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Magazin #8 (Mai 2017) des DFG-Graduiertenkollegs »Privatheit und Digitalisierung«, S. 20 / 24

Privacy around the world In the age, marked by Edward Snowden’s revelations, »privacy« has become one of the key words to denote major concerns of the 21st century society. In this project, I look on the cross-cultural representations of privacy, exploring how privacy differs from one nation to another. How does »privacy« sound in languages other than English? Do the word

and the concept it signifies exist in them at all? How do different nations see privacy? This column provides an insight into national perceptions of privacy by revealing some of the answers to the questionnaire, I have been distributing via social networks. I provide local terms for privacy that my respondents gave in their answers (Romanization and lite-

ral translation is mine), key words that respondents used to define privacy, and some exemplary answers.1

1  As on the day of writing, over 150 respondents from 51 different countries of the world filled out the form. In the provided quotations, mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation were slightly corrected.

Key words from the answers: own space, private life, information, data algorithms Female, 30: »Being able to decide which things remain only to yourself. […] It means I do not have obligation to reveal my private life details.« Female, 26: »To me privacy is the right of having your own space to which nobody (unless you accept somebody else there) has entrance. And it´s about all fields of life - about your psychological, physical, sexual, religious space.« Poland (total responses – 3)

Key words from the answers: safety on the internet, safe information, free from unwanted disturbance Female, 24: »›Intimitate‹ is often associated in Romania with private holdings, strong relationships with old friends and the relationship with the family. […] As a collectivistic country, I don´t think that the topic of privacy receives much attention and, therefore, I think, that it isn´t such important as in the western countries.« Male, 23: »For me privacy translates to being safe from prying eyes while browsing the internet, and having my private information safe from any potential danger.«

Romania (total responses – 3)

Magazin #8 (Mai 2017)  
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