppartly contribu uting to its deefeat. He was sentenced to ddeath for High h Treason butt hiis sentence waas commuted aand he was traansported to Australia. A Stock: 50823

Abschilderung Herrn D. Martiin Luther un nd Seiner Famille. 12 29.

[A A. Nunzen.] [n n.d., c.1725.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 370 x 240m mm (14½ x 9½''). £260 A scene showin ng Martin Luth ther sitting in his h study with w portraits of his parents oon the wall beehind. Stock: 50854

Youtthful Intrepiidity. Young Nelson's Attack & C Chase After a Bear, Wh hen with Capt.n Luttwidge on hiis Voyage off Discovery towards thee North Pole. Vide Lord d Nelson's Life Publishing by Edw w.d Orme, Bond B Street.. 126.

Published byy Edw.d Ormee, Bond Street London Feb.yy 1806. Hand-coloured aquatint, 'JJ. Whatman 18 804' watermarrk. Plate: 250 x 3345mm (10 x 13½''). Smalll margins. £2660 An illustratioon showing Hooratio Nelson's encounter with a bear inn 1773 while sailing in the arctic on HM S Carcass. A plate from 'Orm me's Graphic history h of the life, exploits,, and death off Horatio Nelson...' 1806. Abbey Life 3227. Stock: 50895

Horaatio Lord Viiscount Nelson. The Original Bu ust was execcuted in Marble from th he Life, and presented to the City of London, L by the Hon.blee Anne Seym mour Bamerr and is now w placed in th he Council Chamber C off Guild Hall.. 127.

Engraved byy Ja.s Godby. Published P July y 1806 bby L Edw.d Ormee Bond Street London. Stipple. Platee: 350 x 235m mm (13¾ x 9¼ ¼''). Diagonal £1880 creasing in bbottom left corrner 758-1805) whho A print of a bbust of Horation Nelson (17 served as a nnaval commannder during thee Napoleonic Wars, famouusly defeating the French fleeet at the Battl tle of Trafalgar. A plate from 'Orme's Grap phic history off

13 30. Mater Salvatoris. I. Smith ex. [n.d d., c.1690.] Fiine mezzotint.. Plate: 165 x 130mm (6½ x 5''). Slight crreasing top lefft corner, laid on album sheet at corners. £160 A portrait of the Virgin of thhe Immaculatee conception, sh hown between n the moon andd the sun. Stock: 51110

[Sir Hu umphry Davvy, Bar.t. Prresident of th he Royal Socciety of Lonndon] 13 31.

[E Engraved by bWilliam b Henrry Worthingto on after Jaames Lonsdalee.] [London: R Rudoph Ackerrmann, Agnew A & Zaneetti, 1827. En ngraving on in ndia, proof beefore title. 450 0 x 320mm £240 (1 17¾ x 12½") small s marginss. Siir Humphry Davy D (1778-18829), Cornish chemist and in nventor best kn nown for the D Davy lamp for miners. Here H he is show wn in his role aas President of o the Royal So ociety, with th he ceremoniall mace. NPG D34825. D Stock: 51178

13 32. René Descartes. D [A After Frans Haals.] Iac. Lubin in sculp. [n.d.,, c.1700.] En ngraving. Platte: 250 x 195m mm (10 x 7¾'') large £160 margins. m Creasiing. A portrait of Frrench mathem matician, scienttist and ph hilospher René Descartes (11596-1650). Stock: 50914

13 36. Josiah Wedgwood,, F.R R.S & S.A. Paainted by Sir Joshua J Reynoolds. Engraved d by S. W. Reynolds 15 Ho olland St, Kennsington. Published May 1sst. 1841 by R. Sheppard, Reepository of Arts, A Newcastle N Und der Lyme. Fiine mezzotint,, proof. Sheet:: 345 x 255mm m (13½ x £260 10 0"), with very large marginss. A portrait of po otter and entreepreneur Josiaah Wedgwoodd (1 1730-95). Not in Hamilton. Stock: 50474

[Porttrait of the Late L Georgee Lloyd Esq.r.] 133.

Drawn on stoone by Lemoinne [after Achiille-ConstantTheodore Em mile Prisse d'A Avennes]. Prin nt.d by Lemercier, P Paris. [n.d., 1848.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. £6550 Card: 450 x 5555mm (17¾ x 22''). A portrait off botanist Georrge Lloyd of Brynestyn B (1815-43) auuthor of 'Traveels in the Himalaya Mountains', sshown reclininng in arab dreess. He accompaniedd his friend thee artist Prisse d'Avennes onn his travels thhrough Egypt, dying at Theb bes when his rifle accidenttaly dischargeed. While dyin ng he managedd to write a lettter to his fatheer explaining his death. Veery fine 1st state with wonderfful fresh colou ur. Published in the 'Oriental Album: A Charaacters, Costumes, annd Modes of Life, L in the Vaalley of the Niile' by Achille-C Constant-Theodore Emile Prrisse d'Avennees (1807-79), a French orienttalism who em mbraced Islam m and took the name Edris-E Effendi. The book was dedicated to Lloyd. Attabaay: 1001; Blacckmer 1357. Stock: 50932

[Mattthew Webb b.] Dedicated d to Captain n Webb. Thee Channel Quadrilles Q by y J. Pridham m. 134.

H.C. Maguirre Lith. Londoon: Brewer & Co. 14 & 15, Poultry, Cheapside, [...] [nn.d., c.1875.] Coloured lithhographic mussic cover. Sheeet 335 x 245mm (13¼ ¼ x 9¾"). Trim mmed, losing part p of the £1880 publisher's adddress. A music cover of a song celebrating thee first man to swin unaidedd across the Ennglish Channeel, Captain Matthew Weebb, in 1875. It I shows him with w his suppoort boat, swimm ming under mooonlight. Stock: 51174

135. [Rob bert Mylne.] [Engraved byy William Danniell after Geo orge Dance.] [Published byy William Daaniell., n.d., c.1 1810.] A rare proof etching. Platee: 265 x 210m mm (10½ x 8¼ ¼''). Dusty. £1440 A portrait off architect and engineer Rob bert Mylne (1734-1811),, who designeed Blackfriars Bridge. From m George Dancce's series 'A Collection C of Portraits P sketched from m the Life sinnce 1793'. Stock: 50502

13 37. Le Cha audronier. C. Hüet inv. J. Guélard sculpp. C.P.R. A Paaris chez Charpentier ruee S.t Jacques aau Coq avec privilege p du Roy. [n.d., c.17 760.] Ettching. Plate: 345 x 240mm m (13½ x 9½'')). Thread £180 margins. m A scene showin ng three figurees, including a coppersmithh ab bout to castratte a cat. Stock: 51139

The Lo ove Sick Froog. ''-She pin'd in th hought... 13 38.

Drawn D by H. Walter. W Printedd by Engelman nn & Co. Pu ublished 1828 8, by W.B. Tifffin, 3, Haymaarket, Lo ondon. Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 230 x 30 05mm (9 x £230 12 2''). Creasing and a foxing. A scene showin ng a group of frogs surrounding a reeclined frog piining for her loove. Stock: 51081

The Reeal Polka. A As Dance by Signor Ja acko-na-ni and a Mad.llee Puss-i-a-ni. 13 39.

Lo ondon William m Follit City R Repository off Arts 63 Fleett Sttreet. Printed by b W. Köhlerr. [n.d., c.1830 0.] lithograph. Shheet: 300 x 23 Hand-coloured H 35mm (11¾ x 9¼ ¼''). Trimmed d, shows remai ains of album sheet. s £280 A scene showin ng a cat and m monkey in Russsian co ostume. Stock: 51086

14 40. The Ar rtist. [W William Heath h.] Pub Aug. 330 1812 by T. Palser Bridge Road, Lambeth. L etching. Sheeet: 315 x 215m Hand-coloured H mm (12¼ x £260 8½ ½''). Trimmed d within plate. A portrait of an n artist in his sstudio, strugglling over a laandscape. Attributed to Willliam Heath. BM B Satire Undescribed. U Stock: 51085

14 41. The Ch heseld Solideer Return'd d to Buisness B or th he Newgate Str_t Butch her. Pu ub. Accor. to Act A Oct. 5 17880 by T: Colley, No.288 Sttrand. Rare engraving g. Sheet: 240 x 170mm (9½ x 6¾''). £130 Trrimmed. A caricature po ortrait of a butc tcher, shown holding h a piig's head, his hat h and rifle hhang against th he wall. Stock: 50762

Old Q Q-uiz the old d Goat of Piiccadilly. A Shining Staar- in the Brritish Peerag ge and a Usefull Orn nament to Society-Fudg S ge. 142.

Drawn & Etcch'd by R. Digghton. Publish h'd Feb.y 25.thh by R. Dightoon, Charing Crross. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 250 x 230 0mm (9¾ x 9'''). Staining at bottom marginn, trimmed on left and right edge. £1440 A portrait off William Douuglas, 4th Duk ke of Queensbury (1725-1810), shown walkin ng with a prett tty young womaan. BM Satire 8867. Stock: 50994

143. A Sp pecimen of Scotch S Modeesty. I.C. [Publishhed Feby 5 17998] by S W Fo ores No 50 Piccadilly coorner of Sackvville Street-Folios of Caracatures llent out for the Evening Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 350 x 480 0mm (13¾ x 19''). Creasinng and stainingg. Small marg gins. £2880 A satirical prrint showing Henry H Dundass, 1st Viscounnt Melville in tw welve differennt roles includ ding Chancelloor of St Andrew ws University,, Patent Printeer of the Bible and Governoor of the Chartter House. BM M Satire 9196. Stock: 50957

[Sir C Charles Flow wer] The Misfortune M off having Shoort Legs or the t Flower of o the flock loseing his stick! Vide city police.

Maiden n Speeches iin the New Parliament P off 1796.


47. 14

W. Heath. Puub. Jan.y 26 1830 by T. MccLean 26 Haymarker S Sole Publisherr of W. heath Etchings. E Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 260 x 355 5mm (10¼ x 14''). Paper toone, foxing, messy. m Small margins. £1880 A caricature of Alderman Sir Charles Fllower attempting too get into a carrriage, behind d him a shop keeper carryiing a large turrtle. BM Satiree 16414.

J. Nixon Esq.r delin. d Londonn, Pub by Willl.m Holland, No N 50, Oxford Str.t Feb 18 11797. Ettching with aq quatint, printed ed in black and d sepia. Sheet 42 20 x 315mm. Trimmed withhin plate, laid on album £260 paaper. Caricatures of four f new mem mbers of Parliaament and th heir first speecches to the Hou ouse of Comm mons, in ncluding a puritanical Scot. Not in BM.

Stock: 50805

Stock: 50685


Vil you give us a Glass of Giin. I'll see you D-n'd F First.

14 48.

R. Dighton sc. Pub. Jan.y 4 1793 by R. Dighton. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 200 x 150 0mm (8 x 6''),, with large maargins. Staininng at bottom margin. m £1440 A scene show wing two streeet sellers: an oyster o woman and a vegetabble seller, stannding next to each e other, thee woman lookss imploringly at the cross-lo ooking man. BM Satire 83396.

J. Nixon Esq.r delin. d Londonn, Pub by Willl.m Holland, No N 50, Oxford Str.t Feb 18 11797. Ettching with aq quatint, printed ed in black and d sepia. Sheet 42 20 x 315mm. Trimmed withhin plate, laid on album £260 paaper. Caricatures of four f new mem mbers of Parliaament and th heir first speecches to the Hou ouse of Comm mons, in ncluding one warning w of proobable invasio on by Revolutionary France. F Not inn BM.

Stock: 50995

146. A Jacck in Office. R.t Dighton ddel. Pub. Jan.yy 4 1793. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 200 x 150 0mm (8 x 6''),, with large maargins. Staininng at bottom margin. m £1220 A caricature portrait of excciseman Williiam Jackson shown with hhis excise boook in his pockeet and a dog urinating on his legs. BM Satire S 8395. Stock: 50997

Maiden n Speeches iin the New Parliament P off 1796.

Stock: 50686

14 49. Descrip ptions of Baattes by Sea & Land, in Two T Volumes, From the Kings Library's at Greenwich G & Chelsea. Drawn, D Etch'd & Pub. by Digghton, 12 Chaaring Cross, March M 1801. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 220 x 175m mm (8¾ x 7''), with w large marg gins. Staining at bottom maargin. £140 A scene showin ng two pension oners, a naval pensioner p from Greenwich Hospital and nd a military pensioner from Chelsea Hospital H in deeep conversatio on over pipes an nd beer. BM Satire S 9746. Stock: 50998


The S Specious Orrator. Will Your Y Ladyship D Dome the Hoonor to day £50-000- A Mere Triflee- A Brillian nt of the Fin nest Water, aan unheard off price for su uch a lot, surely.

15 53. The Ne ew Man afteer God's own n heart. And A it came to t pass whenn he came draw d from th he Mount, behold the skkin of his facce shone. Exod. E 22.d.

R. Dighton 11794. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 200 x 150 0mm (8 x 6''),, with large maargins. Staininng. £1880 A portrait off auctioneer Jaames Christie shown standinng at an auctionneer's rostrum. BM Satire 85 526.

Pu ub. June 28, 1791 by S.W. FFores N3 Picccadilly. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 205 x 155m mm (8 x 6''). Trrimmed and laaid on album ssheet at corneers, tears. £75 A caricature po ortrait of Sir Th Thomas Stepneey, shown heeading toward ds the fashionaable Mount Coffee house which w was in Lower L Grosvennor Street. BM M Satire 7977.

Stock: 50993

Stock: 50781

15 54. Very Cold C at Pariss. Pu ublish'd March h 1st 1806 byy R. Ackerman nn 101 Sttrand. etching. Sheeet: 300 x 225m Hand-coloured H mm (11¾ x 9''). Trimmed within w plate, da damage and veery small hole in £160 n image. Rem mains of album m sheet verso. A caricature po ortrait of two ffigures, probab bly English, in n Paris, shown n with their cooats pulled up around their faaces. Perhaps a copy of a Frrench print. BM M Satire 10 0649. Stock: 50782

You Neever Ketchees Me a Woy yaging No More. M I've Had a Nuf Off It. Sketchees of Character C No o.4. 15 55.

[Chaarles Stanhope, Viscoun nt Petersham m]. A Portrait.. 151.

[Thomas Row wlandson.] Puub.d January 10th 1 1812 by H H. Humphrey, 227 St. James's Street. Hand-coloured etching. Pllatemark: 270 x 215mm (100¾ x 8½"), with very large maargins. £2440 Caricature poortrait of Regeency buck Charles Stanhop e (1780-1851),, known as 'Beeau Petersham m, standing as if on a flight off steps. He hass large whiskeers, and wearss a brown double-breasted tail-coat with hig gh collar and sleeves gatheered at the shooulders to form m a peak with long close-fittting breechess and spurred Hessian H bootss with large tasssels. Two moonths after thee publication hhe was appointeed a Gentlemaan of the Bedcchamber to Kin ing George III, a post that conntinued under King K George IV until 1829, w when he becam me 4th Earl off Harrington. Serving in thhe army he reaached the rank k of majorgeneral. BM Satires: 119225. Stock: 50825

Just looking out for somthin ng to stay myy stomach tilll dinner tim me.


W. Heath. Puub. May 1830 by T. McLeaan 26 Haymarket. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 260 x 185 5mm (10¼ x 7¼''), with laarge margins. £1880 A caricature portrait of an obese man lo ooking at a menu. Not inn BM Stock: 50818

[W William Heath h] Esq. Pub byy T McLean 26 Haymarket where w political and other Carricatures are daily d Pub_ [n n.d. c.1829.] Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 340 x 235m mm (13¼ x £160 9''). Trimmed to o printed bordder. A caricature of William IV bbefore his king gship, when hee was Lord Hiigh Admiral. G George IV and d Wellington reequested his reesignation in 11828 after he took t a fleet too seea without telling anyone w where they werre going. Stock: 50811

15 56. My Asss in a Band B Box. R. Dighton feciit. Pub as the A Act directs, Feb.t 1793. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 200 x 150m mm (8 x 6''), with w large marg gins. Staining at bottom maargin, hole at £140 bo ottom left plattemark. A illustration of a course ansswer to the offfer of an nything inadeq quate to the puurpose. BM Sa atire 7793. Stock: 50996

15 57. Astronomy. - New System. Sig gns of the Zodiac. Z [b by Robert Seymour?] Londoon Published by b Thos. McLean, M 26 Haaymarket, 18227. Rare hand-colo oured etching. Sheet: 200 x 260mm (8 x £260 10 0¼''). Trimmeed, tipped intoo album sheet. A ring of satiriccal representat ations of the tw welve zodiac signs surround a basket in whhich the tradittional signs wn. On the baasket is a sign 'Old Signs to haave been throw bee sold cheap'. BM Satires U Undescribed. Stock: 50968

158. A Brroil. London Publlished by G.H Humphrey 27 St S James's Streeet June 1822. Fine hand cooloured etchingg. 295 x 225m mm (11½ x 9" ), with very larrge margins. Old O ink mss. key k in French £2660 added, letterss in plate, expplanation in An affray bettween three faashionably dreessed men andd two watchmeen with bludgeons in a streeet at night, under a full m moon. The glaass of a street--lamp above their heads hhas been crackked. One watch hman has largge letters on thee back of his greatcoat: g St J.. W, showing that the parissh is that of Stt. James's or St. John's, Westminster. One of a set of four prints with punning g culinary titlees by Theodore Lane (1800-228). BM Satirees: 14451. Stock: 50679

159. Cabrrio_Let or Shelter versu us Pelter. William Heaath. Pub. Sep. 1829 by T. McLean M 26 Haymarket S Sole Publisherr of W. Heath etchings. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 255 x 365 5mm (10 x 14½''). Threaad margins. Very V small loss in lower topp right. £2330 A scene on a street during the pouring rain, a nose pokes up from m the carriagee and asks the driver if its raining. Not iin BM. Stock: 50804

160. A Ca ard Party Pll.t 8. [Henry Heathh.] Published Nov.r 15 1824 4 by S.W.Forres, 41 Picadilly, London Jan.yy. 1825. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 155 x 190 0mm (6 x 7½'''), with large maargins. £1330 A scene in a parlour showiing a group off four people aat cards, an eldeerly woman has h a monkey sitting s on the chair behind her. Stock: 50835

63. Comed dy in the Couuntry. Trag gedy in 16 London. L Rowlandson scul. Pub.d Mayy by Tho o.s Tegg No.111 N Cheapsside_One shillling colour'd. Hand-coloured H etching. 18199 watermark. Plate: P 350 x 24 45mm (13¾ x 9¾'') large m margins. Foxin ng in borders, £360 crreases. A comic print in two scenes, the top scenee showing fig gures laughing g the audiencee of a comic show, s the bo ottom scene sh hows figures ccrying in the audience a of a Lo ondon theatre. BM Satire 100910. Stock: 50746

161. A Ca at in Pattenss. Rowlandson inv 1812. Coloured etcching, 350 x 250mm (13¾ x 9¾"). Watermarkedd 1809, very large l margins.. Creasing. £3220 A woman in oversized muuff, accompaniied by a negroo page and a pooodle, ignoress a ragged beg ggar. She wearrs pattens (proteective blocks)) tied to her sh hoes to raise them out of tthe mud. A blaack page carriies an umbrellla and a skewerr of 'Cat's Meaat'. BM Satiress 11973. Stock: 50791

162. Columbus Break king the Egg g. Printed and P Published by W. W Davison Alnwick. A Engraving, pprinted in sangguine. Plate: 160 x 235mm £1440 (6¼ x 9¼''). T Trimmed, staiining. A print after a scene by William W Hogartth which show ws Christopher C Columbus dem monstrating, having h crackedd an egg in ordder to make it stand, that a discovery d appears simpple only after an a inventive mind m has madee it known. Aft fter BM Satire 3192. Stock: 51104

16 64. Connoiisseurs. Rowlandson. [n n.d., c.1810.] Hand-coloured H n Pine 1810'. etching, wateermarked 'John Pllate: 340 x 265mm (13¼ x 10½''). Trimm med within pllate on right edge, repaired tear. Foxing verso. £290 A comic print showing s threee men ogling a portrait of a yo oung, scantily y dressed wom man. BM Satiree 11451. Stock: 50815

Countrry Christeniing. Parson:_Wilt thou ca ause this Ch hild to be tauught &c. &cc. in the Vulgar V Tongu ue?_Godfatther:_I Woo oll. 16 65.

E_ _, Del.t. [London, Publisheed by Thos. McLean, M 26, Haymarket, H 182 26.] etching. Sheeet: 205 x 235m Hand-coloured H mm (8 x 9¼'').. Trrimmed and tiipped into an aalbum sheet. £140 A scene in a ch hurch showingg a mother hollding her ch hild at the fontt as the vicar cconducts the service. s BM Sa atire Undescribed. Stock: 50727

Donccaster Fair or o the Indusstrious Yorkshireb bites. 166.

Designed etcch'd and Publish'd by T. Row wlandson No..1 James S.t Addelphi. [n.d., c.1808.] c Hand-coloured etching, 18814 watermark k. Plate: 250 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾''). Stainning. Trimmeed. £2220 A scene in a fair, three figuures prepare to t throw stickss at objects plaaced on spike,, behind is a laarge crowd annd a Punch and Judy show. BM B Satire 1110 06. Stock: 50745

70. A Fash hionable Parrty Pl.t 4. 17 Drawn D & Etch'd d by H. Heathh. Published Nov.r N 15 1824 by y S.W.Fores, 41 4 Picadilly, L London Jan.y. 1825. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 155 x 190m mm (6 x 7½''), £130 with w large marg gins. A scene showin ng two young couples at a party. p Stock: 50834

A Fren nch Emigrannt Cook Beg gging for a Sllice of Engliish Beef. 17 71.

[n n.d., c.1800.] Hand-coloured H engraving. Shheet: 195 x 22 25mm (7¾ x 8¾ ¾''). Trimmed d, publication lline missing, damage in £180 pllate. A scene in a kittchen showingg a French coo ok on his kn nees beside a cross-lookingg cook holding g a spatula. Not N in BM. Stock: 50783

Donccaster Fair or o the Indusstrious Yorkshireb bites. 167.

Designed etcch'd and Publish'd by T. Row wlandson No..1 James S.t Addelphi. [n.d., c.1808.] c Hand-coloured etching. 18809 watermark k. Plate: 250 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾''), withh large margin ns. Time staineed. £2660 A scene in a fair, three figuures prepare to t throw stickss at objects plaaced on spike,, behind is a laarge crowd annd a punch and jjudy show. BM M Satire 1110 06. Stock: 50807

An E Easy Reply. Specimens S of o Dramaticc Phrensy Pll. 6. 168.

G M Woodw ward delt. [Willliams] Pub,d Jan,y 1,st 18004 by S W Fores N°50 Piccaddilly. Coloured etcching, 18th cenntury watermaark. Sheet 2900 x 370mm (11½ ½ x 14½"). Tears and creasiing. Trimmedd nearly to imaage. £1440 A dishevelledd young man is restrained by b two companions as he invokes Hamlet when n addressing a burly watchm man. One of a set of six satires. BM Satires 10329.

17 72. Filets Sautés S au Viin de Madèrre. Esstienne pinx. Bettannier B lithh. Paris Boivin n, 3 rue de Valois, V Palais Royal. R Imp. Leemercier, Pariis. Hand-coloured, H , tinted lithogrraph. Sheet: 350 3 x 265mm £160 (1 13¾ x 10½''). Foxing. F A French scenee showing a chhef sautéing fiilets in a kiitchen, while swigging s Maddeira straight from f the bo ottle. On the leeft a cat attem mpts to steal a bird from a taable. Stock: 51066

17 73. Every One O His Hobbby. [aattributed to William W Heath]] Pub April 24 4th 1819 by T. Tegg, 111 Cheapside. Coloured etchin ng, pt Whitmaan watermark.. Sheet 225 x 32 25mm (8¾ x 12¾"). 1 Trimm med within plaate. £260 Eiight satires off people on perrsonalised hob bby horses (o or velocipedess). Wellingtonn sits astride a cannon; a ju udge a gallowss; the Duke off York a large green bag, in nscribed '£10.0 000 for Visitinng the Sick'; th he Prince Regent a barrel of punch; a fi fishmonger a fish; f a parson a barrel; a tailorr a goose; andd a lawyer a lo ong cylinder in nscribed 'Brieff'. Th he first usablee velocipede, a forerunner of o the bicycle bu ut without ped dals, was patennted by the German Karl Drais D in 1818, the t year beforre this satire was w published. BM M Satires 134 407. Stock: 50698

Stock: 50718

A Su udden Thougght. Specimeens of Dramatic P Phrenzy. Pl. 2. 169.

G M Woodw ward delt. [Willliams] Pub.d Janr,y 1,st 18804 by S W Fores N°50 Piccaddilly corner off Sackville Street. Coloured etcching, watermaark Russell & Co 179?. 3000 x 375mm (11¾ ¾ x 14¾"). Tears and creasiing. £1660 A young mann, fashionablyy dressed, posttures as if terror-struck before two asstonished waitters, invokingg Macbeth. One of a set of six satires. BM Satires 10325 Stock: 50719

17 74. A Family Party Taakeing an Aiiring. [aattributed to William W Heath]] Pub March 24th 2 1819 by T. Tegg, 111 Cheapside. Coloured etchin ng. 250 x 345m mm (9¾ x 13½"). Bit £260 faaded. A man in coach hman's uniform m propels a ho obby horse allong a country y road, his misstress sitting in n a basket ch hair on the fro ont, a cat in heer lap, a parrott in a cage, tw wo monkeys to ormenting thee coachman an nd a dog drragging behind. Th he first usablee velocipede, a forerunner of o the bicycle bu ut without ped dals, was patennted by the German Karl Drais D in 1818, the t year beforre this satire was w published. BM M Satires 134 402. Stock: 50691


Tregears Rum Jokes J No23. The Celebrated d Old Horse Blister Rod de by Patch Doing a Maatch Against Time.

17 79.

Miseriees of Humann Life. Stru uggling th hrough the curse c of tryiing to disenttangle your ha air...

Printed by Leefrevre & Kohhler 53 Newm man St. Published byy G. Tregear 128 Cheapsidee London. Hand-coloured lithograph.. Sheet: 195 x 280mm (7¾ x £1330 11''). Slightyy messy. A comic prinnt showing a man m with an ey ye patch galloping on a horse.

Rowlandson inv v. 1807. [Repprint c.1830.] etching, 18288 watermark. 100 x 145mm Hand-coloured H m (4 4 x 5¾''), with large marginss. £50 A comic scene showing barbbers attempting g to comb thee haair of two seatted women. BM Satire 1082 20. Stock: 50966

Stock: 51022

Hot__. Cold_. Sw weet_. Sour_.. Nice_. Nasty_. 176.

W. Heath Deel et Sculp. Loondon, Publish hed by Tho.s McLean, 26, Haymarket. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 270 x 215mm (10½ x 8½''). Trimm med and tippedd into album sh heet. £995 A series of siix vignettes shhowing oppossing scenes. Inn the first, scenne a large wom man sits beforre a large fire, while opposiite two men faall into an icy pond; the second pair sshows a youngg woman relax xing on a sofaa while opposiite a cross-looking young woman w stands next to an eldderly woman. The final pairr shows a mann enjoying a gllass of wine annd a sickly maan pouring himself a tonnic. Stock: 50738

177. [- is tthis your lou use] [Thomas Row wlandson.] [nn.d., c.1787.] Etching. Sheeet: 185 x 255m mm (7¼ x 10'''). Trimmed £1660 within plate. Foxed. A scene in a dining room in i which the horrified h Kingg George III pooints at an insect on his platte while a suprised cookk is taken abaack. An illustraation to Peter Pindar's 'Louusiad'. BM Sattire 7186. Stock: 50950

178. Mark ket Day. [F. Sansom aafter G.M. Wooodward.] P. London L Pub.dd Aug.t 17796 by S.W. Fores F No.50 Piiccadilly.Folios of Carricatures lent out o for the Ev vening. Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Sheeet: 260 x 340mm m (10¼ x 13¼ ¼''). Trimmed within w plate, £2330 surface dirt, sstaining. A comic scenne in a butcheer's shop. BM Satire S 10345. Stock: 50830

18 80. [The Miser's M Prayeer.] Woodward W del. Rowlandsonn scul. Pub.d Feb.y F 10 1801 by y R. Ackermann No.101 Strrand. Hand-coloured H etching, '17999 watermark'. Sheet: 200 x £85 25 50mm (8 x 9¾ ¾''). Trimmed within plate. A scene in a bedroom showinng an old man n on his kneess prraying before a candle. Stock: 50832

18 81. The Mo others Hopee. Woodward W Dell Rowlandson scul by Tegg N111 Cheapside [180 08] etching. Sheeet: 350 x 250m Hand-coloured H mm (13¾ x 9¾ ¾''). Creased; trimmed to pllate; surface dirt. d £140 A nursemaid orr mother in pinnk looks on ass a boy (d dressed as a giirl) protests 'I don't like dollls! I don't likee Canary Birds I hate Battledor ore and Shuttleecock, I like Drums D and Tru umpets. I wontt go to school-- I will stay att ho ome- I will haave my own w way in everything!!' An ellderly woman in spectacles approves: 'Bless the Babywhat w an aspirin ng spirit- if he goes on in thiis way he willl bee a second Buonaparte!!' BM M Satires 11137. Stock: 50788

18 82. Multum m in Parvo. Seeymour Del ett Sculp.t. Lonndon, Publisheed by Tho.s Mc.Lean, M 26, Haymarket, H 18827. etching. 240 x 350mm (9¾ Hand-coloured H ¾ x 13¾"). £180 Trrimmed and mounted m in albbum paper. A sheet of smalll designs, misscellaneous in n subject and vaarying in scalee. In the centree, the largest, three tipsy ro oisterers, arm-in-arm, staggeer towards thee broken raailings of a deeep area into w which they willl inevitably faall; a tiny watcchman stands ineffectively in the baackground. Ab bove is a largee open and mo oustached mouth m before which w is a smaall goblet in which w a hornedd deemon crouchees; inscription:: "The Devil'ss in it". Below w is an emblem of "War". A crreature compo osed of shield, jaackboots, gaun ntlets, and with th a skull for head, h beestrides a cann non in full blaast. Near this is i "Honor", reepresented by an exploding bomb from which w fly two heeads, arms, leg gs, &c. In "Ann Agreable Whist W party", fo our elderly, ug gly, and ill-tem mpered peoplee play cards in n a bare panellled room. "Bet etter to follow,, than meet", is the caption fo or a fashionabbly dressed wo oman who sw waggers past a pier-glass whhich reflects her h feearsomely ugly y face. In the llower right co orner, is "An un nwelcome Vissit"; a beadle kknocks at a strreet door, fo ollowed by a parish p officer aand a pregnan nt woman. Th he alarmed ho ouseholder, whho is to be chaarged with th he maintenance of a bastardd child. "All th he Blue Devils D are overr the border", a man brandisshing a red ho ot poker tried to defend him mself for three blue-hoofed deevils. Below: "Notice to quiit", an elderly y couple

scream and ppanic from a first-floor fi wind dow as the resst of the buildinng is engulfedd by flames an nd smoke. BM M Satires: 154995. Stock: 50716

183. A Pa arty of Pleasure. Pl.t. 3. Drawn & Etcch'd by H. Heaath. Published d by S.W.Forees, 41 Picadilly, London Jan.yy. 1825. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 155 x 190 0mm (6 x 7½'''), with large maargins. £1330 A scene in w which a familyy go for a walk k, a mother walks in fronnt caryying a baby b while a crying c child pulls at her skirts, behind her h a man pulls along a cartt containing thhree squabblinng children, a fourth child stands on thee back. Stock: 50833

184. [Paull Preaching to the Brito ons?] [after Rowlanndson?] [c.1808.] Hand coloureed aquatint, prroof before letters. 390 x 330mm (15½ ½ x 13"), 18088 watermark. Bottom B platemark craacked, losing margin, edgess soiled, £4660 creasing. A fire-and-brrimstone preacher harangin ng an unhappyylooking audieence. An assisstant holds up a parasol to shelter him. Stock: 50678

185. Well,, what is it pav'd p with. London Pub..d by A. Sharppe. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 300 x 23 35mm (11¾ x 9¼''). Trimm £1440 med. A scene on thhe road to Lonndon showing g two men witth napsacks greeeting each othher, the man heading h to London asks the second what w the road is paved with, probably cheecking to see if i the legend th hat the road too London is paaved with goldd is true.

18 88. Prefere ence. [&.] N Necessity. W. W Heath. Del et Sculp.t. Lonndon, Publish hed by Tho.s McLean, M 26, Haymarket 18228. A pair of rare hand-coloured h d etching. Sheeet: 275 x 21 15mm (11 x 8½''). Trimmedd and tipped in nto album £520 sh heets. A pair of scenes, one shows a young man on a chair giiving a young lady a side gllance while beehind another man m looks behind a curtain. IIn the second scene a yo oung man getss down on onee knee before a large woman w seated in i a chair whille he hands a note to the yo oung lady beh hind him. BM SSatire Undesccribed. Stock: 50813

18 89. Reason nable Chargges or Duckss Metamorpho M osed! Woodward W del. Published byy T. Tegg No 111 Cheapside. [n.d d., c.1805.] Biit later. Coloured etchin ng. Sheet 250 x 360mm (9¾ ¾ x 14¼"). Trrimmed into plate, £140 p laid on ppaper. A waiter offers the menu to ttwo men at tab ble, one of whom w exclaimss that the duckks, priced at £1 £ 1s, are gu uinea fowls. BM: B 1991,07200.39, suggestiing the etcherr was Isaac Cruikshank. Stock: 50714

Stock: 50784

186. The P Penitent Proostitute. Publish'd as tthe Act Directts, March 13, 1772. by W.. Humphrey, inn St Martin's Lane. L Rare mezzotiint. Sheet 3555 x 250mm (14 4 x 9¾"). Trimmed to iimage on threee sides, into plate p at bottom m. £2660 A prostitute hhas been apprrehended by th he Night Watcch and pleads w with her captorrs. Stock: 51173

Pilgrrims and thee Peas. A brrace of sinners for no good,... 1. 187.

Woodward ddel. Rowlandsoon sc. London n, Pub. by T. Tegg May 1. 1807 Cheapsside. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 270 x 210 0mm (10¾ x 8¼'') large m £2220 margins. A scene show wing two pilgrrims. dressed in robes, withh rosaries tuckked into their belts. b BM Satirre 10923. Stock: 50786

Runnin ng to Cover,, with the Bo ore Family in n Full Cry. 19 90.

Lo ondon Publish hed by Thos M McLean, 26 Haymarket. H [n n.d., c.1830.] Coloured etchin ng. Plate: 245 x 350mm (9½ ½ x 13¾''). Trrimmed and to £160 oned. Tw wo young men rush throughh a doorway as a a family with w children bear down tow wards them. Stock: 50959

19 91. Now Th his Here Is JJust Wot I Likes! L H. H Heath fec.t. Pub.d 1829 byy S.Gans Sou uthampton Sttreet. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 360 x 260m mm (14 x 10 0¼''), with larg ge margins. FFoxing and staaining on left. £230 A picnic scene showing a grooupf of men and a women sitting eating caake and drinkiing tea while the t burner heeating the tea catches fire. Stock: 50798

192. The S Serenade! I.C. [Isaac Crruikshank] Puublished Octr 11. 1802 by T Williamson N 20 Strand. Coloured etcching. 200 x 280mm (8 x 11 1") large £2220 margins. A large man serenades an elderly lady who w leans out of her window, accompaniedd by a violinistt. BM: 1948,0214.6338.

96. The Ste eam Boat. 19 [H Henry Heath.] Pub.d by Thoo.s McLean, 26 2 Haymarket, H 182 27. etching. Sheeet: 355 x 255m Hand-coloured H mm (14 x 10 0''). Trimmed and tipped intto album sheeet. £260 A scene on the deck of a steaam boat, a fash hionably drressed woman n looks very quueasy while a man with a reed nose complains about thee noise.

Stock: 50703

Stock: 50741

Sublim me and Beauttifull. O'tho ou wert bo orn to please me, my Ruural Queen of Love, Through T all the t woods I''ll praise theee my Sh heperd of th he Grove, Thhus happy never n Jeealous Can any a harm asssail us My rural Queen Q of Lov ve. 19 97.

Pleassing Pastimee, or a Chrisstmas Quadrille P Party. 193.

A. Frost Del..t. London, Puublished by Th ho.s McLean, 26, Haymarkket, 1826. Scarce colouured aquatint. 200 2 x 260mm m (8 x 10¼"), £2880 with very larrge margins. Four gentlem men skating onn a lake, their incompetencee resulting in aan unintended dance: one man m trips a second man, who flips oveer towards a hole h in the ice,, his skate gashhing a third man's m forehead d and causing him to grab tthe fourth by the t nose. 'A. Frost' is likely to be a pseudonym, p possibly of either Lane oor Egerton. Noot in BM

[C Charles Williaams.] Pubd. Ap April 1810 by Thos. T Tegg 11 11 Cheapside. etching. Platee: 350 x 245m Hand-coloured H mm (13¾ x 9¾ ¾''). Small maargins. Tonedd, creasing and d tears. £160 A Thames wateerman, with a badged sleeve, number 27,, an nd a long boatt-hook, takes tthe hand of a fat f woman with w ragged clo othes holding a basket of lav vender. Both arre ugly and am morous. Theree is a rustic, th hough prrobably suburb ban, backgrouund. Text belo ow from Burke's essay, 1756. 1 BM Satitires 11648. Stock: 50960

Subscribers to a Liiterary Institution. ''T The door att length yieldded- and theey rushed in n, and diskiv verd nuffin.... 19 98.

Pu ub. by A. Park k, 47, Leonardd St. London. [n.d., c.1830.] Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 210 x 24 45mm (8¼ x £85 9½ ½''). Trimmed d. A comic scene showing threee children hud ddled around a candle reading a book. Stock: 51096

Stock: 50683

194. Slap--bang Shop.. Rowlandson Inv.t 1815. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 360 x 24 40mm (14 x 9½''). Staininng. £2660 A scene in a cook's shop showing the cu ustomers looking rounnd to stare at thhe pretty, young maid. BM Satire 126555. Stock: 50983

195. Snipss. Rowlandson Invenit 1815.. [John Fairbu urn.] Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 305 x 22 20mm (12 x 8¾''). Trimm £1880 med and foxingg. A scene in a tailor shop in which two men m sit crossedd legged and irroning while a boy heats iro ons in front off a grill and a wooman shouts in i from outsid de the room w with a basket on hher head. Stock: 50797

The Su unday beforee Confirmattion. Parson_What did your G Godfathers & Godmothers G then for youu?_Boy_Notthing, Sir, Rot'em R for I never had nnone. 19 99.

F.. delt. [Thomaas McLean.] etching, wateermark 'J. Whaatman 1825'. Hand-coloured H Sh heet: 205 x 23 35mm (8 x 9¼ ¼''). Trimmed and tipped £100 in nto an album sheet. s A comic scene in a church inn which a scru uffy boy stands out from m a line of chilldren and conv verses with a viicar. BM Satirre Undescribed ed. Stock: 50724

Quartiere con. mobbili_or_ Hin nts on ta aking Lodgings. 20 00.

Drawn D by WP. Etch'd by G.C C. Pub.d by Tho.s McLean,, 26 6, Haymarket,, Aug.t 18835. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 300 x 225m mm (11¾ x £130 9''). Fragments of paper glued ed in plate. A comic print showing s the di difficulty of no oisy neeighbours shown in two sceenes representting two flo oors of a build ding. In the loower floor a man m sits at his deesk dispairing while in the ffloor above a man dances acccompanied by y a second maan playing thee violin.

Stock: 50991

201. A Ta ale of Terrorr!!! Woodward ddel. Cruikshannk F. Pubd. By y T. Tegg Cheapside. [nn.d., c.1822.] Coloured etcching. 245 x 3445mm (9¾ x 13½"0, very £1220 large marginns. Creasing. A terrified m man relates his encounter wiith the 'devil' while inebriaated. First publisheed 10th Januaary, 1807 by Tegg, T this statee has the date rremoved. Stock: 50700

H.Heath H f.ct. Pu ub.d 1831 by S. Gans, Soutthampton Sttreet. Coloured etchin ng. 360 x 260m mm (14¼ x 10¼"). Cut to £160 margin m on left. A girl and her beau b at the topp of a ladder, embracing e ov ver a high walll. Stock: 50684

A Classsical Teacheer - The Sch hoolmaster iss abroad - viide Henry B Brougham. 20 06.

W. W Heath. Pub. Oct 15 1830 by T. McLean n 26 Haymarket. H Coloured etchin ng. Sheet 255 x 365mm (10 0 x 14¼"). Trrimmed within £220 n plate. A young teacheer replying to a job advertissment states th hat, as his frien nds live in Lonndon, he 'shou uld not like too teeach the Classiics father thann Hammersmiith, Turnham Green G or at the utmost distannce not fartherr than Brentford'. BM M 1991,0720.844. Stock: 50696

20 07. The Old Woman'ss Complaint,, or the Greek G Alphabet.

A Teender Partin ng at the Gra and Junctioon Canal. 281 202.

Woodward ddelin. Etch.d by b Roberts. Pu ub.d by T.Teggg 111 Cheapsidde Jan.y 1. [18807.] Bit laterr. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 270 x 365 5mm (10½ x 14½''). Trimm med to plate on o top and botttom margins. £2660 A comic scenne showing a wife and daug ghter crying an and saying goodbbye to a man on o his way to Uxbridge by canal. Year oof 1807 crosseed out in publiication line. B BM Undescribedd. Robinson Collection. C Stock: 50757

The T Tythe Pig. Ralph's R Wiffe and Sow aas Gossips telll... 203.

[After L.P. B Boitard.] Londdon, Printed fo or Rob.t. Sayeer in Fleet Streeet, & John Sm mith in Cheapsside. Rare engraviing. Plate: 3555 x 250mm (14 4 x 9¾''). £1990 Trimmed, ceentral crease, repaired r tears. A comic scenne showing a clergyman collecting tythess. He demands a piglet, a tennth of their yeiild, but the couple will oonly allow him m to take it if he h will take their tenth chhild as well. BM B Satire 3794 4. Stock: 50370

Sees a Water Keelpy. The Kelpy it was_he kneew by its facce...


Published May 1821 by Thho.s McLean, Hay Market. Fine hand-cooloured aquatiint. Plate: 160 x 230mm (6¼ ¼ x 9'') large m margins on 3 siides. £1220 A comic scenne showing a man being frightened by a legendary creeature. Stock: 51135

Woodward W Dellin. Rowlandsoon sc. London n Published by y Thomas Teg gg No.111 Che heapside. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 245 x 345m mm (9¾ x 13 3½'') large maargins. Bit messsy in margins. £260 A scene in a sch hoolroom, an angry woman n stands beefore a schoolmaster to com mplain that thee group of scchoolboys hav ve been shoutin ing things likee 'beat her' as sh he walks along g the road. Onne of the boys claims that th hey are not sho outing at the w woman but praactising their Greek G alphabet and shoutingg 'Beta'. BM Sa atire 11460. Stock: 50790

20 08. 1830. H. H Heath fec.t. Pub.d March 9th 1830 by S. S Gans, So outhampton St. Coloured etchin ng. Sheet 355 x 255mm (14 4 x 10"). n plate, left eddge with nickss. Time Trrimmed within £140 stained. A satire of the fashions f of 18830. A very prretty young woman w has a pu uffed skirt andd sleeves, lacee collar, a fur sccarf and an elaaborate hat. Thhe ugly old man m wears tro ousers, a top hat h over ringleeted hair an nd a monocle. Not in BM. Stock: 50692

20 09. Family y Canvas, orr Dress's Antient and Modern. M Lo ondon Pub.d 16 1 1786 by G..T. Stubbs, Peeters Court Martins M Lane. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 240 x 275m mm (9½ x 10 0¾''). Creasing g and laid on album sheet. Trimmed to £260 pllatemark. A satire on fash hion, a couplee shown in exaaggerated drress sit drinkin ng tea, on the wall behind th hem are three paaintings showing figures in the costumes of various ag ges. BM Satiree 7113. Ex: TThe Hon. Christopher Leennox-Boyd Collection C Stock: 50739

A Booarding-Schoool-Miss. taking an Evening Leesson!! 205.

21 10. A Fash hionable Laddy in Dress & Undress. Drawn D & Pub.d d by Dighton 11807.

Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 300 x 195 5mm (12 x 7¾''), with laarge margins. Staining. £1440 A scene in a dressing room m showing thee same womann twice, once uundressed withh no wig on an nd on the righht fully made-uup. BM Satire 10807. Stock: 50999

A Paair of Fashioonables. Eno ough to Turrn any one's H Head. 211.

[William Heaath.] Pub. Octt. 4 1827 by T. T McLean Haymarket L London. Hand-coloured etching, 18822 watermark k. Plate: 375 x 260mm (14¾ ¾ x 10¼''). Foxxing at bottom m. £3220 An upside doown print show wing a man an nd a woman dressed in exxaggerated fasshions. Stock: 50800

13. Milord d Pouf, chez Coupon Tailleur. 21 H.F. H [Henri Gérard- Fontallaard.] Déposé à la Diections dee la Librarie. [n.d., [ c.1814.]] etching. Sheeet: 180 x 210m Hnad-coloured H mm (7 x 8''). £70 Trrimmed within n plate. A French, comiic scene show wing tailors in exaggerated faashions measu uring up a largge, Englishman n for a suit. BM M Satire 1235 56. Stock: 51092

Modern n Peeping T Tom's who deserve d to bee sent to Coventry!!! 21 14.

[W William Heath h] Esq.r Del. PPub by T. McL Lean Haymarket H Lon ndon. [n.d., c.11829]. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 240 x 380m mm (9½ x 15 5''). Trimmed,, tipped into al album sheet. Foxing. £260 A scene in whicch dandified rrakes peer closely at women w who pro omenade on thheir worried looking l hu usbands' arms. One figure, iin the centre of o the image, states, 'I say Bo ob, there's som me good pointss about this on ne'. By William Heath (1794/5-11840) ex-Captain of Dragoons, D illustrator of colouur-plate bookss, and prolificc caaricaturist. He published reggularly with Thomas T McLean. M Stock: 50806

21 15. I'd Be a Butterfly. The Wish Granted. G Pu ublished by Tho.s McLean 26. Haymarket. etching. Sheeet: 345 x 245m Hand-coloured H mm (13½ x £230 9½ ½''). Trimmed d to printed boorder. A caricature of a manic looki king woman with w a pair of laarge butterfly wings, w playingg a piano. Shee is playing a piiece called 'I'd d be a Butterfly ly' and below her h is a small fig gure in a turbaan pointing a stick or wand d at her. Stock: 50827

Macaassar Oil, an n Oily Puff for f Soft Heads. 2655 212.

Rowlandson Del. [Thomass Tegg, 1814.] Hand-coloured etching, Whatman W Turkeey Mills 18199. Plate: 350 x 2250mm (13¾ x 9¾''), with large marginss. Foxing. £3220 A satire on thhe popularity of Rowland's Oil or Macassar oil, a product forr conditioning g hair. A barbeer rubs the oil innto a bald mann's head, on th he floor besidee him is a foolss cap. Behind them a womaan looks aghasst in a mirror ass her hair stannds straight up p on her head. BM Satire 122405. Stock: 50808

21 16. The City Sheep Sh hearing. [Isaac Cruikshaank.] Publisheed by SW Forees no 50 Piiccadilly April 12th 1809. etching, 18thh century wateermark. Sheet: Hand-coloured H 23 35 x 355mm (9¼ ( x 14''). Trrimmed within n the plate, veery slight dam mage in bottom m right corner.. £260 Th hree men sheaar four rams w with human faces and long sp piral horns. Th he first, still unnshorn, has th he bottle-nose an nd drink-blotcched face of C Curtis; a large bell b hangs from his neck. He H is Quin, w who took an acctive part ag gainst Flower. The second, Councillor Waithman W (a drraper), holds Flower, F the M Mayor, labelled d ‘The Flower off the Flock’, who w is almost shaved. The third, t Alderman A Harv vey Combe, usses a comb. He H holds Alderman A Pricee ; beside him m is another ram m (Shaw), co ompletely shorn and dejecteed. BM Satiress: 11309. Stock: 51100

21 17. Dumou urer & his A Aid du Camp p on full March M to Sea al up the Pappers of the Prince P of Orange: O by order o of the Convention n but Prevented by y Frrog & Co. Lo ondon Pub: March M 13 17933 by S.W. Forees No.3 Piiccadilly wherre may be seenn a Complete model of the Guillotine G admiitance one shiilling. Ettching. Plate: 245 x 350mm m (9¾ x 13¾'')). Small £180 margins. m

A satirical prrint showing General G Charles-Francois duu Périer Dumoouriez (1739-1823) followed d by a ragged sanscoulotte marching tow wards an army y of frogs durinng the French R Revolutionary Wars. BM Sattire 8313. Stock: 50955

Minister M John Stuart, S 3rd Earrl of Bute (1713 - 1792) is deepicted to the left leading thhe rejoicing. To T the right George G Whitefiield (1714 - 17770) preachess for peace. Leettered with captions in thee image and tw welve lines of veerse below titlle: 'See here FFellow-Subjects, (so fine an nd so pretty!) ... Let's hope yyet his Lordsh hip won't die in n his Bed'. BM M: Satires 40077. Stock: 50954

22 20. Sympto oms of Courrage or The Tables Turned. T [Isaac Cruikshaank.] London PPubd Aug 16 1790 by W S Fo ores No 3 Picaadilly where m may be seen th he largest Collection of Caracatures C in the Kingdom admittance on ne Shilling. mm (10½ x 15"), large Coloured etchin ng. 270 x 380m margins m on 3 siides. Trimmedd to plate at to op, tears in £140 margins. m Toned. A two-panelled d satire on a Frrench affair of honour. de Voglas, V Adjutant-General off the Army, insulted the Duc D d'Orleans. The Duke's ad advisers decideed that he sh hould not challenge de Vogl glas, but de la Touche ap pproached the latter on his oown account: de Voglas assked him if hee came as prinncipal, or as Ch hancellor of M. M d'Orléans an nd then presennted to him his groom 'as th he person who discharged thhe functions of o Chancellor in n his household. The secondd panel is an im maginary seequel to that ev vent. BM Satiires 7667. Stock: 50722

A Coro oners Inquesst. Juror_T The man's allive Sir, for he has openn'd one eye. Coroner_Sir, C , the doctor declar'd him m Dead two ho ours since & he msut reemain Dead Sir, so I sh hall proceed d with the Innquest. 22 21.

218. The T Three Orders of St Peteersburgh. [Isaac Cruiksshank.] Pub. Mar. M 18th 1800 by S.W. Fores, No 500, Piccadilly. Coloured enggraving, 18th century waterrmark. 340 x £2880 225mm (13¼ ¼ x 8¾"). Smaall margins. A caricature of Tsar Paul I of Russia: in n one hand he has a scroll m marked 'Orderr'; in the other 'Counter Order'; and oon his crown 'D Disorder'. A satire on thhe Tsar's inconnsistant statem ments about hiis commitment to the anti-Frrench coalition n of Britain, Austria and R Russia, causedd by bad feelin ng after the withdrawal oof the Anglo-R Russian invasiion of Hollandd in 1799. He w was assassinatted a year lateer. Stock: 50687

The P Proclamatioon of Proclamations, orr the most gllorious and memorable m Peace that ever was prroclaimed in n this or any y other Metropoliss thoughout the World. 219.

A. Patchpeacce, delin et Scuulp. Sold by E. E Sumpter, att the Bible andd Crown near Shoe-Lane, Fleet F Street, Price 6 Pencee, Where mayy be had, The British B Antidote, in 2 Volumes, Price 5 Shilling gs [n.d., 1763]]. Bit later. Hand-coloured etching, 18828 watermark k. Plate: 245 x 320mm (9¾ x 12½''). Papeer tone. £2880 A satire on thhe Peace of Paaris. The Treaaty of Paris waas signed on Feebruary 10, 1763, by the kin ngdoms of Greeat Britain, Frannce and Spain, with Portugaal in agreemennt. Together witth the Treaty of o Hubertusbu urg, it ended thhe French and Inndian War/Seeven Years' War. W Prime

F.. Del.t. Londo on, Published bby Tho.s Mc.L Lean, 26, Haymarket, H 182 26. etching. Sheeet: 205 x 235m Hand-coloured H mm (8 x 9¼'').. Trrimmed and tiipped into an aalbum sheet. £180 A comic scene in which a larrge crowd stan nd around a man m lying on a bed. The mann, assumed to be dead has woken w up much h to the annoyyance of the co oroner. BM Sa atire 15361. Stock: 50723

22 22.

Iohn Doe & Rich.dd Roe. Broth hers in

Law. L Drawn D & Etch'd d by R. Dightton. Pub.d Nov v.r 6. 1796 by y Dighton Chaar.g Cross. etching. Platee: 210 x 165m Hand-coloured H mm (8¼ x 6½ ½''), with large margins Staaining in botto om margin. £230 A caricature showing two dissgruntled men n, both with paapers in their pockets p whichh state 'by Law w & Ruin'd qu uite', 'mortgag ge' and 'officerrs fees'. BM Sa atire 8912. Stock: 50986

223. A La awyer & his Client. Pub.d by Digghton, Spring Gardens. May y 1812. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 275 x 210 0mm (10¾ x 8¼'') large m margins on 2 siides. Cockling g. £2330 A caricature showing a rappacious lawyeer taking moneey from his stressed client. BM M Satire 1193 31. Stock: 50985

224. A La awyer and his Agent. Dighton del. Pub. Jan.y 211 1793. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 245 x 205 5mm (9½ x 8'''), with large maargins on 2 siddes. Staining in bottom £2330 margins. A caricature of a lawyer, shown s sitting at a a desk reading throuugh his paperss; on his left th he sits the devvil. BM Satire 83394. Stock: 50989

225. A Po oint of Law. [William Heaath.] Esq. Dell. Pub. by T. McLean M 26 Haymarket L London. [n.d., c.1830.] Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 255 x 36 65mm (10 x 14½''). Trimm £1880 med within pllate. Slight foxing. A comic prinnt showing a laarge lawyer taaking snuff aft fter dinner, the m man with whom m he had dinn ner refuses to pay for the ddinner as per thheir agreemen nt. Not in BM. Stock: 50801

A Su uit of Law fitts me better than A Suitt of Cloaths. I'll Go to Law. L 226.

Haydon sculpp.t. Pub.d Aprril 6. 1790, by y S.W. Fores N N3 Piccadilly. Stipple. Platee: 215 x 150m mm (8½ x 6''). Repaired tearr in left edge. Small marginns. £1880 A portrait off a well-dresseed young man n, behind is a country housse with sportm men with houn nds. A 1790 version of a ssimilar print published p in 1749 (BM Satiire 3047). BM Saatire 7799. Stock: 50763

Doctoor Gallipot placing his Fortune F at the feet of h his Mistresss. Thro' Physic to the Dogs. 227.

Rowlandson.. [n.d., c.18100.] Hand-coloured etching with aquatint. 33 35 x 265mm (13¼ x 10½"") large marginns. £2660 An ugly fopppish apothecarry, with drink--blotched profile, kneells at the feet of o a handsomee young womaan, one hand on his breast, thee other pointin ng to a cloth aat his feet on w which are spreaad clyster-pipees, knife, pesttle and mortar, aand a bottle: 'E Elixer of Life Drops'. She stands, makinng a gesture of o surprise. Beehind are the curtains of a bed, and a dooor round whicch looks an amused man. First publisheed by Reeve & Jones in 180 08, this is a reissue, with the aquatint border b reduced d and the publication liine removed. See BM Satirees: 11114 for first issue. Stock: 50681

Doctor Gallipot plaacing his Fo ortune at th he feet of hiss Mistress. T Thro' Physicc to the Dogs. D 22 28.

Rowlandson [ettched in imagge lower right.] [Published by y Reeve & Jon nes No.7 Veree Street Nov.rr 1 1808.] Hand-coloured H etching and aaquatint. Platee: 335 x 26 60mm (13 x 10'') large marggins. Trimmed, repaired £360 daamage in left edge. e An A ugly foppish h apothecary, with drink-bllotched prrofile, kneels at a the feet of a handsome yo oung woman, on ne hand on hiss breast, the otther pointing to a cloth at hiis feet on whicch are spread clyster-pipes, knife, pestle an nd mortar, and d a bottle: 'Elixxer of Life Drrops'. She stands, making a gesture of ssurprise. Behin nd are the cu urtains of a beed, and a door round which looks an am mused man. BM B Satires: 111114. Stock: 50740

22 29. D.r Salltinbanco Ap pplying His Last Dressing D For His Patientt's Non Paym ment. [P Pub by MDarly No: 39 Stran and Jany 15. 1778] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Sheett: 245 x 35 50mm (9¾ x 13¾''). 1 Trimm med, part of pu ublication line missing. m £190 A comic scene showing a larrge doctor abo out to strike hiis patient. Nott in BM Stock: 50736

23 30. Taking g an Emetic.. I Ck C [Isaac Cru uikshank] Publlished by S.W W. Fores, No 50 0 Piccadilly March M 12, 18000. Ettching with haand-colouringg. 315 x 220mm (12½ x 8½ ½"), watermarrked 'Pine & T Thomas 1815''. Trimmed within w plate. Teear through prrinted border top t right. £220 Ellderly woman n vomiting intoo a bucket wh hile a kettle bo oils on the firee. BM Satires 9805. Stock: 50710

23 31.

A Lum mp of Imperttinence.

Woodward D Del. Rowlandsson sc. London Pub.d by Tho.s Tegg N No.111 Cheappside. Prince One O Shilling Coloured. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 330 x 23 35mm (13 x 9¼''). Trimm £2660 med, creasing and a surface dirt. A caricature portrait of a laarge man in a cap with a gouty leg. BM M Satire 114663. Stock: 50789

Surggical Operatiions- or a New method of Obtaining Subjects.


[Henry Heathh?] Pub.d Decc.r 16 1827 by y S.W. Fores Piccadilly. Etching. Sheeet: 235 x 340m mm (9¼ x 13¼ ¼''). Trimmedd, ink additionss in plate. £2660 A medical sccene in an anaatomy school, a figure is kicked downn the stairs by the head of th he anatomy school at Deaan Street, Joseeph Constantine Carpue while studennts laugh from behind. BM Satire S 15444. Stock: 50785

23 35. Boney's Cavalry_aa Ruse de Guerre or Bayes's B troop p in French ppay. As Wa ar is Boney's B Hobb by, then Whhy not on Ho obbies mount m his meen. [C Charles Williaams.] Pub.d M May 1813 by Tho.s Teegg, 111 Cheaapside. Price 11/shilling colo or'd. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 250 x 345m mm (9¾ x 13 3½'') large maargins. Creasinng bottom leftt, repaired £260 teears. Very small wormholess top right. A military satirre commentingg on Napoleon n's invasion off Russia which h was disastroous to his cavaalry. Napoleon's N cavalry is shownn riding on hob bby horses, hee stands to thee right of them m. BM Satire 12044. 1 Stock: 50755

A Loong Pull a Sttrong Pull and a Pull Altogether.. 233.

[Rowlandsonn.] Published by b [T. Tegg] 1813 1 Nov.r 255 No.111 [Cheeapside.] Hand-coloured etching, 18817 watermark k. Plate: 245 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾''). Trim mmed, staining g, repaired hoole. £2880 A political saatire showing the representaatives of six oof the Allies, thhe most prominnent being Joh hn Bull, standd on a bluff (leeft) tugging at a rope by wh hich they pull a row of sevenn uniform Dutcch men-of-waar from the opposite coasst. BM Satire 12102. Stock: 50744

234. A Ba attle Royal! London pub.d April 20. 18802 by W. Ho olland Oxford St. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 250 x 34 45mm (9¾ x 13¾''). Trimm med within pllate, repaired damage. d £1660 A satirical prrint showing the Russian Beear, a Turkey,, wearing an oornate turban and a two doublle-headed Prussian Eaggles fighting while w Napoleon, shown withh the body of a cockerel lookks on. BM sattires 9856. Stock: 50775

23 36. The Co orsican Toadd Under a Harrow. H Pu ub.d Nov.r 27 1813 by R. A Ackermann N101 Strand. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 240 x 345m mm (9½ x £190 13 3½''). Trimmeed. A commentary on the allies ssuccesses in th he Napoleonic N Waars; Napoleon lies on the grround un nderneath a haarrow on whicch sits a large Dutchman. Th he harrow is pulled p by a grooup of men reepresenting th he allies, including a Spanissh don, an Eng glish sailor, a Prrussian hussarr and a Russiaan. BM Satire 12104. Stock: 50971

Genera al Peace & G General War._or the In nterview at R[oe]hampt R ton. 23 37.

Lo ondon Publish hed by W. Hoolland Oxford St. October 20 0 1801. etching. Bibliiotheca Hederrvarian stamp Hand-coloured H veerso. Plate: 38 85 x 285mm ((15 x 11¼''). Creasing, C £240 reepaired damag ge, staining. A political satirre showing W William Pitt staanding before a French generaal, complimennting him on his h uniform. Stock: 50793

A Gran nd Country Dance. ''Th his Life is lik ke a Countrry Dance, thhe World a spacious s Ball B Room''. Dublin. 23 38.

Argus A del. London, Pub. by SS.W. Fores 50 0 Picadilly & 31 12 Oxford Street. etching. 'J Wh Hand-coloured H Whatman 1818' watermark. Sh heet: 240 x 34 45mm (9½ x 113½''). Trimm med within £230 pllate, repaired damage d and sttaining. A political satirre showing figgures represen nting En ngland, Irelan nd and Scotlannd as well as a sailor lo ooking unimprressed as a Freench dancing master wavess hiis arms with his h fiddle and bbow infront of them. A co ommentary on n Nelson's chaase of the Fren nch fleet and

Villeneuve dduring the Nappoleonic wars.. An 1818 reissue by S.W. Fores of an a 1805 print published p by C C. Knight. BM SSatire 10423. Stock: 50750

42. A Review of the Neew, Grand, Army. 24 Cap.t C of Starved Bandittty, Ad. Cam mp,, the Aghast A Empeeror & his tw wo Friends & Pillars off th he State,, Bu utcher from Elba. Generalissimo. [W William Heath h?] [n.d., c.18115.] Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 250 x 350m mm (9¾ x 13 3¾''). Large teear into plate oon right edge, creasing and £180 mount m burn. Sm mall margins. A satire of Nap poleon's campaaign, showing g Napoleon as a small figure in n the centre, bbehind him in clouds are th he Devil and Death, D either si side of him aree the alllegorical figures of a bandiit and butcher; above the grroup is the gro otesque Demoon of Death. In n the baackground stands the Frencch army. BM Satire S 12548. Stock: 50758

A Haard Passage or Boney Playing Base on the Con ntinent. 239.

Geo: Sautez Farnham. Pubb.d Sept. 24 18 808 by R. N101 Strand. Ackermann N Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 255 x 345 5mm (10 x 13½''). Trimm med along topp edge. Toned d. £3220 A political saatire showing Napoleon plaaying a cello, while behindd a Russian beear holds a horrn. A commentary on the Spanissh revolt durin ng the Napoleonic W Wars. BM Sattire 11032. Stock: 50970

Threee Weeks aftter Marriage; or the Great Littlle Emperor Playing P at Bo-Peep. B 240.

[Thomas Row wlandson.] Puub.d May 15th h 1810 by Thoo.s Tegg, No 111 Cheapside. Hand coloureed etching, in ink verso W.R R.46. Sheet 2330 x 335mm (9 x 13¼"). Trim mmed within plate, p a little creasing in corners. £1660 A bust-up beeween Napoleoon Bonaparte and his new wife, Marie L Louise of Ausstria. Napoleon n hides behindd a chair as Maarie aims a croown at him; to o the right, Tallyrand fallls on his backk. The dynasticc marriage, dessigned to reco oncile Austria to France, did nnot work as Naapoleon hoped d. BM 11557. Stock: 50682

24 43. The Th hree Orders of St. Peterrsburgh. Pu ub. Mar. 18. 1800 1 by S.W. Fores, No.50,, Piccadilly. Fo olios of Caricaatures lent outt for the Eve.g g. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 330 x 220m mm (13 x £260 8¾ ¾''). Trimmed d to platemarkk. A satirical portrrait of Paul I'ss, Tsar of Russia, un ncertainty tow ward the coalittion during thee Napoleonic caampaigns. Pau ul I is shown w wearing a crow wn labelled 'D Disorder' whilee in each handd he holds doccuments, one stating 'Order' the t other 'Couunter Order'. BM B Satire 95 526. Stock: 50770

24 44. A Phan ntasmagoriaa or a Review w of Old Times. T I. C_K [Isaac Cruikshank.] C L London Pub by y T. Williamson W No o 20 Strand Loondon March 9th 9 1803. Coloured etchin ng. Sheet 255 x 355mm (10 0 x 14"). Trrimmed to plaate. £240 Fiirst Consul Naapoleon Bonap aparte as a mag gician co onjuring up tw wo figures from m the past: a corpulent c En nglishman and d a French fopp. His audiencce are a tall stout Frenchmaan in cocked hhat and militarry boots, and a scrawny Engllishman with hholes in his co oat pockets. Around A the mag gician are the tools of his trrade, in ncluding a glob be, crocodile aand skull. Thee suggestion is that France was w prosperingg under the leaadership of Napoleon N whilee the British hhad been impo overished. BM M Sa atires 9971. Stock: 50708

241. The N New Consullar Waltz. I.C. [Isaac Crruikshank] Puub May 29th 1803 1 by T Williamson N 20 Strand London. L Coloured etcching. 245 x 350mm (9½ x 13¾") large £1440 margins. Som me toning, holle in margin. Seven womeen toss Napoleeon in a blankeet, who exclaims ''Ohh! that I were safe in Egypt!''. The womenn are complainning that he haas taken their men m away as conscripts inn the army. BM M Satires 1000 01. Stock: 50704

24 45. Britonss United: Th he World Ca annot Conquer. C Th hough Russiia yields the well co ontested day y... Pu ublish'd Sept.rr 1. 1807, by L Laurie & Whiittle, 53, Fleett Sttreet. Hnad-coloured H etching. Platee: 220 x 275m mm (8¾ x £260 10 0¾''). A satirical printt showing the figure of Britttannia in the baackground thee sea is full off ships and thee beach filled with w soldiers. A patriotic scen ene during the Napoleonic War. W Stock: 51079

Searcching an En nglish Ship in the Dardanellees- or our faiithful Ally showing s his respect for the British Flag. 246.

[William Heaath.] Pub. Maay 1829 by b T McLean 26 Haymarkeet Sole Publishers of Paul Pry's P caricaturre. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 255 x 370 0mm (10 x 14½'') large m £2440 margins. Papeer tone. A satirical prrint aboard an English ship,, on the deck tthe English sailoors are being roughly treated d by a group oof Russian sailoors. BM Satiree 15778. Stock: 51051

prrint by Rowlan ndson (BM Saatire 11960). BM B Satire Undescribed. U Stock: 50984

25 50. Jack's Wedding Daay. H.y H Alken Del.t. London, Puublished by Th ho.s McLean, 26 6 Haymarket, 1826. Fiine hand-colou ured etching. Plate: 200 x 250mm 2 (8 x £260 9¾ ¾''), with large margins. A scene by a qu uay in which a party is takin ng place in a taavern, in the fo oreground Jacck and his frien nds have a co onversation with the Deputyy Port Admiraal.


Stock: 50969

Publish'd Auug.t 16, 1806, by b Laurie & Whittle, W 53, Fleet Street, London. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 225 x 255 5mm (9 x 10'' ). Staining and repaired tearss. £2660 A scene on thhe banks of thhe Thames neaar Greenwich Hospital in w which a youngg sailor has a conversation c with an old vveteran with a wooden leg. BM B Satire 10683.

25 51.

Dick Dock, or th he Lobster & Crab. Dicck Dock a tar at Greenwich moor'd...

Stock: 51080

The Meerry Ships C Crew_or Na autical Philosophers. Williams W fecit. [n.d., c.1818. ] etching. In innk on right "Y Hand-coloured H You flog ....". Pllate: 250 x 350mm (9¾ x 133¾''). Trimmeed, paper tonee an nd damage top p right. £180 A scene on a qu uay in which a woman with h a parasol an nd a naval offiicer walk arm m in arm, on th he right a saailor comes an nd talks to them m. BM Satire 13080. Stock: 50963

248. The G Gig. Wells del. Puub. May 8 17881 by W. Well[s No. 132], Fleet Street, London. Rare engraviing. Sheet: 2200 x 250mm (8 8¾ x 9¾''). £2330 Trimmed. A satire show wing two sailoors dancing around a Dutchman sttanding in a sppinning top. A satirical prinnt celebrating G George Rodneey's recapture of o St Eustatiuus in the West IIndies during the t Fourth An nglo-Dutch W War. BM Satire Un Undescribed. Stock: 50760

25 52. A Mid--on Half Payy. Tower Hiill. [C Charles Hunt.]] [n.d., c.18255.] aquatint. Sheeet:: 305 x 235 Hand-coloured H 5mm (12 x £160 9¼ ¼''). Trimmed d, losing publiccation line. A scene showin ng a sad-lookiing midshipmaan, a victim off naval retrencchment, polishhing boots neaar Tower Hill. H BM Satiree 14921. Stock: 51091

25 53. Nautica al Experiencce. 105 Ettc.d by Robertts. London Puub.d Jan.ry 1. 1812 by T. Teegg 111 Cheaapside. etching. Trim Hand-coloured H mmed within plate. p Time £260 stained A comic scene showing a saiilor trying to carry c a do onkey on his back b while ano nother sailor heelps, a third man m with a stick and dog askks who has giv ven them peermission to free fr the animall. BM Satire 10192. 1 Stock: 50821

25 54. Sailors' Encampm ment Before Sebastopol. S The T Agamem mnon Babbiees. No.4. ''T The way th hese fellows (the Agameemnon Babb bies, Trafalgar T La ambs &c) haave got up th he ships gu uns... Fiine hand-colou ured lithograpph. Sheet: 240 0 x 350mm (9 9½ x 13¾''). Staining and veery slight tearrs. £140 A scene showin ng sailors from m the HMS Ag gamemnon drragging the gu uns in front off a tent during the Crimean War. W Stock: 51039

249. Jack Tar admiriing the Fair Sex. Rowlandson Delin.t 1815. 40mm (14 x Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 360 x 24 9½''). Staininng and damagee in right edgee. £4880 A naval satirre showing a sailor s eyeing up u two prostitutes, oone of whom is black, on the quayside. Thhe black prostituute resembles a similar figu ure in an 18122

The C Contractor and the Con ntracted or 195 more th han 186. 255.

[William Heaath.] Pub Feb 4th 1810 by S.W. S Fores. Coloured etcching. Sheet 3555 x 245mm (14 ( x 9¾"), £2330 William Curttis (dressed ass a sailor) facees Spencer Perceval in fr front of Charlees Abbot in th he Speaker's Chair. A plaacard behind reads ''Whereaas P-l and Co Bankrupts too Surender & Partnership P Disolved'. A satire on thhe successful motion for a committee c of inquiry on thhe Walcheren Expedition, ittself an attemppt to unseat Prim me Minister Perceval. P BM Satires S 115300. Stock: 50713

256. Bara ataria. J.S. Publ. March 17889 by Tho.s Cornell Brutonn Street. Etching. Platte: 300 x 335m mm (11¾ x 13 3¼''). Trimmedd to plate. £2330 The Prince oof Wales is seaated in a magn nificent diningghall before a bare table. Thhe Duke of Leeinster offers him across thhe table a dishh of 'Potatoes from f Leinsterr'; the Prince exxtends his arm ms to take them m, but turns hi s head to look at the forbiddding Thurlow, dressed as a doctor, who sstands on his right. BM Satires 7517. Stock: 50977

257. John n Bull on a Bed B of Rosess. Pub.d July, 11806 by W.m Holland Cock kspur Street. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 235 x 33 35mm (9¼ x 13¼''). Trimm £2330 med within pllate. A satirical prrint showing a disgruntled John J Bull lyinng in a bed of rooses with veryy large thorns, the roses are labelled 'Horrse Tax', 'Exciise Duty', 'Stam mp Tax' etc. A commentary on the large quantities q of taaxes being raised to try aand reduce naational debt. BM B Satire 10583. Stock: 50777

258. Billy's Ghost, or Seasonable e Admonitio n. Pub.d, Feb.y 1806 by W.H Holland Cocksspur St. [n.d., c.1806.] k. Plate: 250 x Hand-coloured etching, 18814 watermark 350mm (9¾ x 13¾'') largee margins. Creeasing and repaired tearss in margins. £2220 A political saatire showing Charles Jamees Fox being shocked by hhis former political opponen nt William Pittt who died in JJanuary 1806 a month before this print w was published. BM M Satire 105334. Stock: 50771

259. The B Blessings off Military La aw-Givers. [John Philipss.] Pub by S. Gans, G 15 Southampton St. Strand, July 228 1829_Solee publisher of Paul Pry's Caricatures. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 260 x 365 5mm (10 x 14¼'') large m £2660 margins. Creaasing. A satirical sccene showing Wellington in n the dock, all the figures inn the court, inccluding the judge wear hugge bearskins. S. Gans often puublished copies of William m Heath's satiriical prints, pubblished by Th homas McLeann, Heath's monoogram was thee figure of Pau ul Pry which iis copied in thiss print. BM Saatire 15841. Stock: 50742

26 60. British Resentmen nt or the Freench fairly Coopt C at Lou uisbourg. L. Boitard et Delin. J. Ju June Sculp. Pu ublish'd acccording to Acct of Parliameent 25. 1755. Prrinted for T. Bowles B in St. PPauls Church Yard & Ino. Bowles & Son in Cornhil. [R Reissue c. 1830.] Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 250 x 345m mm (9¾ x £480 13 3½''), with larg ge margins. A satirical printt showing Brititains victoriess in the American A colon nies and the FFrench loss of power. On th he left Britannia sits in an ellaborate thron ne while Native N Americaans kneel befoore her, Mars and Neptune, reepresenting Brritain's power on land and on o sea stand neext to her. On the right Frennch figures loo ok diisheartened ass a British solddier points a laarge canon at th hem. In the bacckground are references to England's viictory at the Battle B of Louissbourg in 1755 5. BM Satire 33 332. Stock: 50751

26 61. The Claims of the B Broad Botto om. Prrice 6 pence Publish'd P accorrding to Act of o Parliam.t March M 1743. etching. Sheeet: 220 x 335m Hand-coloured H mm (8½ x 13 3¼''). Trimmeed, creasing, sttaining and manuscript m £140 an nnotations. A political satirre showing thee opponents of o Robert Walpole W who are shown conttending for po ower after his faall. BM Satire 2579. Stock: 50767

Head Quarters Q Broookes's, 18.tth July 17 785. You arre to attack the Enemy's Propositions at six o'Clocck this Even ning. To_. 26 62.

Pu ub.d by Tho.s Cornell 22.ndd July 1785. Ettching. Plate: 190 x 135mm m (7½ x 5¼''). Small £160 margins. m A scene at Broo oks's club in SSt James's, a copy c in the National N Portraait Gallery idenntifies the three figures as Lo ord George Saackville Germ main, Edward Smith Sttanley and thee 2nd Earl of M Mansfield. NP PG. D5875. Stock: 50761

26 63. The Petition. H.B. H [reversed, the monogram m of I.B. Broo okes.] [July 18 831.] Coloured lithog graph. Printedd area 270 x 35 50mm, 10½ x 3¾". Trimmed d to printed boorder at top. 13 £230 Th he Lord Chan ncellor Broughham kneeling before William W IV, wh ho wears a talll fool's cap, prresenting a 'R Reformer's Pettition' from thee inmates of Bedlam, B

Hoxton Housse and St Luke's Hospital, requesting r theeir freedom and representationn. The Duke of o Gloucester,, wearing a topp-hat, holds thhe back of the King's chair and bends foorward to say 'Who's Silly Billy B now'. A satire on thhe Reform Acct by I.B. Broo okes, who signed his woork with IB orr HB backwarrds, possibly in an attempt too pass off his work w as that of o HB (John Doyle). BM SSatire 16737. Stock: 50694

Retort R Courttious, (Anecddote in the Chelmsford C Chronicle). C [n n.d., c.1830.] Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 385 x 25 55mm (15 x £140 10 0''). A satirical printt in two scenees, the top scen ne shows a grroup of lawyers in the Channcery while th he second sh hows a scene in i which Daniiel O'Connell stands before William W IV. BM M Undescribedd. Stock: 51064

Duncom mbe's Miniaature Carica ature Magazine. M No o.3. A Casee of Conscien nce; or the Manager M and d Glassblowe wers. 26 67.

T. Jones fec.t. London L Publisshed by Duncombe, Book & Music Sellerr, 19, Little Quueen Str.t. Holborn. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 130 x 165m mm (5 x 6½''). £130 Sllight crease. A satirical printt showing a grroup of glassb blowers at a prrotest, all wear sashes and ccarry glass bau ubles on po oles. Stock: 51093

The Ca asting Vote oor the Indep pendent Sp peaker. 26 68.

Pu ub.d April 1805 by S..W.Fores 50 Picadilly. P Fo olios of Caricaatures let out ffor the Evenin ng. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 350 x 250m mm (13¾ x 9¾ ¾''). Trimmed d at bottom, sm mall margins on o 3 sides, £260 crreasing and teaars. A political satirre showing thee speaker of th he House of Commons in th he centre, to hiis right standss Fox with his haat raised whilee on the left Pi Pitt stands hold ding up a faainting Melvillle. BM Satire 10391. Colleection of Frrank Charles

John n Bull at his Studies, atteended by hiss Guardian A Angell. 264.

Pub.d Marchh by S.W W. Fores 50 Piccadilly. Folioss of Caricaturees lent out for the Evening. [n.d., c.1799.]] Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 360 x 250 0mm (14¼ x med. 9¾''). Trimm £2880 A satirical prrint attributed to Gillray by Grego showinng John Bull stuudying a long,, complex doccument detailinng changes to inncome tax; Wiilliam Pitt, sho own as an angel, watches over him playing a harp.. BM Satire 9363. Stock: 50776

A Caandidate, before the day y of Election n. The simplee beliveth evvery word bu ut the Prudent maan looketg well w to his Going. G Proverbs. 265.

A rare etchinng. Sheet: 340 x 255mm (13 3¼ x 10''). Trimmed intoo image at bottom and creaasing. Small tears. £2660 A scene show wing a politicaal candiation sitting s in the room of a hoouse, he sits with w a child on his knee whille a dog urinatees on his foot. Stock: 50734

McLean's Month hly Sheet off Caricaturees No.14. Sceenes in the Court C of Cha ancery. The


Stock: 50753

A Righ ht Hon.ble A Alias A Sans Culottes, allias the Man n of the Peopple, alias thee Disipated Patriot, alias the Gamestter, alias thee Leader of Opposition, O alias a the worrd Eater, aliias the So olisiter for the t French R Republic, alias S_t Breecher, B alia as the Proteector turned d Begger. 26 69.

[Isaac Cruikshaank.] Lond: Puub: June 14 17 793 by W. Fo ores Piccadilly y where may bbe seen the Laargest Collection of Caricature C in thhe World. Adm mit one shill. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 345 x 240m mm (13½ x £180 9½ ½''). Trimmed d, foxing and ccreasing. A satirical printt showing a raagged Fox stan nding before a collection box x, a satire on tthe squanderin ng of Lord Holland's H fortun ne. BM Satiree 8332. Stock: 50756

The Co onfectioner G General Settting forth th he H-n Desert. 27 70.

[n n.d, c.1743.] A rare etching. Plate: 200 x 3325mm (8 x 12¾''). £240 Creasing. A satire on disaagreements wiithin the Pragm matic Army in n the aftermath h of the Battlee of Dettingen during the War W of Austrian n Succession, suggesting th hat George II ass nominal com mmander had bbowed to Han noverian

interests, failling to drive home h the victo ory. BM Satiree 2583. Stock: 50733

seeat but was defeated. A funeeral processess in the fo oreground mou urning 'Interessts of the Cov ventry Family' while w behind a carriage racess past celebratting the reellection of Gordon. BM Satirre 11913.


Stock: 50843

[Thomas Row wlandson.] [nn.d., c.1792.] Etching. Sheeet: 240 x 190m mm (9½ x 7½ ½''). Part of £1220 etching, trim mmed, laid on album a sheet. Part of a satirrical print com mmenting on the t barbarity oof the French R Revolution, thee complete im mage consists oof two medallioons this part iss the left medaallion. The medallion shhows the figure of Britanniaa holding the Magna Cartaa and the scalees of Justice, beneath b the medallion aree positive worrds like 'Protection', 'Morality' andd 'Loyalty'. Thhe missing rig ght medallion is a contrastingg medallion shhowing a murd derous Fury walking overr the dead whiile carrying a trident with a head impaledd on it represeenting the Fren nch Revolutioon. Beneath this oval are inscrribed words su uch as Cruelty' and 'IInjustice'. Etch hed by 'Rebellion', 'C Rowlandson after a designn by Lord Geo orge Murray, a Kent clergym man, these prinnts were circu ulated as propaganda bby the Crown and Anchor Society; S the price of the eetching was loow in order to maximise circulation. B BM Satire 81449.

The Crrown and Annchor Despeer[d]ado or th he Cracked Member bel elonging to the Bedlam Ranger. R

Stock: 50824

Pu ub.d Aug.t 21. 1797 by S.W W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly, Fo olios of Caricaatures lent outt for the Even ning. Rare hand-colo oured etching; on verso in in nk Clark, Norwood N 66. Sheet: 295 x 4445mm (11½ x 17½''). Trrimmed within n plate, margiins made up on o left; £280 daamaged. A satire on the negotiations aat Lille between James Harris, H 1st Earl Malmesbury and three Freench pllenipotentiariees for peace beetween Francee with her alllies the Batav vian Republic and Spain, an nd England with w her sole reemaining ally Portugal. BM M Satire 9031.

[The Contrast 17792. Which is Best?] British Lib berty.

A Tèète à Tète Coonversation on Recent Events. 272.

[Charles Willliams.] Pub.d April 1805 by S.W. Fores 50 Picaadilly. Folios of Caricatures lent out for the Evening. Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Platte: 355 x 250mm m (14 x 9¾''). Small margin ns. £2660 A political saatire showing John Bull wh ho sits squarelyy in an armchaair hands on knnees, turning his h head to listen to Pitt. A commentaary on Melvillee's resignationn. BM Satire 100388.

27 75.

[C Charles Williaams.] Pub.d Au Aug.t 1803 3 by S.W. Fo ores 50 Piccad dilly. Folios oof Caricatures let out for thee Ev vening. etching. Sheeet: 250 x 335m Hand-coloured H mm (9¾ x £260 13 3''). Trimmed to image and creased. A political satirre commentingg on a speech h made at the Crown & Anch hor tavernby SSir Francis Burdett on his ree-election. In his h speech he ccriticised the government an nd questioned why soldiers and sailors would w vo olunteer to fig ght as they werre not given ju ust reward. Burdett is show wn hanging ouut of a window w while a crrowd of disgru untled sailors and soldiers listen to him sp peak. BM Satirre 10054. Stock: 50839

The Diplomatic Sqquad, or Harrmony In nterrupted. 27 76.

Stock: 50962

Stock: 50754

A Coouncil in Con nfusion or Principles P off Democracyy too Prevaleent. 273.

Pub.d Marchh 1806 by S.W W. Fores 50 Piccadilly. Folioss of Caricaturees lent out for the Evening. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 245 x 34 45mm (9¾ x 13½''). Trimm med within pllate and tipped d into album £2330 sheet. Repaiired hole top right. r A political saatire showing George III, siitting with his back to us, annd other politiicians at a table fighting to form a new ggovernment foollowing the death d of Williaam Pitt in Januarry 1806. BM Satire S 10545. Stock: 50779

Deerhurst's Defeeat or the En nd of Unqualifiess Ambition.


Pub.d Novem m.r 1 1812 forr the Proprieto ors of Town Talk. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 270 x 43 30mm (10½ x 17''). Trimmeed within platte, vertical creeases as normaal. £2440 A political saatire on the eleection for the MP of Worcester inn the 1812 elecction, George Coventry, Viscout Deerrhurst challenged William Gordon G for thee

27 77. Drumm ming out of tthe Regimen nt!! Lo ondon Pub.d by b W. Hollandd No.50 Oxfo ord St. Febr. 1798. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 320 x 425m mm (12½ x 16 6¾'') large maargins on 3 siddes. Trimmed within plate £370 on n lower edge, creasing. A political satirre showing thee Duke of Norrfolk being marched m out, leed by Dundas and followed by two grrenadiers one of which is W William Pitt. In n the baackground Fox x can be seen wiping his faace with a

large handkeerchief, standinng next to Sheeridan. BM Satire 9170. Stock: 50774

The Fin nish. Oh, w what a thing for a man off renown. To make an eescape with the louss of hiis gown.

80. 28

Pu ub.d by O. Ho odgson 10 Clooth Fair. [n.d., c.1830.] Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 245 x 38 85mm (9¾ x £180 15 5¼''). A satirical printt showing Weellington and Robert R Peel ru unning out of a door, Peel hhold a cage fro om which seeveral rats escape. BM Satirre Undescribeed. Stock: 50826

Sancho o the Secondd's Triumph hant Entry in nto Baratariia!!! 28 81.

278. The D Duel - or Ch harley longin ng for a Pop p. [Isaac Cruickkshank.] Londdon Published by SW Foress, 50, Piccadillyy, June 1. 17998. NB Folios of Caricaturees Len out for thhe Evening. Coloured etcching. 265 x 405mm (10½ x 16"), watermarkedd 'E & C Russeell 1797', larg ge margins. £2880 Very small reepaired hole. A satire of thhe famous dueel between Wiilliam Pitt the Younger andd George Tiernney on Putney y Heath on Sunday Mayy 27th, 1798, fought f when Pitt P accused Tierney of a lack of patriotism in Parliam ment. Here Tierney poinnts his pistol att Pitt, who staands with his pistol pointinng at the grounnd. Fox has a restraining hand on Tierrney's shouldeer, but only atttempting to persuade him m to use a blunnderbuss insteead. Neither politician waas hurt. BM Saatires 9223. Stock: 50689

The E English Lion n Dismembeer'd. Or thee Voice of the Public forr an enquiry y into the losss of Minorcaa- with Ad.l B--g's plea before b his Examiners. 279.

Publish'd acccording to Actt of Parliamen nt. Sold by thee Printsellers oof London & Westminster. W [1757, but lateer impression.] Etching. Platte: 250 x 350m mm (9¾ x 13¾ ¾''), with largee margins. Creease £1880 A satire on iineffective military campaig gns during thee Seven Years War. In the centre c a lion, representing Great Britainn, stands with his paw, labellled Minorca, cut off. Behinnd the lion tw wo Hanoverin mercenaries m aare surrounded bby Englishmenn who complaain about the lack of a locaal militia. On the right Aldeermen petitionn for a trial of A Admiral Byngg and on the leeft Byng, in fetters, addreesses his courtt martial. A c.1820 reprint oof a 1757 print. BM Satire 35547. Stock: 50953

[C Charles Williaams.] Pub.d M March 1806 by W Holland Cockspur Streeet. Fiine hand-colou ured etching. Sheet: 290 x 430mm 4 (11½ x 17''). Trimmeed and laid on album sheet, manuscript £480 an nnotations in plate p naming ffigures. A satirical printt showing Chaarles James Fo ox processingg allong the streett, on a bull witth Greville's head, h and su urrounded by his h supporterss, Fox shouts all a sorts prromises to the crowd. Folloowing Prime Minister M William W Pitt's death d in Januar ary 1806, Grev ville formed a 'M Ministry of Alll the Talents'' and Fox was offered the po ostition of Forreign Secretarry. BM Satire 10544. Stock: 50845

28 82. Gather ring Mushroooms [Peers] for a Statee Entertainmen E nt! Lo ondon Pub.d by b W. Hollandd N50 Oxford d St. 15 5 1797. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 295 x 315m mm (11½ x 12 2½''). Trimmeed within platee on 3 sides. Remains R of £190 prrint seen verso o. A political satirre showing W William Pitt and d a man in Sccottish dress pick p mushroom ms in the shap pe of crownedd heeads. BM Und described. Stock: 50967

28 83. The H--r T-p Man ccome again.. [n n.d., c.1742.] Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 215 x 340m mm (8½ x £220 13 3¼''). Trimmeed, creases. A political satirre commentingg on George II, I or the Hanover H Turnip p Man, used H Hanoverian tro oops in British conflicts. George II iss shown drivin ng a cart oaded with turnips while thee Hanoverian troops march lo beehind. BM Sattire 2578. Stock: 50768

Daring g & Impudennt Robbery!!!! Do viillany, do, siince you proocess to do't_Like workmen; w I'lll example yyou with th hieving_Thieeves for theiir robbery have h au uthority_Sh hakespeare. 28 84.

William W Heath. Pub. Oct. 6thh. 1829 by TM McLean 26 Haymarket H solee publisher off WH's etching gs. etching. Sheeet: 255 x 355m Hand-coloured H mm (10 x £160 14 4''). Trimmed within plate. A political satirre showing W Wellington and Robert Peel, drressed as a polliceman, pokin ing and proddiing John Bull while w Wellingto on steals a bagg of money frrom Bull's po ocket. BM Sattire 15875. Stock: 50728

[The Incurable.] Dazzled with w hope Hee could not see the Cheaat / Of aimin ng with impatiencee to be great / With wild d Ambition iin his heart w we find / Farewell conten nt and quiett of his mind d / For Glitteering Cloud ds he left thee solid Shoree / And wontted happiness returns n no more. 285.

[Thomas Row wlandson.] Puubd April 4th 1784 by W. Humphrey N No 227 Strand.. Coloured etcching. 255 x 310mm 3 (10 x 12¼"). £1880 Dr John Monnro (1716-91), physician off Bedlam Hospital, exaamining Charlles James Fox x, in a strait jacket, who ccomplains of 'losing his place'. A satire oon the fall of thee Coalition. BM M Satires 649 95; Grego, 'Rowlandsonn', i. 124, givinng it the name 'The Incurable'. Stock: 50695

The IIrish Howl or o the Catho olics in Fritzz. The Journeey from Dub blin. 286.

[Isaac Cruiksshank.] Londoon Pub: March h by S.W W. Fores N3 Picccadilly- who has just fitted d up his exhibition inn an entire novvel title admitttance one shilling. N.B B Folios lent ouut for the Evening. [n.d., c.1795.] Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Sheeet: 245 x 400mm m (9¾ x 15¾'''). Trimmed within w plate, tears and papper tone, repaiired tear in lefft edge. Edgess clipped at corners. £1880 A satirical prrint showing William W Wentthworth, 4th Earl Fitzwilliiam being carrried on a strettcher by Catholic prieests. A commeentary on Fitzw william's calamitous loord-lieutenanccy of Ireland and a antiCatholic feelling. BM Satirre 8632. Stock: 50952

Irish Stew. Not All A Hot _ Ra ather Too Much So.


Political Sketches by Foz No.3. N London n, Published byy Forees, 41, Piccadiilly. [n.d., c.18 840 Coloured lithhographers. Prrinted area 295 x 350mm (11½ x 13¾"") large marginns on 2 sides. Coloured £1330 lithograph. British goverrnement minissters around a tureen markeed 'Irish Stew à la Normande''. A satire on thhe rivalry betw ween Prime Minister M Williaam Lamb, 2nd V Viscount Melbbourne, and Ro obert Peel. 'Foz' is unideentified by thee BM. Stock: 50715

288. Lord d Mum Suck king his Thu umb. I.C. [Isaac Crruikshank] Loondon Pub No ov 10 1796 byy S W Fores 50 P Piccadilly. Coloured etcching. 350 x 210mm (13¾ x 8¼"). Narrow w margins. £2440 Satirical porttrait of James Harris (1746--1820), 1st Eaarl of Malmesbuury, sitting witth both thumb bs in his mouthh. A career dipllomat, he servved in Madrid,, Berlin, St Petersburg annd the Hague and was sent to Brunswickk to solicit the hand of Princcess Caroline for f the Prince of t one of his less successfull Wales. This ssatire relates to missions: in 1796 he was sent s to negotiaate peace withh the French D Directory. A coonversation was w quoted in tthe London Chroonicle in whicch Malmesbury told

Delacroix, D Fren nch Minister oof Foreign Afffairs, that he would w have to contact c Londoon to ask if hee was au uthorized to co onclude a treaaty for the alliees of Great Britain. BM Sattires 8832. Stock: 50706

28 89. Iohny Mac-Cree M inn the dumpss!! J. Ck. [Isaac Crruikshank.] Puublished Aprill 12-1805 by S W Fores. 50. Piccadilly Loondon. Coloured etchin mm (9¾ x 14") large ng. 250 x 355m £190 margins. m Tw wo elderly Scots discuss thhe imprending im mpeachment of Melville forr financial irreegularities du uring his manaagement of thhe Admiralty. The kilted Melville M tries to o attract their attention, beg gging them no ot to turn theirr backs. On thhe right Pitt ru uns off, sayingg ''I must cut out this Connexioon - & leave him h to his faate''. BM Satiree 10385. Stock: 50701

Modern n Method off Carrying a Majority orr Prime deep Pockets foor Banging Up U Opposition. O 29 90.

[W William Heath h.] Pub. A April 1810 by y S.W. Fores Piicadilly. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 245 x 355m mm (9¾ x £230 14 4''). Trimmed within plate. A political satirre showing Pri rime Minister Spencer Peerceval (1762-1812) standinng before the treasury while w a tailor sttands before hhim ready to measure m his po ockets. John Bull B stands aroound the corneer watching th he scene. BM Satire S 11542. Stock: 50731

29 91. The Pa arody,_ or M Mother Cole,, and Loader. L See Foots F Minorr page 29. [T Thomas Rowlaandson.] Pub.dd April 1784 by W. Humphrey H No.2 227 Strand. B Bit later. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 250 x 350m mm (9¾ x £320 13 3¾''), with larg ge margins. A political satirre showing Loord North who o is reepresented as the t sanctimonnious bawd (fo or whom Mother M Douglaas was the supp pposed originaal), Mother Cole, who becaame a followerr of Whitefielld, Fox is sh hown as the sh harping gamesster. The word ds of the play arre cleverly parrodied, the inddictments of Mother M Cole beeing changed into the threatts of impeachm ment which Fo ox had made against a North.. BM Satire 65 514. Stock: 50749

95. No Gen nius. 29 'P Paul Pry' Esq. Del D et Sc. [W William Heath] Pub by T McLean M 26 Hay ymarket wherre political and d other caaricatures are daily Publisheed. [n.d., c.1828.] Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 260 x 370m mm (10¼ x £260 14 4½''), with larg ge margins Tw wo street cleaaners discuss th the performance of a new reecruit, throwin ng in a humoroous side-swipe at the po oliticians at Westminster W (thhe towers of Westminster W Abbey A visible in backgroundd). BM Satiress: un ndescribed. Stock: 50752

The M Mountain in n Labour_orr Much ado about noth hing. 292.

[Robert Seym mour?] Pub.d by Tho.s McL Lean, 26 Haymarket, M March 2 18299. Fine hand-cooloured etchinng, 'J. Whatmaan Turkey Milll 1828' waterm mark. Platemarrk: 245 x 340m mm (9¾ x £2660 13½"); large margins. Satire on the imminent 'birrth' of the Catholic Emancipationn Bill, publishhed just days before b the Billl was introducced/delivered. At the centre of the image are Wellingtoon (holding 'M Ministerial Forrceps'), Peel (with a bottlee of medicine)), and an old woman, w as doctor-accouucheur, apotheecary, and nurrse. The nurse sits with a coopy of The Tim mes, which haad urged concessions tto the Catholics and was sty yled 'the hireling of Poopery' by opponents of the Bill. Three winds of 'Faction' bllow from abov ve, issuing froom the heads of Eldon (chief opponent o of Emancipation) E ), Winchelsea ((included in reeference to hiss extravagant speches) andd a third. Figurres around thee edges includde two frenzied bishops, two non-Anglican n ministers (off which one is evidently Irving), O'Conneell in wig and gown stood aaddressing a band b of his folllowers, and Cumberland top right, in hussar h uniform m. BM Satires 15677.

Ocean Penny Postaage. ''Unclee John! Please send my m letter to C Cousin Janee in America A for a Penny.'' 29 96.

[n n.d., c.1850.] Rare steel engraaving. 190 x 2270mm (7½ x 10¾"). £230 Trrimmed close to plate. Children clamb ber over a marritime John Bu ull. Ellihu Burritt (1810-79), an A American diplomat, su uggested Britaain should exteend the new Penny P Post an nd slash the co ost of sendingg letters abroad d from a sh hilling to threeepence to prom mote trade and d brrotherhood. Th his satire ridiccules the idea// Stock: 51171

Stock: 50961

Instaallation of th he New Depu uty Grand Master of tthe Most Veeritable Order of the Reed Halter. 293.

London pub.d by S.W. Forres 41 Piccadiilly Sep.r 12. 1827. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 260 x 360 0mm (10¼ x 14''). Trimmeed to plate on top and left edges, e slight £2330 creasing. A political saatire commentting on Cobbeett's commentss on Burdett annd Hobhouse being like Do on Quixote andd Sancho for thheir adherencee to Canning, at whose deatth he exulted. B BM Satire 154422. Stock: 51098

A new w Italian farrce called th he Green Baag by Permisssion. 294.

Pub July 22 1820 by S.W. Fores 41 Picaadilli London.. Hand-coloured etching, '18820' watermarrk. Plate: 255 x £3220 350mm (10 x 13¾''). Smalll margins. In 1820 Georrge IV sent tw wo green bags full of evidennce against Queeen Caroline to Parliament, which w of coursse generated a ggreat deal of innterest. One accusation a wass that she comm mited adulteryy with an Italiian, Bartolomeeo Pergami. Nott in BM Stock: 50803

Uncork king Old Sheerry. - the hon.ble h Gent.n G tho' he h does not vvery often ad ddress the House... H 29 97.

J.s Gillray inv. et fec.t. Publiish'd March 10 0th. 1805 by H. H Humphrey St. S James Streeet London. Hand-coloured H etching, Platee: 355 x 255m mm (14 x £1250 10 0''), 'J Rose' watermark. w Moount burn. A political satirre showing Pri rime Minister William Pitt tu urned towards the oppositionn, uncorking a bottle which w contains the head of SSheridan. The opposition is

formed of boottles containinng the heads of o politicians, all labelled aas diffferent liqquors. BM Sattire 10375. Stock: 51090

Saatire on the election after Siir Robert Peell resigned his Oxford O Universsity seat durinng Catholic Em mancipation (aas he had stood d on a platform m of oppositio on to Em mancipation and a had since changed his position). p Peell was w nominated for re-election on but was deffeated by Sir R.H. Inglis. Here Inglis is shhown as an obeese Oxford do on in the centrre, charming a yokel John Bull B and ho olding a peeled orange inscr cribed 'Inglis', from which hee discards the 'Peel' which iis about to falll into a slough inscribed 'Westbury C Close Sink of Iniquity / Im mpurity of Eleect—Bribery— —Corruption'. In this bog caan be seen the head and shooulders of Sir Manasseh M Masseh M Lopes, who says 'if yyou will let me m out there's pllenty of room for your peel''. Following Peel's P defeat by y Inglis, the go overnment haad to ask Lopees to vacate hiis pocket boro ough at Westbu bury in Peel's favour f (Lopess reesigned for an undisclosed ssum). BM Satiires: 15683. Stock: 50802

30 01. Politica al Sculpters.. Pu ublish'd by E. Hedges No.992 Cornhill Feeb:y 3 1784. Ettching. Sheet: 220 x 290mm m (8¾ x 11½'''). Trimmed £140 an nd laid on albu um sheet. A satirical scen ne showing Chharles James Fox F and Lord North N carving out o a bust of thhe Prince Reg gent. BM Sa atire 6401. Stock: 50795

298. One of the Family. [Isaac Cruiksshank?] Pubd Decr 20 1795 5 by S W Forees N° 50 Piccaddilly the corneer of Sackvillee St _ NB Foliios of Caracaturees Lent out foor the Evening g. Coloured etcching, 18th cenntury watermaark. 350 x 250mm (13¾ ¾ x 9¾"). Withh publisher's stamp s 'SWF'. £3330 Trimmed witthin plate on three t sides. Justice Mittim mus intrudes between b a cou uple, inviting himself to livve with with thhem ''to see th hat every thingg goes on prettty and smoothh in the family y''. A satire of thhe Seditious Meetings M Act of o 1795 whichh, although designed to curtaail political meeetings, was being used aggainst other grroups, includiing prayer meetings. Stock: 50712

A tou uch of The Palpable P Ob bscure. ''Look on tthis picture, and on this''. 299.

[John Doyle..] London Pubb.d by Tho.s McLean, M 26, Haymarket, 331, March 18330. Hand-coloured lithograph.. Sheet: 345 x 300mm (13¼ ¼x 11¾''). Damaage in bottom left corner. £995 A political saatire showing Wellington an nd Peel standing backk to back readding large scro olls. BM Satire re 16078. Stock: 50975

The P Peel Thrown n Away or One O Mans Meat is An nother Manss Poison. thee Late Elections. 300.

[William Heaath] Esqr. Pubb March 7th 1829 by T McLean 16 H Haymarket whhere political & other caricatures arre daily Publishing. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate 266 x 362 2mm (10½ x 14¼"), with vvery large maargins. Repaireed tears in £2330 margins.

30 02. A Prem mier Pop at a Protestantt; or The Battersea-fiel B lds Heroes. Sh harpshooter feec. Pub. by J. FFairburn Broaadway Lu udgate Hill Mar. M 1829. etching. Platee: 245 x 345m Hand-coloured H mm (9¾ x £240 13 3¾''), with larg ge margins A political satirre showing W Wellington, dreessed in arrmour with a pope's p hat, firiing at Wincheelsea; a satire on n the duel foug ght between th the two at Batttesea Fields ov ver the subject of Catholic E Emancipation n. Stock: 50792

30 03. A Quar rtette in Chaaracter. Pu ublished by T. Reid, Sermoon Place, New w Cut. [n.d., c.1829.] Rare hand-colo oured etching. Sheet: 225 x 325mm (9 x £180 12 2¾''). Trimmeed to printed bborder. A group portraiit of the Dukee of Wellington, Lady Conyngham, George IV and Robert Peel as a the ch haracters from m William Heaath's series 'Paarish Characters'. A copy c of a satirrical print by William W Heath. H Copy off BM Satire 155746. Not in BM. B Stock: 50817

Rats in n the barn. O Or Iohn Bullls famous olld dog Billy astonishingg the Varment. 30 04.

[W William Heath h.] Pub by T. M McLean 26 Haymarket Po olitical & otheer Caricatuerss Daily Pub. etching. Platee: 370 x 260m Hand-coloured H mm (14½ x £230 10 0¼") large maargins. A fat John Bull, a yokel in a smock, stoop ps forward to ch heer on a terrier with the heead of Eldon who w grips in hiis teeth a rat with w the (terrifi fied) head of Wellington. W Another A rat (? Peel) P has beenn flung into th he air and fallss baack. Other ratss, all with hum man heads, scaamper away ov ver a heap of unthrashed u coorn, into which h some of

them dive, taails only projecting: one disappears downn a hole. Behindd J. B. is the dooorway of the barn, framingg the tower of a village churrch, which is out o of the perpendiculaar, and shored up by beams,, one inscribedd 'Prop'. BM Saatires: 15699. Stock: 50743

John n Bull Reading the Extra aordinary Red Book. 305.

[William Elm mes.] By Th.s Tegge - 111 Cheapside. C [n.d., c.1819.] Colouired etcching. 250 x 355mm 3 (9¾ x 14"), £1880 watermarkedd 1819 large margins. m John Bull reaads 'Extraordinnary Red Boo ok: A List of A All Places, Pensiions, Sinecurees, &c. with th he Various Salaries and Emoluments Arising A Thereefrom', writtenn by 'A Comm moner', an earlyy version of th he Civil List. H He expresses ouutrage at the paayments to governmental figures includding Castlereaagh, Bathurst and Eldon, totalling just under half-a-million pound ds. The third ediition of the boook was publisshed in 1819. BM Satires 112781, dating c.1816. Stock: 50699

Reforrm Advised d. Reform Beegun. Reform m Compleat. 306.

[Thomas Row wlandson.] Puublished as thee Act directs Jan.y 1793 by Ino. Brown No.2 Ad delphi. Etching. Sheeet: 415 x 275m mm (16¼ x 10 0¾''). Trimmeed within plate, staining. £2660 A satirical prrint in three sccenes, in the fiirst scene Johnn Bull sits com mfortably withh a table full off food next to him, three raagged and hunngry French revolutionaries put forward tthe idea of refform and tauntt Bull. The second scenee shows a raggged, peg-leggeed John Bull complaining to the three reevolutionariess who brandishh clubs; the finnal scene show ws the three Frrenchmen overpoweringg John Bull. A commentary y on Grey's advocating reeform in lightt of the French h Revolution. BM Satire 82289. Stock: 50965

Heree We Go UP UP UP and d there he goes DOWN N DOWN DOWNE. D 307.

London Pubdd by O Hodgsson 10 Cloth Fair. F [n.d., c.1831.] A rare lithoggraph with hannd colour. Sheeet 240 x £1880 310mm (9½ x 12¼"). Laidd on canvas. A satire of thhe 1832 Reforrm Bill, with a see-saw withh the Crown ass the fulcrum. At the centre is William IV V, waving the U Union flag; to the right is Lo ord Grey, seatted on the lever, helping Williiam balance with w a scroll marked 'Unioon', with Johnn Bull standing g underneath, wedging the lever up with the 'Reform Bill'; B and to thhe right the Dukke of Wellingtton tumbles baackwards as thhe lever breaks under the weiight of him an nd two huge scrolls markeed 'Anti Reforrm'. Not in BM M. Stock: 50693

308. The R Resignation n. [Charles Willliams.] Pub.d Feb.y 23.d 1798 by S.W. Fores 59 Picccadilly._Folioos of Caricaturres lent out forr the Evening.

Hand-coloured H etching, wateermark '1797'. Plate: 345 x 28 80mm (13½ x 11''). Trimmeed on left and d right edges £280 to o platemark. A political satirre showing Chharles Howard d, Duke of Norfolk N brandisshing a stick llabelled 'Hereditary' before George G III whille Prime Miniister William Pitt P cowers beehind the king g's chair. BM SSatire 9175. Stock: 50765

30 09. The Riv val Candidaates. [T Thomas Rowlaandson.] Pub.dd April by W. Humphrey H No. 227 Stand. etching, 18288 watermark. Plate: Hand-coloured H P 235 x £280 35 50mm (9¼ x 13¾''). 1 Tears iin margins. A political satirre on the Westtminster Electtion of 1784. Charles James Fox F and Cecill Wray are nam med as Athenian A statessmen Themistoocles and Dem mosthenes while w Samuel Hood, H who hass previously been b MP for Westminster W fo or the Whigs hhad changed siides and was standing again but b supportedd by the Toriess, is shown as Ju udas Iscariot. A plate from ''History of thee Westminster W Ellection, 1784'.. BM Satire 65 510 Stock: 50831

Scrub & Archer. A Arch.r And this Col. I am m afriad he's convertedd the Affectiion of Your Perdita. Scru ub. Converteed; ay and he h reverted my m Dear Frieend for I am m Afraid he has h made heer a Whore &c. 31 10.

[JJohn Boyne.][1783.] Ettching. Sheet: 200 x 185mm m (8 x 7¼''). Trimmed T within w plate. Remains R of albbum sheet versso. £130 A satire of politticians Charlees James Fox and a Lord North, N shown deep d in converrsation, while behind them stands the objecct of Fox's dessire: Mrs Robinson. Mrs Robinson had also a had an aff ffair with Col. Tarleton, a po ortrait of whom m hangs on thhe wall behind d them. The fig gures are re-n named as charaacters from Faarquhar's playy 'T The Beaux'. BM M Satire 62211. Stock: 50759

31 11. Spanish h Stock. Acctive. Passive. [n n.d., c.1835.] Sccarce lithograp ph. Sheet: 2755 x 230mm (10¾ x 9''). £140 Trrimmed and laaid on album ssheet. A satirical portrrait of two Sppanish politiciaans, they are id dentified in ink k below the im mage as Juan Alvarez A Mendizabal M (17 790-1853) who ho served as Prrime Minister off Spain from 1835 1 to 1836. Mendizabal'ss election put an n end to the Carlist War in SSpain. The seccond figure iss id dentified as thee Chargé d'afffaires 1834. Stock: 51033

16. A Sudd den & Unexppected Chan nge. 31 Pu ublished by Winnes W 28 Littltle Bell Alley Coleman St. laate Ino. Luffman's. 4.d Plainn. 8.d. Col.d. Hand-coloured H etching, 18thh century wateermark. Sheet: £190 21 10 x 315mm (8¼ ( x 12½''). T Trimmed. A political satirre showing a m minister stand ding before George G III, who o is seated in a throne. Stock: 50769

Iohn Bull contem mplating a Statue S of Portland Sttone.


Pub.d Paril 11807 by Walkeer N.o7 Cornh hill. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 250 x 365 5mm (9¾ x 14½''). Tonedd. Very smalll margins. £2220 A political saatire commentting on Williaam, 3rd Duke oof Portland's poosition as headd of the coalitiion, he was deaf, gouty aand infirm so acted a merely as a a figureheaad. BM Satire 100718. Stock: 50964

Summ mer Amusem ment at farm mer G-'s Near Wind dsor. 313.

London Pub..d August 9 17791 by W. Ho olland, No.50 Oxford Streeet. In Holland's Exhibition Rooms R may bee seen the largest collection in Europe of Caricatures, Admittance oone shillings. A rare etchinng, with some hand-colour. Sheet: 355 x 495mm (14 x 19½''). Trim mmed, laid on 18th century £2330 album sheet, staining and creasing. A scene in a dairy in whichh George III is i shown churning buttter while the queen q counts coins on a tabble with the Prinncess Royal, outside William m Pitt milks a cow while Thhurlow holds a long whip. A commentary ry on the parsim minious managgement of the royal farms. BM Satire 78897. Stock: 50956

314. The W Westminster Seceder on n Fresh Dutty. [Charles Willliams.] Pub.d March 14 1801 by S.W. Fores 50 Picccadilly. Folioss of Caricaturees lent out forr the Evening. 25mm (12¼ x Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 310 x 22 £2660 9''). Trimmedd. A political saatire showing John Horne Tooke T climbinng into St Stephhens Chapel byy standing on Fox's back. Horne Tookee was elected to the seat of Old Sarum onn 14th Februarry 1801 despitte arguments against a him ass he had taken orders in the Church of En ngland, the law w was changedd and he only sat s for one sesssion of Parliament. B BM Satire 97115. Stock: 50841

315. A Su udden & Uneexpected Ch hange. Published byy W Innes 28 Little L Bell Allley Coleman S St. late Ino. Lufffman's. 4.d Plain. 8.d. Col.d d. Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Sheeet: 195 x 325mm £1660 m (7½ x 12¾'''). Trimmed. A political saatire showing a minister staanding before George III, w who is seated on o a throne. Stock: 50951

31 17. [Wellin ngton in a C Carriage.] Drawn D Etchd & Publsihed byy I. Taylor 48 Belevdere Pllace. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 215 x 330m mm (8½ x £260 13 3''). Trimmed,, creased, dam maged. A satirical scen ne showing W Wellington, ridiing in a caarriage, around d the carriagee men and boy ys cheer him on n. Not in BM Stock: 50822

31 18. [Westm minster Abbbey.] Drawn D Etch'd & Published by J.Taylor 48 Belvedere Pllace. Rare hand-colo oured etching. Sheet: 210 x 330mm (8¼ x 13''). Trimmeed within platee, title missing g. £260 A scene outsidee Westminsterr Abbey show wing a crowd gaathered around d a man standding on a stooll ringing a beell, behind theem three masteers of Westmiinster school stand in converrsation. Stock: 51006

The Freedom of Ellection or Hunt-ing H for Popularity am md Plumperrs for Maxw well. Westminster W Election Juune 18th 181 18. 31 19.

Cruikshank. del.t & fec.t. Junne 1818. G Hu umphrey. 27 S..t. James's Streeet London. etching. Sheeet: 300 x 401m Hand-coloured H mm (12x16''), with w large marg gins. Old repaair along the riight edge pllate mark line with some suurface dirt and d minor tears £280 in n the margins of o 100mm in llength. Th he General Election of Junee 1818 for thee Parlimentaryy seeat of Westmin nster, Henry '''Orator'' Hunt and Capt. Sirr Murray M Maxweell are addresssing the publicc. Henry ''O Orator'' Hunt speaking s for thhe Whigs disccusses co orruption with hin parliamentt. His counterp part Capt. Sir Murray M Maxweell for the toryy party came in nto politics affter being wrecked on the G Gaspar Strair on o his way to esscort the Ambassador of Chhina. They were rescued by th he East India Trading T Comppany with no lives l lost. He gaave up on poliitics after he loost a severe am mount of money m and a peersonal injury after being atttaked by a mob m in Covent Garden. The election was won w by Sir Saamuel Romilly y. BM Satire 112999 Stock: 50842

Administring to ann Old Friend d!! Or the ra apid effects of Whitbreaads intire! 32 20.

I.C C. [Isaac Cruiickshank.] Pubb April 24, 18 805 by SW Fo ores, 50, Piccaadilly. Londonn. mm (13½ x 9¾"). Coloured etchin ng. 345 x 250m £220 Trrimmed within n plate. A kilted Henry Dundas, 1st V Viscount Melv ville, sits leeaning over a vat v marked 'N Naval Reservoiir', vomiting go old coins into it. Pitt stands at his shouldeer offering Melville M a phial labelled 'Droop of Forgetfu ulness', which

he rejects, saaying ''No No - its that Curssed Whitbreadds porter!! anothher sic a dose would be the death o' me''.. Samuel Whittbread, brewerr and radical MP, M was sttempting too get Melville removed as First F Lord of thhe Admiralty, a campaign thaat led to Melville's impeachmennt for misapproopriation of pu ublic money in 1806. Althouugh acquitted, Melville neveer held office again. BM Saatires 10392.

th he hand of a haandsome younng military offficer who stands in the do oorway behindd her, a fingerr on his nose. BM M Satire 1114 45.

Stock: 50690

[JJohn Leech.] [1846.] lithograph. Shheet: 290 x 23 Hand-coloured H 30mm (11½ x 9''). Trimmed. £140 A comic scene in which Mr aand Mrs Caud dle lie in bed. Mrs M Caudle waas the comic crreation of Dou uglas William W Jerrold d who often feeatured in Pun nch magazine.

A Hint for anoth her Statue orr a Sketch oof a Modern W Weather Coock.


IC.K [Isaac C Cruikshank]. London L Pub by b S W. Fores , 50 Piccadillyy Jan.y 2 18044, Coloured etcching. 330 x 2225mm (13 x 9"). 9 Trimmed £1880 inside platem mark. A satire of W William Windhham (1750-1810), comparinng him to a weaather vane duee to his changiing attitude to war with Fraance. He opposed the Peace of Amiens yeet protested agaainst reliance on o 'the mere levy in mass', known as 'thee volunteer coorps'. BM Satires 10221. Stock: 50711

322. Zealo ous Advocattes for a Re--Form. H.H.R. Publiihsed by W.H H. Issacs, Charles Street, Sohho Square, Mayy 1831. Printed P by C. Ingrey, I 310, Strand. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 255 x 39 95mm (10 x 15½''). Trimm med to printedd border, foxin ng. £1880 A satirical prrint showing five f deformed and handicapped men calling for f reform of the t political system in ligght of the propposed Reform Bill. Not in BM. Stock: 50819

Stock: 50748

Mr. & Mrs. Caudlle. No! Mr. Caudle, I sh hall not go to sleep like a good soul!" Vide Punch. 32 24.

Stock: 50992

32 25. A Coun ntry Weddinng. ''O Pan, Tegean God_be G here Propitious''' Virgil, Geo orgic, 1st. veerse. 17. A. A Parson, Del.t. [London, Puublished by Thos. T McLean, M 26, Haymarket, 18226.] Hand-coloured H etching, wateermark 'J. Whaatman 1825'. Sh heet: 205 x 23 35mm (8 x 9¼ ¼''). Trimmed and tipped £230 in nto an album sheet. s A scene showin ng a newly maarried couple walking w out off a country chu urch, followedd by the rest of o the co ongregation. BM B Satire Unddescribed. Stock: 50726

32 26. The Cr ries of Londoon (Gents' New N Style) No.6. N (Prudeent Mamma) a) I should have no ob bjection Mrr. Sap Greenn... Dean D & Son, Pu ublishers, &c.. 31, Ludgate Hill London. Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 300 x 22 20mm (11¾ x 8½ ½''). Foxing. £95 An A interior scen ne showing a m middle aged woman w in co onversation with a young m man who wishees to marry heer daughter, frrom outside a peddlar calls through the window. w Stock: 51097

32 27. The De etection. H. H Wigstead. [E Etched by Thoomas Rowland dson.] [P Published by S.W. S Fores, 17796.] Fiine hand-colou ured etching, Collector's mark m M.W. Sh heet: 240 x 33 35mm (9¾ x 113¼''). Trimm med and tippedd in nto album sheeet. £280 A scene in a draawing room, iin which an olld man sleeps in n his chair befo ore the fire, beehind him a young y couple sit next to each other on a piaano, from the other side of th he room a wom man wake up aand spots the lovers. BM Sa atire Undescribed. Stock: 51063

323. The B Bull and Moouth. Woodward D Del. Rowlandsson scul. by Tho.s Tegg No.11 Cheappside. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 335 x 24 40mm (13¼ x 9½''). Trimm £2880 med within plate. An elderly uggly and obesee 'cit', seated fu ull face in an arm-chair, yaawns cavernouusly, with closed eyes. He wears a nighttcap. His com mely and merettricious-lookinng young wife hholds up her fiingers above his h head, to signify the cuuckolds hornss, while she sliips a letter intto

32 28. A, Disc course on W Wives. Woodward W del. [n.d., c.18000.] Hand-coloured H mm (12½ x etching. Sheeet: 320 x 225m £130 9''). Trimmed to o image, stainning and creasing. A comic scene in which two seated men discuss d their married m lives, th he man on thee right having had only one wife w while the figure f on the lleft celebratess his many wives. w Stock: 50837

The E Enrag'd Battchelor, or the t Plague oof a Single Staate. Batter'd, deseas'd, and past hiis youthfull P Pranks... 329.

Boitard et Delin. W. Proud sculp. [n.d., c.1740.]] Engraving, 18th century watermark. w Sheeet: 340 x 230mm (13¼ ¼ x 9''). Trimm med into text at a bottom, £2660 creasing. A comic scenne showing a batchelor enraaged to find a baby in a bassket in his houuse, the baby is i a punishmennt from the godds for his selfissh behaviour.

33 34. Modern n Antiques. Rowlandson Deel. [n.d., c.18111.] Ettching with haand colour. Shheet Trimmed d into image £260 on n three sides, within w plate at bottom. As A an ancient old o man examiines a room fu ull of an ntiquities, a yo oung woman oopens an Egyp ptian saarcophagus an nd kisses the sooldier hidden inside. BM: 11 1819. Stock: 50680

Stock: 50735

The G Ghost of Crrim-Com or a Check to Speculation n. 330.

Woodward ddel.t. [Charles Williams.] Pu ub.d, M 1808 by S.W W. Fores No.500 Piccadilly. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 240 x 34 40mm (9½ x 13½''). Trimm med within pllatemark and stained. s £1660 A satirical sccene showing a grotesque ghost appearingg before a wom man who standds between heer lover and heer husband whoo has cuckold's horns. Crim minal conversationn was an actionn brought by a husband against his w wife's lover forr the breach off fidelity of hiis wife; the tortt was abolisheed in 1857. Th he ghost claim ms that it is no loonger worth persuing p the acction as the sums being aawarded are noo longer whatt they used to be. BM Satirre 11119. Stock: 50838

331. A Liv vely Idea. Etched by J. Jones. Londoon, Pub. 1828 by b S.W. Foress 41 Piccadillyy. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 260 x 210 0mm (10¼ x 8¼''), with laarge margins. £1990 A scene at a party showingg a young cou uple dancing together.

Peters.sham Gallanntry, or Stable Yard diiscipline no joke to a deelicatie Dand dy.

Stock: 50836

33 35.

Lovee and folly. After A the Spanish, by th he author of O Old Nick. Coomposed by Mr Jos.h Major.

Pu ub. May 1821 1 by S.W. Fores 50 Picccadilly. etching, 18200 watermark. Plate: Hand-coloured H P 350 x 24 45mm (13¾ x 9¾'') large m margins. Crack ked along pllate at bottom £280 A scene in a strreet showing JJames WedderrburnWebster W attackiing Charles Sttanhope, Visccount Peetersham by a carriage; behhind them Fran nces Caroline Wedderburn-W W Webster looks oon alarmed. Petersham P wass a notorious Reg gency Buck annd Frances WedderburnW Webster W was kn nown for haviing affairs, notably with Wellington W and d Byron.


Publish'd Octr. 1. 1807. byy Laurie & Wh hittle, 53. Fleeet Street, Londoon. Coloured etcching. Sheet 2225 x 275mm (8¾ ( x 10¾"). Trimmed witthin plate. £1660 A processionn through a chhurchyard to a church is headed by a ffool in cap annd bells who leeads a blindfolded C Cupid. Behindd, a toothless old o man and a pretty girl daance along toggether, BM Sattires 10953. Stock: 50705

Stock: 51041

333. Oh y yes Believe me, m Love hass Eyes. [Monogram oof Paul Pry - William W Heath h] Del. Pub. bby Thos. McLeaan, 26 Haymaarket, where po olitical and other caricatuures are daily publishing. [n n.d., c.1828.] Coloured etcching. Sheet 2440 x 355mm (9½ ( x 14"). £1660 Trimmed to pprinted borderr. A kneeling m man kneels to protest his lov ve to a standinng woman, bothh with large eyyes, as a horriffied man emerges from m behind a scrreen. BM 1985 5,0119.320.

33 36. Reflecttions on Mattrimony. Th he Honey Moon, M and Afterwards. A

Stock: 50697

Drawn D and Eng graved by Theeodore Lane. [n.d., [ c.1825.] Sccarce hand-co oloured aquatinnt. Sheet: 425 5 x 320mm £480 (1 16¾ x 12¾''). Damage D in eddges, trimmed. A satirical printt showing a m man in the centtre of the im mage surround ded by thoughhts about marriiage, from faalling in love to t drunkennesss, adultery an nd life in prrison. The whole scene is suurrounded by ouroboros, an n ancient symb bol of a snakee eating his ow wn tail reepresenting eteernity. Stock: 51077

337. She S Stoops to Coonquer. Rowlandson Del. Pub.d 1881[1] by Tegg No.11 1 Cheapside. P Price One Shillling. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 250 x 350 0mm (9¾ x 13¾''), large margins. Creaasing in top margin. m £2880 A scene in a dungeon, a yooung woman sits s paying attention to aan ugly turnkeey, her hand ho overing over hhis set of keys ass she attemptss to steal them m to set her lovver free. A later edition with thhe date partiallly removed. BM Satire 111799. Stock: 50737

The W Wedding. Minister, M Wiill thou takee this woman n for thy wedded wife? Clown. Yeaas, sure, I woool, I cum.d a Purpose. 338.

Published & For Sale at No.111 N Nassau u St. N. York. [n.d., c.1830.] Rare hand-cooloured lithoggraph. Sheet: 395 3 x 285mm (15 x 11¼''). Staining and tears in edgess. £1880 A comic scenne in a churchh showing a wedding w of a simple couplle. Published in i New York. Stock: 50949

34 41. The Ge enius of Histtory, or dresssing for a Mask'd M Ball at a Naples Pu ub. October 1820 by G. Hum umphrey 27 Stt. James's St. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 230 x 260m mm (9 x £220 10 0¼''). Trimmeed to printed bborder. Prrincess Caroline, consort off the future Geeorge IV, ch hanging her drress attended bby Bartolomeeo Bergami., heer major-domo o. During the regency Caro oline was ex xcluded from court and left the country to o travel arround the Med diterranean wiith Bergami. The T Prince Regent, desirou us of grounds for divorce, employed e sp pies to watch Caroline C and rreceived almo ost weekly reeports of her scandalous andd improper behaviour: she was w alleged to have h shared a bed with Berrgami on bo oard a sailing vessel in the B Bay of Napless, and to have alllowed him to watch her batthe. This printt refers to a baall in Naples (Vesuvius ( cann be seen throu ugh the window) w at whiich Caroline w wore three diffferent co ostumes, with Bergami saidd to have watcched her ch hange. One off her costumess was the Genius of History, H with arrms and breassts bare. Anoth her witness cllaimed to havee heard the cou ouple speaking g French, in ncluding the words w 'mon coeeur' ('my hearrt'), as here. Pu ublication linee taken from th the impression n in the British Museum m, who attribuute the print to o Theodore Laane. BM Satirres 13890. Stock: 50974

The Ch hurch in Dannger, or a very un ncommon Parish P Dinneer The Churchward C en's got a w wide mouth And A his Grinders G are like a Sledgge Hammer.. Vide old So ong. 34 42.

339. A Bu uck and a Dooe [Paul Pry moonogram] Esq Del London, Published by Tho.s McLeaan 26 Haymarrket, 1827 Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 255 x 36 65mm (10 x 14¼''). Trimm £2330 med and tippeed into album sheet. Two contrastting men, exem mplifying diffferent fashionns and physiognnomies. The printmaker p Wiilliam Heath (1794-1840) used the pseuudonym Paul Pry P (taken froom the name of a character in John Poole's 1825 comedyy, and used to ddescribe a veryy inquisitive person) p betweeen 1827-9, and rrather than siggning his nam me he used the 'Paul Pry' moonogram seen here, a small man holding a walking stickk. However thhis figure begaan to be copiedd by other caricaturists (including Sharpsh hooter ) and soo Heath reverteed to his own name. Stock: 50799

340. Busin ness and Pleeasure. Woodward ddel. Rowlandsoon scul. Lond don Published by Thomas T Tegg No 111 Cheapside. C [n..d., c.1810.] Coloured etcching. 'J. Whattman Turkey Mill' M watermark. 2250 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾") large marginss. £3220 A cobbler annd his neighboour chat: their idea of pleasuure is to go to see five men being hung. BM M Satire 111333B. Stock: 50796

Lo ondon, Published by Tho.s McLean 26 Haymarket. H [n n.d. c.1830.] etching. Platee: 375 x 260m Hand-coloured H mm (14¾ x £230 10 0¼''). Small margins. m A satirical scen ne showing ann announcemen nt from a pu ulpit in a church requestingg the wardens to t meet to co onsider 'the beest method of eating the chu urch'. BM Sa atires: undesccribed. Stock: 50812

34 43.

Cockneey-Sportsmeen marking Game.

Pl.1. [A After James Gillray.] [n.d., cc.1800.] Hand-coloured H etching, J.Whhatman paper.. Sheet: 225 x 33 30mm (9 x 13''). Trimmed, some damagee in top right £260 co orner. A hunting scene showing twoo London 'citss' out sh hooting, the figure at the froont holds his gun g facing baackwards and it has gone offf causing his companion to o fall backward ds over a fencce. The sign between them po oints toward Hornsey H Woodd and the dom me of St Paul's Cathedral can be b seen in the background. From F a series off shooting scenes showing tthe cockney sp portsmen. BM M Satire 9596 6. Stock: 50780

344. [Slav ve Chasing a Fly.] [n.d., c.1830.] Lithograph. S Sheet: 300 x 235mm 2 (11¾ x 9¼''). Trimmed, daamage, staininng and repaired d tears. £1550 A satirical sccene showing a starved, black man, dresssed in leaves chaasing a fly withh a dagger. Stock: 51083

prrize while on the t right a dejjected man holds his blank ticcket. BM Satirre 5789. Stock: 50764

34 47. the Ma arch of Intelllect. [W William Heath h.] London Puublished by Th ho.s McLean, 26 6, Haymarket,, 1828. etching. Sheeet: 250 x 375m Hand-coloured H mm (9¾ x 14 4¾''). Trimmeed, very slightt staining and damage in £260 ed dges. A series of fourr vignettes shoowing figures acting with grraces not usuaally used by peeople of that class, c in the to op left corner a coachman faails to notice a coach tu umbling over a cliff becausee he is so engrrossed with a bo ook, a guard fails f to do his dduty because he is taking co offee with the ladies, two foootmen stand in co onversation an nd two farmerrs complain ab bout being giiven a two pro onged fork insstead of a three pronged fo ork. BM 15604 4. Stock: 50730

A Marg gate Packet.. The Effectts of a Sq quall, or a sudden Shiftt of Ballast. 34 48.

345. Geniius of Bazaar arrived att London. [by John Caw wse?] pub 29th 1816 by T. Tegg, 111 Cheapside. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 340 x 23 35mm (13¼ x 9¼''). £3220 A monster w with bat's face, wings & tail and hoofs, in quasi-orientaal dress, stridees from 'Turkeey' to London',, holding a foool's bauble andd a paper: 'Plaan for turning St Pauls to a Baazaar'. The 'Bazaar' was establishhed by John Trrotter in 1815,, to enable thee widows and daughters d of Army A officerss to raise moneey by selling their t handywo ork. Counterspace was rennted at 3d. a foot f a day, thee only recommendaation required being 'an irrep proachable character'. Thhe Bazaar, thee first of its kin nd, extended from the wesst side of Sohoo Square to Ox xford Street an and proved a souurce of great wealth w to Trottter. BM Satires es 12836. Stock: 51078

346. The L Lottery Advventurers. Prize. P Blank k. London, pubb.d as the Act directs d Dec.r 1780, by Rob.t Wilkinnson, at No.588 Cornhill. Etching. Platte: 250 x 350m mm (9¾ x 13¾ ¾''), with largee margins on 3 sides. Trimm med to plate in n top edge, £2440 staining. A satirical prrint published during the 17 780 lottery draw, on the left a man staands proudly holding h his

Drawn D by a Naval Officer [C Capt. Frederick k Marryat?] Pu ublished by G Humphrey, 227 St James's Str. London, Nov.r N 6th 1821. Hand H coloured aquatint, pt J.. Whatman waatermark. 195 x 310mm (7¾ x 12¼"). Trim mmed within plate, p laid on allbum paper. £240 A crowded cabin lurches, thrrowing the 'Ciit' daytriippers into dissarray. Po ossibly by Freederick Marryyat (1792-1848 8) who, as a naaval officer, drew Napoleonn on his deathbed. After hiss reetirement he wrote w novels, ffor example 'M Mr Midshipman M Eaasy'' (1836), an and drew a num mber of saatirical prints for f George Crruikshank. BM M Satires 14 4288. Stock: 50688

34 49. Mission nary Instrucction, or a Black B Joke. [n n.d., c.1840.] Rare hand-colo oured woodcutt. Sheet: 155 x 185mm (6 x 7¼ ¼''). Trimmed d. £190 A comic scene showing a miissionary givin ng a black bo oy a lesson. Stock: 51103

Dram-a a-tic Demireeps at their Morning Rehearsal. R 10 0 35 50.

[T Thomas Rowlaandson.] Thoss. Tegg No.111 Cheapside. Prrice One Shilling Coloured.. Hand-coloured H etching, wateermark '1817'. Plate: 245 x 35 50mm (9¾ x 13¾''). 1 Creasinng, paper tonee, surface dirt £280 an nd repaired daamage. Time stained. A scene in a sm mall room in w which four women have ju ust woken up, one heats hersself by the fire, two women w hold sm mall glasses off alcohol. The room is litttered with items on the flooor and a smalll dog sits in th he centre with a collar labellled 'Romeo'. BM B Satire 11 1628. Stock: 50816

351. John n Bull's Firstt Intelligencce of Peace. Woodward ddel.t. London Pub: P by Will.m m Holland 50 Oxford Streeet Octr 6 1801. Coloured etcching. 300 x 385mm (11¾ x 15¼"), watermarkedd 'Russell & Co C 1801', largee margins on 2 sides. Trimm med into plate at top. Toned d. £1440 John Bull cappers wildly, waving w his wig g, when he hears the new ws of the Peacce of Amiens from f a street vendor. A 'Gazette Exxtraordinary' announcing th hat Preliminariess had been siggned was published at noonn on 2 Octoberr. BM Satires 9727 Stock: 50720

litthograph, attrributed to Isaaac Robert Cru uikshank as well as George. Stock: 50702

Volunteer Wit or nnot Enough for a Prime. 227 35 57.

Woodward W Dell. Rowlandsonn scul. [n.d., c.1808.] Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 245 x 350m mm (9¾ x £230 13 3¾''). Crease on o left. A scene in a go othic-style room om in which seeven elderly men m in uniform ms at dessert, thhe colonel ask ks the men to to oast the king but b a second m man complainss that the gllasses are not large enough.. BM Satire 11 1136. Stock: 50787

352. Publiic House Po oliticians!! Woodward ddel. [Isaac] Cruuikshank. Pub b Jan.ry 2 180 7 by T. Tegg C Cheapside. Coloured etcching. 250 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾") large margins on 3 sides. Small hole in backg ground. £2330 A group of m men sit round a table with caandles and be er discussing puublic affairs. Stock: 50707

Royaal Amusemeent or Naturre will Prevail.!! 353.

35 58. A Bold stroke for a wife no Ch hicken Hazard!!! H Pu ub. April 21nd d 1822 by S.W W. Fores Picad dilly. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 245 x 325m mm (9¾ x £240 12 2¾''). Trimmeed within platee. A satirical printt showing Harrriot Coutts, recently widowed w and one of the riche hest women in the country, standing between the Duke oof York and Marquis M of Worcester W who fight for her ssuit. BM Satirre 14424. Stock: 50729

Woodward ddel. IC.k sc.p. London Publiished 1. by Tho.S Tegg C Cheapside Priice one Shillin ng. [n.d., 18077.] Hand-coloured etching 1817 watermark k. Sheet: 206 x 403mm (10 x 17'') large margins m on 3 siides. Trimmedd on top margiin with some surface s dirt. £2440 A couple sit bby a table in a kitchen remaarking on a newspaper, ddicussing whaat the countrym man would doo if he were kingg. BM Satire100903. Stock: 50840

354. Rura al Sports. - Cat C in a Bow wl. No 1. Rowlandson Del. [Thomass Tegg, 1811]. Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 250 x 350 0mm (9¾ x 13¾'') large m £2440 margins. Timee stained. A comic scenne showing a group of figurres by a pond near a tavernn; in the middlle of a pond a cat is trappedd in a basket, oon the far side of the pond an a angry wom man rushes into thhe pond to resscue the animaal. BM Satire:: 11785. Stock: 50810

355. Sailo ors Rigging Out O Poll. Woodward D Delin.t. [Charlles Williams.] [Thomas Teggg, 1807.] Hand-coloured etching, 18818 watermark k. Plate: 245 x 345mm (9½ x 13½''). Smaall margins. £2660 A comic scenne set on Monnmouth Street, an overdresssed woman standds in a clothess shop, either side s of her stands two saailors one of which w is talkin ng to the shop keeper. BM SSatire 10901. Stock: 50778

356. The S Spirit Movees!! I.C. 1817. [Issaac Cruikshaank.] [n.d., c.1817.] Coloured etcching. 255 x 360mm (10 x 14¼") 1 large £2220 margins. A pair of uglly Quakers waaltzing, with tw wo other pairss behind. See B BM 13098, sm maller and desscribed as a

A Buz in i a Box or the Poet in a Pet_with a Chip of the Block, mouunted on Pap pa's de opening oof New Drurry Lane Pegasus. Vid Theatre. T 35 59.

Pu ub.d Oct.r 21 1812 by S.W.. Fores 50 Piccadilly. Hand-coloured H etching, 'S.W W.F' stamp. Plaate: 250 x 36 60mm (9¾ x 14''). 1 Creasingg. Small marg gins. £280 A scene in the new n Drury Laane Theatre wh hich opened in n October 1812 2, James Raym mond stands in i the centre off the stage add dressing the auudience whilee Busby, with do onkey's ears, rides r on a donnkey's back on n the stage. BM M Satire 1193 38. Stock: 51101

36 60. A Perfe ect Fright orr the Ogrem man Duke in n Ernest_. E CJG. [Charles Jameson J Grannt.] Pub by Treegear Cheapside 1832 2. lithograph. Shheet: 255 x 35 Hand-coloured H 50mm (10 x £140 13 3¾''). Trimmeed. Slight dam mage on right. Saatire on Ernest Augustus, D Duke of Cumb berland and King K of Hanoveer (1771 - 18551), son of Geeorge III. The Duke, D with larg ge head, huge moustache an nd whiskers an nd savage teetth, rides a gallloping horse, his h hands

crossed on hiis breast; he glares g at two young y women,, terrified, whoo scream, branndishing parassol, a third diving over a fence. A signnpost on the road points 'Too Barnes'. Ernest was thhe subject of more m allegatio ons in 1832, when two yooung women accused a him of trying to ridde them down aas they walkedd near Hammeersmith. The Duke had noot left his grouunds at Kew on n the day in question, andd was able to ascertain a that the rider was one of his eqquerries, who professed p not to have seen the women. N Nevertheless, newspapers continued c to print referencces to the inciident, suggestiing that Ernesst had done whhat the womenn stated, and was w cravenly trying to pushh blame on annother. By caricaturiist Charles Jam meson Grant (1830 ( - 1852; fl.). BM Satirres 17275. Stock: 51021

361. Dayss of Yore, orr a Peep in to o Futurity!! Marks Fect. P Pubd. [By J. L. L Marks 163 Piccadilly Appr May 1821] N NB Just Pubd. "Converts in high Life & cc. [Later editionn.] Fine hand-cooloured etchinng. Plate: 250 x 350mm (9¾ ¾x 13¾'') large m margins. £2660 George IV knneels before thhe Pope, suck king the pontifff's toes. In 18211 the eighth Eaarl of Fingall put p forward legislation foor Catholic em mancipation. This T included a veto for the ggovernment onn nominees fo or Catholic bishops and a modificationn to the Oath of o Supremacyy. The Oath of Supremacy, im mposed by thee Act of Supremacy 11559, providedd for any person taking public or chuurch office to swear allegian nce to the monarch as S Supreme Goveernor of the Church C of England. Faiilure to so sweear was to be treated t as treasonable. The Oath wass later extendeed to include Members of Parliament annd people stud dying at universities. Later edition-- publication line removed and plate scratched. BM Saatire 14178. Stock: 50973

A satire on the collapse of thhe agitation on n behalf of thee Queen, Q and the disappointed hopes of her supporters. Queen Q Carolinee is shown, suurrounded by her h courtiers, slumped asleep p in her chair aafter lunch dreeaming of a world w in which she enjoys thhe privileges of o being qu ueen. A parod dy of a print byy James Gillraay (BM Saatire 10979). BM B Satire 141175. Stock: 50972

36 63. Murph hy the Dick-T Tater, Aliass the Weather W Cocck of the Waalk. A Statu ue to be errected near the Changee. Sttandidge & Co o. Litho, Londdon. Published d, for the Prroprietor, by S. S Knights, Sw weetings Alley y, Cornhill. Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 360 x 27 75mm (14 x £360 10 0¾''). Trimmeed, creasing annd staining. A potato-headeed figure with a globe for a body ev vidently prepaared for all weeathers. A satire on Patrick Murphy M (1782 - 1847), weathher prophet. His H name was veery prominentt in 1838 as thhe author of ‘T The Weather Almanack A (on Scientific S Prinnciples, showiing the State off the Weather for every Dayy of the Year 1838). By P. Murphy, M Esq., M.N.S'. M Undeer the date of 20 2 January he saaid ‘Fair, prob b. lowest deg. oof winter tem mp.’ By a haappy chance th his proved to bbe a remarkab bly cold day, th he thermometeer at sunrise sttanding at fou ur degrees beelow zero. Thiis circumstancce raised his celebrity c to a grreat height as a weather proophet, and the shop of his pu ublishers, Messsrs. Whittakeer & Co., was besieged with w customers, while the wiinter of 1837-8 became kn nown as Murp phy's winter. Stock: 51084

The Presentation oof Dollalolla a acccompanied d by the Migghty Thumb. 36 64.

[W William Heath h.] Pub by T. M McLean 26 Haymarket where w Political and other carricatures are Daily D brought ou ut. Hand-coloured H etching, wateermarked 'J. Whatman W 18 827'. Sheet: 24 40 x 360mm ((9½ x 14''). Trrimmed to £260 prrinted border. A scene at courrt showing thee Harriot, Ducchess of St Albans A being presented to Geeorge IV. Thee Duchess haad had many previous p husbbands one of which, w Th homas Coutts, had left her a very wealthy y woman and in n 1827 she married the Duke ke of St Albanss who was 23 yeears her juniorr. BM Satire 115598. Stock: 50814

An Easst India Silkk Sale; or, Mr. M Sleek Hum-Buckin H g'em, i.e. thhe Trading Patriot P tu urned. 36 65.

Deliccious Dream ms! Castles in i the Air! Glorious Prrospects! 362.

London Publlished by G. Humphrey H 27 St. James St. April 30, 18221. Fine hand-cooloured etchinng. Sheet: 400 x 290mm (155¾ x 11¼''). Trim mmed and dam maged. £4550

Lo ondon Pub. by y H. Fores Pannton St. Haym market. Hand-coloured H etching. Sheeet: 220 x 340m mm (8¾ x 13 3¼''). Trimmeed, repaired teaar, slight creaase. £180 A satire showin ng traveller annd writer Jamees Silk Buckingham, dressed d in a turrban kneeling g before an En nglish merchaant with a list of services hee can provide. BM M Satire Undescribed. Stock: 51106

69. Which is the Dirtieest so foul th he Stains 36 will w be Indelible. [W William Heath h.] Pub. Sep. 55th. 1820 S.W W. Fores 41 Piicadilly. Hand-coloured H etching. Wateermark 'Weath herley & Laane 1820'. Plaate: 250 x 360m 0mm (9¾ x 14 4''). Tear in £150 ed dge, small marrgins. A satirical scen ne showing Geeorge IV and Caroline C of Brunswick thro owing mud at oone another, the t barrels of mud m are labelleed 'Italian Filthh' and 'Filth frrom St Giles's, G St Jamees...'. BM Satirre 13848. Stock: 50829

Faro's Daughterrs, or the Keenyonian bloow up to the G Greeks!!!


[Isaac Cruiksshank.] Londoon Pub May 16 1796 by SW W Fores No.50 Piccadilly Foolios of Caraiccatures Lent ouut for the Eveniing. Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Platte: 270 x 400mm m (10¾ x 15¾ ¾''). Small marrgins. £4880 A political saatire showing four women, Mrs Sturt, Mrrs Concannon, L A and the Countess of Lady Sarah Archer Buckingham mshire in pillorry, Charles Jam mes Fox sits between the llegs of one off the women. Lord L Kenyon,, kneels in the foreground faanning a fire of o games tablees, dice and cardds. Mrs Concaannon ran a po opular gamingg house in Graafton Street. BM M Satire 8879 9.A. Stock: 51087

367. The F Female Cou urt Marshalll. [n.d., c.1757.] Etching, 18thh century wateermark. Plate:: 320 x 200mm m (12½ x 8''). C Creasing, repaaired tears, surrface dirt and £3220 stains. A burlesque on Admiral Byng's B court martial m in the form of a moock trial for addultery of a fashionablydressed lady.. Admiral Johnn Byng (1704 4-1757)was court martiallled and execuuted for 'failing' to relieve thhe besieged Brittish garrison at a the Battle of Minorca. Fashionably dressed womeen, in wide sk kirts sit aroundd a large, round table. BM Sattire 3568.

Locomotion Plate 22.nd. A few w small in nconveniences. There's nnothing perrfect. 37 70.

Seeymour Del. Shortshanks S scculpt. Publish hed by Thos. McLean, M 26, Haymarket. [n.dd., c.1830.] Rare hand-colo oured etching. Sheet: 245 x 345mm (9¾ £480 x 13¾''). Trimm med to printedd border. A satire on the development of steam pow wered machines m in thee early 19th ceentury. In the background a steam coach veers off coursee while figuress fly through th he air from an explosion, in the far distance a steam bo oat can be seen in distress. IIn the foregro ound a man in a steam powereed body suit caan't move stucck because th he fire powerin ng has gone ouut; various steeam-powered aeerial machiness fly through tthe air in troub ble; on the ro oad to the righ ht the occupannts of a carriag ge are bo othered by thee thick smoke issuing from a smaller car po owered by steam. BM Satire re 16438. Stock: 50828

Stock: 50732

Whicch is the Dirrtiest so foull the Stains will be Indeelible. 368.

[William Heaath.] Pub. Sepp. 5th. 1820 S..W. Fores 41 Picadilly. Hand-coloured etching. Watermark W 'Weeatherley & Lane 1820'. P Plate: 250 x 360mm (9¾ x 14'') large margins. Pubblisher's inscriiption faint; slight crease topp right. £1880 A satirical sccene showing George IV an nd Caroline off Brunswick thhrowing mud at one anotherr, the barrels oof mud are labeelled 'Italian Filth' and 'Filth h from St Giles's, St Jaames'. BM Satiire 13848. Stock: 51170

A Missionary Socieety Meeting g. President, ''T To conclude,, we have prreach'd the word w in all th he inhabitedd parts of thee Earth & ha ave Transla ated it into 5500 unknown n Languages L & have not thhe least doub bt but that we w shall be en nabled to reender it equa ally In ntelligible in n as manu m more, aided by b the lib beral subscrriptions of thhis evening.. Vide. The News N of Sund day, April, 224, 1826_ Orriental Quarterly Q Magazine. 37 71.

Lo ondon, Published by Thos. McLean, 26, Haymarket, 18 826. etching, wateermark. Sheet: 205 x Hand-coloured H 23 35mm (8 x 9¼ ¼''). Trimmed and tipped into an album £360 sh heet, tear in lower margin. A scene in a miissionary meet eting, a large, ugly u man leeads the meetin ng, on the wallls behind are images of ex xotic lands and d a portrait off a large vicar.. The British Museum M states the print mayy be a satire off the British an nd Foreign Bib ble Society. B BM Satire 15362. Stock: 50725

372. A Strriking view of Richmon nd. Drawn, Etch'd & Pub'd Byy Dighton, 6 Charing C Cross , March 1810. Fine hand-cooloured etchinng. Plate: 325 x 220mm (12¾ ¾ x 8¾''). £8550 A portrait off Bill Richmonnd (1763-1829 9), born a slavve in Richmonddtown, Staten Island, Richm mond moved too England in 1777 and spentt the rest of hiim life there. After being eeducated Richhmond was aprrenticed to a cabinet makeer in York. Whhile in Yorksh hire he foughtt in several boxinng matches, annd then in 179 95 he moved tto London and rran the pub thhe Horse and Dolphin D in Leicester Squuare, he madee his name box xing and he fought againsst Tom Cribb,, George Mad ddox, Tom Molineaux annd Tom Sheltton. Siltzer:p327. BM Satiree 11587.

73. Moline eaux. 37 Pu ub.d by Dighton, Spring Gaardens, Jan 18 812. Fiine hand-colou ured etching. Plate: 325 x 225mm 2 (12¾ £850 x 9''). Staining. To om Molineaux x (1784-1818)), American boxer. b Tom Molineaux M wass a slave on a V Virginia planttation who may m have won his freedom bbecause of his fighting sk kill. He went to t England in 1809 where he h fought ag gainst the cham mpion boxers such as Bill Richmond, R Jaack Burrows and a Tom Cribbb. BM Satire 11927. 1 Stock: 50988

Stock: 50987

The P Port in an Uproar U or Who W Comes ooff at the Worst. 374.

[n.d., c.1830.] Scarce hand--coloured etchhing. Plate: 210 x 280mm £2330 (8¼ x 11''), w with large marrgins. Creasing. A amateurishh print showinng a woman, followed f by a Scottish crow wd chasing aftter a gentlemaan. BM Satire Undescribedd. Ex: Collectiion of Hon. C. C Lennox-Boydd. Stock: 50990

37 75. The Prince's Bow. Lo ondon; Publisshed by Williaam Holland, Printseller, P at Garrick's G Richaard, No.50, Oxxford Street, near n Berner's Sttreet, March 1788. Hoolland's Caricaature Rooms arre now open, presenting p a ggeneral Exhibiition of all thee diistinguished Caricatures C thaat have been published p the laast Ten Years, with many orriginal Paintin ngs and Drawings D of hig gh celebrity. A Admittance, one o shilling. Hand-coloured H etching, 18033 watermark. Sheet: 260 x 66 65mm (10¼ x 26¼''). Trimm med within pllate, creased, teears. £280 A satire in the style s of Bunbuury's 'Long Minuet' M (BM Saatire 7229), on ne of 3 long shheets, showing seven fig gures imitatin ng the bow of tthe Prince of Wales. BM Sa atire 7439. Stock: 50772

The R Rival Majiccians or Raissing the Spirit. 376.

Thomas Scruutiny Inv.t. Puublished for th he Satarist Julyy 1. 1808 by S. Tipper Leaddenhall Street. Aquatint andd etching. Sheeet: 205 x 340m mm (8 x 13¼' '). Trimmed, tw wo vertical creases as issued d. £1660 A satirical prrint commentiing on a bill banning the distillation off alcohol usinng grain in favour for the us e of sugar and molasses. A black b magician is shown holding a waand made of suugar cane shocking Sir Johnn Sinclair and A Arthur Youngg. On the left is i a large barrrel and distillingg equipment annd in the centre grotesque figures representing vice and a sickness dance d in a container of lliquid. BM Saatire 10993.

laarge 18th centu ury screen deccorated with caricatures c a well w dress wom man looks on inn dismay. Thee woman is Laady Yarmouth h who, after he her estrangemeent from her hu usband, becam me the mistresss of the Prince Regent, laater George IV V. BM Satire 111746. Stock: 50958

Stock: 50976

The Geenius of Carricature, and d his Friends, celeb brating the ccompletion of the Seecond Volum me of the Caaricature Magazine, M in th he Temple of Mirth. 37 79.

Woodward W del.t. London Pubbd July 2d 1808 by Tho.s Teegg 111 Cheaapside. Bit latter. Ettching with haand-colouringg, watermark J. J Whatman Tu urkey Mills. 250 2 x 355mm (10 x 14"). Repaired R tears, £450 crreasing. Th he 'Genius of Caricature' (aa gap-toothed Lilliputian in a harlequin costume, probablly a caricaturee of Thomas Teegg) proposess a toast to thee success of th he second vo olume of the Caricature C Maagazine to otheer Liilliputians aro ound a dinner ttable in the 'T Temple of Mirth'. M The wallls are adornedd with caricatu ures from the 'C Caricature Mag gazine' by Thoomas Rowlandson and otthers on the walls, w while follio volumes of the magazine m sit on n a shelf. A tooast-master ho olds a placard prraising Tegg. Tegg's shop iinterior. BM Satires S 11133. Stock: 50717

A Thea atrical Canddidate. A Ca andidate fo or the stage lately applieed to the Ma anager of Drury-lane D Theatre T for aan engagement... 38 80.

377. Robiinson Crusoe with his tw wo Guns. [n.d., c.1809.] Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 265 x 18 80mm (10¼ x 7''). Trimmedd, creasing, laaid on album sheet. £3220 A comic prinnt showing Roobinson Cruso oe, dressed in skins, carryinng two, identiccal women on n his shoulderss. BM Satire 111445.

[n n.d., c.1797.] Hand-coloured H etching. 18099 Watermark. Plate: 350 x 25 50mm (13¾ x 9¾'') large m margins. Creasing, tears in £320 ed dges. A satirical printt showing an aactor in rags speaking s beefore Sheridan n, who sits at aat a table littered with paaper. BM Satirre 9086. Stock: 50747

Stock: 50773

The Wonder of Wiindsor. Thee Artist, Poet, Fiddler, here we seee, And all iss Tweedledu um, and Tw weedle-dee.

378. The R Royal Millin ng Match. [William Heaath.] Pub Decc 1811 by S W Fores 50 Picadilli. Fine hand cooloured etchingg, 18th centurry watermark. Plate: 360 x 2240, (414 x 9½ ½"). Trimmed d with plate onn three sides, teears in left edge £2660 A scene in w which a man, Lord L Yarmouth, punches thee Prince Regennt in the eye whilst w shouting g, behind a

Cha.s Hunt del.. Cha.s Hunt ssc. Pubd by J.W W. Ward, 1, Leeadenhall St.t 1841. Rare aquatint. 300 3 x 430mm m (11¾ x 17") large l £260 margins. m Tear in margin repaaired. Saatire on the artist nature of tthe Saxe-Coburg men: Prrince Albert, probably p the PPoet; Ferdinan nd II of Po ortugal, amateeur print-makeer; Leopold I, king of the Belgians, as vio olinist; and Prrince Ernest off Saxe-

38 81.

Coburg-Gothha on the pianno forte. Queen n Victoria stands to the right, with a woman w possib bly the Ducheess of Kent, Kingg Leopold's siister and the Queen's Q motheer, behind. Hickkman: P 144 Stock: 51176

Odd Fellows from Downing Street complainin ng to John Bull. B 168


Woodward D Del. Rowlandsson scul. [n.d., c.1808.] Hand-coloured etching. Pllate: 245 x 350 0mm (9½ x 13¾'') large m margins. Cut to t platemark at a bottom. £2660 A scene in W Westminster inn which John Bull B addressess a group of menn. A satire on the prevailing g theme that there was litttle to choose between b the 'In ns' and the 'Outs', both pparties when inn office being g plunderers off the public. BM M Satire 109888. Stock: 50809

ventually founnd in Paris in 1929 and is faamily it was ev no ow housed in the British Muuseum in Lon ndon. The prrint shows the clock, decoraated with land dscapes, sp phynxes and classical figurees, portraits off Sir Isaac Newton N and Heenry Bridges fflank the clock k at the top off th he print. An ex xample of thiss very rare 8th h century laarge image. Stock: 51013

38 84. The Ob bliging Bar-M -Maid. Do you y like it mild m Sir? Lo ondon Publish hed by Tregeaar, 123 Cheapsside. Dean & Munday, M Lithog graphers Threeadneedle St. [n.d., c.1830.] Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 370 x 27 70mm (14½ x 10 0½''), with larg ge margins. M Mint. £260 A portrait of a young, y pretty bar maid. Stock: 51070

38 85. The Bo ookseller. [n n.d., c.1805.] Wood W engravin ng, with 3 sheeets of letterpreess. Sheet: £60 15 50 x 90mm (6 x 3½''). A scene in a bo ook seller's shoop, showing customers c at th he counter. Stock: 51150

38 86. Bookbiinder. Lo ondon, Published by Tabartt & Co Oct. 23. 1804. En ngraving, with h 3 sheets of lletterpress. Sh heet: 150 x £80 90 0mm (6 x 3½''). Slight foxinng. A scene in a bo ookbinder's woorkshop show wing him at hiis desk. Stock: 51151

38 87. The En ngraver. [n n.d., c.1805.] Wood W engravin ng, with four ssheets of letterrpress. Sheet: £65 15 50 x 90mm (6 x 3½''). A scene in an engraver's studdio showing him h at his deesk.

The M Microcosm. To the Mo ost High, Puissant, and Noble Prrince James Bridges, Duke and B Baron of Ch handos, Marrquis and Earl of Caeernarvon, Viscount V Willton, Governor oof the Turkeey Company y and Baronet, This Plate is most m Humbly Inscribed d by his Gracce's most Ob bedient and most Obligg'd Servant Heenry Bridgess. 383.

R. West Deliin 1734. R. Shheppard sculp..t. Scarce engraaving. Plate: 640 x 450mm (25¼ ( x 17¾'')). Central creasse, thread marrgins, some sm mall creases & repaired tear at top centre. £13550 An engravingg of Henry Brridge's famouss Microcosm, an astronomicall clock with multiple m dials, once housed iin a very large, ornate case. The T clock wass first exhibiteed in 1733 and iit was claimedd that Sir Isaacc Newton hadd checked the m movement, hiis portrait is sh hown in an ovval to the left of the clock. The Microcosm was a musicaal and visual enntertainment, playing p musicc, as well as displaying asstronomical deetails. The clo ock toured Greeat Britain and N North Americaa throughout the t 18th century, afterr Bridge's deaath in 1754 it passed p to his

Stock: 51148

38 88. Copper r Plate Printter. Lo ondon, Published by Tabartt & Co. Aug. 1. 1804. Wood W engravin ng, with 3 sheeets of letterpreess. Sheet: £75 15 50 x 90mm (6 x 3½''). Foxinng on right A scene in a priinter's workshhop showing him h at his deesk. Stock: 51149

38 89. The Le etter Foundeer. [n n.d., c.1805.] Wood W engravin ng. Sheet: 1500 x 90mm (6 x 3½''). A scene in a lettter founders w workshop.


Stock: 51147

39 90. Paper Maker. M Pu ub. by Tabart & Co. 137 Neew Bond Street, Jan. 1803. En ngraving, with h 4 sheets of lletterpress. Sh heet: 150 x £65 90 0mm (6 x 3½''). Slight foxinng. A scene in a paaper maker's w workshop. Stock: 51146

391. Letteer Press Prin nter. London, Pubblish'd by Tabaart & Co. Aug g 12 1804. Engraving, w with 4 sheets of o letterpress. Sheet: 150 x £880 90mm (6 x 3½''). Slight fooxing. A scene show wing a printer working a printing press. Stock: 51145

M.le Magdalenaa Kremzow. (als Sylphide).


N. d. Nat. auuf Stein gez. v. Herm. Goldb berg. Druck v . L. Sachse & Co. Berlin. Verlag V und Eig genthum von. B.J. Hirsh'd K Kunsthandlunng in Berlin Niederwallstr. 111. [n.d., c.1845.] Extremely raare & scarce hand-coloured, h , tinted lithograph w with gum arabicc. Sheet: 490 x 610mm (199¼ £6550 x 24'') large m margins. A portrait off a dancer on pointe p on the back b of a hors e circling a rinng. Stock: 51014

393. [Rug gby Match.] L.L. [n.d., c.1900.] Ink drawing. Sheet: 180 x 280mm (7 x 11''). £2880 A sporting sccene showing a rugby playeer kicking a football into a mass of playyers. Stock: 51065

394. Mam mbrino 1768.. Nach d. Origginal Gemaldee v. Stubbs. Liith. Asnt: v. H H. Delius. [n.d.,, c.1840.] Lithograph. S Sheet: 250 x 310mm 3 (9¾ x 12¼''). £1440 A portrait off the racehorsee Mambrino affter George Stubb's 17900 painting. Ex:: Collection th he Hon. C. Lennox-Boydd. Not in CLB Stubbs. Stock: 51043

395. Marsske 1750. Nach d. Origginal Gemaldee v. Stubbs. Liith. Asnt: v. H H. Delius. [n.d.,, c.1840.] Lithograph. S Sheet: 250 x 310mm 3 (9¾ x 12¼''). £1440 A portrait off the racehorsee Marske afterr George Stubbb's 1796 paintingg. Ex: Collecttion the Hon. C. LennoxBoyd. Not inn CLB Stubbs Stock: 51044

396. [Horrse and Houn nds.] A. Strutt. R.B B. Parker. [siggned in pencil.] Published Oct.r 2.nd 18893 by R. Brooks, 121, Hav verstock Hill, London, enteered accordingg to Act of Co ongress in the year 1893 in Office of the Librarian of Congress C at Washington. Engraving, pprinted on indiia, fine artist's proof. Plate: 650 x 475mm m (25½ x 18¾ ¾''), with large margins. Ligght £3990 foxing. A scene show wing a horse leaning l its heaad over a fencee towards two hounds. Stock: 51118

39 97. Woodc cock Shootinng. En ngraved by Mr. M Pyall from a Painting by y Mr Jones in th he Possession of the Publishher. London Published 1 Seeptember 1827 by S. Knighhts, Sweetingss Alley Royal Ex xchange. Rare colour-priinted aquatint.. Sheet: 390 x 455mm (1 15¼ x 18''). Paaper tone, trim mmed within plate, p repairedd teears, small woodworm holess. £420 A shooting scen ne showing a ppair of spanieels and a sp portsman rushing to fetch a fallen woodcock. Stock: 50910

39 98. [The Quadrangle, Q Saint Barth holomew's Hospital.] H W. W Walcott [sig gned in pencill.] [n.d., 1938..] Ettching. 155 x 255mm (6 x 110"), with very large £280 margins. m Stt Bartholomew w's Hospital inn Smithfield in n the City of Lo ondon. William W Walco ott R.E (1874 - 1943) was described by Fu urst as 'next to o Brangwyn thhe greatest decorative ettcher this coun ntry has produuced'. This etcching was co ommissioned by b Sir Valentiine Crittall, diirector of the Crittall Window ws constructioon company, for f Christmas 938. 19 Stock: 51052

39 99. A View w of Lambeth th Church upon the Thames. T Vuee de l'Eglisee de Lambetth sur la Tamise T et du Pont de Weestminster. L. Belanger le Romain R Londdon 1791. Guy yot Sculpsit. Lo ondon Pub.d Juin J 1791 [...]] Colnaghi & Co. C No.132 Paall Mall. A Paaris chez Guyoot Graveur et M.d M d'Estampes Ruee S. Jacques N No... Rare mezzotint. Sheet: 230 x 255mm (9 x 10''). Trrimmed within n plate, repairred damage in n bottom edge £280 lo osing part of publication linee. A view looking g west along thhe Thames fro om London. Stock: 50847

40 00. Londre es. [aafter Alain Maanesson Malleet.] [Paris: Den nys Thierry, 16 683.] En ngraving. 150 0 x 105mm (6 x 4¼"), set in n letterpress, £180 veery large marg gins.

A prospect oof London baseed on Claes Jaanszoon Visscher's viiew of 1616, from fr Mallet's classic c fivevolume workk 'Description de l'Univers'. Stock: 51158

Augt. A Pugin delt. T. Sutherlaand Aquat. London. Pubd. May M 1.1817 by Colnaghi & C Co. 25 Cocksp pur Street. Fiine coloured aquatint; a 305 x 406mm (12 x 16"), on J. Whatman W paperr. Trimmed too plate, mountted in album £330 sh heet. Th he view north h from Carltonn House, on Paall Mall, an eaarly 18th centu ury house recoonstructed at enormous e co ost by the Prin nce of Wales ((later George IV) over a th hiry year perio od. The house was the scenee of ex xtraordinary reeceptions andd balls. This prrint was madee du uring the Regeency, before th the Regent asccended to the th hrone and deciided that the hhouse was not fine enough fo or his new elev vated standingg. The house was w deemolished and d replaced by a terrace of ho ouses (C Carlton Housee Terrace). Coollage: p54251 141. Stock: 51125

North h East View w of the New w Theatre Royal, Covvent Garden n. The first foundation f stone for th he Rebuildin ng of this Th heatre was laid by His Royal High hness the Prince of Wales, the 31st day of Oct.r 1808. the whole was executeed in ten moonths, and opened o the 18th of Sep pt.r 1809. 401.

Rob.t Smirkee Jun.r Arch.t.. Alex.r Coplaand, Builder. Drawn & Enngraved by G.H Hawkins, from m Admeasurem ments. Londonn, Published Dec.r D 21st 18099 by Geo. Haw wkins, No. 11 Queen Street, Golden Square. Fine colouredd aquatint. 2770 x 365mm (1 10½ x 14½"), £4330 paper waterm marked Whatm man 1808. The second T Theatre Royall, destroyed by y fire 1856. Stock: 51124

A Vieew of Lord Barrymore' B 's House in Picadilly taaken from S. James's pa ark. Vue dee la Maison d du Lord Barrrymore dan ns Picadilly,, prise du Paarc de S. Jam mes. 402.

S. Belanger lle Romain Lonndon. Guyot Sculpsit. S London Pub..d Juillet 17922, as the act Direct by Molteno Colnaghi & Co No N 132 Pall Mall. M A Paris chez Guyot, Graveur et M.d M d'Estampess, Rue S, Jacquesm Noo 10. Rare aquatinnt and etching with fine hand d colour. 225 x med to plate. 305mm (8¾ x 12"). Trimm £3660 The house off the profligatee Richard Barrry (1769-93, 7th Earl of B Barrymore, a raake and gamb bler known as 'Hellgate'), cllose to Apsleyy House at Hy yde Park Corner. Barryy died the yeaar after this print was published annd the house buurned down so oon after. After painterr Louis Bélangger (1756-1816), engraved bby Laurent Guyyot (1756-18066). Stock: 50446

Carltton House. This Plate representing r g the Improvvements opp posite Carlto on House is with Permiission Dediccated to His Royal Highness th he Prince Regent by hiss Royal Highness's most dutifu ul & obliged d Servants. Colnaghi & Co. 403.

40 04. Chimney in the Ceenter of Ran nelagh House H p.r W..m Iones, Arrch.t. W.m W Newton Delin.t D 1756. Watercolour, W ptt 18th centuryy watermark. Sheet: S 245 x 16 60mm (9¾ x 6¼''). 6 Trimmeed and tipped into i album £180 sh heet. A diagram of th he chimney hooused in the central su upport of the rococo r rotundaa which formeed the ceentrepiece of the t Ranelagh G Gardens on th he banks of th he Thames in Chelsea. C The rrotunda was designed d by William W Jones, a surveyor off the East Indiia Company. Stock: 51131

40 05. A Persp pective View w of His Roy yal Highness H the Prince of W Wales's Housse and Gardens G at Richmond. R J. Vander Guch ht sculpt. [n.d.., c.1730.] En ngraving. Platte: 285 x 165m mm (11¼ x 6½ ½''), with £160 veery large marg gins. Slight staaining. Kew K Palace, ho ome to Frederiick (1707-51) and his son George G III (173 38-1820). Thee palace no lon nger exists th he grounds now w form the Rooyal Botanic Gardens. G Stock: 51038

40 06. [Belvoiir Castle froom the Gate..] F::W: Trench March M 1830 [?]] Liithograph, printed on silk an and laid on em mbossed card with w gold surround. Sheet: 2990 x 235mm (11½ ( x 9¼'') £220 To oning on card d. A view looking g through a gaate to Belvoir Castle C in Leeicestershire. By army officcer and M.P. Sir S Frederick William W Trench h (1775-1859)). An unusual item than hass beeen printed on nto silk. Stock: 50913

View of Belvoir Caastle from Near N the Dairy. D 40 07.

F::W: Trench Augt: 1819. Liithograph, printed on chinee collé. Sheet: 265 x £130 42 25mm (10½ x 17'') large maargins. A view looking g up a hill tow wards Belvoir Castle C in Leeicestershire. By army officcer and M.P. Sir S Frederick William W Trench h (1775-1859)). Stock: 50912

From m near a Treee on the new w Turf drivve between the Old Granttham Road and the new w path to Wooolsthorpe. 408.

F:W: Trenchh Ap: 1819. Lithograph. S Sheet: 380 x 540mm 5 (15 x 21¼'') large £1660 margins. Unccut. A view lookiing up a hill too Belvoir Casttle in Leicestershirre from the roaad to Woolsth horpe-byBelvoir. By aarmy officer and a M.P. Sir Frederick F William Trennch (1775-18559). Stock: 50911

41 12. Six Etc chings of Sellect Parts off Bolton, Byland, B Kirk kham, Easbyy and St. Ma ary's Abbeys, A York kshire, Draw wn and Etch hed by George G Cuittt. Prince Onne Pound Fiive Sh hillings. Lo ondon: Publisshed by Colnaaghi & Co. Palll Mall East, Fo or George Cuiitt, and sold by them. 1834.. Printed by M. M Bell, Finkle Street, Richm mond. 6 etchings, prin nted on chine ccollé, in wrappers. 550 x 38 80mm (21¾ x 15''), with larrge margins. Tears T in wrappers w and fo oxing, some cchine collé loo ose. £280 A series of six etchings. e Titlees: 'Easby Abb bey near Richmond, Yorrks, 1834'; 'Kiirkham Priory Gateway 18 833'; 'St. Mary y's York'; 'Bollton Abbey West W End'; 'B Byland'; 'Bolto on Abbey Eastt End'. Stock: 51019

41 13. Welsh Shepherd. Lss. S. [n.d., c.1830.] Sccarce etching. Plate: 220 x 135mm (8¾ x 5¼''), with £95 laarge margins. Creasing C and foxing. A portrait of a Welsh W shepheerd and his dog g in a laandscape. Ex: Collection off Hon. C. Lenn nox-Boyd. Stock: 51011

View w of Oxford from f the South Side of Heddington n Hill. 409.

J.M.W. Turnner R.A. del. Engraved E by Jaames Basire. [1808.] Engraving, ppublished statee. Sheet 370 x 480mm (14½ ½x 19"). Trimmeed, laid on carrd. £2440 A distant vieew of the city. Rawlinson, 48, 'an extremeely clever piece oof engraving'..

41 14. Dunrav ven Castle. T The Residen nce of Wyndham. W George G Delamo otte. [n.d., c.18830.] Fiine lithograph h with hand coolour. Sheet: 280 2 x 440mm £160 (1 11 x 17¼''), wiith large marggins. A view of a maanor house on the coast of Wales, W near So outherndown, home of Winndham Wyndh ham-Quin, 2n nd Earl of Dun nraven (1782--1850) and hiss wife Caroline. Ex: Collection C of H Hon C. Lennoxx-Boyd Stock: 51009

Stock: 51177

410. South h East View w of Ludlow.. Drawn & Enngraved on Steeel & Publisheed Dec.r 18266 by H.B. Zieggler, London. Mezzotint, prroof. Plate: 2330 x 330mm (9 ( x 13''), withh large marginns. £1440 A view of Luudlow from thhe River Temee, four men fishing from the banks. Stock: 50591

The H Histort of Sttourhead, with w an Engraving of Stourton n Tower, Priinted and Published b by W. Michael, Bookselller, &c., Westbury, Wilts. Pricce Twopencee, Post Free,, 2½d. 411.

London: E. M Marlborough and a Co., 4, Av ve Maria Lanee; Westbury Raailway Stationn; The Publish her; and all Booksellers. [n..d., 1850.] Booklet withh engraving. Booklet: B 185 x 120mm (7¼ x 4¾''). Foxingg and damage on front coveer. £1440 A locally pubblished bookleet providing a history of Stourhead Hoouse in Wiltshhire. Stock: 51034

41 15. Ske[tch hes of ]Sceneery in South h Wales. By G: G O: Delamotte. Prrinted at Moseer and Harris'ss Lithographicc Press No 71 Cromer Str.t, Brunswick B Squuare, London [n.d., c.1820]. Oblong O folio; 6 lithographs w with partial wrrapper, each sh heet 285 x 445 5mm (11¼ x 117½"), with laarge margins. £350 One O part of Dellamotte's 'Sket etches', with viiews of Aberdylis, A Melincourt, Ysgw wd yr Rhyd, Ysgwd Y Inon Cam, Entrance to Porth yr Og Ogof Caveer an nd Kil Hepsti. George G Orleanss Delamotte ( 1809 - 1821; fl.), artist an nd teacher, son n of a French refugee. His brother b was William W Alfred d Delamotte (11775-1863), drawingd master m at the Saandhurst Milittary Academy y. His son Ph hilip was a ph hotography piooneer. Not in Abbey. A Ex: Collection C of Hon. H Christophher Lennox-Bo oyd. Stock: 51167

41 16. Sketches of Scenerry in South Wales. W By G: G O: Delamotte. Prrinted at Moseer's Lithographhic Press No 4 Greenland Pllace, Cromer Str.t, S Brunswiick Square, Lo ondon [n.d., c.1820]. Oblong O folio, printed p wrappeers; 6 lithograp phs, each sh heet 285 x 445 5mm (11¼ x 117½"), very laarge margins £480 Wrappers W distreessed.

One part of D Delamotte's 'S Sketches', with h views of Margham (2)), Swansea Feerry, Britonferrry (2) and Dunraven Caastle. George Orleaans Delamottee ( 1809 - 1821; fl.), artist and teacher, son of a Frencch refugee. Hiis brother wass William Alfrred Delamottee (1775-1863), drawingmaster at thee Sandhurst Military M Academ my. His son Philip was a photography pioneer. p Not in i Abbey. Ex:: Collection off Hon. Christoopher Lennox--Boyd. Stock: 51166

417. Scotcch Washing.. [Isaac] Cruikkshank Del. Puublished by T. Tegg, 111 Cheapside. [nn.d., c.1810.] Coloured etcching. 245 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾"). £2440 Trimmed witthin plate top and bottom. Buxom wom man lift their skkirts the tamplle in tub by a highland streeam. One stands in the streaam splashing a laughing mann with water, using an oar. First publisheed dated 18100. BM Satire 11652. 1

A portrait of Geerman-Prussiaan Field Marshall Feerdinand Duke of Brunswicck (1721-1792 2) who co ommanded thee Anglo-Germ man army duriing the Seven Years Y War. Ferrdinand is show wn on a charg ging horse while w a battle raages behind hhim. Stock: 50850

42 20. Gideon n a Laudohnn. Nobilis Livo: Sacr: Caes: C Regiaeque Apostoll: Majest: Suprem Rei Armamentar A riae Praefecttus. Io ohann Lorenz Rugendas invv. Sculps. et ex xc. Aug V. [n n.d., c.1760.] Rare engraving g. Plate: 220 x 330mm (8¾ x 13''), with £260 laarge margins. Foxing. F A portrait of Au ustrian field m marshall Ernstt Gideon von Laaudon (1717-1790) who haad much militaary success du uring the War of Austrian SSuccession and d the Seven Years Y War. Von n Laudon is shhown on a charging horse whilst w a fierce battle b rages beehind him. Stock: 50849

Stock: 50709

M.r Bo oyleau. Avannt lui Juven nal avoit dit en n Latin, Qu''on est assis à l'aise aux x Sermons dee Cotin. 42 21.

Frran. de Troye Pinxit. Gravéé par L Auber a Paris etse veend chez J. Co ole Graveur enn Tailles Daucce a l'eenseigne de laa Couronne daans Great Kerlly Street en Hatton H Garden dans Londress. En ngraving. Platte: 280 x 240m mm (11 x 9½''). Thread £180 margins. m Slight creasing A portrait of the French poett and critic Niccolas Boileau-Desprééaux (1636-17711) in an ornate border. Stock: 50466

418. L'Ile de Staffa ett sa Grotte Basaltique. B Dessinées et Décrites par C.L.F.Pancko C ucke, Chevaliier de la Légion--d'Honneur, Associé A Corresspondant de laa Sociéte des A Antiquaires D'Édimbourg, De D l'Académiee D'Archéologgie de Rome. Paris. P Imprimeerie de C.L.F.Panckooucke, Rue dees Poitevins, no n 14. MDCCCXXX XI [1831]. The rare subsscriber's issuee. Folio, three parts in illustrated wrrappers. Pt. 1,, half-title, title, pp. 8, uncut ut, double-page map with outtline colour, fo our numberedd aquatint platees. Pt 2, wrappper with publiisher's contentts label stuck onn and ads on back b cover, pp p. 9-20, four aquatint platees. Pt 3, pp. 21-32, three aq quatint plates & an engraved diagram. Com mplete. Wear to t wrappers, plates spottedd. £9550 An illustratedd account of a visit to the issland of Staffaa in Scotland to see the famoous Fingal's Cave C and its hexagonally--jointed basaltt columns. The cave was popularised by the compo oser Felix Mendelssohnn, whose Opuss 26 Hebrides Overture, commonly knnown as the Fingal's F Cave Overture, O wass inspired by thhe echoes of the t cave. Stock: 51060

Ferdinandus. Du ux BrunsvicoGuelpherbyytanus.


Iohann Lorennz Rugendas inv. i Sculps. ett exc. Aug V. [n.d., c.1760.] Rare engraviing. Plate: 2200 x 330mm (8¾ x 13''), withh large marginns. Foxing. £2660

Cherbo ourg. Vue ggénérale de la l Ville et dees Ports, priise de la Moontagne du Roule. R 42 22.

Féélix Benoist del. d Sabatier litth. Fig. par Baayot. Nantes, litth. Charpentieer Edit. Paris, quai des Augu ustins, 55. [n n..d., c.1860.] Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3255 x 490mm (13 x 19¼'') with w 000000000000very largge margins. Fo oxing at £90 bo ottom A view of the port p town of C Cherbourg in th he north of Frrance. Stock: 50907

42 23. Dinan (Cotes-du-N ( Nord). Féélix Benoist del. d Eug. Cicerri lith. Fig. parr Bayot. Nantes, N lith. Ch harpentier Ediit. Paris, quai des d Augustins, A 55. [n..d., c.1860..] Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3255 x 490mm (13 x 19¼''), £90 with w large marg gins Foxing att bottom A view of the to own of Dinann in Brittany in n the north of Frrance. Stock: 50908

42 24. Carte de d l'Isle d'O Oleron. [b by Christophe Tassin.] [Pariis: Nicolas Beerey, 1648.] En ngraving. 110 0 x 150mm (4¼ ¼ x 6"), with very large £240 margins. m Creasee touching neaatline. Sm mall format map m of the islan and of Oléron, published in Taassin's scarce pocket atlas 'C Cartes generaales de toutes lees Provinces de France et d'E Espaigne'. Stock: 51054


Mariie, par la graace de Dieu,, Souverainee de Neufchââtel et Vallan ngin, Ducheesse de Nemour &cc.

29. 42

Hyacint. Riggaud pinxit. Peet. Drevet scullpsit 1707. Very fine enggraving. Platee: 470 x 340m mm (18½ x £2660 13½'') large m margins. A seated porttrait of Marie d'Orléans-Longueville, Princess of N Neuchâtel and Duchess of Nemours N (162551707).

Féélix Benoist del. d Sebatier litth. Fig. par Baayot. Nantes, litth. Charpentieer Edit. Paris, quai des Augu ustins, 55. [n n..d., c.1860.] Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3255 x 490mm (13 x 19¼''), £120 with w large marg gins. Foxing aat bottom A view of the coastal c town oof St Malo in Brittany, B Frrance.

Stock: 50562

Saint-M Malo (Ille-ett-Vilaine). La L Ville et lee rocher du Grand G Bey--Vue prise de d la Pointe dee la Cité à St. S Servan.

Stock: 50909

43 30. S.t Mallo. Dessiné D d'aprèss nature et lithh par A. Guesd don. [n.d., c.1860.] Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3155 x 460mm (12½ x 18''). £240 Trrimmed at top p. A view of the walled w city of St Malo on th he coast of Brittany. Stock: 50904

[The Siege of Paris 1590.] Warhaftige W Description n und Besch hreibung derr Stadt Pariss, mit beiliggeede Stetten, Schlosser und u Dorffer.. Descriptio de la Ville de d Paris, aveecq les Villess Citez et Villlages Circonvoisins. 426.

[Engraved byy Frans Hogennberg.] [Colog gne, c.1590.] Etching, 16thh century wateermark. 220 x 280mm (8¾ x 11"), with larrge margins. Old O ink mss. in lower margiin. £4000 A C16th mapp of the enviroons of Paris, showing the ciity under siege bby King Henryy of Navarre (later ( Henry IV V of France), w with the armies of Alexandeer Farnese, Duke of Parm ma (here markked 'H[erzog] võ Parma], attempting too relieve the city. From Michaëël Eytzinger's chronicle of the t wars of Europe, a firsst state of the map, before the t title was excised. Eytzzinger is best known k for hiss fantasy 'Leo Belgicus' maap, depicting thhe Netherland ds as a lion rampant. Stock: 51172

427. Pariss. Vue prise de l'Eglise St. S Sulpice. Dessiné et litth. par G. Mulller. [n.d., c.18 860.] Tinted lithoggraph. Sheet: 315 3 x 460mm (12½ x 18''). £3660 A view of Paaris taken from m the south loo oking north too the Seine andd the Ile de la Cité. Stock: 50906

43 31. Marchand grec. [n n.d., c.1850.] Watercolour W an nd a collage off materials inccluding silk £360 an nd felt. Sheet 380 3 x 280mm m (15 x 11"). A full length po ortrait of a Greeek merchant, with his clloak, shirts, tro ousers, hat and nd shoes made from diifferent materiials, but the baackground, hiis features, beelt and fur edg gings inked inn. Stock: 50677

43 32. Scio, Chio... [b by Giovanni Francesco Cam mocio.] [Venicce: Bertelli?, c.1575.] En ngraving. 215 x 160mm (8¾ ¾ x 6½"), witth very large margins. m Small hole in bottom m margin patcched. £360 An A early map of o the Ægean iisland of Chio os, with the caapital shown as a buildings inn profile and tw wo galleys in th he sea. It was published p in C Camocio's raree atlas of islands claimed d to be subjectt to Venice, 'Issole famose, po orti fortezze e terre marittim me sottoposte alla Siig.ria di Venezzia'. First pubblished in 1571 1, this later state has a platee number addeed. Zackarakis 517. Stock: 51055

43 33. Gariba aldi. [n n.d., c.1860.] Hand-coloured H lithograph. Shheet: 205 x 15 55mm (8 x 6''). Trimmed, laid l on album m sheet, foxing g. £95 An A unusual imaage showing pportrait of Italian naationalist Giusseppe Garibald ldi (1807-1882 2) who fo ought for the unification u of IItaly. Stock: 50979

[3 Watercolour Vieews of Maltta.] Vallettaa an nd Floriana taken from m St. Julian. [&] View off Valletta from Fort Tiggni. [&] L'In ngresso dei du ue Porti di Malta, M da G Gregale. 43 34.

Vue G Générale dee Rouen. Prrise des Carrières S S.te Catherin ne. 428.

Dessiné d'aprrès nature parr Chapuy. Lith h. par Bichebois_Fig par V. Adaam. [n.d., c.1860.] Tinted lithoggraph. Sheet: 315 3 x 460mm (12½ x 18'') £1440 large marginns. A view of thee French townn of Rouen showing a carriage racinng into the tow wn. Stock: 50905

[n n.d., c.1830.] 3 very fine & raare watercolouur views. Two o watercolours: w 170 x 290mm (6¾ x 11½''). One watercolour: w 25 55 x 470mm ((10 x 18½''). Light L surface £2800 diirt.

A view of the mouth m of the A Avacha river on o the Kamchatka K pen ninsula in nortth-eastern Russsia. A plate from 'Atlas Pitttoresque of duu Petit-Thouarrs' Voyage Autour A du Mon nde sur La Freegate La Venu us'. Stock: 50940

Knife Grinder G at K Kandarsteg, Canton of Berne, B 1828. 43 39.

J.H H. Liithograph, printed on chinee collé. Printed d area: 220 x 16 60mm (8¾ x 6¼''). 6 Image sslightly messy y. £75 A caricature po ortrait of a Swi wiss knife grind der at his whetstone. w Stock: 51023

A collection of three monoochrome wateercolours showing variious views of Valletta, the capital c of Mallta. Stock: 51028

Hadrrianus Relan ndus. Entheea Pierio redimiri tem mpora sertoo... 435.

B: Berneaertts sc. [n.d., c.11720.] Engraving. S Sheet: 140 x 85mm (5½ x 3½''). Trimmedd. £995 A portrait off Dutch Orienttalist scholar Adriaan A Relannd (1676-1718),, writer on Jew wish matters. Stock: 51136

Le Prrince Alexan ndre Borisso owitsch de Kourakin.... 436.

Peint par Barravikovsky. Gravé G à St Peteersbourg par Jean et Franççois Vendramiini. [St Petersburg, c.1810.]] Fine stipple eengraving. Shheet c.660 x 46 65mm (26 x 18¼") large m margins. Tearr in title area, unexamined u oout of frame. £3660 A full lengthh portrait of Prrince Alexander Borisovichh Kurakin (17552-1818), afteer a painting by Vladimir Borovikovskky of 1802, likkely to have beeen publishedd when Kurakiin was made a member of th he State Council (18110). The engraavers, Giovann ni and Francesco Veendramini, stuudied engravin ng under Bartolozzi annd left Londonn for St Peterssburg c.1803. Stock: 51155

437. [The Night Watcch.] [Drawn by V Vassnetsoff? Engraved E by Scamoni?] [1878.] Engravings, IIn pencil top "Seven " Etchin ngs by Russiann artist T Jewittt" offered by H. C. Bade. Plate: P 200 x £1880 150mm (8 x 6''), with large margins. A portrait off a man in a thiick, fur coat standing with his dog in a bbarn by lamp--light. Titles an nd inscriptionns in Russian cyyrillic. Stock: 50519

Bassee des Trois-F Frères et po ointe du phare, à l'eentrée de la baie d'Avatscha. (KamtschaatKa). Voyaage de la frig gate Vénus. Atlas Pittorresque. 438.

Moerenhout del. Lith. Thierry frères. Seebatier Lith. [n.d., c.1841.] Lithograph, pprinted on chiine collé. Printted area: 210 x 275mm (8¼ x 11''), with very v large marrgins. £1440

Vera Effigies E et Deelineatio Inssulæ Sa anctæ Helen næ... 44 40.

[B Baptista à Doeeticum sculp.] [A Amsterdam: C. C Claesz, 15955-96.] Trimmed to neatline on n three sides and a into imagee at bottom, lo osing en ngraver's name, mounted onn album paperr. £380 Th hree coastal profiles of St H Helena, engrav ved by Baptiste van Do oeticum for JJan Huygen vaan Liinschoten's 'Itinerario, Voyaage ofte Schip pvaert naer Oost O ofte Portu ugaels Indien.. .'. Th he publication n of Linschoteen's 'Itinerario' broke the Po ortuguese mon nopoly on thee trade routes to t the spices off the East Indiies, allowing tthe foundation n of both the Dutch D and Engllish East Indiaa Companies. Stock: 51056

44 41. [Abyssiinian costum me &c.] Drawn D by E. Prrisse onn stone by E. LeRoux. L Prrint.d by Lemercier, Paris. [[1848.] Fiine hand-colou ured lithograpph, laid on carrd as issued. Card: 575 x 460 0mm (22¾ x 118''). Foxing, damage in £280 co orners or mount card. A scene showin ng two Ethioppian warriors carrying c weapons. w A plaate from 'Orienntal Album: Characters, C Costumes, And d Modes of Liffe In the Valleey of the Nile' N by James Augustus St. John, illustratted after drrawings by Em mile Prisse d'A Avennes. Prissse d'Avennes (1 1807-1879) waas a French Eggyptologist an nd arrcheologist wh ho moved to E Egypt in 1827 and adopted th he Egyptian way of life, connverting to Islaam and being kn nown as Idrisss-effendi. Verry fine 1st state with wonderful w fresh h colour. Attabbay: 1001; Bllackmer 1357. Stock: 50927

44 42. [Abyssiinian costum me &c.] Drawn D by E. Prrisse onn stone by E. LeRoux. L Prrint.d by Lemercier, Paris. [[1848.] Fiine hand-colou ured lithograpph, laid on carrd as issued. Card: 575 x 460 0mm (22¾ x 118''). Foxing, creasing £280 allong left edge.. A scene showin ng two Ethioppian warriors carrying c weapons. w A plaate from 'Orienntal Album: Characters, C Costumes, And d Modes of Liffe In the Valleey of the Nile' N by James Augustus St. John, illustratted after drrawings by Em mile Prisse d'A Avennes. Verry fine 1st state with wond derful fresh coolour. Attabayy: 1001; Bllackmer 1357 7. Stock: 50928

derful fresh coolour. Attabayy: 1001; state with wond Bllackmer 1357 7. Stock: 50924

44 46. [Ghawazi, or Danccing Girls.] Drawn D on stonee by Deveria. Print.d by Lem mercier, Paaris. [1848.] Fiine hand-colou ured lithograpph, laid on carrd as issued. £380 Card: 575 x 460 0mm (22¾ x 118''). Foxing. A scene showin ng two girls daancing beforee a seated mann with w a tambourine. A plate frrom 'Oriental Album: Characters, Cosstumes, And M Modes of Lifee In the Valley V of the Nile' N by James Augustus St. John, illlustrated after drawings by Emile Prisse d'Avennes. Very V fine 1st sttate with wondderful fresh co olour. Atttabay: 1001; Blackmer 13557. Stock: 50925

443. [Warrrior from Amhara.] A Drawn by E. Prisse Esq.ree on stone by E. E LeRoux. Print.d by Leemercier, Paris. [1848.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. Card: 575 x 4460mm (22¾ x 18''). Foxin ng, creasing £2880 along left edgge. A scene show wing a warriorr leaning on his h spear. A plate from 'O Oriental Album m: Characters,, Costumes, And Modes oof Life In the Valley of the Nile' by Jamees Augustus St. John, illustraated after draw wings by Emil e Prisse d'Avennnes. Very finne 1st state wiith wonderful fresh colour. Attabay: 10001; Blackmer 1357. 1 Stock: 50929

[A W Wahhabi Bed douin' and an a Arab of th he Azami Trib be.] 444.

Drawn by E. Prisse Esq.ree on stone by Mouilleron. M Print.d by Leemercier, Paris. [1848.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. Card: 575 x 4460mm (22¾ x 18''). Foxin ng. £2220 A portrait off two men, weaaring swords in i a desert landscape. A plate from 'O Oriental Album m: Characters,, Costumes, A And Modes of Life In the Vaalley of the Nile' by Jamees Augustus St. S John, illusttrated after drawings by Emile Prisse d'Avennes. Very fine 1st state with woonderful freshh colour. Attab bay: 1001; Blackmer 1357. Stock: 50920

445. [Bedo ouins from the t vicinity of Suez.] Drawn by E. Prisse Esq.ree. On stone by Bour. Print.dd by Lemercierr, Paris. [18488.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. Card: 575 x 4460mm (22¾ x 18''). Foxin ng, damage in £2660 corners. wing two menn in bedouin drress in a deserrt A scene show landscape. A plate from 'O Oriental Album m: Characters,, Costumes, A And Modes of Life In the Vaalley of the Nile' by Jamees Augustus St. S John, illusttrated after drawings by Emile Prisse d'Avennes. Very fine 1st

44 47. [Wome en of Middlee Egpyt.] Drawn D by E. Prrisse O On stone by Mouilleron. M Prrint.d by Lemercier, Paris. [[1848.] Fiine hand-colou ured lithograpph, laid on carrd as issued. £220 Card: 575 x 460 0mm (22¾ x 118''). Foxing. A scene showin ng two womenn by some An ncient Eg gyptian ruins, one stands w with a pot on her head faacing the secon nd who sits onn a piece of sttone; a young ch hild with a chiick sits on thee ground. A plate from 'O Oriental Album m: Characters,, Costumes, And A Modes of Liife In the Vallley of the Nilee' by James Au ugustus St. Jo ohn, illustrated d after drawinngs by Emile Prisse P d'Avennes. Verry fine 1st statte with wondeerful fresh co olour. Attabayy: 1001; Blackkmer 1357. Stock: 50921

44 48. [Femalle fellah.] Drawn D by E. Prrisse O On stone by Mouilleron. M Prrint.d by Lemercier, Paris. [[1848.] Fiine hand-colou ured lithograpph, laid on carrd as issued. Card: 575 x 460 0mm (22¾ x 118''). Foxing, damage in £260 co orners. A portrait of a woman w with a veiled face, carrying c a ch hild on her sho oulders. A plaate from 'Orien ntal Album: Characters, Cosstumes, And M Modes of Lifee In the Valley V of the Nile' N by James Augustus St. John, illlustrated after drawings by Emile Prisse d'Avennes. Very V fine 1st sttate with wondderful fresh co olour. Atttabay: 1001; Blackmer 13557. Stock: 50923

44 49. The Or riental Albuum. By E. Prisse Esq.r. [1 1848.] Very V fine hand--coloured litho hograph, laid on o card as issued. Card: 55 55 x 450mm ((22 x 17¾''). Foxing. F £180 Ornate O frontispiece in the styyle of an Ottom man tiled flo oor, to 'Orienttal Album: Chharacters, Costumes, And Modes M of Life In I the Valley oof the Nile' by y James Augustus A St. Jo ohn, illustratedd after drawin ngs by Emile Prrisse d'Avennees. Very fine 1st state with wonderful fresh colour. Atttabay: 1001; Blackmer 135 57. Stock: 50919

[Fem male of the middle m class carrying water from m the Nile.] 450.

Drawn by E. Prisse Esq.ree. On stone by Mouilleron. Print.d by Leemercier, Paris. [1848.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. Card: 575 x 4460mm (22¾ x 18''). Foxin ng. £2660 A scene show wing a young woman carryiing water in a pot on her heead. A plate frrom 'Oriental Album: A Characters, C Costumes, And Modes of Life In the Valley of thee Nile' by Jam mes Augustus St. S John, illustrated aft fter drawings by b Emile Very y fine 1st statee with wonderfful fresh colouur. Attabay: 1001; Blackmeer 1357. Stock: 50922

451. [Negeedi Horse, Arabia] A Drawn by E. Prisse Esq.ree on stone by E. E LeRoux. Print.d by Leemercier, Paris. [1848.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. Card: 450 x 5555mm (17¾ x 22''). Foxin ng, creasing £4880 along left edgge, staining inn printed area. A wonderful image of a gaaloping horse with his riderr lying on the gground in the background. A plate from 'Oriental Albbum: Characteers, Costumes,, And Modes oof Life In the V Valley of the Nile' N by James Augustus St. John, illustraated after draw wings by Emile Prisse d'Avennes. V Very fine 1st state s with won nderful fresh colour. Attabbay: 1001; Blaackmer 1357.

A view of a chu urch in the Meexican town of o San Blas. A pllate from 'Atlaas Pittoresque of du Petit-Thouars' Voyage V Autourr du Monde suur La Fregate La Venus'. Stock: 50944

Panora ama pris du moillage dee Mazatlan (C Cote occiden ntale du Mexxique) a borrd de la Vénus, V 1837. ( Feuillee). 45 55.

Ménard M del.t. Lith. L de Thierry ry frères, Pariss. Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3600 x 550mm (14 x 21¾''). £180 A view of the bay b of Mazatlaan on the westt coast of Mexico, M from th he Pacific. A pplate from 'Attlas Piittoresque of du d Petit-Thouaars' Voyage Autour A du Monde M sur La Fregate F La Veenus'. Stock: 51120

Panora ama pris du moillage dee San-Blas (C Cote occiden ntale du Mexxique) Feuille. 45 56.

Liith. de Thierry y frères, Paris.. Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3600 x 550mm (14 x 21¾''), £180 with w large marg gins. A view of the bay b of San Blaas in Mexico, from the Paacific. A platee from 'Atlas PPittoresque off du PetitMonde sur Laa Fregate La Th houars' Voyag ge Autour du M Venus'. V Stock: 50941

Stock: 50930

452. [Nub bian and a feellah.] Drawn by E. Prisse Esq.ree on stone by Eugene E LeRoux. Prinnt.d by Lemerrcier, Paris. [1848.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. Card: 575 x 4460mm (22¾ x 18''). Foxin ng, damage in £2880 corners or moount card. A scene show wing two menn in a desert laandscape. A plate from 'O Oriental Album m: Characters,, Costumes, And Modes oof Life In the Valley of the Nile' by Jamees Augustus St. John, illustraated after draw wings by Emil e Prisse d'Avennnes. Very finne 1st state wiith wonderful fresh colour. Attabay: 10001; Blackmer 1357. 1 Stock: 50926

453. [Nub bian Femaless, Kanooseee Tribe.] Drawn by E. Prisse Esq.ree on stone by Eugene E LeRoux. Prinnt.d by Lemerrcier, Paris. [1848.] Fine hand-cooloured lithogrraph, laid on card c as issuedd. Card: 575 x 4460mm (22¾ x 18''). Foxin ng. £4550 A scene show wing two wom men in a domeestic setting, oone sits on the grround while thhe other carryss a dish. A plaate from 'Orientaal Album: Chaaracters, Costu umes, And Modes of Liffe In the Valleey of the Nile'' by James Augustus St. John, illustraated after draw wings by Emil e Prisse d'Avennnes. Very finne 1st state wiith wonderful fresh colour. Attabay: 10001; Blackmer 1357. 1 Stock: 50931

Eglisse de San Blaas (Mexiquee.) Voyage d de la frigate V Vénus. Atlas Pittoresquee. 454.

Ménard Lith. Thierryy frères, Paris. Lith. par P. Blanchard, liith. [n.d., c.1841.] Lithograph, pprinted on chiine collé. Printted area: 210 x 275mm (8¼ x 11''), with very v large marrgins. £1880

Americca. To thosee, who wish to Sheathe th he Desolatin ng Sword of War. And, to t Restore th he Blessings of Peace annd Amity, to o a Divided People. 45 57.

R.E. Pine pinx.t 1778. Josephh Strutt sculp.. Publish'd acccording to Acct of Parliameent, October th he 6th 1781 by y R.E. Pine, Albermarle A Strreet, London. Ex xtremely rare stipple, printeed in rusty bro own. Sheet 49 90 x 615mm (19¼ ( x 24¼").. Trimmed to plate, £980 ex xtensive restorration professi sionally executed. An A allegory of the restorationn of peace and d prosperity to o America following the Rev evolution, baseed on a 1778 paainting by Rob bert Edge Pinee, which was destroyed by firre in 1803. Am merica, on thee left, is a bejeeweled Indian Queen Q robed in n furs. Above hher, the figuree of Peace, ho olding an olive branch, appeears from the clouds. Heroic H Virtue (center) is reprresented by Hercules; H Concord holds bundled fascees, Industry a beehive, and Pllenty a cornuccopia. When W the paintting was exhibbited in Philad delphia in 17 784, the catalo ogue describedd it: ''A picturre painted in

the year 17788, representingg the followin ng Allegory: America, afteer having sufffered the severral evils of waar, bewailed its uunhappy causse, and lamentted over the victims of itss fury--her ruinned towns--deestroy'd commerce, & &c. &c. On thee appearance of Peace, is represented aan extacy of gratitude g to thee Almighty-Heroic Virtuue presents Libberty attended d by Concord--Industry, folllowed by Plennty and her Trrain, form a group expresssive of Popullation; and Shiips denote Commerce''. Stock: 51179

[8 Illustrations from f ''Domeestic Mannerrs of the Ameericans'' by Frances F Millton Trollope.] 458.

Hervieu A Ducotes Lithog. L 70 S.t Martin's Lanee. [n.d., c.1832.] 8 lithographss. Each sheet: 195 x 125mm m (7¾ x 5''). £3660 Solemnity off Justice very messy. A collection of eight illusttrations from ''Domestic Manners of tthe Americanss'' by British writer w Francess Milton Trolloope. Titles incclude: 'Box at the Theatre'; 'The Solemniity of Justice';; 'Debate Betw ween Own andd Campbell'; 'W Wood Cutters Cabin on the Mississippi'; 'Cincinnati B Ball Room'; 'M Member of Con ngress'; 'Settlement oof Nashoba &cc'; 'Ancient an nd Modern Republics'. T Trollope wrotee about her traavels throughoout the USA andd the people shhe met, she waas horrified byy the egalitariaan middle classs, slavery and d the lack of manners andd learning. Mrss Trollope wro ote strongly against slaveery the illustraation 'Settlemeent of Nashobaa' shows the Naashoba Comm mune of ex-slaaves set up by Frances Wrigght in Tennesssee which Fraances Trollopee visited, she w was horrified by b the primitiv ve conditions.. Stock: 50981

5) holds a spik ke and on the lleft a Dutchman (2) clips (5 th he dogs tail. To o their left Caatherine the Grreat of Russiaa caarries a caduceeas and to herr right stand a man from Sw weden and a man m from Dennmark. In the left l 'the prroud Queen off the Sea' is shhown being laashed by American A naval commander John Paul Jon nes (174717 792). Followin ng the naval B Battle of Flam mborough Head, H fought beetween the Brritish and Jonees's American fleeet, off the coast of Yorkshhire, Jones sailled to Texel in n Holland wheere he was hailled as a hero. The battle prroved a major embarrassmeent for the Roy yal Navy and ceemented Joness' place in Am merican naval history. h BM Sa atire 5715. Stock: 50848

46 60. Windso or in Nova SScotia. A. A Croke d. f. [n.d., c.1820.] Sccarce etching. Plate: 140 x 2225mm (5½ x 9''). Trrimmed to plaate, laid on albbum sheet, verrtical printers £260 crrease. A view of the settlement of W Windsor in No ova Scotia, Canada by Sir Alexander A Crooke (1758-184 42). Ex: Collection C of Hon H C. Lennoxx-Boyd. P.14032 Stock: 51010

46 61. Marchande de Fru uits à Lima (Pérou). ( Voyage V de la frigate Vénnus. Atlas Piittoresque. Ménard M del.t. Lith. L Thierry fr frères, Paris. Lith. L par P. Blanchard, lith.. [n.d., c.1841 .] Liithograph, printed on chinee collé. Printed d area: 210 x 27 75mm (8¼ x 11''), 1 with veryy large margin ns. £230 A scene showin ng a priest andd men and women buying fruit from a fruiitstall in Limaa. A plate from m 'Atlas Piittoresque of du d Petit-Thouaars' Voyage Autour A du Monde M sur La Fregate F La Veenus'. Stock: 50945

Panora ama de la baaie de Payta (Pérou.) 1..ere Feuille. 46 62.

Ménard M del.t. Lith. L de Thierry ry frères. Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3600 x 550mm (14 x 21¾''), £140 with w large marg gins. Foxing. A view of the bay b of Paita onn the coast of Peru. A plate from 'Atlas Pitttoresque of duu Petit-Thouarrs' Voyage Autour A du Mon nde sur La Freegate La Venu us'. Stock: 50943

46 63. Genera al Washingto ton. Parson''s Genuine Edition E of Hu ume's Englaand.

[A Due Reward.] Loon Naw werk 1780. No.1 Verbeeelt Een Enggelse Dogge....


[n.d., c.1780.] Scarce mezzootint. Plate: 2005 x 270mm (8 ( x 10½''), wiith large marginns. Creasing att bottom below w title. £9550 A Dutch poliitical satire onn the fortunes of England inn the face of C Captain John Paul P Jones and d the effect of the foreign ppolicies of variious European n nations durinng the Americann Revolutionaary Wars. England is represented bby a dog, chained to a post, being beaten by men with various weappons, in the forreground (4) a Frenchman bbrandishes an umbrella, on the t right an American (6)) holds two whips, w to his left a Spaniard

[JJ.Parsons, Pateernoster Row. ][n.d., c.1793.] Sttipple. 140 x 85mm 8 (5½ x 33¼''). Staining g on right in £130 tittle. A profile portraait, set in an ovval of Americcan military co ommander and d politician Geeorge Washin ngton (173217 799), who is considered c onee of the found ding fathers off th he United Statees of Americaa and served as a the first Prresident from 1789-1797. Stock: 50916

d la Corvettee l'Astrolabe', the account Frrom 'Voyage de off Jules Dumon nt D'Urville's iimportant exp pedition to thee So outh Seas betw ween 1826 and nd 1829. Stock: 50947

Vue des Écuries duu Gouverneur à Sy ydney. (Nou uvelles Galle les de Sud.) 46 68.

[Colu umbia Univeersity Camp pus, Morningsid de Heights.] 464.

Harry Fenn. [signed in penncil.] 1903. Co opyright by M.R. Harderr. Rare etching, printed on chhine collé and d laid on boardd. Board: 440 x 620mm (17¼ ¼ x 24½''). To oning. £5550 A view of thee campus of Columbia C Univ versity in New w York shortlyy after its movee to Upper Maanhattan. The bird's-eye vieew shows the Low Memorial Library in the centre annd in the foregground on the South Lawn figures play a game of basseball in front of a crowd. T The original wateercolour is houused in Colum mbia

dee Sainson pinx x. Hostein lithh. fig par V. Adam A J. Tastu Ed diteur. Lith. de d Lemercier. [Paris, 1833.] Liithograph. Sheeet: 290 x 3955mm (11½ x 15½''), 1 with £280 laarge margins. Frrom 'Voyage de d la Corvettee l'Astrolabe', the account off Jules Dumon nt D'Urville's iimportant exp pedition to thee So outh Seas betw ween 1826 and nd 1829, which h included a viisit to Australiia. A view off the stables off the Governor G of Neew South Walles's Residencce. A fine eaarly Australian n view. Stock: 51008

Stock: 50892

An E East View off Fort Royal in the Islan nd of Guadalooupe. Vue du d Fort Roya al, dans l'Islle de Guadalooupe, du Coote de l'Est. 465.

Drawn on thee Spot by Lieuu.t Arch. Cam mpbell Engineeer. Engraved byy Peter Mazell. [n.d., c.1760 0.] Hand-coloured engraving. Sheet: 315 x 510mm (12¼ ¼x 20''). Trimmeed within platte, damage in edges at £4990 corners. A view of thee military fortt on the island d of Guadelouppe in the West IIndies, the islaand was highly y fought over and changed hands betweeen the French and English several timess until 1815 when w the Treaty of Vienna acknowledgeed French conntrol. Stock: 50853

Hobaart-Town. Vue V de côté des Casernees. Ile Van-Dieemen. 466.

de Sainson ppinxt. Alexis Noël. N J. Tastu, Editeur. Lithh. de Bicheboiss ainé. [Paris, 1833.] Lithograph. P Printed area 275 2 x 335mm, 11 x 13¼", £5220 large marginns. Foxing in edges. e View lookingg down on Hoobart, Tasman nia showing thhe barracks. From 'Voyagge de la Corveette l'Astrolabee', the accountt of Jules Dum mont D'Urvillee's important expedition e to tthe South Seas bbetween 1826 and 1829. Stock: 50946

Hobaart-Town. Vue V prise d'un ravin au u Nord. ( Van n Diemen.) 467.

de Sainson ppinxt. Hostein Lith. J. Tastu, Editeur. Lithh. de Bicheboiss ainé. rue clerry, 23. [Paris, 1833.] Lithograph. P Printed area 275 2 x 335mm, 11 x 13¼", £4880 large marginns. View lookingg down on thee Derwent Riv ver Hobart Town and H Harbour, Tasm mania.

Maison n du Gouverrneur a Sydn ney. (N Nouvelles Galles de Sudd.) 46 69.

dee Sainson pinx x. Hostein lithh. fig par V. Adam A J. Tastu Ed diteur. Lith. de d Lemercier. [Paris, 1833.] Liithograph. Sheeet: 290 x 3955mm (11½ x 15½''), 1 with £450 laarge margins. Foxing. F Frrom 'Voyage de d la Corvettee l'Astrolabe', the account off Jules Dumon nt D'Urville's iimportant exp pedition to thee So outh Seas betw ween 1826 and nd 1829, which h included a viisit to Australiia. A view accross Sydney Harbour H lo ooking towards the Governoor of New Sou uth Wales's Residence. A fiine early Austtralian view. Stock: 51007

47 70.

Un Hom mme de la T Terre de Van n-Diemen.

Pl.6. Bernard direxit. [n.d., c.17933.] En ngraving. Platte: 240 x 185m mm (9½ x 7¼ ¼''). Thread £130 margins. m A plate from th he French editiion of 'Cook'ss Voyage to th he Pacific' afteer John Webbeer's original drrawings. A po ortrait of a maan from Tasmaania, known as a Van Dieman's D Land until the mid nineteenth ceentury. John Webber W (1751-93) travelled w with Captain Cook on the Th hird Voyage (1776-80) ( as th the Official Arrtist of the ex xpedition, reco ording the expplorer's death at the hand off Hawaiian naatives. Stock: 51001

471. A Wo oman of Van Diemen's Land. J. Webber deel. J. Caldwelll sc. [n.d., c.17 784.] Fine engravinng. Plate: 2855 x 220mm (11 1¼ x 8¾''). Cuut to platemark £1440 A plate from m 'Cook's Voyaage to the Pacific'. A portraait of a woman ffrom Tasmaniia, known as Van V Dieman'ss Land until thhe mid nineteeenth century, she s is shown carrying a sleeeping child. John J Webber (1751-93) travelled withh Captain Coook on the Thirrd Voyage (1776-80) as the Official Artist A of the ex xpedition, recording thee explorer's deeath at the han nd of Hawaiiann natives. Stock: 51002

472. View w of Part of Dunedin, D 18 862. Lithog. by W W. &. A.K. Jonnhston, Edin.rr. From a Photograph bby Meluish. Tinted lithoggraph. Sheet: 215 2 x 490mm (8½ x 19¼'').. £1990 Vertical creaases as issued. A view of thee town of Dunnedin in the South Island off New Zealandd. In 1861 gold was discoveered in Gabrieel's Gully and thee town rapidlyy expanded with the gold rush that folllowed. Stock: 51045

Piittoresque of du d Petit-Thouaars' Voyage Autour A du Monde M sur La Fregate F La Veenus'. Stock: 50937

47 75. Cession n de l'Isle d''Otahiti au Capitaine C Wallis W par la Reine Obérréa. Tome. II. Pl.2. Godefroy G Dir. [n.d., [ c.1775.]] En ngraving. Platte: 230 x 335m mm (9 x 13¼''). Trimmed to o plate along to op edge, centrral crease as isssued. £130 A scene showin ng Captain Sam amuel Wallis being b greeted by y the queen off Tahiti. From m the French ed dition of Hawkesworth's H 'Relation dess Voyages entrrepris par orrdre de sa Majjesté Britanniqque...', which included the offficial accountt of James Coook's first voyaage. Stock: 51005

47 76. Eglise des d Missionnnaires proteestants à Huaheiné. H (Illes de la Socciété). Voyage de la frrigate Vénuss. Atlas Pittooresque. Moerenhout M del. Lith. Thierrry frères. Lith. par Bichebois. [n.d., c.1841.] Liithograph, printed on chinee collé. Printed d area: 210 x 27 75mm (8¼ x 11''), 1 with veryy large margin ns. £230 A view of Huah hine, one of thhe Society Islaands in Frrench Polynessia from the seea. A plate fro om 'Atlas Piittoresque of du d Petit-Thouaars' Voyage Autour A du Monde M sur La Fregate F La Veenus'. Stock: 50934

Vue de l'Eglise et dde la baie dee Huaheiné. (IIles de la Socciété). Voyaage de la frig gate Vénus. Atlas A Pittoressque. 47 77.

Cases du Paha (V Village) de Kororareka K a (Nouvelle Z Zélande). Voyage V de la frigate Vénus. Atlaas Pittoresq que. 473.

Ménard Lith. Thierryy frères, Paris. Lith. par Bichebois figg. par Blanchaard. [n.d., c.18 841.] Lithograph, pprinted on chiine collé. Printted area: 210 x 275mm (8¼ x 11''), with very v large marrgins. Foxing off image. £2330 A view of Ruussell, formallly Kororarekaa, in the north of New Zealandd, showing maaori houses an nd three maorii figures in thee foreground. A plate from 'Atlas Pittoresque oof du Petit-Thoouars' Voyagee Autour du Monde sur L La Fregate La Venus'. V Stock: 50938

Villaage de Kororraréka. (Nou uvelle Zélande). V Voyage de la frigate Véénus. Atlas Pittoresquee. 474.

Ménard Lith. Thierryy frères. Lith. par Bicheboiss fig. par Blancchard. [n.d., c.1841.] c Lithograph, pprinted on chiine collé. Printted area: 210 x 275mm (8¼ x 11''), with very v large marrgins. £2330 A view of Ruussell, formallly Kororarekaa, in the north of New Zealandd, in the foregground three European E soldiier rolls barrells along the beaach. A plate frrom 'Atlas

Moerenhout M del.t. Lith. Thierrry frères, Parris. Lith. par Saabatier. [n.d., c.1841.] Liithograph, printed on chinee collé. Printed d area: 210 x 27 75mm (8¼ x 11''), 1 with veryy large margin ns. £230 A view of Huah hine, one of thhe Society Islaands in Frrench Polynessia looking ouut to the bay. A plate from 'A Atlas Pittoresque of du Petitt-Thouars' Voy yage Autour du u Monde sur La L Fregate Laa Venus'. Stock: 50935

Vue de la baie de H Huaheiné. (IIlles de la So ocieté.). Voyage de la fr frigate Vénu us. Atlas Pittoresque. 47 78.

Moerenhout M del.t. Lith. Thierrry frères. Seb batier Lith. [n n.d., c.1841.] Liithograph, printed on chinee collé. Printed d area: 210 x £230 27 75mm (8¼ x 11''), 1 with largge margins. A view of the bay b of Huahine ne, one of the Society S Isslands in Frencch Polynesia. A plate from 'Atlas Piittoresque of du d Petit-Thouaars' Voyage Autour A du Monde M sur La Fregate F La Veenus'. Stock: 50936

Panora ama de la baaie de Papéitti (ile d'OTaiti), T pris du u mouillage de la Vénuss ( Feuille). 47 79.

Ménard M del.t. Lith. L de Thierry ry frères. Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3600 x 550mm (14 x 21¾''), with w large marg gins. £140

A view of thee Tahiti in Freench Polynesia. A plate from m 'Atlas Pittoreesque of du Peetit-Thouars' Voyage V Autouur du Monde suur La Fregate La L Venus'. Stock: 50942

Vue d d'unw Valléée à Huahein né. (Illes de la Societé.). V Voyage de laa frigate Vén nus. Atlas Pittoresquee. 480.

Moerenhout del. Lith. Thierry frères. Seebatier Lith. [n.d., c.1841.] Lithograph, pprinted on chiine collé. Printted area: 210 x 275mm (8¼ x 11''), with very v large marrgins. £1990 A view of a vvalley and bayy in Huahine, one of the Society Islannds in French Polynesia. P A plate p from 'Atlas Pittoreesque of du Peetit-Thouars' Voyage V Autouur du Monde suur La Fregate La L Venus'.

The approach of thhe Emperorr of China to o his tent in Tartary, to receive the British Ambassador. A . 48 83.

W. W Alexander del.t. d J. Fittlerr sculp. Londo on, published April A 12, 1796, by G. Nicol. En ngraving. Plattemark: 495 x 360mm. (19¼ ¼ x 14¼") £280 laarge margins on o 3 sides. A grand procession in whichh the Emperor of China is beeing carried in nto an impresssive, large, domed tent to reeceive the Brirrish Embassaddor. Pllate 25 from Sir S George Staaunton's 'An Authentic A Account A of an Embassy E from m the King of Great Britain to o the Emperor of China', desscribing the ex xpedition of Lo ord Macartney y (1737 - 18066) as the first British am mbassador to China. C Stock: 50559

Stock: 50939

Pondicherry attackk'd by the British B Fleet un nder Admirral Boscowenn. 48 84.

[n n.d., c.1750.] En ngraving. Platte: 225 x 370m mm (9 x 14½''). Thread £260 margins. m A battle scene showing s Adm miral Boscowen's attack andd seeige of the Freench settlemennt at Pondicheerry during th he Anglo-Fren nch Wars. Stock: 50891

[HMS "Galatea" " amongst iccebergs in th he Southern O Ocean, 23 Ap pril 1868.]


O.W. Brierlyy [in image]. [n.d., c.1869.] Zincograph, printed in colours. Sheet 38 80 x 670mm ((15 x 26½"). Trim mmed to imagge and laid on n board, as £4550 issued. Boardd replaced. A view of HM MS Galatea, an a Ariadne claass 26-gun, sixth-rate, woooden screw frigate, f launch hed in 1859 annd broken up 18883, in rough seas. s In 1867 Sir O Oswald Walters Brierly (1817-94) was invited to joiin what was inntended to be a world voyagge by Prince Alfred, Duke off Edinburgh (1844-1900) as captain of thee 'Galatea', wiith the specificc intention off visiting the A Australian coloonies. The voy yage was cut short when A Alfred was shoot in the back during an assassinationn attempt. The same sceene was lithoggraphed in a sm maller formatt by Dutton foor Rev. John Milner's M officiaal account of tthe MS Galatea, Captain C HRH voyage, 'Thee Cruise of HM The Duke off Edinburgh, KG, K in 1867-1868'. publisheed 1869. Stock: 51160

482. Poucching [Amsterdam,, Jacob van Meurs, M 1671.] Engraving, 17th century watermark. w 295 5 x 360mm (11½ x 14¼"") Small margins. Central crease c as normal. £2660 An unidentiffied city in Chhina, from Arn noldus Montanus' 'A Asie'. Stock: 51169

Sarawa ak; its Inhabbitants and Productions: Being Notees During a Residence n that Counttry with Hiss Excelleny Mr. M in Brooke. B By Hugh H Low C Colonial Secrretary at Labuh-An. L 48 85.

Lo ondon: Richarrd Bentley, Neew Berlington n Street, Pu ublisher in Orrdinary to Herr Majesty. 184 48. Fiirst Edition. 8v vo, original giilt-decorated red r cloth, all ed dges gilt; pp. xxiv+416, x 4 stteel-engraved d plates, two wood-engraved w d plates of weaapons, two wo ood-engraved teext illustrations. Front innerr hinge taped, some gaatherings straiined, a little fooxing through hout, ink ow wnership inscrription on preelim; lacking plate p of £290 beeetles. An A account of a thirty-monthh stay in Saraw wak with Jaames Brooke ('the ( White Raajah'), by Sir Hugh Low (1 1824-1905), a colonial admiinistrator and naturalist. His H primary intterest was botaanical, leading g him to ex xplore much of o Sarawak, buut his account is a general deescription Stock: 51061

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Grosvenor Prints Catalogue 87  

A Christmas list of over 480 interesting antiquarian prints and books, including satire, J.M.W. Turner and John Constable

Grosvenor Prints Catalogue 87  

A Christmas list of over 480 interesting antiquarian prints and books, including satire, J.M.W. Turner and John Constable