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How to track your grocery coupon savings Created By: Grocery Alerts Canada “Helping Canadians Save money on groceries�

Many coupon websites to save money • There are many coupon websites to save your money: • • •

Problem? • How do you record your annual coupon savings?

Why can’t you just use a spreadsheet? • • • •

It is hard in a spreadsheet. You need to create formulas. Pain to setup – not very user friendly. Can’t show your friends how much you have saved annually. • You need to type in all the different stores you shop for groceries at.

Solution - Use the Grocery Alerts Coupon Savings Tracker. Record your coupon savings • Track your savings throughout the year. Log the store, savings, and date.

Review your coupon use • View your savings throughout the entire year and sort by store, date and export to Excel.

Post your coupon savings on your website • Show your savings on your website or blog. • Post it to your Facebook wall and show how much you have saved all year. • Keep it private and just know for yourself.

Use this to save money on groceries • The Grocery Alerts Coupon Tracker is available at: • The website is free and there are no advertisements.

How to track your grocery coupon savings for free