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How to track your grocery coupon savings Created By: Grocery Alerts Canada “Helping Canadians Save money on groceries�

Many coupon websites to save money • There are many coupon websites to save your money: • • •

Problem? • How do you record your annual coupon savings?

Why can’t you just use a spreadsheet? • • • •

It is hard in a spreadsheet. You need to create formulas. Pain to setup – not very user friendly. Can’t show your friends how much you have saved annually. • You need to type in all the different stores you shop for groceries at.

Solution - Use the Grocery Alerts Coupon Savings Tracker. Record your coupon savings • Track your savings throughout the year. Log the store, savings, and date.

Review your coupon use • View your savings throughout the entire year and sort by store, date and export to Excel.

Post your coupon savings on your website • Show your savings on your website or blog. • Post it to your Facebook wall and show how much you have saved all year. • Keep it private and just know for yourself.

Use this to save money on groceries • The Grocery Alerts Coupon Tracker is available at: • The website is free and there are no advertisements.

How to track your grocery coupon savings for free  

This presentation shows how to track your grocery coupon savings. Track the coupons you have used from, couponmom and manu...

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