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Green Mountain Animal Defenders Working to Protect the Well-Being of All Animals Since 1983

Summer 2012

GMAD’s Great Goat Rescue

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A recent plea for help came from a GMAD member who learned of the tragic disposal of many baby goats, as young as one-day old, who had no value to a farmer. GMAD responded immediately and our “goat rescuing” member forged a trusting relationship with the farmer who soon agreed to turn over unwanted newborns to him. This resulted in the farmer’s newly developed compassion for the offspring of his industry; he has even voiced a commitment to a more humane process in the future. This volunteer had no previous “goat” experience and has jokingly stopped referring to himself by name, but as “Goat Farmer.” This compassionate person has become a master of bottle feeding, an expert at constructing enclosures, a researcher of goat knowledge, and a survivor of very little sleep. To date, due to the generosity and compassion of GMAD supporters, eighteen lives have been saved and eight babies have already found amazing forever homes where they will live out their precious lives being doted on. This leaves ten still in the care of the volunteer. Aurora, age four, has just given birth to her twins, a girl named Molly (named after the emergency vet, who came at 1 a.m. to assist during the problematic birth) and a boy named Jester, who has already found his forever home. Two-year-old Snow is relishing her newfound attention and is learning how to babysit the little ones bouncing around her. At seven weeks old, Nando is the “Prince of the Pack” and loves sitting atop a chair in the stall. Jack and Agapi (aka Monkey) continue to grow into their long legs while starting to eat grain and grass. Val, at 5 weeks old, tries to push to the front of the line at mealtime but once full, she loves to crawl into your lap. Shepherd, with markings like a puppy’s, engages in many playful antics. The

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Goat Rescue cont. youngest are two-week-old twins, MacNair and Ilsa, who struggled to learn how to drink from a baby bottle, but now relish being held and curling up with the rescuer’s children. The volunteer reports that this has been the experience of a lifetime,“I have fallen in love with every one of them for a different reason; it amazes me how personable they are. I have been fortunate to play a role in many other animal rescues but there is something very special about this one. Whatever it is, please extend my sincere gratitude to all who have donated and shared their support. It has been a bit overwhelming, but even more rewarding.” At the onset of this rescue, these animals were destined to lose their lives, but instead their futures are filled with wonder. We have a lot of work still to do, and much care to continue to provide until they all move onto their forever homes. As you can imagine, we still need your help, so please consider making a donation.

What is Green Mountain Animal Defenders? By Brenna Galdenzi, GMAD Volunteer Coordinator

While I’m out recruiting volunteers or interns, people often ask me, “What is Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD) all about?” I wish I had a succinct answer neatly wrapped up in a minute or less, but that would mean I’d be greatly understating our role in animal protection. I’ve been tempted to tell people what GMAD is not (an animal shelter), and then tell them that we are involved with all other aspects of helping animals. Every day we stand by our goal of “Working to Protect the Well-Being of All Animals.” We generally cover six areas of animal protection: wildlife, companion animals, animals used in entertainment, farmed animals, animals used in laboratory experimentation, and animals used in the garment industry to produce fur, leather, exotic skins, and other hides used in apparel. We actively collaborate with municipalities, humane organizations, wildlife rehabilitators, state agencies, and other groups to help ensure animals are protected. We pride ourselves on these partnerships because together we can all accomplish so much more than each of us can independently. I remember when I first started volunteering for GMAD: I was so excited at the possibility of working to protect all species of animals instead of just the cats and dogs that most humane organizations focus on. I knew that GMAD was the organization for me because they truly care about all animals. Whether the animals be cats, crows, or cows, they’re all equally important to me. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved, please contact me at Whether you’re interested in being on the front lines or behind the scenes, there is just the right volunteer opportunity waiting for you at GMAD.


Alleged Cruelty at Cabot Supplier If we can’t trust Cabot’s dairy farmers to adhere to humane farming practices, then who can we trust? The recent cruelty investigation at one of Cabot’s suppliers, Adirondack Farms of New York, shows that animal abuse can happen anywhere, and that animal advocates need to be vigilant about remedying it. According to its own website, one of Cabot’s missions has been to proactively educate the members of their dairy cooperative on animal welfare through their participation in the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) animal care program, as well as through the day-to-day support provided by their system-wide, on-the-farm management team. What was documented in a recent investigation, however, does not appear to be humane treatment of dairy cows. On the contrary, investigators reported workers jabbing and striking cows with a pole and cane on their faces, udders, and hindquarters. A farm manager was videotaped repeatedly electro-shocking a cow in her face. He was also shown jabbing a fully conscious “downed cow” in the ribs with a screwdriver and dragging her approximately 25 feet. When GMAD became aware of this alleged abuse, we prepared a formal letter of inquiry to Cabot’s headquarters. In our letter, we suggested that Cabot stand by its stated policies and take immediate steps to ensure that all farms strictly adhere to humane standards. We also encouraged them to implement a phase-in of polled cattle (cattle who do not have horns, negating the need for painful dehorning). In addition, we urged both Cabot and Agri-Mark to support criminal prosecution of any individuals charged with cruelty to animals. To date, GMAD has not heard back from Cabot other than that they are waiting for a report from the New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program (NYSCHAP). It is hard to understand why Cabot would need to see a review before determining that the actions shown in the video are inhumane and that systemic changes need to be implemented. If you would like to view this video, go to:, but please be aware that it is quite graphic. As soon as we hear more, we will be sure to share it with you via our eAlerts and on our website.

Thank you, Middlebury Agway GMAD acknowledges the goodwill Middlebury Agway shows by turning over any chicks, ducklings or poults (baby turkeys) who arrive at their store injured or otherwise in need of medical care. We sincerely appreciate their willingness to allow these babies to receive the special help they need through GMAD’s rescue program!

Spring into a Healthier, More Humane Diet When You “Meatout”! “Wow, I had no idea!” “Man, that is so sad.” “How is that even legal?” University of Vermont students shared these comments and many more like them with us when they learned about the meat industry at GMAD’s Meatout outreach event at UVM on March 20. Meatout is the worlds largest grassroots dietary education campaign and is coordinated each year by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). GMAD is proud to be part of this campaign in which thousands of caring people in all 50 U.S. states and two dozen countries encourage their friends, families, and communities to “kick the meat habit” and explore a wholesome, compassionate vegan diet. In honor of Meatout, GMAD hosted a “feed-in” at UVM where delectable vegan food samples were offered to students and faculty. This year’s menu consisted of an antipasto salad made with Gardein beefless tips and a variety of Tofurky deli wraps. The students couldn’t believe how tasty these meat substitutes were! A “Pay Per View” was also incorporated into this year’s event, GMAD paid passersby $1 (sponsored by Vegfund) to watch a four-minute video on the cruel realities behind the meat industry. While some students were already vegan, others were very interested in learning more about veganism. Let’s hope that the experience will keep them questioning their view of the food they eat.

A huge thanks to FARM and Vegfund for their support with this event!

GMAD Filled February with Spay/Neuter Campaigns! By Timothy Monbleau, GMAD Intern

February may be best known as the month of love, but thanks to World Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, it also happens to be a time to educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering! Countless cats and dogs born on the streets as strays will remain homeless and never experience love or the gentle touch of a human hand; this is just one reason why spaying and neutering is so critical. GMAD volunteers took this opportunity to increase spay/neuter awareness, as well as to raise money to help people spay or neuter their pets. Through our outreach table at the Merchants Bank in South Burlington, we were able to distribute reduced cost spay/neuter coupons while offering people some delectable Valentine’s Day inspired goodies for sale! GMAD also encouraged proud pet parents to participate in the Pet Photo Contest. The contest gave people a good excuse to show off their adorable animal companions and help GMAD raise almost $800 for our spay and neuter assistance program. Forty cute pets participated in this photo contest, from fuzzy ferrets to smiling pit bulls, and we thank everyone who participated! Spaying and neutering is the most effective way to address pet overpopulation. Not only does it reduce the number of feral and sheltered animals, but it can also provide your pet with many health benefits! In 2011, GMAD was able to help spay/neuter 525 cats and 34 dogs. This is an exciting increase from the 416 cats and 32 dogs in 2010. We just know 2012 will be even better with your help! Help stop overpopulation

by making a donation today!

Animals at Vermont Fairs Need Your Help The 2012 Vermont Fair season is almost upon us, and the animals are counting on YOU to be their voices! While you are visiting one of the many Vermont fairs, please take the time to peruse the animal exhibits and take notice if an animal appears to be under duress. Some things to watch out for are animals that lack proper food, water, or shelter. While monitoring an animal exhibit, a GMAD volunteer noticed a calf being harassed by two other calves in a small pen. The stressed animal actually tried to jump over the small fencing to escape, and his/her leg became caught. GMAD’s advocate went to the fairground’s supervisor and advised her of this unfortunate situation, explaining how this could have easily endangered both the animal and fairgoers. This is just one example of how you can help. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Also remember that no animals, including goldfish, may be given as prizes per Vermont Law: Title 13, Chapter 8, Section 366. If you see animals (including fish) being awarded as prizes, local law enforcement should be notified. We would also ask that you let GMAD know about any violation. Photos and videos are a crucial component in this documentation, so please bring your camera, if possible. If you’re interested in helping animals by auditing fairs this year, please contact | 802-861-3030 | PO Box 4577 s Burlington, VT 05406


If you like what we do, “Like” us on Facebook Pigeons in Trouble When an animal is in trouble, too many people look the other way. Fortunately for one pigeon, Hayley is not one of those people. Walking through a Burlington parking garage, Hayley noticed a pigeon stuck between a window and a concrete beam. Although the pigeon was visible, she was in such a small area that she couldn’t escape. Hayley knew immediately that help was needed and she sprang into action. After making several calls, she was referred to Julie, a GMAD board member who lives in Burlington. When Julie and her husband Bill arrived at the parking garage, Hayley and her friend Derek had already been keeping a watchful eye on the trapped pigeon for over an hour. Using a net, Bill got ever-so-close to rescuing the beautiful bird, only to have her fall even further into the narrow space and out of view. Wildlife rehabilitator Ellen and partner Mike came to the rescue with a much bigger net. For the next hour, the rescuers diligently scoured the area for the bird, who could no longer be seen. Finally, Mike was able to scoop her up and bring her back to the ledge. From there it was a short hop to the next ledge, where the bird finally was free. Throughout the entire three hours of this ordeal, another pigeon was consistently surveying the scene, refusing to leave the premises. Once the pigeon was finally free, the two birds reunited on the top level of the garage, looking quite content to be together again. Little did Hayley know at the time, but her refusal to walk by this pigeon in distress began a chain of events that would also save the lives of countless other birds!

Kittery the Cat is Now Safe and Sound Written by Kittery’s New Mom

Kittery the cat had appeared in our neighbors’ yard two years ago, very thin and afraid; they had been feeding him since then. When my neighbors decided to move, they were quite concerned for Kittery’s well-being and safety. I agreed to feed him, and we slowly moved his feeding station to our yard. Kittery adapted well, and even started to come when I called. One early morning, he came through the fence, walked behind me and rubbed against the back of my legs. He then went to his feeding station with his back to me, as I stood still. I was adopted! Kittery and I became friends. He let me clip the huge mats of hair off his hind quarters, and check his wounds, but he still left for parts unknown at times. My plan was to bring him inside and get him attended to when the weather began to get cooler. Then, my mother had a stroke, and my life changed completely. Dear neighbors came and fed both our indoor cat plus Kittery, who was still outside. I knew, though, that he could not survive outside all winter. On the day I decided to bring Kittery in, he let me pick him up and put him in my basement; I planned to take him to the Cat Spay Neuter Clinic in Colchester the next day. Unfortunately, my mother had to be moved to a medical rehab facility that day, and I didn’t know what to do with Kittery. I called Sharon at GMAD, and she found a wonderful volunteer, Monica F., who came to my house and took Kittery to the clinic so that I could be with my Mom. I picked him up that afternoon. He had been given some much-needed medical care, vaccinations, and had his wounds cleaned and treated. His teeth were scaled and he was tested for FIV and feline leukemia, all sponsored by GMAD. Luckily, he had already been neutered. Thanks to GMAD, Kittery is now a wonderful, loving member of our family. He and our other cat, Tigger, are pals. Though Kittery was a “rescue,” it is he who rescued me during this difficult time, with his endearing purr and unconditional love.

PARKING GARAGE UPDATE During the pigeon rescue, GMAD was made aware that many other birds had perished by being trapped between the walls in the past. Since birds cannot fly vertically, once trapped they inevitably died from their injuries or from starvation. That prompted us to contact then-mayor Bob Kiss, who assigned this project to Pat Buteau at the Department of Public Works. Fortunately, Mr. Buteau was willing to work with us, so he enlisted the assistance of the Parks Department Maintenance Staff to make alterations at the garage. Knowing that wildlife expertise would result in the best long-term solution, GMAD reached out to wildlife experts JoAnn Nichols and Ellen Jareckie, who designed and provided the successful plan that was implemented. Thanks to new modifications, the openings have been sealed off, which means that birds will no longer be trapped in this deadly situation. We are grateful to all those involved in this important project that will undoubtedly have positive long term effects!

Green Mountain Animal Defenders Has EmBARKed Upon a New Project! GMAD’s P.A.W.S. (Providing All Weather Shelters) project is providing doghouses for Vermont dogs who are currently living outside full time. GMAD is partnering with the Burlington Technical Center (BTC) and Friends of Vermont Dogs for this important project. The students in BTC’s Principles of Engineering, Architecture, and Construction class have just completed the first three doghouses. Friends of Vermont Dogs has already delivered two of them. Here is how you can get involved and help make a difference in the quality of life for these dogs: GMAD needs volunteers to stain, paint, and transport the doghouses. GMAD is solely funding the P.A.W.S. project, so donations towards materials are needed. Also, if you see a dog who is always outside with no shelter, please contact your local animal control officer, or report your concerns to (your report can be anonymous).

A lucky dog enjoying his new house thanks to GMAD’s P.A.W.S. Project!

Please note that a dog maintained out-of-doors must be provided with suitable housing that assures the dog is protected from wind and draft, and from excessive sun, rain and other environmental hazards throughout the year. GMAD is hoping to expand the P.A.W.S. project next year by building more doghouses and shelters for feral cats too. Please email to help or for more information.

GMAD Opposes Donkey Basketball When a GMAD supporter heard that Arlington Memorial High School was sponsoring a donkey basketball game as a school fundraiser, she was outraged and immediately contacted us. Although we were unable to stop this inhumane event this year, GMAD did send letters to the organizer, the school principal, and all members of the Battenkill Valley Supervisory Union School Board expressing our disapproval. In addition, Deb L. set up an online petition protesting the game, which had garnered almost 900 signatures (!) at the time of writing this article. GMAD did get a response from the Arlington School Principal, who told us that he will be looking at the school policy related to such events and requested information about our position. We submitted a draft “Animals in Education” policy for them to consider. Thanks to the supporter who alerted GMAD to this cruel form of “entertainment” and to all the animal advocates who are working toward ending future games like this. We will share the news when we hear back about the school’s updated policy.

“Weasel” Rescue When GMAD received a call about an injured “weasel,” our network sprang into action. Sharon called licensed wildlife rehabilitator JoAnn Nichols and the Richmond Animal Hospital, where Dr. Hament graciously agreed to evaluate the “weasel.” Within minutes, loyal GMAD volunteer Monica Farrington was on her way to transport the injured animal to the veterinarian. Monica discovered that the animal was actually an opossum who had clearly been through ...the opossum’s quite an ordeal, having serious looking head and eye injuries. pouch was full Dr. Hament examined the of babies so their opossum and decided that, lives, too, have while the animal’s injuries were significant, her eye could be been saved. positioned back into the socket and her other injuries would heal with time and care. Upon closer examination, Dr. Hament informed us that the opossum’s pouch was full of babies so their lives, too, have been saved. Unfortunately, “Momma” repeatedly pulled out the stitches near her eye, so that eye eventually had to be removed. Luckily, that did not prevent JoAnn from rehabilitating and later releasing her, complete with her growing babies.

Thank you to everyone who played a crucial role in making this rescue effort successful! | 802-861-3030 | PO Box 4577 s Burlington, VT 05406


Tips for a Pet-Safe Summer

Volunteer Spotlight

With summer weather upon us, people will undoubtedly be soaking up those sunny days with their furry companions. It’s important to remember that, just like humans, pets need proper hydration and respite from the heat! Thirsty animals are prone to heatstroke and may be tempted to drink from dirty puddles that could contain unhealthy bacteria or other contaminants. Always have water handy and know the signs of heat stress (heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid pulse, dizziness, vomiting and/or deep red or purple tongue). Do not leave your pet in the car! Even on those glorious 70 degree days, cars can heat up to extreme temperatures quickly, despite having your windows partially open. You may enjoy being cool by the pool, but remember that not all dogs are great swimmers especially if there is no easy way for them to exit the pool! People often focus on the dangers of Vermont’s severe winter weather, but summer can be just as dangerous to our pets!

It is only through the support and dedication of our volunteers that we can accomplish as much as we do for animals in need. We are excited about this new section of our newsletter that will recognize GMAD’s volunteers, both newcomers and those who have been with us since we started in 1983! When GMAD lost our previous event planner and fundraiser, our volunteer coordinator was on the verge of a panic attack! These two volunteer positions are vital to the success of GMAD, our various events, and our ability to raise funds that allow us to advocate for animals on so many levels. We put out a plea for someone to fill these roles, and karma was indeed kind to us! Pat Monteferrante from Williston responded to our request and quickly assumed these roles. We couldn’t be happier with her professionalism, dedication, and reliability! One of her first projects for GMAD was overseeing the continuation of the “Mile of Money” campaign that was originally created by GMAD’s fabulous fundraisers Lindsey Deon and Pat Cram! Pat M. took on this campaign and flawlessly continued its success. Pat’s years of experience in planning events, networking with local businesses and building connections have all made wonderful things happen for GMAD. Her most recent campaign is our Pet Food Drive, which has accumulated a record number of pounds of donated food, as we now have multiple bins at different locations. Pat has also represented us at various tabling events, and her knack for design is quite impressive! We are so thankful to have Pat, and we hope that she knows how much of a difference she’s already made to the animals and to GMAD.

Walk for Farm Animals! By Amber Parker, GMAD Intern

GMAD got “mooooving” in honor of World Farm Animals’ Day by holding our first ever Walk for Farm Animals on October 15. This walk had two purposesto serve as a much needed fundraiser and to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals. Sadly, over 65 billion land animals, including cows, pigs, turkeys, and chickens needlessly suffer and die every year. It felt good to be their voices, especially since farmed animals, just like our cats and dogs, have the ability to feel pain, fear, and loneliness, as well as pleasure and joy. Our walk participants received pledges totaling over three thousand dollars! These funds will continue to allow us to more effectively help provide life-saving resources for farm animals who suffer cruelty and neglect. BJ, one of our lovely supporters, even sported a cow costume on our walk, which got us lots of attention and honks! GMAD has consistently made helping farm animals a priority. With the help of GMAD and our friends at


Finally Home Sanctuary, Rupert, the male calf who was destined to be slaughtered for veal, now joyfully bounces around the pasture with his also-rescued bovine buddy Bobbi! We will continue to help animals like Rupert, Bobbi, and other farm animals in need. Our hope is that the future will be filled with more happy endings for these, and many other, deserving animals.

See you at our 2012 Walk!

Keep this information at hand by tearing it out!

Cruelty Free Shopping Just Got Easier! Shopping for cruelty free products just got easier with the website http://www.crueltyfreeconsumer. com! This company only sells products from “Leaping Bunny Certified” companies, so no need to check labels here! Simply click on the website link and you can start shopping “guilt free.” Another great place for cruelty free shopping is The Body Shop in Burlington. They partnered with us last year on our cruelty free shopping outreach table on Church Street by donating some amazing product samples for us to distribute. Look for us there again this summer while we table about this, and many other important causes!

GoodSearch Support Green Mountain Animal Defenders by searching and shopping on

Share Your Computer Savvy For Animals!

UPCOMING GMAD EVENTS Volunteers Needed! To volunteer at a table and spread our pro-animal message, please contact or 802-861-3030.

July 4

GMAD information table at Richmond- fireworks/parade

July 14

New Event! Essex Dog Days: Essex Junction Parks & Rec Maple Street Park at 75 Maple Street, Essex Jct., GMAD information table,10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

July 14

Animals Used in the Entertainment Industry: Church Street, Burlington, GMAD information table 11 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

August 4 & 5

GMAD’s Garage Sale Fundraiser, Lily Pond Circle, Richmond. Email if you have items to donate

August 18

Homeless Animals Day tabling event: Pet Food Warehouse, 2500 Williston Rd, South Burlington, 10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

September 8

A few hours of your time can make a huge difference by making us more efficient and effective for those animals who depend on us!

Proper Pet Care: Church Street, Burlington, 11a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Our current technical needs include “tuning up” our two computers, updating our software, transferring GMAD information onto a newly donated computer, and general computer advice.

Shelburne Goes to the Dogs! GMAD information table

Please contact for details.

The following date is to be determined, so stay tuned!

September 16 October 13

Trapping and the Fur Industry, Pet Food Warehouse, 2455 Shelburne Road, Shelburne, 10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

GMAD’s 2nd Annual Walk for Farmed Animals in October!

Do you have items to donate? Did spring cleaning leave you with some items you no longer need? GMAD is in need of donated items to be included in our August garage sale (no clothing or shoes please). Please email Debbie at for information on how you can help! | 802-861-3030 | PO Box 4577 s Burlington, VT 05406


Halloween? Meow-lo-ween! It was a dark and chilly October evening, Saturday the 22nd, when GMAD held our first ever Halloween party. It was held at Lake-View House in South Burlington, a magnificent Victorian mansion converted to a restaurant. The party’s theme was cats, and so the event took on the name “Meow-lo-ween” as a tribute to our furry feline friends. The main goal of the night was to provide a venue for GMAD supporters to have fun partying with like-minded animal advocates, face to face, or perhaps, mask to mask! The guests were greeted by a life-size skeleton sitting ominously in a chair with a kitty (stuffed animal, of course!) in his lap. The room was eerily decorated by GMAD volunteers with a floating ghost, cauldrons, and many candles. Each table was decorated with beautiful fresh flowers (generously donated by Chappelle’s Florist) and lanterns. The delicious all-vegan menu was created just for our event by the talented chef, Donald Cobb, and had all of the guests “purring” with delight! The hors d’oeuvres included sushi rolls, flat bread pizza, autumnal soup, seitan teriyaki satay, and hearty sliders. For dessert, delectable cupcakes were provided by My Little Cupcake and Good Girls’ Bakery, each one a yummy work of art. Our silent auction had guests trying to outbid one another on donated items such as facials from Lumina, fitness classes from All Wellness Studios and adorable Halloween costumes for dogs. Another highlight of the evening was the fun-filled games, including a cauldron coin-toss game and a spinning wheel of prizes. Madame Zora, (aka Samantha Edwards), with her crystal ball, told fortunes to those seeking a glimpse of their destiny! Guests got into the “spirit” of the night by donning delightful costumes such as a beautiful mermaid and her darling matching mini-mermaid, and of course, a pair of frighteningly fabulous felines! Definitely a Meow-lo-ween to remember!

Rescue Team At Work Again By William Gagnon

This past April, after my co-worker Evelyn called and informed me that she had captured an injured crow on Burlington’s North Street, I knew exactly what to do. I went to the GMAD website,, and clicked on the link for wildlife rehabilitators, where I found the telephone number for Helena from Northstream Wildlife Rescue. Several years ago, Helena helped Evelyn and me with some infant squirrels who had lost their mother near our office. This time, Helena told me that crows require special care and that Craig from Outreach for Earth Stewardship was the man to contact. I called Craig (who is also listed on the GMAD website), and he agreed to take care of our hurting friend. When Craig got the crow, he obviously had an injured wing, but was otherwise full of spunk. I am pleased to report that the crow is making a remarkable recovery and should be fully flighted soon. This was a special rescue for me, because I am thoroughly fascinated with crows. They are remarkably intelligent animals, with unique problem-solving skills and elaborate familial structures. When Evelyn handed the crow to me, I wanted so badly to try to care for him myself, but I knew what I had to do: follow the directions on the GMAD website and promptly call a trained wildlife specialist. Because I heeded this sage advice, the crow should reunite with his family shortly. Thank you, Evelyn. Thank you, Helena. Thank you, Craig. And thank you, GMAD!

Don’t miss another event! Like us on Facebook or become a member and receive eAlerts! A sampling of past GMAD events: Meow-lo-ween Halloween Party Summer Hoe Down Picnic Walk for Farm Animals

GMAD’s Summer Picnic

By Jocellyn Harvey, Green Mountain Animal Defenders’ Intern The quickest way to my heart is through good food and kind first impressions. When I attended a summer picnic sponsored by GMAD, both of those qualifications were fulfilled. The quinoa salad, provided by Healthy Living, was light and flavorful and the vegan Beanie and Weanies sat happily in my stomach as I quietly surveyed the event. I had heard GMAD was well known in the area and I could instantly tell they were highly regarded by local businesses who had donated the food and beautiful array of items for the silent auction, including Seventh Generation who donated several products from their eco-friendly line and Animal Crackers who donated lots of cat and dog toys. Members tried their hand-eye coordination at an intricate quarter toss game which involved tiers of glasses and plates. The woman in charge of the stand was playfully strict in ensuring that elbows were tucked neatly behind the line. Two other interns livened up the event by placing wands in front of a fan, showering the guests with hundreds of bubbles that floated in the hazy, evening sunlight. It wasn’t long before two other women started doing the same on the other side of the room. Attendees wandered through the bubble-filled scene and added their names to a silent auction sheet. The highest bidders walked away with fabulous items including ceramic art work, Starbucks’ gift baskets, and a lovely stained glass mirror. Luckily, everyone who attended the party went home with GMAD’s “hot-off-the press” newly-designed bandana. I imagine they’ll be some very stylish doggies sporting them around town! Members of all ages and backgrounds asked me about my interests, hobbies, and education, while encouraging me to get second helpings. Knowing that I would be interning with such a kind, diverse, and driven group, I left the gathering with a sense of pride…and a very happy belly.

Antipasto Salad Recipe 1 package Gardein beefless tips (available in grocery stores nationwide) 1 cucumber 2 medium tomatoes 3 tbspsolive oil 1-1/2 tbsp rice vinegar 1 heaping tbsp of capers ½ tbsp of tamari or soy sauce ½ tbsp of mustard ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon dried parsley ½ teaspoon of pepper 1 tbsp of maple syrup ½ fresh lime juiced Preparation: Heat oil in a large saucepan on medium high heat, add beefless tips and brown on all sides. Remove from saucepan and set aside. Peel cucumber and cut into 1/8” slices, core tomatoes and cut into 12 wedges for each tomato and add to medium mixing bowl. In separate bowl mix remaining ingredients and whisk together. Add sauce to bowl with beefless tips, tomatoes and cucumbers. For maximum enjoyment potential, eat immediately. Enjoy with a good friend and a nice glass of red. | 802-861-3030 | PO Box 4577 s Burlington, VT 05406


GMAD would like to Thank the following businesses for their partnership & generosity

Ace Hardware Agway, Middlebury, VT All Wellness Animal Crackers Antonello Borra, author of AlphaBetaBestiario Ben & Jerry’s Bertha Church Burlington Technical College Chappell’s Florist City Market Cx Associates Foley Linen Service Freihoffer’s, Barre Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont Good Girls’ Cupcakes Green Mountain Messenger Guy’s Farm & Yard Hannafords Healthy Living Lakeview House Lowes Lumina Madhouse Munchies Merchants Bank My Little Cupcake Natural Provisions Market Pet Food Warehouse Play Dog Play Price Chopper RETN Robin Kent Art Seventh Generation Shelburne Super Market Starbucks, Burlington, VT The Body Shop, Burlington, VT

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Green Mountain Animal Defenders P.O. Box 4577 Burlington, VT 05406-4577

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Green Mountain Animal Defenders P.O. Box 4577 Burlington, VT 05406-4577

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About GMAD Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD) is Vermont’s largest volunteer based 501(c) (3) non-profit animal advocacy organization. Believing that all animals have intrinsic value and are worthy of protection, we use our statewide network to help animals of all species. Since 1983, we have been accomplishing this mission by: n Maintaining a volunteer-run organization which allows donated funds to more directly benefit animals n Educating the public through outreach efforts, media relations campaigns, and other special events n Incorporating a unique internship program that captures the energy and enthusiasm of students and trains them to become effective animal protection advocates n Sponsoring spay/neuter programs n Maintaining a foster care network n Managing and activating a grass roots network of animal protection advocates throughout the state to support animal protection policies n Organizing rescue and transportation services for animals, including wildlife n Sponsoring the Vermont Animal Cruelty Response System’s toll-free number for reporting abuse, finding low-cost spay/neuter, and connecting with wildlife rescue resources:

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$15 will subsidize the spaying/neutering & vaccinations for a cat in need; $40 will subsidize the spaying/neutering & vaccinations for a dog in need; $100 subsidize the rescue and care of a baby goat; $250 will enable us to buy medical supplies, cages & other life-saving equipment for wildlife rehabilitators

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Please make checks payable to: Green Mountain Animal Defenders PO Box 4577 Burlington, VT 05406

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Green Mountain Animal Defenders Summer 2012  

Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD) is Vermont’s largest volunteer based 501(c)(3) non-profit animal advocacy organization. Believing tha...

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