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Inspired by Rumi, the paintings of Shahrzad Ghaffari channel the elusive, mystical message of his poetry and weave them into a profound new visual language. The essence of her work explores Rumi’s timeless themes – the relationship of the soul to the divine, the lover to the beloved, and their yearning for physical and metaphysical unity where human love at its purest melts into the sacred.

of the soul as it soars towards the divine. The appeal of her work is instant and disarming. The viewer is drawn willingly and joyously into Rumi’s world of enlightenment, whirling through the heights of spiritual ecstasy. Yet each experience is different, each message at once intimate and universal, each story individual, each experience unique, and each fragment transformational.

Often captured in dazzling colours writhing through the abyss of the material world, her Naghashi Khat, or the painted word, sings the final moment of the dance of the Sama. There is a primal energy, a relief and a triumph as the painting seduces the viewer to stand witness to the blissful flight

Zahra Faridany Akhavan, PhD Islamic Art, Harvard University


Darkness to bliss- New Works by Shahrzad Ghaffari  

New Works by Shahrzad Ghaffari