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y owe me a cop CD case. You s hi up ks o. ic p Tw Lee t Hits, Volume Boys Greates of the Beach



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door of ay to the w ir e h t g ight en makin y for a n m d a o e r w t lf e e g hims e car, th e club. out of th air, gettin g into th e h in e is L lk h a s g w w llo bin t women r is com Carter fo s two ho b. Carte t o lu p s C e n h e n the Rav ing whe n, stopp w o t e h on t

n’t nd do elax a g. I’ll Just r a thin about e. r e worry . p in th you u agnum ? hook t’s a M lf. doms I n this. ot co ha e k a T You g d it in an fol You c

a ick up just p Lee. I case , n id you d ith me r dam e w h t g at? D n so har ke ano messi was th a it you t e What s. I’ll h Dynasty. on’t b e just s D Did w your a k c e Ming case? on? will ki p in th vacati end u on my you’ll

s there wa ne. Lee, o h P ll e e C ads? W er Lee’s es In Ov d. Any le le m il o k C e ll r e sibility. ry. A Ca lators w y respon Dictiona an trans m e ic ’s r h It e T . m d h A g an o ou underst ssy. Tw lips Thr n Emba case, I’ll a Carter F e ic h r t e e m k A nt to ta g at the don’t wa u a bombin o y f I . n Ricky Ta ne. think it’s cell pho e h t p u s g Lee han


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you go Where om.


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here age, W t S e h T

Carter Resumes Singing, Really Getting Down. Moonwalking To The Edge Of The State Where Lee Pulls Him Off.

it t ou d b I knew you were lying. t a an h I’m sorry. g ge u d Damn it, why are you ruining my night? I’m ho ba t just starting to have fun. Well fine then, go en your v ahead, pull your badge and do your thing. y e me e d No, we’re here for information, to find bo gim sm y out where a man named Ricky Tan is. We e n w a ar c must tread softly and keep our ears open. s re No t o Tread softly? Who taught you how to roost ef gs ha t b . k a bar? rs gan ne No. n i a Carter, you don’t understand. These men th w her do You are a civilian. In China, u g n ot its are Fu-Cang-Long Triads. Part of the most Yo a g m ow I am Michael deadly gang in China. y g o z h r ra vin es f ou c Jackson, and a y i u h t l o re ya how you are Toto. e e y LA r ro ll s w a t e an rom W e ge nd I You mean Tito We had Toto for M f a W n Im dinner last night. gu This is a gangster bar, we’re here undercover.

u hen w yun, s lui. wa lu wang Deng masu wattu ering) (whisp ? d I say What’

r . Carte nd gun a e g e d e ee’s ba res thr lifted L c and fi s i s a u h r m e t on the ct, Car he plug can rea t e s l e l L u e p bar. e, Befor on stag ing the c k n c e a l i b s s , bound ceiling to the n i S T SHO range ves. St o m y d Nobo crowd. om the r f s k o lo ee. ns to L r u t r e Cart

t said You jus orst their w you’re nd to are - a m t h ig n ers ir moth line the g. a milkin up for

get up ’mon, out. Shit. C lp me nd he here a

all the Okay, gly and u Triads o n go t wome all ide, that s men ss wo fine a s on thi side.

ks ore loo M . e g a ee s on st eaks, L ee get p L s , y r l e t t an ar Reluct se as C Chine e h t from ating. transl

Nobody moves. Carter fires two more shots in the ceiling.

Let’s try this again. Who here knows Ricky Tan, raise your hand.

Nobody moves.

Who here is named Lee? Raise your hand.

Nobody moves.

Now I know you’re lying.

The Crowd Still Hasn’t Moved. Except In The Back, Where Lee Spots Several Gangsters Leaving. As Lee Runs Off Stage.

I come back and catch y’all singing Michael Jackson and you’re all going to jail.

Lee and Carter run into the street, just in time to see HU LI and several gangsters round a corner.

Stop! LAPD!

Lee takes off and chases them on foot.

Han gon , L I’mc ee. om ing.

All I

was a wanted

ou lied -shu. Y


little m

to me.

I’m sorry.

ks hopstic c ld o y. ody’s someb ’re sorr u t o o y g I e ll m sorry. don’t te o You’re s , s s my a . stuck in e home m e k a t Just

No time. Th ere was an explosion a today -- two t the Americ American tr an Embass anslators w y ere killed.

Lee and Carter walk into an upscale massage parlor and stand in a lobby.

Good afternoon, gentlemen.

Lee bows, followed by Carter.

(in Chinese) Hello.

How you doin’? My friend is on vacation, from America. I want to show him a good time.

Oh, you American? That’s right. You bring American money? Never leave home without it. Lee, this one’s on me. You save your money.

No. It’s my first time. You pick any girl for you and your friend.

Carter looks like a kid in a candy store.

Any girl? Okay. Let’s start with that one. Oh yes, she’s very nice. She is nice. But I am very tense. I’m gonna need a lot of massages. I’ll take that one, too. How you doin’, baby? And...that one in pink. She can do my feet.

Lee elbows Carter

What are you doing?

She said I could pick any girl I want..

n ki rea tb a on in ud an Yo t of a k m c n bla line fro t ffe

You get massage from Chinese girl before?

U H ll, e W



The hostess takes carter by the arm, walks over to a hidden sliding door slides it open to reveal twenty beautiful women. Carter truly is in heaven.

. P U

etite. have big app Your friend d Carter) BES to Lee an O R g in d an (h

t upstairs in

ai ese on and w Please put th om. the quiet ro

Now I’m on v acation. I kn ew you’d co through, Lee me .

om. A man

f the ro the farside o n o e n eo m so is staring at rutality. spond. Lee re ’t n cation and b es o ti d is h p LEE so f o d len s a unique b who radiate

What’s wron


Over there --

Tan. that’s Ricky

That’s Ricky Tan? He’s fo ur feet tall. I’ll go over w ith you right now, shake h im d

This is a very




I’m a dangero us man. You ’re not gonn massage be a ruin my cause of som e m id g e t in a house r back up! coat. I’m calling fo

mputer on s. his laptop co urriedly exit h h it r, w ai r ai ch a ch is from ietly in h Lee gets up ­ sitting qu ards him. an — T y k ic R d walks tow at s an k o p u lo s r et te g , ar C a decision arter makes his knees. C

Ricky Tan, I’v

e been lookin

p Tan looks u

g all over for

e. ment, a smil

for a mo

e moment.

I’m busy at th

you. Get up.

I said get on your ter, right?

ive Car t c e t e D , u o I know y friend. n a c i r e m A You’re Lee’s ur visit? Enjoying yo


w muscle, e n ’s e e L I’m fool you. m ­— r e a b t o r h e ig r h t is t h nd don’t le they had left. a only color e h t is is h T

Now ! p u t e g

Tan laughs, goes back to his laptop. Carter grabs the laptop from Ricky and throws it across the room - shattering it against the wall. Ricky glances at his men who are seated around the room waiting to move.

I told you to

get on your fe


Having heard the commotion, Lee arrives by Carter’s side, breathless, as Tan looks up, surprised.

Lee, I’ve missed you, brother. I heard about the two Americans, I’m so sorry, you must be under great pressure. You must come with me for questioning.

Let’s go. I’ve got girls and chicken and hot oil waiting for me. I don’t think so...

A nod of Ricky Tan’s head, and ten large men in robes and towels spring out of reclining chairs -- menacingly facing Lee and Carter. A beat...

I’d like to pay you for that laptop. It’s no problem. But I must excuse myself, inspector.

That’s Chief Inspector, he got promoted.

Tan bows to Lee and Carter.

Congratulations. And good day.








y ass! on’t look at m



t wa

ay and ill go You Go this w

ll a

s tha

t sup

that way

I go this way

ss. pose

to m


and you go th

at way?

Where are you going?

Back to Heaven on Earth. I need my damn passport back. I’m going home. Fine. Go home. Who needs you.

Why you mad at me? You needed back-up, so I backed you up. I was about to take out Ricky Tan and those bodyguards.

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Nobody understands the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Get your hands in the air.

Lee and Carter turn to see four bodyguards standing in front of them with guns in hand.

Stop! I’m sick of your bullshit!

My bullshit? I’m not the one who goes to a karaoke bar filled with gangsters! I’m not the one who goes to massage parlors to bust crime lords! It’s my job!

Ricky Tan is expecting you. I’ll take him.

Hell no.

The Hong Kong police officers produce HANDCUFFS. Beat.

You’re pathetic, man. When’s the last time you had some fun? When’s the last time you took a night off, had a date?

I have plenty of dates.

Carter stalks off.

Really? When’s the last time you had some Mu-shu Let’s hear it, Lee, when was it? Year of the rat?

You would never understand my life. You’re not Chinese.

Carter? You died.

Who died? You.

Detective Yu? Never met him.


Not Yu. You!

Fine. But don’t expect me to talk to you.

Don’t push me, Carter. I’m in no mood for your bullshit.

Carter gets in Lee’s face. The two men look like they’re about to come to blows.

And you ain’t black!

Both Lee and Carter went their own ways. They were very lonley and deeply missed each other but wouldn’t find the other to tell them that. An explostion happened where Lee thought Cater was. He thought he lost Carter like his Fater but then he ran into Carter on the Streets.

What are y ou go n

na do abou t it, grass hopp er?

p a l s h . c k t i o b k l ’l ng a B

u o y

o t in

y t m ss! u o ya b a m g in Or k l a a. t e am b n’t m



h c a

te l o

o h c

. s O N ’s a e h S

How the hell did Tan get away with it?

This is about your Daddy’s death? Hell, Lee, you know my father died on the job. You could have told me...

All the evidence against him disappeared, the smuggling case was unsolved. Tan resigned and went over to the Triads openly.


This is about more than all that, isn’t it? This is about your Daddy’s last case, right?

Lee’s caught, fibs badly.

You’re not very good at this, are you?

Good at what?

No, no, that would be crazy --

Forget it.

You thought the “Customs Agents get blown up” and “smuggling” and “Ricky Tan” and you put it all together and came up with a five year old case. That’s why you didn’t tell me what we were doing...

I thought you’d think it was crazy.


A long beat while Lee considers what to say.

Five years ago, my father was Chief Inspector working a big international smuggling case.

Ask me if I give a shit.

Lee waits a beat, then drops the bombshell.

Ricky Tan killed my father.

Carter is suddenly all ears, listening intently now to Lee. He found out his partner, Tan, had been working for the Triads all along. Before my father could prove it, he was killed in the line of duty.

I know. I know. I am sorry.

Lee inclines his head, stiffly, turns and walks toward his car. Carter watches him. Finally he rolls his eyes and yells.

So are you getting on the plane or not?!

Come on, we still got time to order the Kosher meal. Always get the kosher meal, they bring it first.



White Ma


s impo

ter the Car you to t me llow oduce to trus ion: Fo me intr estigat to have Lee, let inal Inv of Crim Theory Man. h White the Ric

ssible —

t to u’ve go , but yo Almost Man” h White ’s say “Ric r like it togethe all run rd. one wo

e Rich Follow th

hance e the c gave m go to y killed ebody ath, I’d why the e if som ure out her’s d — but nt to fig my fat plane. You wa are up t on the to squ ddy, ge do it.. your Da hell to

. Why LA?

Ricky o back. g ld u o h Is boat in tioned a Tan men r... ng Harbo Hong Ko

tg comfor are gettin e e L d e n g a sen rs, Carter other pas e th ll a g n moable amo Lee has a . ff o e k to ta preparing ubt. o ment of d

— You said

going you’re I guess on e . on this

d It soun ps close, Carter ste e second w and for a e an and th see the m tath the a cop bene titude.

go to LA I cannot

s rns, walk Carter tu k o hout lo away wit ing back.



nd a

ou fi

ce y e pla . sam n The e Me Whit Rich

e tell m Just n a eIc wher tehis S find t eign. ven R

their hen es keep ut w You ur it go ople t abo ing? h a s e k pe com ing yo , wh Blac when th Yeah illa was scream z cool . God were n ople . dow e p s off asse

. s n . a i e s Maybnot like Anic. But ever pa We n

s e wa ed h hen start w , ting ople shoo e pe oilet n the ost whit nat whe ide i m use her h like See Beca y eit ool. d !!!! , the too c itche ! Aaaahh oting way gh p i o !! ’s sh ing h Aaaahhh there t scream “ ar or st esom me, n y cri an taking as o ever He w ur m o . Li e Now whit . Now in is naire ring Hu bad. rich e billio e n d r a Not o m as a ingle on otel boat hite re, h ky s Big h whe ich w Tan’s efore Ric very y the r ut. E tb Rick his c know d jus , we roun ked. a . case eign mo en R got s Stev

l d n u o You sime. the t

ll a t a e th w the Follo hiteRichW .. Man.



do How now you k our he’s man?

Sign: $50,000 buy in -- everybody’s a winner! The lights dim - a spotlight comes on and finds Steven Reign on the balcony overlooking the entrance.

A thousand years ago, a small, wealthy village in China hired a young Dragon to guard their treasure in a cave, hoping to scare off potential bandits. Their plan worked quite well, until the people of the village started sneaking the Dragon extra food -- hoping to make him bigger and stronger. The Dragon ate so much and grew so big ­that he eventually got stuck inside the cave —and the treasure was stuck behind him for all eternity. (beat) Ladies and gentlemen, I have found that lost treasure. It is here, inside the greatest casino in the world! Welcome to the Red Dragon, where everybody is a winner! (Steven Reign)

As Steven Reign makes his way through the casino, Carter steps right in front of him, giving him a big hug.

Stevie, how’s it going my man? Somebody get a picture, we can use it for a mug shot.

Lemme ask you something, Steven. And I want the truth. Is there any way I can date your daughter? Just dinner and a movie, maybe go listen to some jazz...

Detective Carter, you always seem to show up where you don’t belong. (Steven Reign)

Vegas has been my town for 30 years. I crawled out from under the first rock. Do you really think you can intimidate me here? (Steven Reign)

You’re right, you’re a smart guy. Most counterfeiters only get ten cents on the dollar. But this is an even swap. Pure genius. You play games with me, Detective, and you’ll lose every time. Don’t forget. The odds are always in favor of the house.

Reign walks off with his men. Carter watches him leave.

Lee is dancing close with Isabella.

The Secret Service almost busted Reign at his casino in Macao, but the place burned down before we could move in. (Isabella) How do I know I can trust you? Dip me!

Lee dips her, holds her in his arms for a long BEAT.

I’m asking for real now -- will you help the Secret Service? No. But I’ll help you.

Lee holds her for a long BEAT, their lips almost touching. He finally lets her go, and she disappears into the crowd. Carter walks up, sees Lee standing alone on the dance floor.

Lee, what the hell are you doing?

It was Isabella. She says the plates are in the soft count room.


Dancing? I’m out here trying to strong arm Steven Reign, putting my life on the line, and you’re up here dancing with some bimbo. Did she have a friend?

Lee motions to the room, where we see a security guard Standing in front of a small door.

Isabella? Are you crazy, man? She almost got us killed. She’s setting you up again! No. I’m going to find out. Wait a second. There’s guards all over the place. You’ll need a distraction.

Everyone els e at the table has thousand dollar c hips, but the black man gets the nick el, is that it? Did my people surviv e two-hundr ed years of slavery so yo u could send us back to the cotton fi elds with five -hundred dollar chips? Do I look like Chicken George to yo u?

Carter looks around the casino.

I’ll go to the craps table, make a big scene. When security comes over, you make your move. Try to keep them busy for five minutes.

I’ll give it my best shot.

Carter walks up to a craps table, everyone turning to stare.

Sir, you’re aware that we require a fifty-thousand dollar buy in to gamble here this weekend?

oving talkie, starts m eki al w s hi s UARD lower

YG The SECURIT r’s table. towards Carte

Carter throws a hundred thousand in $100 bills onto the table.

I saw the sign, I can read. Now gimme a hundred-thousand in chips. And a Diet Coke and some wash-n-dries. Let’s move, people, I came to play.

g Sir, you’re goin

What the hell

Those are five

I have a drea m, where bla ck people and white pe ople can gam ble together without gett ing different chips! Sing with me! “We shall overco me!”

is that?

r chips. hundred dolla

Did you give me five-hund red dollar chips becau se I’m black ?

e Security


med No, I just assu

You assume d a brother c oming in here only afford fi can ve-hundred d ollars a roll, right? Are y is that ou a racist? o, sir.



ard and makes oves past the gu m e Le as es ch Carter wat om. e soft count ro his way into th

The dealer pushes 100k worth of chips in front of carter.

to have to calm

in as th ed crowd joins , and the confus

apping Carter starts cl in. Guards move

Thank you. Now in the s pirit of brotherhood , let’s play cr aps!

After the big scene Carter runs for the elevator. to help Lee. Inside the Suite Lee fought off a few bad guys and foundRicky Tan with the money plate.

You’re just like your father, Lee. All these years hiding be hind his badge. I wanted to help him, to share with him, but he was too afraid of change. When you think about it, I didn’t really kill him. I just put him out of his misery. Put the plates down. It’s over. I don’t think it’s over. There are casinos all over this coun try. Let me make you a rich man, Lee. Don’t make the same mistake he did.

Ricky glances at the gun in Reign’s belt.

If you reach for that gun, I’m going to kill you. Don’t you remember? I’m already dead.

Ricky makes a play for the gun, but Lee is much too fast, taking the gun and pushing Ricky against the wall just as Carter bursts in the room.

Hey, Ricky, how’s it going man? What’s up, Lee?

Lee has the gun pressed to Tan’s head. We’ve never seen him like this before. Would you like me to tell you how your father died?

Lee, you okay?

Lee doesn’t respond. He keeps an eye on Ricky.

He never begged for his life. Or tried to make a deal. All that he asked me, just seconds before I pulled the trigger, was that I promise not to kill you.

Lee’s finger is on the trigger -- he wants to pull the trigger but can’t.

Lee, wait a second. It’s not worth it, man. He’s making you do this. It’s worth it to me.

Do you have it in you, lee? Or are you gonna spend the rest of your life hiding like your father?

C’mon, lee. He’s going to jail. You won, now just put the gun down.

Lee is trying to pull the trigger, but he can’t.

That’s what i thought.

Tan takes the black bag and swings it toward lee -- the plates hit him across the face and knock him down. The gun is loose; tan reaches for it and is about to pull the trigger when: Lee and carter come flying at him together. Both kicking him square in the chest. Tan falls back, smashing through the window. Lee tries to grab tan’s hand, their fingers touch for a split second. But tan pulls his hand away and falls 20 stories to the street below. A taxi is parked out front. Tan’s body slams on the roof. Smashing through a sign on top that reads: “everybody’s a Winner!” Lee and Carter are looking down at the street, both relieved it’s finally over.

Carter pulls out a WAD OF CASH.

No, Carter. I can’t take this.

CARTER (CONT’D) They owe us, man. That’s the least they can do. LEE This money is evidence. CARTER Come on, Lee. Stop being a cop for five minutes and live it up. There must be something you want.

Lee looks back toward Isabella.

LEE I always wanted to go to Madison Square Garden. See the Knicks play. CARTER New York City? First class.


CARTER The Plaza Hotel? LEE A little Mu-shu.


Some Kung-Pao?

They look at each other, smile.

CARTER (CONT’D) I could use a little vacation. LEE Amen to that, brother.


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