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Vol. 13, May 2013

music, models, and more

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TAUK band photo Photo courtesy of Kyle Dean Reinford

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Kitana Cross photo Photo courtesy of George Swar.

OOPS, WE GOOFED! In our St. Patrick’s Day issue, we mistakenly published a photo of a band and labeled it The Bootheel.

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Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

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2 TAUK Incognito’s feature artist 5 Kitana Cross This month’s feature model 18 Bawcomville Second music feature

Bawcomville Our second music feature this month!





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If Blues Was Whiskey

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)



Welcome to the May edition of Incognito Music, Models, and More. It has come to my attention that we focused so much on the St. Patrick’s Day aspect of the March issue (not that we have any regrets about that), we failed to mention that the last issue was in fact our 12th. That’s right, loyal reader. We’ve officially been at this for more than a year now. So what have we learned in a year of publishing this magazine? Well, that’s a long list. Suffice it to say that we are always learning how to make this better and hopefully you are seeing our improvement with each issue. Normally we have a musical theme in each issue. While we don’t really have a theme for this one, we have features with two really good bands: instrumental rock-fusion band TAUK from New York and four-piece rock band Bawcomville from Austin. And with spring comes the beginning of baseball season. I think you’ll agree that baseball gear has never looked as good as it does on our model Kitana. Frankly, I think she gives a whole new meaning to fantasy baseball. As she does every month, our resident mixologist Carin has a great cocktail for you. This one is inspired by a recent trip to...Vegas, baby! Oh, and I should mention that Carin’s birthday was 13 April if you want to send her belated birthday wishes. Feel free to post your birthday wishes to her on our blog, Twitter page, or on her Facebook page, wherever you like. And speaking of alcohol, our guest columnist Harlis Sweetwater has written an edition of The Guest List about two things that go together perfectly: blues and whiskey. Our newest addition to the staff, Mama Jen, has come up with another great recipe that incorporates one of the beers from our monthly beer panel. I will say two things about this: 1. slow-cooked pork and 2. try it. As always, you are seeing this publication due to the extraordinary (dare I say, superhuman) efforts of our unflappable CinePhile Rae. Seriously, if you haven’t done it yet, show this woman some love (@raesblog) for all the work she does. It’s not at all hyperbole to say that this magazine would not be what it is without her. Thanks for reading and in the words of Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to each other.”

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


TAUK auk is an instrumental rock fusion band from New York. By phone, Isaac Teel (drums) discusses working with a legendary engineer, among other things. Describe your sound for someone who has never heard the band.


amazing. What was your response when Dave Natale (sound engineer for Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) invited you into his studio?

It was unreal just because of his credentials. Instrumental rock fusion. It has its jazz moments This person has worked with some of the and its rock moments, its R&B moments. It’s a greatest musicians in the world and now he’s going to be on the team working with us. It’s fusion of them all. surreal. Not like “We’ve made it,” but knowing I read that you opened for Robert Randolph and that your music can be taken to a great place the Family Band and moe. and bands like that. with someone like this behind it. Of those bands you’ve opened for, what was What did Dave Natale and Robert Carranza your favorite experience and why? bring out of the band in the recording process? It’s a funny question because I just joined the band in January. I wasn’t even on those They both added great elements. Robert tours. But I’m sure they would say the Robert Carranza let us know that we don’t have to have Randolph shows were the best at the 9:30 Club. a certain structure when we record. It’s more of That was probably the best experience. I’ve seen an experimental thing, which is cool because you the venue, but I haven’t seen Robert Randolph never know what kind of sound you can put out perform there. I’m sure those shows were when you’re not stuck in a box. I feel like David did some of the same stuff. He gave us the room 2

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

Photo courtesy of St. Alvia.

to open our minds and be as experimental as ers my mind immediately went to my son possible. I feel like a great product came out of it. who is four. I can see him playing some percussion. Was that different for you guys - not having the structure and being more experimental? He’s a little young now, but around seven or eight, you might want to get him into that. I love Sometimes someone will bring in a tune that’s that age. They’re such sponges. already structured and we’ll play around with it. When we recorded, we all came together saying, “We have this, this, and this. Let’s try to make it all come together. We had the points where it was just experimental and we didn’t know what was going on. We were just in the moment jamming it out. When I talk to bands that do that sort of thing, you don’t realize it when you’re in the moment, but you realize afterward how powerful it was to approach it that way. Exactly. In the moment, you think this is something sort of new and not necessarily the way to go all the time. It has its positive points. Once you’re not prohibited in what you’re thinking about, you’re just vibing off the next person, I feel like a lot of good things can happen from that. Is that how you approach your live shows, giving yourself the freedom to experiment with the structure you already have? Absolutely. We want to make the audience feel what we feel. We love the music. Playing with it always adds a new flavor to it. We’ve been playing for a while and I don’t know if the people know the music right offhand. I think for live shows, we have structured songs, but fiddle around with them just to keep it fresh. What would you be doing if you weren’t making music? (laughs) I’ll speak for me, then I’ll attest to everyone else. I would be a teaching third grade music. Before starting the band stuff full-time, I was teaching third grade percussion and rhythm to public school kids. Charlie, the bassist, would probably be making basses. A.C. seems like the teacher type also. Matt would probably be playing sports. When you talked about teaching third

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


Incognito Music, Models, and More (April-May 2013)



itana Cross is a model from Orange County, whose pictures will get you in the mood for baseball season even if you don’t like baseball. She discusses how long she’s been modeling, her favorite music acts, and something about her that you might find surprising.

If you were only going to see one concert this year, who would it be? Why?

How long have you been modeling?

I always love getting my make up done for shoots (Karen was fabulous!) but I think the best part were all the crazy shenanigans that happened behind the scenes. (Editor’s note: some of those shenanigans came in the way of a close call for your humble editor when Kitana attempted to kick dirt on me in my role as the umpire.) Working with George Swar has always been exciting but when mixing Gary and Karen into the equation just made the shoot a lot more fun.

I’ve been modeling since I was 18. I started out modeling for import. What kinds of modeling do you do? I do import, lingerie, athletic and glamour. What is something people find surprising about you?

I already did! Swedish House Mafia. What was your favorite part of shooting with Incognito?

What advice would you give to a model before That I started at Orange Coast College at 16 shooting with us? studying liberal arts and child development. Advice? Always remember to have fun. Name three of your favorite music artists. What is the next thing to cross off your bucket Swedish House Mafia, Linkin Park, and Rick list? Ross. Dinner at the Eiffel Tower. 5

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

Photos courtesy of George Swar.

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


IT’S Not Lumberjack, It’s a Lager April-May Beer Reviews

How it works Gary provides five beers of a certain category (in this case, lagers) for everyone to taste with the general guideline that he has not Tasted these particular beers. He pours everyone a sample. As the panelists drink, they make notes about the characteristics of the beer you see in this article. When all the panelists have finished rating the beer, Gary reveals what it is and the panelists discuss their notes on the beer. That’s it. Now on to our reviews of lagers.


Note: Jason was unable to join us for this panel, in which the beers were accompanied by Jen’s slowcooked pork. See Mama Jen’s De-lush-ous Grub.

Meet the panel Adam - The clubhouse joker Gary - The first-base coach Ian - The setup man Shannon - The cleanup hitter

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

Beer bottle photos courtesy of our very own Gary Scwind.

Gary: It’s very clean. It has a dry hop character but it’s not terribly bitter. It’s well-balanced and it goes down real easy. Ian: It’s effervescent and tastes slightly like lemongrass. Shannon: The sweet citrus carries through to the palate. The baking spices fade and are replaced by more bread notes on the palate. It’s very light and refreshing. I would drink this... Adam: When I was mowing my lawn in the middle of the afternoon on a cloudless July day. Gary: On a hot day, at a baseball game. Ian: On a hot day. Shannon: With lunch. I would recommend this to... Adam: People who think Budweiser tastes good and need to expand their palate. Gary: People who want an alternative to crappy American light beers. Ian: Fishermen. Shannon: Women in general (only for its lighter style), someone who is looking for a refreshing beverage.

Stiegl Goldbrau Technical stuff Adam: It’s pale amber with slight head retention. Gary: It smells sweet, a bit like honey. It’s a hazy gold color and has very little head. Ian: There is hardly any head. It’s clear yellow and I would guess German-style yeast. Shannon: It has a light-gold core with a straw rim and low head retention. I get subtle sweet citrus notes (orange, tangerine) and baking spices (nutmeg and cardamom). Taste Adam: It has a light, crisp taste with a slightly dry finish.

Overall impression Adam: It’s light and refreshing without being bitter and overly carbonated. Gary: This goes down real easy and could be trouble because it’s not heavy at all. Ian: I don’t have anything bad to say. It’s not awesome, but it would do the trick on a hot day. It’s better than other lagers. I’d guess that it has a higher alchohol content than most cheap, light beer. You can drink a lot of it because it’s smooth and light. Shannon: It’s very nice but forgettable. It’s something to get the job done but doesn’t leave much of a lasting impression. It’s singular but good. Food-pairing suggestion Adam: Salted peanuts, hot dogs, cotton candy Gary: A German sausage and potatoes dinner Ian: Fish tacos, peanuts Shannon: A salad with citrus segments Score (out of 10) Adam: 8.6 Gary: 7 Ian: 5 Shannon: 5

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


Taste Adam: It’s sour-tasting with an extra-sour finish: orange, lemony. Yucky. Gary: It has a weird peppery hop note. It’s pretty singular and very dry. Ian: Hops and lemongrass. Shannon: I get some leafy green herbal notes, and sweet and sour citrus on the palate (some lemon comes through), and bitter almond skins. I would drink this... Adam: When I was eating something sweet. I most likely would not drink this regularly because of its sour taste. Gary: If I’m emulating Nic Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Ian: Never again.. Or only when in mourning to distract from the pain, not aid it. Shannon: With friends and a good meal outside during the day. I would recommend this to... Adam: People who ate a lot of Sour Patch Kids growing up. Gary: People who have just quit drinking. Ian: Bad poker players. Shannon: A group going on a picnic. Overall impression Adam: It’s too sour. The best thing about this beer is the bottle design. Gary: I can’t get past the hop note. It goes down a little (a very little) easier the more I drink it, but I wouldn’t drink a lot of this. Ian: It got hoppier and less enjoyable the more I drank it. It’s not naturally brewed. I can see this causing headaches and nausea. Shannon: It’s OK.

Lucky Hand Cali Common Technical stuff Adam: It’s bronze with minimal head retention. Gary: It’s hazy gold with an amber rim. I smell some grassy hops and some citrus notes. It has a pretty decent (1/4-inch) head. Ian: It has a slight head. It’s a pale, cloudy yellow. Shannon: It has a medium concentration of golden-amber consistent to the rim and low head retention. I get floral components on the nose: orange blossoms and acacia.


Food-pairing suggestion Adam: Something sweet or salty to balance the sour quality Gary: Lemon-pepper chicken Ian: Peanuts Shannon: A light fish dish with greens cooked in lemon Score (out of 10) Adam: 4.5 Gary: 4.5 Ian: 4.5 Shannon: 6

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

Taste Adam: It has a peppery flavor with hints of orange peel and a slightly sour finish with a bit of hops flavor. Gary: It has a pretty good balance of malty sweetness wrapped around a dry, earthy hop character. It has sort of an herbal flavor at the end. Ian: The hops are not overpowering. Sweetness is the prevalent taste, but it has a slight bitterness that is well-balanced. It’s crisp and consistent. Shannon: It has good acidity. The nose comes through to the palate with orange peel, bay leaf, and spice, peanut shell, and a light nutty bitterness. I would drink this... Adam: If someone else bought it. Gary: Repeatedly. Ian: Early afternoon to evening, but not too late and not with brunch. Shannon: With a medium-weight dish at dinner. I would recommend this to... Adam: Someone I’m secretly mad at. Gary: It’s not for everyone, but I think I could recommend this to a wide variety of people. Ian: People that are trying to get into better beers. Shannon: A lot of people. It would be based more on what people were eating. This is a great food beer.

Cismontane The Citizen Technical stuff Adam: It’s copper colored with slight head retention. Gary: The color is somewhere between amber and a new penny. It smells bready and gets a 1/4-inch head that sticks around when you swish it around the glass. Ian: It’s a clear, light-amber color. I smell sweet citrus and floral notes. Shannon: It has a medium-plus amber core to a light gold rim and low head retention. I smell orange peel, bay leaf, and spice.

Overall impression Adam: It’s better than Lucky Hand. Gary: It’s well-balanced, clean, and goes down easy. I could drink a few of these. Ian: It’s good! I can drink a lot of this. It’s natural and flavorful. Shannon: It’s good! Food-pairing suggestion Adam: Orange chicken and won ton soup Gary: Jen’s lager-brined pork Ian: Sweet pork Shannon: Pulled pork on a sweet Hawaiian roll Score (out of 10) Adam: 5.5 Gary: 7.2 Ian: 7.7 Shannon: 8

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


and red at the rim. The nose is very malty and smells a bit like bubblegum. Ian: It’s super opaque for how amber it is. Shannon: It has a medium copper core fading to an amber rim, and low head retention. I smell burnt orange peel and anise with a subtle molasses, toffee, or caramel undernote. Taste Adam: It has a roasted flavor. It’s slightly hoppy with a slight caramel note. Gary: I get a roasted note and a caramel note. It’s very dry and well-balanced. The first taste hit me kind of strangely, but I like it more the deeper I get into it. It goes down real easy. Shannon: The nose carries through to the palate. I would drink this... Adam: When I want to mix it up from my normal IPA heavy rotation. Gary: In the rain, on a train, on a boat, with a goat. Ian: With dinner. Shannon: At dinner with friends. I would recommend this to... Adam: Pirates and ninjas. Gary: People of all nations. Shannon: A house-party dinner group. Overall impression Adam: While I am not usually a fan of reds, this one really hit the spot. Gary: This is a super-clean, balanced, easydrinking beer that could be trouble. Ian: It tries to be balanced but seems to cancel itself out. It’s not my favorite style or flavor but it is well done. It’s slightly roasted and sweet, not overly bitter. Shannon: It has good depth and is very good!

Figueroa Mountain Danish-Style Red


Technical stuff Adam: It’s a reddish copper color and clear with minimal head retention. Gary: It’s the color of a new penny at the center


Food-pairing suggestion Adam: Jen’s yummy pork and cornbread Gary: Apple pie Ian: Savory chicken with potatoes and light gravy, chowder or potato soup Shannon: Jerk chicken Score (out of 10) Adam: 7.9 Gary: 8.2 Ian: 6.5 Shannon: 8

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

It smells smoky and sweet. Ian: It has a creamy-coffee head sitting on top of a super dark body. It smells very roasted - almost burnt - with a slight hoppiness. Shannon: It’s opaque with a high concentration of deep dark brown to a mahogany or chocolate rim. It has medium head retention. I smell bittersweet chocolate, walnut, molasses, caramel, burnt blackberry pie, and toasted s’mores. Taste Adam: I taste burnt molasses, caramel, chocolate. Gary: It has a real smoky, peaty flavor and is very dry. Shannon: The nose carries through to the palate. I would drink this... Adam: Whenever I could find it. Gary: With dinner or dessert. Shannon: On its own in a private, comfy setting. I would recommend this to... Adam: Someone who wants to get their drink on. Gary: Foodies. Ian: Someone that doesn’t have to drive to the airport. Shannon: Couples staying in. Overall impression Adam: This is surprisingly delicious despite frightening me because it’s so dark. Gary: This is really well done but it’s not something I could drink to excess. One would suffice. Ian: It’s light and refreshing considering how dark it is. Shannon: Amazing!

Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager Technical stuff Adam: It’s the color of used motor oil with moderate head retention. Gary: It looks like used motor oil and is opaque. It gets a decent head when you swish it around.

Food-pairing suggestion Adam: Pork ribs and baked beans Gary: Brownies with pecans and caramel Ian: Carne asada burrito or chocolate mousse cake Shannon: Nothing. This is a solo act. If anything: brownies, s’mores, chocolate cake. Score (out of 10) Adam: 8.6 Gary: 8.7 Ian: 8.5 Shannon: 9

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


Movies rated by beers! We review movies by beers, not stars. We give bad movies more beer, it actually makes them better. Movie reviews for beer drinkers. Beer > Tomatoes.’s ratings always start with A Toast. If you’re like us, then you like a cold one in your hand anytime you’re watching a movie. You’re no alcoholic, but you like a good beer whenever you are seated and watching for example: a daughter’s ballet recital, a Nascar race, a tennis match, a baseball game, strippers… you get the idea. As the movie gets tougher to watch, adding beers make what you’re watching better, hopefully. The worst possible rating is a Six Pack. We know that some of you need more than that to start forgetting things, and some of you start heading for the fat chicks when somebody opens a beer in the room. Adjust accordingly.

MovieBoozer Movies Measured by the Pint! A Toast! Great Movie! Movies Rated One Beer:

127 Hours, 500 Days of Summer, A Christmas Story, Bad Santa, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Black Swan, Caddyshack, Dead Man, Die Hard, Drive, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, , Finding Nemo (2003) Game Change, Hanna, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Hobo With a Shotgun, Jaws, Kung Fu Panda 2, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Middle Men, Moneyball, Moonrise Kingdom, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Pan’s Labyrinth, Papillon, ParaNorman, Paris is Burning, Quills, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Restrepo, Return Of The Living Dead, Ted, The Artist, The Avengers, The Cabin in the Woods, The Fighter, The Getaway, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Goonies, The Kid, The King’s Speech, The Muppets, The Social Network, The Thing (1982), The Tillman Story, Titanic, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Warrior (2011) We Are What We Are, Where the Wild Things Are, White Dog, White Heat, Working Girl, Young Einstein

Six-Pack! Do not be sober for these movies! 6 Beers:

2-Headed Shark Attack, A Thousand Words, Alvin and the Chipmunks in Chipwrecked, Atlas Shrugged: Part 1, Bad Biology, Beastly, Blubberella, Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Eegah! (1962), Flash Gordon, Freddy Got Fingered, Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance, Grimm’s Snow White, Gulliver’s Travels, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, Hop, How Do You Know, Jack and Jill, Labor Pains, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, Motherhood, New Year’s Eve, One for the Money, Prom, Reindeer Games, Rubber, Season of the Witch, Skyline, Somebody Help Me, Strange Brew, Take Me Home Tonight, ThanksKilling, The Almighty Thor, The Amityville Haunting, The Apparition, The Beast of Yucca Flats, The Change-Up, The Dilemma, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, The Happening, The Lucky One, The Nutcracker in 3D, The Oregonian, The Possession, The Room, The Roommate, The Sitter, The Square, The Three Musketeers, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part One, The Ultimate Ultimate, Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Troll 2, Twilight, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, Yogi Bear, Zombie Apocalypse | Twitter: @MovieBoozer

Mama Jen’s De-lush-ous Grub Honey Garlic Pork Chops So when Gary informed me that the beer panel was going to be reviewing lager, I was in a bit of a quandary. This is predominantly because I am about four and half months pregnant and couldn’t really conceptualize what lager tasted like. So instead of sitting on the “pity Crock Pot” I decided to consult with my husband, Griff, one of the beer panelists. The outcome was an

unexpectedly delectable dish which I hope you enjoy. Honey Garlic Pork Chops, these were loaded with luscious lager from start to finish. I hope that you all try this recipe or a variation of such because these were melt in your mouth, flavor explode-afiric!! My husband informed that lager has many

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


variations, even down to Budweiser, so I figured it had more uses than simply adding flavor to a meal. I decided then to brine the chops in the lager. Please refer to the beer reviews for a nice selection. To brine the pork with lager: 1.) Take 4 large pork chops and cut them length wise (the cutting is not necessary but I wanted them to come out more like hearty pieces as the beer panel was doing a tasting). 2.) Pour 12 ounces of lager into a container that will hold the pork chops.

6.) Now you will sear the brined pork chops in the reserved garlic oil left in the pan. Try to let most of the moisture from the chops drip off to prevent any unnecessary splatter. 7.) Gently sear the chops till they are nice and brown on both sides (they kind of caramelize), but are still raw in the middle. 8.) Add the chops to the crock pot. 9.) Spoon the sauce over the chops and allow to cook until the timer goes off, basting them occasionally.

Recommendations: 3.) Add 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1 Tbsp of garlic salt to the lager. We served these with corn bread. I feel it would be nicely paired with an Asian salad and sticky Note: You don’t need to mix this concoction. It turns rice. into a frothy and delightfully smelling mixture. If you don’t have a crock pot, well then get 4.) Add the chops to the brine and refrigerate for one. It is my favorite cooking device for many a minimum of 2 hours. I recommend at least 4 reasons. You can leave it cooking all day. It hours. really allows meats to get super tender and most importantly if you are following this cooking Ingredients: column (and why wouldn’t you?) you most likely will need one. If you are opposed to Honey-garlic sauce purchasing one or simply can’t afford one (they 1/2 cup of lager usually are wicked cheap at thrift stores), then 1/2 cup of honey try cooking these in a Dutch oven (a deep, oven 1/2 cup of lite soy sauce safe pot) in the oven at 250F for 8 hours or 1/4 cup of brown sugar until the internal temperature of the meat 2 Tbsp of ketchup reaches 190F. 1/2 sweet onion 2 Tbsp of fresh ginger or 1 Tbsp of dried ginger 1 pack of pre-peeled garlic (about 8-10 cloves) 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil Directions: 1.) Place all ingredients, except the garlic, oil, and pork in a Crock Pot and stir. 2.) Turn on the crock pot on the low setting and set the timer for 5 hours. 3.) Next, heat the oil on a medium heat and add the garlic. 4.) Cook the garlic until slightly golden brown. 5.) Remove the garlic and place in the crock pot. 15

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)



awcomville is a four-piece indie rock band from Dallas. By phone, Jeycin Fincher described the band’s sound, the new album, and the movie scene that is most likely to inspire him to write a song.

and trying to find a band. Those six songs were among 10 to 12 that seemed like a good statement. I don’t like EPs that are only three or four songs. An LP to me was always 12 songs, save early Metallica. I’ll let you pass on eight or nine songs because of the length. Coming from How do you describe the band’s sound to the indie rock school of songs not being more someone? than two minutes and thirty seconds. I met the drummer in January. It’s two guitars, bass, and drums. You have to preface that in 2013. I don’t have a MacBook We jammed them for people and called up as an instrument. They are essentially folk guys that I had jammed with to play bass. In songs that I made up in my bedroom that I’ve April we met our guitarist and went to record translated to rock out. I tried to create content, in July or August. We hadn’t known each other then take it into a band setting. Hopefully the very long. We just said, “Yeah, those guitar parts room explodes when we all play it. Some of work. Let’s go.” It’s kind of hard to be a band them don’t make it that far and they go back outside the web if you don’t have anything to the bedroom. The song has to work as a unit to give people at shows. I had a free day of rather than a single-celled organism. We end up recording with Stuart Sikes because I helped using them for something. The content is there him fix some ProTools pack shit. As payment, he and then you recycling and regurgitating your said “I could give you a free day of recording own ideas. For this project, we know it will work if you want to work on some demos.” That was when the room explodes. probably in December in January. I called Ryan (the drummer) and said, “Stuart Sikes will give How does the new album differ from the EP you us a free day of recording. Let’s start a band. I recorded a couple years ago? don’t want to do these by myself.” That’s where those songs came from. Within four months, The EP was literally songs that I had demo’d that EP was done. The newer record, we took the myself between living in Oklahoma where I same formula to write as much content as I can played some of the songs and moving to Dallas and now I’m taking it to three other people and

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


Photos courtesy of The Mahones.

make it into a band area. Four people that get an editorial view of what works and trying to arrange as four different themes instead of verse-chorus-verse, we’re done. That’s what I would do...the Ramones school of song arrangement. The songs were conceived in the early days of the band and then what can we contribute and make it better. If there is a movie or movie scene that would isnpire a song for you, what would it be? The only one visually that sticks out when you say that is a series of three videos called Guy on a Buffalo. It’s just this random guy riding on the back of a buffalo and some nonsensical spaghetti-western type song on top of it. He’s saying nonsensical things about what’s happening on the screen. I’m not sure where the videos came from. This ridiculous song being played over the top and sung by this guy in a really big way. He’s not messing around. It really builds up. He rescues a baby, he gets shot off the buffalo. There’s a song on the new album that has nothing to do with the video but it’s called “Guy on a Buffalo.” What would you be doing if you weren’t making music? Just being a dad. that’s my favorite thing in the world. Dad, husband, janitor, lawn care, power loafer, pool maintenance.


Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

Photo courtesy of Carin Merritt.

The Merritts of Mixology Purple Lust by Carin Merritt Recently, my co-workers and I attended the Bartending Convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center, or as I dubbed it, the booze gallery. We saw strippers (I did mention it was in Vegas), Bud Light dunk contests, and we participated in the making of a “Harlem Shake” video. Bucket list, check. I’d elaborate more, but as the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” One thing, however, I have not been able to leave behind is the debilitating hangover. If that could stay with my stories, we’d be all set.

Companies are now all about selling pre-drinking, hangover-reducing shots. All are quite hard to swallow but would have been totally worth it if I didn’t continue my Vegas binge immediately every morning. The great thing about this convention is that we witnessed a seemingly endless array of inventions created for a bar owner; more than one can fathom existed towards implementing a successful business. I wondered why I hadn’t been given the opportunity before this to test so many tools that make a bar more efficient,

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


stylish, and entertaining. There were great out door heaters that looked like large lamps, bar stools covered in crystals, and ice makers that shape cubes into freezing spheres meant to sit in your martini glasses and not melt, theoretically at least. All this is fine and dandy, but despite free samples of shots and champagne that were thrown at me throughout the night, I was still left lacking in inspiration. I was there as a bartender and customer. I was looking for an out-of-this-world, yet accessible, drink to switch to. Frankly, I do not know if it is possible to create a concotion that I haven’t seen yet, or improve from what has already been perfected. This convention was starting to prove that to me. At this moment, a great friend of mine texted me and told me I must try a drink he created. For good reason, we like to call him “The Tequila Fairy.” With serendipity working like clockwork, his directions were, “you need to have someone make you the Purple Lust, originated as the Purple Thruster.” This was an “ah-ha” moment, and I agreed. Why would I suggest tequila, and why would I suggest it outside of a margarita? Because it has the essence of a spring drink. It is fresh, and that’s what I was looking for. I just didn’t know it yet. Basically, it is a loose interpretation of a skinny, flavored cocktail. The Purple Lust is simple and delicious, and I believe the only drink that didn’t beat up my stomach as much as the rest had. For people who cannot handle tequila, this is a great way to ease into it. Vegas is a sanctuary to go party hard, but every once in awhile, it’s okay to lighten up a hard drink in order to last the whole night.

The Daily Dose

Cocktails, brews, and daily specials in OC’s finest sports lounge Tues: $1 tacos all day Wed: Free comedy show (10 PM) Thurs: Karaoke (9:30 PM) Sun: Industry night 2963 Michelson Dr. Irvine CA 92612 (949) 863-0908

Directions 1-1/2 oz tequila of your choice 1 oz pomegranate juice (we discovered a V8 Splash version to be the best-tasting mixture) ½ oz Chambord 1.) Fill a bucket glass with ice and pour all the ingredients over the ice. 2.) Top with a splash of soda water. 19

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Have You Heard?

Eastbound Jesus (Greenwich, NY)

King Django (New York) When you visit King Django’s website, you will see him described this way: “King Django is without question one of the oldest of the old school when it come to ska, rocksteady, reggae, dancehall and dub music in the New York City area.” Mind you, I haven’t canvassed the entire New York City area, but I’m willing to take that statement at face value after listening to King Django. This guy makes music that sounds a lot like 60s ska and dancehall. For a good example check out “Did I Do That?” You will definitely get moving when you listen to this guy. Oh, and he has a pretty sweet cover of “Career Opportunities” by The Clash on his album Anywhere I Roam.

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for bands with a banjo. I know that a lot of people think of it as a terribly unhip instrument, but I don’t care about that. There is just something about that five-string sound. This band also works in a lap steel guitar, another one of my favorite instruments. This band brings Old Crow Medicine Show to mind although this band has a percussionist. Eastbound Jesus tells good stories and plays an earnest brand of Americana that can make you think and tap your toes. If it’s a good old foot-stomper you’re looking for check out the title track of the band’s album Holy Smokes.

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


Sidestreet Reny (Portland, OR) This band introduced itself to me as Sidestreet Reny and Lil’ Bell the Acoustic Slide and Drum Band. Needless to say, an acoustic slide and drum band is a pretty good attention grabber for me. I was immediately intrigued by this band’s sound, which is part blues, part hip-hop, and part reggae. Yes, I am a sucker for slide guitar, but what really gets me about this band is the lyrics. Sidestreet Reny knows how to get you thinking while he gets you moving. For a good example of this, check out the song “Yer Mind.” The best lyrics in this tune are “all the money in the world won’t buy you peace of mind.” Right on.

Naama Kates (Los Angeles) Naama Kates is a pianist and vocalist who recently released an album called King for the Day. One thing is clear as soon as you hear any part of her songs: she is not interested in making neatly-packaged pop songs. Her song structures and vocals are not exactly what you’d call standard. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. Tom Waits after all has built a career on song structures that are not standard. Kates’s vocals range from breathy to jazzy and sometimes you only have to wait a couple bars to hear it switch from one to the other. She sings with both power and ease. You’ll notice when she wants to emphasize a phrase in a song, but her voice doesn’t strain. Probably the best way to describe the music of Naama Kates is to say that it’s a bit like a musical journal. Her vocals and melodies seem guided by whatever she feels at the moment she’s playing. It lends a nicely unpredictable quality to the music. It’s all good, but you don’t really know what’s coming next. If you like thought-provoking piano pop, listen to Naama Kates.


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album reviews

The Ladykillers Introducing The Ladykillers

Mothership Mothership

Sometimes you just need healthy doses of loud Introducing The Ladykillers showed up in my guitars that you need to blast out of windows. At PO Box with no indication on the front of the times like that, you need a band like Mothership. envelope of what I was receiving. When I This band takes you back to the 70s with meaty put this album on, it was clear to me that The guitar riffs. This band leans toward metal and Ladykillers is a band that obviously has checked some folks might label Mothership that way. I out what we do here at Incognito HQ. This band don’t really think that’s a fair assessment. I feel a immediately grabs the attention with “Hold band like this should be filed under heavy rock. On,” a song that features some superbly fuzzy Metal brings to mind guys that wear full-length guitar and a melody that is both loud and very black leather dusters while this brings to mind catchy. This is a song that begs to be blasted out a hard-working and loud band wearing a shirt of your car windows. stained with BBQ sauce and various meat greases. OK, so maybe the title “Angel of Death” This band reminds me a bit of Contrast. If sounds like a metal song. It’s not. This is just one anything The Ladykillers is louder and fuzzier of many songs on the album that will get you than Contrast. Every song on this album is a pumping your fist and playing your best air flurry of energy and sound. Let me tell you guitar. something, loyal reader. “No More” is so catchy, it should come with a warning. Seriously, this song will get you moving your head and singing the backing vocals. This is a song that you should play for all your friends. Particularly for your friends that like Adele. Just play this song for them and tell them that yes, there are songs out there that don’t make you want to drown yourself. The Ladykillers is certainly not the band if you’re looking for songs of epic length or ballads. The longest of the 10 tracks on this album is 3:22. This is just hard-hitting, fuzzy, uptempo rock n roll that must be played loudly regardless of where you play it.

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


Curbside Hustle 1922

SWIG Like You Mean It

Curbside Hustle is a band that isn’t easy to fit into a category. The guitar reminds me a little bit of Clutch (rock with just a touch of psychedelia), but it’s not quite as heavy as Clutch...although the guitar in “Momma Thinks I’m Crazy” comes pretty close. But the other big component of this band is funk that is noticeable from the first track. The bass line in “Marty Came to Party” is super funky and when Michelle Ojeda sings on this one, she provides a healthy dose of funk and soul. This band also throws some hip-hop into the mix with the beginning of “Harmonix.” The rap at the beginning of this song is pretty solid and is followed immediately by a guitar riff that reminds me of Rage Against the Machine. Curbside Hustle is obviously a band with a lot of influences and very little fear of incorporating all of those influences into its music. If you’ve been looking for some harder rock that is a little different than most of the stuff out there, check out Curbside Hustle..

Swig is not an easy band to slap a label on. From the beginning of the band’s EP, the sound is a mix of rock and blues without falling definitively into either category. The guitar at the end of the lead track “All Night Long” has a garage blues sound that never seems to fail with me. “Watch Out” is a real interesting song. This song has the fuzz of garage rock and the storytelling quality of a folk or blues song. Leigh Marino doesn’t so much sing this song as she does narrate it, sort of like Johnny Cash or Kris Kristofferson. “I’ll Be Gone” is another twist on this EP. This one has a jazzy feel in both the melody and vocals. This EP is only six songs, but the band covers a lot of ground in such a short span. If you like garage blues, SWIG is definitely a band to check out.


Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

The Guest List: If Blues Was Whiskey by Harlis Sweetwater Harlis Sweetwater is a staple on the southern California music scene from the raw rock n roll of Bastard Winos to the soul and blues of Harlis Sweetwater Band. In this edition of The Guest List, Harlis draws parallels between whiskeys and bluesmen - two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Whiskey. That beautiful, dark caramel liquor. I’ve had my share. I’ve usually stuck with my brand, but over the years I have tried quite a few. Now, admittedly I’m no connoisseur. I’m no whiskey snob. Don’t know much ‘bout the process or the details of ingriedients. I just know what I like and I know what I don’t like. Shoot, I’ve even grabbed a bottle just cuz the label or the bottle itself looked cool. Mostly a change of whiskey brand for me has been based on my current economic status. Such as one’s musical taste or opinion, I suppose it’s all somewhat subjective. Or is it? The B.B. King of Whiskey: I suppose the most popular whiskey would be that ever-recognizable and much-imitated black and white label: Old Number 7, Jack Daniel’s. It’s smooth and a bit too mellow for my taste. But hey, we’ve seen the likes of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and David Lee Roth swingin’ on the stuff so it must be good, right? Much like someone requesting “The Thrill Is Gone” you can find some fool sidling up to the bar and ordering a Jack n’ Coke.

Harlis Sweetwater (above) Photo courtesy of Harlis Sweetwater.

I have tried it...once. And that was enough. I’ll be damned if that rye whiskey didn’t do me in the next mornin’. And I drank no more nor no less of it than regular Beam. Over the last 10 years, much to my chargrin, it has gotten more popular. Kinda like when your favorite indie band is suddenly hip and popular with all the wrong people. But my loyalty like the Beam recipe is tried and true. Solid.

The John Lee Hooker Of Whiskey: Knob Creek. OK now as far as bottles and labels go this is the The Muddy Waters of Whiskey: I would say a one that looks the most badass. Like John Lee close second to J.D. would be my favorite, good Hooker it’s straightforward. Kinda the best of both ol’ Jim Beam. Seems to me it has more of a bite worlds: smooth and tasteful (think chicago Blues) to it. yet gives ya a down n’ dirty feel (think Delta blues) And it’s more than a great introduction The real deal if ya ask me. I say it’s got it all: to drinkin’ whiskey. It doesn’t disappoint in flavor and bite, not to mention a cool bottle and taste and it looks cool as hell when ya break it label. Be it the white, black or red label, ya can’t out of the cabinet or have it sittin’ on the table. go wrong. Now I will say this; Jim Beam Rye

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


The Lightnin’ Hopkins of Whiskey: Its been my experience that most “well” whiskey is Early Times. It’s cheap, has history, and it does the trick. Now Lightnin’ Hopkins was from Texas, played a rough down-home blues mostly in the key of E and mostly acoustic. Now the Key of E is a great key to play in, thats for sure. Ya can’t go wrong with a delta blues jam in E, and like Lightnin’, Eary Times Whiskey is down-home and gets ya where ya wanna go. Not the best not the worst. It’s growin’ in popularity these days, but yet it’s down-home enough to be cool and real, just like Lightnin’ Hopkins. The White Boy Blues Of Whiskey: You’re sittin’ in a bar on a sunny Sunday afternoon and a band is playin’. The band members are over 57, playin’ all the most popular and well-known blues songs. They have Hawaiian-print shirts, oddly cut jeans or cargo shorts, and white tennis shoes on. If you’re witnessing this, then order yourself any flavored whiskey be it


cinnamon, honey, or cherry. If you ask me these whiskeys (despite the maker), should not be found in the liquor aisle of your local CVS, but in the feminine hygiene aisle. At the end of the day, it’s all good. Cuz whatever ya need to get ya through is what ya need to get through. For me whiskey has been the cause and the cure. Try a few, find what ya like, put on any great blues album, and enoy the ride. Cheers! Find out more about the soul music of Harlis Sweetwater Band ( and the raucous rock n roll of Harlis’s band Bastard Winos (

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

The Flashback Dulcie Younger and the Silencers Kitty, Kitty...Growl Golly Gee Records (2003)

This artist and album became something of an immediate rarity. Even when I first added this album to my collection, I could find very little about Dulcie Younger. If you look her up now, you won’t find a great deal about her. It’s surprising not only because she’s such a good rockabilly vocalist but also because Deke Dickerson plays guitar on this album. Kitty, Kitty...Growl is a great name for this album because Younger has both a sweetness and a toughness about her voice. On the one hand, you’d be hard-pressed to find a sweeter voice in any genre, particularly in the song “What Kinda Lovin’.” On the other hand, when she sings about breaking someone’s nose, I believe her. To put her in context of other singers of her genre. She can sing with sweetness like Patsy Cline and with toughness like Wanda Jackson. This is a great, if short, rockabilly album. It’s only 24 minutes long, but there is a lot of goodness packed into those minutes. Naturally Deke Dickerson is great on the guitar. The rhythm section gives the band a sound that would easily get couples swinging on a dance floor. And frankly, Dulcie Younger is as good a rockabilly vocalist as I’ve ever heard. She’s the kind of singer that you tell all your friends about. If you like that old-time rockabilly sound, pick up Kitty, Kitty...Growl.

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Movie Reviews

At first, I had no desire whatsoever to see this film. The trailer looked terrible and I wasn’t quite sure I understood what the story was for this movie exactly. However, I decided to take For those of you who know, I have been a chance on it anyway when a later trailer came responsible for Incognito’s layouts. An apology out featuring the cute little sloth character going to all our loyal readers for having caused this “dun, dun, dun!!” I thought he was hilarious, issue to come out so late! Life outside of the and so I went to go watch the movie. magazine has kept me incredibly busy, and while I realize that is not the best of excuses, Turns out, it was one of the better children’s it is the truth, and once again I apologize for movies I’ve seen in a while, and I’m glad I tried causing such a huge delay in the release of this it out. For the most part, I think it was pretty publication; I hope you all will accept. kid-friendly, although there was one part that actually had me tearing up a little bit. Sure My schedule has been so hectic as of late, it is a it’s riddled with clichés, but really, what kid’s wonder that I managed to see three movies at all, movie doesn’t? If you’re looking to see but I did somehow find a way to fit it all in. This something with your little ones, I’d recommend month, we look at one movie for kids, a movie giving this one a try. for sci-fi fans, and one about a baseball legend, not necessarily in that order.

By Rachel “Rae” Park

The Croods


Featuring: Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, Ford, Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni Runtime: 128 minutes Clark Duke, Chris Sanders, Randy Thom Runtime: 98 minutes

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)


I enjoyed this movie more than I probably meant to. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would disagree with me, but I thought this was one of the better sports movies I’ve seen in a while. In fact, this had me wanting to go back and watch Field of Dreams all over again (which is probably one of my favorite sports movies of all time).

The Ratings

5 Stars: A great movie that can be considered I think it’s a shame baseball is not as big a timeless or classic. (Equivalent to an A+) sport as football or basketball is in this country. Maybe this movie will bring back a new surge of 4.5 Stars: Solid story, but may leave a few plot appreciation for sport. One can only hope. ends loose or there may be inconsistencies. (Equivalent to an A, A-) 4 Stars: Good story, but there’s clear room for improvement in some areas. (Equivalent to a B+, B) 3.5 Stars: A movie lacking in “wow” factor. (Equivalent to a B-) 3 Stars: Flat average viewing experience; not great, but not horrible either. (Equivalent to a C+) 2.5 Stars: A movie that passes the time; watch in theaters if you have an itch to see a movie. (Equivalent to a C) 2 Stars: More of a DVD rental type of movie. (Equivalent to a C-)

Oblivion Starring: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Melissa Leo, Zoe Bell Runtime: 124 minutes This was a movie that could have been so much better than it turned out to be. There was some interesting things going on throughout the movie, but I feel like whoever wrote this just had a ton of ideas and never thought to completely flesh out at least a handful of them. Instead, we’re left with a lot of good ideas just hanging in limbo.

1.5 Stars: Very difficult to stay interested; at times seems to drag or go on too long. (Equivalent to a D+) 1 Star: Very little perks; consider as a rainy day movie. (Equivalent to a D) 1/2 Star: A very select few may enjoy this movie. (Equivalent to a D-) 0 Stars: Boring; great movie to catch your Z’s in–may have been a pain to finish or impossible to finish–possibly even a movie someone would walk out on. (Equivalent to an F)

As a sci-fi fan, I liked it, but I didn’t absolutely love it. It was a good effort though, at the very Ratings scale based on, but differs slightly from Visit CEC least. for more extensive reviews of each of these movies, including those not featured in Incognito due to space limitations. 29

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Don’t Be That Girl

you. If you have ever heard them, you wouldn’t be able to identify them. The only thing the song names mean to you is another touch on the forearm by her because she touches your forearm every time she mentions a song title.

You see her in the break room at work and in the interest of civility (something you realize has “And you know what’s the most amazing part become astoundingly rare in your office), you of all? When he was singing...” She names the say hello and ask, “How ya doin’?” song, but you have absolutely no idea what the song sounds like. “It’s my favorite song. EVER! “Ohmygawd, I am so amazing!” She touches It was the song playing on the stereo the night your forearm and says, “I went to the most my boyfriend took me home after our first date.” amazing concert last night. In the third row cenNow you have suspicions not only about her muter with my best friend Danni. She and I have sical tastes, but her taste in men. After all, what known each other since we were in THIRD kind of guy would listen to...whoever it was she GRADE!” went to see?

You look down at your coffee mug and wish “When he was singing that song, he was desperately that there was some whiskey in it singing it to me.” Before you can even stifle a because you can already tell where this is going. chuckle, she continues, “He looked right at me when he sang my favorite part of the song. Isn’t She tells you what music artist she saw the that amazing?” previous evening (John Legend? Jason Mraz?). “Have you seen him? He’s so amazing! I was You nod, but say nothing because at this point singing along last night and I hardly have any working in your cubicle is preferable to hearing voice left.” This comes as news to you. the rest of her monologue. She goes on to tell you all the outfits she went You know her. She is the woman who is through before she decided on what to wear. incapable of providing a short answer to the Your interest is piqued only because it’s different question “How are you?” Don’t be that girl. than the usual flannel shirt and jeans she normally wears to work, not because you actually want to see photos of her in it. She tells you about the trip to the arena and the time leading up to when her favorite performer took the stage. At which point you wish there were at least three shots of whiskey in your coffee. “And ohmygawd! Did I tell you Danni and I were in the third row center? We could have touched him if he leaned out ever the edge of the stage. Can you imagine that? Me being touched by him?” You wonder when you started talking to a 14-year-old girl that has just gone to see her favorite boy band and you marvel at the fact that she seems to be saying all of this without ever stopping to take a breath. She continues to tell you about the entire set list. Without even having it written down, she remembers every song that he played, in order. Not that the names of the songs mean anything to

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the IRS from sniffin’ around yer stuff. After all, if the IRS can take down Al Capone, they can prolly take down someone who gets his taxes done in a garage. But then, maybe ya ain’t the kinda person that makes enough money for the IRS to bother with. If that’s the case, I say go ahead and have Fat Lou do yer taxes.

Hey Uncle Sal, Settle a bet between me and my boy Skelly. He says Copernicus invented gravity. I say it was Ben Franklin. Loser buys two cases of beer for the winner, so you can see the gravity of the situation ha ha ha. What do you say?

Dear Uncle Sal,

Thirsty as a Moose

As I always do, I’ve put off doing my tax return until the last minute. My friend Jonesy uses a guy called Fat Lou and I swear he gets the biggest refunds. I mean, it ain’t like Jonesy makes that much more money than me, but every year he takes a vacation to somewhere like Thailand with the money from his refund. From what I hear, Fat Lou works out of his garage next to a mustard yellow Plymouth Volare. What do you think? Should I have Fat Lou do my taxes? Hungry for a Refund Hungry, that’s a heck of an innerestin’ question. Say, what do you know about the Volare in his garage? Is it in good condition? I used to have one of them cars. It was a fine automobile too. I can’t tell ya how many hotshots in Corevettes I smoked with that old Volare. That thing could get off the line and move. Anyway, that ain’t what ya asked about. Should ya have Fat Lou do yer taxes? Let’s just think about this. Fat Lou might be able to get ya a vacation in some exotic location, and heck, with a name like Fat Lou, he oughta be able to point ya to the best meatball subs in town. And that’s great. Not much beats a great meatball sub, especially with them pepperoncinis and some crushed red pepper in the sauce. Mmmm, that’s got me thinking I need to make a trip to Luigi’s over there on Elk Street. But again, I’m gettin a little sidetracked. Here’s the thing to ask yerself. Can Fat Lou provide you any assurance that ya won’t get audited? Sure a trip to the Thailand (or wherever ya wanna go) would be great, but frankly I think it’s a lot greater to keep 31

What do I say, Thirsty? Well, where do I begin? First of all, they got this thing called the internet these days. Ya can find most anything (and I mean anything...including a lotta stuff ya’d rather not think about) on the internet. Second of all, they got these things called dictionaries these days. The way they work is, ya find the word yer innerested in (provided ya know how to spell it, which might be another challenge for ya) and ya look up the definition. Tells ya what the word means right there on the page. Now on to yer question. I suppose yer really askin’ who discovered gravity. Now, the innerestin’thing about that is that Isaac Newton is credited with discovering gravity, but that just means he was the first one to write down sump’n about it...that we know about. Truth is gravity was discovered by the first caveman that felt a rockslide fall onto his ol’ coconut. And who knows? Maybe he wrote sump’n with charred wood on the wall of his cave but nobody understood what it meant. So, whenever you and Skelly are ready, ya can just bring them two cases of beer over to my place.

Incognito Music, Models, and More (May 2013)

In Our Next Issue... Get ready for some heavy-duty rock with interviews with Mothership (pictured) and Solid Goat.

Plus: •Our model enjoys the dog days of summer at the beach •Reviews of fruit beers •A cocktail that will knock your socks off and a dee-lush-ous recipe using one of the fruit beers •Film reviews by our very own CinePhile •Another member of I’mU provides The Guest List AND MORE!

! n o o s n i a g a ll a u o y e Se

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music, models, and more Vol. 13, May 2013

Incognito Music, Models, and More vol. 13 (May 2013)  
Incognito Music, Models, and More vol. 13 (May 2013)  

Band interviews with TAUK and Bawcomville, a model feature of Kitana Cross, album reviews, beer reviews, film reviews, a cocktail recipe, a...