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Gareth I Roberts Gareth is a Master of Industrial Design student at the University of the Arts, where he is actively exploring how design can be used as a tool for change beyond the product realm. Building on two bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design at Monash University, Australia, Gareth is developing a diverse set of design skills to enable him to adapt to the needs of an ever-changing market and economy.

designer, ethnographer, innovator, sociologist, empathic designer, psychologist, inventor, story-teller, pathfinder, collaborator, synthesizer

Through his studies at the University of the Arts, Gareth has had the privilege of collaborating with local industry partners to re-design how businesses interact both externally and internally. Through this experience, he has been able to actively push the boundaries of Industrial Design by helping to illustrate the relevance of design thinking beyond the accepted realms of ID. Industrial Design is no longer simply product design, it is a new way to engage complex problems by fostering creative dialog in a collaborative setting. Through research, ideation, concept prototyping, intervention and development, Gareth hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the many problems facing industry today.

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My Bio outlining my work focus and my educatio n to date

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