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Dear Pet Professionals, Wow! That is what you are going to say when you look through this program. Your second instinct may be to sit back and become overwhelmed with all Todd Shelly President of the choices. What should you do when you come to Barkleigh Productions Groom Expo? First, evaluate your own situation. What do you need most in your business this year? Grooming skills? Animal Behavior? Marketing or Retailing? Business or Motivation? Pet Health Care? Make this program book your workbook. Get a plan. Prioritize. Mark those programs that are the most meaningful and then evaluate them again in a few days. A good strategy will begin to materialize. You can’t do it all, so pick the best for you. Then select your programs on the program selection sheet on the back of the registration form. Now go to the Exhibitor list. Mark booths that you MUST see. Before the show ends, check your program book and visit those you missed. Staple a sheet inside this program and list products that you want to buy and seminars you must attend. Tuck all your essential papers, etc. inside your program book and take it to the show. Now you are ready to enjoy! See you soon!

Who Should Come to Groom Expo? Do you own a pet care facility? Are you involved in grooming, boarding, training, breeding, exhibiting, handling, brushing, bathing, walking, helping, or understanding pets? Do you retail pet products to the pet–owning public? Do you need to improve your grooming or handling skills? Or learn how to retail or add retail to your mix of services? Then this is where you need to be!


Groom Expo is for anyone who makes a full or part– time living from professional pet care.... or is a serious hobbyist. Groomers, mobile groomers, kennel operators and kennel personnel, trainers, day care operators, veterinarians, pet retailers, animal behaviorists, shelter personnel, breeders, handlers, vet techs, or anyone involved in the pet industry will find a wealth of information, products and services to meet their needs.

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EDUCATION Thursday Seminars Friday Seminars Saturday Seminars Sunday Seminars

9-14 15-21 22-27 28-31

COMPETITIONS GroomOlympics 35 Abstract Creative Runway 35 Rescue Round-Up 36 Creative Styling Competition 37






SPECIAL EVENTS 24/7 Grooming Salon 38 Puppy Playground 38 Luncheons/Entertainment 39 Best In Show Awards 40 Abstract Creative Runway 40 Barkleigh Honors 40 Gospel Concert & Breakfast 41 Newbie Tours 41

v isit gro o me xp o .c o m • Online Registration • Speaker Bios • Interactive Trade Show Map • Full Schedule • And More!

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Trade Show The Industry’s Biggest & Sweetest

Pet Care Trade Show on Earth. Groom Expo hosts the largest pet care product trade show in the world… with over 170 booths. Every clipper, shampoo, comb, table and tub is here, along with thousands of other pet care, boarding, natural and retail products. Many exhibitors are pulling out all the stops. You will be able to see industry greats doing mini–groom sessions in several booths throughout the trade show. Groom Expo Trade Show will also feature the Wahl GroomOlympics and Andis Creative Styling. Your staff will learn new skills just watching top contestants as they groom… so bring them along, too! Bring lots of business cards, your business checkbook and the plastic money! Because there are bargains, show specials, floor and demo units, and discount pricing everywhere! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday admission is $10 per day pre–registered and includes viewing of all daily contests and demonstrations. Three–Day Trade Show Special is $25 pre–registered and includes all trade show events and daytime floor demos. Trade show is FREE to all registered seminar attendees.



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f e at u r in g

c h r i s K i r k pat r i c k o f * N SYN C

10 sept embe r - 9PM - free entr y 8

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TERI DIMARINO Your ability to do your job, and do it right, separates you from being "just a bather" to a position that contributes to the finished product in the salon. Teri believes that a good bath, brush and dry is 50% of a great groom. The bathing room is where most stylists started. Before future groomers begin to think of clipping coat, they must first know what to expect from the hair, and how to treat it to obtain desired results. Surprisingly, many great B/B’s remain in the bathing room, preferring the security of knowing there will always be a need for their expert services. Bathers–in–training, "groomer wannabes", seasoned groomer techs and salon owners will benefit from this day–long program with tips on equipment and products to make the job easier. From getting the dog ready for the tub, to finding the right shampoo through proper bathing and blow–drying techniques, Teri will cover the B/B fundamentals. Safety issues and handling will be stressed. TOOLS OF THE TRADE & HOW TO USE THEM: From brushes and nail clippers, muzzles to grooming loops, Teri covers equipment basics, highlighting correct uses, in an effort to make the work easier and more comfortable for pet and bather. “These techniques and tools will make the finished groom a true work of art,” says Teri. Anals and ears will be discussed.

products and thoroughly cleaning and then drying the pet will have a direct influence on the finish. You will hear about time– saving equipment and techniques.

This program is six–hours–long and is included in the VIP, DO IT ALL and Thur/Fri package plan or it can be purchased separately. Includes tradeshow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See registration for price and schedule for times.

DEMATTING…IT’S NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE: Everyone has a technique for dematting a neglected pet. For some, it’s a shave– down and then entering the pelt in a Mat Contest. For others, it’s a time–consuming, hair–splitting experience, destined to take its toll on the pet, the B/B or both. Teri examines the most common and effective products, tools and techniques for the demat dilemma without getting all tangled up. WHAT’S IN THOSE BUBBLES??? SHAMPOOS, CONDITIONERS & SPRAY: Tocopherol, Ergocalciferol, Sodium Chloride. Teri takes a “groomers–eye” view of the stuff we use every day in language we can understand. Shampoos, sprays and conditioners are our most expendable items but, what do we really know to select the right product for our situation? (Those scary words are techno– speak for vitamin E, vitamin D and simple table salt, often found in many grooming products.) GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR BATHING & DRYING TIME: Bathing and drying are the most underestimated aspects of our jobs. Techniques can make or break a groom. The ability to properly apply

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Pooches Perfect THURSDAY



with Creative Grooming with Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

Special Guests Alyssa Kasiba, Jayne Gallagher & Adrian Smith If you have ever wanted to learn creative, now is the time! Many of your clients have seen what is possible on TV shows like ABC’s “Pooch Perfect” and HBO’s “Haute Dog” and “Well Groomed” and have gotten a taste of creative grooming. The odds are you have already been asked about these shows by some of your clients. The time to add a new product or service is always while it is in demand.

Adriane Pope and Angela Kumpe will be showing you how to incorporate creative styling into your salon or mobile. They will cover all the techniques and tools used to get those “as seen on TV” looks. Two of the top creative stylists will show you how to help your clients choose a design, what products to use, quick and easy ways to add a pop of color or a simple pattern, marketing creative services and much more. If that’s not enough, you will have the chance to meet some of the stars of ABC’s Pooch Perfect! A creative Q&A session with Alyssa Kasiba, Jayne Gallagher, and Adrian Smith will be held at the end of the seminar so you can ask them all of your burning questions. This four–hour–long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Fri., Sat. & Sun.


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Difficult Dog Grooming Certificate Course Blake Hernandez & Macie Pisa Join Blake and Macie in the first of its kind “Difficult Dog” certificate course. First, Blake will break down the “Bad dogs” into the different types of “bad”—you won’t handle a puppy like a senior dog or a worry wart like a coyote. Second, he will introduce all the “hardware” on the market that will help you with these dogs. Third, Macie will show you how to work through the most common challenges with canines and take questions for special cases. Lastly, she will talk about when to say “when” and how to diffuse a dog, a client and a situation altogether. You’ll learn everything you need to know to stay glad even when they’re bad! This four–hour–long program is included in the VIP, Do– It–All, and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Fri., Sat. & Sun.

The convention center is not dog friendly Only dogs used for competition or demos are permitted. Service animals are permitted. The Hershey Lodge abides by the regulations for ADA Ser-


vice Animals set by the US Department of Justice.

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AKC S.A.F.E Certification: Safety in the Salon Susan Sholar The American Kennel Club recognizes that grooming is important to the overall health, comfort and well–being of pets. Setting the standard in groom safety to ensure these needs are met for all pets in salon, The AKC is proud to offer the Safety in Salons Certification Program to groomers and salons. As reputable and quality pet care professionals, groomers should consider the safety and welfare of the pets entrusted to their care. The Safety in Salon course will review best practices focusing on pet care, health, and safety. Topics covered include accident avoidance, disease awareness, and sanitation. All groomers who attend will be eligible, at no additional charge, to become AKC Safety Certified Groomers and receive a frameable certificate and other great benefits. This course is also an important part of the requirements for the AKC Safety in the Salon Certification. This salon certification gives salon owners a means to show their commitment to the health and safety of pets and in return receive valuable marketing support from the AKC.

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This four–hour–long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Fri., Sat. & Sun.

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Business Matters

Melissa Verplank

In this four-hour inspiring, business-building program, Melissa shares her secrets of success; starting with how to make your business dream a reality and ending with how to make lifelong clients out of those customers you worked so hard for. Hour 1) Life Is a Bowl of Popcorn Opportunities are like kernels of popcorn. They abound for those who look for them. Do you have the mindset, determination, and dedication to fill your personal bowl? In this presentation, Melissa will share with you many of her personal tactics that have allowed her to keep her bowl of popcorn extremely full. Hour 2) Getting Down to Business: Creating a Plan Did you know about only half of all new small businesses survive longer than four years? So how do you avoid the failure pitfall? Develop a plan. A business plan. A great business plan is one of the most effective tools for a small business owner who is starting, growing, and even managing a business. Melissa will help you discover the groundwork you need to do to draft your own business plan. Hour 3) Employee Manuals are the Lifeblood of Your Business No one wants to spend their weekend creating an employee manual. However, they are the lifeblood of your business. In this session, Melissa will go over some of the key areas that need to be addressed in every employee manual. She’ll also give ideas on useful templates and programs that allow you to create your personalized company employee manual in no time. Hour 4) Finding Gold in Your Data Base A new client is always more work than a regular customer. Have you ever thought about the value of your regular customer on an annual basis? Melissa talks about easy ways to increase your revenue stream. She’ll talk about ways to help your customers take better care of their pets that suit their lifestyle—and yours! And, she’ll share with you how to do it without adding any new clients to your existing client roster. This four–hour–long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Fri., Sat. & Sun.

Advanced Hair & Skin Certificate Course Dr. Cliff Faver This is the advanced course for those that have already attended the Hair and Skin 101 course. In this course we will take the concepts learned in the first course to a deeper level of understanding. We will cover more of the science, talk about different techniques and misunderstood info on products as well as address how to approach skin issues in a logical manner for successful outcomes. This four–hour–long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Fri., Sat. & Sun.

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Do you Doodle?

Grooming for Structure

“Don’t make it look like a poodle.” The first words out of every Goldendoodle or Labradoodle owner’s mouth. Although it’s a hybrid, our clients want to think that it’s a breed. After all, many are paying more than they would for an AKC registered breed. Let’s groom this mixed breed and create a dialog with clients letting them know we think their pet is as special as they do. We’ll discuss Doodle terminology and designing a style that suits both owner and pet!

Ask any beautician and they’ll tell you every hair style doesn’t fit every face. The same is true in grooming—dogs come in 100 different shapes and sizes. In this demo you’ll learn how to evaluate the individual dog and groom to its strengths while honoring the pet parent’s requests.

Judi Cantu-Thacker

Feline Safety Grooming Certificate Course Dana Chavez-Rey

In this two-hour, interactive course you will learn how to stock a versatile feline grooming kit. Dana will also go over the right questions to ask a new client and how to safely and effectively evaluate a feline. Lastly, Dana will show you how to prepare your grooming area for your feline friends.

Kathryn Dixon

You are Ready to Hire... Now What? Denise Heroux

Hiring employees (especially your first one) can be a scary step for any salon owner. The good news is it does not have to be! In this seminar, Denise Heroux will present the four major components that have helped her go from a one-woman salon to over twenty employees and growing. She will help you design a blueprint for knowing when to hire, writing job ads, the application process, and the interviewing process. The best part is you can tailor it to fit your unique business model. Learn how to find your dream team and help your business grow.

These evening programs are two–hours–long and are included in the VIP, Do–It–All, and Thurs./Fri., admissions, or can be purchased separately. See schedule and registration for starting times and fees. Program includes trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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Malissa Conti-Diener Join Malissa Conti-Diener in this certificate class that will show you how to add pet massage techniques to your current grooming business. She will cover anatomy and physiology, touch points and how to utilize them, basic tub and table massage techniques, and reflexology and acupressure. Learn how to calm and balance the pet before, during and after the grooming session. The first hour of this course will be an intro to pet massage and will cover the history and importance, canine anatomy and physiology, basics on the skeletal and muscular systems, and safety for the pet and the practitioner. The second hour will go over massage techniques, the four foundation strokes of massage, and touch points for calming and relaxing the pet. The third hour of this certificate course will review reflexology and acupressure, and tub and table massage techniques. The last hour of this course will go over the business side of enhancing your spa services with pet massage and adding pet massage to your services.

Super Styling the

Sue Zecco and Jay Scruggs If there's a single breed that you're certain to find coming to you for grooming, it's the Poodle. All of them— no matter what trim style their owners select—should be elegant, well-balanced, and scissored.

Grooming difficult feet, achieving a beautiful topknot, and getting that overall balanced look are not the easiest tasks in the world. Jay and Sue demonstrate techniques and styles on several Poodles in this exciting all Poodle Day! They will provide timesaving tips, and show you how to do quick and stylish everyday pet trims that will be low maintenance for your everyday clients. Then be wowed as they demonstrate how to set patterns and execute those more traditional Poodle trims. Jay and Sue will demonstrate proper body positioning to get the best control of your shears. Choosing a shear that best fits your hand is key to balancing a shear for smooth scissor work. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this seminar will benefit you.

This Day–Long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, Fri/Sat., and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Register online at • Groom Expo 2021




Cat Grooming Summit Dana Chavez-Rey



Learn the best practices to create a safe environment for both groomer and feline from an educator who wants you to succeed—DANA CHAVEZ-REY, ICFS, IGMS!


Join Master Groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, for this four-hour Cat Grooming Summit. Dana will start with a brief overview of feline anatomy and physiology including a few basic functions like why cats rub or scratch surface areas. She will discuss recognizing distress and aggression in felines and what causes these reactions. How do you identify these signs before they excel, and when is it appropriate to end the grooming session? Dana will help you spot these behavior issues before the cat reacts aggressively. Not all grooming equipment is appropriate for use on felines. Dana will go over the must-haves for cat grooming and answer the questions, “Why invest so much? What is right for me and my cat clients? Where to purchase from and why?” Lastly, Dana will do a live cat grooming demonstration and discuss differences in the staple cat trims. She will touch on safe alternatives to working with cats and modified techniques based on feline temperament. Dana’s Cat Grooming Summit is a can’t-miss for every groomer who works with cats.

This Day–Long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, Fri/Sat., and Thurs./ Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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This certificate is present ed to

for successfully completing “Groomer Assistant Certifica te Course.” This certificate is awarded in recognition of this individu al’s interest in upgrading his or her expertis e, handling and knowled ge of pets.

Date Michelle Evans - Instructor

Michell Evans In this six-hour course, Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor, will cover everything you need to know to advance from Brusher Bather to Groomer Assistant. A reliable, skilled Groomer Assistant is one of the most valuable assets in a grooming salon. Job security and higher pay are just some of the many benefits you should expect with the improvement and advancement of your skills, productivity and professionalism. Michell will cover professionalism, customer service, partnership and team member skills, as well as advanced bathing techniques, medicated shampoo applications, ear plucking and cleaning, and anal gland expression. She will also cover advanced drying techniques, starting with high velocity drying and moving onto fluff drying, dematting and deshedding. You will learn how to perform all aspects of a “Bath and Tidy,” starting with compliant and noncompliant dog handling techniques, as well as trimming of pads, butts, genitalia, eyes, ears, tails, bangs, chins, underlines,

feet and pants, and nail clipping and filing. Also included will be anatomy, basic clipper and scissor techniques, applications and selections, as well as brushing, combing, grooming aids and much more. Even if you are already performing the duties of a Groomer Assistant, this course is a good refresher. It is certainly an excellent building block toward becoming an expert

Groomer Assistant! To receive a certificate for this course, attendees must be preset for all six hours of this seminar.

This Day–Long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, Fri/Sat., and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pet Appointment Kards Two new Pet Appointment Card (PAK) Styles! These adorable cards are 2” x 3 1/2” card stock. Great for grooming salons, kennels and veterinarians.

PAK - Bathtub #1936 #1937 #1938

100 500 1000

$7.95 $29.95 $43.95

Barkleigh Productions, Inc. (717) 691-3388 E1415


PAK - Squares #1939 #1940 #1941

100 500 1000

$7.95 $29.95 $43.95


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Your Business Series Care & Keeping of a Groomer (9-10AM)

Making Employees Salary (2-3PM)

Chris Anthony

Corina Stammworthy

We know that in any business, good help is hard to find. Finding a skilled, compassionate groomer and keeping them on staff can seem like an impossibility. In a field

Why is the industry standard 50% commission? Learn the history of why groomers were paid this way and why the way of the future is hourly. Build a happier work environment and

where the question “Where have all the groomers gone?” is asked regularly, hanging on to one once you find one is even more important. In this seminar you’ll hear from a groomer who has worked at, and left, several different pet care facilities and corporations. She’ll share what could and should have been done to retain groomers, and what would have enticed her to stay. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth on what mistakes to avoid when dealing with groomers and how to attract the right groomer for your business.

increase profit margins while becoming more compliant with changing laws. This course is designed for business owners who employ groomers but everyone can benefit from understanding grooming business from the inside out.

Ways To Make More Money in Your Salon (11-12AM) Shannon Tupes There are only so many dogs we can groom in a day! Rather than squeeze more dogs into your day, Shannon will discuss ways to effectively sell add-ons in your salon. Organizational techniques, efficient grooming, and add-ons are some of the topics that will be discussed in order to make more money in your salon.

How To Get More Clients By Saying ‘No’ (4-5PM) Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins Conventional wisdom says that the customer is always right. But we know better. Grooming business owners often report that our most challenging customers are the ones that ask us to do something that we know is wrong for the dog. And the most painful controversy among groomers on social media is the debate over doing what is right for the dog versus doing what the customer asks. This class will demonstrate how saying ‘No’ to what is wrong for the dog will end up gaining you far more customers than you will ever lose. Learn what to say and how to say it. And learn how to market that principled commitment to excellence towards building YOU the reputation as the BEST at what you do, drawing in more clients than ever!

This Day–Long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, Fri/Sat., and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

FREE Admission to the Trade Show for ALL Seminar Attendees 18

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BOOTCAMP Social Media Marketing (9-10AM)

Allison Sebastian In this class, Allison Sebastian will be covering social media marketing and advertising from A to Z. With our world quickly entering a social media dominated world, your online presence is more important than ever! Let’s talk about what kind of post you want to make and where and when to make them to maximize your marketing efforts. Allison will show you how to make social media work for you and your business. Did someone say #hashtags? Yes, those too! Whether you are an everyday passionate groomer who just wants to make a name for themselves or a business owner of multiple shops, let's navigate this social media world together! Social Media Science (11-12PM)

Blake Hernandez Algorithms, clickbait, content creation, OH MY! Allow Blake to walk you down the path more and more traveled—the road to free advertising and brand promotion that meets the mark. He will cover quick edits to your content to drive up that engagement and make you the one to watch. Groom smarter, not harder as you maximize your online presence. Tips & Tricks for Next Level Social Media Marketing Evan Gummo (2-3PM) If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that things aren’t what they used to be. It’s more important than ever before to

implement new strategies, or improve your current ones, to ensure your business has the opportunities to grow. In this course, you will learn the importance of your brand’s online presence, social media advertising, email marketing and how each can benefit your business, while strengthening your relationship with your clients. In addition to a live Q&A following this seminar, this seminar will teach you how to create marketing campaigns, target your desired audience and see results, collect crucial data that will help with advertising efforts, and strengthen your brand’s digital footprint and relationship with clients. Growing your Business through Social Media Chanel Owens (4-5PM) Navigating Social Media in this day in age is not just important, it can be essential to the growth of some businesses. Chanel has taken her Instagram page from only 980 followers to 10k in nine months organically. If you are asking what organically means, you are not alone. Just a year ago, Chanel's business was four years old and sales were good, but there were still many groomers and pet professionals who had never heard of her product. Due to the growth on Instagram, sales have increased four times and her company is more well-known than ever before in our industry. Relating that to your shop, you can quickly grow from a small client base to having multiple clients by using social media in your local market.

This Day–Long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, Fri/Sat., and Thurs./Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Register online at • Groom Expo 2021




drop coat series Drop Coats from the Blue Lagoon (9-10AM)

Blake Hernandez In this hour-long class, watch Blake's creative take on a salon staple—the Shih Tzu! This style is fun and creative and EASY to maintain for pet owners. Think of it as the Mullet for the aristocrat; business in the front, eleganza in the back. Blake will show you how to turn fur into scales and make this pup a mermaid-inspired pet.

Grooming Straight, Flowing Coats (11-12PM) Victor Rosado Improve your techniques to prep and care for the longcoated breeds and get an easy guide to work properly with this coat type as it should be. We understand grooming is not always about short sassy trims; some breeds require minimal trimming. In this seminar, Victor Rosado, ICMG NCMG, will teach you what to do…or what not to do with this coat type. Victor has dedicated years of grooming long, flowing-coated dogs and has developed some tips and tricks that will help you when you have long flowing hairs on your grooming table. Asian Fusion 101: Drop Coat (2-3PM)

Olga Zabelinskaya Olga will show you and explain how to take a drop coat and groom it to look like a baby doll, teddy bear, or stuffed animal. Japanese or Asian style of grooming helps to "sell" your grooms, attract new customers, and bring your grooming ability one step up to a creative way of dog grooming. You can take a mixed breed that's a drop coat or curly coat and create a mixed breed masterpiece. Drop Coats Made Easy (4-5PM)

Cheryl Purcell Scissoring breeds like Lhasa’s, Shih-tzus, Yorkies, and Havanese can be a real challenge. Does it seem, with every cut, you make scissor marks and leave it looking like a home job? It’s not as hard as you think! In this one-hour program, Cheryl will be doing a live demonstration while sharing a few tips and new techniques to help every hair find its place. This Day–Long program is included in the VIP, Do–It–All, Fri/Sat., and Thurs./ Fri. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Fri, Sat and Sun.


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Simple Techniques to Get A Difficult Dog to Respond the Right Way

Sarah Drouin Sarah Drouin is a certified dog trainer and obedience instructor with vast experience in handling difficult dogs. She will go over simple, yet effective techniques that will change the way a dog with no manners responds to you. Speaking "Dog" doesn't come naturally, but Sarah will teach you all you need to know!

Geriatric Pet Grooming Certificate Course

Teri DiMarino

The years have not been kind to your client. What was once a bouncing, friendly, face-licking furball has turned into a fragile, senile curmudgeon with breath that could stop a train. His arthritis has him in almost constant pain and all he wants is to be left alone. But his hair still grows and the owner will trust him with no one else, as you’ve been grooming him since he was a puppy. As the owner and operator of a salon in South Florida, Teri specialized in the geriatric pet (AND owner) and became adept in handling situations unique to this type of client. She will examine handling techniques to avoid the anxiety often associated with the older pet and help you recognize and deal with health-related problems and the owner’s denial of their pet’s age and condition.

Poodle Pet Trims

Michelle Breen

In this class, you’ll learn how to do stylish pet trims for your Poodle clients quickly and easily. Michelle will cover basic profile points and how to accomplish these with blades and snap-on combs, as well as proper scissoring techniques for speed and efficiency. These evening programs are two–hours–long and are included in the VIP, Do–It–All,Thurs./Fri., and Fri./ Sat. admissions, or can be purchased separately. See schedule and registration for starting times and fees. Program includes trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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All Sat./Sun. Programs are 1 hour

SATURDAY SEMINARS Burnout: How to Spot this Career Killer Chris Anthony Burnout—we’ve all felt it at one point or another, or heard the term thrown around. This is an insidious problem that can slowly creep into any part of our life. One does not simply wake up burnt out, it takes time. Learn what to look out for, in both our grooming and personal life, and some simple tools to take home to combat it and stop it before it starts. SHED Happens! What Clients Must Know Dave Campanella This seminar will provide a detailed look at shedding hair and fur, including the science behind it. Dave will teach you how to debunk common myths, avoid false product claims, and manage customer expectations. Learn how to educate customers about shedding pets and develop an effective plan to stay ahead of this ongoing dilemma through personalized coat maintenance programs. Maintain Your Mobile Judi Cantu-Thacker In this class, Judi goes over how to properly maintain your mobile salon from tires to generators and everything in between, such as proper clipper and dryer maintenance. If you have to reschedule clients and reset 22

routes at the last minute it costs your business time and money, which can all be prevented. There are always those unexpected repairs that are inevitable in our business but staying ahead of the game will keep you from shutting down for days or weeks. Judi will go over the proper maintenance schedule for all your equipment and how to work it into planned time off or vacation. Techniques for Using Shears and Thinners Jonathan David This session will be a demonstration of technical skills using shears. Jonathan will demonstrate his well-known thinning shear “Scissor Over Comb Technique.” He will also demonstrate straight and curved shears for scissoring curly coats and how to add contouring to your grooming for added style and flair. Building the Perfect Schedule Angela Kumpe Do you have days where you wonder how you will survive? Days where you are too busy and overwhelmed? Days where you wonder how you will stay open because you are slow? Never know what your schedule will be like next week or next month? Have clients that come every few weeks, then some that come once a year? Angela Kumpe

will tell you how to take control of your schedule, as well as how she totally changed her own business and how you can too! Super Styling the Schnauzer Jay Scruggs In this seminar, Jay will demonstrate how to sculpt Schnauzer eyebrows to perfection using a couple of different methods and how to blend the body into the skirt without leaving definition in the coat. Jay will also go over how to clip and blend without leaving clipper marks and how to bring the Schnauzer coat back to a more natural looking length. Dealing With “The Delusional Client” Kelsey Ann Sexton Groomers are faced with multiple inquiries and personalities when offering a service to the public. Is your salon set up for success to handle these “delusional” requests? “Can you fit her in today? Is my dog done yet? Why so expensive? Can I pick up after hours? Don’t poodle my doodle!” We hear these comical and frustrating requests often. In this seminar you will learn how to go from “Customer Servant” to “Customer Service” by structuring your salon to be prepared for whatever delusional demands clients can come up with.

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All Sat./Sun. Programs are 1 hour

SATURDAY SEMINARS Looking Out for #1! Groomer Health Issues Teri DiMarino It’s no secret that pet styling is a physically demanding profession. We like what we’re doing, and most of us hope for long grooming careers. However, there are things that can make grooming uncomfortable at the very least, if not impossible. Back, neck, and shoulder problems abound. Respiratory illnesses are not uncommon. Repetitive motion disorders plague us, and many old-timers old-timare wearing hearing aids.aids. Many of usof us ers are wearing hearing Many think we are “Super Groomers” and these physical ailments will never happen to us. Think again! Teri will share simple ergonomic techniques, sanitary procedures, and safety measures that should be in place in all salons to prevent issues that can cut your career short.

Determine youryou owntoSalary stress, and allow make (For more Business Owners) Michell Evans time for yourself. How much should you charge for your grooming services? We all (For want to Determine your own Salary know the Owners) answer to this question! The Business answerEvans is in your budget! In this powMichell erpoint Michell Howworkshop, much should you Evans, chargeThe for Grooming Tutor,services? will walkWeyou your grooming allthrough want to the process of creating business budget know the answer to thisaquestion! The for yourissalon. This workshop willpowhelp answer in your budget! In this you determine what you need to The charge erpoint workshop, Michell Evans, in order toTutor, not only goals, but Grooming willmeet walk your you through liveprocess the life of creating your dreams! the a business budget

for your salon. This workshop will help Dental Disease Dr. you Cliff need Faver to charge you determine what Dental disease can beyour thegoals, sourcebut in order to not only meet of many other, bigger health problems. live the life of your dreams! Come learn about different methods to care for Disease and clean pets’ teeth, as well as Dental some the myths around the marketDr. CliffofFaver ing ofDental somedisease dentalcan products. Cliff be the Dr. source 10 Ways to Get More Done as a Small ofFaver will discuss thehealth difference between many other, bigger problems. Business Owner Malissa Conti-Diener cosmetic as well as a true mediCome learncleaning about different methods to Time, there is never enough of it in cal prophy to lookasfor when Malissa Conti-Diener care for andand cleanthings pets’ teeth, well as a dayTime, for any of us.isThe small business evaluating teeth. A groomer can play there never enough of some of the the myths around the marketing owner wears their important in theDr. overall healthwill it in a day formany any ofhats us.and Thehas small ofansome dentalrole products. Cliff Faver hands in everything. Time management of the pet observing dentalcosmetic issues. Dr. business owner wears many hats and discuss the in difference between skills are ahands requirement for a successful Cliff will as also goasover some of theprophy legal has their in everything. Time cleaning well a true medical business. Learnskills waysare to utilize your time and issues surrounding in athe management a requirement things to look forteeth whencleaning evaluating more wisely and business. profit fromLearn it. These 10 teeth. salon setting. for a successful ways A groomer can play an important time hacksyour will time help you grow yourand busi- role in the overall health of the pet in to utilize more wisely ness, bottom line,hacks relieve Poodle Pet Trims withDr.Personality profitincrease from it.your These 10 time will observing dental issues. Cliff will also some of your stress, allow you to Anne help you grow yourand business, increase go overFrancis some of the legal issues surroundmake more time yourself. Areteeth your cleaning Poodles looking Anne your bottom line,forrelieve some of your ing in a salonplain? setting.

will share trickswith to add pop to Poodle Poodle Pether Trims Personality trims!Francis With years of competing, she has Anne taken herPoodles knowledge and plain? transferred Are your looking Anneit to her pet her clients. Learn howpop to set will share tricks to add to lines, scissor,trims! and bring Poodle trims to Poodle Withyour years of competthe she nexthas level! ing, taken her knowledge and transferred it to her pet clients. Learn Unleash Through how to setYour lines,Potential scissor, and bring a Healthier Amanda your PoodleLifestyle trims to the next Fouche level! Grooming can be grueling on the body andYour mind.Potential Join Amanda Fouche, Unleash Through a the Fit Groomer, for her best tips in unleashHealthier Lifestyle ing YOURFouche potential through a healthier Amanda lifestyle—inside of the Grooming canand beoutside grueling on the grooming salon! Join In thisAmanda one-hour class, body and mind. Fouche, youFit willGroomer, receive the the forencouragement her best tips inand guidance you needpotential to better yourself unleashing YOUR through your career. You will learn ALL aand healthier lifestyle—inside andthings healthy of grooming! outside the grooming salon! In this one-hour class, you will receive Asian Freestyle Grooming FUNdathe encouragement and guidance mentals Rizabetter Wisnom you need to yourself and your this will in-depth career.In You learnclass, ALL author things and Asian Freestyle expert Riza Wisnom healthy grooming! will show you how to create beautiful cartoon cuts from the Far East. Learn how Asian Fusion to shape the legs for a pinched teddy Mindy Dinwiddie bearWhere flare look and create Asian to begin? Mindyadorable Dinwiddie muzzles with step-by-step instructions! will walk through the Asian Fusion cut Bring client-friendly styles to your that made her into theAsian Doodle Modern salon Special to wowEdition. your customers Styles From theand firstget the town about your brush to thetalking last cut! Learn thegrooms. how to Reignite your passion for grooming make those cute faces that everyone by is learning this innovative and fun art! going crazy over.

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BARKLEIGH HONORS Grooming Industry Awards Categories Hall of Honors

Groomer of the Year

Up & Coming Speaker of the Year

Instagram of the Year

Foreign Seminar Speaker of the Year

Foreign Competitor of the Year

General Distributor of the Year

Brian Stopa Congeniality

Creative Groomer of the Year

Educational Video of the Year

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New Book of the Year

Contribution to the Industry

Journalist of the Year

Entertainment Video of the Year Vendor of the Year

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Seminar Speaker of the Year New Product of the Year

Blog, Vlog or Podcast of the Year Judge of the Year

SATURDAY NIGHT – AZTEC ROOM Must Have Ticket To Attend


All Sat./Sun. Programs are 1 hour

SATURDAY SEMINARS Holistic Grooming; It’s Only Natural Malissa Conti-Diener Trending now in the grooming industry; getting back to a more connected way of grooming. Consider the whole animal, body, mind, and spirit. Learn the ways of compassionate handling, understanding natural product selections, building a holistic atmosphere, staying grounded and balanced while dealing with difficult pets, and how to educate your clients on why you are following this philosophy. Take a new look at the compassionate holistic groomer. Super Styling the Cocker Sue Zecco Are you having a tough time keeping your Cockers mat-free? Do you know where to set your lines? Learn Cocker pet trims that follow correct breed profiles as well as variations that make life easier for you and the owner. Sue will give you tips on quick pet trims for this popular breed and will also review a few carding techniques. You won’t want to miss this fun, informative demonstration. Where There’s a Jill There’s A Way Jill Hailey Not just for the Mobile Groomer, but the entrepreneur-minded! In this session, you will learn how Jill Hailey took her love of dogs and used her self-taught business marketing skills and turned it into a multi-faceted dog grooming success story. You’ll learn how, in just five

years, she has grown her business to own eight mobile units, a brick & mortar salon, a monthly scissor and supply subscription, and a grooming supply company. Jill will share her “strike while the iron is hot” approach to tackling even the biggest venture, along with some tested and practical ideas for marketing and growth. Handstripping Basics Ashley Julien During this one-hour seminar, Ashley Julien will introduce you to the art of handstripping. She will cover hot topics such as how to incorporate handstripping into your shop and when to start handstripping a puppy. You will learn the difference in tools and how to properly use them. Ashley will discuss how to properly maintain a jacket and why knowing canine anatomy is important to setting patterns. Also, Ashley will go over topics like signs of handstripping gone wrong, when and how to use shears to mimic handstripping, different approaches to blending, and raking and shaping heads and furnishings. Cut Drying Times Angela Kumpe Angela Kumpe will share several timesaving methods for drying times in your salon, mobile or house-call service. On average, bathing and trying times are equal to or more than actual grooming times. By cutting your drying time you can gain time for other services or more

grooms per day in your grooming business. The New Consumer: Pet Owners & The Grooming Industry Melissa Mitchner Pet owners are more informed and the grooming industry is exploding. This seminar will explore how to address the new segment of pet owners and explore services and enhancements for your grooming business. Growth is essential and pet owners are the secret to your success! Solo Handling for Cat Grooming Lynn Paolillo Cats can be tricky to work with, and what happens if you groom by yourself, or your assistant calls out at the last minute? Learn about working with a cat’s temperament, body style, anatomy, and behaviors in order to choose the appropriate handling techniques and grooming services for each cat, as well as how to execute these techniques by yourself. This lecture includes a live demonstration. Jay Scruggs on Golden Retrievers Jay Scruggs Jay will demonstrate products that will help reduce shedding and remove that “client-irritating” undercoat. He will also examine how to trim the Golden Retriever and get a more natural finish by using thinning shears. “This will satisfy the customers that insist their Golden be shaved,” says Jay.

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Dogs are deeply woven into the fabric of our society and families. As the canine solidifies his position as “man’s best friend”, it’s more important than ever for man to understand dog’s complex social language.


Decoding Canine So cial Dynami cs BY KHRIS BERRY & JOSH AARON

“Wow, this book goes into and explores the mind of canine behavior like I have not seen before. I found this hard to put down once I started to read it. Kudos on a great read!” — Joey Villani, The “Dogfather”


www. bonline arkleigh Register at s • Groom Expo 2021


All Sat./Sun. Programs are 1 hour

SATURDAY SEMINARS Intro to Abstract Design and Coat Carving Jilly Mucciarone Are you dye-ing to find unique ways to bring creative art into your salon or in the competition ring? Creative grooming comes in all forms and abstract design/ coat carving is a temporary way to elevate your pet grooms. Abstract design allows your creative spirit to flow and, in just a few short weeks, the coat grows back, giving you another blank canvas! Learn how to design a pattern, create symmetry, add depth and dimension, and about products and accessories that will enhance your design!

a straight shooter who has no problem getting to the point to give you a seminar that will be jam packed with great business-building information. A Pet Terrier Victor Rosado In the world of terriers, learn the proper way to groom wire-coated breeds for the pet owners. You will see live demo using the right tools for that terrier in mind…don’t miss this seminar!

Solving the Doodle Problem Corina Stammworthy Are you drowning in bad doodles and fantasizing about not accepting Rollin’ 25 years with Adriane’s Groom new doodle clients? In this class, we and Go Adriane Pope break down how to solve the doodle In this entertaining mobile seminar, problem once and for all. Learn how to lean how to have some fun as a mobile groomer and how to keep the same clients happy for years to come. Also, Adriane will cover some of the pros and cons of scheduling your way around all the different neighborhoods. So, let’s talk mobile!

find good doodle clients and get them on a regular schedule. In this customer service-based class, we will cover how to talk to doodle owners using keywords and phrases, go over common doodle scenarios, and make you a doodle owner expert. Put Some Pizzazz in Your Poodle Pet Trims Shannon Tupes Tired of the same Poodle pet trim in your salon? Shannon will show you some ways to put some pizzazz in your Poodle pet trims. She will demonstrate some timesaving techniques that will showcase your expertise and are easy for your clients to maintain. A quick and trendy Poodle pet trim can be a great way to advertise your talent.

Biz Bits Cheryl Purcell There are so many potential seminars that don’t take place at a trade show simply because they wouldn’t fill up an hour. Now, Cheryl will take several important business-related topics and mash them all into one seminar. This fun, fast-paced class will cover all sorts of business tips, tricks, and tidbits. Cheryl is Register online at • Groom Expo 2021



All Sat./Sun. Programs are 1 hour

SUNDAY SEMINARS “Short but not Shaved” and Other Things Owners Say: Making First– Timers Into Your Biggest Fan Helen Schaefer Until we learn telepathy, learning to verbally communicate with the owner at the end of the leash is paramount to creating raving fans and repeat and word– of–mouth business. In this seminar, Helen will go over common things she hears at the salon day after day from new clients, the basic check–in procedure you should follow with every new dog, and the follow–up questions she asks the owner to ensure the first impression is always a positive one. Make that new client into your biggest fan! Skin and Coat for Groomers Susan Sholar Figuring out skin and coat issues for a groomer can be a nightmare. Susan will help you figure out basic skin and coat conditions that every groomer should be able to recognize. She will teach you how to treat most issues and when to encourage the customer to seek to a vet. The Four “S’s” of Poodle Grooming Denise Westbrook Join Denise Westbrook, all the way from Essex England! Denise will teach her interpretation of The German Trim that she placed with in the World Grooming Championships, grooming


against some of the world’s greatest Poodle groomers. She will teach the four “S’s” of poodle grooming: Scissoring, Shape, Style, and So much more! She will also touch on the importance of routine and good preparation, understanding construction, and hiding and enhancing points—good and bad. Also, scissor techniques, overall balance, shape, and adding flair to your pet or show dogs will be discussed. Clipper & Blade Clinic Diane Betelak Bring your Andis Clipper, a Phillips head and a regular screwdriver to this one–hour clinic. Diane will show you how to save money by keeping your Andis Clippers and blades in tip–top shape! She will show you how to change the drive assembly and hinge on your clipper, and how and when to clean and oil your blades, as well as other easy maintenance tricks. In these tough economic times, saving money is a must, and this class will save you plenty in sharpening and repair costs. It’s a Snap! Snap-on Combs to Simplify your Everyday Grooms Anne Francis Top competitor and GroomTeam USA member Anne Francis has spent her entire career in a salon doing your everyday pet trims. Over the years she has figured out to cut down time using snap

on combs. Anne will show you all the tricks she has picked up along the way to make your everyday grooming easier and quicker with snap on combs. Supercharge your Grooming Victor Rosado In this seminar you will find out how to make the best out of your grooming by adding up extras that will make your cash drawer smile. These are the financial aspects that can maximize your everyday grooming. Hypoallergenic, Tearless & Puppy Shampoos: Clarification and Proper Usage Dr. Dale Sanson Although it is assumed that hypoallergenic, tearless, and puppy shampoos are “mild” and can be used interchangeably, these three products are formulated differently. Sensitivity to allergens has become more pronounced with social media. Exposure to you, the pet parents, and the pet need to be considered. Many products claim to be hypoallergenic, but what elements need to be considered to prevent your clients’ animals from skin and eye irritations? After attending this session, as a groomer, you will be able to properly answer questions from your clients and be able to properly differentiate between these three classes of shampoos.

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All Sat./Sun. Programs are 1 hour

SUNDAY SEMINARS Bichon Geometry Philip Schafmayer In this seminar, Philip Schafmayer, NCMG, national award winning groomer and 25–year Bichon Frise breeder, will demystify and break down the Bichon Frise trim step by step using straight lines and a simple approach to achieve maximum results for pets and show trims alike!

ourselves. Proper communication can be a game changer when dealing with a pet parent. Remember, the more respect you give, the more respect you get, and Colin will teach you how!

space by using time– and labor–saving equipment, effective storage by applying the “art” of utilizing “vertical square footage.” High visibility grooming and client comfort will be addressed as well as some hidden aspects Dog Bites and On–the–Job Injuries of salon ownership such as seeking Judi Cantu–Thacker the right location, dealing with leases Dog bites and other injuries are com- and landlords, as well as making retail mon occurrences when dealing with work for you. Full–Body Coloring with The Color difficult dogs. Join Judy in this one– King Adrian Smith hour seminar where she will cover Secrets of Handstripping In this creative grooming live demo, everything from how to avoid injury Kathryn Dixon Adrian Smith, the Color King, will unlock using handling techniques and reading From strip and clips to breed stanthe doors to your creative grooming body language to liability and Workdard show trims, learn how to make side. Adrian will go over how to lighten man’s Comp, if an injury does occur. the best of a coarse coat in any condithe fur and how to safely and thorCat and dog bites can be more serious tion. Kathryn will go over must–have oughly apply full–body color on a dog. than we really think. Even the smallest tools, common techniques, underAdrian will demonstrate how to blend bite can disable you for days or weeks. standing the coarse coat, and how to colors and paint designs on fur. He will How do you take care of it? How do make any coarse–coated dog—mutt share all of the tips and tricks he has you protect yourself, your employees, or purebred—look their best. learned over the years, from pre–wash and your clients? What policies and to time management. And, as an added procedures should you have in place? Poodles in Black & White bonus, Adrian will show you how to This is a must–see seminar for owners Macie Pisa apply feathers and eyelashes. and employees alike. Learn the ABC’s of Poodle grooms with GroomTeam member Macie Pisa. Building a Respectful Relationship Creating the Ideal Grooming Salon Before starting the groom, it is imporwith your Customers Colin Taylor Teri DiMarino tant to learn the dog’s unique shape As groomers, we complain a lot on Teri will take you on a tour from and create a plan. This live demo will social media about our clients—the the floor to the ceiling and from wall go over the basics of structure, angles, very people that keep us employed. We to wall in the construction of a new, and achieving a balanced cut that are the professionals that need to edu- state–of–the–art grooming salon compliments the dog’s conformation. cate our clients, not disrespect them. that maximizes space and profits. Macie breaks down the process into Gaining respect often comes down to Highlights will include the fine art easy–to–follow steps that are sure to how we speak and how we present of setting up a big salon in a small improve your skill set.

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You’re Gonna Need Them

Matted Pet Release Forms Severely tangled or matted pets are at a

Protect your salon with 50 full color

greater risk of injury, stress and trauma.

owner signature forms per pad.

Order today 30

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All Sat./Sun. Programs are 1 hour

SUNDAY SEMINARS Cultivate your Business Mindset Jess Rona The level of success you achieve is in direct response to your mindset. The way you see your business and the way you see yourself in the context of your business determines what’s possible for you. Learn Jess Rona’s energetic and spiritual approach to business. Mobile Grooming Success Jay Scruggs What if you could sit under one of the top grossing, most talented, and successful mobile groomers in the country? Now you can! Jay Scruggs is coming to town, and he is going to share his success secrets as well as solid advice to help you make a decision about mobile—or become better at what you do already. Jay will discuss the details from preparation and start–up to keeping your mobile business customers on a yearly schedule. Marketing yourself and your business will also be discussed which will teach you the best way to build up a clientele and keep those customers coming back. Add–ons and Pricing Joey Villani In this one–hour class, Joey will go over the five must–do’s in order

to run a professional, profitable and efficient salon or mobile operation. He will cover advertising, organization, professionalism, pricing, and continued business through rebooking. Introduction to the Finer Race: The Feline Face Blake Hernandez In this fun–filled cat–centric hour, you will learn some great starter services for cat clients to get your

foot in the door with feline grooming. Blake will go over everything from how to check in cats, how to set you and your salon up for success with cat appointments, and what tools are a must when working in the specialized field. To top it all off, Blake will demonstrate how to naturally groom a cat’s face so that your “bath cats” leave looking fiercer than ever before. This is key to separate your service from every other service around!

om w fr e N


Your Pet is IMPO

No longer struggle with the dilemma of posting your latest & greatest groom that just so happened to be on your client’s dog!


RTANT to Us!

I hereby authorize the use of photos and/or information relate d to my pet’s expe rience at this establishment. I understand my pet may be used in publications inclu ding electronic, audio visual, promotion al literature, adve rtising, community prese ntations, letters to area legislators, medi a and/or in simila r ways. My consent is freely given as a public service without expe cting payment.

I release this est ablishment and their respective and agents from employees, officers any and all liabil ity which may arise news media storie from the use of such s, promotional mate rials, written articl photographic imag es, videos and/o es. r I grant permission

to use: (Please chec k one below) My pet’s name(s)/im ages My pet’s and my last name/images My pet’s and my first and last name/imag es Establishment Name Owner Name Owner Signature

#SMR-2 © 2020

Barkleigh Produ

ctions, Inc. • 717.6

91.3388 • www.

This simple form with space for client’s pet name, client’s name and signature is designed to make it clear to the pet parent their pet’s photo will be shared on social media.

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Register online at • Groom Expo 2021 Register online at • Groom Expo 2021






















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Register online at • Groom Expo 2021 Register online at • Groom Expo 2021





25 ,000 in Prize Money


This premier grooming event will take place on Friday and Saturday, when the nation’s best groomers vie for the top positions. Beginner to expert skills will be tested in this world class event. Huge prize money is being offered in all levels of competition at Groom Expo. Contest sponsors are Nature’s Specialties, 123Pet Software, Earthbath, TropiClean, Wahl, Shear Saver, EZ Groom, Envirogroom, Special FX, PawMat, AKC and Kennel Connection. Each tournament features combined classes and levels of skill. Classes offered are Poodle; All Other Purebreds; Wire Coated Breed; and Sporting & Salon Freestyle. Sunday will feature the Davis Rescue Round-Up Invitational followed by the Andis Creative Styling Tournament. The contest will be broken into five tournaments, each offering prize money and trophies. Three levels of competition skills will be offered in each tournament. You can watch the contests live on the GroomerTV facebook page sponsored by 123Pet Software.



Abstract Creative Runway


Following the Best in Show awards at Groom Expo, groomers will have the opportunity to showcase the beauty in simplicity by entering E–Z Groom’s abstract runway competition. Taking place between Saturday’s dinner and the Barkleigh Honors Awards, the competition features beautifully sculpted, simple abstract designs that use minimal color, if any. These designs should be doable in one day and be appropriate for a client’s dog or cat. Without any elaborate scenery or costumes, contestants will rely on their designs and complementary stylist’s attire as they compete for prizes of $1000, $500, and $250.

For ALL contest rules and information go to Register online at • Groom Expo 2021




Rescue Round–Up INVITATIONAL The Seventh Annual Rescue Roundup Invitational will be held on Sunday this year at Groom Expo. The event is the culmination of a year’s worth of

Competition winner, Macie Pisa at Groom Expo 2019

rescue competitions at shows all over the country. The top three placements FEATURI NG 2020 PULL-OUT


will split a prize package valued at over $10,000. In addition to that, the winner will be featured on a future issue of Groomer to Groomer. But, the real winner in this event are the dogs that are in need of a home. Nearly every dog used in the competitions over the past four years has been adopted. Barkleigh also makes a donation to the participating shelters and

Photo by Animal Photography

Macie Pisa— Groom Expo 2019 Rescue Round–Up Invitational First Place Winner

rescue groups. Several vendors also provide products and donations.

For ALL contest rules and information go to

NOW HIRING - PET STYLISTS Philadelphia, PA Marlton, NJ Baltimore, MD Arlington, VA New MIlford, CT

Apply now - REIMAGINE YOUR GROOMING CAREER Competitive pay + benefits Beautifully appointed salon Flexible scheduling Ability to focus on grooming + growing your client base


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This is the highlight of the Expo, with the winner taking home great prize money. This contest will offer first, second and third placements with $2500, $1500 and $1000 to each winner, respectively, from Andis. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will win $500.00 and will be seen on the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine. The contest is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, and viewing is FREE to all seminar and trade show attendees.

Lori Craig—Groom Expo 2019 Creative Styling People’s Choice Award Winner






On Sunday, following the show at 6:00 PM, a fast– paced auction will be held to sell all unclaimed Silent Auction items and products donated from booths at the show close.

Prize Money For ALL contest rules and information go to

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021






Puppy Playground

Marketing Magnet & Socialization Center


24/7 A state–of–the–art grooming salon, will be built right at Groom Expo. You can watch contestants prepare their dogs, using the latest in grooming equipment. See gleaming bathing tubs, top of the line stand and floor dryers, and hydraulic tables in operation from some of the leading manufacturers in our industry. This convenient grooming oasis will be open 24 hours a day. It is the perfect place for contestants to bathe, prep and pre–groom their dogs before your eyes. See how others work with this quality equipment (that you might want to buy) in a real–life situation.


Dog group play is one of the biggest innovations in the history of the pet care industry. Groomers, boarding facilities, day cares and communities have incorporated play groups. As a marketing tool, Puppy Playgrounds are a high energy and visual attraction to your business. Puppy play groups are not just a fad. They can be safe and fun socializing centers for pet owners and their pets. Find out all the potential benefits of operating a Puppy Playground, and hear Gary Bessette offer his years of expertise in safe handling of pet play. Find out how you can incorporate this money maker into your business.

Puppy Playground


Friday Night 7PM More than 80,000 dogs have participated on the Playground. The systems that have evolved are focused on safety and promote owner responsibility. We invite you to come see what we do. Learn why we do it, and how you can too!

This is a FREE Program to all attendees Friday evening at 7PM

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021


friday • SATURDAY

LUNCHEONS Luncheons have always been great fun at Groom Expo — a really nice time to get to know pet professionals from another state or even another country. Plus you will be served a tasty meal… without eating it on the run or at your grooming table! Now there is a plus. Be sure and get the VIP or Deluxe admission so you can enjoy these great Expo meal events in between your seminars. Expo Meals can also be purchased separately.

Hosted by:

Expo Luncheons are included in VIP, Do–It–All Deluxe, Weekend Deluxe, as well as Family and Friends Expo Meals packages. Luncheons may also be purchased separately.

following barkligh honors

FRIday lunch

saturday lunch

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021


Saturday evening


TWO HUGE EVENTS SATURDAY NIGHT An elegant dinner begins at 7 PM on Saturday evening followed by Best In Show Awards, Abstract Creative Runway and Barkleigh Honors Awards.

Best in Show Awards After dinner, the GroomOlympics Best in Show awards will take center stage. All the Wahl big bucks will be given away as groomers from the five classes who competed on Friday and Saturday strut their stuff. The winners will be chosen by the judging panel. The Best All Around Groomer and the GroomOlympics World Champion will be crowned. Following the Best in Show awards is Saturday evening’s E–Z Groom Abstract Runway Competition.


Barkleigh Productions and Groomer to Groomer magazine are excited to present the 10th annual Barkleigh Honors Awards! These are the grooming industry’s most extensive awards. “Our goal is to recognize the groomers that go above and beyond in their contributions to our industry,” explains Barkleigh president Todd Shelly. “All awards must be substantiated and will not be determined by popularity alone. However, there will be some categories where the top four or five finalists, and ultimately the winner, will be determined by popular vote. Other categories, like Competitor of the Year, will be determined by a point system. This will keep things fun and fresh.” Preceding the Awards will be the elegant E–Z Groom Abstract Creative Runway competition. A special lighted catwalk will be constructed for this event.

Tickets included in Deluxe or VIP seminar package. Dinner tickets must be purchased to attend the Barkleigh Honors Awards and Abstract Creative Runway event. Dinner tickets WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE at the show.


Register online at • Groom Expo 2021



with Ellen Conant Join us and your peers Sunday morning for a fabulous breakfast featuring worship by Ellen Conant. Ellen Conant is known for her clear, velvety voice. Her background in various styles allow her to bring unique interpretation to many types of music. With extensive experience as a gospel soloist, you will enjoy her music from hymns to old gospel favorites to fully orchestrated anthems. Born and raised in Mechanicsburg, PA, she now lives in Carlisle with her husband Jeff. Since retiring from nursing, she spends most of her time enjoying her family, friends and her new Grand–dog, “Marlin”. Please greet Ellen if you have a chance, she loves to meet people and share what God has done in her life. Ticket must be present to attend the event. Gospel Concert and Breakfast is included with the VIP and deluxe packages. It can also be purchased separately. See page 49 for Package Plans.


Newbie Tour Are you new to GroomExpo? With

so many booths, demos and contests going on, being a newbie can seem a bit overwhelming. The GroomExpo Newbie tour is a perfect way to find your way around and navigate the show like a pro! Join other show newbies at 10:30am, 1pm or 3:15pm on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (by the Registration Desk) to navigate the trade show with our knowledgeable tour guide. Participants even receive a special gift!

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021




HERSHEY LODGE & CONVENTION CENTER A warm welcome awaits you at The Hershey Lodge, the beautiful resort that is home to Groom Expo. It is one of the experiences that makes our event so special. When you enter the lobby, you will be drawn to the massive stone fireplace. Post and beam ceilings, stonework, and comfortable furniture pay homage to Hershey’s rural Pennsylvania Dutch heritage and make this lobby a memorable place to meet, greet, gather and relax. At night, you will enjoy the deluxe rooms, with regional decor and Hershey’s Kisses on your pillow. Restaurants and lounges offer a varied selection of cuisine. Start your day with coffee from the Cocoa Beanery. Embrace casual dining at Fire and Grain’s Bar or steaks at The Hershey Grill. The Forebay, Bear’s Den and Lobby Lounge are places to “talk dog” or wind down after a day of seminars. Close to The Hershey Lodge, a multi–million dollar spa joins the great amenities. An airport shuttle from Harrisburg International Airport is available with 24–hour reservation. There is a charge for the shuttle. No pets are permitted at the Lodge or Show. Dogs involved in the contest and demonstrations may stay in the secure dog holding area. Request information from Barkleigh.

The Hershey Lodge and Convention Center West Chocolate Ave. & University Drive, Hershey PA 17033 Phone (717) 533–3311 • Fax (717) 533–9642

Hershey Lodge Home of Groom Expo!

ROOM RATE: $199* / Night Reservation Deadline: 8/9/2021 Call (717)533–3311 or (800)437–7439

*Tell them you are with Groom Expo!

Camping Hershey Highmeadow Campground offers an ideal setting near the Hershey Lodge with over 300 open and shaded sites. Dogs are permitted on leash. Call (800) 710–0917 or go to for more information. Pets are not permitted at the show!


Register online at • Groom Expo 2021



THURSDAY 10:30 AM REGISTRATION & VIP LOUNGE OPENS 12–4 PM • Advanced Hair & Skin Certificate Course — Dr. Cliff Faver • Difficult Dog Grooming Certificate Course — Blake Hernandez & Macie Pisa • Making Pooches Perfect with Creative Grooming —Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope & Special Guests Alyssa Kasiba, Jayne Gallagher, & Adrian Smith • AKC S.A.F.E. Grooming Certification Program — Susan Sholar

• Business Matters — Melissa Verplank

12–6 PM

• Brusher Bather Certificate Program — Teri DiMarino

Thursday Evening 7–9 PM • Do You Doodle? — Judi Cantu -Thacker • Feline Safety Grooming Certificate Course — Dana Chavez-Rey • Grooming For Structure — Kathryn Dixon • You Are Ready To Hire... Now What? — Denise Heroux 7–9 PM




12–2 PM



9–10 AM


1 PM

• Optimize Your Business Series: Care & Keeping of a Groomer


— Chris Anthony

2–3 PM


• Optimize Your Business Series: Making Employees Salary

• Drop Coat Series: Drop Coats from the Blue Lagoon

— Blake Hernandez

• Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media Marketing

— Allison Sebastian

— Corina Stammworthy

• Drop Coat Series: Asian Fusion 101: Drop Coat

— Olga Zabelinskaya

• Cat Grooming Summit — Dana Chavez-Rey

• Canine Massage Certificate Course

• Social Media Bootcamp: Tips & Tricks for Next Level Social Media Marketing — Evan Gummo

— Malissa Conti-Diener

• Cat Grooming Summit — Dana Chavez-Rey

• Super Styling the Poodle

• Canine Massage Certificate Course — Malissa Conti-Diener

— Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco

• Super Styling the Poodle — Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco

• Groomer Assistant Certificate Course — Michell Evans

3:15 PM


4–5 PM


• Groomer Assistant Certificate Course

— Michell Evans 10 AM


10:30 AM


• Optimize Your Business Series: How to Get More Clients by

Saying ‘No’ — Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins


• Drop Coat Series: Drop Coats Made Easy

• Optimize Your Business Series: Ways to Make More Money

— Cheryl Purcell

in Your Salon — Shannon Tupes

• Social Media Bootcamp: Growing Your Business Through

• Drop Coat Series: Grooming Straight, Flowing Coats

Social Media — Chanel Owens

— Victor Rosado

• Social Media Boothcamp: Social Media Science

— Blake Hernandez

• Cat Grooming Summit — Dana Chavez-Rey

• Canine Massage Certificate Course — Malissa Conti-Diener

• Super Styling the Poodle — Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco

• Cat Grooming Summit — Dana Chavez-Rey

• Groomer Assistant Certificate Course — Michell Evans

• Canine Massage Certificate Course

— Malissa Conti-Diener

6 PM


• Super Styling The Poodle

— Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco

• Groomer Assistant Certificate Course

— Michell Evans

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021




FRIDAY EVENING 6–8 PM • Groomer Assistant Certificate Course – Part 5 — Michell Evans • Poodle Pet Trims — Michelle Breen • Geriatric Pet Grooming Certificate Course — Teri Dimarino • Simple Techniques To Get A Difficult Dog To Respond The Right Way —Sarah Drouin 7 PM PLAY NIGHT AT THE PUPPY PLAYGROUND 9 PM






9–10 AM SESSION 1 • Burnout: How to Spot This Career Killer — Chris Anthony • Shed Happens! What Clients Must Know — Dave Campanella • Maintain Your Mobile — Judi Cantu-Thacker • Techniques for Using Shears & Thinners — Jonathan David • Building the Perfect Schedule — Angela Kumpe • Super Styling the Schnauzer — Jay Scruggs • Dealing with “The Delusional Client” — Kelsey Ann Sexton 10 AM


10:30 AM


11–12 PM SESSION 2 • 10 Ways to Get More Done as a Small Business Owner — Malissa Conti-Diener • Determine Your Own Salary (For Business Owners) — Michell Evans • Dental Disease — Dr. Cliff Faver • Unleash Your Potential Through a Healthier Lifestyle — Amanda Fouche • Poodle Pet Trims with Personality — Anne Francis • Asian Freestyle Grooming Fundamentals — Mindy Dimwiddie • Super Styling the Cocker — Sue Zecco 12–2 PM LUNCHEON (MEAL SERVED 12–1 FOLLOWED BY ENTERTAINMENT) 1 PM


2–3 PM SESSION 3 • Looking Out For #1! Groomer Health Issues — Teri Dimarino • Where There’s a Jill There’s a Way — Jill Hailey • Handstripping Basics — Ashley Julien • Cut Drying Times — Angela Kumpe • The New Consumer: Pet Owners & the Grooming Industry — Melissa Mitchner • Solo Handling for Cat Grooming — Lynn Paolillo • Jay Scruggs On Golden Retrievers — Jay Scruggs 3:15 PM NEWBIE TOUR OF THE SHOW 4–5 PM SESSION 4 • Holistic Grooming; It’s Only Natural — Malissa Conti-Diener • Intro to Abstract Design & Coat Carving — Jilly Mucciarone • Rollin’ 25 Years with Adriane’s Groom & Go — Adriane Pope • Biz Bits — Cheryl Purcell • A Pet Terrier — Victor Rosado • Solving the Doodle Problem — Corina Stammworthy • Put Some Pizzazz in Your Poodle Pet Trims — Shannon Tupes 6-7 PM


6 PM


Saturday Evening 7 PM


Saturday Evening Dinner, Wahl Best in Show Awards, EZ Groom Abstract Runway & Barkleigh Honors Awards

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021





9 AM


10 AM


10:45 AM


11–12 PM SESSION 5 • Clipper & Blade Clinic — Diane Betelak • It’s a Snap! Snap-on Combs to Simplify Your Everyday Grooms — Anne Francis • Supercharge Your Grooming — Victor Rosado • Hypoallergenic, Tearless & Puppy Shampoos: Clarification & Proper Usage — Dr. Dale Sanson • Bichon Geometry — Philip Schafmayer • Full-Body Coloring with The Color King — Adrian Smith • Building a Respectful Relationship with Your Customers — Colin Taylor

12 PM


2–3 PM SESSION 6 • Dog Bites & On-the-Job Injuries — Judi Cantu-Thacker • Creating the Ideal Grooming Salon — Teri Dimarino • Secrets of Hand Stripping — Kathryn Dixon • Poodles in Black & White — Macie Pisa • Mobile Grooming Success — Jay Scruggs • Add-Ons & Pricing — Joey Villani 4–5 PM SESSION 7 • Introduction to the Finer Race: The Feline Face — Blake Hernandez • Cultivate Your Business Mindset — Jess Rona • “Short But Not Shaved” & Other Things Owners Say: Making First Timers Into Your Biggest Fan— Helen Schaefer • Skin & Coat for Groomers — Susan Sholar • The Four “S’s” of Poodle Grooming — Denise Westbrook 5 PM


6 PM


Register online at • Groom Expo 2021


A Practical Guide for Pet Health Professionals

antibiotics. It has been a tough journey, but the nourishment Leah receives and the bond we share is so worth it. There is something so special about knowing that your whole body is pouring out the love for your baby that you have in your heart.

Have you experienced any bias because of breastfeeding? I think the public is gradually becoming more accepting of breastfeeding, but there is still work that needs to be done. Breasts are so over-sexualized in our culture that many people still think of breastfeeding as something that needs to be hidden away, either under a nursing cover or in a special nursing room, like the one at church I am expected to go to every time my baby gets hungry during a church service. In many other cultures, no one looks at you twice when you LIFESTYLE use your breasts for the very purpose they were designed for—feeding babies! How great would it LIFE KS FOR THE be if our culture could get to this HAC point, too?

There is something so special about knowing that your whole body is pouring out the love for your baby that you have in your heart. – Dr. Sara Pilgrim



S2 pump hat Ifor work! didn’t find? Life hacks for the working veterinary mom. So here are my top 5 lifepadshacks for Nursing I would the working veterin parent (and yes, ary constantlythis leakapplie through s to you dads, too.)

my clothes without them!




B r e a s t fe e d i n g P ro d u c t s


Do you have advice for those considering breastfeeding?

Read as much as you can about breastfeeding before you have the baby! I spent a lot of time learning about giving By Justin birth,ebut Lee,I naively DACV thought that breastfeeding would "just come ECC, DABT As a hyper–effi naturally," andcient I wasveter not very well informed inarian, I was tryin aboutg the problems we ended up having. to prep are as much as I could prior Also, find a good lactation consultant! I was to my one–and–only lucky enough to give birth at achild For those . where hospital of you guys who know Myers– Briggs perso continued on page 24 nality scori ng, I’m a prett high “J” (e.g., y anal retentive), so I wanted to be as orga nized as poss ible for this baby thing. Boy, was I in for a surprise. I love my Spectra


I prepared as much as I could by reading all parenting and the baby books early. But there are lies in the books some that no one fills you in on—a I’ll shareMAGAZINE PETVET the two bigges nd t right now. First, skin.” Really? IT'S OK TO INTR “skin to You don’t think ODUCE THE PACIF your baby is going naturally bond IER BEFORE to to you? You don’t 30 DAYS need to strip baby out of his the PJ’s and unswa Ah, the pacifie ddle at night breastfeeding. r. All the books while That’s what I say that babies nipple confusion was doing; maxim get the skin to skin and not to give izing by unswaddling them a pacifie for one month. I learne r , breastfeedin changing the d all my mom g, diaper, and re–swa had introduced friends ddling a pacifier I had a totally …and now awake baby. After after day two… my sixth week while in the doing this, the of teacher of my hospital. I’m mom’s group so rule–abiding our whole group yelled at , of new moms for one month NEW PETI waited . “NO,” she replied “Slather a ton CARE . of baby diaper —but regret not rash cream on, with the lights startfeed COMM off, and let him UNITY ing sooner! All sleep those coma.” You don’t off the milk read that in any long nights…why RESOU baby books RCE didn’t ! someone tell me it was ok to start WORKS TO earlier?!




D r . S a ra ’ s



A n t i m i c ro b i a l R esi sta n ce





By Gwyn Donohue


wo million people are infected with resistant strains of bacteria and 23,000 deaths result from antibiotic resistance in the U.S. each year, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates. What makes this troubling statistic important to the veterinary community, other pet care profession als and pet owners is that two relatively common bacteria species that have resistant strains, Campylobacter and Salmonell a, are also common in many pets. While these are not classified by the CDC as urgent threats of greatest concern to human health, they are considered a serious threat. One example is a 2016 outbreak of antibioticresistant campylobacteriosis that involved 113 patients in 17 states, and was determined to be linked to puppies. Instances like this, along with the fact that resistant strains of bacteria are developing at increasingly rapid rates and outpacing the introduction of new antibiotics , has caused public health officials and the pet care community to actively address the issue of responsible use of antibiotics in companio n animals. “Recognizing that antibiotic resistant germs are a growing and serious health risk to both humans and animals, last year PIJAC committed to work with the pet care community to create best management practices to combat AMR as part of our participation in the



For veterinarians and staff alike, PetVet Magazine is sure to inspire and educate, as well as highlight the incredible industry of veterinary medicine and the wonderful people that make up the veterinary community. W W W. PET VETMAGAZINE .COM






7 PM Contestant Meeting

Nature’s Specialties Wire Coated Breed Tournament FRIDAY MORNING

8 AM 9 AM 12 PM

Check In Start Awards

123Pet Software All Other Purebreds Tournament & Friday Rescue Clip–In FRIDAY AFTERNOON

1 PM 2 PM 2:30PM 5 PM

Tournament Check In Tournament Start Clip–In Check In Clip–In Start Awards

Earthbath Sporting & Salon Freestyle Tournament


8 AM 9 AM 12 PM

Check In Start Awards

Tropiclean Poodle Tournament & Saturday Clip–In SATURDAY AFTERNOON

1 PM 2 PM 2:30PM 5 PM

Tournament Check In Tournament Start Clip–In Check In Clip–In Start Awards

Wahl Best In Show Awards SATURDAY EVENING

5:30 PM Wahl Best in Show Judging 7 PM Kennel Connection Best All Around Awards Wahl Best in Show Awards (MUST HAVE BARKLEIGH HONORS TICKET) E–Z Groom Abstract Runway Foxy Roxy Best First Timer Award AKC Best Scissoring Award Shear Saver Best Transformation Award

Davis Rescue Round–Up Tournament SUNDAY MORNING

8 AM 8:30 AM 11:30 PM

Check In Start Envirogroom & Special FX Compassionate Groomer Award Rescue Round–Up Awards

Andis Creative Styling Tournament SUNDAY AFTERNOON

12:30 PM Check In 1:00 PM Start 3:30 PM Presentations & Awards

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021





Creative Styling Tournament


First Place • Second Place • $1500 Third Place • $1000





FIRST: $400 SECOND: $200 THIRD: $100

People’s Choice Award • $500 Plus cover of Groomer to Groomer (see rules)



$350 $250 $150

FIRST PLACE Second Place Third Place

$250 $125 $75

FIRST PLACE Second Place Third Place




Register online at • Groom Expo 2021

$100 $75 $50






Admission to: • ALL educational sessions on ALL 4 Days (Thurs–Sun)


• VIP Lounge stocked with hot beverages and candy (during show hours)

• ALL Expo Meal Functions • 3 days of Trade Show

Treat Yourself to 4 BIG DAYS!


• ALL Grooming Contests in Grooming Arena

Reserved front row seating for: Educational sessions (before start of program), Meal functions* and Contests*

Travel Bag


Filled with seminar hand outs from provided sessions! * Although every effort will be made to provide reserved seating, there may not be enough reserved seats in certain sessions that may become more popular than others. When session starts, VIP seating may be given to attendees if the room becomes too crowded.





• Admission to ALL educational sessions (Thurs–Sun) • Sat & Sun Expo Meals • Groomer to Groomer Bag • 3 days of Trade Show • Viewing of All Contests

• Admission to ALL educational sessions (Thurs–Sun) • Groomer to Groomer Bag • 3 days of Trade Show • Viewing of All Contests

• Admission to ALL educational seminars on Thursday and Friday • 3 days of Trade Show • Viewing of All Contests

• Admission to ALL educational seminars on Friday and Saturday • 3 days of Trade Show • Viewing of All Contests







• Admission to ALL educational sessions on Saturday and Sunday • Sat & Sun Expo Meals • 3 days of Trade Show • Viewing of All Contests

• Admission to ALL educational sessions Saturday and Sunday • 3 days of Trade Show • Viewing of All Contests









TRADE SHOW SPECIAL • All three days of Trade Show • Viewing of All Grooming Contests



FRIENDS & FAMILY MEALS • All Expo Meals Featuring Entertainment • Saturday Lunch & Dinner • Sunday Breakfast and Friday Lunch

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021




Supreme Supreme Groom Groom Driving Success for Mobile Pet Care Professionals

Make sure to review the list of approved Mercedes Sprinter Master Upfitters before choosing a company to build your new pet grooming conversion.

As a mobile pet groomer with a Wag’n Tails vehicle, you will have the necessary equipment and support to transform both your career and checking account. Whether you are starting your own business or adding mobile services to an established business, a pet groomer can significantly increase their income with a mobile grooming salon.

Going mobile empowers pet groomers to better serve pets, pet parents, and themselves. A mobile pet grooming salon leads to reduced stress and anxiety for pets, more convenience and time for pet parents, and greater earnings potential and scheduling flexibility for pet groomers. As a pet groomer or business owner, how are you positioning yourself or your business for future growth and success? 50

Register online at • Groom Expo 2021 Call 800-513-0304 or visit

Groom Expo 2021 Registration Check One:

Name (Print Clearly): _____________________________________________ Business: _______________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________ Email (Print): _____________________________________________________ Phone: (____________) ____________________________________________ Cell Phone: (____________) ________________________________________

Packages See Page 59 for Package Details BLUE = Expo Meals Included 1 p V.I.P. – $599 Save $383! Pamper yourself!! 2 p DO–IT–ALL DELUXE – $499 Save $197!


20 21 22 23 24 25

p Brusher/Bather Certification $199 p Advanced Hair and Skin Certificate Course $149 p AKC S.A.F.E. Grooming Certification Program $149 p Difficult Dog Grooming Certificate Course $149 p Business Matters $149 p Making Pooches Perfect with Creative Grooming $149

3 p WEEKEND DELUXE – $299 Save $177! 4 p FRIENDS & FAMILY EXPO MEALS – $179 Save $19! 5 p DO–IT–ALL BASIC – $399 Save $99! 6 p WEEKEND BASIC – $199 Save $79!


26 27 28 29

p p p p

9 p TRADE SHOW SPECIAL – $25 TRADE SHOW Daily Admission – $10 10 p FRI 11 p SAT 12 p SUN

Total: $ ___________

p Check p MC/Visa/Discover

Name on Card: _____________________________________

30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

p p p p p p p p

Make Checks Payable to:

Barkleigh Productions, Inc. 970 West Trindle Road • Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 (717) 691–3388 • FAX (717) 691–3381 Email:

Refund Processing Fee $30. No refunds after Sept. 1, 2021*. Programs are 20% higher at the door. *No refunds on purchases with meals

Optimize Your Business Series Social Media Bootcamp Drop Coat Series Canine Massage Certificate Course Groomer Assistant Certificate Course Super Styling the Poodle Cat Grooming Summit Friday Luncheon FRIDAY EVENING EVENTS

38 p Poodle Pet Trims 39 p Simple Techniques to Get A Difficult Dog to Respond the Right Way 40 p Geriatric Pet Grooming Certificate Course

Card Numbers: _____________________________________ Exp. Date: ______________________________CVV________

Feline Safety Grooming Certificate Course Grooming For Structure Do You Doodle? You are Ready to Hire... Now What?

$79 $79 $79 $79


7 p THURS/FRI BASIC – $299 Save $207! 8 p FRI/SAT BASIC – $299 Save $78!

p Salon Owner p Groomer p Kennel p Pet Daycare p Pet Sitter p Mobile Groomer p Breeder p Owner/Handler p Trainer p Veterinary p Other: _____________

$149 $149 $149 $149 $199 $149 $149 $45

$79 $79 $79


41 42 43 44

p p p p

Saturday Program Sessions $149 Individual Saturday Session #_____ x $59 = $_______ Saturday Luncheon $45 Dinner & Barkleigh Honors/Creative Runway $85 SUNDAY EVENTS

45 p Sunday Program Sessions $129 46 p Individual Sunday Sessions #_____ x $59 = $_______ 47 p Gospel Concert and Breakfast $25

GE21 #

Online Registration:


Chris Kirkpatrick of

Appearances During Groom Expo at: • The Houndsly Booth • Friday 90’s Costume Party • Barkleigh Honors

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