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April 2 9 – Ma y 2 , 2 019

Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

Burbank, California


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jessica Finnegan

In today’s pet care industry, it is sometimes difficult to remember the original vision you had when developing your dream business plan. Owners find themselves challenged in balancing their time with working in the business rather than on the business. How do you set yourself apart, gain the attention of the community and inspire your team to invest in the process? In this keynote address, Jessica Finnegan brings humor and innovative wisdom as a coach and mentor to push the barriers, shatter the ceiling and bring new light and fresh air to your business—and have a blast doing it!

Immediately following the Keynote Address, free to all attendees.


Come join National Kennel Sales and Live Oak Bank for the opening night meet & greet immediately following the Keynote Address. Mingle with your peers and enjoy free drinks and hors d’oeuvres.



WED & THURS: 10AM to 4PM

One of the most exciting parts of the week is your chance to visit booths from all over the nation. Many will be offering fantastic bargains, show specials, and discount pricing. Get ready to stock up!! See state–of–the–art equipment. Talk to movers and shakers in the industry. Bring your staff and let them have a great learning experience!

EXHIBITING COMPANIES* • Black Diamond Radio • Blue-9 Pet Products • • Business Insurers of the Carolinas • Champion Puppy Training System • CleanWise, LLC • Direct Animal Products • Doctor Multimedia • EnvyPet • Gingr

• Health Technology Professional Products Inc. • iDogCam • K9Grass by ForeverLawn • Kinn Inc. • Live Oak Bank • Mason Company • National Kennel Sales & Appraisals • NVA Pet Resorts

• Outstanding Pet Care • PACCC Profesional Animal Care Certification Council • Pathway Vet Alliance • PawLoyalty Software • PermaTek Coatings • PetAirapy • PetExec • Puppy PlayGround • Shor-Line • Snyder Mfg. Co.

• Stone Mountain Pet Products • Super Zoo / Atlanta Pet Fair / Wpa • The Dog Gurus • Thornell Corporation • VetMatrix *Expected to exhibit

For a complete list of exhibiting companies, go to




Professional Pet Boarding Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Certification with Laura Laaman, Dr. Courtney Campbell & Claire Ellington Canine Cough and Canine Influenza are now


common occurrences in most pet care facilities. In fact, they’re nearly as common as the common cold in human daycares. This certification course has the most up to date information and is designed for pet care


facility owners, managers, and staff to educate them on the causes, prevention and treatment of these illnesses, as well as how to respond to an outbreak.

Causes of Bordetella, Parainfluenza, Adenovirus, and Influenza will be explored, and attendees will learn about the transmission and symptoms of each. A look into how veterinarians diagnose and treat these diseases will help attendees identify and understand them, and also learn about the different vaccine types, their effectiveness, and the latest facility disinfection protocols. Outbreak response & management will also be covered, and attendees will learn what to do when there are active cases of these diseases in their communities, how to respond to an outbreak in their facilities, and learn the best prevention methods as well as how & when to contact veterinarians and pet parents. Valuable handouts and a certificate of completion will be sent to you upon completion of the course.

Communicating with Canines — Lynne Swanson Dogs communicate using posture, positions, movement and energy, and they interpret our posture, positions, movement and energy (in quality as well as quantity) in the context of their species. Got a few reactive dogs? Let Lynne show you how simple changes in your posture, position, movement and energy can soothe their rumbly souls. Got stressed dogs, cage– sharks or dogs that pull on their leashes? She can help you there, too, in positive and proactive ways. In this seminar, you will learn canine social cues, team–building (both canine and human) and helpful leash skills. Lynne will discuss practices that set dogs (and their owners) up for success from day one/minute one and our favorite routine for introducing dogs to one another and to people, too. It all starts with good communication and an appreciation of the attributes that make a dog a dog! Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring: A Completely New Concept for Finding the Right People — Jessica Finnegan Among all owners and leaders within the pet care industry, the biggest pain point is also the most critical asset in building a successful business — the people on the team. Words like recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training can drain the energy and fire from any great leader. This endless rotation of staff is like an old Ferris Wheel that will not stop. It is time to shatter the old methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. Leave your old and unsuccessful methods outside the door and join Jessica in soaking up a brand– new play book to attract the best people for you and your business!

TUESDAY SEMINARS Supercharging Your Dog Business Success — Fernado Camacho There’s a big difference between average businesses that just get by and exceptional businesses that are thriving. If you’re looking to level–up your organization and grow your business this year, this 4–hour program will give you the tools to break away from the norm, consistently bring in new customers and create some systems that will boost all of your business efforts. Hour 1) Making the Competition Irrelevant Learn some ways that you can position yourself well above your competitors, stand out in any marketplace and easily have people sold on your business before they even walk in the door. Hour 2) How To Get More Referrals All dog businesses are mostly driven by word of mouth referrals from other people so you need to know how to generate more on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create a referral engine that worked for you 24/7 that does all your advertising for you? That’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in this seminar! Hour 3) Two Simple Facebook Ad Campaigns That Will Bring in New Business Facebook is one the most effective (and cost effective) ways to bring in new customers and strengthen your company brand in your area. Learn step-by-step how you can utilize Facebook Ads the right way and create a constant stream of new traffic and customers into your business. Hour 4) Creating the Master Plan for Your Success (Then Making It Happen) Learning all the things you need to do for your business is great, BUT without an effective plan to get it all done, nothing is going to happen. Learn how to set the right goals and the action plan that will get the day–to– day stuff done to make them become a reality.

What’s in Your First Aid Kit? — Dr. Courtney Campbell This two-hour course is a fun and interactive discussion encompassing wise, preventive measures, intelligent use of first aid principles, coupled with recognition of abnormal symptoms and treatment of disorders, diseases, and problems typically seen in a boarding or daycare environment. This working knowledge of prevention and first aid will help you eliminate some potentially dangerous circumstances and help you prepare for emergency situations. This discussion will center on normal values, first aid, and some specific conditions. Also, information is provided on what to do and what not to do in specific emergency situations. The course is only provided as a guideline for you to learn what to do in an emergency situation, but it cannot replace emergency visits to the veterinarian. In an emergency, call your veterinarian or local emergency hospital because every emergency situation is slightly different and the course material is not intended to be specific but not comprehensive.

TUESDAY SEMINARS Stop the Money Leaks in Your Business: 8 Systems to Retain Your Income — Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

Safe and Healthy Indoor Air Quality: How to Get It and Keep It, and Why It Matters — Annette Uda & Scott Learned

During this four– hour workshop, Robin and Susan will walk you through 8 different business systems to show you the most common places where companies leak money and help you stop the leaks with quick action steps you can implement immediately. 1. Company systems: Do you know your hourly pay rate and is it higher than your employees? 2. Customer Service system: Are you losing clients before they even walk through your doors? 3. Finance system: Are your discounts affecting your cash-flow by more than 10%? 4. Marketing system: Have you identified the best marketing dollars you spend so you can put more money into those? 5. Operation system: Can you identify work flow inefficiencies that could save you money if you fixed them? 6. Sales system: Do you have scripts to help your lobby staff increase the revenue per pet (do you even know what your revenue per pet is?) 7. Staff Management system: Is your staff training (or lack thereof) resulting in too much staff turnover? 8. Communications system: Are you wasting money spending time as a referee for all the staff drama? This workshop will be fast paced and will cover a lot of ground, so be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You will take home a complete to-do list that you can implement immediately.

Many of us are familiar with “code red” days those days, typically during the summer months, when the air outside is so unhealthy that we’re advised to stay indoors. But what if the air inside isn’t much better? And now we’re all inside, together, humans and animals, breathing that air? In this session, Annette and Scott will cover the basics of why indoor air quality is important and how it can impact both the pets in your care and your staff. Learn what could be floating around in the air inside your facility, how it could lead to infectious disease outbreaks, as well as impact staff absenteeism and performance, and how, with the proper facility design, maintenance, and the right air cleaning protocols, you can keep your indoor air quality — and your business — safe and healthy.

Canine Separation Anxiety, Isolation Distress and Containment Phobia — Alexandra Bassett What is commonly known as separation anxiety can actually be broken down into three distinct behaviors: separation anxiety, isolation distress, and containment phobia. In this informative two– hour seminar, Alexandra will explain the differences as well as root cause, and how to treat these very distinct behavior issues. She will also cover how to address these issues with clients and go over some measures clients can take at home to make their dog’s stay less stressful - for both you and the dog.



TUESDAY: 11:30 AM — 1:00 PM WEDS & THURS: NOON —1:30 PM

Network with fellow pet boarding professionals at our meet and greet luncheons. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the hotel restaurant will be reserved exclusively for attendees of the Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West. Luncheon ticket holders can enjoy a delicious meal while discussing the industry with those who are just as passionate about caring for pets. Share stories, “talk shop,” or use the provided discussion questions to guide your conversation during this time of camaraderie with like–minded pet care professionals. Luncheon events are included in SELECT registration packages. They can also be purchased separately.

WEDNESDAY SEMINARS How Much Should You Be Charging Per Night? — Laura Laaman

American pet parents are estimated to have spent more than $72 billion on their pets in 2018, and this has resulted in more competition than ever. Between large–scale chains and app–based pet sitters, it’s critical to position yourself appropriately within your market. How? By charging appropriate prices. Your prices communicate the value of your services to potential (and returning) clients. However, there’s a fragile balance between charging too much and too little. Picking a proper price is step one. Rolling it out to your customers is the dangerous and scary step two. You don’t want to send your customers to your competition. It’s essential to have the tools to communicate your facility’s value. All savvy business owners should attend this seminar.

Dealing with Dog Reactivity on Leash — Fernando Camacho

Dogs can behave very differently once the leash is put on. That tension in the leash can quickly turn a friendly Fido into a reactive punk. Learn why this happens, keys to both working with and managing the situation, as well as two secret weapons to make some quick changes.

Hiring, Training, & Bringing the Best Out of Your Team — Eric Beck Running a pet care business is a great decision. But often managing the team proves tougher than we ever thought it could be. As technology and society change at unprecedented rates, we need a strategy for the modern workforce that relies on much more than “common sense.” In this workshop, you will learn strategies for finding the best fit for your business, tips for how to structure your staff training, and tools for keeping your team focused and motivated.

Under Paw Surfacing: Get it Right and Keep It Right (Indoor & Outdoor) — Ken Karmie, Jeff Adney

& Mel Forbes In this seminar you will learn how to select and optimize “under foot surfacing” (indoor and outdoor) for boarding and daycare and how best to clean and maintain it. One of the biggest decisions an animal care facility owner has to face is, what is the best and proper under foot surfacing for my business? Some of the types of surfacing covered will include natural grass, concrete, gravel, mulch, artificial grass, resinous based coatings, seamless rubber floors, tile, polished concrete and rolled rubber. The reality is that the impact of your surfacing decision will lead to long term assets or potential liabilities. Come and learn from the experts and gain the knowledge necessary to avoid improper under foot surfacing decisions and instead learn how to properly integrate the best options, both indoor and outdoor, to meet and exceed your goals.

Staying Alive: Being Relevant in a Changing World — Phillip Paris

Today’s marketplace is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of today’s consumer. With many different influences being placed upon businesses and its employees, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how we should manage our business to meet the needs of our clients. Many businesses are missing some key ingredients that are limiting their success and creating frustration along the way. In this presentation, Phillip will deliver some key principles that can be implemented immediately to create some positive changes for any business; whether a start–up or celebrating 15 years! His innovative and humorous approach to business will leave attendees with relevant and actionable information that can immediately transform any business to a higher level!

Just Clean It — Chris Quinlan

This class will go over what`s needed to properly maintain a clean, disease and odor–free pet boarding, daycare and grooming facility. Specific areas covered will be sanitation, food prep/bowl wash and laundry. Best practices that create efficiency and OSHA and health department compliance will also be reviewed.

Your Marketing Plan: How To Gain, Train & Retain Clients — Pat Quinn

Flat out, advertising costs a ton of money. If you own a canine services business that you’re actively growing, you and your accountant will both agree your advertising budget eats up your bottom line. Even more costly than shoot–from–the–hip advertising campaigns is not having tried and true systems in place to retain those new clients. Stop throwing good money after bad and instead join Pat, he’ll teach you how to max out your ad dollars and, most importantly, give you the systems that he uses to bring in more money from happier, consistent clients.

Smiles, Hand–Wags and Butt–Wiggles: Going Beyond Biscuits — Lynne Swanson

We’re not treat-meanies, but if we could give you fourteen excellent reasons to reward the dogs in your care with genuine, up–to–your– eyes, well–timed smiles, plus some really good reasons to use hand–wags and butt–wiggles (yes, butt-wiggles!) instead of treats, would you use them? Large facility or small, they make boarding and daycare calmer, quieter and really pleasant for dogs and people, alike. Would you like your dogs to be calmer, more relaxed and more responsive? Would you like to set them up for success in groups? And could your days use a few extra smiles? If the answer to all three questions is “Yes!” please join Lynne in this seminar!

WEDNESDAY SEMINARS Refurbish and Remodel: Upgrade Instead of Uprooting — Greg Taylor

Refurbishing and remodeling can be a cost-effective option to upgrade animal housing facilities without having to build new. Construction work can potentially be done in phases to allow the facility to remain open and align with budget considerations. Learn more about the options available that can freshen up an old facility to better compete with newer facilities in today’s competitive environment. Some learning objectives will be understanding the approximate cost for architectural fees, caging, construction and floors; updates available for gates, side panels and walls, including materials and design options; modular and stacked animal housing solutions; flooring considerations and options; and solutions available for housing cats.

Not All Income Streams Are Created Equal — Teija Heikkila

Revenue is revenue, right?? NO!!! Not all income streams (boarding, training, grooming, daycare, in-home services, etc.) are created equal, whether it be for immediate profitability or building business value for future exit. Learn what revenues are desirable, which ones are undesirable and how to turn the undesirables into profit centers!

Overwhelmed & Overworked? Your Plan for More Sanity, Happiness & Success — Fernando Camacho Running a business is a crazy roller coaster ride, with lots of responsibilities and a seemingly endless supply of urgent fires to

put out. Learn some tools that will help you deal with everything and create a plan to make you happier and more productive. If you feel stressed, exhausted and burnt out, you need this NOW.

Assessing & Introducing New Dogs — Fernando Camacho

So many problems with dogs in daycares can be avoided if things are done the right way at the get go. You’ll learn how to properly onboard the new dog and the pet parent so that you start off with a solid understanding and set everyone up to succeed. Then we’ll go over how to bring a new dog into the play group and go over some common dog behavior types and what to do with them.

THURSDAY SEMINARS How to Fail a Dog Without Alienating the Owners and Other Difficult Conversations

— Susan Briggs How do you balance honesty about the dogs with the sensitive feelings of the pet parent in a way that doesn’t completely open you up to harassment or negative publicity? Learn the ins and outs of effective communication about evaluations and other touchy issues when you have challenging information to share. In this session, you’ll discover how you define your evaluation process determines the ease of talking to your client, the importance of practicing your conversations in advance, strategies to keeping your clients happy even when you have difficult news to tell them, words to use and avoid, why talking less is sometimes better, and ways to allow the owner to listen better.

Stop Being Right & Start Winning: A Common–Sense Approach to Customer Service — Phillip Paris

In our industry, there is immense pressure to have all of the answers, be exceptional pet care experts, behavioral pros and be in the running for “Boss (or employee) of the Year”. In this pursuit of greatness, often times our ways come across rigid and insincere which can lead to a customer relationship nightmare that ends with a bad date with Yelp! Customer service issues are the #1 reason clients will abandon a business and account for a majority of poor reviews left online. Join Phillip for an insightful look into our industry customer service pitfalls and learn how you can implement some simple, fast and effective customer service solutions that will help revitalize your clients experience at your workplace.

What Matters and What Doesn’t in Building Business Value — Teija Heikkila

Your role as the CEO of your business is twofold; maximize ongoing profitability and create value in your business for a payoff in the future. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what builds business value and what matters to buyers & investors. This session will ‘cut to the chase’ and give you the hard–hitting facts of what matters and what doesn’t so you know where to focus your limited energies on.

Top Ten Things That Can Lead to a Fatality in Your Facility — Dr. John Boyd

By Acknowledging and addressing risk factors that can lead to death, you can then take operational and managerial action steps that will reduce the likelihood of such fatalities occurring within your facility, which Dr. Boyd will cover in this program. Are you risk tolerant, or risk adverse? What is your acceptable death rate?

THURSDAY SEMINARS From “Hello” to “Five Stars”: Connect With, Sell, and Satisfy Your Clients at Every Step — Laura Nelson Your clients are short on time, long on expectations, and are looking for quality and convenience when it comes to choosing a provider for their beloved pets. How can you build trust and win their business? In this session, we’ll talk about how you can leverage client communication tactics and tools as an extension of your marketing strategies, and deliver a five-star experience — from “Hello” to “Thank You”. Attendees will learn the latest features on Google to improve your business’s online presence, powerful messaging capabilities on the most popular internet platforms, and how to generate great client reviews on the most popular platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Nextdoor. Attendees will learn best practices that can be implemented immediately to improve client engagement and drive more business.

Avoiding the Unexpected in Construction

— Ritch Batterton Are you worried about roadblocks and additional costs with your new construction? In this seminar, Ritch will go over ways of avoiding the costly mistakes that are common in new construction of a boarding facility. He will cover the process of gathering equipment information for the contractor, manufacturing, order processes, and lead times; all very important information for anyone building new or adding on to an existing facility.

A Practical Guide to Cleaners & Disinfectants for Infectious Disease Control — Jose Ramirez

In this seminar, Jose will review the key criteria for the selection of chemical cleaning and disinfection agents specific to disease prevention in a companion animal group setting. A basic understanding of the chemistry behind the products will allow the user to better gauge outcomes related to cleaning or disinfection efficacy, their effects on health and safety of the animals, impact on the health and safety of the staff responsible for executing the cleaning and disinfection program, and potential negative effects on the environment, such as indoor air quality or waste disposal.

Synthetic Grass: Benefits, Features, and How It Saves Bottom-Line Dollars — Mike Bell

This class will focus on why, where and the type of synthetic grass you should use in your kennel, play area, and general area uses. Mike will focus on the different types of grasses/turf to use and installation of these grasses depending on the surface they are installed on. Mike will also address should you use infill or not, securing the grass area, drainage and overall difficulty of doing it yourself or hiring an installer and costs involved, how synthetic grasses save on kennel costs of labor, cleaning of the surface area, the pet and odor control compared to other natural or man-made surfaces.

Engage Your Customers and Succeed Online

— Eric Altstatt From Wix to WordPress and SEO to Social Media, how do you comb through the overwhelming information and make the right choices? Your digital platform is important and the best advocate for your business and your customers is you. Learn the right tools to employ and empower yourself in an increasingly overwhelming digital landscape. Transform your digital brand from a presence to a customer-centric, income-producing extension of your business.

Feline Harmony in Your Boarding Facility

— Deborah Hansen In this seminar you’ll learn how to make your boarding environment meet the different needs of every cat in your facility. Deborah will cover how to safely transfer felines to and from their carriers, making the enclosure comfortable for the different temperament types of felines, and how to read feline body language to assure the cat is safe, stressfree and comfortable in their boarding enclosure.

Creating A Puppy Program for Your Pet Care Facility — Robin Bennett

What could be more fun than puppies? And making them a profitable part of your business should be a no-brainer. Learn how to create a special program you can offer just for the puppies. This session will cover the important considerations about puppy development, key considerations on handling and socializing puppies, house training tips, class structure and format, and pricing options.


LOCATION MARRIOTT LOS ANGELES BURBANK AIRPORT • BURBANK , CA The Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport is ready to roll out the red carpet for you, with 4–star hotel amenities and a wonderful location. Whether you’re in Burbank for work or to explore Universal Studios®, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Warner Bros. Studios, we’ll make you feel at home, with spacious accommodations and a commitment to friendly service. Savor creative cuisine and delicious drinks at E.D.B., our outdoor restaurant, or enjoy a meal at Daily Grill and a cup of Starbucks® coffee at Media Lounge. Elsewhere at the hotel, you can challenge yourself to a workout at the fitness center, or take a dip in one of our two outdoor pools, located at the East and West Towers. Relax by the fire pit, or snooze in one of our shaded cabanas. With over 45,000 square feet of versatile space, our hotel is one of Burbank’s premier destinations for meetings and events. And our complimentary airport shuttle service makes travel stress-free. Plan your visit to the 4–star Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport today.


2500 North Hollywood Way

$185* / Night *Tell them you are with Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West


Burbank, CA 91505

CUT OFF DATE 4/1/2019

































SCHEDULE 3 PM REGISTRATION OPENS 6–8 PM KEYNOTE: Finding Your Bravery! — Jessica Finnegan


8 AM



9–11 AM Canine Seperation Anxiety, Isolation Distress & Containment Phobia — Alexandra Bassett

1–5 PM Stop the Money Leaks In Your Business — Susan Briggs & Robin Bennet

What’s In Your First Aid Kit? — Dr. Courtney Campbell

Supercharging Your Dog Business Success — Fernando Camacho

Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring: A Professional Pet Boarding Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Completely New Concept For Finding Certification — Laura Laaman, the Right People — Jessica Finnegan Dr. Courtney Campbell & Claire Ellington Safe & Healthy Indoor Air Quality: How To Get It & Keep It Communiating with Canines — Annette Uda & Scott Learned —Lynne Swanson

8 AM




Dealing With Dog Reactivity on Leash— Fernando Camacho

How Much Should You Be Charging Per Night?— Laura Laaman

10 AM


Staying Alive: Being Relevant in a Changing World — Phillip Paris Just Clean It — Chris Quinlan

12–1:30PM ROUND TABLE LUNCHEON 2-3 PM SESSION 2 Overwhelmed & Overworked? — Fernando Camacho

Smiles, Hand-Wags & Butt-Wiggles: Going Beyond Biscuits — Lynne Swanson

Refurbish & Remodel: Upgrade Instead of Uprooting — Greg Taylor

4 PM



8 AM


Hiring, Training & Bringing The Best Out of Your Team— Eric Beck Assessing & Introducing New Dogs — Fernando Camacho

Not All Income Streams Are Created Equal — Teija Heikkila

Your New Marketing Plan — Pat Quinn

9-10 AM SESSION 4 Avoiding the Unexpected in Construction — Ritch Batterton



Under Paw Surfacing: Get It Right & Keep It Right — Ken Karmie, Jeff Adney & Mel Forbes

Feline Harmony in Your Boarding Facility — Deborah Hansen What Matters & What Doesn’t in Building Business Value — Teija Heikkila

Being Right & Start Winning Creating a Puppy Program for Your Pet Stop — Phillip Paris Care Facility — Robin Bennett 12–1:30PM ROUND TABLE LUNCHEON Top Ten Things That Can Lead to a Fatality in Your Facility 2-3 PM SESSION 6 — Dr. John Boyd Engage Your Customers & Succeed Online — Eric Altstatt From “Hello” To “Five Stars” — Laura Nelson How to Fail a Dog Without Alienating The Owners — Susan Briggs 10 AM TRADE SHOW OPENS A Practical Guide to Cleaners & Disinfectants — Jose Ramirez 11–12 PM SESSION 5 Synthetic Grass — Mike Bell 4 PM TRADE SHOW CLOSES

Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West 2019 Registration One person registering per form, please • Make copies or list others on another paper

Check One:  Boarding  Daycare  Pet Sitting  Grooming  Retailing  Training

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 GOLD – $399 ($584 value) Keynote, education Tuesday through Thursday, show luncheons, & two–day trade show. You may go in & out of educational sessions. Some sessions overlap.  SILVER – $299 ($476 value)

Keynote, education Tuesday through Thursday and two-day trade show. You may go in and out of educational sessions. Some sessions overlap.


 BASIC DELUXE – $269 ($326 value) Keynote, education Wednesday through Thursday, Wednesday & Thursday luncheons, two-day trade show. You may go in and out of sessions, some sessions overlap.


 BASIC – $199 ($248 value)

Keynote, Wednesday through Thursday seminars, two-day trade show. You may go in and out of sessions, some sessions overlap.


 TRADE SHOW SPECIAL – $15 Two-day trade show

TRADE SHOW – $10 per day ($15 at door) 6

 Wednesday 7  Thursday

Total: $________  Check  MC/Visa/Discover

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TUESDAY EVENTS (KEYNOTE FREE TO ALL ATTENDEES) 8  Canine Seperation Anxiety $79 9  What’s In Your First Aid Kit? $79 10  Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring $79 11  Safe & Healthy Indoor Air Quality $79 12  Stop the Money Leaks in Your Business $149 13  Supercharging Your Dog Business Success $149 14  Professional Pet Boarding Certification Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease $149 15  Communicating with Canines $149 16  Tuesday Luncheon $39 WEDNESDAY EVENTS 20  Wednesday Program Sessions $149 21  Wednesday One Hour Sessions (each) $49

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22  Wednesday Two Hour Sessions (each)


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Refund Processing Fee - $30

Programs are 20% higher at the door if available!

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PROGRAM SELECTION Select ONE program from each education session that you might attend. This will enable us to plan adequate seating for your comfort. One per attendee please! MONDAY 1.  Finding Your Bravery! Building the Business You Dreamed of that Sets You Apart from the Rest 2.  Meet And Greet Party TUESDAY: 9 – 11 AM (Choose 1) 3.  Canine Seperation Anxiety, Isolation Distress & Containment Phobia 4.  What’s In Your First Aid Kit? 5.  Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring: A Completely New Concept for Finding the Right People 6.  Safe & Healthy Indoor Air Quality: How to Get it & Keep It, & Why It Matters TUESDAY 1–5 PM (Choose 1) 7.  Stop the Money Leaks in Your Business 8.  Supercharging Your Dog Business Success 9.  Professional Pet Boarding Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Certification 10.  Communicating with Canines WEDNESDAY 9–10 AM: Session 1 (Choose 1) 100.  Dealing With Dog Reactivity on Leash 101.  How Much Should You Be Charging Per Night? 102.  Staying Alive: Being Relevant in a Changing World 103.  Just Clean It WEDNESDAY 2 PM: Session 2 (Choose 1) 200.  Overwhelmed & Overworked? 201.  Your Marketing Plan: How To Gain, Train & Retain Clients 202.  Smiles, Hand-wags & Butt-wiggles: Going Beyond Biscuits 203. Refurbished & Remodel: Upgrade Instead of Uprooting

WEDNESDAY 4 PM: Session 3 (Choose 1) 300.  Hiring, Training, & Bringing the Best Out of Your Team 301.  Assessing & Introducting New Dogs 302.  Not All Income Streams Are Created Equal 303.  Under Paw Surfacing: Get It Right & Keep it Right THURSDAY 9 AM: Session 4 (Choose 1) 400.  Avoiding the Unexpected in Construction 401.  Creating a Puppy Program for Your Pet Care Facility 402.  Top Ten Things That Can Lead to a Fatality in Your Facility 403.  From “Hello” to Five Stars” THURSDAY 11 AM: Session 5 (Choose 1) 500.  Synthetic Grass: Benefits, Features, & How It Saves Bottom–line Dollars 501.  Feline Harmony In Your Boarding Facility 502.  What Matters & What Doesn’t In Building Business Value 503.  Stop Being Right & Start Winning THURSDAY 2 PM: Session 6 (Choose 1) 600.  Engage Your Customers & Succeed Online 601.  How To Fail a Dog Without Alienting The Owners & Other Difficult Conversations 602.  A Practical Guide to Cleaners & Disinfectants for Infectious Disease Control

SEND COMPLETED FORM TO Barkleigh Productions, Inc. 970 W. Trindle Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 FAX (717) 691-3381




$399 B E S T V A LU E !

• Admission to ALL educational sessions Tuesday to Thursday • Admission to Wednesday & Thursday Trade Show

$476 VALUE


• Admission to ALL educational sessions Tuesday to Thursday • Admission to Wednesday & Thursday Trade Show • Admission to SHOW luncheons

$584 VALUE





• Education sessions Wednesday to Thursday • Wednesday and Thursday luncheons • Wednesday and Thursday Trade Show

• Education sessions Wednesday to Thursday • Wednesday and Thursday Trade Show





Monday’s Keynote Address is FREE to all attendees One-Day Trade Show passes are available $10 per day


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Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West 2019 Program Guide  

Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West 2019 Program Guide