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Gareth Roberts

Master of Industrial Design 4426 Osage Ave, 3F Philadelphia, PA 19104 Ph: (901) 233 8845

Conferences and Publications

Museums and the Web 2010 (MW2010) Denver, April 14th-17th

At the Museums and the Web conference in Denver, I was a copresenter of a demonstration focused on the use of webcam-based eye-tracking for museum outreach & research with Dr. Slavko Milekic and Mr. Matthew Miller. My presentation involved a demonstration of a series of digital tools developed for online education throughout my thesis study of Distance Knowledge Transfer. For more information,

see Knowledge Generation, Communication and Management: KGCM 2010 Orlando, June 29th-July 2nd

Dr. Slavko Milekic and I are currently developing a paper for the Knowledge Generation, Communication and Management conference. The paper, tentatively titled “The potential use of webcam based eyetracking in distance education� will explore how eye tracking can enhance the efficiency of knowledge transfer, increase usability and provide vital feedback to instructors about student cognition. For more information,

see Academic References

Dr. Slavko Milekic Professor of Cognitive Science & Digital Design The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

e-mail: Ph: (215) 717-6052 Dr. Benjamin B. Olshin Associate Professor of Philosophy, History of Science and Technology, and Industrial Design The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

e-mail: Ph: (215) 717-6486 Mr. Jonas Milder MID Program Director The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

e-mail: Ph: (215) 717-6256


2010 General Resume-Gareth Roberts