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Introducing some of the editors, writers and photographers behind January’s issue.

KOREA 4th floor, Shinwoo Bldg. 5-7 Yongsan 3-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea.

Remy Raitt South Africa

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12 / January 2014

After completing her bachelor of journalism degree, Remy worked as a news and lifestyle reporter, then the gypsy wanderlust took hold. While planning where her passport will take her next, she enjoys pajeon and makgeolli pit stops on hikes, badminton in the park, taking in Korea’s burgeoning art and fashion scenes and craft projects at home.

Rajnesh Sharma Canada

Rajnesh Sharma is a Canadian multimedia journalist who has traveled to nearly 30 countries to gain insight into cultural issues. When not enthralled with storytelling, she is intrigued by movies, reading and nature. A pristine beach, fine dining and dancing the night away are her remedies for relaxation. Visit her website at Rajnesh contributed the story “Stickin’ with it” to this month’s issue.

Elaine Ramirez U.S.

Elaine tends to go wherever the wind carries her, and the most recent gust has swept her to Korea. After a stint in New York and Chile, the California native now works as an editor in Seoul. When not editing for Groove or her newspaper, she’s off riding her motorbike along the Han, exploring the far corners of the peninsula, or sleeping. Elaine is Groove Korea’s Editorial Director.

Dean Crawford U.K.

Dean watches a lot of films, which, roughly translated, means he’s a bit of a geek and spends a lot of time in dark rooms. He’s from London, where he worked in the film industry, spending time on the sets of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and “X-Men: First Class,” among others. He is currently based in Jeonju. Dean writes the Korean DVD Corner and At the Box Office columns.

Paul Sharkie U.K.

A native of Edinburgh, Scotland, Paul Sharkie caught the travel bug after spending several summers in Asia, and dropped everything to head to Korea. What was meant to be a year turned into almost four and now he finds himself as Shinhan Bank’s foreign client relationship manager. Paul enjoys traveling, reading, exercising and dining, and fully admits that this is where all his money goes. Meeting new people is of paramount importance — as is converting his friends to sensible banking. Paul writes the Money column.

Groove Korea January 2014  

Groove is Korea's English magazine for Insight, Travel, Culture, Dining and Shopping

Groove Korea January 2014  

Groove is Korea's English magazine for Insight, Travel, Culture, Dining and Shopping