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Tinley Park Mental Health Center, located at 7400 W 183Rd St Tinley Park, Illinois 60477, closed this afternoon due to a lack supplies. The institute ran out of yogurt this morning and some of the patients got restless. They chewed at all of the electrics and set the place on fire. Now that the building has gone up in flames, the patients must carry on with life free from schedules and fend for themselves. No worries! They are doing quite well thus far! Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Here are a few

pictures of the beloved patients out in the real world.

Michael Spear. A long time resident of Mokena, but within the past year, Michael had begun to develop strange mental patterns. His family began to worry about him so they enrolled him in some classes at TPMHC. Soon they realized that he needed more attention, so they entered him into TPMHC’s full time program. Hayley Stuber. Hayley has been in TPMHC’s program now for 7 years. She benefits from the long silence hours that TPMHC provides for their patients. Now that she has been set out in the reall world, you may see her in parks trying to talk to little children, but do not be afraid, she is completely harmless (we think). Colin Parsons. Colin has been enrolled in TPMHC’s program for only a few days, and he’s made great progress. He continues to

mumble often though. His most common phrase is, “Maggie why are you so much like your mother?” We are still quite unaware as to what this means.. Emily Haser. Emily is a difficult patient to take care of because she has OCD. She’s always in a constant need to organize things. After TPMHC closed down, Emily got a job at the local Salvation Army store to organize the clothing by color.

Emma Stibich. Emma placed herself in TPMHC last fall because she believed she was Mitchel Musso. Now, since the center closed, she participates in productions of Hannah Montana the stage play. She, of course, plays the role of Oliver.


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