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Item 311: Kiev Mona astery of Cav ves (Pecherssk Lavra)

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pu ublished until 1838 with a sseries of 6 preeviously un npublished.

M.C. Prestel sc. [n.d., 1797.] Rare crayon manner stipplle with white highlights, h 2770 x 405mm (100¾ x 16"), moounted on orig ginal backing sheet with enngraved bordeer and title, ou utside platemarrk 370 x 475mm m (14½ x 18¾ ¾"). Repaired tear t at top £3220 centre into im mage. A rocky landdscape with peeasants, from a catalogue off the drawingss in the collecttion of Paulus Praun II (1548–1616)) in Nuremberrg, prior to theeir sale in 180 1. Written by byy Christoph Murr, M the catallogue was illustrated wiith engravingss by husband and a wife team m Johann Gottllieb Prestel (1739-1808) and d Maria Katharina (m maiden name Höll, H 1747-94)), despite theirr separation inn 1786, when Maria M Kathariina moved to London, worrking for Johnn Boydell and others.

Stock: 48528

Dessiin de Nicolaas Berghem de Harlem. No. 12.

Stock: 48602

5.. Faith. Pu ublish'd by T. Hancock Birm m.m. [n.d., c.1800.] Sttipple. Sheet: 105 x 60mm ((4 x 2¼''). Triimmed £70 An A allegorical portrait p of thee Christian faitth, shown ho olding a cruciffix, probably bby T. Hancock. Hancock, Th homas, Engraaver, Printselleer, Congreve St, S Birmingham. A skilfull engrraver working g in Birmingham du uring the latterr part of the eiighteenth and eaarly part of thee nineteenth ccenturies. Stock: 48114

6.. [Louis XVI] Paainted by W.m m Hamilton Essq.r R.A. Eng graved by C. Laasino. London n Published Jaan.y 1799 by W. Dickinson D at Mr. M Bradshaw'ss Brewer Streeet & Colnaghi, Sala & Co. Pall M Mall. 9 x 13½'') Sttipple, very raare. Plate: 4800 x 340mm (19 £360 laarge margins. Apotheosis A of the t French Rooyal Family. See S "Dauphin an nd his Doubles" Fine Art M Museums, San n Francisco. Stock: 48099

The Geenius of Moddesty preven nting Love un nveiling Bea auty. From the Origina al Picture pa ainted by J.B. Cipriani R.A. in the Collection off R.P. Jones Esq.r. 7..

A Vieew in Italy. In the Collection of Henry Hoaare Esq.r. 2.

Claud Lorraiine Pinx.t. J. Mason M Published byy John Boydelll Engraver in Cheapside Lo ondon 1774. Engraving, fi fine impressionn. 410 x 530m mm (16 x 20¾ ¾"), very large maargins. £3550 A landscape scene with tw wo figures wallking towards the centre, annd a herd of gooats in the forreground. Woods can bbe seen at the right r with hillls and forest inn the backgrouund. After Claudee Lorrain (c. 1600-82). Stock: 38665

d'aprrés le Tableaau original de d J. Wÿnands d du Cabinet de d Monsieurr le Baron d de Reibeld graand Bailli dee Bocksberg g. 3.

par Guill. Koobell a Mannhheim 92. [n.d.,, c.1790.] Aquatint, priinted in sepia. Sheet: 390 x 290mm (15¼ ¼x 11¼''). Imagee trimmed andd laid on wateercolour mounnt as issued. Daamage in edgees. £1440 A decorativee landscape wiith trees and a cottage in thee distance by W Wilhelm Kobeell. Stock: 48616

4. [View w on the Rivver Stour.] [David Lucass after John Constable.] C [18 838.] Mezzotint. P Plate: 17 x 22m mm (7 x 9''). Trimmed T to platemark. £2330 A view on thhe river showinng a ferry carrrying a horse across the waater. Probablyy finished in th he 1830 but noot

Paainted by J.B. Cipriani. Enggraved by T. Ryder R & J.L. Cosse. [n.d., c.1 1791.] Sttipple. Sheet: 315 x 395mm m (12½ x 15½'''). Trimmed, £260 reepaired tears in n borders. An A allegorical scene s in whichh the young fiigure of Modesty M tries to o stop Love fr from pulling th he drapes from the figure of Beauty. Stock: 48316

8.. Hope. Pu ublish'd by T. Hancock Birm m.m. [n.d., c.1800.] Sttipple. Sheet: 105 x 60mm ((4 x 2¼''). Triimmed. £70 An A allegorical portrait p of Hoppe shown alon ngside an an nchor (the saillor's symbol oof Hope), prob bably en ngraved by T. Hancock. Haancock, Thom mas, Engraver,, Prrintseller, Con ngreve St, Birm mingham. A skilfull en ngraver working in Birminggham during the t latter part off the eighteentth and early paart of the nineeteenth ceenturies. Stock: 48115

9.. Plenty. Hancock H sc.t. Publish'd P marcch 10th 96 by J. Hancock Congreve St. Birm.m. Sttipple. Plate: 160 1 x 110mm m (6¼ x 4¼''). Trimmed T to pllate. Creasing g £60 An A allegorical portrait p of thee figure of Plen nty shown ho olding a cornu ucopia. Hancoock, Thomas, Engraver, Prrintseller, Con ngreve St, Birm mingham. A skilfull en ngraver working in Birminggham during the t latter part off the eighteentth and early paart of the nineeteenth ceenturies. Stock: 48078

10. Traggic Muse. Coomic Muse. Publish'd by T. Hancock Birm.m. B [n.d., c.1800.] Stipple. Sheeet: 115 x 165m mm (4½ x 6½'''). Trimmed. £1660 Two allegoriical portraits of o the theatre muses. m Hancock, Thhomas, Engravver, Printsellerr, Congreve S St, Birmingham. A skilfull enngraver workiing in Birmingham during the lattter part of thee eighteenth annd early part of the nineteenthh centuries. Seee: 48077-79 for similar. Stock: 48113

[Broaadside.] To be Sold by Auction, A by Mr. Reform m Burgess, This T Day, Monday, M Novv. 2nd 1840 in n the Area of o the Echan nge, Liverpool, all the Valu uable Stud of Horses. 11.

[1840.] Broadside. Sheet: 455 x 2885mm (18 x 11¼''). Creasinng, staining and laid on album m sheet. £1660 An advert forr a stud sale inn Liverpool. Satirical slantt on the Irish R Reform Bill 18840 Stock: 48375

12. [Chrrist carryingg the Cross.] N. de Bruÿn Inventor et Sculptor S 1611. [Antwerp. Engraving. S Sheet 430 x 6990mm (17 x 27 7¼"), with 177th century wateermark. Trimm med to plate, teear on right, a few other reppairs, edges reeinforced. £4880 Christ on hiss knees, carrying the Cross to t Calvary, which can bee seen top righht. The costum me of the procession annd onlookers is i a mixture of Levantine annd contemporaryy Dutch, withh a Pharisee an nd a Catholic bishop ridingg side by side.. Nicolaes de B Bruyn (1571-1656). Stock: 48490

Daniel D sitting in n the pit, left lleg crossed ov ver the other, haands clasped in prayer, lookking upwards towards the sk ky, wearing a loin-cloth, surrrounded by th he lions and bo ones, one in th he foregroundd baring its teeeth at a skull. Frrankau 83. Stock: 48511

14 4. The Reesentment off Queen Cattherine. The T Queen was w sitting att work with her Maidens, M wheen the Carddinals Wolseey & Campeggio... C Will.m W Hamilto on R.A. pinx. J. Thane ex. John J Ogbornee scculp. London, Publish'd Aprr. 1. 1790, by J. Thane, Rupert Street, Hay H Market. Sttipple. Plate: 400 4 x 340mm m (16 x 9½''). Small S £260 margins. m A historical sceene showing C Catherine of Aragon A in heeated discussion with Cardiinal Wolsey. Stock: 48098

15 5. Christiian Slavery aat Algiers. 1816. 1 Cap.t Croker C Visitiing the Hosppital at Algiers. [&] Cap.t C Crokerr Horror Strriken at Alg giers. G. G Cruikshank. Publish'd by W. Hone, 55 Fleet Street. Ettching. Sheet: 220 x 140mm m (8¾ x 5½'').. £140 Tw wo scenes sho owing Captainn Croker's disccovery of Eu uropean slavees in Algiers, bbetween the 16th-19th ceenturies the co orsairs of the B Barbary statess would raid sm mall coastal to owns in the M Mediterrenean and a ships, seelling those they captured innto slavery. Croker had beeen a comman nder of one off the ships Lorrd Exmouth haad sent to attack Algiers in an attempt to end the slavery practicees and free Euuropean slavess. The scenes sh how Croker viisiting the hosspital in which h many slaves were w treated forr injuries and Croker watch hing lines of slaves being driiven back to th the city after working w in thee fieelds. Illustrations from 'Cruuelties of the Algerine A piirates...',1816 by William H Hone. Stock: 48119

16 6. [Queen n Elizabeth iin Parliamen nt.] [n n.d., c.1682.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 325 x 205m mm (12¾ x 8''). Trimmed. So ome small loss at edges. £140 A scene showin ng Queen Elizzabeth seated on o an ornate th hrone in Parliaament. An illuustration to Sirr Simonds D'Ewes D 'The Jo ournals of all tthe Parliamentts during the Reign of Queen n Elizabeth' 16682. Stock: 48653

17 7. The Beeheading of tthe Rebel Lords on Great G Tower Hill.

[Dan niel in the Liion's Den. From F the original Piccture by Rubens, in the possession of His Grace tthe Duke off Hamilton.] 13.

[Painted by P P.P. Rubens. Engrav'd E by W. W Ward. [London Pubblish'd April 6 1789 by T. Simpson St Pauls Churchh Yard.] Mezzotint, sccarce. Sheet 480 4 x 610mm (19 x 24"). Trimmed to pplate on three sides and justt outside imagge at bottom lossing title and inscriptions, i reepaired tear £4880 entering imagge at bottom

[n n.d., c.1746]. En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark, rare. Sheet: 265 x 37 75mm (10½ x 14¾''). Cut innto plate, papeer tone and £280 crreasing. Sccaffold on the left surroundded by horse and foot gu uards, holding g back the throong of spectattors, who also watch w from tierrs erected for tthe purpose an nd the ad djacent buildin ngs; on the scaaffold the exeecution of Lo ord Kilmarnock and Balmeerino is taking place, the ex xecutioner raisses the axe higgh above his head; h when brrought to the Grand G Jury, K Kilmarnock pleeaded guilty,

whilst Balmeerino pleaded not guilty; bo oth were executed. Thhe Tower can be b seen on thee right, with 'laast speech' venddors in the foreeground on the right. Registter for the first ddivision of Royal Marines at a Chatham printed on veerso. Sharpe 704. 7 Stock: 48359

18. [A Roman Empeeror.] L. Alma Taddema A.R.A. Pinx.t. P P.Rajon n sc.a. In progress for tthe Proprietorrs Pilgeram & Lefevre 1A King St. St James's Sq. Loondon S.W. [n n.d., c.1875.] Progress prooof, etching onn chine collé with w Printseller ers' Association bblind stamp. 330 3 x 505mm (13 x 20") veery large marginns. Abrasions and a surface so oiling mainly iin margins. £2660 A soldier, Grratus, finds Cllaudius hiding g behind a palace curtainn after the asssassination of Caligula and his family, w whose bodies lie l on the floorr in the centree. The painting was commisssioned by Ern nest Gambart iin 1871 and exhhibited at the Royal R Academ my of Arts as 'A Roman Empeeror, AD 41' that t year. Gam mbart had already retireed from his puublishing empire, leaving it in the hand of hhis nephew Lééon Henri Lefèèvre. The platte was declaredd to the Printseellers' Associaation on 24th December 18875, but not coompleted untiil January 18777, when it was ddescribed by the t Graphic ass a 'singularlyy powerful plaate'. BM 1886,1206.36: 'Thee print was Rajon's largeest work and in i the nineteen nth century usually consiidered his massterpiece'. Stock: 48605

Mezzotint. M Sheet 655 x 405m mm (25¾ x 16 6"). Trimmed within w plate, sm mall area of crreasing, dedicaation badly £240 in nked, publicatiion line partiaally erased. A scene from th he letters of Pl Pliny the Youn nger: Caecina Paaetus, having received an orrder to commit suicide for hiis part in a reb bellion againstt Emperor Claaudius, caannot bring himself to do it.. His wife, Arrria, stabs heerelf and tries to hand her hhusband the daagger, telling hiim that it didn n't hurt. Pliny hheard the story y from Arria's A granddaaughter, Fanniia. Th he scene was engraved by V Valentine Greeen after American A paintter Benjamin W West (1738-1820), and deedicated to Yeekaterina Voroontsova-Dashkova (174318 810), a close friend f of Cathherine the Greaat, who was crreated a Director of the Impperial Academ my of Arts andd Scciences on herr return to Russsia in 1782. Originally O publlished by Greeen in 1781, thiis is a later state unrecored by Whitman.. Whitman: 22 24. Ex: Collection C of Th he Hon. C. Leennox-Boyd. Stock: 48454

22 2. Shepheerds in Arcaadia. G.B. G Cipriani In nv.t. Kirk Scuulpsit. Publish hed March 25 5th 1789 by Jo ohn & Josiah B Boydell No.90 Cheapside Lo ondon. Sttipple. Plate: 275 2 x 365mm m (11 x 14½''). Thread £190 margins. m A classical scen ne showing a ggroup of shep pherds and women w coming g across a largge tomb. Stock: 48091

19. Diogeene che cercca un 'Uomo o. Van-mol dip. Folo inc. [n.d., c.1812.] Engraving. P Plate: 215 x 2335mm (8½ x 9''). 9 Thread £660 margins laid on album sheeet. A scene show wing Diogenes walking thro ough the streeet with a lamp llooking for ann honest man. After a painting by P Pieter van Mol and from 'Ch hoix de gravures à l'eeau-forte d'aprrès les peinturres et les marbres de laa galerie de Luucien Bonapaarte'. Stock: 48355

[Laviinia and Am mata.] Pamp pineasque gerunt inciinctae pellib bus hastas... 20.

Fran: Cleyn iinv: W. Hollaar fec: Londinss, 1652. Engraving. P Plate: 300 x 1995mm (11¾ x 7¾'') very £995 large marginns. A classical sccene showingg Lavinia and Amata A at right ht, dancing withh a group of Bacchantes, holding lances decorated wiith grapewine.. An illustratio on to 'The Works of Virrgil: Containinng his Pastoraals, Georgics and Aeneis'. Pennington 1982 316. Stock: 48589

Pætu us and Arriaa. To Her Highness H the Princess Daaschkau, Th his Plate is, by b Permission n, Dedicated, by her Hig ghness's mosst Dutiful & O Obliged, hum mble Servan nt, Valentinee Green. 21.

Painted by B B. West Historrical Painter to o his Majesty. Engrav'd by V V. Green, Meezzotinto Engrraver to his Majesty, & thhe Elector Pallatine. Publish hed [****] Noo 24 Percy Streeet Bedford [*****].

23 3. [Celebrration of thee Dutch Giv ving of Liberal L Gifts.] Eere-Preent ter Geda actenisse Voor V De Inwoonders Vann Gantsch Nederlandt N Over O Het Gev ven Hunnerr Liberale Giften G Van Der D 50. Penning, Ten Dieensten Van Den Landen, L In Het H Jaar 17447. Tee Amsterdam by Steven vann Esveldt, Boekverkoper in n de Beursteeg g, het tweede H Huis van den Dam. 1747. Broadside. Sheet: 510 x 370m mm (20 x 14½ ½''). Trimmed an nd creased. Tears & losses at edges top & bottom leeft. £480

An allegoricaal scene celebbrating the raissing of moneyy to support the Dutch durinng the War of Austrian Succession. T The scene shoows William IV of Orange and Nassau ((1711-1751) standing in thee centre with th the Dutch Lion aand the figure of Justice. On n the left Dutcch people clamoour to offer their donations while on the right the viciitms of the waar as well as so oliders and sailors stand watching proceedings. Stock: 48459

[Allegory of the Treaty of Aachen.] A Hett Schouw Toooneel der Vreeden V geop pend te Akeen den 19th O Octobr. 1748. 24.

[n.d., c.1748.] Engraving. S Sheet: 420 x 5440mm (16½ x 21¼''). Trimmed andd small loss boottom right co orner. £4880 An allegoricaal scene celebbrating the sign ning of the Treaty of Aaachen which ennded the War of Austrian Succession (1740-48) fougght between France, F Great Britain and thhe Dutch Reppublic. On the left the figurees of Peace embbraces Justice who is follow wed by two puutti carrying her attributes of scales s and the sword. Otherr classical figuures fill the sceene, each labeelled with a number whicch may have referred to a keey which has been lost. Stock: 48458

(1 1748-1806) so on of William VI of Orangee and Nassau who w had just led the Netherlaands to victory y. William is sh hown in the arrms of his motther Princess Anne A and su urrounded by allegorical a claassical figuress. Stock: 48461

26 6. The Flo ower Girl. Birmingham, Published by Jeee & Eginton Oct.r 1st 17 796. Sttipple. Plate: 280 2 x 200mm m (11 x 8''). Triimmed to £140 pllate. A portrait of a young y fruit seeller sitting by y her barrow. Stock: 48071

27 7. [Birch Birch & Coo.] [A Albert Chanlerr] [n.d., c.19300's.] Ettching. Plate: 200 x 250mm m (8 x 9¾'') veery large £75 margins. m A view of a gro ocery shop, addvertising win nes, liquers, so oups and jelly for invalids. Stock: 48040

28 8. How Sm mooth Brothher, Feel Ag gain. W. W Hamilton R.A. R del. T. Gaauguin sculp. London L Pu ublish'd May 1789, by J. Brrydon, Charin ng Cross. Sttipple. Plate: 200 2 x 240mm m (8 x 9½''). Trrimmed to £160 pllate. A scene showin ng children plaaying together. Stock: 48072

A Flow wer painted bby Varelst. From F Prior. When n fam'd Vareelst this little Wonder drrew... 29 9.

Angelica A Kaufffman pinx.t. T Tho.s Burke feecit. Pu ublished January 1st 1784 bby Tho.s Burk ke, Kemp's Row Chelsea. Sttipple. Plate: 405 4 x 305mm m (16 x 12''). Trimmed to £240 pllate on left and d right side. M Messy. A tribute to the still-life painnter Simon Verelst (c.164417 721). Thomas Prior's poem on a painting by Verelst is acccompanied by y an engravinng after Kauffm man deepicting Flora herself lendinng a hand to th he painter's work. w Stock: 48315

[The Birth of Wiilliam V Priince of Orange and d Nassau.] Zinnebeeldi Z ig Tafereel, Op de langg gewenschtee en blyde Geboorte G van n den Erfprin nsse van Orranje en Nasssau, Hoop der Vereen nigde Nederllanden. Den n VIII. van Lentemaan nd, MDCCX XLVIII. 25.

M. Verheydeen inv. et del. J. L. la Fargue sculp. In's Gravenhage bby Pieter Geraard van Balen n, Boek-Kaert-en Kunstverkkooper in de Spuistraet, S op den Koek vann't Gortstraetje, 1748. A very fine impression of a rare broadsiide. Sheet: 5755 x 410mm (222¾ x 16''), 18tth century wattermark. £6550 Trimmed. An allegoricaal print publisshed at the end d of the Wars of Austrian Succcession show wing the birth of o William V

30 0. Young Offrant Sonn Livre A L'Eternel. C. P. Marillier Inv. C. A. Meercier Sculp. [n n.d., c.1769.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 160 x 90m mm (6¼ x 3½'''). Trimmed. £95 Repaired damag ge on right eddge. An A illustration to a French eddition of English poet, Ed dward Young's poems 'Nigh ght Thoughts' published p in 17 769. Stock: 48663

31 1. Young Enterrant SSa Fille. C. P. Marillier Inv. C. A. Meercier Sculp. [n n.d., c.1769.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 160 x 90m mm (6¼ x 3½'''). Trimmed. £70 An A illustration to a French eddition of English poet, Ed dward Young's poems 'Nigh ght Thoughts' published p in 17 769. Stock: 48662

Poll oof Plymouth h. Sweet Polll of Plymouth w was my dearr... 32.

I. Roukin dell et sculp. Stipple, printted in sanguinne. Sheet: 140 x 80mm (5½ x £1440 3''). Trimmedd and laid on album a sheet. A scene show wing a pretty young y woman n mourning heer sweetheart w who has gone to t sea. Stock: 48082

Seren na. Sweet Evalina's E fascinating power... 33.

Painted by G G. Romney. Enngraved by J. Jones. Pub.d aas the Act direccts, March 1. 1790, 1 by J. Jon nes, No.75, Great Potlandd Street. Stipple. Platee: 380 x 280m mm (15 x 11"),, very large £2880 margins A young wom man, sitting whole-length w to o front readingg, candle on tabble at left, weaaring plain wh hite dress and cap with largge blue ribbonn. Illustration foor Hayley's 'T Triumphs of Teemper'. After Romneey's painting illlustrating Hayley's 'Triumphs off Temper'. It has h sometimess mistakenly been called a portrait of Honora H Sneyd (later ( Mrs Edgeworth), because of a striking but acccidental similarity whhich is mentioned several tim mes by Anna Seward, a friiend both of Mrs M Edgeworth h and Romneyy (see Arthur C Chamberlain, 'George Romn ney', 1910, Appendix II)). Horne: 111

3 x 360mm m (13½ x 14'') very v large Sttipple. Plate: 345 £230 margins. m Repaired hole in miiddle. A scene showin ng two childreen feeding and d playing with w chickens. Stock: 48101

La Sign nature du C Contrat de la a Noce de Village. V Dédiié à S:A:. M Mg. le Duc D'Aremberg Chevalier C de la Toison dd'Or, Grand--Croix de l'O Ordre Roya al et Milit. dde Marie Théérése... 36 6.

Ant.e A Watteau pinxit. p Ant.e C Cardon Sculp.t. [n.d., c.1780.] En ngraving. Sheeet 565 x 740m mm (22¼ x 29 9"). Trimmed £380 to o plate. An A outdoor celeebration of thee signing of a wedding co ontract in a villlage. A pair w with 'La Mariiée de village' (th he Village Briide). Stock: 48456

37 7. [Two Horses H and C Chickens.] T. Sidney Coop per from Natuure 1839. Lond don Pu ublished by Ackermann A &C Co. 30th Marcch 1839. Prrinted by C. Hullmandel. H Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3600 x 545mm (14¼ x 21½'') £95 veery large marg gins.. An A animal scen ne by landscappe artist Thom mas Sidney Cooper (1803-1 1902). Stock: 48372

Stock: 48690

38 8. [A Don nkey and Hoorse.] T.S. Cooper 1838. London PPublished by Ackermann A & Co. 30th March h 1839. Printed ed by C. Hullm mandel. Tiinted lithograp ph. Sheet: 3600 x 545mm (14¼ x 21½'') £95 veery large marg gins. An A animal scen ne by landscappe artist Thom mas Sidney Cooper (1803-1 1902). Stock: 48373

Von deen Britannisschen inseln Albione, da as ist Engellland under H Hibernia... 39 9.

Les A Amours traiinant aux pieds de Venu us le Sanglier qui tua Adoonis. 34.

Westall pinxit. Will.m Holll sculpsit. A Paris P chez Bance rue S. Denis, No. 1775 pres celle aux a Ours. Colour-printeed stipple. Plaate: 270 x 350 0mm (10½ x 13¾''), with vvery large maargins. Repaireed tears. £3660 A classical sccene showingg two cherubs pulling the booar which killed Adonis towarrds Venus. Stock: 48093

35. Child dren feedingg Chickens. Picture paintted by J. Russeel Crayon Pain nter to his Majesty & hiis R.H. the Priince of Waless. Walker Foccad. J. W W. Tomkins Scculp.t late pupiil of Bartolozzzi. London Pub.. Ian 1. 1790 by b I. Walker Nr. N 7 Cornhill & N. 106 New Bond Street Printseller P to his h R.H. the Prince of Waales.

[B Basle: Henri Petri, P c.1555.] Woodcut W map. Sheet 120 x 1155mm (4¾ x 6"). Trrimmed from a larger sheett, mounted on album paper. £130 An A early sketch h map the Brittish Isles, nam ming only the fo our countries and a 'Edinburg' g', 'Vatford' (W Waterford in Eiire), 'Corneuall', 'Ochßnfurtt' (Oxford), 'L Londis' & 'D Douer'. Publish hed in a Germ man edition of Munster's 'C Cosmographia''. Seebastian Münsster (1488-15552) was a Chrristian Hebraist H scholaar as well as a cartographer and co osmographer. His 'Cosmogrraphia', first published p in 15 544, is the earrliest German description off the world. Stock: 48283

An Ind diaman Ashoore. From a Drawing in n the possesssion of T. Grriffith Esq.rr. 40 0.

S.. Prout del. J. D. Harding Li Lithog. London n. Pub. by R. Ackermann, A 10 01, Strand, 18223. Liithograph, rare. Sheet: 340 x 450mm (13 3½ x 18''). £260

A maritime sscene showingg an Indiaman n coming ashoore in rough seass, two rowing boats filled with w men sail toward the haarbour where crowds watch h. Stock: 48533

H.M.. Frigate Piq que As she appear'd a in Dock at Poortsmouth, Shewing S thee entire destruction n to her Keels, Fore Foo ot & Garboard, from beatin ng on the Ro ocks off Cap pe Forteau, on n the Coast of Labradorre 22nd Sep ptr 1835. Platee 4th. 41.

Drawn on Stone by I.C. Shhetkey, R.N. College, C Trivees & Maynard, Printer. [n.d., c.1840.] Lithograph, sscarce. Sheet 255 2 x 390mm m (10 x 15¼").. Tear in edge,, some creasinng and soiling. Damaged. £1330 Profile of thee hull of HMS S Pique, a woo oden fifth-ratee sailing frigatte designed byy Sir William Symonds andd lauched 18344, showing thee damage done during an eleven-hour sstruggle to get off a granitee reef off the coast of Labrrador. Leakingg and rudderleess, Captain Rous and hiss crew manageed the 1,500-m mile journey too Guernsey. Stock: 48449

War), W is known n as the 'Soldieers' Battle' beccause foggy co onditions meant that co-orddinated tactics were im mpossible so th he soldiers haad to use their own in nitiative. Victor V Adam (1 1801-66), painnter and lithog grapher. H.T. H Cooke & Sons S were a m mid-19th centu ury book pu ublishers and print p sellers. Stock: 48450

43 3. N. Bonaparte. [&] Madame Bonaparte. Pu ublish'd, Oct. 5. 1802, by I. Hinton, 44 Wells W Str.t Oxford O Str.t Lo ondon. A pair of scarcee hand-colourred mezzotintss. Plates: 350 x 250mm (14 x 10''). Laid onn board, creased and £680 mounted. m A pair of portraaits of Napoleoon and his wife Josephine. Napoleon N is sho own standing by a cannon while w a battle taakes place in th he distance wh while Josephinee is portrayed leeaning against a column whi hile a cavalrym man stands beefore a line off mounted solddiers. BM: 201 10.7081.742 & 2010,7081.738 Stock: 48542

44 4. [Of thee Lamia.] [n n.d., c.1607.] Wood W engravin ng. Image: 1400 x 160mm (5½ x 6¼''). £140 Repaired and paper tone. A illustration of a mythical bbeast called a Lamia, L ussually depicted as having thhe head of a woman w and a seerpentine body y, but here shoown as a scaly y cat, with brreasts and pen nis, probably bbased on Aristtophanes, who w writes of 'tthe stench of a seal, the unw washed balls off a Lamia and the arse of a ccamel' ('Peacee', 421BC). An A illustration from Edward Topsell's 'Thee History of Fo our-Footed Beeasts', 1607. Stock: 48363

45 5. The Affrican Rhinooceros. S.. Daniell del.t. T. Medland ssculp. Publish hed Feb.y 14. 18 806 by Mess.rrs Cadell & D Davies, Strand London. Hand-coloured H mm (8¼ x aquatint. Sheeet: 210 x 275m £180 11 1''). A portrait of a Rhinoceros. R FFrom 'African Scenery and Animals A at the Cape of Goodd Hope' (1804 4-1805). Stock: 48084

46 6. [Waterrcolour of a cow standin ng in water.] w

Étud des aus Deuxx Crayons par V. Adam m. Les Highlaanders à Ink kermann. 42.

V. Adam [faccsimile signatture]. Lith Villain, Rue de Sévres, 19, à Paris. Paris: Morier, M éditeu ur, rue de Ponnt de Lodi, 5. L London, E. Gaambart & Co., 25 Berniers S St, Oxf. St. Rare & fine ccoloured lithoograph on chin ne collé. Sheett 640 x 500mm m (25¼ x 19¾ ¾"), with Moriier blind stampp. Trimmed, chhine collé liftinng in places, small s tear in edge. Blind sstamp of H.T. Cooke & Son ns, Warwick. £4220 A Highland iinfantryman with w musket an nd bayonet, inn a melée aroundd a destroyed Russian cannon. The Battlee of Inkerman (November 5, 1854, part off the Crimeann

[n n.d., c.1830.] In nk and grey wash, sheet 2300 x 275mm (9 x 11"). £130 Stock: 48288

47 7. ''So Fond of Listenning to Thosse Dear Little L Birds'' [&] ''Cominng Out in th he World''. Lo ouisa Corbaux x del. et lith. SStannard & Co o. Imp.t. A paair of chromollithographs. E Each sheet: 320 x 270mm (1 12½ x 10½''). £320 Trrimmed. A pair of portraaits of cats by artist and illu ustrator Lo ouisa Corbaux x (1808-1889)). Stock: 48313

Bat. W Water Rat. Short tail'd d field Mousee. Long tail'd d field Mouse. 48.

P. Paillou pinnx. P. Mazell sculp. [n.d., c.1766.] c Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Platte: 385 x 300mm m (15¼ x 11¾ ¾'')very large margins. m £1220 A diagram off a bat, water rat and mice in i a naturalistiic setting from 'The British Zoology' Z 1766 6 by Thomas Pennant.

A portrait of ph hilosopher Thoomas Hobbes (1588-1679) whose w major work w 'Leviathann' 1651, was an a important in nfluence on maany areas of ssocial and poliitical thought. Stock: 48374

Stock: 48381

Common Rat. Norway N Rat. Shrew Mouse.


P. Paillou pinnx. P. Mazell sculp. [n.d., c.1766.] c Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Platte: 385 x 300mm m (15¼ x 11¾ ¾'') very large margins. £1220 A diagram off rats and a shhrew in a nat shown s by wateer, from 'The Brritish Zoologyy' 1766 by Tho omas Pennant . Stock: 48382

50. The R Roebuck. P. Paillou pinnx. P. Mazell sculp. [n.d., c.1766.] c Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Platte: 335 x 250mm m (13¼ x 9¾''') very large margins. m £1440 An illustratioon of a roe deeer from 'The British B Zoologgy' 1766 by Thoomas Pennant. Stock: 48379

51. The W Weasel. Thee Stoat. P. Paillou pinnx. P. Mazell sculp. [n.d., c.1766.] c Hand-coloured etching, 188th century waatermark. Platte: 225 x 440mm m (9 x 17¼'') very v large margins. £1660 An illustratioon of a weasell and a stoat faacing each other, from 'T The British Zooology' 1766 by b Thomas Pennant. Stock: 48380

[Thomas Arnold d.] Most sincerely & yoours, T. Arnoold.


Tho.s Phillipps, R.A. B. Hooll. Published May, 1844 byy B. Fellowes, Ludgate Street, London. Plate: 230 x 1550mm (9¼ x 6''), 6 with largee Engraving. P margins. Laid on album shheet. £665 A half lengthh portrait of Dr D Thomas Arn nold (17951842) who w was Headmasteer of Rugby School S from 1828 and 18441. Ex: Collecction of Hon. Christopher C Lennox-Boydd. Stock: 48541

53. Georrgius Buchan nus. R. Blokhÿsenn Fecit. [n.d., c.1750.] Engraving, raare. Collectors mark of Geo orge Usslaub. Plate: 215 x 165mm (8½ x 6½''). Trimm med. £1880 A portrait buust of Scottish historian and humanist scholar Georrge Buchanan (1506-1582). Stock: 48686

54. [Thomas Hobbess.] [Engraved byy C.O. Murrayy after J.M. Murray.] M [n.d., c.1884.] Etching. Platte: 240 x 190m mm (9½ x 7½''') very large £665 margins.

55 5. Jacobu us Hodgsonuus, R.S.S. ett Scholae Regalis R Math hematicae H Hospitii Chriisti apud Londinienses L s a Carlo Seccundo funda atae Praeceptor. T. Gibson pinx. G. White fecc. [London, Saamuel Sy ympson? n.d.,, c.1720.] Mezzotint. M 340 x 235mm (133½ x 8¾"). Th hread £320 margins, m light foxing. f Jaames Hodgson n (1672 - 17555), , Mathemaatical master att Christ's Hosp pital. From 17733 he served d on the co ouncil of the Royal R Society.. CS: 21, statee i of ii. Stock: 48691

56 6. Jacobu us Hodgsonuus, R.S.S. ett Scholar Regalis R Math hematicæ Hoospitÿ Chrissti apud Londonensis L a Carolo Seecundo, fund datæ Praeceptor. T. Gibson pinx. G. White feccit. [London, Samuel S Sy ympson? n.d.,, c.1720.] £160 Mezzotint. M 340 x 240mm. Jaames Hodgson n (1672 - 17555), , Mathemaatical master att Christ's Hosp pital. From 17733 he served d on the co ouncil of the Royal R Society.. CS: 21, statee i of ii. Ex: Collection C of Th he Hon. C. Leennox-Boyd. Stock: 48692

[John n Locke.] Jean Locke né n en Aout M.D.C. XX XXII Mort lee XXVIII Octobre . M.D.C.C.IV V. 57.

G. Kneller Eques pinxit 16697. P. Tanjé sculp. 1754. JJ. Schreuder & P. Mortier juunior excud. Engraving. P Plate: 225 x 1665mm (9 x 6½ ½''). Small £1990 margins. A portrait off Enlightenmennt philosopherr and physiciaan John Locke ((1632-1704). Wellcome: 17 796-7 Stock: 48685

60 0. W. Rob bertson, D.D D. Siir J. Reynolds Pinx. Hopwoood Jun.r Scullp.t. [n.d., c. 18 817.] £65 En ngraving. Platte: 245 x 175m mm (9¾ x 7''). A portrait of historian, princiipal of Edinbu urgh University U and Historiographher Royal the Rev. William m Robertson (172 21-1793). The portrait is sett in an oval which w rests on a plinth decorrated with a sccene of Native N Americaans reacting too the arrival of European saailors and ship ps. Robertson ppublished maany works in ncluding a 'Hisstory of Scotlaand' and one of o the first hiistories of Am merica. Stock: 48297

61 1. Yours sincerely s Thho.s Streatfeeild of Chart's C Edgee. Paainted & Draw wn on Stone bby Herbert L. Smith. S Prrinted by M. & N. Hanhart.. [n.d., c.1840.] Liithograph on chine c collé. 4660 x 340mm (18 ( x 13½"). £140 Backing paper torn and soileed. Rev Thomas Sttreatfeild (17777-1848), an antiquarian a whose w 50 volum mes of writinggs on the histo ory of Kent (n now in the BM M) resulted in oonly one publlished vo olume, The Hiistory of Blacckheath, for which he ex xecuted severaal wood engraavings. Chart'ss Edge was th he house he deesigned and buuilt in Westerh ham. Stock: 48446

58. [John n Stuart Milll.] G.F. Watts R R.A. p.t. Rayonn s.t. [n.d., c.1 1870.] Etching. Platte: 330 x 255m mm (13 x 10'')), with very £4990 large marginns. Uncut. A portrait off British philossopher, politiccal economist 6-1873) dubbeed and civil servvant John Stuaart Mill (1806 "the most inffluential Engliish-speaking philosopher p off the nineteentth century". Stock: 48434

Sinceerely yours John J Piele [facsimile signature]. 59.

Painted by Sir George Reiid, P.R.S.A. Ph hotogravure bby T. & R. Annaan & Sons. [nn.d., 1902.] Photogravuree on chine colllé. 430 x 345m mm (17 x 13½") very laarge margins. Laid on boarrd. £2660 John Peile (11838-1910), ann English phillologist, feminist, eduucated at Repton, St. Bees School S and Christ's Colleege, Cambridgge, before being elected Master of Chhrist's in 1887. He took a grreat interest inn the higher edducation of woomen and becaame presidentt of Newnham m College. Stock: 48504

62 2. [Richarrd Parkes B Bonington.] [C Charles Damour.] [n.d., c.18852.] Aquatint. A Sheett: 130 x 100m mm (5 x 4''). Trrimmed and laaid on album sheet s with the collector's staamp of Alfredd Beurdeley. £160 A portrait of Ro omantic landsscape painter Richard R Paarkes Boningtton (1802-18228). Frontispieece to 'O Oeuvres inédités de Boningtton' 1852. Stock: 48674

63 3. Shaksp peare Nursedd by Traged dy and Comedy. C Engraved from m the Origin nal Picture Painted by Geo. G Romneyy Esq.r. In th he Possession off Francis New ewbery Esq.rr. Paainted by G. Romney R Esq.rr. Engraved by y B. Smith. Lo ondon Pub. Dec.r D 18033 by J. & J. Bo oydell at the Sh hakspeare Galllery Pall Malll & No. 90 Ch heapside. Colour printed stipple. Sheett: 305 x 340m mm (12 x 3½''). Trimmeed within platee. 13 £290 An A allegorical portrait p showiing an infant William W Sh hakespeare beeing taken caree of by the fig gures of Comedy and Trragedy. Hornee: 57. Stock: 48089

64 4. [Sarah Austin] Mrrs Austin. Paainted by H.P. Taylor, R.A.. _ Drawn on Stone by Weld W Taylor. Published P by W Weld Taylor, 15 1 G.t Po ortland St Aug 1835. Liithograph on chine c collé, baacking paper printed p with tittle. Printed areea 370 x 280m mm (14½ x 11 1"). Tears in £75 baacking paper. Saarah Austin (n née Taylor) (1 793-1867), translator of off German G literatu ure and editor of the 'Memo oirs of Sydneyy Sm mith' (1855) and a 'Letters froom Egypt' (18 865) by Lady Duff-Gordon D (A Austin's own ddaughter, Luccie). Her

husband, Johhn Austin (17990-1859), wass an influentiaal writer on law w, especially with w his ' The Province P of Jurisprudencce Determinedd' (1832). The couple were good friends with both Jerremy Bentham m and John Stuart Mill. Stock: 48445

65. Lord d-Byron. Lithog. de C. Motte. Mauqqaisse f.t. 1826. Lithograph, sscarce, printedd on chine colllé. Sheet: 3400 x 255mm (13¼ ¼ x 10'') very large l margins. Slight stain £2660 top left. A romantic pportrait of poeet George Gord don Byron, 6tth Baron Byronn (1788 - 18244). Stock: 48624

66. [George Byron.] [after Thomaas Phillips.] G. G Sidney Huntt. [signed in pencil] Publiished 1922 byy the Museum Galleries, 26 Museum Streeet, London, W.C. W Copyright. Mezzotint, prrinted in colouurs, on chine collé c with Finne Art Guild bliindstamp. Platte: 235 x 305m mm (9¼ x 12"") very large maargins. £1440 The poet Lorrd Byron sat too Phillips in 1813 wearing aan Albanian cosstume which he h had boughtt four years earlier.

70 0. [Rudya ard Kipling..] [n n.d., c.1910.] Ph hotogravure. Plate: P 140 x 1005mm (5½ x 4''). £70 A portrait of no ovelist and jouurnalist Rudyaard Kipling (1 1865-1936). Stock: 48688

71 1. Mr. John Locke. Sy ylvester Broun nower ad vivuum delin: P. Vanderbanck V scculp: [n.d. c.16 694.] £75 En ngraving. 250 0 x 170mm (9¾ ¾ x 6¾"). Jo ohn Locke (16 632-1704), an English philo osopher and ph hysician who was regarded as the 'Fatherr of Liiberalism'. Hee is known to hhave influenced other En nlightenment figures, includ uding Voltaire and Rousseau. NPG G: D20844. Stock: 48290


67. Georrge, Gordon, Byron, Lord Byron. Lithographiéé par Delorieux d'après le taableau originall de G. H. Harrlow. Imprimeeries Lithog: de d C. Motte. A Paris chez Laadvocat librairre Editeur de la traduction des oeuvres ccomplétes de Lord Byron (3 3 volumes in 8.o prix 18 F F) Palais Royaal galeries de bois b N.o 197 eet 198. Lithograph, rrare. Sheet: 2990 x 220mm (11½ ( x 8¾'') large marginns. Repaired daamage in botto om right edgee. £1660 A portrait off Romantic poeet George Gorrdon Byron, 66th Baron Byronn (1788-1824). Stock: 48677

Lord d Byron. (oeeuvres de Chateaubriand). 68.

Emile Girouxx. Paris. Imp. Lesauvage r. de Sorbonne, 6. [n.d., c.1845.] Engraving. P Plate: 190 x 1220mm (7½ x 4¾'') 4 very largge margins. £665 A portrait off Romantic poeet George Gorrdon Byron, 66th Baron Byronn (1788-1824). Stock: 48678


Edvaardus Cave, ob. 10 Jan. 1754. Ætatiis

62. F. Kyte pinx. 1740. T. Woorlidge fecit. [n n.d., c.1755.] Etching. Platte: 200 x 120m mm (8 x 4¾'').. Trimmed to £1440 plate. A portrait off Edward Cavee (1691-1754)), founder andd editor of the Gentleman's Magazine. M Stock: 48684

72 2. [Thomas Babingtoon Macaulay y.] Paainted by Fran ncis Grant R.A A. Engraved by b James Faaed. London, Published by Henry Gravess & Comp.y May M 20th 1854: Printsellers tto the Queen _ 6 Pall Mall. Mezzotint M on ch hine collé with th Printsellers'' Association bllindstamp. 405 5 x 330mm (116 x 13"), with h wide margins. m £260 Th homas Babing gton Macaulayy (1800-59), historian, h esssayist and poet, published ttwo years beffore he was raaised to the peerage. He wass educated at Trinity T College, Cambrridge. A rare print: it was w limited too 50 Artist's prroofs and 50 prroofs. Stock: 48498

Ionnnees Milton. Æ Ætatis XXI. Nascuntur Poetae, non fiunt. f 73 3.

G: G Vertue sculp p. 1731. En ngraving. Platte: 240 x 170m mm (9½ x 6¾ ¾'') large £140 margins. m A portrait of po oet John Miltoon (1608-1674 4) aged 21, seet in decorative frame with bbusts of Virgiil and Homer beelow. Alexand der 624. Stock: 48656


he British Mu useum's biograapher of the pu ublisher Th co onsists of a vaague date and tthis mezzotint. CS 46.

Kneller pinxiit 1722. Marilllier Ornam. del. d Le Beau Graveur de M Mgr le Duc dee Chartres. [n.d d., c.1778.] Engraving. S Sheet: 195 x 1220mm (7¾ x 4¾''). 4 £665 A French porrtrait of English poet Alexaander Pope (1688-1744),, set within ann oval below which w a satyr and cupid plaay around a pllaque.

Stock: 48149

Alexaandre Pope.. né a Londres le 6 Juin n 1688, mort le 30 may 1744. 1

Stock: 48657

75. Popee. Sysang sc. [nn.d., c.1750.] Engraving, raare. Sheet: 145 x 85mm (5¾ ¾ x 3¼''). £1220 Trimmed. A profile, buust of English poet p Alexander Pope (168881744).

80 0. Tho.s Hammersely H y Esq.r. En ngraved by Riich.d Goldingg from an original Picture by y Hamilton off Dublin. [n.d. , c.1822.] En ngraving, prin nted on chine ccollé, collecto or's mark. Pllate: 370 x 300mm (14½ x 11¾'') large margins. m £160 Creased margin ns. A portrait of baanker Thomas Hammersley (174718 812). From Co ollection of Siir Thomas Law wrence. Stock: 48377

Stock: 48668

76. Williiam Shakesp peare. Engraved byy C. Picart from m the original Print by Marrtin Droeshout. L London, Publisshed April 23d 1827 by A. Wivell, 40, C Castle Street East. E Engraving, pprinted on indiia. Plate: 265 x 185mm (10 ½ £665 x 7¼'') very llarge margins. A portrait off Elizabethan playwright p Wiilliam Shakespeare after Martin Droeshout's D frrontis piece too the Shakespeeare folios firsst published in n 1623. Stock: 48353

Georrge Steevanss. Esq.r F.R..A.S. Born May 10th O O.S. 1736: Died D Jan.y 22 2.d 1800. Engraved ffrom a Portrrait Painted d by Zofanii in 1774. 77.

Painted by Z Zoffanii. The face f engraved by W. Evans.. Published Seep. 1800. by S. Harding No.. 127, Pall Maall. Stipple. Platee: 225 x 150m mm (9 x 6''). Trrimmed to £665 plate. A portrait off Shakespeareaan commentattor George Steevens (17736-1800) shown with his pet dogs. Stock: 48671

Edou uard Young.. Curé de Wellwin W dan s Hersfordsh hire. Né en 1684. 1 Mort en e 1765. 78.

Allegorié parr G. de St. Auubin. Gravé paar Aug. de S.t Aubin. [n.d., c.1769.] Engraving. S Sheet: 155 x 85mm (6 x 3½''). Trimmed. £995 The frontispiiece to a Frencch edition of English E poet, Edward Youn ung's poems 'N Night Thoughtts' published inn 1769. Stock: 48664

John n Couts Esq..r. [Late Lord Provost oof the City of Edinburgh..] 79.

A. Ramsay P Pinx.t. Ja.s MccArdell Fecit. [Edinburgh: Alexander Paalmer, n.d., c.1745.] Mezzotint, sccarce. Sheet 285 2 x 230mm (11½ x 9"). Trimmed witthin plate, losiing the title an nd publicationn line. Bit dam maged. £1220 John Coutts ((1699-1750), a Scottish meerchant and banker, Lordd Provost of Eddinburgh 1742 2-4. His sonss James and Thhomas were founders fo of thee banking houuse of Coutts & C Co. Jeean Law du Roy y en Tous cees Con.ils Controleur G Gnal des Finances en 17 720. Sous l'Auguste et SSage Regence D'un Prince aiman nt la bonne ffoy: Law Co onsommé da ans l'art de regir la finaace trouve l''art d'enricher less sujets et lee Roy. 81 1.

Leeon. Schenk Fecit. F Pet: Schhenk Exc. Amst. [1720.] En ngraving 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 275 x 17 75mm (10¾ x 7'') very largee margins. Crreasing. £260 A satirical portaait of Scottishh economist Jo ohn Law who seerved as Contrroller Generall of the Financces of France. Th he portrait is in i the style off French portraaits of members m of thee French courtt but is in fact Dutch. Law haad promoted the Mississipppi scheme which like other sp peculative schemes collapseed in 1720. No o. 10 in vol. 1 off 'Het Groote Tafereel T der D Dwaasheid', a collection of Dutch D satires on n the Mississiippi and South h Sea Companies, theeir promoters aand victims. BM B Satire 16 645. Stock: 48336

Seren nissimus Potenissimusq q Princeps Carolus DE EI gratia Maagna Britan nnia et Hibern. Reex. 82.

Anton. van D Dyck pinxit. Petrus P de Iode fecit. [n.d., c.1641.] Engraving. P Plate: 170 x 1220mm (6¾ x 4¾'') 4 very largge margins. £1220 A portrait off Charles I (1600-1649) afteer a painting byy Anthony vann Dyck.

8. [Edwarrd VII.] 88 Waltney W sc. & del. d [n.d., c.19905.] Ettching. Plate: 300 x 205mm m (11¾ x 8''). Creasing C on £130 rig ght edge. A three-quater length portraiit of Edward VII V (184119 910) , son of Queen Q Victoriia and Prince Albert A who was w king from 1901. Stock: 48610

Stock: 48650

Caroolus Secundu us Dei gratia a Magna Britaniæ Franciæ et Hiberniæ H Rex x. 83.

D: Loggan feecit. G. Tomlÿÿn. excud: Cum mprivilegio. [n.d., c.1670.] Engraving, 17th century watermark. w Plaate: 235 x 155mm (9¼ x 6''). Trimmeed, repaired damage on leftt. £665 A portrait off Charles II (16630-1685) wh ho became kinng following thee restoration of o 1660. Stock: 48642

Caroolus. II. D. G. G Angliæ, Scotiæ, et Hibernæ R Rex. 84.

[n.d., c.1680.] Engraving. P Plate: 180 x 1220mm (7 x 4¾ ¾''), with very £995 large marginns. A portrait off Charles II (16630-1685) wh ho became kinng following thee restoration of o 1660. Stock: 48641

Caroolus Magnæ Britanniæ Princeps, P Caroli Reggis filius, Duxx Cornubiæ æ et Rothsalæ æ & Natus an nno, Christi MDCXXXII. 85.

P. de Iode exxcud. Anton. van v Dyck Pinx xit. [n.d., c.1641.] Engraving. P Plate: 170 x 1220mm (6¾ x 4¾''). 4 £1440 A portrait off Charles II (16630-1685) wh hile he was Prince of Waales, after a paainting by Antthony van Dyck. Stock: 48651

Charrles Stuard. Deuxsiemee du Nom Paar La Grace d de Dieu Roÿ d'Angleterrre. 86.

De Larmessinn sculpsit. Apparis Chez P Bertrand B Rüe S S.t Jacques à la P Pome dOr Prees St. Seuerin.. Avec Privileege du Roÿ. [n.d.., c.1675.] Engraving. S Sheet: 220 x 150mm (8¾ x 6''). Trimmedd. £775 A portrait off Charles II (16630-1685) wh ho became kinng of Great Brittain followingg the restoratio on of 1660. Stock: 48643

Charrlotta Magn: Britan: Frranc: et Hibern: Reegina. Nata Princ Maga alob: Strel. nata d. 19: Mai 1744. 87.

J. E. Nilson iinv. sculpsit. excud. e Neggess. [n.d., c.17700.] Engraving. P Plate: 220 x 1660mm (8¾ x 6¼'') 6 very largge margins. £1440 A portrait off Queen Charlootte (1744-1818) wife of George III. Stock: 48647

89 9. Elisabeetha. Coninnginne Van Engelant. E Dochter D van Coninck Heenderock deen VIII. do ogh onwettigh geboren.. Gasp: G Bouttats Sculpsit. [n.dd., c.1690.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 300 x 185m mm (11¾ x 7¼''). Trrimmed and laaid on album ssheet at corneers. £180 A portrait of Ellizabeth I (15333-1603), set within w an orrnate border. Stock: 48630

90 0. Elisabeeta D.G. Anggliæ Francæ æ& Hiberniæ H Regina. [1 1630.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 130 x 70m mm (5 x 2¾''). Trimmed. £65 A portrait of Ellizabeth I (15333-1603). Stock: 48629

91 1. [Elizab beth I.] Elisaabeth König gin von Engllandt. E 90 0. [n n.d., c.1750.] En ngraving. Platte: 275 x 170m mm (10¾ x 6¾ ¾''). £75 Trrimmed. Prin nter's crease. A portrait of Ellizabeth I (15333-1603), in an a oval within w a decoraative border, bbelow which iss a crown, scceptre and orb upon a cushioon. Stock: 48608

6. Georgius III. Maggn: Brit: Fra anc: et 96 Hibern: H Rex. Defensor F Fidei Dux Brrunsv: et Luneb: L et Eleector. nat: dd: 4 Juny. 17 738. Morland M Efig: pinx. p J: E: Nillson fec: et ex xcud: Aug: Vind. V [n.d., c.1770.] En ngraving. Platte: 220 x 160m mm (8¾ x 6¼ ¼'') large £130 margins. m A portrait of Geeorge III (17338-1820) after a painting byy Henry H Morland d. Stock: 48645

97 7. [Georg ge V.] [n n.d., c.1910.] En ngraving, on velum, v rare; SSheet: 415 x 255mm (16¼ £160 x 10''). Trimmeed to plate on tthree sides. A portrait of Geeorge V (18655-1936) who was w King from 1910. Stock: 48619

98 8. [Lady Jane J Gray.] Ioanna Gra ay. Coninginne C Van V Engelannt. Wort op een Scavot. London, onthooft. pu ublik, inden n Tour Van L

Elizaabetha Regin na. Diua po otens velis populoque potentior oeequat Ingen nio Reges et pietate Deoos. 92.

[n.d., c.1660.] Engraving, raare. Sheet: 155 x 115mm (6 6 x 4½''). £2330 Trimmed. A portrait off Elizabeth I (11533-1603). Stock: 48652

93. Elizaabeth. 1558. Tom. II. pa ag. 375. [n.d., c.1700.] Engraving. S Sheet: 125 x 90mm (5 x 3½''). Trimmed. £995 A portrait off Elizabeth I (11533-1603). Stock: 48631

94. Georrgius II. Rosbag Sculpps. [n.d., c.1730.] Engraving, raare. Sheet: 300 x 210mm (1 11¾ x 8¼''). £1990 Trimmed. A portrait off George II (16683-1760) who ruled Great n Friedrich Britain from 1727. Engravved by Johann Rosbach. Stock: 48640

Georrgius II. Maagn: Brit: Frranc: et Hibern: Reex. Dux Brunsv: et Luneeb et Electo r nat. d. 10 ggbr. 1682. 95.

Inventé et grave par J.E. Nilson. N Se vend a Augsbourrg chez L'Auteuur et à Paris chhez Rosselin rue r S.t Jacquess a l'hotel Saumuur. [n.d., c.17770.] Engraving. P Plate: 220 x 1660mm (8¾ x 6¼'') 6 large £995 margins. Staiining on left bottom. b A portrait off George II (16683-1760) who ruled Great Britain from 1727. Stock: 48646

Gasp: G Bouttats Sculpsit. [n.dd., c.1690.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 300 x 185m mm (11¾ x 7¼''). Trrimmed and laaid on album ssheet at corneers. £140 A portrait of Laady Jane Greyy (1537-1554) known as th he 9 Days Queeen. Before hiss death the yo oung King Ed dward VI nam med his cousinn Jane Grey ass his su uccessor and his h sisters illeggitimate, howeever, fo ollowing his death support ffor Mary gre quickly q and th he Privy counccil changed siddes and named Mary I as Queen. Q The porrtrait is set witthin an ornatee border. Stock: 48609

99 9. Serenisssima Potenttissimus Henrica Maria M DEI grratia Magnee Britania Francia F Hibern. H Regina. Anton. A van Dycck pinxit. Petrrus de Iode feccit. [n.d., c.1641.] En ngraving. Platte: 170 x 120m mm (6¾ x 4¾ ¾'') very large £110 margins. m A portrait of Heenrietta Mariaa (1609-1669)), the French wife w of Charless. Following thhe execution of o Charles I sh he lived in exile in France uuntil the Resto oration of her so on Charles II. After a paintin ing by Anthon ny van Dyck. Stock: 48649

10 00. [Henry y VII.] Cor R Regis Inscru utabile. N: N heÿbroeck fecit. fe [n.d., c.1 660.] En ngraving, raree. Sheet: 145 x 80mm (5¾ x 3''). £95 Trrimmed. A portrait of Heenry VII (145 7-1509) after John Payne. Henry H VII is sh hown holding an orb and sceptre. Stock: 48638

10 01. Henry VIII. 1509. XX. Tom. II. I pag. 344.. [n n.d., c.1700.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 125 x 80m mm (5 x 3''). £95 A portrait of Tu udor king Hennry VIII (1491 1-1547) who ru uled Great Britain from 15009. Stock: 48633


Iacob bus D.G. Maagnæ Britan nniæ Franciiæ et Hiberniæ æ Rex.

06. S. A. R. R le princessse Charlottee 10 d'Angleterre..

[n.d., c.1627.] Engraving. S Sheet: 195 x 1220mm (7¾ x 4¾''). 4 Trimmeed. £1220 A portrait off James I of Enngland (1566-1625). An illustration by Erasmus Keempffer from Lundorp's Laurea Austrriaca.

Marlet. M Lithog. de C. de Lastteyrie. [n.d., c.1817.] c Liithograph, scaarce. Sheet: 4000 x 290mm (15¾ x 11½'').. Sm mall repaired tears on right.. £180 A memorial portrait of Princcess Charlotte of Wales (1 1796-1817) wh ho died in chilildbirth. Charllotte was married m to Prince Leopold, laater King of th he Belgians, an nd there had been b a huge am mount of interrest in her prregnancy. Chaarlotte was thee only child off George IV an nd should she have outlivedd both her Graandfather George G III and her father shee would have been b queen. Prrofile portraitss of Charlotte and Leopold are situated ab bove a scene showing s the prrince and court mouning att Charlotte's deatthbed.

Stock: 48636

[Jam mes VI.] Iacoobus. 6. Dei.. Gra. Rex. Scotor. In U Utrunque Paratus. 103.

[n.d., c.1580.] Woodcut. Shheet: 205 x 150mm (8 x 6'').. Manuscript oon verso. £2660 A portrait off James VI (15566-1625) as a boy while kiing of Scotland. He became Jaames I of Englland in 1603. Illustration too Beza's 'Icones' published in Geneva by Jean Laon inn 1580. Stock: 48634

Stock: 48612

Henry Benoist, 2.dd Fils de Jacques Sttaurd, né à Rome R le 25. Mars 1725.. 10 07.

Gravé G à Paris par p Will. [n.d.,, c.1750.] En ngraving. Platte: 240 x 170m mm (9½ x 6¾ ¾'') large £180 margins. m A half-length portrait of Hennry Benoist Stu uart (172518 807), grandson n of deposed JJames II and brother b of Bonnie Prince Charlie. C He sppent his life in n Rome and haad a long career in the Rom man Catholic Church C and was w one of the longest servinng Cardinals. Stock: 48670

S. M. Victoria V Ièree. Reine d'A Angleterre ett S.. A. le Princce Albert sonn époux. So ouvenir de leeur visite á L'Empereur L r Napoléon III I et á la Nation N Franççaise. Paris lle 18 Août 1855. 1 10 08.

Cisneros, lith. Imp. I Bertauts,, r. Cadet 11 Paris. P Liithograph. Sheeet: 450 x 3100mm (17¾ x 12''). 1 Foxing. £160 A double portraait of Queen V Victoria and Prince P Albert, pu ublished in France to visit N Napoleon III. Stock: 48620

To Herr Royal Highhness the Du uchess of Kent K This Po ortrait of Heer Majesty th he Queen, Iss with specia al permissioon most resp pectfully deedicated by Her Royal H Highness' most m deevoted & ob bedient hum mble Serv.t. Fra.s F Grah.m G Moon. 10 09.

Mariia Catholijck ke Coningin nne van Enghelandt, ende wetttighe dochter van Coninck H Henricus VIII. 104.

[After Hans H Holbein.] [n.dd., c.1669.] Engraving, raare, 17th centuury watermark k. Plate: 280 x 170mm (11 x 6¾''). Small margins. £2660 A portrait off Mary I (15166-1558) and illlustration to Hazart's 'Kerrkelijcke Histooire'. Stock: 48639

Dna Maria Filia Caroli Regiis Magnæ Britanniæ. nata anno Christi 1631 mense Octobri.


[After Anthoony van Dyck..] Petrus de Io ode fecit. [n.d. , c.1641.] Engraving. P Plate: 170 x 1220mm (6¾ x 4¾'') 4 very largge margins. £1660 A portrait off Charles I's daaughter Mary Princess Royaal (1631-1660) who was marrried to Princee William II. Stock: 48648

R. J. Lane A.R..A. J. Thomsoon. London, Pu ublished April A 11. 1838, by F.C. Moon on, Printseller by Special Appointment A to o Her Majestyy, & H.R.H. th he Duchess pff Kent, K 20, Threaadneedle Streeet. En ngraving. Platte: 380 x 305m mm (15 x 12'')) very large £160 margins. m A portrait of the young Queeen Victoria (18 819-1901) deedicated to her mother Dutcchess of Kent.. Stock: 48623

11 10. Wilhelm mus Henricuus D.G. Prin ns van Orange. O Wissing W Pinxit. et excu[dit] JJ. Gole fecit. Mezzotint. M Sheet: 335 x 235m mm (13¼ x 9¼ ¼''). Trrimmed, somee text missingg.


A portrait off William of Orange O (1650-1702) who latter reigned as W William III alonngside his wiffe Mary II of England folloowing the Gloorious Revolution in 1689. Stock: 48311

Guilllaume III. 1689 XXVIIII. Tom. III. pag. 448. 111.

[n.d., c.1700.] Engraving. P Plate: 125 x 755mm (5 x 3''). Staining. £775 A portrait off William III (1650-1702) who w ruled Greaat Britain from 1689. Stock: 48632

14. A Naiad. Ye green n haired Nym mphs... 11 G.B. G Cipriani in nv. F. Bartoloozzi sculp. 177 79. Published acccording to Acct Parliament Oct 4. 1779 by b F. Bartolozzi N.1 Bentinck St. B Bewick St. So oho. Sttipple. Plate: 350 3 x 250mm m (13¾ x 9¾'') very large £260 margins. m A portrait of a classical c naiadd sitting by waater. De Vesme Ve 451. Stock: 48314

11 15. Elizabe eth Canningg. TW W [Thomas Worlidge] W 17554. Ettching. Plate: 190 x 150mm m (7½ x 6''). Damage D in top £140 leeft corner. Ellizabeth Cann ning (1734-17773) in the witn ness box, po ortrayed here by b Thomas W Worlidge, the 'E English Rembrandt'. Caanning was a L London sculleerymaid whose w alleged kidnapping k caaused a sensation in 1753. Sh he disappeared for a monthh before return ning to her mother's m home. Susannah Weells and Mary y Squires, Canning's alleg ged captors, w were tried and found f guilty. However, H Crisp p Gascoyne, trrial judge and d Lord Mayor off London, wass unhappy witth the verdict and a began hiss ow wn investigatiion which led to information proving Sq quires and herr family to be innocent. Sev veral of the prrosecution wittnesses recantted their earlieer testimonies an nd Canning was tried and foound guilty off perjury. She was w sentenced to t one month''s imprisonmeent and seven yeears of transpo ortation. Stock: 48672

Hebee. From an Original Piccture in the Collection oof S.r Bar.t. B 112.

A. Kauffmann Pinx.t. Walkker Excudit. F.. Bartolozzi sculp. Londoon, Published Nov.r N 178 82 by I. Walkeer No.118 Strannd. Stipple, printted in sepia. Plate: P 230 x 17 70mm (9 x 6¾''). Title annd publicationn line faint. Small S margins . £2220 Bit messy. V Very slight creeasing. A portrait off the mythologgical figure Heebe shown feeding an eaagle from a cuup. De Vesme 423.II Stock: 48292

113. Iris. Printed by C. Hullmandel.. Drawn by T. Harper Pub.dd Sep.r 1826 by S. Knights Royal R Exchan nge Litho: by E E. F. Lambert. Lithograph. S Sheet: 245 x 180mm 1 (9¾ x 7''). Trimmedd. £1440 A portrait off the winged gooddess Iris. Stock: 48070

11 16. Charlotte. Hancock H sc.t. Publish'd P Aprilil 9th 96 by J. Hancock Congreve St. Birm.m. Sttipple. Plate: 160 1 x 110mm m (6¼ x 4¼''). Trimmed T to £130 pllate. A portrait of a young y womann with a muff. Hancock, Th homas, Engraaver, Printselleer, Congreve St, S Birmingham. A skilfull engrraver working g in Birmingham du uring the latterr part of the eiighteenth and eaarly part of thee nineteenth ccenturies. Stock: 48079

11 17. Patty. Hancock H sc.t. Publish'd P Apr.ll 9th 96 by J. Hancock Congreve St. Birm.m. 1 x 110mm m (6¼ x 4¼''). Trimmed T to Sttipple. Plate: 160 £160 pllate. A portrait of a woman w carrryying a basket. Hancock, Th homas, Engraaver, Printselleer, Congreve St, S Birmingham. A skilfull engrraver working g in Birmingham du uring the latterr part of the eiighteenth and eaarly part of thee nineteenth ccenturies. Stock: 48077

11 18. Ja.s Walker 1846 [[facsimile sig gnature]. En ngraved by Saamuel Bellin. [n.d., c.1850.] Mezzotint M on ch hine collé. 4300 x 340mm (1 17 x 13½") £240 veery large marg gins. Jaames Walker (1781-1862), ( SScottish civil engineer whose w works in ncluded: the W West India and d East India Docks D with his uncle Ralph W Walker; Comm mercial Road, which co onnected the W West India Do ocks to the

warehouses oof the City; Greenland Dock k; Surrey Commercial Docks; the West W Usk Lightthouse (the firrst of 22); and thhe completionn of the Caedo onian Canal. H He succeeded Thhomas Telfordd as Presidentt of the Institution off Civil Engineeers (1834-45)). Stock: 48444

119. [Denon] [after Jean Baptiste Isabeyy.] [Unsigned, c.1806.] Scarce Pen liithograph, sheeet 190 x 160m mm (7½ x 6¼ ¼"). £1660 Trimmed, creeased. Head and shooulders portait of Dominiqu ue Vivant (1747-1825),, Baron Denonn, the first Dirrector of the Louvre museeum. His 'Voyyage dans la baasse et la hautte Egypte', relatting his exploration of Egyp pt during the Napoleon invvasion, was thhe foundation of modern Egyptology. The British M Museum exam mple is titled in n ink "Denon by G. Arnald''; tthe curator wrrites ''The prin nt may be the frontispiece tthat was adverrtised as appearing in an English transslation of Dennon's 'Travels in i upper and Lower Egyptt' published byy John Bell, which w was advertised inn the Morning Post of 21st April A 1804 as 'the first and only complette edition', hav ving 'a portraitt of the authorr, after an etchhing by himsellf, and now copied correcctly after a proocess of printiing from stonee, without engrraving or etchiing' (informatiion from Michael Kassler). The prinnt is based on Denon's self-portrait after a drawing byy Isabey ... which was used aas the frontispieece to Denon'ss "Voyage en Egypte", 18022''. BM: 1874,07711.951. Stock: 47637

120. [Sir J John Laird Mair Lawreence.] [Engraved byy George Sandders after John n Robert Dicksee.] [Puublished by Henry H Graves & Co., 25th October 18644.] Mezzotint onn chine collé, with w Printselleers' Associatioon blindstamp; P Proof before letters l except publication. p £2880 480 x 380mm m (19 x 15") laarge margins. A portrait off John Laird Mair M Lawrencee (1811-79), ann English colonnial administrrator in India, painted in England shorrtly before he returned to In ndia in 1863 too replace Lordd Elgin, who had h died suddeenly, as Vicerooy of India. He w was made Barron Lawrencee 'of the Punjauub and of Gratelley in the Couunty of Southaampton' on hiss return to Enggland in 1869.. Stock: 48287

12 22. Cather rine Fitz-Gerrald (the lon ng lived) Countess C of Desmond. D F From an Oriiginal Family Picture if the sam me size Paintted on Board, B in thee Possession of The Righ ht Honourable H Maurice M Fittz-Gerald, Knight K of Kerry K &c. &c. &c. To whhom this Pla ate is most reespectfully Dedicated D byy his very ob bedient and d much m obliged d humble serrvant. Henrry Pelham... Pu ublished as the act directs aat Bear Island June 4 1806 by y Henry Pelhaam Esq.r. Mezzotint, M very y rare. Sheet: 3335 x 205mm m (13¼ x 8''). Trrimmed. £230 A portrait of a very v long liveed woman who o was born in 14 464 during thee reign of Edw ward IV and th hen lived th hrough the entire reigns of E Edward V, Ricchard III, Henry H VII, Edw ward VI, Maryy I and Elizabeth I, dying att the end of thee reign of Jam mes I aged abo out 162. Stock: 48312

To th he Presidentt & Fellows of the Socieety of Antiquarries and to all a the otherr Lovers of the Antiquee. Elizabeth h Alexanderr, Widow, aged 104, h humbly dediicates this Portrait of Herself. Prrice, 5s. :Praay rememberr the Poor. 121.

[Drawn & etched by Mariaa Catherine Faanshawe] Published as the Act directs May 8, 180 06, for Elizah.Alexaander & Elizh..Atkins, No.11, Hanway Yard. Etching withh aquatint. Sheeet: 330 x 230mm (13 x 9'') . Trimmed, rubbbing and tear in bottom ed dge. Messy. £885 A seated porttrait of centennarian Elizabeth Alexander.. Stock: 48673

S. Barrrett, the Herrmit of Cabb binteely, in Irreland. 12 23.

C. Doyle sculp..t. Pub. by Hoogg & Co. Jun ne 1. 1807. [L Later 19th Cen ntury.] Sttipple. Plate: 190 1 x 100mm m (7½ x 4''). Daamage to top £25 co orner, paper to one. A portrait of a hermit h from C Cabinteely neaar Dublin. An illlustration from m the New Woonderful Museum and Ex xtraordinary Magazine. M Stock: 48393

[Thomas Parr.] The Olde, Old, O very Olde Man oor Thomas Par P the Son nne of Iohn Parr of Winnington in n the Parish of Alberburry In the Coun nty of Shrop pshire who was w Borne iin 1483 in thee Raigne of King K Edwarrd the 4th an nd is now livin ng in The Strand, being aged 152 yeares and odd Monethes 1635. 124.

[After Corneelis van Dalen I.] [c.1635.] Engraving, raare. Plate: 1600 x 105mm (6¼ x 4''). £1220 Creases. A portrait off Thomas Parr famous for beeing very old.. Stock: 48628

The R R.t Hon.ble the Earl of Loudoun. Capt.n Gen neral & Govvernour in Chief, C of his Majestys F Forces in Norrth America a: and one oof the Sixteen n Peers of Sccotland. 125.

Lond: Mag. [[n.d., c.1760.]] Engraving. S Sheet: 200 x 115mm (8 x 4½ ½''). Trimmedd. £1440 A full-lengthh portrait of Sccottish noblem man and army officter Johnn Campbell, 4tth Earl of Lou udoun (17051782). Stock: 48687

A portrait of Th homas Fairfaxx (1612-1671)) who was a Paarliamentary commander c duuring the English Civil War W who led troops at the Baattle of Naseby. Stock: 48683

12 29. [Arthur Wellesley,, 1st Duke of Wellington.] W [E Eugène Lami. Jean Jacques Outhwaite.] [n.d., [ c.1840.] En ngraving, on chine c collé, prroof before alll letters. Pllate: 280 x 190mm (11 x 7½ ½''), with very y large £60 margins. m A portrait of Arrthur Wellesleey, 1st Duke of o Wellington (1 1769-1852) resting against a rock with a map m draped ov ver it. Stock: 48627

13 30. Lord Wellington W G Generalissim mus der Englischen E und Spanischhen Arméen n. [n n.d., c.1810.] Sttipple engraving. Sheet: 1555 x 100mm (6 6¼ x 4''). £75 Trrimmed. A portrait of Arrthur Wellesleey, 1st Duke of o Wellington (1 1769-1852) made followingg his success during d the Peeninsular cam mpaign. Stock: 48660

Sir H Henry Clintoon, K.B. Co ommandant en Chef less Troupes dee Sa Majestéé Britanniqu ue dans l'Améérique. 126.

Smart pinx. D Dupin Sculp. [n.d., c.1795.]] Engraving. S Sheet: 180 x 110mm (7 x 4¼ ¼''). Trimmedd. £880 A portrait off British army officer Sir Heenry Clinton (1730-1795) who commannded British fo orces during thhe American Reevolutionary Wars. W Stock: 48679

The R Right Hono.ble Godart Baron de Ginkel, Crreated Earl of Athlone, & Baron Aghrym in Ireland 16991, Comman nder in Chieef of all their Ma.ties Forrces in ye saiid Kingdom m, & Gen.ll off ye Horse in n Falnders &c. & 127.

G. Kneller Eques pinx: I: Smith S fec: et exc: e [n.d., c.1700.] Mezzotint. P Plate: 345 x 2550mm (13½ x 9¾''). Trimme med to plate. £1770 A three-quarrter length porrtrait of Godarrt de Ginkel, 11st Earl of Athloone (1630-17003), a military general who was born in U Utrecht and who w came overr to England inn 1688 with W William III. He commanded a body of Dutch cavalrry at the Battlee of the Boynee and, as Firstt Field Marshaal of the Dutchh States Army y, was second in command off the Allied arm my under Marrlborough in 1702. Stock: 48397

[Thomas Fairfaxx.] Tomas Fairefax, F Anagramm ma. Fax Erit Famosa Plu us Gladius, Quam Scep ptra Valent. 128.

[n.d., c.1650.] Plate: 165 x 1225mm (6½ x 5'') 5 very large Engraving. P £1440 margins.

13 31. [Jan La adislav Dusssek?] Paainted & Engrraved by T. H Hardy. [n.d., c.1800.] Mezzotint. M Platte: 340 x 250m mm (13½ x 9¾ ¾''). Trimmed £230 to o plate. A portrait of a man m with pow wdered hair an nd a frilled crravat. Chaloneer Smith identtifies the sitterr as Czech co omposer Jan Ladislav L Dusseek (1760-1812), and the feeatures resemb ble a portrait tititled 'J. L. Du ussek' pu ublished in 17 793 by J. Bland nd, however, th here are seeveral differen nces. Dussek w was one of thee earliest piiano virtuososs to travel widdely throughou ut Europe and was w a favourite of both Catheerine the Greaat and Marie Antoinette. A CS. 8. Stock: 48310


[Chrristopher Myyngs.] Christoforo Mingh T A Ammiraglio Della D Flotta a Inglese.

13 35.

[n.d., c.1680.] Engraving. S Sheet: 210 x 150mm (8¼ x 6''). Trimmedd. £1220 A portrait off Admiral Chriistopher Myng gs (1625-16666) who was a naaval commandder during thee Dutch Wars,, following thee Restoration he retained hiis command.

Fiiddes Watt 1919 [?] Fiddes Watt A.R.S.A A. pinxit. Em mery Walker ph. sc. [?19199 in image] Ph hotogravure on o chine collé.. 635 x 405mm m (25 x 16"), £180 with w large marg gins. A three-quarterr lenth portraitt of Arthur Jam mes Balfour (1 1848-1930), haands on lapelss of his jackett. He H read moral sciences s at Trrinity College,, Cambridge (1 1866-9).

Stock: 48655

133. Nelso on. Lith de. C. M Motte. G. Grevvedon 1826. Lithograph, oon chine colléé. Sheet: 470 x 325mm (18½ ½ x 12¾''). Sligght stain at topp. £2330 A portrait off Horatio Nelsoon, 1st Viscou unt Nelson (1758-1805).. Stock: 48626

Arthurr James Balffour [facsim mile siignature].

Stock: 48493

13 36. [The Right R Hon.ble le A.J. Balfo our, M.P.] L. Alma-Tadem ma. M. Cormaack. [pencil sig gnatures] Lo ondon Publish hed 25th May, y, 1832, by P & D. Colnaghi & Co. 13 & 14 Palll Mall East, S.W. S Prroof mezzotin nt on chine colllé, one of 225 5 signed by th he artist and en ngraver. Sheett size: 520 x 390mm 3 (20¼ x 15¼"). Printsellers' Associaation blindstaamp. Some sp £130 potting of back king card. Seeated portrait of Arthur Jam mes Balfour (1 1848 - 1930), 1sst Earl of Balffour, Prime M Minister from July J 1902 to December D 1905 5. He H read moral sciences s at Trrinity College,, Cambridge (1 1866-9). Stock: 48496

13 37. [Stratfo ord Canningg] Canning de Radcliffe R [faccsimile signaature]. [aafter George Richmond.] R [1 853.] Sttipple on chine collé, with PPrintsellers' Association A bllindstamp. 560 0 x 430mm (222 x 17") very y large £70 margins. m Some spotting. Sttratford Canniing (1786-18880), 1st Viscou unt Stratford dee Redcliffe, Ambassador A too the Ottoman Empire 18 842-58, during g which he waas involved with w the diispute between n the Ottomanns and Russia that led to th he Crimean War. Stock: 48507

The H Honble: Willliam Rowleey Esqr: Vicce Admiral off the Blue, and Comman nder in Chieef of his Majeesty's Fleet in i the Meditterranean 1745. 134.

Arnulphy Pinnxt. 1743. J. Faber F fecit 174 45. Sold by J. Faber in Blooomsbury Squaare, T. Bowless in St. Pauls Church Yardd & J. Bowles in Cornhill. A fine mezzootint. Plate: 3550 x 250mm (13¾ ( x 9¾"). £2660 Small marginns. William Row wley (c.1690-11768), K.B., was w Admiral oof the Fleet in thhe British Royyal Navy and a Member off Parliament. H He was a Knigght in the Order of the Bathh and entered P Parliament in 1750 as memb ber for Taunton, andd represented that t town untiil 1754 when hhe was chosen tto represent Poortsmouth unttil 1761. C.S. 308 only statte. Not in Parrker. Stock: 48689

13 38. Oliveriius Cromweell. [M Matthäus Meriian I.] [n.d., c..1650.] En ngraving, scarrce. Sheet: 3255 x 260mm (1 12¾ x 10¼''). £320 Trrimmed and damaged d on eddges. A portrait of Olliver Cromweell (1599-1658 8) on ho orseback. The portrait is alttered from a portrait of Jo ohannes Georg g of Saxony: tthe city in the background haas not been am mended and soo does not reseemble Lo ondon. Stock: 48611

Roberttus Dudleus Leycestriæ Comes, Reginæ R Angliæ Missu, B Belgarum Prræfectus Anno. A M. D. LXXXVII. 13 39.

[n n.d., c.1650.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 185 x 185m mm (7¼ x 7¼ ¼''). Trimmed £160 an nd laid on albu um sheet. A portrait of Ro obert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leeicester (1 1532-1588), sttatesman and ffavourite of Elizabeth E I. BM M 1870,0514.1930 Stock: 48681

David d La Touche Esq.r. Off Belvue, in the Countyy of Wicklow w. A Gentlem man whose well known n Character and Condu uct, though a long and acctive Life, makes m any Eu ulegium on either unneecessary. Hee lived to thee Age of 82. 140.

[n.d., c.1812.] Engraving. P Plate: 305 x 2440mm (12 x 9½''). Thread £995 margins, repaaired tear at bottom. A portrait off Irish politiciaan David la To ouche (17691816). Stock: 48378

A half-length portrait of Irishh political lead der Daniel O'Connell O (177 75-1847). Stock: 48658

14 45. The Right Hon.blee John Earl of Bute &c. Ramsay pinx.t. Graham sculpp.t. [n.d., c.17 790.] Mezzotint. M Platte: 150 x 110m mm (6 x 4¼'') large £140 margins. m A half-length portrait of Johnn Stuart, 3rd Earl E of Bute (1 1713-1792) wh ho served andd Prime Ministter from 17 762-3. Stock: 48676

[Willliam Lamb] To Her Mo ost Graciouss Majesty thee Queen, Th his portrait of o The Righ ht Hon.ble thee Lord Viscoount Melbourne, First Lord of thee Treasury &c. & &c. is by y Command d most respecctfully dediccated by Heer Majesty's most humb ble Subjects and Servan nts, Paul & Dominic Coolnaghi & Co. C 141.

Painted by G Geo. Hayter, Esq. E M.A.S.L. Her Majesty'ss Painter of Hiistory and Porrtrait. Engraveed by C. Turneer, A.R.A. Londdon, Publi0sheed March 25, 1839, at No 1 4, Pall Mall Easst, by Paul & Dominic & Co., C PrintPublishers & Print-Sellers to Her Majessty. Mezzotint. 560 x 410mm (22 ( x 16"), wiith very large margins. Som £1880 me foxing. William Lam mb (1779-18488), 2nd Viscou unt Melbournee, twice Prime M Minister (1834 and 1835–1 1841), best known for beeing the mentoor of the new Queen Victorria. He attended Trinity Collegge, Cambridgee.+ Stock: 48500

Charrles Newdigaate Newdega ate, M.P. From m the Picturee Presented to his Mother, M Mrs Newdegaate, By the Tenants T of th he Arbury Esttate. 142.

Painted by F.R. Say. Engrraved by T.O. Barlow. Victoria Roaad, Kenningtonn. Private Platte [n.d., c.1865.] o chine colléé. 645 x 405m mm Mixed methood engraving on (25¼ x 16"). Slight foxingg, small split in n right platemark. £1880 Full length pportrait of Chaarles Newdigatte Newdegatee (1816-87), C Conservative MP M for North Warwickshire W e (1843-85), w when the seat was w abolished. He was caricatured bby Ape (Carlo Pellegrini) fo or Vanity Fair as 'A Jesuit in D Disguise'. Stock: 48503

143. Daniiel O'Connelll. Ch. Allen Duuval pinx. Bossselman sc. Pu ublié par Pagnerre. Livvre des Orateuurs. [n.d., c.18 845.] Engraving. P Plate: 210 x 1335mm (8¼ x 5¼''). 5 Small £665 margins. A half-lengthh portrait of Irrish political leeader Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847). Stock: 48659

144. Daniiel O'Connelll. A. Maurin. L Lith. Formentiin & [n.d d., c.1840.] Lithograph. S Sheet: 230 x 170mm 1 (9 x 6¾'') large £995 margins. Sligght foxing.

14 46. [The Rt R Hon Viscoount Palmerrston, GCB MP M &c &c &c. & This Porrtrait is resp pectfully deedicated to the t Committtee, who presented to th he Right Hon.ble the Viiscount Palm meston, the Picture from which the pplate was en ngraved.] [P Painted by Joh hn Partridge E Engraved by Samuell Cousins ARA.] [Londdon Published d May 1st 18 852 by Paul & Dominic Coolnaghi & Co 13 & 14 Pall Mall M East _ Pub blishers to Heer Majesty.] Mezzotint M on ch hine collé, prooof before lettters. 515 x £360 80 00mm (20½ x 31½"). Spottting, Fu ull-length porttrait of Henryy John Templee, 3rd Viscount V Palmeerston (1784-11865), standin ng in his study, left hand d resting on paapers. Th he painting was executed c..1850, when Palmerston P was w Secretary of o State for Fooreign Affairs, five years beefore his first term as Primee Minister. Affter Paalmerston's deeath his widow w insisted on the t face beingg reeplaced with one o from an eaarlier portrait by b Partridge, so o this mezzotin nt is the only rrecord of the original im mage. The pain nting is now in Parliament'ss art co ollection. Paalmerston attaanded St John''s College, Caambridge (1 1803-6) Stock: 48486

sh hortly after Maathew's first m major crusade to England eaarlier that yearr, the timing oof which was partly p deetermined by his h wish to bee away from Irreland at the heeight of Danieel O'Connell's campaign forr the repeal off th he union with Britain. B Not inn O'D. Stock: 48438

14 49. C.J. Ab braham [faccsimile signa ature]. George G Richmo ond. Francis H Holl. Printed by b McQueen. [n n.d., 1853.] Sttipple on chine collé. 560 x 430mm (22 x 17"), with laarge margins. Some S spottingg of backing paper. p £160 Charles John Abraham A (18144-1903) was th he first Anglican A Bisho op of Wellingtton, 1858. He H was educateed King's Colllege, Cambrid dge, beecoming a Felllow. Stock: 48494

Statuit cos Sacerdootes magnoss et beeatificavit illlos in gloriaa. Eccle. 95. 15 50.

Georrge Tierney Esq.r Memb ber for Southwark k. To the Right Hon.blee the Earl off Lauderdalee, This Platee, is by his Lordship's L permission n, humbly Deedicated by W. Matthews. 147.

Painted by L L.F. Abbott. Enngraved by W. W Nutter. W. Matthews exxc.t. Publishedd May 7th 179 98, by W. Matthews, N No 86 Blackmaan Street, nearr St George's Church, Soutthwark. Stipple. 540 x 410mm (21¼ x 16") fine impression. A little wear to large marginss. £2990 Three-quarteer length portrait of George Tierney (176 11830), rolledd petition in onne hand, the Southwark S endd of London Bridge visible through t a win ndow. After attendinng Peterhousee, Cambridge,, Tierney became a whhig politician, a rival of Willliam Pitt durinng the French R Revolutionary Wars, even fighting a duel with him on Putney Heathh in 1798, three weeks after this portrait w was publishedd. The same yeear Gillray caricatured T Tierney as a guuillotine operaator. In 1803 he joined the goovernment of Henry H Adding gton, who madde him Treasureer of the Navyy and Privy Co ouncillor; afteer Fox's death inn 1806 he beccame Presiden nt of the Boardd of Control (ooverseers of thhe East India Company) C under Grenviille. Stock: 48502

148. Fatheer Mathew. J. Noyces [?]] 1843. [Published by T. MccLean 26 Haymarket O October 1st 18843. Printed att No. 70 St Martins L.nee London.] Rare lithograaph on chine collé. c sheet 335 x 240mm (13¼ x 9½"). Trimmed to chine collé (in ncluding cut corners), losiing publication line, artist's printed signature verry weak, long tear with old repair. £880 Damaged. Theobald Maathew (1790-11856), Irish Capuchin friar and temperannce campaigner. This print was made

W. W Hollar fecit. [n.d., but 16772.] En ngraving. Platte: 315 x 180m mm (12¼ x 7''), 17th £130 ceentury waterm mark. A genealogical tree of the Orrder of St. Ben nedict (the Benedictine Treee), an illustraation from 'Th he Monasticon' M 16 655 by William m Dugdale. Stt Benedict is sh hown at the bo ottom of the trree flanked by y St. Dunstan, Stt Gregory, St Augustus A andd St Cuthbert. Pennington: 22 27, state iii off iv. Stock: 48364

15 51. S.t. Cec cilia. Benjamin Westt inv. K. Bartoolozzi Sculpsit. London Pu ublished June 1784, byy A: Poggi, No o.7, St. Georges G Row, Hyde H Park. Sttipple, printed d in sepia. Platte: 220 x 190m mm (8¾ x £240 7½ ½'') very largee margins. A portrait of Saaint Cecilia, thhe patron saint of music, sh hown playing the organ. Dee Vesme 2217 III. Stock: 48293

Vera Effigies E Iohannnis Clench he, Equitis au urati unius Iusticiarioru I um Dominæ D nuper Reginæ E Elizabethæ ad a placita co orum ipsa Regina R tenennda assignatti. 15 52.

W: W Hollar sculp p 1664. En ngraving, 17th h century wateermark. Verso o in pencil "B Bought in Pariis May 1875".. Sheet: 295 x 195mm £240 (1 11½ x 7¾''). A portrait of En nglish judge Jo John Clench (d d. 1607) from Dugdale's D 'Orig gines' either thhe 1671 or 168 80 editions. Peennington 137 76 II of II. Stock: 48360

15 53. The Right Rev.d R Reginald Heb ber, D.D. Lord L Bishop of Calcutta.. T. Phillips Esq.r R.A. Pinx.t.. S.W. Reynollds, Sculp.t En ngraver to thee King. Londoon, March 182 27, Published by y M. Colnaghi, 23 Cockspuur Street, Charring Cross. Mezzotint. M 510 x 350mm (200 x 13¾") very y large £140 margins. m Reginald Heberr (1783-1826)) was the Churrch of En ngland's secon nd Bishop of C Calcutta. His missionary

hymn 'From Greenland's Icy Mountainss', written in 1819 for a seervice in aid of the 'Society for the Propagation of the Gospell' in Wrexham m, was widely sung until reccently, but losst favour when n it was denounced by John Betjem man and Gand dhi as patronising, pparticularly thhe line ''the heathen in his blindness [boowing] down to t wood and stone''. s Other hymns, for exxample ''Holyy, Holy, Holy''', remain popular. First publisheed by Reynoldds in 1824. Whitman: W 137: iii of iii. Ex: C Collection of Hon H Christoph her LennoxBoyd. Stock: 48515

The R Right Rev.d d Reginald Heber, H D.D. Lord Bishoop of Calcuttta. 154.

T. Phillips Essq.r R.A. Pinxx.t. S.W. Reyn nolds, Sculp.t Engraver to tthe King. Lonndon, March 1827, Publisheed by M. Colnagghi, 23 Cocksspur Street, Ch haring Cross. Mezzotint. 510 x 350mm (20 ( x 13¾"). Wear W in very large marginns. £995 Reginald Hebber (1783-18226) was the Ch hurch of England's seccond Bishop of o Calcutta. His H missionaryy hymn 'From Greenland's Icy Mountainss', written in 1819 for a seervice in aid of the 'Society for the Propagation of the Gospell' in Wrexham m, was widely sung until reccently, but losst favour when n it was denounced by John Betjem man and Gand dhi as patronising, pparticularly thhe line ''the heathen in his blindness [boowing] down to t wood and stone''. s Other hymns, for exxample ''Holyy, Holy, Holy''', remain popular. First publisheed by Reynoldds in 1824. Whitman: W 137: iii of iii. Ex: C Collection of Hon. H Christoph her LennoxBoyd. Stock: 48514

Williiam Laud Lord Archbisshop of Canterburyy Privy Cou uncilor to hiis Grace Kin ng Charles ye 1st. 155.

R. White Scuulp. [n.d., c.16690.] Engraving. 2250 x 160mm (9¾ x 6¼"). Small S marginss. £665 An oval, halff-length portraait of William m Laud in his episcopal robbes, after Van Dyck. Stock: 48604

Rev.d d Mr Madan n & Rev.d Mr M De Coetlogon. 156.

George Jamees pinx.t. Jamees Watson feccit. Publish'd according to Act of Parliam ment April 15 5th 1774. Rare mezzotiint. 620 x 3800mm (24½ x 15"). Narrow margins top aand bottom, some foxing & wear to edgees. £4880 Martin Madaan (1726-90), Methodist cleergyman and barrister, witth Charles Edw ward De Coetlogon (17461820, his asssistant chaplainn, apparently debating the Gospel of St John.

Madan M is best known k for his collection of Methodist music, m 'Psalms and Hymns exxtracted from m various Authors' A (1760)) and 'Thelyphhthora, or A Treatise T on Feemale Ruin', in which he addvocated poly ygamy as a means m of ''remo oving or lessenning the causees of seeduction''. Thee latter causedd some controv versy: one an ngry responce was the 'Antti-Thelyphthorra' by William W Cowpeer, Madan's firrst cousin. De D Coetlogon, author of 'Thee Temple of Truth T : Or the Best System off Reason, Philoosophy, Virtu ue and Morals, M Analytically Arrangeed' (1807) beccame Vicar off Godstone G in 1794. CS ii of ii; i; Goodwin 98 8, ii of ii. Stock: 48499

15 57. Cardin nal Manningg. Men of th he Day. Frrom a photogrraph by Barrauud, 263, Oxfo ord-Street W. Su upplement to the Illustratedd London New ws, April 3, 18 886. Wood W engravin ng. Printed areea 490 x 330m mm (19¼ x £85 13 3"). Horizontaal central fold,, as issued. Henry H Edward Manning (18008-1892), Carrdinal and the seecond Archbisshop of Westm minster from 1865 1 until his deeath. Stock: 48286

15 58. [Roger O'Moloy.] B. de Champaig gne ad vivam delibat. N. dee Plate Montaigne M Scul.bat 1665. En ngraving, raree. Sheet: 300 x 200mm (11¾ ¾ x 8''). £130 Trrimmed. A portrait of Ro oger O'Moloyy (1590-1670), an Irish prriest who was professor of pphilosophy at the college dee Beauvais in Paris. Stock: 48665

The R Right Reverrend Lord Bishop B of Melbournee. 159.

Painted by Samuel Laurennce. Engraved by Geo. T. Payne. Published by J. Roe, 14, Parade, Cambridge. Mezzotint. C Cut to plate. Pllate: 539 x 396 6mm. (21¼" x 15½") very laarge margins. Slight foxing g in right £1660 margins. Charles Perryy (1807-91), first f Anglican bishop of Melbourne. T The third son of John Perry y, shipbuilder, he was educaated at Harrow w and Trinity College, Cambridge, bbefore becomiing a tutor at Trinity T Collegge. Ordained in 1833, he was appointed thee first bishop oof Melbourne inn 1847, arrivinng in Port Phillip Bay earlyy in 1848. Stock: 48505

[Christt and Saints..]Illustrissim mo ac Præstantissim mo Viro, Pettro Segnuierr, Francæ Cancellario C Humillimus H Cliens Greg g. Huret D.D.D. D Non Habet H Amarritudinem Conversatio C Illlorum. Sapiientaie. 16 62.

Huret H jnu. et f. cum Privilegiio 1636. En ngraving. Platte: 520 x 330m mm (20½ x 13 3'') large £260 margins. m Creasiing & foxed. A portrait of Ch hrist and two ssaints walking g in the Garden G engraveed by Gregoirre Huret. Stock: 48588

16 63. [Charle es Darwin.] Jo ohn Collier. G. G Sidney Huntt. [signed in pencil p by the arrtist and engraaver.] Publisheed 1922 by the Museum Galleries, G 26 Museum M Streett, London, W.C. Copyright. Mezzotint, M prin nted in colourss, on chine colllé with Fine Art A Guild blind dstamp. Plate: 235 x 305mm m (9¼ x 12") £240 veery large marg gins. A portrait of Ch harles Darwinn (1809-82), British B geeologist and naturalist n whosse revolutionaary theories on n natural selecction and evollution were pu ublished in 'O On the Origin of o Species' annd are now thee basis for the study of naturall history. Stock: 48280

16 64. D.r Tho omas Dreveer. Memberr of the Royal R College of Physiciaans of Lond don and Edinburgh. E Physician P in Ordinary to H.R.H. th he Duke of York; Y Physiccian Extraordinary to H.R.H. H the Princess Chaarlotte of Wa ales and H.R.H H the Prrince Leopolld of Saxe Coburg; C and d Physician to the t Earl of L Liverpool, Prime P Minister M of England. E

A Raationalist. Drawn D from the Life at the Oratoryy Chappel near n Lincoln n's Inn Field ds, Where the Original maay be seen every Sundaay Evening. 160.

Publish'd acccording to Actt of Parlia.t [n n.d., c.1750.] Etching, veryy scarce item. Sheet: 155 x 135mm (6 x £2880 5¼''). Trimm med. A portrait off English clerggyman John Henley H (16921756),rector of Chelmondiiston, who waas known for hhis showmanshipp and eccentriicity. Stock: 48554

M.r G George Wallker. Ministter of Dungannon n and Gouerrnour of London Derriee in Ireland w when besiegged in 1689. 161.

I. Savage scuulp. Printed foor Iohn Bowles in Cornhill London. [19tth Century.] Engraving. P Plate: 295 x 2115mm (11½ x 8½''). £1440 A portrait off George Walkker (1618-1690) Bishop designate of Derry and Goovernor of Lon ndonderry. Stock: 48391

18 833. Liithograph, rare, printed on cchine collé. Sh heet: 290 x 21 10mm (11½ x 8¼''). Repairred tears and marking. m £140 A portrait of Drr Thomas Dreever (1773-184 49) who was bo orn in the Ork kneys and educcated in Edinb burgh and Aberdeen. A In 18 813 he was addmitted to the Licentiate of College of Physsicians. Not inn Wellcome. Stock: 48291

16 65. Frideriicus Hoffmaannus. Regiiæ Majestatis M Prrussicæ Connsiliarius inttimus, Archiater A et Professor P M Medicinæ priimarius, Comes C Palatiinus Cæsareeus Academ miæ Fridericianæ Senior, Impperatoriæ Carolinæ C Petropolitanæ æ Britannicæ æ et Prissicæ æ Academiæ A Sccientiarum SSodalis. Nattus 1660. Ant. A Pesne Piett. Reg Porussiiæ ad vivam pinxit. I. Iac. Haid H sculp. et exc. e Aug. Vindd. Mezzotint. M Platte: 305 x 185m mm (12 x 7¼''). Marks in £190 sm mall margins, vertical creasse. A half-length portrait in a deecorative fram me of German ph hysician and chemist c Friedrrich Hoffmann n (166017 742). W. 1418 8-9. Stock: 48388

166. [Thomas Henry Huxley.] John Collier.. T.Hamilton Crawford. C [peencil signaturees] Published 19922 by the Muuseum Galleriees, 26 Museum m Street, Londoon, W.C. Copyright. Mezzotint, prrinted in colouurs, on chine collé c with Finne Art Guild bliindstamp. Platte: 235 x 305m mm (9¼ x 12"") very large maargins. £2440 Thomas Hennry Huxley (18825-1895) was an English biologist, knoown as 'Darw win's Bulldog' for f his advocacy of Charles Darw win's theory off evolution. A key figure inn Victorian sciientific life, hee made important disscoveries in seeveral branchees of biology. He also coineed the word ''aagnostic'' in 1869. This portrait,, now in the NPG, N was pain nted by John Collier (18500-1934) in 18883. At the tim me Collier was married to H Huxley's daughhter Marian; sh he died in 18887 and Collier m married her sisster Ethel in 1889, in Norwaay because suchh a marriage was w illegal in England. E Stock: 48282

Laapland dress from f the Frencch Geodesic Mission M of 17 736, in which he helped meeasure the leng gth of a deegree of arc off the meridiann. His right hand is shown co ompressing a globe, g referingg to his theory y that the Eaarth is oblate (i.e. wider thaan it is tall); beelow that th here are scientific drawings.. A reversed verssion of the Freench engravin ng by Daulle, 17 741. Scarce: Russell's R correections to Chaloner Smith co ould only quotte the title. Ruussell: Tinney 3a. Not in Chaloner C Smith h. Wellcome: 1950 not in. Stock: 48153

The Reeverend Adaam Sedgewicck, M.A. F.R.S. Wood dwardian Prrofessor of Geology, G in th he University of Cambri ridge 1833. 16 68.

Paainted by Thomas Phillips E Esq.r R.A. En ngraved by Saamuel Cousins. London Pubblished Nov.rr 1st 1833, by Molteno, M & Graaves, 20, Pall Mall. Mezzotint. M 430 x 330mm (177 x 13"). Dam mp stains in £380 veery large marg gins. Po ortrait of Adam m Sedgwick ((1785-1873) as a a young man, m standing before b an indisstict wall map p, hand on a fo ossil in matrix. One of the fo founders of mo odern geeology, he pro oposed the Cam ambrian period d and, working w with Roderick R Murcchison, the Deevonian peeriod of the geeological timeescale. He H taught Charrles Darwin geeology and rem mained on friendly terms with w him; thiss did not stop Sedgewick S (b being a religious man) from m writing to Diickens after reeading 'The Origin O of Speciies': 'Parts of it i I admired grreatly; parts I laughed at tilll my sides werre almost so ore; other parts I read with aabsolute sorro ow; because I th hink them utterly false & gri rievously miscchievous'. Whitman: W 141, state ii of ii. Stock: 48506

16 69. [Beau Brummell.] B Martinez. M [n.d.,, c.1880.] Ettching. Plate: 115 x 85mm ((4½ x 3½''). Small S £60 margins. m A portrait of Geeorge Bryan '''Beau'' Brumm mell (177818 840) who was an arbiter of fashion in Regency En ngland. Stock: 48675

Daniel Colwal Arm miger, Musa aei Regalis So ocietatis Fundator. 17 70.

Peterr Louis Morreau de Mau upertuis Member off the Royal Academy A off Sciences att Paris, One of ye Six Mathematicia M ans sent by the French King An.o 1736 to mea asure a Degree of tthe Meridian n at the Pola ar Circle forr determinin ng the Figuree of the Earth and Author of tthe curious Account A tha at has been published oof that Philoosophical Ex xpedition. 167.

R. Tournieree pinx. J. Tinney fec. Sold by b J. Tinney att the Golden L Lion in Fleet Street, S London n [n.d., c.17455]. Extremely raare mezzotint. 360 x 255mm m (14¼ x 10")). Thread marggins. £7550 Portrait of Piierre Louis Mooreau de Mau upertuis (1698 1759), a Frennch mathemattician, philosopher, astronomer aand botanist, Director D of thee Académie dees Sciences andd the first Pressident of the Prussian Academy of Science. The portrait show ws him in his

R. White delin. et Sculp. 16881. En ngraving. Platte: 245 x 160m mm (9¾ x 6¼ ¼'') very large £160 margins. m A portrait of merchant and phhilanthropist Daniel D Colwal who waas a Fellow off the Royal So ociety and go overnor to Christ's Hospitall. Wellcome: 653 6 not in. Stock: 48644

17 71. John Cotter. C Lo ondon: Printed by C. Ingreyy, 310 Strand.. [n.d., c.1840.] Liithograph, printed on chinee collé. Printed d area: 180 x £65 13 30mm (7 x 5'')) large marginns. Foxing. A portrait of a man m shown w wearing a cape with a fur co ollar. Stock: 48396

172. Daniiel De Foe. Delvaux scullp. [n.d., c.18000.] Engraving. S Sheet: 165 x 105mm (6½ x 4¼''). 4 Trimmeed. £770 A half-lengthh portrait of trrader, journalist and spy Daniel Defoee (1660-1731)). Stock: 48682

Maria. Stuart. Regg. Fran. Et. Scot. Francisci. II. Regis Uxorr. Marie Stu uart Espouse E du Roy R Françoiis II. 78. 17

[n n.d.] En ngraving. Platte: 200 x 135m mm (8 x 5¼''). £120 A portrait of Mary M Queen off Scots (1542-1587) who was w married to Francis II from om 1558 until 1560. Stock: 48635

The R Right Hon.b ble William Fitzwilliam , Earl Fitzwiilliam Viscoount Milton. 173.

Painted by Sir Joshua Reyynolds P.R.A. W. Austin excudit. Engrraved by J. Grrozer. Publish h'd Feb.y 1. 1800. by Antth.y Molteno, Pritseller to her h Royal Highness thee Duchess of York, Y No.29 Pall P Mall. Mezzotint. P Plate: 390 x 2880mm (15¼ x 11''), with larrge margins. Creeasing and rubbbing. £995 A portrait off Whig statesm man William Fitzwilliam, F 4tth Earl Fitzwilliiam (1748-1833). Hamilton n: state iii of iiii. Stock: 48615

17 79. [Edwar rd Montaguu, 1st Earl Sa andwich.] Odoardo O Montagu Contee di Sandwich Ammiraglio A della d Flotta Inglese &. [n n.d., c.1680.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 210 x 150m mm (8¼ x 6'')). Trimmed. £120 A portrait of Ed dward Montaggu, 1st Earl off Sandwich (1 1625-1672) set in an oval. Stock: 48654

Mr R Richard Forrd late of Ch hertsey in Surry. 174.

Lawrenson P Pinx.t. G.W.A. Fecit. Publissh'd Nov.r 1.stt 1774. Mezzotint. 410 x 310mm. £2550 After Thomaas Lawranson,, possibly eng graved by Francis Edwaard Adams. CS: C p.4. Ex: Co ollection of Thhe Hon. C. Lennnox-Boyd. Stock: 48697

175. Lady y Hamilton, en Sibylle. Lebrunn pinx.t. Grevvedon del. Bon nnemaison direx.t. [n.d.,, c.1850.] Lithograph oon chine collé.. Sheet: 390 x 275mm (15¼ ¼x 10¾''). Foxinng at bottom. £1880 A portrait off Emma Hamillton (1765-1815) in classicaal costume after Louise Elisaabeth Vigée-L Le Brun (1755 1842). Stock: 48613

[Harrriet Leveson n-Gower, La ady Ellesmere.]]


Drawn by E.U U. Eddis. Enggraved by Chaarles Holl. [n.dd., c.1860.] Steel-engraved stipple on chine c collé. 30 00 x 230mm (11¾ x 9"), w £550 wide margins. Harriet Greville (1800-66)), wife of Lord d Francis Leveson-Gow wer, who tookk the surname Egerton whenn he inherited eestates from from fr Francis Egerton, E 3rd Duke of Briddgewater. He became Earl of Ellesmere iin Robert Peel'ss Dissolution Honours, H 1846. Stock: 48447

177. Madame Macau uley. Dessiné par B Bonnieu. Gravvé par Hubert. [n.d., c.17900.] Engraving. S Sheet: 355 x 260mm (14 x 10¼''). 1 Trimm med to border. £1660 A portrait off Mrs Macauleey set in an ov val with a decorative boorder. Stock: 48614

[Josslyn Francis Peennington, 5th 5 Baron Muncaster.] M 18 80.

Paainted by Geo orge Richmondd R.A. D.C.L. Engraved by y Richardson Jackson. [n.d.., c.1860.] Mezzotint M on ch hine collé. 4400 x 330mm (1 17¼ x 13") £230 veery large marg gins. Jo osslyn Franciss Pennington ((1834-1917), 5th 5 and final Baron Muncastter, MP for forr Cumberland d West 187280 0 then Egremo ont from 18855-92, most fam mous for his in nvolvement in the 'Dilessi M Murders'. In n 1870 Pennin ngton was sighhtseeing near Marathon M in Greece G when hee and his com mpanions were abducted by brrigands. He was released inn order to nego otiate for the otthers, but a bu ungled rescue aattempt by thee Greek army leed to the death hs of the hostag ages, causing a crisis beetween Greecee and Great B Britain. Pennin ngton's jo ournal of the misadventure m w was first publiished in 19 989, with Rich hmond's portrrait on the cov ver. Stock: 48501

181. [S. Scchmidt.] Drawn from Life on Stonee by L. Ghémaar. Schenck & &. Ghémar Lithhographers Edinburgh. [n.d., c.1850.] Lithograph, sscarce. Sheet: 405 x 290mm m (16 x 11½'')) £2660 large marginns. Foxing. A romantic hhalf-length porrtrait of S. Sch hmidt. Stock: 48625

182. [Ann na Scott, Duttchess of Mo onmouth.] [After Peter L Lely.] [Publisshed by John Lloyd.][n.d., L c.1690.] Mezzotint, raare. Sheet: 2155 x 180mm (8 8½ x 7''). Trimmed to iimage, title missing. m Bit messy. m £1440 A portrait off Anna Scott, Dutchess D of Monmouth M (1651-1732).. Stock: 48666

Le Chevalier de St. George, oder Prætendireender Printzz von Walliss.


[n.d., c.1720.] Engraving, raare. Plate: 1500 x 90mm (6 x 3½''). Small £1880 margins. A half-lengthh portrait of Jaames Francis Edward E Stuarrt (1688-1766),, known as thee Old Pretender, son of the deposed Jam mes II. Sharp: 152: 1 'Sutherla and cataloguee suggests this may be by Beernigeroths [M Martin Bernigeroth]]'.

86. Astronomy. - New System. Sig gns of the 18 Zodiac. Z [b by Robert Seymour?] [Londdon Published d by Thos. McLean, M 26 Haaymarket, 18227.] Hand-coloured H etching, rare,, 1825 waterm mark. Plate: 21 10 x 270mm (8¼ ( x 10½''). V Very slight ceentral crease. £240 A ring of satiriccal representat ations of the tw welve zodiac signs surround a basket in whhich the tradittional signs haave been throw wn. On the baasket is a sign 'Old Signs to bee sold cheap'. Stock: 48407

Stock: 48669

Ralph Ward Jacckson. Founder of Westt Hartlepool. Ra: Ward d Jackson [fa ascimile signature.]


Engraved byy T.L. Atkinson; London, fro om a Portrait by Francis Grannt, R.A. painteed by Public Subscription, S and presentedd to the Townn of West Harttlepool. [Henrry Graves & Coo, 1868.] Mezzotint. 760 x 480mm (30 ( x 19"). Trrimmed to platte, samll tear in right edge. £2660 Ralph Ward Jackson (18066-1880). Obtaained parliamentaryy authority to build the West Hartlepool harbour and dock in 1844,, for the transp portantion of coal and Clevveland ironstoone. He becam me Hartlepool''s first MP in 1867. Ex: Colllection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boydd. Stock: 48455

[Anim mal Anatom mists.] Behold a Quack Physicians Hall... 185.

E: Heemskircck Inv.t et Pinnx.t. Toms Scu ulp.t. [n.d., c.1730.] Engraving. P Plate: 380 x 3110mm (15 x 12''). Trimmedd within plate lleft & right margins, m large margins m top & bottom. £2660 A scene satirrising anatomiists, a group of o animals stannd around the boody of a cat which w lies on a table. Hanginng from the wallls and ceiling are carcassess and stuffed animals. BM M Satire 1861. See 15506 for reverse image. Stock: 48404

18 87. Caricatture Magazi zine by G.M.. Woodward, W Esq.r. E Vol. 44. Ever Cha anging. Ever E Now. Viive la Magaatelle. Woodward W del. Rowlandsonn fc. London Published P by T. Tegg III Cheeapside 1809. etching. Sheeet: 245 x 375m Hand-coloured H mm (9¾ x £230 14 4¾''). Tears in n edges. A frontispiece showing s two ffigures seated d on either side of the imag ge reading thrrough earlier volumes v of Woodward's W Caaricature Maggazine. Above the figure on th he left hangs a painting of a masquerade while w on the otther side hangs and paintingg of a country dance. Stock: 48411

18 88. [Group p of Animalss and Men.] W.H. W Watson Del. D W.H.W. SSculp. [n.d., c.1805.] Ettching. Sheet: 150 x 215mm m (6 x 8½''). Trimmed T and £190 laaid on album sheet. s Stainingg. A scene in a tav vern in which an odd group p of man sit drrinking and sm moking aroundd a table in the group a cat reeads a paper an nd a monkey pplays a fiddle. Stock: 48356

18 89. A Maca aroni Ass M Match Betweeen the Cubs C NB St-ee Gamblers.. Nature Display'd bo oth Serious and Comic in 12 Design ns Dedicated D to S. Foot Esqq.r. [W William Austin n] Pub.d as yee Act Directs May 1st 17 773. Ettching. Sheet: 260 x 390mm m (10¼ x 15¼ ¼''). Trimmed. A satirical printt showing twoo men wearing g macaroni cllubs taking part in a race onn donkeys. Frontice to a seet of 12 prints by William A Austin. BM Sa atire 5112. Stock: 48368

Metrropolitical Gunnery. G Vid de the Cockneid. 190.

Drawn by Coollings. Etch'dd by Barlow. Published P as thhe Act directs bby Bentley & Co. C Oct.r 1. 17 790. Engraving. S Sheet: 200 x 2225mm (8 x 9'''). Trimmed annd creased as isssued. £1440 A satirical prrint showing a group of men n taking part iin a chaotic shooot, one man fires f at an owl. BM: 7756

Behind is a hay ystack, on the top of which are two other Sp paniards, mucch alarmed at tthe approach of a co ountryman wh ho threatens thhem with his pitch-fork. p A man m and womaan, both wearinng coats with military faacings, watch the t scene; shee points, he loo oks through a sm mall telescopee. In the foregrround a sow and a three yo oung pigs are galloping. BM M Satire 5773. Stock: 48369

Stock: 48357

A Peep in a Cam mp Kitchen by b an over drove Ox, w with the Freench Cook's retreat intoo the Cistern n. 191.

W.m Austin inv.t et sculp..t. London Pub blished as the Act directs Jan.y 17800: We ne'er seee our Foes butt we wish them m to stay. Butt c. 1820's Etching. Platte: 280 x 330m mm (11 x 13'')) large marginns. Crease. £1660 A chaotic sceene in a kitcheen in which th he cooks pointt swords at an angry bull whhich has knock ked over bottlles while a scullery boy dropss his tray of diishes. BM Satiire 5772. Stock: 48371

192. Smug ggling in Hiigh Life. Pub.d Januarry 1st 1814 byy W.N. Jones No.5 N Newgatee Street. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 270 x 410mm (10½ x 16''). Trimmeed and creasedd. £1660 A scene show wing a group of o men raiding g a carriage. The woman bbeing robbed has been to a secret depot iin Dover whichh sells French goods. BM Sa atire 12340. Stock: 48435

The S Spanish Don ns overtaken n by an Ancient Brriton in attem mpting theirr Escape. 193.

W.m Austin inv.t et sculp..t. London Pub blished as the Act directs Jan.y 17800: We ne'er seee our Foes butt we wish them m to stay. Etching. Sheeet: 275 x 330m mm (10¾ x 13 3''). Trimmed,, repaired tearss. Staining. £1880 A soldier on a great horse holds a rope attached a to thee legs of two pprisoners who sit behind him m facing the animal's tail; a drawn sworrd is in his rig ght hand. Behind is a hhaystack, on thhe top of whicch are two othher Spaniards, m much alarmed at a the approacch of a countryman w who threatenss them with hiis pitch-fork. A man and wom man, both weaaring coats wiith military facings, watcch the scene; she s points, he looks throughh a small telescoope. In the foreeground a sow w and three young pigs aare galloping. BM B Satire 5773. Stock: 48370

The S Spanish Don ns overtaken n by an Ancient Brriton in attem mpting theirr Escape. 194.

W.m Austin inv.t et sculp..t. London Pub blished as the Act directs Jan.y 17800: We ne'er seee our Foes butt we wish them m to stay. Butt c. 1820's Etching. Platte: 280 x 330m mm (11 x 13'')), with large £1440 margins. A soldier on a great horse holds a rope attached a to thee legs of two pprisoners who sit behind him m facing the animal's tail; a drawn sworrd is in his rig ght hand.

19 95. Spectac cle de la Natture. Henry H Jenner del. d Biirnie Sculp. [n n.d., c.1790.] Aquatint A with etching. e Sheett: 330 x 220mm m (13 x £260 8¾ ¾"). Trimmed d within plate. A collection off comical studiies of heads of men and women w all facin ng towards thee left. Stock: 48358

19 96. La Rec contre des M Merveilleusess. Baubini inv. F.m me Le Fevre SSculp. A Pariss chez Basset M.d M d'Estampes, rue Jacquess, au coin de celle c des Mathurins, M No.670. [n.d., c.11798] En ngraving. Collectors mark oof Alfred Morrrison on veerso. Sheet: 34 40 x 370mm ((13¼ x 14½''). Slight £180 staining. Trimm med. A scene showin ng the meetingg of three figu ures, all three haave exaggerated expressionns and gesturess. A satire of faashions of the day. Stock: 48307

The Lu ucky Mistakke or the Bucck & Blood Flourishing Macaroni-pl M laying a Solo o on the Jeelly Glasses.. 19 97.

[W William Austin n.] Pub.d as thhe Act Directss May 1st 17 773. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 270 x 370m mm (10½ x 14 4½''). Trimmeed along the toop edge. Small margins. £220 A comic scene showing an oofficer with hiss hair in a macaroni's m club b ride past a m man with a bro oken leg that hee has just knoccked over. Abbove the scenee is a diagram off the macaronii's club below w which is a deescription. BM M Satire 5121 1. Stock: 48367

20 00. [Apollo o's Verdict oon the Stock k Sellers.] Vonnis V van Apol A over dee bubbels. [1 1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 285 x 36 60mm (11¼ x 14'') very larg rge margins. Crease C as £260 no ormal and repaired tears. A satirical scen ne showing Appollo, sitting on o a cloud, deeciding wheth her Hercules shhould strike th he wild lo ooking stock brokers b runninng towards him m. A co ommentary on n the financiall crisis on 1720 in which stock speculatio on collapsed rruining the fin nancial markets m of seveeral Europeann countries. Stock: 48477

20 01. Atlas. [A Anon.] [1720.]] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 290 x 36 60mm (11½ x 14'') very larg rge margins. Crease C as £280 no ormal. A Dutch satirical print comm menting on colllapse of the Mississippi M and d South Sea Buubbles. Figurees, including Atlas A and John Law hold up giant bubbless above their heeads. Stock: 48482

[The Active Belloows and thee Spirit of Erasmus, L Leaving the City Wheree he was Borrn to Visit thee three Citiess of Holland d not Affecteed by Share-trrading.] Dee Eklips der Zuider Zon n doet veele iin 't duister zitten Veroorzaakt dooor de onpolitik ke Maan deer Brn 198.

[1720.] Engraving, 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 340 x 260mm (13¼ ¼ x 10¼'') veryy large margin ns. Crease as £2880 normal. A Dutch satirrical print satiirising the finaancial crisis o f 1720. Mercuury, representinng trade, stand ds in the centrre with Erasmuus, behind them m is an obelisk k with the coaat of arms of Amsterdam, Haaarlam and Leeyden. On the left two men throw themseelves off a clifff. Below the image are columns in Frennch and Dutch h. BM Satire 1645. Stock: 48468

[Anaatomy of the Stock Brok ker or Bombario G Gone to the Devil.] Ana atomie der Wind-Negootie, of Bombario voor den d Drommel. 199.

[Anon.] [17220.] Engraving, 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 280 x 275mm (11 x 10¾'') very large l margins. Crease as £2330 normal. A satirical sccene commentting on the fin nancial crisis following thee collapse of serveral s stock schemes in Europe. A stoock broker is shown laid ou ut on a table while severall figures perfoorm an autopsy on him, pulling objeccts out of his stomach; s in th he foreground a man sleeps inn a giant cradlle and on the left l the devil blindfolds a m man and two monkeys m rob him. Stock: 48481

20 02. [Encou unter of the C Carousing Bubble B Lords L and Menacing M Povverty.] Stry yd tuszen de sm mullende bu ubbel heerenn, en de aanstaande arrmoede. [1 1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 370 x 40 00mm (14½ x 15¾'') very laarge margins. Crease as £260 no ormal. A Dutch satirical print comm menting on thee financial bu ubbles of 1720 0. In the imagge two figures,, formed of bu ubbles fight with w one anothher while eggeed on by men an nd women cov vered in comoodities like fish h and saausages and brread. Stock: 48475

20 03. [The End of the Sttock World.]] De Actie Wereld W op Haar Einde. [1 1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 300 x 38 80mm (11¾ x 15'') very larg rge margins. Crease C as £260 no ormal. A Dutch print satirising s the ccollapse of thee speculative stock market in n 1720, a stockk broker in 16 6th century co ostume is moccked by grotessque figures with w ab bnormally larg ge noses and hhunched stancces. BM Sa atire 1687. Stock: 48480

20 04. [Envy Attempting A to Outrun Fortune.] F De D Begeerlyk kheyt Zoekt De Fortuin T'Achterhale T en Of Voor B By Te Loopen [1 1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 340 x 43 30mm (13¼ x 17'') very larg rge margins. Crease C on left £180 an nd crease as normal. A Dutch satirical print comm menting on thee greed of Jo ohn Law and the t financial sschemes which h collapsed.

In the backgrround figures are shown run nning off a cliiff after a coachh and horses. BM B Satire 168 80. Stock: 48471

[The Masses Weent Crazy Beecause they Believed in n Schemes.] By Veele Ziit de Kei In''t Hooft Om D Dat Men In De Wind Gelooft. G 205.

[1720.] Engraving. P Plate: 310 x 3990mm (12 x 15¼'') very largge margins. Creease as normall. £2660 A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe chaos which h followed thee financial crissis in 1720. Thhe scene show ws various lunatics, som me strapped to chairs some being b taken caare of by doctorss. Stock: 48470

[The Fool's Cap..] Afbeeldin nge van 't zeer vermaaarde eiland d Geks-Kop.


[n.d., c.1720.] Broadside, 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 305 x 235mm (12 x 9¼'') very laarge margins. Creases as £1990 normal and sstaining. A satirical prrint commentiing on the colllapse of European stoock markets foollowing the bursting b of thee Mississipi annd South Sea Bubbles. B The central imagee is a map of an iisland in the shape of a fooll's cap. Severaal towns are maarked includinng a larger city y 'Quinquempooix' named aftter the street in n Paris on which the Coompagnie des Indes was loccated. Surrounding the central islland are severral smaller islands namees Sadness, Pooverty and Disspair. Also in the image aree two scenes, one shows an n angry mob outside a cofffee house in a Dutch street,, in the secondd two men run after a charioot with sails. BM B Satire 16882.

09. Waare afbeelding vvan den ver rmaarden 20 Heer H Quinqu uenpoix. [A Anon.] [n.d., c.1720.] c Broadside. Platte: 190 x 305m mm (7½ x 12'') large £220 margins. m A satirical printt commentingg on the financcial crisis of 17 720. In the cen ntral image is the portrait of Scottish ecconomist John n Law (1671-11729) who serrved as Controller General of Financces of France at a the time. Th he name 'Heerr Quinquenpooix' refers to ru ue Quinquempoix Q on which the Compagnie des d Indes was lo ocated. Allegorical figures oof Gluttony, Vanity V and Rage surround the portrait off Law. This figures carry paapers which reefer to the Misssissipi Comp pany Bubble which w affected French financces and was co ontemporaneo ous with the Soouth Sea Bubb ble. French an nd English verrsions of this pprint were also issued. BM Sa atire 1612. Stock: 48320

Stock: 48462

[The Great Gath hering Placee of the Wind d Dealers in 11720.] Der grosse Versammel-plattz der Wind vverkauffer A. A 1720. 207.

[1720] w Plaate: 280 x Broadside, 18th century watermark. 350mm (11 x 13¾''). Creaase as normal. Repaired tearr. £2330 A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe financial criisis of 1720, thhe called stock sspeculation deealing in wind d. Four columnns in Dutch are situated below w the image. Stock: 48474

[Law w Laughing, the Shareho olders mourning, and Mercurry Entreatin ng.] De Laggende L Law, De Treeurende Acttionist Met D De Smekende Mercurius 208.

[1720.] Broadside. P Plate: 340 x 2990mm (13¼ x 11½'') very large marginns. Crease as normal. £2660 n A Dutch prinnt satirising Joohn Law's greeed and the collapse of thhe Mississippii Bubble. John n Law stands iin the centre off the scene, aboove him two balloons b labelled Eastt and West holld up a scroll above him. Around him lie treasure, sttock certificattes and dispairing figgures. BM Sattire 1632. Stock: 48472

21 10. Missisippi, of 't Wyyd-Befaamd de GoudLand, L Door de d Inbeeldinng der Wind d-Negotie. [A Anon.] [n.d., c.1720.] c Broadside, 18th h century wateermark. Sheett: 420 x 33 £260 30mm (16½ x 13''). Creasinng as issued. A Dutch print satirising s the ccollapse of thee Mississipi Bubble which affected a the finnances of Fran nce. In the ceentre of the im mage Europeanns are showing negoiating with w Native Am mericans in thee Mississippi Valley. Four viignettes which h surround thee image, the fiirst shows the beedchamber and deathbed off Louis XIV, at a the base of th he bed rats knaaw through billls and paperss. The second im mage shows Jo ohn Law puttin ing forward hiis financial pllan, the bottom m left image sh shows an afflu uent couple en njoying their wealth w while tthe final image shows the faamily of a specculator rushinng in to stop hiis suicide. Beneath the image are two coolumns of tex xt. BM Satire 16 683. Stock: 48326

[The Boaster, coovered, who has escaped d.] Ontsprongen rondom bedekte Bla aaskaak.


[n.d., c.1720.] A rare engravving. Sheet: 260 2 x 210mm (10¼ x 8¼''). £1880 Staining in m margins. A portrait off a dwarf wearring a large haat and wig holding a plaaying card. Plaate 7 from 'Heet Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid', a series of Duttch satires on the Mississipppi and South Sea Companiies, their promoters annd victims. BM M Satire: 1669 9. Stock: 48329

Tytell-Print der Actie-Kraam A m of Voor-h hof van Quinqu uenpoix. 212.

[Pieter van dden Berge.] [17720.] Broadside. P Plate: 390 x 2335mm (15½ x 9¼''). Creasinng. Damaged. R Repaired loss in i centre. £445 A Dutch satirrical print com mmenting on John J Law's financial schhemes and the collapse of th he Mississippi Bubble. Law w is referred too as Quinquenp poix because rue Quinquem mpoix was whhere the Comp pagnie des Indes was loccated. The cenntral panel is surrounded s byy a decorative booarder which contains c vigneettes showingg Native Amerricans, barrels of tobacco, navigational n equipment annd crocodiles.. Stock: 48332

21 14. [A Mon nument Deddicated to Po osterity in Commemora C ation of the IIncredible Folly F trransacted in n the Year 17720.] Monu ument Consacré C a la a Posterité een Memoire de la Folie In ncroyable dee la XX, Annnée du XVIII Siecle. [1 1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 280 x 37 70mm (11 x 14½'') very larg rge margins. Central C fold ass no ormal. £280 A satirical printt showing the chaos following the co ollapse of variious share valuue bubbles. The scene sh hows a crowd on Rue Quinqquenpoix, on the left men an nd women disp pair and arguee at their losess. In the ceentre a large cart is pulled bby allegorical figures whichh reepresent the baank, South Seaas, Mississipp pi, West In ndies, Asia and d Middle Eastt, seated at thee front is the fig gure of Fortun ne while Famee floats away into a cloud in n which the Deevil sits blowiing bubbles. BM B Satire 16 627. Stock: 48464

[Quincampoix Desstroyed.] Qu uincampoix in n Duigen. 21 15.

[1 1720] En ngraving 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 320 x 31 15mm (12½ x 12¼'') very laarge margins. Crease as £260 no ormal. A Dutch satirical print comm menting on thee financial crrisis of 1720, the t scene show ws a huge crowd gathering in n rue Quincam mpoix in Paris where trade was w done. A flo ock of crows carry papers w with '0' on them. Two co olumns of textt below. BM SSatire 1653. Stock: 48479

21 16. Open Ondergang O dder Actieoniisten Het Thuilleriece T Hof H Quinquuempoix.

Opkoomts, middeen, en geen eynde e van den doortrapte Jan Laauw. 213.

[Anon.] [n.d.., c. 1720.] Engraving. P Plate: 290 x 3880mm (11½ x 15'') very largge margins. Creeasing as norm mal and foxing g. £2990 A Dutch prinnt satirising Joohn Law's prom moting of the Mississippi S Scheme and itts subsequent collapse causing a finnancial crisis. The T central im mage shows John Law shaking the hand of the regen nt Duke d'Orleans. Suurrounding thee central imag ge are 16 vignettes shoowing scenes from f Law's liffe and financiial decisions. Stock: 48339

[1 1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 350 x 38 80mm (13¾ x 15'') very larg rge margins. Crease C as £260 no ormal and marrking in margi gins. A Dutch satirical print comm menting on thee collapse of th he financial bu ubbles of 17200. In the centraal image sh hows a large crowd c gatheredd in a square. Rue Quinquempoix Q was the locattion of the Com mpagnie des In ndes in Paris. Stock: 48473

[Fancy, the Ruler oof the Guild d of SmokeSeellers, Paintts Mississipppi, Which Wastes W France's Treasures.] Dee Inbeelding; Heersseres H va an't Rookveerkopers-gild d, Maald Missisippi M hieer, 't geen V Vrankryks scchat veerspild. 21 17.

[1 1720.] Broadside, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 335 x 29 95mm (13¼ x 11½'') very laarge margins. Crease as £240 no ormal. A Dutch satirical scene show wing the allego orical figure off Fancy painting a prospect of Mississipp pi while putti sit and play aro ound her. In thhe corners of the image are fo our scenes sho owing traders iin North Ameerica and sh hare holders purchasing shaares. The burstting of the

Mississippi ccontributed to the financial crisis of 17200. BM Satire 16657. Stock: 48478

21. Bronwater of geneeesmiddel vo oor de zieke 22 Actionisten. A Al wie zyn m maag te veel met d'Acties heeftt belaan. Prroest deez veergetelbeek; zo o zal zyn kw waal vergaann. [P Pieter van den Berge?] [n.d.., c.1720.] Broadside 18th century wateermark. Sheet: 415 x 32 20mm (16¼ x 12½'') very laarge margins. Creasing. £160 A Dutch broadsside satirisingg the aftermath h of the co ollapse of the South Sea Buubble. The prin nt states that fo orgetfullness is the best curee for those sufffering after th he financial criisis. The imagge shows a putti standing inn a magical founttain, the text bbelow the imaage translates ass 'Everyone who has loadedd their stomach h with traansactions too o much, taste tthis well of fo orgetfullmess so o his ailment shall s perish'. Stock: 48325

[The Falsely-Faiir Share-Sph hinx Springss m the High Rocks, R Oedip pus Having Down from Discovered d the False Secret.] S De schynschoon s ne Actie-Sphin nx springt hier h zig zelveen dood, Zo dra als Ediipus het valss geheim onttbloot. 218.

[1720.] Engraving, 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 260 x 340mm (10¼ ¼ x 13¼'') veryy large margin ns. Crease as £2220 normal. A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe chaos follow wing the collapse of thhe South Sea Bubble. B One man m lies acrosss a barrell vom miting paper which w are pickeed up by figurres in the centre and handed too a group on the t left. BM Satire 1677. Stock: 48467

[Shroove Tide's wreath w of joy y and the drama.] V Vasten avond ds Vreugde krans k en Tooneel stu uk 219.

Anon. 1720. w Plate: 300 x Engraving, 18th centuiry watermark. 190mm (12 x 7½'') very laarge margins. Creasing. £990 A Dutch satirrical print com mmenting on the t share speculation m mania of 17200 and the mark ket collapse with the startt of Lent. The central scenee shows Cupidd and Pan in a classical landdscape and is surrounded s byy a border contaiining insstrum ments, food an nd comic figures. BM SSatire 1684. Stock: 48460

[Soutth Sea Bubb ble.] De Stro opende ActieeValk Om H Hals, En't Bu ubbel-Rotje onder de klaauwen vvan den Uil. 220.

Anon. [n.d., c.1720.] Broadside. Sheet: 410 x 3330mm (16 x 13''). Tears in edge. £1660 A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe speculation that caused thhe stock markett crash followiing the South Sea Bubble. IIn the engravingg a young couuple walk in th he countrysidee while above them a stork pierces p an eag gle and an owll and bird of pprey devour a mouse. m Stock: 48317

De Bub bbel Jonge oop de Jagt. De D bubbel Jo ongen die zy yn schat ten heeft versp pild, Tragt nu u naar voordeel, met heet Jagen van n groswild. 22 22.

[P Pieter van den Berge.] [n.d.,, c.1720.] Broadside, 18th h century wateermark. Sheett: 415 x 30mm (16¼ x 13'') very larg rge margins. Creasing C as 33 £160 issued. A Dutch broadsside satirisingg the financial crisis fo ollowing the collapse of thee South Sea Bu ubble. In the ceentral image a young man hhunts a unicorn n and lion, th he text below the t image trannslates as 'Thee boy who's wasted w his fortu unes now triess to profit by hunting h big gaame'. The imaage is flanked by five panels of text. Stock: 48324

22 23. Schyn Bedriegt. B [A Anon.] [n.d., c.1720.] c Broadside, 18th h century wateermark. Sheett: 420 x 33 30mm (16½ x 13'') very larg rge margins. Creasing C as £190 issued and stain ning. A Dutch print satirising s the ccollapse of thee South Sea Bubble and the financial crissis created by speculation. n the image fig gures try to caatch bubbles floating fl above In th heir heads while in the distan ance a ship can n be seen sinking at sea. The T Dutch texxt below is sig gned hiladelphus which w is a pseuudonym Gijsbert Tijseus. Ph Stock: 48322

22 24. Het hob bbelend Acttiescheepje van v Madame M Com mpagnie en M Monsieur Bubbels B [P Pieter van den Berge.] [n.d.,, c.1720.] Broadside. Sheet: 410 x 325m mm (16 x 12¾ ¾'') large £160 margins. m Creasiing as issued. A Dutch satirical print satirissing the stock market crash fo ollowing the South S Sea Bubbble, the broad dside claims th hat when the economy and ttrade are out of o control th hen disaster wiill occur. The text below th he image traanslates as ''The little tradinng ship knocked over on th he billows, willl bubble along ng, until it willl sail into the ab byss" Stock: 48318

A Dutch satirical print comm menting on thee disaterous efffects of the co ollapse of the South Sea Bu ubble. One fig gure is shown n digging up caarrots, one dru unkard rides a pig which, lik ke the cow in tthe foreground d, vomits stock certificatees. A large hou ouse in the bacckground has a large flag whiich states 'De Kompany is vol' v or 'The Company is clo osed'. This refe fers to the East India Company which had been hitit hard by the market m co ollapse. Stock: 48333

De sterrvende Bubbbel-Heer in den d schoot va an Madamee Compagniee. 22 29.

[F Filibert Bouttaats the Youngeer.] [n.d., c.17 720.] Broadside, 18th h century wateermark. Sheett: 325 x 41 10mm (12¾ x 16'') large maargins. Creasiing as issued. £220 A Dutch print satirising s the ccollapse of thee South Sea Bubble and oth her speculationns schemes. In n the central im mage a speculaator collapses on the floor and a he is su urrounded by angry a men and nd women. Tw wo panels of teext flank the ceentral image. B BM Satire 1615. Stock: 48321

225. [Soutth Sea Bubb ble.] [n.d., c.1720.] Engraving. P Plate: 375 x 2880mm (14¾ x 11''). Centrall £2880 crease as norrmal, slight staaining. A Dutch satirrical print com mmenting on the t South Seaa Bubble throuugh a series off 17th century characters. Stock: 48553

226. Harleekin en Bom mbario in deen Rouw. [Anon.] [n.d.., c.1720.] Broadside, 18th century watermark. w Sheeet: 420 x 330mm (16½ ½ x 13'') very large l margins. Creasing as £1990 issued. A Dutch broaadside satirising the financiial crisis causeed by the collappse of the Soutth Sea Bubblee. The central image is set uupon a stage on o which the characters c of Harlequin annd Bombario watch w the figu ure of Mercuryy, representing trade, being directed d by thee Devil. Threee panels of texxt in Dutch flannk the image. Stock: 48323

Spieggel der Redeen Voor de Wanhopend W de Actionisten n. 227.

[Anon.] [n.d.., c.1720.] Broadside. Sheet: 410 x 3220mm (16 x 12½'') large margins. Creeasing as issueed. £1660 A Dutch satirrical broadsidde commenting g on the sharee trade mania oof the South Sea S Bubble. A central imagee shows a mann in rags on thee edge of com mmitting suicidde while the figuure of Reasonn stands to the left of him. B BM Satire 1674. Stock: 48319

De K Kornet van Vuil V gewin of Wortel en Besse Postiiljon... 228.

[1720.] Engraving. P Plate: 345 x 2775mm (13½ x 11'') very largge margins. Creeasing and foxxing. £1880

23 30. [Natural Stock Docctor, or bub bbling Bubble B Master.] Natuur Actie-Docto or of klapacchtig Bobbeel Meester. [& &] [Directrress of the deecayed Stock-Regimentts, and partiicularly of na atural Law's Shares.] D Directrice deer Vervalle Actie-Regime A enten; en byyzonderlyk van v Natuurlyke N Lawe L Actienn. [n n.d., c.1720.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 210 x 330m mm (8¼ x 13''). Creasing £70 an nd large repairred tears. Verry damaged. A portrait of an n old dwarf wiith a beard and d spectacles ho olding a parrot and a portrai ait of an old wo oman holdingg a small dog. Plaate 3 and 4 froom 'Het Grootte Tafereel deer Dwaasheid'', a series of D Dutch satires on o the Mississippi M and d South Sea Co Companies, theeir promoters an nd victims. BM M Satire 16655 & 1666. Stock: 48328

Het uitgeteerde enn stervende Actie A bo oomje. Schoon de eid lee Hoop nog hoopt, het acctie boomtree sterst, Zo ddra zyn voedzel van deen win en dw waasheid deerst. 23 31.

[P Pieter van den Berge?] [n.d.., c.1720.] Broadside, 18th h century wateermark. Sheett: 420 x 30mm (16½ x 13'') very larg rge margins. Creasing C as 33 £160 issued. Tear in text. A Dutch print satirising s the ccollapse of fin nancial markets m followiing the burstinng of the Soutth Sea Bubble. The central image shhows a putto standing s in neear a tree whicch represents ttrade. The tex xt below the im mage translates as 'Though tthe vain Hopee still shopes, th he little tree dies when it derrives its nutrittion from the wind w and foolisshness'. Five ccolumns of tex xt flank the im mage. Stock: 48327

Lauw w Maands Herdenking, H wegens de nieuwbakk k Goude Eeu uw, vertoverrd in Paardee Vygen. Nieeuw-Jaars Geschenk G [Neew Year's Gift!] 232.

[n.d., c.1720.] Engraving 188th century watermark Platee: 295 x 190mm (11½ ½ x 7½'') very large marginss. £1660 A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe mania follow wing the collapse of thhe the South Sea S Bubble an nd other investment scchemes. In thee central imag ge the a nymphh and a satyr, tthe symbol of chaos and pan nic, are shownn embracing. T The central pannel is surroun nded by text annd a decorative border, this iss made up of Callot C figures and dwarfs. B BM Satire 16779. Stock: 48331

Law,, als een tweeede Don Qu uichot, op Sanches Grraauwtje zitt ten spot... 233.

[Anon.] [17220.] Enrgaving 188th century watermark. Platte: 220 x 285mm (8¾ x 11¼'') very large marginss. Creasing annd staining. £1880 A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe financial efffect of the collapse of thhe South Sea Bubble B and th he Mississippii Bubble. The scene shows Controller Geeneral of the Finances of F France, John Law, L riding on n a donkey which is beinng fired at by a deamon. Scores of men pull the donkkey into a buillding labelled 'Quinquenpoiix' which was thhe street on whhich the Comp pagnie des Indes was loccated. Behindd the donkey a crowd of menn chase after. Stock: 48334

De W Wintgot, Uyttgebuldert Hebben H de Laat Niet d dan Rampen n Na. 234.

[1720.] Engraving. P Plate: 170 x 2885mm (6¾ x 11¼'') 1 very large marginns. Creasing annd repaired teaar on right. £1220 A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe South Sea Bubble B or 'trading in the wind' as it was w known in the Netherlands. In the centre a figure sits on o a grindstonne to the left a ffigure deficatees bills, to the right a rabbit walks to the centre covered in paperworrk and to the right of him oone man blow ws hot air into the mouth of another. Aboove all the figuures the God of o the Winds sits in a cloudd with Mercurry, representin ng trade, at hi s feet. Stock: 48335

235. Kerm mis Wind-K Kraamer En Grossier... [Anon.] [17220.] Engraving. P Plate: 280 x 1885mm (11 x 7¼'') large £1660 margins. Creeasing as norm mal. A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe South Sea Bubble B or 'trading in the wind' as it was w known in the Netherlands. A group of men m sit togetheer in a cloud, one man blow ws at a cat carrried away by inflated balloons. BM M Satire 1646. Stock: 48337

Eere-Titel, of Gorddyn voor het Scchouburg alller Actie-Taafereelen...

23 36.

[A Anon.] [1720.]] Broadside, 18th h century wateermark. Sheett: 510 x 44 40mm (20 x 17¼'') very larg rge margins. Creasing C as £280 no ormal. A Dutch print satirising s the SSouth Sea Bub bble, in the ceentral image shows an old m man holding a mirror up to a young man who w points at a globe. The im mage is deecorated with an ornate bord rder with Callo ot figures. Beneath the image are four ccolumns of tex xt in Dutch. BM M Satire 1638 8. Stock: 48340

23 37. Registe er van alle dde Printen diie op de Actiehandel A zyn z uyt gekoomen in Jaa ar 1720. [1 1720.] Leetterpress. Plaate: 295 x 2000mm (11½ x 8'') very large £160 margins. m Staining and repaireed tears. Saatire on the fin nancial crisis iin Paris in 172 20; showing an n engraved reg gister in two ccolumns with the title ab bove in a scrolll hold by a m monkey and a owl. o The bo order is decoraated with item ms concerning the 'Wind Trrade', such as bellows, fish and cabbage, the register deescribes 65 prints. From 'Heet Groote Tafe fereel der Dwaasheid'. D BM M Satire 16366. Stock: 48330


De V Verslagen Acctionist in dee Stoel met Rinkels, ovverreeden geeweest van'tt gelauwerd Paard van Troje.

[Towerr of Babel annd the Conffused Stock Jo obbers.] Dee Verwarde A Actionisten Torenbouw T Tot T Babel.

[Anon.] [17220.] Broadside. 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 330 x 390mm (13 x 15½'') very large l margins Creasing as £2440 normal. A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe aftermath off the collapse of the South Sea Bubble. Thee scene showss figures dealinng with the finanncial loss, onee figure lies deead on the ground, one iis shown pulliing at his hair which is madde of snakes, in the front a caat deficates and a headless chicken runs about. BM Saatire 1660.

[1 1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 360 x 40 00mm (14 x 16'') very largee margins. Creease as £260 no ormal. A Dutch print satirising s the sstock share maania that fo ollowed the co ollapse of the SSouth Sea Bubble. A grroup of merch hants confuseddly try to sell shares s and do bu usiness at the base of the tow ower of Babel. Dutch text beelow the imag ge in four coluumns. BM Satiire 1672.

42. 24

Stock: 48465

Stock: 48341

De Z Zuid Zé Com mpagnie Doo or Wind In Top Gerezeen... 239.

[Anon.] [n.d.., c.1720.] Broadside 188th century waatermark. Platte: 335 x 300mm (13¼ ¼ x 12'') large margins. Creaasing as norm mal. £2660 A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe the South Sea Bubble andd the South Sea Company. A reclining wo oman, representing the Companyy lies surround ded by ledgerss and papers, aaround the cenntral image aree vignettes, onne shows a mann on a platform m eating moneey, the others show figuress engaging in trade. t BM Satire 1630. Stock: 48338

[Stocck Boys Shop p Gives Plea asure and Sorrow in S Stealing.] De D Kermis-K Kraam, van de Actie-Kn naapen, Sch haft vreugdee, en droesheid, onder't Kaaapen. 240.

24 43. [Triton n of the Nortth Directing g Men Making M the Pampus P Sanndbank a Ha arbour.] Dee Meerman M van n't Noorderr Gewest als Opper Directeur D derr zee-plaat vverkruyers van v het veerkeerde Pa ampus besla ande de Actterhoede va an het Papieere Actie- Scchouburgs- regiment. [n n.d., c.1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 340 x 28 80mm (13½ x 11'') very larg rge margins. Creases C as £280 no ormal. A satirical scen ne commentingg on the finan ncial crisis of 17 720, Triton staands on a decoorative barge directing his mermaids m whilee in the distannce men work to form a haarbour from a sandbank. Stock: 48463

Verklaaring oop de Print dooor Philadelph hus. [1720.] Engraving, 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 445 x 330mm (17½ ½ x 13'') very large l margins. Crease as £2660 normal. A scene show wing a large crowd followin ng a cart pulleed by two toadss. The cart is driven d by the figure f of Deceeit and in the baack ride Harleqquin, who is shown s vomitinng, Bombario annd the Devil who w blows share certificatess into the crow wd with his belllows. BM Sattire 1650. Stock: 48466

[The Tollgate of Vianen for the Shareholdeers Arrivingg from all To owns.] De Viaantschee Tol-Poort Voor V D'Acto oinisten komende u uyt alle Steed den. 241.

[1720,] Engraving 188th century watermark. Platte: 340 x 315mm (13¼ ¼ x 12¼'') veryy large margin ns. Crease as £1880 normal. Reppaired tear leftt. A satirical sccene set at the gates of Vian nen, on one sidde of the gate arre Dutch men and women going g about their daily livves. On the lefft side are gro otesque half man, half gooat figures hannd out share certificates, a harlequin folllows a classiccal figure and a beggar withh a wooden leg. In the far left a king pours coins into thee hats of beggiing men. Stock: 48476

24 44. [The Useless and U Useful Merchant.] De Nuttige, N en Nuttelooze N K Koopman. [n n.d., c.1720.] Broadside. Sheet: 510 x 430m mm (20 x 16½ ½''). Slight ceentral crease as £420 a normal. A Dutch satirical print comm menting on thee financial crrisis of 1720. In I an ornate fo formal garden the figures off Trruth, Justice, Wisdom W and W Wealth gatherr by two th hrones before which w two meerchants stand d and kneel. BM M Satire 1706 6. Stock: 48552

[The Wastepapeer World is Burned B in th he Fire.] Des kladpapiereen waerelds vuur in as verkeerd.


[Anon.] [17220.] Engraving, 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 310 x 390mm (12 x 15¼'') very large l margins. Crease as £2660 normal. A Dutch satirrical print shoowing figures watching a large globe w which shows thhe world burn ning. Four vignettes shoow the dangers of excess. Stock: 48484

[The Wind-Buyeers Paid in Wind, W or Those Whoo are Last Will W Remain Hanging on n.] De Wind K Koopers mett Wind Betaald, of de laaste zal b blyven hangeen. 246.

[n.d., c.1720.] w Plaate: 360 x Engraving, 18th century watermark. 300mm (14 x 11¾'') very large l margins. Crease as £2220 normal. A Dutch prinnt satirising thhe financial criisis following the stock speeculation bubbble. The scenee takes place inn the Amsterdaam stock exchhange, in the centre c hangs a scroll listing 21 investmennt schemes wh hich failed. BM M Satire 1623. Stock: 48469

24 48. Les Croyables au ttripot. [T Tresca Salvato ore.] [n.d., c.17797.] Sttipple. Sheet: 335 x 375mm m (13¼ x 14¾'''). Trimmed. £190 A scene showin ng three youngg gamblers in exaggerated co ostume with overlarge lapells and cravats. Stock: 48308

[The ch hevalier of th the Golden Calf, C or ca aptain of thee early and llate time of sllaughtering,, in processioon to the Orracle of Delphi.] D De ridder r van hhet gilde kallf of ho opman van de vroege enn laate slach ht tyd in op ptogt naar 't orakel vann Delfos. 24 49.

[A Anon.] [1720.]] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 340 x 27 70mm (13¼ x 10½'') very laarge margins. Marking, olld ink stains an nd crease as nnormal. £130 A Dutch satirical print showiing a stock bro oker riding a co ow, vomiting coins, being leed to the slaug ghter. A co ommentary on n the chaos and nd panic follow wing the co ollapse of the speculative sttock market. Stock: 48485

25 50. Portraiit Present dee l'Europe. G. G Bickham jun n.r delin. sculpp. Published by b William Meyer M at Boerh haave's Head tthe Strand. Acccording to Act A of Parliameent May 1742 . mm (8 x 12¼''). Trimmed En ngraving. Sheeet: 200 x 315m £190 within w plate. Damage D in cenntral crease. Paart of a politiccal broadside ccommenting on o the state off Eu urope followin ng the coronaation of Charlees VII as Em mperor and th he Conventionn of Turin by which w Saardinia entered the war in suupport of Ausstria. The co omplete sheet had letterpresss below. BM:: 2562. Stock: 48362

25 51. [A Con nsultation off Surgeons.] [n n.d., c.1769.] En ngraving. Platte: 110 x 165m mm (4¼ x 6½ ½''). Trimmed allong top edge. Large margiins on 3 sides.. £95 A satirical scen ne showing a ggroup of surgeeons sitting arround a table. BM Satire 42271. Stock: 48416

25 52. Das ist mein lieberr Sohn an de em ich Wohlgefallen W n habe.

[The World is a Stage, Everyone Acts h his Part and G Gets his Porttion.] De wa aereld is een n speel toneel, elk speeld d zyn rol en krygt k zyn deel. 247.

[Anon.] [17220.] Engraving, 18th century watermark. w Plaate: 440 x 380mm (17¼ ¼ x 15'') very large l margins. Crease as £3550 normal. mmenting on the t chaos A Dutch satirrical print com following thee collapse of the t South Sea and Mississipppi Bubbles. Sevveral figures are a shown upon a stage beinng directed by thhe devil. In viignettes aroun nd the edge meen are shown traading in Europpe and in the West W and Easst Indies. BM SSatire 1659. Stock: 48483

[n n.d., c.1810.] Rare engraving g. Sheet: 110 x 85mm (4¼ x 3½''). Two co ollector's mark ks on verso, ne neither listed in n Lugt. £230 A German satirrical print show wing the deviil rocking Napoleon N like a baby. The tittle translates as a 'This is my so on of whom I am well pleassed'. Stock: 48354

25 53. The Ad ddressers. [1 1769] En ngraving. Sheeet: 130 x 200m mm (5 x 8"). Trimmed £120 within w plate. Bit B messy. A poitical satiree showing a fiight in the Kin ngs Arms which w took placce during a me meeting of mercchants which haad been called d to sign an adddress to the King K

expressing thheir confidencce in the goverrnment. BM Satire 4273. Stock: 48418

254. Sequ uel to the Battle of Temp ple Bar. [n.d. c.1769.]] Engraving. S Sheet: 130 x 210mm (5 x 8¼ ¼''). Bit messyy. Small marginns. £775 A follow on from the riot that t began at temple t bar; numerous meerchants, bankkers, and others, set out from m the City, to ppresent an adddress, opposing g Wilkes, to thhe King at St Jaames's, but on arriving they were confronted by a threateninng mob who cllosed the gatees by force, andd thus prevented the deputattion from proceeding. S Some more deetermined opp ponents to Wilkes manaaged to get thrrough to the Palace and present their address, but not n without difficulty and itt was with thiss that the palace had to call out the troopss. BM Satires: 4281. Stock: 48420

Certaain Petitioneers requesting a Masterr to dischargge his Servan nts. 255.

[1769.] Engraving. P Plate: 105 x 1880mm (4 x 7")) large marginns. Some staininng. £885 A scene show wing the Lordd Mayor, Samu uel Turner kneels beforee the King. Neext to him are Peter Robertss, Sir Robert Laadbroke, Aldeermen Beckford and Trecothick annd two sherifffs. BM Satire 4295. Stock: 48423

The C Citizens of London L lam menting the Death of Beeckford. 256.

Engrav'd for the Oxford Magazine. M [n.d d., c.1770.] Engraving. P Plate: 120 x 1775mm (4¾ x 7'') 7 large £665 margins on 3 sides. The citizens of London lam menting the deeath of Beckford"; sccene with Becchford's coffin n, covered by a pall, surrounded by mournning citizens in ncluding Johnn Horne, the Earl of Chatham m, Earl Temple, and John Wilkes. BM SSatire 4394. Stock: 48426

257. The C City Carrierrs. [n.d. c.1769.]] Engraving. S Sheet: 110 x 180mm (4¼ x 7''). Trimmedd and laid on aalbum sheet. Stain S on right.. £1110 At the entrannce to St Jamees’s Palace, a procession p approaches inn order to present the King the petition oof the Livery off London. Mr Turner, Lord Mayor of London accoompanied by Liberty, L leads a mule on which sits a ffigure of Truthh naked with a sun on her head and carrrying a palm branch. b The mule m is then followed by W William Beckkford; Alderm man Barlow Trecothick; aand Sir Robertt Ladbroke. The T fourth representativve of Parliameent is Thomas Harley, represented hhere by an effi figy stuck on crossed c poles. Lord Hollandd lurks in a sentry post, whiispering to a soldier whilsst pointing to fool’s f cap on the t ground “itt fits exactly”, intended probbably for the head h of Samuuel Turner. BM SSatires: 4296. Stock: 48422

58. Coalition Dance. '''Let us Dan nce & Sing_ 25 God G bless thee King_For hhe has made us merry Men M all.'' [JJames Gillray.] Pub.d April 1783 by W. Humphrey, H 227 7, Strand. Bit later. etching waterrmark 1828. Plate: Hand-coloured H P 245 x £160 34 45mm (9¾ x 13½''). 1 Markinng in margins. A political satirre showing Buurke, North an nd Fox daancing around d the a bust annd a devil play ying a fiddle. Th he bust repressents George IIII and the prin nt alludes to th he King's prolo onged resistannce to and unw willing su urrender to thee coalition. BM M Satire 6205 5. Stock: 48348

25 59.

A Certain Great P Personage lea arning to

Sp pell. Fo or the Oxford Mag. [1770] En ngraving. Platte:165 x 105m mm (6½ x 4'') large £60 margins. m A satirical scen ne showing thee Duke of Cum mberland sitting at a tablee, frustrated ass he cannot master m basic sp pelling. BM Sa atire 4402. Stock: 48430

The trial of Mr. Cuumberland for sp preading thee Distemperr among the horned Cattle C at St. Albans A & otther Parts 26 60.

En ngrav'd for thee Oxford Maggazine. [n.d., c.1770.] c En ngraving. Platte: 110 x 170m mm (4¼ x 6¾ ¾'') large £120 margins. m Markiing. An A satirical prin nt representinng the Court off King's Bench during th he trial of the Duke of Cum mberland for crriminal converrsation with L Lady Grosveno or, see "The Trrial of Henry Frederick, F Duuke of Cumberrland. The majority m have animal a heads. BM Satire 44 401. Stock: 48427

The Po olitical Danccing Bear. '''Music has ch harms to Sooth a savagee Beast.'' 26 61.

[n n.d., c.1773.] En ngraving. Platte: 110 x 180m mm (4¼ x 7'') large £95 margins m on 3 siides. A commentry on o the idea of alliance between England, Frrance and Spaain. England iss shown as a bear, b dancing to o the tune of th he French ambbassador Com mte de Guines who w plays the fiddle, f while a figure repressenting Spain ho olds the leash.. Behind them m the French an nd Spanish kiings laugh. Ab bove two sidess of one coin are shown, on n the right the three kings, tthe central facce of George

III looks conncerned out to the front, whiile the kings oof France and S Spain look at him h slyly. BM M Satire 5110. Stock: 48432

The E Effects of Peetitions and Remonstraations. 262.

[1770.] Engraving. P Plate: 170 x 1005mm (6¾ x 4'') 4 large £660 margins on 3 sides. Manusscript below. A political saatire showing the Princess of o Wales, on hher left sits her aadviser Lord Bute B while on her right sits her son Georrge III. Behindd the party aree Lord Mansfield annd Sir Fletcherr Norton. BM Satire 4386. Stock: 48429

263. The D Duke of B_d d's Receptio on at Exeter.. Murgo-reskyy Fuergrock innv. delin sc. [1 1769.] Engraving. P Plate: 120 x 1880mm (4¾ x 7''). 7 Damage £1220 along lower eedge. A satirical sccene showing the Duke of Bedford B passinng the doors of E Exeter Catheddral followed by b a shoutingg mob of inhabbitants of the city. c Some off crowd seem tto be holding crricket bats. BM M Satire 4302 2. Stock: 48428

67. The Miitred Minueet. 26 [1 1774.] En ngraving. Sheeet: 110 x 175m mm (4½ x 7")). Cut at top. £190 Laarge margins on 3 sides. A satrirical scen ne in which foour bishops daance together arround a piece of paper titledd 'Quebec Billl', to the left off him are Lord d Bute, in highhland dress, Lord L North an nd a third minister. The prinnt is an attack on the Quebec Q Act passsed on the 222nd June 1774 4, copied by Paaul Revere. BM M Satire 52288. Stock: 48417

26 68. He stoo ops to Conquuer. Dedicated to the Queen. Q Prrinted by L.M M. Lefevre, New wman Street, London. Pu ublished by J. McCormick [n.d, c.1837]. mm (16 x 11""). Repaired Liithograph. Sheeet 410 x 280m £230 teears on bottom m right marginn. Daniel D O'Conneell kneels to kkiss the hand of o Queen Victoria V on her succession too the throne, with w the Duke off Wellington on o the left. Unusually U for an a Irish nationnalist, O'Connell had a fo ondness for Qu ueen Victoria,, believing thaat the young Queen Q would help h bring justiice to Ireland.. Stock: 48140

264. Grow wn Citizens learning to Dance. Engrav'd for the Oxford Magazine. M [n.d d., c.1769.] Engraving. P Plate: 110 x 1665mm (4¼ x 6½'') 6 large £880 margins. A rare satiriccal print showing th Duke of o Grafton as a dancing mastter standing on ''Petitions of the Mile endd Rioters''. In tthe centre is Thomas T Harley y who was Loord Mayor of Loondon who waas a partisan off the Grafton administratioon. BM Satire 4276. Stock: 48419

265. [Hibeernia in Disttress.] [1772.] Engraving. P Plate: 120 x 1880mm (4¾ x 7''). 7 £990 A satirical prrint showing Hibernia H lying g on the grounnd next to her brroken harp. On O a table on th he left are twoo large bags off money from which Lord North N is stealinng coins. A blacck man stands behind him reminding Norrth not to forget him. A man stands s on Hibeernia's neck speaking to S Sir George Maacartney who looks on. BM M Satire 4942. Stock: 48433

The L Lord Mayorrs Speech an nd the City Petition about the Exciise. Monday April 9, att a Meeting off the Commoon Council of o this City, the Right H Hon.ble the Lord L Mayorr was pleas' d to introducce the Business of the Da ay... 266.

[Anon.] [n.d.., c.1771.] Engraving, raare. Sheet: 355 x 255mm (1 14 x 10''). £2880 Trimmed, teaar in right edgge. A satirical brroadside comm menting on the City's Petitioon against the E Excise was dellivered to the King K on 10 April 1771 accompanied by b a procession of coaches reaching from m Westminsteer to Temple Bar. B BM Satirees 1926. Stock: 48361

26 69. A Parliiamentary G Game of Shu uttlecock. Pu ublished by Tho.s McLean,, 26, Haymark ket. [n.d. c.1829.] Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 253 x 350m mm (10 x £260 13 3¾") very larg ge margins. Th he Speaker staands near the shore, raising g a racquet (or baattledore) to sm mite a giant shhuttlecock app proaching from Ireland. Itt is inscribed 'FForty Shilling g Franchise Tiitle', and amon ng the featherrs sits O'Connell. The Sp peaker wears a short powdeered wig and holds h up his go own. Against a small buildiing on his righ ht, inscribed 'H House of Comm mons', lean thhe mace and a second raacquet. Wellin ngton holds oppen the door of o the House, an nd looks out. Across A the waater in Ireland is an ex xulting crowd of bareleggedd bog-trotters,, with raacquets, shillellaghs, and twoo banners, onee inscribed 'C Clare for Ever', the other 'Errin Go Bragh', both topped by y caps of Libeerty. Two menn proffer huge shuttlecocks to o two well-dressed men whoo refuse to tak ke the trip accross the Irish Channel. In tthe middle disstance, on the En nglish shore, Lord L Anglesey ey in hussar un niform is fisshing. He stag ggers back, haaving hooked a large 'C Conciliation Millstone'. M BM M Satires: 1576 61. Stock: 48412

Remaarkable Chaaracters at Mr. M Cornelyy's Masquerad de. 270.

Engrav'd for the Oxford Magazine. M [1 March M 1771] Engraving. P Plate: 120 x 1770mm (4¾ x 6¾'') 6 large margins on 3 sides.. Laid on o album sheeet at corners. £775 BM Satires: 4928. Stock: 48424

271. The S State Cotilloon 1773. Engaving. Pllate: 120 x 1800mm (4¾ x 7''') large £665 margins. A political saatire in which serveral figurres including Lord North, L Lord Bathurstt and Lord Baarrington hold hands and daance around onn top of variou us papers withh titles such ass 'National Debbt' and 'Magna Charta'. BM M Satire 5106. Stock: 48415

272. The P Prophecy. XXX. [John Doyle.] Londdon, Published d by T. McLeaan. 26, Haymarkket April, 18299. Hand-coloured lithograph with very finee colour and large marginns; printed on J. J Whatman 1829 paper. Plate 279 x 3355mm (11 x 14"). £2330 Satire on the intrigues of thhe Duke of Cu umberland wiith the ultra-Torries: Cumberlaand, as Macbeeth, addresses the three witcches who holdd wands: Eldo on, Lord Redesdale annd Lord Mannners. From Doyle's "Political Skketches" BM Satires: S 157422. Stock: 48384

A satirical printt showing a fiigure wearing a clever twoin n-one costumee, the left side represents thee policies of Jo ohn Wilkes wh hile the right tthe policies off the Earl of Bute. A key exp plains the coloours of the various parts off th he costume. Th he Wilkes halff of the costum me may be baased on Hogarrth's 1763 port rtrait of him. The T face is made m to resemb ble both men w with Wilke's characteristic c sq quint. BM Satiire 4315. Stock: 48159

27 74. The Tr ree of Reform m in full bea aring. The King, K Duke of o Sussex, L..d Brougham m, L.d Grey, G L.d Altthorpe, L.d Jn.o Russell, L.d Holland, H Sir F. F Burdett, L L.d Plunkettt. Mr O. Connell. C H.H. H [Henry Heeath.] Publishhed by S.W. Fores, 41, Piiccadilly, Nov v.r 1832. Liithograph. Printed area 4000 x 255mm (15 5¾ x 10"). £240 Damage D in low wer left corner.. In n foliage of thee tree of 'Consstitutional Lib berty' are the prrofiles of Willliam IV and hi his ministers. Not N in BM Sa atire. Stock: 48410

27 75. Sympto oms of Crim m Con!! Woodward W Dellin. Publishd JJan.y 1st 1796 6 S.W. Fores No. N 50 Picadilly y corner of Saackville Streett_Folio's of Caricatures Len nt out for the E Evening. Ettching, waterm mark J. Whatm man 1822. Sheeet: 330 x £230 46 60mm (13 x 18''). Trimmedd within plate. A satirical printt commentingg on the legal issue i of Criminal Conveersation whichh would be brrought by a hu usband againsst his wife's lov over for the reccovery of daamages. The scene s consistss of six groupss in which a man m flirts with the woman inn the group an ngering the ollder, uglier maan. Stock: 48349

The Ch hurch in Dannger, or a very un ncommon Parish P Dinneer The Churchward C en's got a w wide mouth And A his Grinders G are like a Sledgge Hammer.. Vide old So ong. 27 76.

Lo ondon, Published by Tho.s McLean 26 Haymarket. H [n n.d. c.1830.] etching. Sheeet: 410 x 285m Hand-coloured H mm (16 x 11'')) laarge margins. £190 Saatire showing an announcem ment from a pulpit p in a ch hurch requestiing the wardenns to meet to consider c 'the beest method of eating the chuurch'. BM Satiires: un ndescribed. Stock: 48408

The Lo ottery Contrrast. Thirty Thousand I've got, How w lucky's myy lot. I'm as Poor as a Rat, R Thank the Lottery ffor that. 27 77.

The T Times Taken from an Original O Character which appeared at the Masquerade M e at Lincoln Dec.r the 1769. 273.

Publish'd as tthe Act directts by J. Marks or the pav'd Stones St. M Martins Lane. [nn.d., c.1769.] Very rare enggraving. Platee: 360 x 270m mm (14 x 10½''') large marginns. Messy. £6000

Dighton D del. Prrinted for Bow wles & Carverr. No.69 St. Paaul's Church Yard, Y London.. Mezzotint. M Sheet size: 340 x 235mm (13½ ½ x 9¼''). £180 Trrimmed insidee image on lefft. A scene at the shop s front of ''Touchpenny Fortune F & Winall's W State Lottery L Officee', with various characters in nside laughing g or in despair.. At the door on o the right, a

woman is about to enter, counting c her coins while a boy picks herr pocket. BM Satires: 3768.

82. 28

Stock: 48389

J. Jones fec.t. London, L Pub.dd by S.W. Forees, 41 Piicadilly 1828. Hand-coloured H etching. Platee: 225 x 360m mm (9 x 14''). £190 Sm mall margins. A pair of scenes the first show ws a man waiiting for a du uel with appro oaching Armyy officer. The second showss a group of midd dle aged men having a discu ussion arround a table. Not in BM Saatire.

278. A Hu unting Piecee on a New Construction C n. Woodward ddel. Cruikshannk sculp. Pub. March 8th 1798 by S.W W. Fores No.500 Picadilly corrner of Sackville_Foolio's of Caricaatures lent outt for the evening. Etching, J. W Whatman wateermark. Sheet: 350 x 460mm m (13¾ x 18''). Central creasse. Repaired tear t on left. £2000 A satirical prrint commentiing on what so ociety searchees for. The figuures depicted are a from all waalks of life annd search for fam me, money, loove and company among other things. Stock: 48350

279. The C Carlton Hou use Botchers. For the Oxfoord Mag. [1770.] Engraving. P Plate: 160 x 1005mm (6¼ x 4¼'') 4 large £990 margins. Foxxing. A satirical sccene in a tailorrs workroom showing s earlyy image of an iiron, above thhe figures head ds hangs the petticoats of the Princess of o Wales. A grroup includingg Lord Mansfieeld, Sir Fletchher Norton, the Duke of Bedford and the Duke of Grafton G who stand s around M Mr Jeremiah Dyyson who is sewing a coat prrobably intended for the King. A masonic m imag ge. BM Satire 4425.

Idealitiies No. 5. Idees of Satisfa action, Id dealities No..6 Ideas of P Pioneers.

Stock: 48409

28 83. The Po olitical Weddding..` [1 1769.] En ngraving. Platte: 120 x 170m mm (4¾ x 6¾ ¾"). Tears at £65 bo ottom. Large margins on 3 sides. A satirical printt engraved forr the Oxford Magazine M co ommenting on n the marriagee of Augustus Henry, 3rd Duke D of Grafton to Elizabethh Wrottesley. The bride an nd groom are shown holding ng hands beforre a cllergyman. Graafton had divoorced his previious wife on acccount of her adultery a and hhe had taken a new mistress m Nancy y Parsons whoo appears in th he scene crrying. BM Satire 4292. Stock: 48421

Stock: 48431

The C Coronation of the Emprress of the Nairs. 280.

G. Cruikshannk fecit. Pub.dd September 1st 1812 by W.N. Jones N No.5 Newgatee St. Hand-coloured etching. Shheet: 280 x 49 95mm (11 x 19½''). Trimm med, large teaars and damag ged. Folds as £1660 issued. A satire on thhe scandals reelating to the Regent, R his brothers, andd the Hertfordss. Lady Hertfo ord or 'The Empress of N Nairs', mistresss of the Prince of Wales, liees reclining in a bath in the centre of the sccene while thee Regent ascennds the stairs with w a crown, Lord Hertfordd with cuckoldd's horns sits aside a a statue looking l down on the scene smiling. Arouund the room various members of tthe court and various mistreesses stand in conversationn. BM Satire 11899. Stock: 48414

The G Gord-Ian Knot K still Unttied or The Disapointed d Dido still in i Despair. 281.

Pub.d May 99th 1802 by S.W. Fores 50 Picadilly. P Foliios of Caracaturees lent out forr the evening. Etching. Platte: 265 x 330m mm (10½ x 13 3''). Trimmed tto platemark. £1330 A satirical sccene in showinng Lady Gord don and her daughter Laddy Georgiana weeping by th he coffin of thhe Duke of Beddford. Lady Goordon had sou ught to have heer daughter marrry the Duke of o Bedford and following hhis death she claaimed that the two had been n engaged a claim which was denied byy the Duke's brother. b BM Satire 9929. Stock: 48406

View of the Celestiial Influx on n the Body off Woman ass illustrated in Culpeperrs Family Physician and d Sibley's O Occult Sciencces. [&] View V of the Celestial C Infllux on the Body B of Man M as illustrated in Cullpepers Fam mily Physician and d Sibley's O Occult Sciencces. 28 84.

Dodd D Delin. Prattent Sculp. [[n.d., c.1800.]] Paair of stipples. Plate: 245 x 190mm (9¾ x 7½''). Small £260 margins, m bit dusty. A pair of diagraams showing tthe areas of th he body in nfluenced by various v celestiial bodies acco ording to Eb benezer Sibley y and Nicholaas Culpeper. Stock: 48076

28 85. [Diagra ams of the H Human Body y.] [n n.d., c.1820.] Paair of engravin ngs. Plate: 3000 x 200mm (1 12 x 8''). £260 Marking. M A pair of diagraams of the hum man anatomy, one shows th he skeleton wh hile the secondd shows the details of the muscles m and vaains. Stock: 48376


Amb broise Paré (1517-1590). ( . ''Je le pansay; Dieu le guaristt".

90. Nedidi--Yemani. (P Pouliniere Eg gyptienne.) 29 No N 10.

Composé parr E. Hammannn. Gravé par C. C Manigaud. [n.d., c.1880.] Engraving onn chine collé. 525 x 630mm m (20½ x 25") £3220 very large maargins. Laid on o board. A medical sccene from the French Piedm mont campaignn (1537-8), in w which the barrber surgeon Ambroise A Paréé tends to the w wounds of a 'C Captain Rat'. His H notes contained thee famous quotte "Je le pansaai, Dieu le guérit" ("I baandaged him and a God healeed him"). Paré was a piioneer of battllefield surgery y, reintroducinng Roman technniques includinng using poulltices instead oof cauterising w wounds with boiling b oil and d reintroduced the ligature oof arteries insttead of cauteriization duringg amputations. In 1567, by experimenting e g on a condemned m man, he proveed that bezoar stones (the poisoning cuure-all of the Harry H Potter seeries) did not work. Wellcoome Library no. n 9993i.

V. V Adam. Imprrimé par A. Goodard. A Pariss chez les ed diteurs quai au ux fleurs, 19. eet Tessari & C quai des Grands G Augustins, 55. Tiinted lithograp ph with hand colour. Printeed area 340 x £650 41 15mm (13½ x 16¼"). An A Egyptian brrood mare with th her groom, an ornate saaddle on the grround behind..

Stock: 48603

Stock: 48277

Stock: 48276

29 91. Précieu use (Poulinieere Anglaisee.) No 18. V. V Adam. Imprrimé par A. Goodard. A Pariss chez les ed diteurs quai au ux fleurs, 19. eet Tessari & C quai des Grands G Augustins, 55. Tiinted lithograp ph with hand colour. Printeed area 340 x 41 15mm (13½ x 16¼"). Backk board stainin ng. £420 A brood mare and a her foal ruunning in a fieeld, chased byy a Jack Russell Terrier. T

Sohoo Manufactoory under th he Annex'd Firms. M. Bouton & Butt.n B C.o_B Buttons in General. Boulton & Sm miths_Bucklles, Latchetss &c. M.Bou ulton & Platee Co. Silver & Plated Goods. M. Boulton_Mint for Goveernm.t Coin n. M. Boulton n_Medals Rooll'd Metals &c. D.o Mercantilee Trade in Birmingham.. Boulton, Watt & Son ns. Iron Fou und.y & Stea am Enginess. J. Watt & C Co. Letter Copying C Ma achines. 287.

F. Eginton Scculp.t. Publishhed by J. Bisset Museum Birmingham for his Magnnificent and Grrand National Directory 1800. Engraving. P Plate: 135 x 2000mm (5¼ x 8''). 8 Small £885 margins. A north east view of the laarge Soho Man nufactory in Birmingham which pioneeered mass prod duction and assembly linee production. The factory was w establishedd by Matthew B Boulton and John J Fothergilll and was designed andd built by the Wyatt W family of Lichfield inn 1766. The Sooho Manufactory contained d the first Wattt Steam Enginne and the firstt steam powerred mint whichh was subsequeently used in the t Birminghaam Mint.

29 92. [Persia an carvalrym man.] Carle Vernet. [n n.d., c.1820.] Liithograph. Sheeet 415 x 550m mm (16¼ x 21¾"). A little £550 fo oxing. A Persian horseeman, armed w with lance, bo ow and qu uiver, after An ntoine Charless Horace Vern net (175818 835), publisheed in the 'Grannde Suite de Chevaux' C (1 1817-21).

Stock: 48294

Stock: 48275

288. [The Game of Ch hess.] [James Brethherton after Heenry William Bunbury.] [n.d., c.1780.] k; Sheet: 315 x Etching, scarrce; 18th centuury watermark £3660 365mm (12¼ ¼ x 14¼''). Triimmed. A scene show wing three woomen in large headresses h playing a gam me of chess.

29 93. Chevall Normand. Carle Vernet. Im mp. lithog. dee F. Delpech. [n.d., [ c.1820.]] Liithograph. Sheeet 350 x 440m mm (13¾ x 17¼"). £220 Margins M trimmed, surface weear to edges. A rustic riding a horse, after Antoine Charrles Horace Vernet V (1758-1835), publishe hed in the 'Grande Suite de Chevaux' (1817 7-21).

Stock: 48618

Stock: 48273

289. Chev val d'Espagn ne. Carle Vernett. [n.d., c.18300.] Lithograph. S Sheet: 240 x 290mm 2 (9½ x 11½''). £770 Trimmed. R Repaired tear. A scene show wing a spanishh horse being led by a man in Spanish costuume. From a series s on horses by Carle Vernet.

29 94. [Coach hing horses.]] 55. Carle Vernet. Im mp. lith. de D Delpech. [n.d., c.1820.] Liithograph. Sheeet 415 x 550m mm (16¼ x 21¾"). £280 A coach drawn by four horsees, encouraged d by riders with w whips, afteer Antoine Chharles Horace Vernet (1 1758-1835), pu ublished in thhe 'Grande Suiite de Chevaux' (1817 7-21).

Stock: 48398

Stock: 48274


Foress's Contrastts. Pl. 2: Th he Guard of 1852; The Guard of 18832.

00. 30

Painted by H H. Alken. Engrraved by J. Haarris. Publisheed May 26th 1852 by Mess.rss Fores, 41, Piiccadilly, London. A large aquaatint on steel. 410 4 x 600mm (16 x 23½)". £1990 Some staininng, laid on cardd. A pair of sceenes illustratinng the impact of o the advent of the railways. Henry Alkenn had died in 1851, 1 the yearr before publiccation.

Paainted by Geo orge Richmondd R.A., D.C.L L. Engraved by y Thomas L. Atkinson. A [n.dd., c.1875.] Mezzotint M on ch hine collé. 4455 x 350mm (1 18 x 13¾"). £130 Seeated portrait of Edward Ellllice the young ger (181080 0), Scottish po olitician, son oof a deputy-go overnor of thee Hudson's H Bay Company C and nephew of Eaarl Grey. He H served as Prrivate Secretarry to Lord Du urham during hiis diplomatic mission m to Ruussia (1832) an nd his go overnor generalship in Candda (1838), and d was MP for Stt Andrews Bu urghs from 18337 until his deeath. His wife Katherine K is rem membered forr watercolourss she painted off the Patriote rebels r who cap aptured her in the rebellion off 1837-8. Elllis attended Trinity T Collegee, Cambridge.

Stock: 48278

Foress's Contrastts. Pl. 3. The Driver of the Mail 18832; The Driver of the Mail M 1852. 296.

Painted by H H. Alken. Engrraved by J. Haarris. Publisheed May 26th 1852 by Mess.rss Fores, 41, Piiccadilly, London. A large aquaatint on steel. 410 4 x 600mm (16 x 23½)". £1990 Some staininng, laid on cardd. A pair of sceenes illustratinng the impact of o the advent of the railways. Henry Alkenn had died in 1851, 1 the yearr before publiccation.

Edward Ellice [faccsimile signa ature]. Private Plate.

Stock: 48497

Stock: 48279

Glasttoniensis... The Prospect of the Towne of G Glastonburyy from Comp pton hills about threee miles Soutthward dista ant from thee Towne. 297.

W. Hollar fecc: W. Hollar sculp. s [n.d., c.1655.] Etching, 17thh century wateermark. Plate:: 170 x 295mm m (7 x 11¾''). £1440 A view of Gllastonbury, ann illustration from fr William Dugdale's 'M Monasticon Annglicanum' Vo ol. I. 1718 edititon. Pennington 976. iv. Stock: 48529

298. [Boltton Abbey on the River Wharfe.] [John Charlees Bromley aftter Thomas Girtin.] [1825.] Mezzotint. P Proof before alll letters; Platee: 200 x 275m mm (8 x 10¾'') laarge margins. Foxing. £1990 A view of Boolton Abbey inn Yorkshire. Plate P 14 from Rivers of Enggland by Thom mas Girtin. Stock: 48617

The R Right Hon.b ble Thomas Elder, of Forneth Loord Provost of the City of Edinburggh &c. 299.

H. Raeburn, pinx.t. R. Earrlom, sculp.t. [n.d., [ c.1797.]] ( x 14¼")) very large Mezzotint. 5220 x 360mm (20½ £3660 margins. Platte mark cracked top and bottom. Thomas Eldeer (1737-99), a wine merchaant who serveed as Lord Provvost of Edinbuurgh three timees (1788-90, 1792-4 and 11796-8). Here he is portrayeed with the plans for the new buildinggs of Edinburg gh University, a scheme he w was heavily invvolved with. Raeburn's R portrait was ppainted in 17997 at the requeest of the principal andd professors off the universitty, and is preserved in their court rooom. Stock: 48516

30 01. The Ho onorable Heenry Erskinee. Paainted by H. Raeburn. R Engrraved by Jamees Ward, Paainter & Mezzzotinto Engravver to His Roy yal Highness th he Prince of Wales. W Publisheed as the Act directs by A. Laawrie, Book and a Printsellerr Edinburgh. [n.d., [ c.1800.] Fiine mezzotint.. 510 x 355mm m (20 x 14"), with very laarge margins. Right R plate ma mark cracked an nd repaired. £360 Th he Honourable Henry ''Harrry'' Erskine (1 1746-1817), a Sccottish lawyerr renowned foor his oratory who w once deefended Thom mas Paine on a treason charg ge. He was Dean D of the Facculty of Advoocates (1785-9 95), Lord Advocate A twicee (1783-4 and 1806-7), and MP for Haddington H Bu urghs (1806) an and for Dumfrries Burghs (1 1806-7). CS 17 7, state ii of iii. Stock: 48513

[George Hamiltoon Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen.]] Aberdeen [facsimile signature].


Painted by T The late Sir Thhomas Lawren nce P.R.A. &c.&c. Engrraved by Samuuel Cousins A.R.A. A Londonn: Published 266th Jan:y 18533, by Frederick k Gwynne, Charing Crosss. Mezzotint onn chine collé. 550 x 420mm m (21¾ x 16½""), with very larrge margins. £2880 The 4th Earl of Aberdeen (1784-1860), Prime threequarter lengtth, wearing daark suit with saash and star. The portrait w was engravedd by Cousins in n 1831: it wass reissued wheen Abderdeen became Prime Minister (1852-55). He was educcated at St Johhn's College, Cambridge, C graduating w with a Master of o Arts in 1804. Stock: 48495

[Jam mes II.] Iacobus Dei Gra atia. Scotor etc. Rex. 303.

[n.d., c.1600.] Engraving. S Sheet: 200 x 1440mm (8 x 5½ ½''). Trimmedd, £1660 repaired dam mage. A portrait off James II of Scotland (1430 0-1460) from Ehingen's 'Itiinerarium' 16000, shown stan nding next to a stag which holds the Stuarrt coat of armss. James died during the Siiege of Roxbuurgh Castle, on ne of the last Scottish castlles still held by b the English h after the Warrs of Independeence, when onne of cannon he h had importeed from Flanderrs, known as "the " Lion", exp ploded and killed him. Stock: 48637

[Fran ncis Montaggu-Douglas-Scott, 5th Duke of Bu uccleuch and d 7th Duke of o Queensberry.] 304.

[Engraved byy James Faed after Sir Fran ncis Grant.] [Published byy Henry Gravves & Co, Lon ndon, 1864.] Mezzotint onn chine collé, proof p before letters. l 800 x 515mm (31½ ½ x 20½"). Priintsellers' Association £2440 blindstamp. C Creasing. A full-lengthh portrait of thhe 5th Duke off Buccleuch (1806-84), C Conservative politician, p Lord d Privy Seal 1842-46 and Lord Presidennt of the Coun ncil from January to Juuly 1846. He is i standing, weearing a dark suit with sashh, star and whhite bow-tie, right r hand on his cane, leftt holding gloves and hat. He attended St John's Colllege, Cambrid dge (M.A., 1827).

06. Carl Er rz-Herzog vvon Oesterreeich. 30 Minerva M schü ützt Oesterrreichs und Deutschlands D s Retter. Caarles Archdu uke d'Austriche. Minerve prootegeant le Liberateur L dee l'Austriche e de l'Alleemagne. Ed dward Stræly del. J. Clarot sculp 1796. 1796 1 In Wein beey Artaria und d Comp. Rare mezzotint. 695 x 505mm m (27½ x 19¾ ¾"). Thread margins, m wear to t edges. Colllector's stamp bottom right £260 co orner. Minerva M holds a shield over tthe head of Archduke A Charles of Austtria (1771-18447) as he leans on a caannon, a battlee waging behin ind. It is likely y to be the Battle of Emmeendingen (19th th October 179 96), in which hee defeated the French army of General Jeean Moreau an nd pushed them m out of Germ many. Th he original pencil sketch byy Peter Edwarrd Ströhling (1 1768-1826) is in the Albertiina (14947) Exx: Collection off the Hon. Chrristopher Lennnox-Boyd. Thee collector's sttamp is that off Sir William A Augustus Frasser (182698 8), soldier, MP P and author. Stock: 48453

Stock: 48492

Maria Austriaca F Ferd. III. Ux xor I. Dei G. Im mp. Rom. Seep. Aug. Gerrm. Hung. Boh. B Reg. Archidussa A Austr. A Ducisssa Burgun. etc. 30 07.

[Rob bert Munro.]] Robertus Munro, M tribunus. N Noli deiici foortiter matum m qui patitur, ideem post potiitur bonum. Sapienta mea tu, es d domine docee me facere voluntatem m tuam, da in ntellectum ex teriora contemnere ett ad interiora me dare, nam n uera laetitia est in timore Dei cum bona coscientia... c 305.

Sebastien Fuurck. fecit. [n.dd., c.1650.] Engraving, raare. Collector's mark of Alb bert Richard oon verso. Plate: 215 x 130mm m (8½ x 5'') larrge margins. £1330 A portrait off Scottish noblleman Robert Munro. Stock: 48667

Ant. A van Dyck pinxit. Corn. G Galle Iunior sculpsit. s [?] ex xcudit Antwerrpiae A.o. 16449. [Later impression.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 275 x £75 19 95mm (10¾ x 7¾'') very larrge margins. A portrait of Maria M Anna of SSpain (1606-1 1646) first wife w of Holy Roman Emperoor Ferdinand III I (160716 657). H: 123 II I of II Stock: 48566

308. Girod det. Maurin [signnature in plate]. Lith. de Villlain. Lithograph. Publisher's sttamp bottom right; 272 x £995 307mm. Portrait of Frrench painter Anne-Louis A Girodet G de Roussy-Triosson (1767-18224), by Antoin ne Maurin (1793-1860).. Maurin also sat for Girodeet.

30 09. Christiian Reichs F Freyherr v. Münch. M Herr H zu Aÿstenen Vils...

Stock: 48508

Stock: 48561

310. Lebeen in Rom. del.t et inct. Hannover 1797. A fine & raree etching. 4355 x 535mm (17 7 x 21"). Trimmed witthin plate at bottom. £6220 'Life in Rome', satirising thhe attractions of the city to Grand Tourissts. Four girls with open bo odices sit on a swing suspennded in a doorrway, playing tamborines, with a group of monks andd a man playin ng the lute lyinng beneath all ennjoying the viiew. Across th he road touristts sit outside a ccoffee shop annd a man sellss wine from barrels on hiss donkey.

Ant. A Graff pinx x. 1787. I.F. B Bause sculps. 1789. 1 En ngraving. Sheeet: 310 x 230m mm (12 x 9''). Trimmed. £65 A half-length portrait of Germ man banker Christian C von Münch M (1752-1 1821), set withh in an oval.

31 12. Koning g en Koninggin van de Missisippi. M [n n.d., c.1720.] En ngraving, 18th h century wateermark. Plate: 265 x 17 70mm (10½ x 6¾'') very larrge margins. Creasing C on leeft. £360 A portrait of a chief c and his ffamily from a Native American A tribe in Mississipppi. Published to t accompany saatirical prints of o the collapsee of the Mississippi Bubble. Stock: 48365

Stock: 48521

[Cyriillic title.] [K Kiev Monasttery of Cavees (Pechersk L Lavra)] 311.

[n.d., c.18200.] A rare etchinng. Sheet 470 x 630mm (18½ x 24¾"). Several tearss and repairs, creasing, c laid on archival £4550 backing sheeet. Damaged. A view of Kiiev from the Dnieper, D with the Kiev Pechersk Lavvra (Kiev Monnastery of the Caves), an historic Orthhodox Christiaan monastery, founded 10511 and now a UN NESCO Worlld Heritage Siite. Stock: 48457

31 13. Chinese Barber. Drawn D & Engraaved by Thos..& Will.m Daaniell. Pu ublished by M Longm man Hurst, Resss & Orme Paaternoster Row w. 1. 11810. Aquatint. A Plate: 185 x 250mm m (7¼ x 9¾'')) large £130 margins. m On card as issued. A portrait of a travelling t barbber, carrying his h tools th hrough the streeets; text versoo. Abbey 516 Stock: 48436

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Grosvenor prints catalogue 81  

An unload of new stock of fine antiquarian prints, published to coincide with the London Print Fair

Grosvenor prints catalogue 81  

An unload of new stock of fine antiquarian prints, published to coincide with the London Print Fair