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How Safe Can a Kids Facebook Be? Grom Social Safe Facebook for Kids

Internet Safety Statistics from

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93% of teens go online 1 in 3 teens have experienced online harassment 97% of teens play computer, web, portable, or console games 73% of teens have profiles on social networking sites 47% of teens have uploaded photos & 14 % have posted videos on social network

*Teens : Between age group of 12 to 17

What is Grom Social Safe? Built-in safety factors to help keep you safe online

•  The only picture of you that is viewable by other Groms is your profile photo or Gromatar

•  Additional pictures posted to your profile can be

seen only by accepted friends and Grom Helpers

Other safety factors

Real time monitoring to avoid risk or embarassments

Provision to adjust your personal email or onsite preferences

Safe social networking involves all of us working together. Let's be aware, spread the word and stay Grom Social Safe!

How Safe Can a Kids Facebook Be? Grom Social Safe!