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PLAYING In Brief... FAVourites Hayley Mary The Jezabels

Favourite restaurant/café? Bunker Favourite takeaway? Fu Manchu Favourite colour? Black. I don’t care that it’s not a colour Favourite classic film? Casablanca Favourite childhood memory? My old house on the South Coast with five pine trees standing in a row Favourite party food? Corn chips Favourite vice? Probably alcohol Favourite song? Way too hard! Maybe ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie at the moment Favourite meal? Tofu and vegetable noodle soup Favourite cause? Something for women Favourite label to put on your relationship? I don’t know, functional Favourite 90’s TV show? The X Files Favourite word? Envelop Favourite album? Abba Gold (I know it’s a compilation) Favourite type of groupie? The one of few words Favourite venue? Enmore theatre Favourite lyric? “Hey, love, we’ll get away with it / We’ll run like we’re awesome, totally genius” Favourite candy bar? Chomp Favourite current TV show? The Wire SEE THEM LIVE: THE JEZABELS FRI 09 DEC CASSETTE NINE, AUCKLAND SAT 10 DEC BODEGA, WELLINGTON



A benefit compilation album for the Japanese tsunami earlier this year is on the way. Set for release in early January, We are the Works in Progress features tracks by Four Tet, Blonde Redhead, Pantha du Prince, Liars, Deerhunter, Interpol and more. Proceeds will go to the Japan Society and Architecture for Humanity. PJ Harvey will be releasing a series of short films to accompany the Let England Shake DVD. War photographer Seamus Murphy has created the shorts out of images from his own work in the Middle East. Lisa Johansen, the Swedish woman who has for over 10 years been claiming she is the “real daughter” of Elvis Presley, is suing Lisa Marie Presley for US$130 million on the grounds of defamation and infliction of emotional distress. This was the woman who, back in 1998, released the book I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter which says that Priscilla Presley left the US in 1977 and gave her daughter a new identity. Hanson are releasing their own line of beer.

What will the brand of the beer be? What else – MMMHop. There’s no problem with bands making their own beer. But riding on the only thing that you’ve ever done that’s worthy of note? That’s a little sad. After eight studio albums are they anything else other than those ‘MMMBop’ kids? Two scenes from The Muppets have been cut before the international release of the film. One would have featured Lady Gaga, John Krasinski, Eric Stonestreet and Ed Helms, while the other was Katy Perry getting busy with squirrels.

This week’s to do list If you’re in Auckland, head along to Cassette Nine this Thursday for their third birthday party, cleverly disguised as a masquerade ball. Coco Solid, North Shore Pony Club, Pikachunes, The Raw Nerves, Silke, Poor You Poor Me, DJs Paydirt, Andrew Trouble, Safari Boy, Josh on Decks and Chewie Lewis are all lined up for your entertainment pleasures as well as some more special treats. If you’re in Wellington, check out Raybon Kan’s Clear and Present Manger comedy Christmas special going down at the Downstage theatre each day through to Sunday. If you’re in Nelson, Timaru, Dunedin, Queenstown, Christchurch or Masterton this week, take your parents to Toni Childs on her Unplugged & Intimate tour. You are allowed to like her yourself, but you don’t need to admit it.

Breaking Bands You could almost call what’s going down at Auckland’s Western Springs this Saturday a little mini festival as Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, Fucked Up and Cairo Knife Fight come together for a night of pure filthy rock mayhem. The biggest name in stadium rock and the king of fart jokes are enough to break Western Springs’ calm, family image, but this weekend there won’t be too many folks feeding the ducks. Let’s break it down quickly. Locals Cairo Knife Fight take to the stage at 5:30pm to warm up the crowd with their overwhelmingly international dirty rock sound. Fucked Up are scheduled to take over just after 6pm. The band is known for their heavier than hardcore sound as much as they are their penchant for nudity. Tenacious D follow at 7pm, so if you’re into the comedic styles of Jack Black and Kyle Gass then you’ll want to find yourself a good spot. Finally, Grohl and gang will hit the stage between 8pm and 8:30pm for the main event. Times are subject to change, and depending on the raucous acts and rowdy crowds, they probably will. Doors open at 4:30pm and you’d be wise to get there quick.

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393 Groove Guide  

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