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ON Screen Did South Park Just Grow Up? THOUGHTS ON THE SCREEN

CATCH .44 At what age do you realise it’s time to grow up? It’s a fair enough question and one that I’ve found myself wanting an answer to. The world is a mess, Europe’s looking like it could collapse, the financial market is the pits and my friends have taken the recent election results personally. But my longing for an answer to the question above didn’t arise from the worldwide worries of financial and social woes. No, the existential question in session came after watching the latest season of South Park. Earlier this year, the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone gave us a certain episode that touched on the shittiness of the world. Everything is shit. The world is shitty. Your friends are shit, your parents are shit, Adam Sandler isn’t funny and sometimes it’s hard to keep travelling on a brown-brick road. The episode was their seventh of the season and the last before the writers went on their mid-season break. Theories developed as to what the oh-so-overanalysed subtext was in this episode. Was this South Park’s last hurrah? Did Trey and Matt want to finish up? Was this the right time to do so? Should South Park finally grow up? In typical fashion, we were gypped of an answer. To be fair, while character development is excellent in drama it doesn’t have a place in satire. Not really. You want the status quo maintained and the familiarity kept. So the cartoon returned to normal, mocking what it thought needed to be mocked (America’s demise, Wikileaks, Thor, The History Channel,

Agnostics, etc) and chugged right along until the end of its fifteenth season. But after all episodes were shown, I couldn’t help shake the feeling that the question I found after watching this season was one that would stick around. And it has. Call me a cynic and a pessimist. Or call me nihilistic and apathetic. Call me a fanboy who’s reading into his favourite shows too much. But as one who agrees with the South Park creators on ‘most every message they put across, I’m left wanting. At what age do you realise it’s time to grow up? The question and its trigger come full circle – please, read into it too much. Does growing up in the world today mean taking accountability? Does it mean taking a stand for what you believe in? Or does it mean quitting questioning and affirming action? Hell, does it mean you should stop watching cartoons? It’s sad to see South Park losing its way. It’s become less funny, it’s not as satirical as it once was and while it teases character development, it rarely follows through on such promises. Truth be told, it’s been that way for several seasons now. But when you’re making enemies of religions, cults, celebrities, governments, countries and anyone else on your list because you have an outlet where your voice and your opinion can be heard, things are bound to get personal and stories may suffer for that. Is that what growing up is?

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