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NOVEMBER 6–9, 2017





One of the most exciting parts of the expo is your chance to visit booths from all over the nation. Many will be offering fantastic bargains, show specials, and discount pricing. Bring your checkbook and credit cards... and get ready to stock up! Make this show your buying event of the year! See state-of-the-art equipment! Talk to movers and shakers in the industry. It’s all here! Bring your staff and let them have a great learning experience!

EXHIBITING COMPANIES* • Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. • Animal Care Equipment & Services, LLC • BabelBark • Black Diamond Radio • Broadly • Camp Bow Wow • Direct Animal Products • Dog Is Good

• • • • •

Ecolab FMD Architects Fox Laminating Company Gingr Happy Howie’s Natural Dog Treats • K9Grass Forever Lawn • KennelDesignUSA.Com • Kinn Inc.

• • • • • • • • •

Kuranda USA LGL Animal Care Products, Inc. Market Hardware, Inc. Mason Company NoScent Naturals Corp Outstanding Pet Care Paramount Success Group Permatek Coatings Petexec

• • • • • • • • •

PetSuites Of America SFC Solutions Shor-Line Snyder Mfg. Co. Spray Master Technologies Stone Mountain Pet Products The Dog Gurus Thornell Turnkey, Inc.

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BOARDING & DAYCARE UNLEASHED: Inside Tips from the Big Dog

MONDAY 6–8 PM Free to all attendees.

We all share the goal of building successful pet care brands, but what does it take to unleash your growth potential? Christina Russell, Camp Bow Wow’s President aka “Leader of the Pack,” will share her observations on leadership in our dynamic and evolving industry based on the success of Camp Bow Wow’s 140+ locations across the US and Canada. She’ll share the stage with company experts in marketing, technology, operations, and more in this engaging session.

As the Top Dog at Camp Bow Wow, Christina's focus is on driving system growth, unit level profitability, and innovation. Under her leadership, Camp Bow Wow is experiencing record franchise sales and revenue growth, and a dramatic increase in franchise owner satisfaction. Before joining Camp Bow Wow in 2014, Christina spent 15 years with the world’s largest fitness franchisor, Curves International.


Come join your pet care peers, for the opening night meet & greet, immediately following the Keynote Address. Free to all attendees!



PET PRO PANEL DISCUSSION WITH Khris Berry, Craig McAllester, Fernando Camacho, Amanda Crook, & Sara Beth Pinson Have questions you want answered by the experts? Want to hear what others are struggling with? In this four-hour, roundtable-style panel discussion, hosted by pet industry veteran Khris Berry, you’ll have the chance to get your questions answered by some of the top experts in the industry. Interactive discussions with industry leaders will help you gain insights into day-to-day operations, problem solve common issues, and offer creative business insights. The three main areas of focus will be facility design/maintenance with kennel designer, Craig McAllester; dog behavior and play groups with dog trainer, Fernando Camacho; and business and day-to-day practices with Amanda Crook and Sarah Beth Pinson.

So, bring your questions and be prepared to leave with a wealth of information and maybe even some new friends!

Pet Pro Panel Discussion is included in the Gold Plus & Silver Plus or can be purchased separately.

TUESDAY SEMINARS Building a Barktastic Business Plan — Claire Pickens Whether you have an existing boarding/daycare business, or are starting one from scratch, this series of classes is your key to advancing your business. You’ll get valuable “kibbles” of wisdom regarding the numbers, timeline, and attitude required to making your boarding/daycare business plan a success! Hour 1) Unleashing Your Boarding or Daycare Business Plan: In this class you will learn how to transform your boarding/daycare business idea into a reality. Understand the key components of turning an exciting business idea into a viable and executable business concept. This class is ideal for people starting a boarding/daycare business from scratch, or innovating new ideas within an existing business. Hour 2) Counting Kibbles: Feeding the Numbers Behind Your Business Plan:To make a boarding/daycare business vision viable, the numbers need to make sense. From demographics to production projections, it is important to understand the reality of what success can look like with your

business. In this class, we will discuss the key components, “kibbles,” to the numbers that make a boarding/daycare business a success.

Hour 3) Check-in to Your Timeline, and Check-out the Possibilities: Time is money! Or should we say, the misuse of time costs money. During the construction and execution of a business vision, the timeline is extremely important. In this class, we will discuss business vision goal-setting, time management, milestones, and deadlines. The execution of your business plan depends on your ability to organize the idea into a timeline. Hour 4) All Bark, and Just the Right Amount of Bite: The Attitude of Business Plan Execution: Now that we have the concept, numbers, and logistics in place, the only component that remains is the attitude of execution. Throughout the process, you will be required to hold yourself and others accountable for how the plan is executed. In this class, we will discuss the key components of leading yourself and others through the planning and execution process. 3

TUESDAY SEMINARS Heroes for Healthy Pets — Dr. Courtney Campbell The Heroes for Healthy Pets Certification in Infectious Disease Management is a program sponsored by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), and Pet Sitters, International. The Heroes for Healthy Pet’s Certification is open to all pet and veterinary professionals. To become certified, both modules must be completed and the certification examination must be passed. Part 1: Understanding Infectious Disease: This seminar will discuss common transmissible diseases of dogs, including pathogens of CIRDC (canine infectious respiratory disease complex- including dog flu), Leptospirosis, Parvo, and Distemper. The lecture will give an overview of the incidence rate, how to recognize the clinical signs of illness and how

to recognize signs of illness in dogs, and prevention. Management of outbreaks in group environments such as kennels and doggie daycares and options for prevention, including vaccination and sanitation protocols will also be discussed. Part 2: Effective Infectious Disease Control: To remain competitive in this market, pet professional businesses must keep their pet owners happy and this means keeping pets healthy. In 2016, leading experts on infectious disease developed a consensus statement to recommend best practices for pet care and safety for pet professional businesses such as kennels, veterinary facilities, doggie daycares, dog walkers, groomers, and training facilities. This program covers the topic of best practices of sanitation and prevention of infectious disease spread.

Pet Lover to Pet Care Business Owner: Financing, Building a Business Plan, Design & Equipment — Greg Taylor, Nancy Webb, &, Al Locker In this four-hour program, the top financing, design and equipment experts in the industry will walk you through the process of making your pet care facility dream a reality! Everything from financing to selecting equipment will be covered in this must-see program for anyone thinking of opening a facility. Part 1: Obtaining the Financing: You need money to start a pet resort. Banks want to make loans (that’s how they make money!) but it often seems like their favorite word is “no.” This session will discuss the requirements banks and leasing companies generally require to approve loans, including average credit scores, down payments, business plans and other prerequisites, as well as resources for help. Leave aware of what loan offices look for and prepared to make a positive impression. Part 2: Integrating the Business Plan & Facil-

ity Design: You want to make certain your dream cash flows. This session will focus on the process of designing a facility so that it ties back to the business plan. The building size, materials, number of runs, grooming, etc., all influence how much capital is required to start the business and how much occupancy, revenue and expenses should be budgeted to insure success. Part 3: Boarding & Daycare Equipment: Luxury suites, dog runs, cat condos, epoxy floors, soft day care floors, artificial grass, mobile divider panels, collapsible day runs – there is a lot of equipment to purchase and most of it costs a lot and, unfortunately is hard to move or modify. It is important to investigate the possibilities and carefully weigh the pros and cons of different choices because once the decision is made you live with it for 20+ years.

Dog Daycare Behavior Bootcamp — Fernando Camacho The more you understand the dogs you work with, the better your job will be and the happier your clients will be (both human and canine). In this four-hour series, Fernando Camacho will educate you so you can better communicate with the dogs that enter your facility, keep your employees safe and your clients happy. This will help improve your interactions with the dogs that stay with you and minimize accidents. Hour 1) Understanding Dog Communication: Learn the language of dog so you can better understand how dogs are feeling and finally know what they’ve been trying to tell you all this time. We’ll look at lots of video footage and discuss what’s going on with the dogs so you can read and work with dogs better. Hour 2) Assessing New Dogs: Deciding which dogs are a good fit for daycare and which dogs to turn away is a difficult decision. In this seminar, we’ll go over how you can set up your assessments to go 4

well so you can make the right choice for everyone involved. You’ll learn all the best practices as well as common mistakes to look out for. Hour 3) How to Best Manage Dog Play Groups: When you’re trying to control a pack of playful, high energy dogs, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. If you do things the right way, however, you are much more likely to get the dogs to listen to you and keep everyone safe and well behaved. In this seminar, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of working with dog play groups, safety tips and best practices to create a positive environment for both staff and dogs. Hour 4) Dog Fights: How Prevent and Break Them Up: Many altercations between dogs can be avoided if you understand the warning signs and take action early. Fern will show you what to look out for so you can stop fights before they start, what you should (and shouldn’t) do to keep safe, and how to handle things if you have to break up a dog fight.

TUESDAY SEMINARS clients to sign stating they are “risks associated with off leash group play.” Just what are these “risks” Are you worried about roadblocks and what, as the business owner, and additional costs with your new can you do to minimize these risks construction? In this seminar, Ritch as much as possible? We’ll touch on all the questions above, as well will go over ways of avoiding the as a few others, and hopefully leave costly mistakes that are common you feeling more confident that you in new construction of a boarding are providing the safest environment facility. He will cover the process of gathering equipment information possible for off leash play. for the contractor, manufacturing, The Four Pillars of Pet Care order processes, and lead times; Success — Laura Laaman all very important information for If you're wondering how to anyone building new or adding on achieve maximum success in your to an additional facility. pet care business, this seminar is a must. Laura Laaman, president of Managing Risks with OffLeash Play — Amanda Crook Outstanding Pet Care and the pet care industry's leading authority Should your daycare dogs wear on revenue success, will take atcollars or play naked? What’s the best way to “test” a new dog? What tendees through these necessary cornerstones of success. Discover are the main triggers that lead to what's holding your business back altercations in playgroups? How and walk out with the necessary, many dogs should be allowed to tangible action items to achieve play in one group? All dog daycare owners have liability waivers for our your business goals!

Avoiding the Unexpected in Construction — Ritch Batterton

Barkleigh Pet Professional First Aid/CPR Certification — Jill Pipino

As a pet care professional, you want to be equipped with the skills to handle medical emergencies that arise while a pet is in your care. Whether a pet becomes ill, injured, or needs help in a disaster, this course will teach you how to respond. In this four-hour interactive course, you will learn emergency care, how to stock a first aid kit, perform CPR, respond to breathing and heart emergencies (including choking), and disaster procedures, with some of these exercises being demonstrated on a live dog. This unique course is customized for pet care professionals and you will learn how to respond to emergencies specific to your industry. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a frameable certificate stating that you are certified in dog and cat First Aid & CPR.

WEDNESDAY SEMINARS Web Marketing 2017: Simple Keys to Unlocking Maximum Profitability — Alain Parcan

Your Website should be the foundation of any marketing strategy, online and offline. Whether people learned about your business from a friend or found you online, chances are they’re going to take a look at your Website before calling you. Make sure your Website has the five features that Google—and potential customers—are looking for! This two-hour marketing coaching session is designed to help you understand everything from basic Website fundamentals, up to more intricate, new, and timely strategies. Join Market Hardware’s Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing, and Mike Civetti, Senior Pet Care Consultant, as they provide tips, secrets, answers and more! They will also help you schedule out your Social

Media posts and talk about some of their Email Newsletter strategies that have been successful in the pet care industry. Make sure you bring a pen and paper while learning about our ‘90/10’ rule as it pertains to both Social Media and Email Newsletters!

Safety and Evaluations in the Daycare Space: Setting Up Staff & Dogs for Success —Amber Burckhalter

Fun and safe group play is the minimum standard for every daycare and boarding facility that offers this service. How do companies create core competencies and consistency in their staff who handle these evaluations? As play groups grow and dynamics within the groups fluctuate, how does a facility ensure safety in their playgroups above all else? For over 25 years, Amber Burckhalter, Founder and CEO of K-9 Coach, has studied canine group play and behavior. Integrating these

lessons and expertise into her own company, Amber will share insights into K-9 Coach’s highly successful program with a focus on employee selection and training for this important role, steps and set ups to safely evaluating dogs, is one evaluation enough - and more. Come join her for a two-hour discussion of her best practices that will include those used in over 10,000 dogs for over 15 years.

Winning Protocols for a Safe Kennel — Lisa Aumiller

In this two-hour program, immerse in a discussion of protocols for all different types of kennels with Dr. Lisa Aumiller. Lisa will cover various areas of protocols, from feeding, vaccines, to disease outbreak control. Ensure your kennel is operating safely with the proper protocols which can be customized to fit each and every kennel. 5

WEDNESDAY SEMINARS Insights for a Successful Design and Construction Project — Mark Moore & Melanie Friedman This 4 hour session will be a comprehensive look into the steps of a building design. We will take a look into how to get started on the right foot to make the process into a positive impact on your business and your clients. We will talk about the common hurdles that you will encounter and how to overcome them, how to select a team and then delve into the proper layout and finishes of your facility. The session will then end with a question and answer segment with our experts. You should leave this session fully prepared to start a project that will be better organized and started down a positive path of success. Hour 1) How to Get Started:Have you been thinking about a construction project and how it can be a positive impact on your business, but are not sure what to do first? Considering a project can be daunting, but there are easy steps that can be followed to give you the confidence to make important decisions and get yourself started on the right foot. Believe it or not, this process can be exciting and fun if you are prepared and have the right tools. Hour 2) Common Hurdles and How to Overcome Them: Learn about common challenges that arise before, during and after

construction projects are completed and how to prevent them from happening. These can apply to leasehold improvements, interior renovations, additions or new construction. Taking away a few nuggets of knowledge can save you time, dollars and frustration. Hour 3) Selecting Your Dream Team: Surrounding yourself with the right professionals can make a world of difference to the success of your project. Learn how to assess what scope of services and type of contract your project needs. Knowing the right questions to ask potential architects, builders, and lenders will also help determine which teammates will be the best fit for you. Hour 4) Choosing the Proper Layout and Finishes for Your Facility: A proper layout will give you an efficient flow for your staff’s daily operations and will give a more positive experience to your clientele. Additionally, choosing the right (or wrong) materials can have a huge impact on the longevity and functionality of your facility. Learn what options are available and how to prioritize where to consider spending dollars that will produce a return on your investment through your operations, maintenance and repair costs.

Attracting, Developing, & Retaining Exceptional Animal Care Staff — Sara Beth Pinson & Amanda Crook Gone are the days when one person can take care of 60 dogs staying in indoor/outdoor runs. With social play, pet care centers now need lots of staff. They find themselves on a constant search for strong team members and then struggle with the best way to train new hires and retain fully trained dependable staff for the long term. Part 1: We will focus on attracting and training new employees. Staffing a facility with engaged, hardworking, animal-loving employees starts with attracting the best applicants to your business through effectively advertising open positions and creating a business where people want to work. Specifically, we will discuss the following: Evaluating applicants through the prescreening process, professional employment application, in-person interview with a Manager, and working interview(s) with senior staff, discussing specifics

of the position (pay and job descriptions) and offering jobs to qualified applicants, essential components of New Employee Orientation, using training shifts effectively, and providing clear instructions for staff trainers. Part 2: In this session we’ll focus on how to develop staff into “super stars” and steps you can take to retain staff as engaged members of the team. Specifically, we will discuss the following: Developing detailed job descriptions, deciding pay rates and benefits, providing a clear path for growth within the company for qualified individuals, using effective communication to improve workplace satisfaction, clear understanding of policies, meetings with coworkers and managers, uniforms or dress code, job titles, opportunities for continuing education, celebrating achievements, fun theme days for clients and staff.


WEDNESDAY SEMINARS How to Fail a Dog Without Alienating the Owners & Other Difficult Conversations — Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett How do you balance honesty about the dogs with the sensitive feelings of the pet parent in a way that doesn’t completely open you up to harassment or negative publicity? Learn the ins and outs of effective communication about evaluations and other touchy issues when you have challenging information to share. In this session, you’ll discover how you define your

evaluation process determines the ease of talking to your client, the importance of practicing your conversations in advance, strategies to keeping your clients happy even when you have difficult news to tell them, words to use and avoid, why talking less is sometimes better, and ways to allow the owner to listen better.




Network with fellow pet boarding professionals at our meet and greet luncheons. Luncheon ticket holders can enjoy a delicious meal while discussing the industry with those who are just as passionate about caring for pets. Share stories, “talk shop,” or use the provided discussion questions to guide your conversation during this time of camaraderie with like-minded pet care professionals. Luncheon events are included with the Gold, Gold Plus and Basic Deluxe packages. They can also be purchased separately.

THURSDAY SEMINARS Animal Care Cleaning Solutions — Mel Forbes

How your business looks and smells are two top criteria pet owners use when choosing a daycare or boarding facility. This class will show you how to pick the right products for Odor Control, Sanitation, Artificial Turf Maintenance, Laundry and Floor Care. Mel will explore some of the many options to consider when choosing the right cleaning systems for your Pet Boarding and Daycare facility. The goal of this class is to learn the value of proper repetitive cleaning and maintenance. Mel will also share solutions on how staff that are trained in using products and equipment save time and money. Come learn the value of proper Animal Care Cleaning Solutions that have been proven for nearly 30 years to give you the results your looking for.

Get Five-Star Reviews on Google, Yelp & Facebook — Laura Nelson When consumers are searching online for pet boarding or daycare options in your area, do you show up? Whether potential clients are searching for somewhere new or are following up on a referral from a friend, it’s critical that you stand out and shine. Learn how you can bolster your business’s online presence to attract new clients. In this session, you will learn how to use free tools to take control of and improve your pages, identify your best customers and generate five-star feedback on the most important review sites, and improve your website to drive more leads. Attendees will learn best practices in customer follow-up and referral strategies

that can be applied immediately.

Alternatives to Standard Daycare — Amber Burckhalter

Do you have dogs who do not fit the standard daycare model? Are you looking for something exciting and new to add to your offerings? Join Amber Burckhalter, CEO of K-9 Coach, for a one hour, thought-provoking discussion on how to spice up your standard daycare offerings, meet the needs of dogs who do not enjoy or do not qualify for standard play groups and keep your profits high and overhead low. With over 25 years of experience in the canine industry, Amber is a renewed expert in the successful integration of both vision and profit. Come join her for a renewed look at the standard daycare day plan! 7

THURSDAY SEMINARS Future Trends in Animal Boarding — Ritch Batterton In this seminar, Ritch will cover topics on animal housing and how current trends are changing the way manufacturers are designing their equipment. Recent studies have focused on animal welfare while in boarding and this has encouraged manufacturers to design equipment for the mental well-being of the animal, with comfort and practicality now being a requirement. With the public becoming more and more educated about the environment their animal companion is exposed to, it is important to make sure you are in on the future of boarding trends.

Intake Assessments & Medical Exams — Lisa Aumiller

Having a good check-in assessment can help avoid many potential problems for your business. Join Dr. Lisa Aumiller for a head-to-toe discussion on the “do’s” of a thorough intake assessment/medical exam for each new and return client that should be performed at check-in time.

Expand Your Horizons: Providing Medical Care in Boarding — Lisa Aumiller

If you are currently boarding or considering boarding pets on medication, post-surgery, or that need injections, this session will discuss the “how’s and how not’s”, as well as the legal issues that can arise with medical boarding, and techniques if you want to start seeing pets with medical needs in your clinic. This will include hands on activities for common techniques.

The Customer Journey — Garret Tadlock

We all want to exceed our customer expectations and to build brand advocates. We want more new customers and we want our existing customers to come in our 8

doors more often. Understanding the different paths pet parents takes to discover, engage and advocate for your brand is essential to exceeding their expectations. Join the PawLoyalty CEO to learn how to map your customer journey and design a plan that supports your business goals. Identify the steps a customer takes to discover your business and guide them through.

Using Behavior Management Plans in Daycare — Sara Beth Pinson

Managing problem behaviors in daycare playgroups can be a frustrating endeavor for animal caretakers. When dogs begin displaying incompatible behaviors in playgroups and are not responsive to the usual management techniques, it is beneficial to implement Behavior Management Plans (BMPs). This presentation will include details on how to determine when it is time to implement a BMP, develop an effective BMP, evaluate a dog’s progress once they have a BMP, improve client relations through proper communication of the purpose and benefits of BMPs, and improve workplace satisfaction for animal caretakers. Successful Behavior Management Plans for the anxious German Shepherd puppy, the insecure rescue dog, the obsessive border collie, and the puppy growing up in daycare will be discussed.

Understanding Feline Temperaments — Lynn Paolillo

Incorporating cats into your boarding or grooming facility is no small feat! Let NCGI Instructor and Certifier Lynn Paolillo guide you and your staff through how to recognize, modify techniques and safely handle cats of varying temperaments and behaviors, plus choose services and products to create a cat-friendly environment. Learn how to utilize these techniques to add profit and broaden your service offerings to a whole new clientele!

Is Franchising Right for Me? — Renuka Salinger

Whether you’re thinking about starting your business as a franchisee or taking your business to market as a franchisor, this seminar is for you. Renuka Salinger, Camp Bow Wow’s VP Development aka “Sales Dog,” will lead an interactive discussion on the opportunities and challenges of franchising, from both the franchisee and franchisor perspective. Don’t miss this opportunity for Q&A with the Big Dog in dog boarding and daycare franchising.

Discover an Easy Tool that Reduces Staff Drama and Improves Productivity — Susan Briggs

Eliminate time wasting messages and empower your team to make decisions with a Communication Guide for your business! In this seminar, you will learn strategies that improve communication, teamwork and productivity. Also, discover communication tools that keep meetings productive and staff informed between shifts and departments.

Creating a Dog Training Program in Any Pet Service — Robin Bennett

Do you want to add dog training services to your business but don’t know where to start? Are you losing revenue because you aren’t offering training programs? Are you having a hard time hiring a trainer to develop your program? Do you need ideas on how to set up your classes? This session can help! This course gives you the recipe you need to create a training program you can hand off to one of your current staff members or a new trainer you bring on board. Get a program that works for your center and don’t worry about the trainer taking it with them if they leave! This seminar will cover revenue streams, class formats, finding a trainer, and compensation.





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• Admission to educational sessions Tuesday through Thursday • Monday Keynote Address • Admission to Wednesday & Thursday Trade Show

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Monday’s Keynote Address is FREE to all attendees

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PACKAGE • Education sessions Wednesday through Thursday • Wednesday and Thursday Trade Show


TRADE SHOW SPECIAL Wednesday and Thursday Trade Show (ONE-DAY TRADE SHOW: $10)



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11 AM


1–5 PM

Pet Pro Panel Discussion — Khris Berry, Craig McAllester, Fernando Camacho, Sara Beth Pinson & Amanda Crook



8 AM


6–8 PM Keynote: Boarding & Daycare Unleashed: Inside Tips from the Big Dog — Christina Russell 8–10 PM CAMP BOW WOW MEET & GREET PARTY 1–5 PM Dog Daycare Behavior Bootcamp — Fernando Camacho

9–11 AM Avoiding the Unexpected in Construction — Ritch Batterton

Building a Barktastic Business

Heroes for Healthy Pets — Dr. Courtney Campbell

Managing Risks with

Off-Leash Play — Amanda Crook

Owner — Greg Taylor, Nancy Webb & Al Locker


Success — Laura Laaman



8-10 AM SESSION 1 How to Fail a Dog Without

Alienating the Owners & Other Difficult Conversations — Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

Insights for a Successful Design

Insights for a Successful Design & Construction Project: Part 1 — Mark Moore & Melanie Friedman

Web Marketing 2017: Simple Keys to Unlocking Maximum Profitability — Alain Parcan


8 AM

ing Exceptional Animal Care Staff: Part 1— Sara Beth Pinson & Amanda Crook


9-10 AM SESSION 3 Intake Assessments & Medical Exams — Lisa Aumiller

Alternatives to Standard Daycare

10 AM

— Amber Burckhalter

Animal Care Cleaning Solutions — Mel Forbes Get Five-Star Reviews on Google, Yelp & Facebook — Laura Nelson

Creating a Dog Training Program in Any Pet Service — Robin Bennett 12

& Construction Project: Part 2 — Mark Moore & Melanie Friedman

Attracting, Developing & Retain ing Exceptional Animal Care Staff: Part 2— Sara Beth Pinson & Amanda Crook

Safety & Evaluations in the Daycare

Space: Setting Up Staff & Dogs for Success — Amber Burckhalter

Understanding Feline Temperaments — Lynn Paolillo The Customer Journey — Garrett Tadlock

12-1:45 PM ROUND TABLE LUNCHEON 2-3 PM SESSION 5 Expand Your Horizons: Providing Medical Care in Boarding — Lisa Aumiller


11-12 PM SESSION 4 Future Trends in Animal Boarding — Ritch Batterton

Winning Protocols for a Safe Kennel — Lisa Aumiller

Attracting, Developing & Retain

First Aid/ CPR Certification — Jill Pipino

Pet Lover To Pet Care Business

The Four Pillars of Pet Care

Plan — Claire Pickens

Barkleigh Pet Professional

Discover an Easy Tool That Reduces Staff Drama & Improves Productivity — Susan Briggs Using Behavior Management Plans in Daycare — Sara Beth Pinson

Is Franchising Right For Me?

4 PM

— Renuka Salinger TRADE SHOW CLOSES

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MONDAY EVENT (KEYNOTE FREE TO ALL ATTENDEES) 10  Pet Pro Panel $99 TUESDAY EVENTS 11  Avoiding the Unexpected $79 12  Four Pillars of Success $79 13  Heroes for Healthy Pets $79 14  Managing Risks Off-Leash Play $79 15  Pet Lover to Business Owner $149 16  Barktastic Business Plan $149 17  Barkleigh Pet Pro First Aid/CPR $149 18  Dog Daycare Behavior Bootcamp $149 WEDNESDAY EVENTS 19  Wednesday Program Sessions $149 20  Wednesday Individual Sessions (each) $49

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4-6 PM Session 2 (Choose 1)

Pet Pro Panel Discussion

200 p Insights for a Successful Design &

2 p Keynote: Boarding & Daycare Unleashed:

201 p Attracting, Developing & Retaining

Inside Tips from the Big Dog

3 p Camp Bow Wow Meet and Greet Party

Construction Project Part 2 Exceptional Animal Care Staff Part 2

202 p Winning Protocols for a Safe Kennel


203 p Safety & Evaluations in the Daycare Space:

9–11 AM SESSION (Choose 1)

Setting Up Staff & Dogs for Success

4 p Avoiding the Unexpected in Construction


5 p Heroes for Healthy Pets 6 p Managing Risks with Off-Leash Play

9-10 AM Session 3 (Choose 1)

7 p The Four Pillars of Pet Care Success

300 p Intake Assessments & Medical Exams 301 p Alternatives to Standard Daycare

1-5 PM Session (Choose 1)

302 p Animal Care Cleaning Solutions

p 9 p 10 p

Dog Daycare Behavior Bootcamp

303 p Get Five-Star Reviews on Google, Yelp

Building a Barktastic Business Plan


& Facebook

Barkleigh Pet Professional First Aid/CPR


11-12 PM Session 4 (Choose 1)

11 p Pet Lover to Pet Care Business Owner:

400 p Future Trends in Animal Boarding

Financing, Building a Business Plan,

401 p Creating a Dog Training Program in Any

Design & Equipment

Pet Service

402 p Understanding Feline Temperaments


403 q The Customer Journey

8-10 AM Session 1 (Choose 1) 100 p How to Fail a Dog Without Alienating the

2-3 PM Session 5 (Choose 1)

500 p Expand Your Horizons: Providing Medical

Owners & Other Difficult Conversations

101 p Insights for a Successful Design &

501 p Discover an Easy Tool that Reduces Staff

Construction Project Part 1

Care in Boarding

102 p Web Marketing 2017: Simple Keys to

502 p Using Behavior Management Plans in

Unlocking Maximum Profitability

Drama & Improves Productivity

103 p Attracting, Developing & Retaining

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Exceptional Animal Care Staff Part 1






CONVENTION CENTER A warm welcome awaits you at The Hershey Lodge, the beautiful resort that is home to Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo. It is one of the experiences that makes our event so special. When you enter the lobby, you will be drawn to the massive stone fireplace. Post and beam ceilings, stonework, and comfortable furniture pay homage to Hershey’s rural Pennsylvania Dutch heritage and make this lobby a memorable place to meet, greet, gather and relax. At night, you will enjoy the deluxe rooms, with regional decor and Hershey’s Kisses on your pillow. Restaurants and lounges offer a varied selection of cuisine. Start your day with coffee from the Cocoa Beanery. Embrace casual dining at Fire and Grain’s Bar or steaks at The Hershey Grill. The Forebay, Bear’s Den and Lobby Lounge are places to “talk dog” or wind down after a day of seminars. Close to The Hershey Lodge, a multi-million dollar spa joins the great amenities. An airport shuttle from Harrisburg International Airport is available with 24-hour reservation. There is a charge for the shuttle.



Hershey Lodge & Convention Center West Chocolate Ave. & University Drive, Hershey PA 17033 Phone (717) 533-3311

Call (717) 533-3311 or (800) 437-7439 by October 6th for special group rate – $172 single/double Tell them you are with Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo! Hershey Lodge

CAMPING Hershey Highmeadow Campground offers an ideal setting near the Hershey Lodge with over 300 open and shaded sites. Dogs are permitted on leash.

For more information Call (800) 437-7439 or visit for. Pets are not permitted at the show!



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Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo Program 2017  
Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo Program 2017