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September Volume VIII

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convicted terrorist released By Casey Story

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By Geena Cova Junior Editor-in-Chief

students paying the price for budget cuts

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LoHi Connection

he first day of school can be a nerve-wracking experience for all students, but for incoming freshmen, the Former Libyan intelligence agent, first dose of high school can be a day waiting to go Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was conwrong. In the scurry of high school hallways, the convicted years ago of the 1988 airline fusion of new schedules, and a campus twice the size of bombing that killed all 259 people a middle school, LoHi Connection is there to help. on Pan Am Flight 103 over LockerLoHi Connection, now running in its second year, bie, Scotland and another 11 people on the ground. ...continued on page 3 is an organization on campus dedicated to breaking the barrier between upper and lower classmen while simultaneously easing the transition for the newest and youngest students on campus. As a LoHi Connection leader myself, I wasn’t sure what to expect come the day of freshman orientation, LHC’s main event. Leading around a group of brand new underclassmen seemed simple enough, but the fact of the matter remained that being a leader is more than just being a tour guide. It’s a heavy weight on someone’s shoulders, being a mentor. The day began with the morning By Katie Ladam session tour for the students first, The Governor is proposing to solve a rally featuring drum line, cheer, the problems of our massive budget and more at noon, and an aftercrisis by cutting public education. noon session tour for the remainIf his plan works, all schools will der of the students. Each session be obligated to take a cut in fund- included an hour of “bonding” ing of epic proportions, and now that time in a designated classroom, schools are put back in session there along with a full tour of the camwill be more forced cuts as well. pus and a chance to purchase

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Amy Burnett/Graphic Designer

yearbooks, ID cards, and take pictures. The event was undoubtedly jam-packed with activities, but did not at all prevent the leaders, paired into groups of two, from getting to know their handful of freshmen. Jennie Zhou, Senior, and first time President of LoHi Connection, holds a vision all her own for the group on campus. To Jennie and most of the LoHi leaders, being a leader of LHC is about making new friends, not just orientation. “Personally, I just feel like after freshman orientation, I made a number of new friends. Spending time with the freshmen on the tour and inside the classrooms gave me a chance to really understand what each aspired to do in the future, along with getting to know some really interesting facts about each individual,” said Zhou about the experience. “LoHi Connection leaders aren’t just people to introduce the school and the campus to the freshmen-they’re here all year round, ready to help with anything freshmen need help with.” The organization this year has vowed to extend its duties beyond the one day event of freshman orientation. Gatherings, meetings, and socials have been discussed among the group in order to help leaders keep in touch with their freshmen—one of Zhou’s goals for the upcoming year. Without a doubt, LOHS will be hearing from LoHi Connection all year long.

...continued on page 4

in entertainment: the 2009 VMAS By Emily Mondragon

On Sunday, September thirteenth, MTV will be airing the 2009 Video Music Awards. This MTV special will be on at nine P.M. ET. ...continued on page 5

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an interview with HellBroken By Shawn Diebold

HellBroken is an up and coming offcampus band consisting of friends commited to one common dream. The Grizzly Gazette was able to interview one of the members of HellBroken, Kiliyan Maguire....continued on page 6

in sports:

Women behind the lines of sports By Sophia Hafliger

Robyn Riggs, Senior is not on any sports team; she does not coach a team, nor does she play in the band; however she is with Los Osos athletes just as much as the coaches ...continued on page 7 are. The LOHI Connection leaders greet their freshmen in themed outfits.

Pictures courtesy of Janette Valenzo

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