Pet Boarding and Daycare September October 2021

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artificial grass By Ken Karmie


he pet boarding and daycare industry has proven to be one of the few established industries to achieve consistent growth over the past decade. Evolving consumer attitudes toward their pets have driven growth as an increasing number of pet owners now treat their pets like family members. This trend has led to rising demand for luxury services as pet parents want their pets to have the best products and services available. IBIS World research states, “The strong performance experienced by the Pet Grooming and Boarding industry prior to the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to resume.” Understanding consumer demands and industry trends is key to success for pet business owners desiring to flourish. It is important to note that aggressive industry growth alone does not necessarily translate to individual business growth or financial success. Instead, it is an opportunistic environment that is rich with promise for those that are willing to invest and take the necessary action to differentiate their


businesses from others. This may leave you asking, how do I meet and exceed customer expectations so that my business is the clear preferred provider? And, how do I do this in a way that makes financial sense? What to Consider There is a plethora of capital improvements options to consider. A common mistake made evaluating these is focusing on initial investment versus the longterm benefit and value over time. Identifying and investing in differentiating amenities that are viewed as true added value, by clients and staff, will also be accompanied by financial benefits. This article will focus on opportunities associated with one of the highest-use components of any boarding and daycare operation: surfacing, both indoor and outdoor, and where an investment in artificial (synthetic) grass can be leveraged strategically as a distinguishing competitive advantage.


Competitive Advantages of Synthetic Grass At a high level, clients desire a happy and safe boarding experience that enables them to work or enjoy leisure time away from their pets. Since surfacing (yards and floors) are present in every facility and where the dogs will spend most of their time, leveraging these areas as amenities that clients can be excited about provides a huge opportunity to impress. It also provides a feature to promote in pictures, websites, on tours and in advertising. It is a fact that effectively utilizing synthetic grass for surfacing has the potential to appeal to four out of the five senses. A properly installed and maintained synthetic grass surface designed specifically for dogs will provide a lush, natural, grass-like surface that creates a warm and friendly appearance (sight). It also conveys safety and cleanliness (smell) that provides peace of mind. It is an inviting surface that is comfortable (touch) to dogs and beneficial for their joint health. In many situations, the artificial grass will even help